[Caplan] Eagles and starting LT Jordan Mailata have agreed on a 4-year, $64m contract extension with upside to $80m with $40.85m gtd

[Caplan] Eagles and starting LT Jordan Mailata have agreed on a 4-year, $64m contract extension with upside to $80m with $40.85m gtd


Went from never playing football, being drafted as a project player in the 7th rd, to beating out a 1st round pick and now making bank. Well fucking done Jordan.


Stoutland is the fucking GOAT.


Should sign him to this kind of contract (adjusted for coach pay scale)


Stoutland should be making head coaching money so he never leaves us


Stout should be in the eagles hall of fame when hes done at minimum


I’ll never understand why pro teams don’t sign coaches like they do players, like whoever wins the Super Bowl, their coaching staff gets picked Over the next year, brain drain every time


Because a lot of those guys want a shot at head coaching that’s why?


Of course, if someone offers you a shot you take it, it’s just interesting that the coaching contracts are similar to the players


He is but I think mailata is just special himself


Being a physical freak of nature helps.


I don’t know why this is always brought up. I love Stoutland don’t get me wrong but if it was him making players great then Dillard would be serviceable. Let’s give props to the player for working his ass off to get to where he is today and getting paid.


The problem with Dillard isn't technique, it's strength/weight/nerves/injuries. Stoutland is valued because he instills good technique, but he's not their personal trainer.


You forgot heart, just like Dillard.


Another crappy howie pick


Howie also picked Mailata


Traded up to pick him, too.


yeah idk why an offensive line coach is brought up when one of the lineman who never played football before ended up being great...like why should he be credited?!?


I don't think this is good logic. Stoutland seems to be successful even when handed difficult situations, so one high profile player struggling doesn't mean he's *not* good.


This. Not every gifted player has the mental fortitude to be a great player. Some just get to this point on raw talent and when it becomes hard they give up. *glares at Ben simmons*


Dillard's also had some major injuries, which can seriously redirect a guy's career. In pro sports you're fucked if you're not constantly improving your game. *glares at Ben Simmons*


*stares at DGB* Man I'm still mad he never had the drive to be even good let alone great


There is no doubt Jordan deserves the credit for his own success. I think people praise Stoutland because it appears he was able to mold a physical speciman with no experience into an NFL starter in a few years, while he has simply not been able to counter whatever existing physical, technical, or motivational issues have prevented Dillard's success at this level.


That’s true, but sometimes people just aren’t coachable…


100%. There’s a bunch of reasons guys often don’t work out to be great. Let’s be thankful Mailata has reasons he has the potential to BE great.


Do we know who scouted him? Credit should be given there as well whoever it was


I had thought they would do the same for Prince Tega Wanogho


What a lottery pick


Turns out i was wrong we are signing him before the season and I LOVE IT! After this season that deal's gonna be a steal. Also: congrats to Jordan Mailata for getting that Bag. You love to see it


Huge deal. He's gonna be our LT for years to come, and I couldn't be any more excited.


We've seriously gone from a Hall of Fame bound LT to a potential top 10 LT (if not better). There are teams that would kill to have someone with half Mailata's potential.


Extend that back to Tra Thomas before Peters. Quite possibly 3 10 yr LTs in a row who at worst are multiple pro bowl & in the Eagles HoF


I like Mailata as much as anyone here, but let's wait until he makes a pro bowl first and has his first full year starting before we make proclamations lol. Not trying to knock ya though, I fuckin loved this signing.


For sure Mailata has to pan out before he is considered a pro bowler But if you take 2020 as his floor and look at the improvements he has made even just from pre-season/camp 2020 to camp 2021 hecis set for another hige step up & has the potential for a lot of improvement.


Oh I know. I'm excited as hell and I hope he makes that leap


This right here is why we take the inconsistent drafting.


The Eagles have a pretty solid hit rate for Oline talent. Not perfect by any means, but certainly above league average. I'm sure Stoutland is a big part of that.


