Hey... You at a cop?


Who do they call if the police refuses to leave?


Invite that dude from ninis over, nobody like that bro


That guy from ninis was a nut






The news.




What, so cpd can show up three hours later when he's been gone for 30 minutes?


This could only happen at a bookstore. I'd like to see a liquor store or corner store on the south side come out and say "yeah we don't call or work with the police" lmao


Making their bid to be the goto bookshop for rich white posturing liberals in Pilsen.


[How I imagine interactions in that bookstore.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQdu9SfSrxE)


This is *exactly* what came to mind when I read the headline. 🤣


The whole thing sounds very weird, the setup, the traction its getting, the boss literally kicking someone out? Bizarre behavior. And whatever, someone hates cops. Not surprising, and not a rare opinion. Lots and lots and lots of people are very uncomfortable around uniformed police. I am a white dude and I still don't like being around on-duty cops, tbh. Its not clear from the description of the interaction whether she was saying "you're a bad person for being a cop" or "I'm not a fan of police for many reasons, and I don't like them uniformed with a weapon in my store". .... In my opinio that's over the top, but my opinion doesn't count. I doubt there's anything illegal about what they did. Cue Fox News calling for this store to be robbed as some sort of weird authoritarian revenge fantasy. This whole situation is dumb and fucked up.


Insert "I'm Helping" Ralphie meme


I'm a huge fan of police reform, and these are the kind of activists that I absolutely fucking despise. They're the morons that get featured on Fox News and portrayed as a caricature of the typical liberal.


This is such a weird story. On pretty much both sides it sounds entirely made up. A cop, who is a gay Mexican woman, just happened to stroll into a well-known communist bookstore to buy a *Bible* of all books, and the bookstore is run by white people in a primarily Hispanic neighborhood? It feels staged for a media blitz honestly, like every single detail about the set-up seems like it was carefully chosen to agitate, and the response is pretty much what would be expected.


> the bookstore is run by white people in a primarily Hispanic neighborhood? That's the most believable part though


Good old gentrification.


If the neighborhood decides to protest gentrification by setting fire to the bookstore do you think he'll call the police then?


I think they would call the fire department


Satire died because reality is more absurd than the opium fever dream of a writer could ever hope to be. I can't believe this setup is real, but am forced to because of how damn stupid reality insists on being.


I've lost count of how many times I've heard podcasters say that if you pitched this reality to as a book/movie/TV/whatever, people would say it's too ridiculous.


I'm saving this comment for later.


Good lord truth it really could not get any better than this. I’m going to love watching the fireworks on this one


life is a movie we are just the characters.


Or Sims in some bored alien teenager's computer.


100% staged by the cop. It says in the article the store was selling ACAB merchandise. She knew what she was doing, just trying to provoke a confrontation.


Did she bait the store owners? Probably. Was it staged? Seems like they really kicked her out and really have a no-police policy.


Staged wasn't the right choice of word, you're right. "Manufactured" or something like that would have been better


What’s wild is that store has been selling that merch and has had ACAB posters and such up in their store since George Floyd’s death and everything. So that’s like two years. Frankly even I am inclined to wonder if it was a publicity stunt for the store. (I’ve never even been to the store though I knew one of the owners a bit when they worked at different bookstore and I’m just someone who used to run a “bookstagram” and write book reviews. I followed every Chicago bookstore and had a few I had really cool relationships with. Ha, actually the way the whole book community got all extra and obnoxiously “woke” two years ago was why I quit the bookstagram. The absolute hypocrisy and ridiculousness of it all was a lot. Because especially in that kind of space- people posting pretty photos of books basically- it’s all super privileged white women anyway. I was too poor to compete and then my own status as a multi marginalized person got me some weird attention in that “wokeness” that made me super uncomfortable. But oh you can bet not only has this stunt gained the bookstore a lot of attention but they’re absolutely being hit with a rush of online orders or outright donations from the same sort of folks across the country.)


How would the store get a cop to participate in a publicity stunt for them? Doesn't really make sense. Neither would her statements if that was her goal


Hmm. Lol. Hook, line, and sinker.


Liberals need to differentiate themselves. The biggest problem is that they don't, for fear of "offending" those that keep stepping left, left, left. You say "Hey wait a minute, that's not fair!" and suddenly you're the problem, you're the traitor.


Yup, you WANT the police to be more educated and well read. Banning police from a bookstore is bad symbolically as well.


Good thing they'll always have access to books at a public library paid with your tax dollars.


No no, you have to hate and exclude people to eliminate hate and exclusion. Don't you get it?


