Dumbest shit I've ever seen

Dumbest shit I've ever seen


[https://youtu.be/7z-vogZt8iQ?t=2048](https://youtu.be/7z-vogZt8iQ?t=2048) This guy needs to watch this interview bit where Bo explains how sensitively he treated the young cast of Eighth Grade at every single turn. He was incredibly aware of his position and 100% protective of the kids. "Across the board, a pool full of 13-year-olds in bathing suits has to be treated very, very sensitively. Every single—no, truly, every single camera has to be pointed at the ground when it's not being used. This is real stuff that's not okay. Dailies can't be shared with anybody but me. The banana scene was a closed set. There are moments that might register funny on film that were not treated funny on set. I took Elsie away and had the whole crew meet the morning of the banana scene and said, 'This scene might read funny to you, it is not funny. You do NOT joke.' I was very, very explicit about that stuff."


Jesus christ...I hadn't seen that video before, my jaw was hanging open haha. The emotional intelligence and maturity you need to not only comprehend those kinds of dynamics, but also advocate for them so strongly?? I hate to blow smoke up his ass constantly but I legit don't know and have never heard anyone who talks or thinks like this. Especially a man.


It's sad that this is lauded as such a strength of character when it's just... The bare minimum


What he's doing is really not the bare minimum though (sadly). The kind of dynamics he's diving into would totally pass over the heads of most people if he wasn't constantly angrily articulating how important they are to get right. Most people do not bother giving such respect and dignity to teenage girls/children. Tbh in that clip he said some stuff that I as a 33-year-old woman learned from, like damn son. Preach.


They're saying it SHOULD be bare minimum


I wouldn’t call it the *bare minimum*. Maybe mentioning it once and appealing to common sense would be the bare minimum. Yes, I guess one could do even more, but this is already really good.


I agree and I don’t - it should be the bare minimum for decent behaviour, but isn’t yet, and so I appreciate Bo being one of the first to act as though it is. I don’t just appreciate that he did it, I appreciate that he made the subject a big deal without making himself the big deal.


Ok another thing from this video: when the guy asking the question assumed that the point of Kaylas' bathing suit shot must be to compare her with other girls, insinuating that Kayla is not as pretty, etc and Bo just jumps on that RIGHT AWAY to say that's not the case, that it's not about comparing her but about her just being seen, etc. Whip smart.


Huh. I'm gunna have to finally watch this one. I have watched a bunch of his talks about Eight Grade but I skipped the Google one. I honestly expected it to be kinda corporate and lame.


the google one is fascinating because he's essentially in the belly of the beast. he starts out fairly diplomatic but make no mistake, he still speaks his mind


Yeah I just watched it on my lunch break. It was good. He definitely talked freely. Might be helped by the fact that not everyone there is actually working for Google.


Right? Like the part where he goes “I won’t talk shit about Snapchat” where he immediately then talks shit about Snapchat.




hearing him point out the glaringly obvious about snapchat was enough to convince me to finally delete it. i feel the same way about some of the toxicity that a little place called reddit.com gives a platform too. but alas, i love my wordplay subreddits too much...


Wait til he finds out that Harry Potter was written by a woman in her 30s. This dude has been riding the Bo hate train today. I actually recognized his pfp before reading this post. His takes are so bad it’s not even worth your brain cells energy.


Wait till he realizes children’s media is generally produced by adults.


"Am I the only one who finds it weird that Harry Styles makes music for teenage girls, when he himself is a 27-year-old grown man?"