To get mailiatia and Kelce in the 7th round is pretty crazy


Kelce was a 6th rounder IIRC, but still, unbelievable value.


Seumalo in the third. Lane being the only OT that panned out from his first round class. Even Vaitai coming in and saving the day for 2017. Most teams don't have that available.


Look at KC in the SB last year. They could of used that level of Oline depth.


Poor Mahomes was running for his life on every play.


Yeah as frustrating as our trench drafting strategy can be sometimes, you can't really fault it.


I love how we crap on Howie for unsuccessful picks at positions like WR where our position coaches have been questionable, but praise the positional coach when a pick hits.


I was just boutta say the same shit Somebody should be coming at our last couple LB DB WR coaches with that energy


This deal is going to look like a steal after the season. Smart by Howie and the front office to lock him down and not let him test free agency bc there would have been a massive bidding war for him and we avoid needing to use the franchise tag


Agreed. His price would have gone up as the season progressed. It's crazy to think a guy who has never played a down of football before got drafted in the 7th round and has now signed a $64m contract.


And i Don't think any other team that drafted him would've been able to make this work, he would have been cut long ago. Stoutland is the man, and if i'm Jordan, I'm buying him something very expensive as a thank you


I thought he'd play out this year then we'd have to sign him to a close-to-market-setting deal. Absolutely stoked we got this in now before his price explodes.


I don't think there was ever a chance of him getting past like week 4 without a contract. This is absolutely Howie's MO. He is always early with contracts, for better or worse. I think this one will be great, but there is an amount of risk.


>there is an amount of risk *Carson Wentz has entered the chat* *Carson Wentz has left the chat* (for the record, I don't think this signing is gonna go the way that one did and am super happy we've locked down Mailata)


Absolutely. Alshon is another easy example of him jumping the gun. Ertz and Graham are good examples of where this philosophy has paid off.


The Wentz move would have been paying Dillard, even if Dillard won the camp battle. Wentz & Dillard are very much in the mold of needing to be told "you're the best" everyday Mailata & Hurts are more of the turn up and work each day and tell me when I'm wrong. Type of players. Philly isn't a city for the likes of Wentz & Dillard but that doesn't mean they can't be successful elsewhere


I’d still like to see how Dillard would do at LT consistently, but he’s definitely the odd guy out at the moment. We spent way too much time trotting out the corpse of JP when we could have been evaluating Dillard in 2019. All we’ve seen so far from him is horrid play at RT and ok play at LT for a few games.


The Wentz scenario doesn’t fit here because they gave him that contract, and then stacked the deck against him. Say what you want about it, but had they drafted a QB in the 4th or even 3rd round with the intent of the covering their asses, Wentz would still be here and would be producing. Drafting a high round QB is a clear sign you’ve lost faith in your incumbent QB, and the only outcome will be a trade. And to anyone that might bring up the Aaron Rodgers-Jordan Love situation, look how that’s going for the Packers right now.


That's totally fair. I think there were a LOT of factors that contributed to why Wentz didn't work out here - which certainly includes decisions/moves made by coaches & FO, as well as some flaws/issues centric to Carson himself.


It breaks down to 16-20mil per year. That slots him in at 7th to 4th highest paid tackle on a yearly average. It's pretty solid and hopefully what he deserves to get paid.


And he'll slot lower than that after this year when it actually goes in to effect. More T deals to come


Even if he’s just an average tackle it’ll be a steal considering how much they make. Brian O’Neill got way more and he’s average at best


I really really hope he can stay healthy. Doesn't he has problems with his back?


i’m 90% sure that was a phantom injury to stash him on IR until he developed further


While I love resigning him, this will not be a steal. If he lives up to his potential, it sounds like a 4 year, 80 million contract so 20 mil per year. Not a steal.