Modern neo liberalism in a nutshell.




This is the correct passive-aggressive approach by book store owners.




Yup I’m as liberal as they come and this is complete performative bs. Great job further reducing the customer base of your dying industry. Also, do they only think police would come in full uniform? Anyone in plainclothes could walk in and you’d have no idea of their occupation. Just complete silliness.


Yep this type of shit is going to fuck us in November.


Let’s fight discrimination by applying another uniform discrimination!!!


Discrimination because of something you're born with like your race isn't remotely the same as "discrimination" because of something you choose to do. I'm not saying this is a super productive idea, but let's not act like that cop can't just go home, take their uniform off, and come back while the same isn't true for racial minorities.


You can be a cop for an altruistic reason and be a good, fair officer. Or you can be an asshole. There’s a lot of assholes in CPD, but is it even half? Anyway choosing to be a cop doesn’t have to say something about someone. I’ve known plenty of assholes that work at nonprofits too.


> Anyway choosing to be a cop doesn’t have to say something about someone. Not about their character, no. There are probably a few cops out there that generally agree with me on most things and are trying to change things from the inside. However if you're on board that cops as an institution enforce unjust rules against vulnerable community members, then I can see wanting to protect those people by not letting cops on duty into your store. Criticizing the institution is going to eventually require action against an individual.


This is a major distinction when talking about identity or attributes. People like to equate everything but it's different when talking about something that a person doesn't reasonably choose to be (race, orientation, gender, wealth status, disabled status, etc) versus things they do choose (ideology, actions, speech). It's much more acceptable to criticize someone for being an asshole or conspiracy theorist than for being black or white or gay or disabled.


No one is born a cop lol


You're telling me ACAB doesn't mean "assigned cop at birth?"


my friend's Belgian Malinois was a cop at birth those dogs are intense af




Are you claiming a store banning Muslims isn't discrimination because no one is born a Muslim?


Can't be tolerant of intolerance.


Are you saying this in favor of the cop ban or against?


> Let’s fight discrimination by applying another uniform discrimination!!! That’s the Lori Lightfoot way!


Yeah won’t someone think of those poor, oppressed police??


Agreed. I hate the racist blue lives matter reaction to BLM, but this shit doesn’t help anything but sew division and prejudice.


Fr. Policing needs serious reform. Not abolition and white posturing.


Well let’s keep getting hysterical every time one lies about some McDonalds worker pooping in their milkshake and maybe they’ll choose to reform themselves after a couple hundred million in budget increases.


Exactly. Thanks for pointing that out. Seems like everything I agree with there’s a group of idiots making it stupid and hurting the cause.


What’s with everyone ripping on Fox News here? That’s deflection from these guys being total jag offs. It will be interesting to see what happens if they are robbed.




Counterpoint, your BIL was going to act like a dick whether this story happened or not.


This sounds like a set up.


Hypothetically, this seems like the perfect place to commit a robbery.


robbing a bookstore has to be a rare crime - robbers aren't interested in books, and bookstores have no money.


Didn’t the movie Bottle Rocket have this? The first heist was a library? I could be wrong.


It was a library or a used bookstore.


(Robs bookstore and distributes the books in those little free libraries because bookstores are capitalist exploitation)


I worked at a few bookstores through the 90's and early 2000's. Do you know what was the most stolen book? The holy bible...


well how would they know not to steal it, they hadn't read it yet.


Crime and Punishment?


It's the perfect crime!


Because catholics are out here trying to get another copy after the 7 they got for their first communion. Its all angsty teens stealing them to look cool.


That’s cause of hotels. Not bookstores.


If there’s no repercussions, I think people would just go in and take things. Or vandalize at least.


Or commit aggravated fly dumping by dropping off hundreds of unwanted books.


It sounds like a good area to get rid of your hazardous materials that it is expensive to dispose of safely. Just dump your toxic sludge in an area where there are no rules or repurcussions


Maybe if someone camped out in the store and robbed them for a week or two they could build up to a decent payout.


You'd probably find more money and valuables in a random person's house than you would in a bookstore.


Have you seen what new hardcovers go for nowadays?


Ah, but have you seen what you can sell them for?


[stands in a dark alley] “Pssst. I got some Klara and the Sun over here”.


If you're a terrible thief with low expectations, sure.


Entry level thieving position


Sorry, entry level thieving position requires 3 years of thieving experience.


Or two with good behavior.


It’s a communist bookstore so it’s not robbery, they’re your books too comrade


Well its not like they show up either way


I swear the people who go on about how the police shouldnt show up for anyone who wants them to be accountable have never actually called the police.