Just because teenage girls like something, doesn't mean the creator is making immature/innapropriate content. Teenage girls made the beatles famous so :)




In my opinion The Beatles knew what they were doing,most of their early songs like "she loves you" and "i wanna hold your hand" are written (it seems to me ) from a young teenagers perspective (can go into more detail but could turn into a wall of text),and their whole personas were (semi) childish but transgressive,exactly what appeals to teenagers.I love the Beatles don't get me wrong i just don't think it was an accident that they took off with teens.


paul has stated explicitly in interviews that they wrote for the fans (specifically citing the b-side "thank you, girl"). imo it was really smart to get young people on board with them right before their chaotic left-turns into psychedelia and abstraction


Notable Exception: "The Outsiders" for teenagers, by a teenager 5 year olds generally aren't great novelists tho


And as good of a story as it is, as a novel it's kinda sloppy


i'm just a greaser, i'll never be a hero ~kicking the ground sheepishly~ all jokes aside, it's to be expected that a teenager would write teenaged prose. to your point, the story itself is a bona fide classic


A woman in her 30s who is a total fucking TERF


She's not a feminist (the "f" in "TERF"). Harry Potter and moreso Cormoran Strike portray women as weak, in need of men, gossipers and natural enemies of each other, but more intelligent than primal men who can't control themselves and have no ability to learn emotional intelligence, none of which is feminist. She also presents beautiful women as unintelligent and both fat and feminine women as evil. She's a misogynist transphobe, not a TERF.


there's no such thing as a literal TERF, any feminism that excludes trans women isn't real feminism. Rowling is a TERF because she hides her transphobia behind "concern for women's safety"


This is very fucking true.


I used to agree that no transphobe can be a feminist ideologically, but I think when we're using the word in the sense of historical movements and communities (not ideology) we have to include as feminist some decidedly bad groups, like feminist separatists and the early white feminisms of America which advocated the sterilisation of people of colour†. In that sense, there's no reason we wouldn't call TERFs a feminist movement, as they arose from feminist movements and function as a feminist movement, despite being ideologically opposed to gender equality (and not just of trans/intersex people but of cis men and women too). However, even in this sense, Rowling specifically is not a TERF because she's never been a feminist, never allied with the feminist thought of her time and not substantially used her power to support women's rights. †See Angela Davis's *Women, Race and Class*, for instance.


Wait how is it not real feminism if you don't consider transexuals to be a new gender?


>. She also presents beautiful women as unintelligent ". She also presents beautiful women as unintelligent" Example of this? From what i gathered, Hermione was beautiful (Yule Ball) scene and can't think of examples of what you're talking about here


Fleur Delacour is the main one (along with other Veela and other female Beuaxbatons students), but there's also Luna, Parvarti and Padma Patil, Pansy Parkinson, and some of the other students. Hermione is intended to be ugly and in fact Rowling [thought Emma Watson was far too pretty to be Hermione](https://www.reddit.com/r/harrypotter/comments/2xlxn6/til_jk_rowling_agrees_that_emma_watson_was_too/). The Yule Ball scene is a one-off where she's really trying to impress Viktor (an example of how men in the books can be both smart and handsome, though of course you also see one without the other).


Lol. Yer fucked.


Yes, because only teenage girls should make multi-million dollar movies about teenage girls. One aspect of the Eighth Grade promo (and the movie itself) that I enjoyed was the fact that he seemed so sensitive to teenage girls and their experiences.


I've been looking for ages for an interview where Bo said he and everyone he pitched the idea to were violently aware of the connotation of an adult man being interested in making a movie about a teenage girl. Like, he was saying how he was questioned at every turn about his intent and why he thought he had any business putting a girl in those situations and whatnot. And he ended it by saying that was absolutely correct, that he should be questioned because society is shitty and men suck most of the time, basically. If anyone has any idea what I'm talking about, please let me know lol I remember loving that interview. On this idiotic take: I couldn't picture a more loving and understanding man to tell the story that he did. It's so refreshing. It's opinions like this, I feel like, that end up shaming good people with actual good intentions into not making beautiful art and putting it out there. Edit: Okay, this is definitely not the podcast I'm talking about, but I found another instance where he talks about it. [Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith](https://open.spotify.com/episode/18jJjOXBfIL2Q3pChWmUc9?si=-SMPKuagQoeIsWUkctb8Aw) at around 1:06:30. Will still keep digging for the original one I heard and will come back if I find it!


i think he talked about it on anna farris’s podcast?


