sToP tHe CoUnT

sToP tHe CoUnT


Brace yourself for the Cope Tsunami. #It will be BIBLICAL


Everyone on the sub should chip in to buy Dave a pillow to scream into.


A my pillow.


We should chip in to buy him a one way ticket to Florida


This is kind of embarrassing. Like I didn’t even think Newsom would win by this much even though I was almost certain of his victory. Only way I could imagine this would have worked out for elder is if there was a progressive who was competitive in the recall. Maybe the progressive and conservative vote no and Larry edges out the progressive.


Pretty sure that is how the Governator won his election, so probably. That’s why the Dems rolled out the red carpet and pulled out all the stops for Newsom in the recall. Basically called every registered Democrat (and probably more) and told them not to write in anything at all on the 2nd option.


Yeah I’d guess that as well. I’m only 25 so I wasn’t too aware of it. Isn’t Arnold almost kind of a right leaning democrat though? Like elder doesn’t believe in the minimum wage.


It didn't hurt that Schwarzenegger's wife qt the time was JFK's niece and he had actual Kennedys out campaigning for him. He basically looked like the Democratic Party's chosen candidate.


True that’s massive. I don’t really know if he is to the right of like bill Clinton’s presidency either. I’m sure he is to the right of 2020 Biden but I think if he was in the senate as a Republican he’d be the furthest left in the party.


If you close your eyes and ears and shake your head a lot until your brain bounces around in your skull it really starts to seem like the election was rigged


Get a lobotomy with an immersion blender more like


The cope flows sweet


who must go? 👂


It’s strange to me that the subreddit named r/daverubin, is anti-Dave Rubin. Do I not understand something about Reddit?




Can you summarize? There are about 1k words in there. Does it state that this subreddit is supposed to be anti-DR?


"1K words are too many" Huge win in the battle of ideas


Read the pinned posts in the sub. That should clear it up. If you want tl:dr Dave used to be a progressive until he realized that being a right wing grifter pays significantly better. People here are the ones that caught on what was happening.


Reddit is a website where r/marijuanaenthusiasts is about nice pictures of trees. Abandon any hope of understanding reddit.


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I can rather appreciate a subreddit exchange of cannabis photos… However, it’s hard to grasp why people would join a group just to shit on a public persona they don’t like. Let me think of a public persona who makes me want to vomit… That didn’t take long… Pelosi. Ok, I would never join a group that was constantly shitting on her. I just don’t care enough about her or what she has to say, even if I find her to be a thoroughly *revolting* human being. Why do the members here care so much about shitting on a relatively inconsequential personality like Dave Rubin?


>Abandon any hope of understanding reddit. not cannabis photos. Trees. Like oak tree, birch tree.