Especially now that they’ve advertised the fact that they’ll get zero assistance from the cops when needed.


> A Pilsen bookstore is pledging to be a “police-free store” after a police officer said she was denied service there last week. >In a post that was shared more than 150 times, a woman who identifies herself on Facebook as Jo Riv Bridges said she walked into Pilsen Community Books, 1102 W. 18th St., in uniform Tuesday looking to buy a Bible. She said she was told by a woman working at the bookstore she couldn’t be in there and it was not a “cop-friendly” space. >”As a gay Mexican-American woman, [who’s] served her country and continues to serve her community, I’m shocked and heartbroken,” the officer wrote on Facebook. “I promise you, I didn’t get mad as I walked out but my voice did crack when I told her how as a woman, a Mexican, a member of the community, I couldn’t believe what she was doing.” > The officer wrote that she lived in Pilsen for seven years, but it’s unclear if she is still a resident. She declined to comment to Block Club beyond her social media post. *** The 3 owners of the bookstore are white: https://lit.newcity.com/2020/04/16/lay-of-the-land-relaunching-pilsen-community-books/


I’ll quibble a bit and say there’s technically no reason they couldn’t also be Mexican/Hispanic/Latino, but I think it’s pretty clear they’re not. Either way, that’s not what they’re mad about.


> The 3 owners of the bookstore are white: > > https://lit.newcity.com/2020/04/16/lay-of-the-land-relaunching-pilsen-community-books/ I swear I've seen them in a Portlandia episode.


The name of that bookstore? Women and Women First.


a fun invocation of identity politics. what does that analysis yield for you?


Who *buys* a bible? You know you can just get one for free at church, right?


Hundreds of millions of people. It’s literally the best selling book ever printed.


I presume the churches buy their copies, so the number sold would go up regardless.


Cough*, um sir or mam, cumulative sales will never go down. They can only go up. ;)


Is that your bible? It’s _a_ bible.


Do all churches just give out bibles? If you have money you should buy it yourself so they can give to people who actually can’t afford it


Any active member of a church will have their own for a number of reasons. For me it was note taking/highlighting etc. Between Youth group, Sunday School, church, and bible study it was easier to just have my own. I was heavily active until I went to college and opted to dive head first into the pit of sin. Lmao


So everything your church elders told you about college was true, eh?


Haha indeed, although I didn’t know at the time that to them “sin” isn’t sex/drugs/partying, it’s critical thinking. I’m grateful my church days were long behind me before I started becoming politically active. “Republican Christian” is an oxymoron and I have A LOT of questions…


All my bibles are stolen and that's the way it should be for everyone


_Steal This Book_ by Jesus H Christ




How many stolen Bibles do you have?




I was hoping for a larger number.


Eh, if you're taking a class or something you usually need a specific edition because versions can and do vary. Maybe if you want to give one as a gift or something too? Outside of that I'm not really sure why you would buy one though, plenty of organizations give them away for free.




biggest annoyance is white people telling us what we should or shouldn’t be offended over, now in your own neighborhood!


it could be a portlandia episode if it wasn’t so on the nose. I’m white and when i first moved to the city this girl went on a rant about how i can never move to pilsen (i don’t live anywhere near pilsen and didn’t being it up). eventually i asked her where she lived and it was pilsen lmao. she was white as hell. in my experience, the only people who are condescending about neighborhood politics are transplants, usually white transplants from the suburbs.


They did claim S.K.Y. opening "literally threatened their lives"


i agree, identity politics is garbage, so why are we focusing on aspects of the cop's identity rather than the fact that she's a cop?


The store owner is presumably woke, and woke people believe that white people are oppressors and minorities are victims (especially with respect to gentrification). The comments in this thread are invoking the store owner's identity to illustrate the store owner's hypocrisy.


I don't know anyone who uses the term "woke" other than disparagingly anymore. What do you mean by "woke"? Just liberal?


It’s a pretty widely used term. I don’t care much one way or another, but no, woke people are roughly those who believe that a person’s identities are paramount—that identities tell you everything you need to know about a person, and individuals within a category are interchangeable (e.g., “I don’t need to hear from Another White Man”) and that culture is the property of people within a category (white people get literacy and objectivity, black people get rap music and dreads, Asians get to run Asian restaurants and host geisha parties for their kids, but everyone needs to stay in their own racial lane). I would have used “identitarians” but people generally seem to be familiar with “woke”. Liberals believe in individuality—that people shouldn’t be discriminated against based on socially-imposed superficial categories, that there shouldn’t be artificial racial lanes that separate people, etc.


maybe if you made an effort to understand things with more nuance than "woke" versus "not woke" you would understand that police abolitionism and identity politics are two separate things and that there's actually no hypocrisy involved. in fact the store's explicit reasoning is to create a safe space for those who have been oppressed by police, something they are achieving by refusing to let police shop.