I went back to that and listened to it again, thanks for taking the time to try! But that's not it, sadly. What he says in the Anna Farris podcast is very sweet, but he also said variations of that in a lot of Eighth Grade interviews. That he often sees himself in characters he doesn't demographically align with and other men should too, and that he referred to Lorene to get the girl aspects of the script right. In the one that I'm looking for he says something more specific, about how pitching the idea was hard because industry people thought it was sketchy that a male comedian, in his position to make a movie about essentially anything, chose to do so about a young girl. I think that was the only time he shared that, that's why I'm so interested (and frustrated that I can't find it lol). But thank you again! I love that podcast with Anna, she's sweet and thoughtful, and I feel like her being soft-spoken really made Bo mirror that, as opposed to most interviews where he's super hyped up lol


I'm a 36 year old man, and my favorite Disney character that I identify with the most and can really relate to is Moana. So yeah, totally makes sense.


ah sorry i made you listen to that whole hour long podcast again looking for something that wasn’t there. but i’m intrigued about what you’re talking about, let me know if you end up finding the interview where he talks about that


That's okay! It wasn't a chore at all, any excuse to hear the man for an hour lol. Will def let you know if I end up finding it!


I KNOW I heard this recently, I am going to go back and listen to a few things. I'll report back if I'm successful!


Maybe it was “How to make a movie starring the internet” from the ‘I Think You’re Interesting’ podcast? Part of the description says “and why he chose to make his first movie about a teen girl.” Maybe, maybe not! I’m currently making a playlist of all the podcast interviews with Bo I can find on Spotify and that one seems promising!


Oh I actually haven't heard that one before, I'll def have to check it out! Thank you for the recommendation! Also that's so cool! I think you should def share your playlist once you think you're done, I for one would love it.


A lot of the episodes (most of them besides maybe 4) are centered around Eighth Grade because people loved to talk about it! But here’s a playlist that I believe has some kind of Bo feature in every podcast episode! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1dEMd40f9D1h9cfeF5XlkE?si=aAiky3v0SKSHhSi0xlSBkw And hopefully it’ll contain or lead you to your mystery interview!! Let us know how the search goes later on <3


I guess it tells you a lot about the people in an industry. For their expectations to be that the only situation in which a man would want to tell a story about a younger woman is one where it is creepy and sexual. Almost as if that is the norm. For that industry. One they expect and through expectations, promote. Being creepy and sexual towards younger women. Ffs.


Well, yes. Agreed completely. But I also think it's different than where the guy in this tweet is coming from, for example. A lot of money and people (and their reputations) go into making a movie. And the sexualization of minors, and the possibility of a male filmmaker looking for an opportunity to take advantage of a young girl (not just her per se but also her image, her behavior, etc) are sensitive issues that need to be taken very seriously. Not only for the sake of the actress (the most important aspect they were thinking of, hopefully), but also for the clusterfuck of a nightmare that would be to deal with the repercussions if stories of said filmmaker abusing her broke out. I think this is what you're getting at--that it'd be incredible if we could know right away the intentions of everyone, but that sadly there are many many stories of male filmmakers who were apparently nice turning out to be creeps, when not downright abusers. So I think it's understandable that a production company funding a movie needs to be aware of every angle its creator is coming from, and have it all laid out on the table, because there are a lot of precedents that justify it. Until a few years ago I feel like that wouldn't be a concern, and it's good to see it changing.


Well said. And yes, you flushed out my thoughts nicely. It is absolutely necessary that filmakers and producers do due diligence. You have to take steps to protect both the talent and the audience from both literal and figurative bad actors. However assuming bad faith is the same as assuming innocence. It's ugly and it plays into stereotypes. The irony of acting like a self righteous white knight towards Bo Burnham is palpable. Especially in light of the terrible things that have happened in the industry. But, still, that doesn't mean people shouldn't be doing their due diligence. It's not black and white. Wish it was. But it isn't.


Is it any from my fave interview list? It sounds like something that would have come up during one of his panel type interviews during the Q&A https://docs.google.com/document/d/14sj4kTDZQP6r4euTftok1emGfO_YauQhWkfhkm59ZgU/edit In particular one towards the end of my list, when he spoke at Google. He touched on some serious questions there. If not I’ll try and find it. I’m usually good at tracking stuff down. He’s said similar things about PYW when it was a guy interviewing him about it being important to examine motives and intent.