If he lives up to his potential and earns that 80 million it means we have an all pro caliber player, that's still making less than baktiari and Tunsils current contracts. And the money tackles will make is only going to go up in the next few years with the salary cap. If he hit free agency it may have been for even more mone we would have needed to give him. It's a very good contract.


He’s 7th, right now, in AAV on that contract. As other guys sign, he’ll fall even lower. It’s a lot to me since I’m still not convinced he’s a top 20 Lt In football, but the contract is fine and will be cheap going forward relatively


He’s 24 years old. If he keeps producing, they could’ve given him Cox’s contract and it still would’ve been a steal.


It's a win for both. He gets guaranteed money in case he gets injured this year and the eagles get a discount.


Oh yeah. It's all coming together for some good seasons ahead.




Wow, good for him. 7th round pick, former rugby player; and now gets to earn up to 80M. Josh Sweat up next


Rugby *league* player. Pedantic, but different sport...


That's BOMB!




This is an absolute steal considering he has so much he can still improve and likely will.


He's gonna be our LT for the next decade, and a damn good one at that. This contract is very good for us.


The real steal is that he just turned 24 in March


What an incredible pick. Super happy to have him locked down!


Talk about hitting the lottery with a late round pick. Tons of credit to Stout and of course Jordan. Happy to see him have his dream realized, and now the hard work is paying off.




We talk about Jim Johnson being the greatest Eagles assistant coach ever, but I think we oughta start considering Stoutland for that distinction.


Stout is far and away our best positional coach ever. Johnson was only ever DC for us IIRC so they're in two different categories for me.


Stoutlands awesome but don't diminish Jim Johnson. He was a legendary coordinator.


¿por que no los dos?


Because they can both be great, only one can be “greatest”.


JJ was a great DC who deserves the HOF. Please don’t besmirch his name.


Nah JJ was on a different level. Stoutland has done a great job but not even close to JJ


Stop. Wth is going on here


Recency bias.


I love what Stoutland has done for the o-line, but Johnson's defenses were incredible and at times carried those Eagles teams. Stoutland is great, Johnson is a legend.


So happy for the big guy!


Verbal meme: andre Dillard as homer simpson fading back into the hedges


Absolutely deserves it. Who doesn’t love this man?? Get your bag Jordan


Time for a jersey?


[One of my favorite moments of his](https://youtu.be/Qm37lkymcrE?t=25).. him punking Chuck Clark was fun to watch


Perfect timing


Welp I’ve decided whose jersey I’m buying next


Just pretend Mailata was the first round pick last year 😅


Dillard was just given the biggest middle finger imaginable...and I'm okay with that.


Fuck him he’s a bust


Locked him in, well deserved contract for Jordan.






If anyone has been wondering what jersey to buy, let this serve as a suggestion


I would've bought it a year ago if he had been 69 instead of Pryor




Howie! Howie! Howie! Howie!


Is he still a 68 in madden!? I wouldn’t know because the game is garbage


I've edited him to superstar potential lol


Pretty damned insane. This guy was a total nobody like 5 min ago.


Trick play where he gets the ball when???


This is the best draft pick of Howie’s career. Nice to see someone drafted and developed here get his.


Huge testament to both Mailats work ethic and Stouts coaching ability


Perfect combination. A monster of a man & supremely talented athlete with zero technique thus zero flaws to unlearn, a Hungry Dog work ethic, and one of the best O-line coaches in all of football.


Yea I don't believe how many understand about the Eagles signing him now making him the 7th highest paid LT will become a steal in a year or two if they believe he is a high quality LT. His contract will fall out of the top 10 quickly.


This is the take. Yes, there is *some* risk, but he's likely the most athletically gifted tackle in the league right now and went from not knowing how to play football to being a quality starter in just a few seasons. No reason to believe he can't continue the trend. If he shows he's a star we'll be talking about how cheap his contract is by the time next free agency period closes.


Earned that shit.


Really happy for Jordan, life changing!!




This is a very very nice move. Also Dillard, lol


Yeah Dillard will just have to cry in his 12.7M dollars.