Why would a minority become a cop if they exist solely to oppress minorities?


lmfao dude. show me where i said that cops solely exist to oppress minorities


>telling a latina she’s not welcome in PILSEN “Actually it’s LatinX!” - white liberal female transplant bookstore owner


I knew it was white owned when I saw the thumbnail with the LatinX titled book.


I was always curious how this is supposed to be said by actual Spanish speakers. Latinks ain’t it. Latin-eckies? Latin x? Sounds like a punk band.


I mean white liberals have been gentrifying them out of Pilsen for decades so this isn't new


lmao did you delete the part of your comment shitting on identity politics when you realized you don't know what it is and were engaging in it yourself? good own, dude


This sub when a Latino Pilsen native is upset about gentrificaction: ‘Get over it! Neighborhoods change! Pilsen used to be white before it was Mexican!!!’ This sub when a white liberal pisses if a cop who happens to be Mexican: ‘OMG. Pilsen is Mexican. How dare a white liberal tell a Mexican they aren’t welcome in Pilsen! That neighborhood is Mexican and white liberals shouldn’t wear out their welcome!!!’ Which is it?


This is so cringe.


The irony of white people from the burbs, moving into a neighborhood and denying service to a local person of color under the guise of progressiveness...mama mia. Great work, white woke people!


>...mama mia Did you just appropriate Italian culture?! /s


Oy vey!


when the moon


r/Chicago booo suburb bad


This ain’t it


A crushing blow to all the cops who spend their off hours reading Marx and Fanon.


The bookstore’s owners released a statement on social media Wednesday in response to the incident, saying ownership wants to keep the store a welcoming and safe for vulnerable people and free of police. “We know that we keep us safe, and that our community is the folks that come through our doors every day — young organizers look for their their first Frantz Fanon book, teachers buying books with their own money for their classroom, parents hoping to expose their children to books that will help them imagine and create a better world. THESE people are our community, and these people are always welcome,” the statement read. “In the interest of fostering a safe space for all of those people, whenever possible, we aim to keep [Pilsen Community Books] a police-free store.” An owner for Pilsen Community Books declined to comment beyond the statement.


Safe place but free of law enforcement is hilarious to read


Bro you're shitting me lol CPD has never made anyone feel safe ever. I mean at best they're useless.


There have been a half dozen posts here in the last two weeks about paid government security/policing employees making the public transportation situation measurably better


Is the implication here that CPD keeps anyone safe because that would be news to me lmfao


Yes it's hilariously sad that the people who are supposed to "protect and serve" us are such thugs that people feel safer when they're not around.


The anglo-tankies are at it again.


I just... What.




Oh no! All the people who never shopped there before are really never gonna shop there now!


As a cop who loves reading…who cares? So the store doesn’t want to have police presence, fine. It’s a private business, they can do what they want. If only there were public libraries, book swap boxes & programs, other local stores, B&N, Amazon, kindle, all the digital libraries available. I think they’re missing an opportunity for CAPS involvement through a local event but I certainly don’t care either way. People need thicker skin.


this is weird smelling-your-own-farts behavior


I am very pro police reform but anti…. Whatever this is. This isn’t helpful to anyones cause.


White gentrifier guilt.


Who cares? It sounds made up. Going into a visibly lefty store to buy a bible in uniform? Who is a full-grown adult who needs a bible and is just running down to any old random store to buy one? Where is her bible? Is she buying just a random old bible for a gift? Hilarious that they’re all white people. People saying “this store will be easy to rob!” are morons. CPD wasn’t going to show up or do anything before, why would this change anything?


Yeah this is fucking nuts. PCB is fairly well known, you're telling me a cop just casually walked into a communist bookstore to buy a Bible? Literally every detail about this story sounds like it was made up by Tucker Carlson.


Well yeah that’s basically how these things work. Rosa Parks was setup the same way. Although it’s clearly not made by Carlson since she is Mexican.


Well if was a troll, the store certainly took the bait hard. If I were suspicious of such trolling I’d poker face it the whole way, not give up any potential ammunition for a bad news campaign. If someone wants you to react in some embarrassing way, don’t give it to ‘em. As it is, they’re now caricatures of the excesses of out of touch activism. Was this one woman really such a threat to the shoppers?