Oh it's not, sadly. But what a great compilation, thank you for sharing! Yes I'd consider myself pretty great in finding stuff like this too, so you'll understand my frustration on sometimes not being able to lol


Thanks for sharing this list!


I think he said he could have done it about a boy but that he didn't want his own thoughts to get mixed up in there? He basically wanted to make a movie about social media's effects on our children


What interview was this?


That's what I'm asking! I watched it a few months ago but didn't save it and now I can't find it. Can't remember if it's a video or a podcast Edit: or a podcast that was filmed lol


It was in a podcast but I can't remember which. I binged a bunch of his podcast appearances semi-recently and remember the conversation, but not which podcast. Unqualified maybe?


Someone else suggested that, but that's not it. Thank very much though! It was the same for me, binged a bunch of interviews and now I get them all mixed up, if I even remember them at all lol


It might have been the h3h3 podcast?


I just rewatched that one like last week, it's not it. Thank you though!


No was on h3h3?


I don't remember exactly but it was either on the H3H3 podcast or the ones he did with Grace Helbig at Vidcon


Good thinking! He touches on it a little bit in the very beginning of [this one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU0Jffcu-Wo) with Grace, but in the one I'm thinking of he explains it a little bit further. But thank you, that one was very close!


Is it the q&a from the Google one?


Pretty sure this isn’t exactly it but he addresses directly being skeptical of why would he of all people write this: https://uproxx.com/movies/bo-burnham-interview-eighth-grade/


Oh lord I was just on twitter and saw this guy say some other dumb shit about Bo that literally made my IQ drop by 50 points just by reading it. Anyway, I've legit never heard someone be more protective of children's boundaries than Bo in his interviews around this movie (and in general).


Twitter has just become fucking terrible in general


> Twitter ~~has~~ is just ~~become~~ fucking terrible in general FTFY.


I’m a female who suffered through 8th grade (in real life lol, loved the movie) and I thought Bo nailed what that experience was like for not being a female himself. Also, he nailed the parent’s perspective as well for not being a parent himself. There wasn’t anything creepy about it. Would the movie have had the same effect if it was about an 8th grade boy? And then even if it had been about a boy, they’d still come up with things to say about Bo because it’d still be about coming of age topics.


I hate the fact that society is unable to comprehend men having a nonsexual interest in someone.


"Man and a woman interacting with eachother? Must be sexually motivated"


it’s legitimately so sad that people immediately jump to calling men trying to make thoughtful portrayals of adolescence creeps and then let actual abusers fly under the radar for decades.


Why can JK Rowling write a dozen books about preteen boys and become a billionaire and that’s ok?


Apparently everything has to be about sex; look at how many people ship platonic friends and make them uncomfortable. It’s just really sad that people think the only intimacy/interest out there is sexual intimacy. We have to normalise platonic interests and relationships more.


As someone with a best friend of the opposite sex, not a day goes by without someone making a weird insinuation about the nature of our friendship. It's particularly insulting since both of us are in serious relationships. It gets very tiring.


It certainly says more about the authors opinions towards young girls than he cares to admit, rather than Bo's.


LOL they’re obviously projecting. If it’s not sexual but you’re the one making it sexual, you’re the perv… it’s pretty transparent.


I think the zero retweets and zero likes on his tweet answers his question of whether he's the only one who thinks this. Kind of funny. Such a lack of critical thinking; even part of his screenshot of the AP article includes Bo's perfectly reasonable quote explaining why he wanted to focus on girls. Guy's got 45 followers, so I'm not too miffed he's making such gross and unfair implications about Bo. Does feel like part of a larger movement in which - as others here have said before me - people assume nefarious ulterior motives in others by default. It's disappointing.


This guy's gonna lose his mind when he finds out that Finding Nemo was made by a human and not another Fish What an idiot.


And when he finds out that The Beatles weren’t actual beetles.


fun fact, I never got the pun of "beat" in beatles until like 2 years ago hahaha


I frankly never got that pun. And I consider myself a pretty big Beatles fan.


