If he stays healthy and Demar leaves next season, I say Derrick White.


Keldon to the moon too


Keldon if Rudy Gay leaves too


Next year I'll remember this on draft day: "fantasybball said keldon is the new kawhi lets gooo"




Jakob has severely stunted Keldon's rebound and defensive contributions.


This is true.


Came on this thread to say Keldon


No stocks


How is Dejounte not mentioned, I think he gets the biggest boost if Demar leaves. He’ll be the leader of team along with Derrick ofc


Absolutely! The guy put on an absolute fantasy GEM stat line clinic the past two weeks! Insane production across literally every single category. And get this, LESS than 1 turnover per game during that stretch. So sad to see him potentially gone this Fantasy season :(


Sam Dekker on his 10-day contract and here's why...




Dude got a lot of potential


I see him hitting the second year wall pretty hard


care to elaborate?


Well this is just my feeling but his value comes from super high usage rate with lots of low percentage shots and the insane athleticism, so I just think defenses will be able to adjust quite a lot. Guys with a deep bag of tricks and skills are the ones tend not to struggle much in their second NBA year imo, unless they can just overpower their defenders. I don't think Ant is particularly skilled in the NBA, I am higher on Lamelo for next season personally


May be unpopular but I agree. I can see him being a low 20s scorer but beyond that not huge upside in other parts of his game. I really like to avoid guys who's main attraction is their scoring, like Beal, Booker etc. Just too inconsistent for my taste.


To be fair, Beal has been great this season!


His shot selection is trash. Needs to improve


Best interview in the NBA as well


Darius Garland could potentially be that type of guy. OG Anunoby as well. Mikal Bridges is very solid. Cole Anthony, Okeke, WCJ, and the rest of the Magic crew could be quite fun. Poku has fun upside. Theo Maledon could make a 2nd year jump. Xavier Tillman is a dark horse piece. Okongwu may grow into a role that allows him to thrive. Lots of young guys with good breakout potential. I play deep leagues, so some of these guys may not be 1st rounder quality, but will provide excess value and could be good late round dart throws. As far as 1sts go, Embiid is my guy. Love him.


Yeah I could see Garland and OG being sneaky mid round picks that can produce early round values(2nd-3rd). Both are very underrated. OG imo can average 20-7-3 with 2.5 3s, 2 stls next season(his offense has really picked up the past few weeks).


OG seems like a good bet to produce top 30 value next year, as far as upside picks go. Garland is just a stud tbh. Watching Cavs games, his game is very advanced for a 2nd year point guard. His game is also perfectly suited for fantasy, and I'd say he compares very favorably even to someone like Ja Morant.


D'Aaron Fox, Michael Porter Jr, Lamelo Ball




Lamelo. This coming from a guy who has admittedly hated on all the Ball brothers. Lamelo is gold for Fantasy hoops.


Only way you get guy like melo is draft too early. I’d love to have him and Zion but with their clout they are gonna go too early next year. But they could end up even being worth it still


I started in a keeper this season so I drafted z early by most standards, third round. Laughing now, he's been amazing. Growing in defensive stats every day it seems.


Where do you think his ADP ends up? I'm going to reach for him big time just like I did MPJ this year. Lamelo is so much fun to watch and I was lucky to draft him this year (solely because Josh Lloyd said his name for pts leagues). I started watching every Hornets game this year because he was must see TV.


Might be bold but I think he finishes top 30 next year in 9 cat


Jokic isn't on your list as a #1 pick?


Oh yeah I forgot Jokic


DeAaron Fox, his improvement has been insane


JJJ, White, Malachi Flynn, WCJ, Gafford because the latter draft picks can win you the league.


It’ll be interesting to see how Bryant and Gafford work


On the plus side, Gafford won't need many minutes to contribute.


Jonathan Isaacs might be a good sleeper aside from the usual suspects. Hali probably. Basically rookies coming into their sophomore season


Isaac is a great pick - I think he surprises a lot of people next year




No way. He’s been out all year


For first round im thinking Jokic or Giannis. Honestly Luka feels like a late first round pick at best


Bad % for luka hold him back


Miles Bridges


I don’t know if this counts but Jonathan issac. Could have a Myles turner like season if healthy


Rob williams and mpj are gonna be huge. Prob not first round value ahah but if u manage to get them late in drafts next season they can easily be league winners imo




Obviously some rookies will take leaps in their second years (lamelo, edwards, Hali) but when I’m drafting I tend to look for third year breakouts. Right now I think the best options for that are Garland, MPJ, Hunter, and RJ.


Michael Porter Jr is a 2nd round pick next year Healthy tatum makes another leap


Rookies may be outside the scope of this question, but if Cade Cunningham goes to a team that gives him the keys to the offense he’s going to be an absolute beast in fantasy


Isaiah Stewart if Plumlee leaves. Gafford is Lopez and/or Len leaves


Lu Dort!


All aboard the Dort Train! Choochooo!!!!


Dort will be a 3 point machine next season, calling it now


As much as he burned me this season, I'd love it if I could grab AD between the end of 1st/start of 2nd (or even later in more casual leagues!). Although that might be the recency bias talking since he came back for me right when I needed him most. I'd also give guys like Gafford/Poeltl a long hard look.


AD hard pass 1st round. He burned me so good this year I won't ever forget.


I agree He proved this year that his stats won’t always make up for his injury history and that took away any chance of me drafting him at all next year (assuming he goes in a normal place) Kinda guy that I want to be someone else’s problem, like Kawhi and PG and Embiid Plenty of talent in the top rounds why take a risk that’s for later rounds when you can afford to draft a bust


Oh god please let my league members think like this and let me get ad in the second round :)


Same for me. Question tho, do u believe AD will be around in the late 1st rd? Cuz if he is, i think its a steal


Gafford Anunoby Moses Brown Malachi Flynn Isaiah Stewart


Miles Bridges


Mpj, og, garland, isaac, kpj, lamelo, derrick white


Richaun holmes


RJ Barrett


I think Christian Wood will be a solid top 10 guy next season. In deeper leagues, I think Poku can explode. He had a 6 3pm game and a 6 Blk game this year as an 18 year old rookie, there's huge potential there.


If it wasn't for the Thunder actively tanking I could see guys like Moses and Poku thrive.


Isaiah Beef Stewart


Idk about you guys but I’m dreading wiseman late, the guys a physical beast and I truly believe he’s going to be an all nba player one day Not saying I’m going to Hail Mary reach for him but if he’s there I’m taking him


Hell wash out of the league before hes all nba


It’s worth keeping an eye on CJ McCollum and Norman Powell. One of them will be leaving Portland at the end of the year, and might get an opportunity as ‘The Guy’ elsewhere.


Immanuel Quickley! I mean besides Lavert and Dinwiddie, maybe Devin Vassell, Kira Lewis


First round pick still has to be Luka for me, the fact I got him this year was a blessing but I feel like he's only gonna get better next season. I believe Jokic is a close second since he's just so amazing this season though. As for guys to looks out for, gotta be Ant ed, Zion and sleepers like OG, Keldon johnson and have a feeling MPJ is gonna blow up