The store's response seemed to inherently acknowledge this actually occurred.


Oh I know lol, I'm not calling it fake, it's just ridiculous. Lots of real shit happens that sounds like it had to have been made up but it isn't. And even though it's real, it still could have been a set-up from the cop side to do something as absurd as walk into a communist bookstore to get a Bible, but that doesn't make the response any less ridiculous.


The cop should have leaned into this obvious bait even harder and said she wanted to buy "New Jim Crow"


She should have said she was looking for Robin DiAngelo’s *White Fragility!*


Ooh now that could get interesting…


Ahhh cannot wait to see this comment get thrown to the bottom. These fuckers loooooove to eat this kinda shit up. Reddit is occupied by dorks.


And she’s a Pilsen resident who lived there in the past tense but still owns a home there. Sounds like she’s a landlord cop who probably lied about the whole interaction.


I live in Pilsen and this is the stupidest fucking thing I've read. For cryin' out loud.


That seems… like a choice


this is not going to end well


Virtue signaling nonsense


Well this is stupid


Their Instagram account also blocked commenting ONLY on the post where they made their statement about this. Lame. Discriminate and then don’t hear anyones opinion about your discrimination.


Censorship is definitely a weird look for a bookstore.


My god you fuckers need to stop calling it "censorship" every time somebody decides to use a feature on a social media platform to filter out harassment. You can check their twitter where there isn't a feature like that and see that there's like hundreds of replies posting the same garbage over and over, why would they choose to get more of the same on Instagram? If having to reply to a different post is "censorship" to you then you've never really experienced any sort of actual censorship.


This is embarrassing for them lol


I guess if you're a cop and you want a free book just go in and take one, not like the book store has anyone they can call to help them now.


As if cops would ever enforce laws on one of their own.


Right. Who is going to enforce their "no police" policy?


Same people who enforce the law on the CTA, right?


Sweet, first book store I can light up a Newport in while I read!


Who do you think is called when the police steal at all? (Hint it's nobody because they are a gang that no one can stand up to).


as if they would actually show up when called


People always claim cops don't show up in this city, but I've had to call the cops for multiple reasons in the last few years and they have always shown up, and they've always shown up quickly.


I'm not a "defund the police" type person, but Chicago's policing is *terrible*. I don't think the officers are necessarily terrible, but they don't seem to show up promptly (I've had to call a few times when it looked/sounded like someone was going to be beaten to death and it would take \~20 minutes for the police to arrive even though there are normally police cars driving by every \~5 minutes) and in many cases they can't/don't enforce laws (ranging from basic traffic laws to general lawlessness).


I had one show up and tell us to fuck off for calling them, so I guess I can add my experience to the pile.


I was at a party and some cops came by with a stolen moped that belonged to someone on the street (they had recovered it a few blocks away), and asked us if any of us were the person it belonged to. Since none of us were they put it in an open parking space and asked us if the person happened to come by to let them know it was parked nearby. They were all really polite throughout the interaction. I guess like all professions they can sometimes be dicks and sometimes be cool.


Weird flex, but ok.


As a progressive, gosh do I hate some other progressives. This is so incredibly stupid I’m having trouble quantifying out.


I am sure the zero cops that ever went or intended to go there will be devastated.


I think Milky eye should take up reading.


Everything is free at Pilsen Community Books!


Love it, you guys can cry more.


This is straight out of Portlandia. Apparently, the read a lot but have no ability to critically think about things.


Came here to say this lol


That’ll teach them…


>Ald. Raymond Lopez (15th), who is running for mayor, called the bookstore’s stance “absolutely disgusting on so many levels.” > >Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez (25th), who represents Pilsen, declined to comment. huh, interesting.


Because there were so many cops going in before


ITT: whole lot of kneejerk responses from people who can't be bothered to understand the story behind the story. A lot of people are afraid of or uncomfortable around cops, CPD in particular, and justifiably so. Thousands of minorities, immigrants, and other vulnerable folks have suffered at the hands of CPD. Some of them live around Pilsen. The bookstore is saying, those folks are valued members our community, and we want them to feel safe and welcome here, therefore we're going to discourage the people who make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable from coming here. It's a private business. They're 100% within their rights to say this. Cops are not a protected class and no private business can be forced to welcome or serve them. And maybe knowing that the community bookstore is a safe(r) place will help vulnerable people feel at ease there.


Pretty sure everyone in this thread clearly understands the story, they are just rolling their eyes at it.