Umm wtf is going on?


The people rising in the streets The war, the drought The more I look, the more I see nothing to joke about


Is comedy over ?


i bet this dude didn't say shit when netflix released that french film with the underage girls twerking & shit


“Cuties.” It’s a very good coming of age film about kids copying what they see on the internet. It raised a bunch of good questions that nobody in the US seems remotely ready to talk about.


By calling it f*cking creepy this dude is basically outing himself as someone who thinks that the only interest a man can have in a young female, is, um, inappropriate. So he, in fact, is doing what he claims to be disgusted by, since he can't seem to come up with any other reason to make a film about one small piece of girlhood.


God, exactly


Why do I feel so angry right now


I could think of a reason.


asdkfjdl; oh no, I was just fighting with this guy and I didn't even get there from reddit. Edit: Just feeling like the way he phrased this is very icky in itself, and it's also very clear from this person's other tweets that he just has a hate-on for Bo in general and isn't really worth arguing with. For what it's worth, I think people who *have* seen Eighth Grade can have genuine disagreements or critiques of it, but it just... makes me want to defensively push back when someone's hot take is like THE VERY CONCEPT OF MAKING A MOVIE ABOUT KIDS and feeling emotionally connected to that story should be treated as suspicious and creepy. That's just wild. Idk call me naive or whatever but I just... I genuinely believe Bo when he says he respects and relates to teenage girls and that it was cathartic for him to write. That Kayla was in some ways a major self-insert for him (he has said this!! if it wasn't obvious from the panic attacks and all) but also Not him in a deliberate way that forced him to get into someone else's head and listen to GenZers, and all of that is just very cool to me.


This guy is clearly going THROUGH IT about his hate-on for Bo today and was called out by another guy earlier for like “dude this level of anger is weird.”


A hate-on??? AHAHAHAHA thank you for bringing this expression into my shitty Monday.


I've often felt that people who sexualize things/intentions/themes that any other sane and rational person can discern as not sexual, are revealing a lot more about themselves and their relationship to whatever the thing is rather than the actual intentions of whatever they're criticising.


This is a self-report if I've ever seen one


Dudes can't even glance in the general direction of a child any more without someone thinking they're a creep


They're projecting


Classic Roger


i once read about a dad who got the cops called on him when he was watching his kid in the playground because a mother assumed he was a creep


Mitch, just because you sexualize 13 year old girls, doesn’t mean we all do bud. Some of use are interested in a story that isn’t about our perspective.


Wait til he discovers the Harry Potter movies and the sheer amount of kids being directed on that set, he should call the CIA 🙄


Let us never relate to children and teenagers anymore and be blissfully unaware of the developments that they may go through so that they eventually grow up with issues because no one older than them bothered to explain and relate and to understand them for the fear of coming off as “creepy”.


Luckily no adult was ever once themselves a young teen and would never want to explore that time of their lives through art later in life amirite


This tweet is absolutely baiting responses like the ones in this comment section.


Luckily, none of it hurts to be said!


Yeah. And honestly one of the reasons I prefer Reddit to Twitter and Tumblr and other platforms for fandom spaces is that I don't have to see trolly and baity hot takes in bad faith from randos.


Why the hell do people turn every single thing into pedophilia these days? Fuck


This kind of opinion seems like a natural progression of purity culture and seeing age as entirely black and white. I think it's really important to have accurate and thoughtful media about children, both for the adults looking back AND the kids watching their own experiences reflected at them. The first time I saw Moonrise Kingdom, I was 12 (about the age of the kids in the movie) and absolutely fell in love with it. My lack of control over my emotions and my dreams of romance and escape were shown on-screen and I felt very seen. Watching it now as an adult lets me relive those emotions with the intelligence I've gained since then. There's always gonna be someone who is watching something in a creepy way. But I don't think that means we should avoid touching those sensitive subjects, they just have to be done carefully. For example, I don't think they should have made Lolita into a movie because of the effects it had on the young actress. But I think that Tomboy (a movie that shows a prepubescent girl nude) was done well and the nudity and subject matter enhanced the film. TL;DR some people are reading way too far into anything age and power related