Yeah I feel bad for Dillard /S


Let’s goooooo


That's a great deal


Let’s fucking go!


So is Dillard gone now or just a backup?


Backup or trade bait


Franchise LT in the 7th round. Fucking love you, Mailata


Talk about a life changing day. Congratulations!! Probably on the phone with Jeff now crying. Haha.


They're gonna make a movie outta this guy's career


Who's big enough to play him in a movie?


With his career trajectory, he's liable to play himself and launch a successful Hollywood career


I mean, we know the dude can sing lol. Maybe he does well after football too!


Ayyy yooooo good for you Mailata! So stoked to have him locked in.


Mailata with the fucking bag baby, good for him. I have zero doubt that Mailata will be a Top 5 LT in the league very soon.


Speaks a lot about what the staff sees in him to get this done before week 1.


Surely this makes us the official team of Australia?


As an Aussie I've followed the Eagles since the 80's. Got excited by Sav Rocca (esp as he was an established Aussie Rules star), got more excited by Cam Johnston and from last season have been very very excited. Hopefully Siposs goes well too (really hopefully he never punts a ball). I'd say 49ers and Pats would be most popular teams here, probably followed by Seahawks and (boo Cowboys). Time zones work in West Coast teams favour


I’m Australian my guy. But yes, I agree with the teams you’ve said. I see a lot of Raiders too but that’s more likely just the logo / style more than actual supporters.


Nah yeah, no worries,cheers mate 😀


Aussie here. I'm a Chargers fan, but I've been following Mailata since he was in the International Player Pathway. I've watched more Eagles preseason games over that time than any other team, and watched all the games where Mailata appeared in the regular season. Always hoping for an Eagles win. There's a fair few Aussies in the league but mostly kickers so it's nice to have a good Aussie player outside of special teams. I'd say Eagles Aussie fanbase will grow a lot this year. Mailata has been getting a decent amount of press here lately.


Guys I think mailata won the LT battle.


Mailata was always a longshot, we basically bought a lottery ticket with that 7th, the chances of return were miniscule If Dillard doesn't get hurt last year, Mailata probably doesn't make the final 53 If JP doesn't get injured, Mailata probably never plays, never proves himself and doesn't win the starting spot Kinda crazy how we fluked our way into a starting LT, makes the 1st rounder wasted on Dillard a little less damaging(just a little though)


Giant W


Can you spell *generational wealth*?


I'm so pumped for this and lol @ anyone that was so sure Dillard would be holding down the left side. Like... did you not watch them both play?




YOOOO!!! Big wins all around. Eagles get a badass LT locked down, and Mailata... man, I'm so happy for him. Dude went from never playing to landing a big contract at a premiere position at the highest level in a matter of a few years. Stoutland too - a testament to his badass coaching and mentorship!


Secure the freaking bag


LMAO, so that camp competition was a complete farce. They knew it was Mailata's job from the first day.


Let’s be honest, we did too.


Great job Howie!!!


This guy better be good


Hell yeah


This makes me so happy.


Fuck yea we put too much effort into him to let him hit FA lol


just screamed in a chick fil a parking lot


Holy fuck so happy for him


Amazing work by Jordan to turn himself into a stud! The first successful rugby to football player conversion ever!


Fuck yeah, he was a bright spot down the stretch and was just mauling. Haven't had any time to watch preseason but I imagine he impressed enough to get locked up now. Potentially is gonna have a break out year then if he's getting this already Fuckin happy for the dude!


If he ends up being an Pro Bowler like we all hope, this is an absolute steal.


Howie W


I was watching when he got drafted, and he was one of those guys i just said “Yea, he’s my guy I’m rooting for this guy” and wow. Look at him now. So proud.


Is...is he really that good? Thats like probowl money


How can you not love this dude. Let's fucking go Jordan


Well, DAMN! Nice going, Mailata. Curious about how much longer Dillard will stay on the roster, lol. I guess just be backup depth this year and next year, unless they can find a trade partner.


