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Well, he’s not wrong.


“Guns have more rights than pregnant women” One of the most stupid statements I have heard. If pregnant women had the same rights as guns: Pregnant Women will have to wait 72 hours before meeting someone, while awaiting a background check Pregnant Women will be banned from entering Colleges, High schools and post offices Pregnant Women can be banned for looking scary All pregnant women are banned from all airports Pregnant Women shall be locked up while not in use Pregnant Women will be subject to environmental regulations due to their discharges Women will be permanently tagged with identifying marks that store their location and owner


Pregnant Women shall be locked up while not in use 💀💀


"The same rights" and "more rights" are two different statements though


I'm liking your views, are you running for office?


Im working on becoming the dictator of Uzbekistan


And don't forget, with a simple background check you can now own multiple pregnant women!


No you need one background check per


Thats not a right for a gun


I read somewhere that guns can be brought as luggage in airports given you meet the requirements, but only limited numbers. Then again since an upper doesnt count as a gun, you can have a few dozen ar-15 uppers and bring one ar-15 lower and it would still count as one "gun" lol


Yeah but you need to check the bag, you can't carry it with you. And it can't be loaded and the ammo needs to be stored away from the actual firearm. Nobody is stupid enough to allow someone to keep a gun in their carry on.


but why would you do that, in most countries it's illegal to have a gun, can you still bring them with you?


This is messed up on so many levels.


I had no idea a pregnant woman had to be tested, background checked anf licensed to legally go to public places


So like. Why the fuck is a guy downvoted so badly. Can we not ask damn questions on this site anymore?


Cause they hate anyone who dares to ask questions no matter how legitimate they are.


You can’t ask questions, you can’t state facts.


People are complaining about abortion rights in America and saying “My body, my choice!” while also trying to force vaccines upon people. Also civilian gun ownership is protected by the constitution, abortion is not.


You win this round


me and my bffs are gonna get revenge