Yo 8th grade is one of the best recreations of school


I think it's not dumb, I think it's projection. Mr. Burnham watched the videos **as someone who used to make such videos**. The perspective was different. He was relating. Thinking that watching and exploring teenagers is creepy makes sense if you don't attribute any depth to them or deny them their perspective for the human condition. If you believe that teenagers don't have inherent value, don't add meaning to the world and consider watching their content to be creepy that's because you can't imagine watching teenage content for any reason but one. A creepy one. Some armchair psychology: I guess he himself wasn't taken serious as a teenager and I wouldn't be surprised if his own experience as a teenager was a sexualised one. It doesn't help that he needs to parade his opinion about what others do (for validation), and to invalidate and sexualise them publicly. Looks like learned behaviour. Source: I project. When people do something I don't derive pleasure from I project the reasons that would drive me to do that same thing onto them. I can't help it. I can be aware of it and decide to detach instead and consider their past experience which is different from mine to contribute to a different set of interests, values, motives and preferences. Personally, I would love if we as a society would quit using "dumb" as a negative expression, as an insult, as a word of invalidation.


There’s a good reason this lonely bastard barely receives any attention on Twitter


You know, it's this kind of thing that makes me really nervous, because I think if Bo was ever gonna get "cancelled" for anything it would most likely be people looking at his work in bad faith and taking certain jokes or statements he's made out of context and putting it all together to frame him as some kind of skeevy predator. I think he would be very vulnerable to that type of petty malicious defamation and depending on how it were executed it could potentially have devastating effects. At least it doesn't seem like it's gonna escalate to that, but I know all it would take is him happening to piss off just the wrong group of people who wouldn't have any qualms about going there to get back at him.


Fuck teenage girls, if they want representation in movies and shows, they’re gonna have to make them themselves! /s No, but all jokes aside, this guy is obviously an idiot. Where did we go wrong that any interaction between grown men and teenagers is immediately seen as likely predatory?


He complains about absolutely everything on Twitter and gets no likes


Watching this interview or listening to it on the podcast ‘Good One’ gives you a lot of insight into why Bo chose to write about being an early teen/eighth grader and why he chose a girl as the main character over a boy. Also it’s an overall wonderful interview. One of my favorite podcasts. https://youtu.be/eOABIabgRCg Edited for typo


Update: He deleted the tweet


Imagine missing the entire point of the movie so terribly


Proof that you can take any thing and spin it in such a way that it can be used as ammo against you.


Not every take on the life of teens is pedophilic. This one is most definitely not.


This guy is such a nobody that I can't even find the tweets by googling his name + Twitter + Bo Burnham. I wouldn't bother myself his this shit.




This is so dumb.


Wow. Classic projecting lol.


if this is your stance on the movie, you really missed the point


Shut up, Mitch. You shut up.




More like *Bitch Beaver* lmao. stfu dude.


Yeah, what a dick for doing actual, real, research into a film he was making.


OP if this is your original photo I’d recommend crossing out their name along with their @ if you don’t want them to be found. It took me 20 seconds to find them. I’m not going to harass them because that’s over the line, but I can tell all of you that this person is actually the type of person you’d think they are. Just a rude and overall negative person


Terrible take but I don't see the point in screenshotting and posting a tweet with zero interactions from some random person


i can kinda see where she’s coming from but i do agree this is stupid


Oh. Bo and Lorene are selling their house. I wonder why. Maybe filming Inside was more taxing than we thought and he can’t stand having that memory in the backyard?




I’m not sure I can post it here, but you can Google it. He lives in a very iconic house :)


No I know about selling the house but I don’t know what your comment has to do with the OP’s post lol


Oh, I went to his Twitter and saw that :)


I still don’t know what the house has to do with the tweets in this post but ok! Lol


I went to the guy's twitter account, the guy that made the tweet in this post. And he had other tweets, one of which was about Bo's house and that he's selling it.


Ohhhh ok. I went to his Twitter too and didn’t see anything Bo-related. He must have deleted them I guess.