[Kempski] Zach Ertz is speaking for the first time since last season. Says it's the most fun he's had coming to work in a long time. Had offseason ankle surgery. Says this is where he wants to be. Differences between the team "mended."

[Kempski] Zach Ertz is speaking for the first time since last season. Says it's the most fun he's had coming to work in a long time. Had offseason ankle surgery. Says this is where he wants to be. Differences between the team "mended."


I really think Ertz sticks around this season. I know it makes zero sense financially, but I think the organization decided that having him around gives them the best chance to evaluate Hurts. By all reports, he has been throwing to tight ends more than anyone. Developing and evaluating the QB is far more important than saving a little cap space. Not to say it's 100% the right call, but I do think he would have been traded by now if it was going to happen.


i’m with this take. just watched this presser and he seems like he’s speaking from a mature viewpoint. not emotional at all and very level headed. i appreciated him finding the value in not blowing things up but instead humbling, and mending, and achieving the higher ground for the sake of the team and not the individual.


I'm probably way too optimistic on this situation, but it seemed like he spoke absolutely as you said and that he's in a place that he's happy and wants to stay. Could this all be a ruse for something in the future? Sure. But there's something about the way he was talking in the presser that made me believe that he's staying and will stay in Philly until he's done. Again, maybe way too optimistic, but I agree with you and the person you replied to.


He’s got one year left on his contract. I’d expect he’s gone after this year


I think it's very possible this went down differently without that ring but we'll never know. Got that mfin ringggggg


No matter what, we want Ertz to retire as an Eagle. He is a bona fide Philly legend and deserves treatment as such. If he leaves for the tail end of his career it should be on good terms.


I mean that would be nice but I'd rather win another super bowl than have to listen to non stop complaints from fans that we are to loyal to vets.


I also want another super bowl, but this roster doesn’t realistically have the talent short of a Jalen Hurts MVP emergence. Do we really want to treat the guys that DID win a super bowl worse for the tiny chance we’d have an extra $8million to finish the roster? I think we’re more than a mid level free agent away.


Ertz isn't just retiring next year tho? I was all for trading Ertz last offseason but this year I'd keep him unless someone offered a 2nd or more. I was specifically replying to him deserving to retire with us.


as much as that's a nice emotional sentiment, we can't keep all the great ones till they retire. He still wants and needs a new contract after this season. we can only keep so many TEs and we can't pay them all as a #1. I'd always rather let a player go a year early than a year late. Them finishing their career else ware doesn't make them any less of an Eagle once they do retire.


They just didn't get good value for him, so they went with plan B, which was to keep him and be a better team. Ertz can put up 600 yards and 4 TDs this year.


My only concern is if this makes it harder for us to evaluate if Goedert can be a true TE1 worthy of the contract he’ll like try to seek


Other side of this is that other teams might not be able to evaluate that either so we can offer him a lesser contract but more than others since hopefully our front office has seen enough during practice


Eh if there’s one thing I’ve learned about contracts (and I do not know much lol) it’s that some team will overpay no matter what


They are going to need to extend Goedert in the first quarter of the season anyways. no way are they letting him get to free agency.


Didn't he have a ton of trouble finding the tight ends last season? They are probably just practicing it more.


Tight Ends are rarely the first read and Hurts did a poor job of going through his progressions. Last year he was really 1 read QB and if it wasn't there he would tuck and run. Not entirely surprising he was a rookie with a shortened offseson who was a back up. Looked better in the couple series in the first preseason game, but should be better this year. Having a TE like Ertz who is a great route runner and can find the soft spot in the zone should be an asset for a young QB though.




Well the cap hit this year really isn't worth it. We don't expect the team to compete for anything significant, and that money can be rolled over to next year when the team can possibly be in a better position. Also, you're taking snaps away from Goedert for a player that really isn't in the long term plans. There are a multitude of reasons that trading Ertz would make the most sense, but it seems keeping him to help with the QB development (plus likely lackluster offers) was what the team ultimately has decided on.


