I could have coasted to an easy finals win but I dropped campazzo to "activate" OG because I'm a clown. Now I'm relying on Orlando scrubs to carry me. Haha 😭


My entire week played like bums this week but i was still in a position to win today. Just needed players to play to their averages for both teams and I would've won 5-4. Nope, every single one of my players were below average today while my opponent was above average. Shoutout to Luka tanking my FT% the whole week and then getting ejected lol


Same. I had: Dorian Finney Smith, PJ Washington, Mo Bamba, Cole Anthony, Saddiq Bey, Frank Jackson. Got me 18/62 tonight and FG% was championship deciding. Fuck this shit


Finney smith was killing me ALL WEEK. he was such a stud last week. PJ was a nightmare too


Anyone else hate Ty Jerome? Last pick up of the week and absolutely fucked me. Carry on....


Still in semis in my league, watching turnovers as all other categories are settled, have 2 more than him right now, after the 7pm games, I am done and he has booker and ayton. Getting nervous.


Looks like you're blessed now?


Yup, going to the finals!!


Genuinely fuck this season in general. My team was decimated by injuries and shut-downs in the playoffs and it’s impossible to play like this. Still managed to make finals but my team tonight is literally entirely composed of garbage waiver wire rookie pickups


Stupid way to lose but can’t control this new trend of shut downs and bullshit injuries


Injuries from Beal, Ingram, Brown, Zion and AD did me in. What a shit time for it to happen all at once


Guys. I’m in the semifinals of my H2H points league. I’m playing against the 1 seed (15-2) as the 4 seed (12-5). I’m currently up 1,533 to 1,496. I have Saddiq Bey going and he has Zach Lavine. In a few minutes he’ll have Delon Wright and I’ll have Mikal Bridges. Insane nail biter finish. I’ll keep y’all updated.


Delon Wright is murdering me. He already has 29 fantasy points and it’s still the 1st quarter. Now only up 1,550-1,540. Bridges has gotten me 5 fantasy points so far. Woof.


After being projected to win all week I’m now most likely going to lose. I tried to be way too cute with my adds and lineups this week instead of being patient and going for what was right in front of me. Can’t be too mad because I came in as the 8th seed after beating the 1st and 2nd seed back to back to finish the regular season. Live and learn for next season!


Grant, Lowry, Beal, brown, wood, Ingram. Enough said.


Beal doesn't really belong in this group. Dude played all 4 games this week dropping 40, 42, 28, 26 all with fantasic percentages


My finals go through this week so he absolutely counts


crushed first-round matchup but lost Ingram, Bron, C wood, FVV, KPJ to injuries in the second round




you'll get em next year


Probably going to win. First time I've gotten 1k+ in pts in a week.


In standard ESPN points?


Yahoo 9 cat


What scoring system does your league use? Because I’ve scored over 1000 in more than 50% of my matchups, even scoring >1500 one week


9 cats yahoo. Was just talking about the pts cat. Lol


What’s your team look like


Its 12t 9 cat


Yeah I know I’m just curious


Beal, sabonis, lavine and lillard


SemiFinals week for me this week. Just dominated my opponent this week. My finals opponent has a STACKED team featuring: Westbrook, Sabonis, Mo Bamba, Lebron, Deaaron Fox, Lamelo Ball and Christian Wood. I’m excited because injuries are ravaging his team and I have a stacked team but also WAAAAAAY more healthy depth. Plus two of my guards Steph Curry and Rozier are playing lights out right now. They’re putting the championship in their hands!


Tate and KPJ getting hurt and got Timelord. Doncic getting ejected today, Frank Jackson 1pt game and Roby's 1pt game. The fantasy gods hate me


Luka getting ejected probably cost me my matchup. GGs


Discounting season ending injuries, missed around 10 games from core guys due to rest/injuries/tanking this last week. As some others have mentioned, still had a chance, but a combination of guys not performing up to par and guys on the other team having way above average performances ultimately sunk me. Sucks.


Up about 100 with 1 week to go. Cedi injury hurts tonight


Lost Harden, no Trae, JV and Lavine in the first two playoffs weeks, yet I’m on my way to winning the chip. Shout out to Delon Wright, and Facuuuu!


First all season, lost in the finals. Didn't have a favourable schedule. Oh well, good season despite everything.


Was 7th seed coming into finals against 1st seed, lost by 3 three pointers LMAO. Not bad for my first fantasy season overall tho.