Dude is a Stud! Congrats to him and his family. I'm willing to bet he lives up to every penny while he is on the field.


Good for him, he deserves every cent. Hope to see him the HOF one day


We got him.


I dont wanna be that guy but that might be a little premature


For those curious, 4 years $64M AAV of $16M makes him the 12th highest paid OT, tied with Taylor Lewan. If he hits all the incentives to get to $80M, that would put him 4th behind Tunsil and ahead of Stanley. Good deal on both sides I’d say.


With his rate of improvement I'd say barring injury he's gonna earn that $80M.


WhAt? He had one decent year and we sign a huge extension? Howie roseman is a fucking idiot.


Why don’t they try moving Dillard to left guard?


I’m sure they’ve talked about it but his technique doesn’t seem right for it at least right now. You’d think Stout could do something with him bc he does have solid foundation and some good qualities to build on.


Idk if I like this move, I wanna see more from him


Bam, called it when we drafted him. Awsome pick.


I like this, but I thought we could get him for less.


Goedert is not gonna be happy.


He will be if he can stay healthy for a full season and maintain his known level of play


I kind of wanted to see what Mailata would do this year, to see if he could keep up his momentum from last season, before the Eagles sign him to any big extension. But I guess if they really do believe in him then it makes sense to lock him down now before the price tag rises. Mailata’s been practicing all Summer, so Roseman, Sirianni, Stoutland, etc. have all had a good enough look at him and he must have really impressed them for them to extend him now. I’m happy for him. The man never played a snap of pro football prior to three years ago, got put against starting edge rushers who’ve been playing the sport all their lives, and established himself as a starter. He was one of the only silver linings of a truly abysmal season. Now he’s signing big money extensions.


Just pray he stays healthy. We gave both LJ and BBrooks big extensions a couple years back, and they've been weighty anchors on our cap since then when they haven't been able to play.


Great move by Howie, we have a lot of draft class signing to do. Sweat, Goedert, Barnett, Ertz, Maddox. Get the most expensive position out of the way.


THIS IS A STEAL I thought he was going to cost >$100m


Aptly named.


Wow, not surprised as he never got paid as a 7th rounder. Good for him.


Idk how I feel about this it could backfire easily or be a great deal


Howie has got a steal of a deal!


WOW I thought they'd wait for the season to play out. Locked him up early at a discount. Hope he doesn't suck Writing on the wall for Dillard.


That's a lot of Mailata. Well deserved.


Drafted based on physical ability alone and it actually paid off. Get that bag, you glorious stallion.


I’m happy for the guy. I hear he is a great person to be around. Let’s go birds!!


Get that fucking bag Mailata!


Now all he needs is a nickname


We have a lil tradition going now of converted players becoming our starting LT’s. JP started as a TE, Jordan started as a rugby player…


I remember when we drafted him, stayed up all night trying to find details on him but they were so hard to find. Was in awe of his rugby film and his size obviously. I’m happy he’s worked out and we have an LT locked in for good chunk of the rest of the decade. Happy for the team because we don’t have to worry about (crosses fingers) who plays the 2nd most important position on offense (IMO) for awhile. But more so, happy for Mailata. I feel like I’ve watched a kid grow into a man in front of my eyes. I will add, for a fan base who historically is very hard on their players, Jordan is one of those guys who we love universally. How do you not, right? Keep putting in the work, keep pushing yourself. Philly is with you all the way brother!


Hell ya!


Wooooo, glad he's locked up before he goes off for real (which I fully expect).


It's already been said but this is going to turn out to be a steal for the team. I mean it's not like cheating Mailata or anything, the up front money and 4 years security is good for him too. But if he has a good year this year his price would have shot up. Considering his build is immense, and he's proven his ability for learning and constant steady improvement, along with a great personality, I don't see why he won't have a great year. (No one say the "i" word.)