Looking for encouragement

Looking for encouragement


I personally just look at it like "I'm gonna have a 'newer' car than everyone who's already taken delivery"


Taking delivery in 2022 on a 2021 model? 😂 I mean, I get what you’re saying. But still..... it’s infuriating from a CS level


Technically there's not model years so you'll get whatever is coming off the line for better or worse depending if you like radar and lumbar


That saying doesn’t really exist as much anymore. Tesla does still make improvements to each model year. Especially since they slightly increase the range each time. If you get a 2021 in 2022 I would just decline delivery and let your next one be a 2022. If you’re getting a 2021 in 2022, that car has been just sitting somewhere for 3+ months. Like, if you’re gonna have a car sit for 3 months instead of giving it to me 3 months ago, you can just give me a 2022.


I understand the frustration, and I wish I had more information on how orders are filled. I ordered 5-8 and am picking up 6-17, and while I'm excited, there's a small part of me that feels bad for those that ordered in March/April and still don't have vins or delivery dates. I feel fortunate to have a good sales advisor. We did everything the way he said to, and he asked for our reservation number so he could follow the progress and make sure the account was filled out correctly and completely. The buying process couldn't have been easier so far. I've read stories of unresponsive and unpleasant sa's, and that's unfortunate. All I can say is that for all of us, this is the worst part; The waiting, the refreshing, the constant checking. But, it will all be worth it and forgotten the day we pick up our brand new Tesla's! And I, for one, can't wait! Good luck!


This is what I’m talking about. I’m so happy you got yours. And am in no way upset with you, or those lucky enough to be in your situation. But the lack of customer service approach for “first come first serve” is really upsetting and disheartening. Holding out hope!


Ordered 4/4. Original EDD was 5/28-6/8 and after I did my financials (June 2) it changed to 7/21-8/21. No modifications to the order. I have no idea what the hell happened to my order, but it’s frustrating.


None of the Tesla folks I’ve spoken with have a clue what the hell is happening either. And what’s an SA (at this point. I never was given one. And when I asked on the website, the person they put me in contact with is completely unresponsive). Best of luck to you on your wait. Hopefully you get good news soon.


Honestly at this point I'm hoping they come out with the 2022 model so I can get that one instead of waiting 3 months for this 2021 model 😂


EXACTLY. We gonna be stuck with last years model. 😂


Ordered 4/1. Still no vin. That's 70 days.....


in the same boat as you. ordered 4/22 and I'm seeing late May deliveries being fulfilled at the place I'm supposed to pick up. 😪


See! That’s seriously the worst customer service angle POSSIBLE! I’m sorry you’re going through it too. I’m trying my best to get over my frustrations and remain positive. But the delivery center told me “we see your car in our system. It’s on the train and will be here at or before 6/6”. So I sold my current car. I’m pissed and have certainly learned my lesson.


The worst part is they sold out of Q2 production by May 6th or 7th. So those orders you see that were placed after that and receiving VINs, are pushing those who ordered before that back into a Q3 delivery. As Tesla continues to prioritize East Coast orders, I no longer believe that they'll deliver my car by the end of June. And if that happens, Idk how I'm supposed to believe the next quarter will be any different if they do the same East to West delivery process when they're already massively behind on orders.


Anyone think it could be due to how much you fill out on the site? I ordered may 9th and had my Financials done the 10th. Taking delivery Monday.


Completely agree. It's so heartbreaking and infuriating seeing people who ordered weeks after you receive their VIN and car. I don't understand how Tesla handles the whole ordering/delivery process. I wish they'd be more transparent.