Been up big all week and I might blow it depending on my Mikal vs his CP and Delon Wright in this last slot of games. Kinda rattled atm


3 weeks ago I basically threw away my season. Had Jonas on IR and news came out they he will play. Got busy with other things and forgot to edit line-up. It was the only line-up error I did all season. It cost me the #1 seed and a trip to the finals. Didn't help this week that I left Nurkic out when he had 11 rebs and 4 blocks for Porter JR who left the game injured. Did it to win assists and still won assists and ended up losing blocks by 3. Also, lost Haliburton & OG for the whole week. Damn angry. If only I didn't make that swap :/


I’ve had probably 8 missed games due to last minute injuries this week while my opponent hasn’t had a single missed game. What are the odds on this? Just my luck I guess.


Man I hate the championship week. Lost Fox, Brogdon, Tate and OG. We only had 4 acquisitions per week. Currently losing by 40 points and matchup has Westbrook and a fully healthy lineup. I would've won if at least 2 did not get injured.


Ya the season sucks when all your waiver wire adds sit too..


Sacramento is the last game before my season ends. I’m down 5-6 with steals as my last cat to win. Opponent is only up 1 steal and I have Bagley and Holmes. Wish my luck guys!!!!


I had to drop LeBron, Jaylen Brown, Christian wood, Mike Conley, OG, and Derrick White in the past 2 weeks. Lucky to have made finals but just unlucky at the end


My final game is coming down to D Book (my team) against CP3 and Bazley. Up by one steal currently. Only category that hasn't been decided. Incredibly nerve-racking. Losing Jaylen for this whole week, having Hernangomez get a random coach's decision DNP when the entire frontcourt was injured, and Osman not playing today out of nowhere hurt me so bad.


Looks like Stewart and Mo Bamba just costed me the championship by missing their FTs. I was up by I believe around .806, but since they both ended up 3/6 I'm now down to .797 to my opponent's .799. I can still win if my opponent's Hield misses his freethrows. But that seems like a longshot. Come to think of it, it's actually my fault. My dumbass didn't think I could bench more than 3 players so I had Stew and Bamba in at the last minute. Fuck, this one hurts. But also not too bad since I never thought I'd reach the playoffs let alone the finals. But still. This one hurts to lose like this lmao. I had it in the bag!


Got completely screwed with the injury bug and had to drop so many players. Shot myself in the foot and traded Westbrook away to the guy I'm facing in the finals a couple months ago.. That trade lifted him out of the gutter. I also goofed up big time with the technicalities of acquisitions in the IR and wasted a bunch of acquisitions. Still hoping there's a chance I can take it home if I use my last 4 acquisitions wisely.


Freaking got murdered by corny players like Sabonis, TJ McConnel, and Kelly Olynyk.


was down 1-8 but ended up coming all the way back, was down 15 rebs and .503 to .507 fg% and dfs / jalen shit the bed while he had dwight powell who just went off. His whole fucking team was anomaly city... BOGDANOVIC turning into fucking MJ with 63% shooting, divincenzo fucking 15 rebs in one game + 50% shooting all week like huh??? beal dropping 50 on 60% fg ... fucking straight bullshit. ended up ahead in rebs but lost 4-5 cause his whole team shot the absolute lights out. very salty first year player


I'm losing all the efficiency stats but have massive leads in all the counting stats. Still, my opponent keeps streaming in 3 PT shooters and points, which is really annoying to me. I have a 15 block lead and I also have Mo Bamba. Should I be concerned if he starts streaming blocks? I sincerely doubt he wants to stream blocks though because that means getting a dip in his scoring and 3s lol


The thunder and pistons are legitimately fully responsible for me losing my finals matchup. Fuck those organizations.


In semis right now. Other team has Russ and single handedly destroyed me. I would have easily beat both teams in the other semis match.


I was very optimistic about winning my matchup on Monday. Unfortunately for me, I had the misfortune of owning Miles Bridges, FVV, Lowry, and Smart.


Lost my semis to a steal by Bridges 1 minute from the fucking end of the fucking last game of my rival. All this after coming back from injuries of LaVine, Butler, Haliburton, Woods, KPJ Simmons (fuck Simmons btw), and Love (though he was just a streamer).


Had 5 damn injured players. Seemed like my opponent had a full team like 4 days out of 7




I benched Gobert for a game in favor of a 3pt shooting streamer (I don't even remember who) because 3pts and FT% looked close and I was way up in blocks. Ended up winning 3pts and FT% in blowouts and losing the matchup by a block. The real kicker is that I had almost 200 more blocks than anyone else over the regular season and it really should have been my strongest category.


Bro I literally lost in the finals by 12 points because Cedi Osman rested... pain pain pain. Oh well, we run it back next year!