I honestly believe that losing Ertz was the biggest reason for Wentz's struggles last year. Not having the reliable guy to throw the 8 yard check down to was a killer and led him to make stupid plays. I really hope Hurts is able to use Ertz like the weapon that he is this year.


There's some PR too. Not only is Ertz well.like but his wife brings a level of publicity too.


👀 if we could find a way to keep him and he retires an Eagle I'll be ecstatic. Another way of looking at it is maybe this coaching staff is appealing to the players in a new way that keeps them engaged. Either way, great news.


Yeah if people forget he wanted out when Doug and company were still in charge, now that he's had a training camp getting to know the new coaching staff he seems to have changed his mind and thinks things will be better this year in the locker room which give me confidence that Sirriani might know what he's doing in terms of getting the team to buy in and let's me see that Ertz is being a mature adult and a professional about the situation people can change their minds especially when the major reason they may have wanted out was the coach who ended up being fired.


Players can also get wrapped up in bullshit too, the salary cap dipped last year and he wanted to get paid not knowing what the future held or if there would be a 2021 season, plus the old regime, Wentz clearly losing it on the field, the overall season was just all around bad, this feels so much different even from the outside. It was like 3 years of stagnant waters and now there’s a new energy


That's actually a really positive way to frame it. I'm not sure I buy it fully, he probably knows his paycheck would be cut if he did get traded, but still.


At this point I just want the guys who have defined the past decade of Eagles football to retire with us. Ertz, Kelce, Graham, Cox, eventually Lane. It would be great if they were forever Eagles.


At this point in their careers, id rather sign DG to a 4 year deal than Ertz.


I hope he actually feels that way. Dude's an Eagles legend, and it would be a boost to my confidence in the new coaching staff if they've created that kind of atmosphere after all of the offseason drama.


He’s GOATed round here. Anyone who scored the game winning touchdown in the super bowl was bound to. Shit I always get in my feefees thinking about Corey clement and he kinda stinks lol.


Same dude. CC was so damn good in 2017.


> Shit I always get in my feefees thinking about Corey clement and he kinda stinks lol. It helps he’s a local dude too, so it’s that Vince Papale or Barney Gorman feeling.


But but but but I drafted DG in fantasy.




Yeah... I'll survive. There's always some random fucking dude who comes out of nowhere in the first two weeks of the season, I'll just get that waiver wire pickup.


You can probably just grab Ertz, and if he's no good vs. Atl, swap him back for DG.


Possible. Maybe I should just hold them both.


Skipping fantasy this year but I can't imagine he's getting drafted high enough to really be a huge deal. Unless it's Kelce or Kittle last time I checked they're all pretty interchangeable.


Dont forget Darren Waller. That dude is ridiculous in PPR


Goedert was going really high back when people thought Ertz was getting traded. He's fallen a lot now though.


I drafted Kittle but still grabbed Ertz for a bench stash in a very late round. IMO he's been getting dropped *super* low in fantasy after one bad injury-filled season on a bad team. I don't think it's *that* crazy to think that he could have a 500 yard season with a few TDs sprinkled in. Which would still likely make him a top 10 TE for fantasy... it's bizarre that he's only rostered in like 25% of leagues.


It's really because TE is a straight up crapshoot week to week and to some extent diluted production now that slot receivers have become more prevalent. Inconsistent fantasy production week to week has really become the norm for all but the top 2-3 TEs.


I understand that TE is a crapshoot outside of the top guys. But just looking at the % owned numbers, Ertz is rostered in <25% of leagues, whereas Jonnu Smith (random example) is rostered in >75% of leagues. Jonnu had 8 TDs last year on 32 catches, which is *wildly* unsustainable production. Assuming that both players stay healthy this year (Jonnu is currently injured last I heard) it seems reasonable to think that Ertz could have a mediocre bounce back year by his standards (~500 yards and a few TDs) and that Jonnu will not be able to sustain a 25% catch-TD rate... Also, Goedert has never played a full 16 game season. Obviously I'm a homer and bias, but the % rostered number is really where I am surprised.


Buyers remorse?


I sure hope everything has been mended and he’d like to stay here and be a lifer. I have my doubts though, but Ertz is one of my favorites of this generation of Eagles. Hope he stays until he hangs em up.


Ertz boutta have a bounce back year 👀


Ertz finna chip in on the rent. LFG!!!


I want to believe.


I've become too cynical to believe this is anything but trying to give the Eagles more leverage for better trade value


Then You passed the trials. You are officially an eagles fan master.


Either way, he is a class act for saying this.


Lol same. Now do Ben please


With how young and unproven this WR corps is, I'm not too broken up about keeping a reliable target like Ertz around. It remains to be seen if last year was the cliff or if he was just miserable/playing in an atrocious offense, but I think Hurts will benefit from Zach's presence.


I think Ertz still has another full season of elite play in him. Past this year I think he will be more of a reliable, always finds a way to be open Witten type, but not a full time elite starter.




He's gonna win us one game and I'll be back to normal and just move on from all this. Ertz is a legend in Philly and I just want him to remove himself from association with Wentz by our fans and media, have a few solid remaining seasons as a great check down and locker room leader, piss off some cowboys fans because he's gonna be slow but always open, and just retire so we can remember his game winning SB catch. Until then I will remain suspicious but deep down I am starting to get slightly excited.


If Goedert has to miss any extended time, which is entirely possible over a 17 game season, keeping Ertz is going to look like a genius move. Never understood why so many in the media were critical of keeping Ertz instead of outright cutting him. We're not in cap hell anymore, so why not? I'll take ZE at his word that he's good and just enjoy the ride.


Regardless of the ulterior motives or not, I respect the way Ertz has handled the drama over his situation immensely.


This is more wholesome than I expected.


If the relationship is "mended" he shouldn't have any problem with accepting his role in the offense which at best would be 1a to Goedert's 1b. He should also remember this when it comes to contract negotiating next year. With that being said, I'm happy to hear he is in better spirits and willing to contribute. Who knows, maybe none of this matters and he'll be traded tomorrow?!


The question is, will Hurts find him or Dallas more often?


He seems to like both a lot


Damn, gotta ask for the jersey back from the ex, huh


I hope this is true


As a sixers fan to, this Ertz news is so referencing


Let’s go!!! I for one, am truly happy to read this and hope he retires here too! Fly eagles fly!!!!


Ertz will be a good check down for Hurts. Wouldn’t be surprised if he scores 6+ TDs.


Trade imminent haha


I'm glad we mended things before shipping him out. I LOVE Ertz and will never forget his TD in the Superbowl. But I think he's lost a step and is injury prone at this stage of his career, we need to have Goedert be the #1


If this were a war movie, this is the equivalent of Ertz showing a picture of his gal back home. In all seriousness, hope it's true and he absolutely balls out with Goedert.


If this is truly the case, I am all for him staying


Superb Owl


This is exactly what happens when you bring young guys in. Go Birds!


Two tight end sets aren't going anywhere, Ertz and Goedert are the top two targets in this offense


I could cry.


Love this dude


Maybe there really is something to our new coach?


inb4 trade to the Jets


So, who was he privately feuding with-- Wentz or Pederson? This seems like a Pederson issue, but Ertz was professional and never mentioned it. So Ertz gave the new guy an honest, clean slate and felt okay about the direction. I still suspect the team will move him, but it would be smart to let him go perform well for a few weeks first, and build up his value. After this season, it's back to the same mess, unless Zach and Howie had some talks over beer and there's something verbal set for the next league year.


Stop putting Ertz down. He had one bad year with an injury and an abysmal franchise year from the coaching staff down. He is in the top 10 for most receptions by a tight end all time and is only going into his 9th season. If I am wrong on those numbers please correct me. But y’all are quick to throw this guy away for what?


They were quick to throw wentz away so what’s the difference


I wonder if Goedert supplants him as the #1 TE


Oops. My goedert fantasy pick is looking not as good


There is a 90% chance he won’t be on this team by the trade deadline. That being said, I will be enjoying every snap he takes with us till that time.


Last year trade deadline deals were for 5th-7th round picks with one exception that netted a 3rd and a 5th. I think he's here for the season.