I’m debating on starting OBJ with Kupp over hollywood at this point. Lamar might be hurt and they seem to design a play or two for OBJ in the red zone each week to keep him happy lol.


If Lamar is out, isn't this an easy call? Also, OBJ consistent af and Rams have a good QB.


If Lamar is officially out it might be an easier call. However my fear is I’m playing against the Mahomes + Tyreek + Davante owner in round 1 and starting two receivers on the same team could cap my ceiling if all three go off. Luckily though the chiefs play on Thursday so I can make that call later in the week.


Definitely will have to wait and see with Lamar, but now the Rams are getting decimated by covid. Might have to go Hollywood regardless. Come to think of it, I thought I saw OBJ tested positive? And if all of those people on your opponent's team go off, it won't matter who you start. Hopefully my reponse helps, not trying to be snarky or w/e. Good luck!


I’m in the same exact boat


Kupp + hollywood owner here…obj + kupp is 100% the move…do not feel comfortable starting hollywood ever


Started kupp and obj this week. Worked out pretty well.


Looks very similar to Van Jefferson’s line over the past three games. Who do you like better?


Obj seems safer, Vans dependent on those long bombs


Also was it just me or OBJ really looked good today?


it is also me too, not just you. looked like the obj we know. fast, quick out of breaks, smooth route running, consistent hands. showed the big play ability too. all were missing is a slant going for 70 yards to the house lol


Ya that TD pass on goal line and the 40ish yard catch and run were vintage OBJ plays.


yes fr exactly edit: ive always believed in the talent and every game he plays with stafford and the rams the more im convinced his play was due to being with baker on a run first team


This is correct, safer floor with obj but higher ceiling with Van Jeff due to those deep shots




I think this is the best take. It’s a 3 headed dragon with a good QB. They all will eat


This is the exact opposite of truth based on all metrics before last nights game. Are we really ready to say the roles completely flipped just based on last night? Seems way too reactionary. Van was still getting snaps ahead of Odell last night in 2 WR sets. I own both so I don’t really care who it is…. just pointing out what the data says.


20 targets, 11 receptions, 192 yards, 3 TDs for Van Team comes and goes with Stafford and he’s been mostly good for three games in a row


Makes sense that a team would be playing well if the quarterback is playing well. It’s like those 2 go hand in hand or something


Both are great imo. I’m really digging the chemistry Van has with Stafford and McVay, just seems like they really trust him and like him in their system. I don’t have OBJ, but I will be starting Van with confidence


He’d be a Top WR2 if he didn’t have brick hands


OBJ is my new WR2 until AJB comes back from IR or if Ridley decides to come back. Actually he'll probably still be my WR2 even if one of those two comes back. Edit: Plus it just feels right to start him since I haven't made the finals in my main league since 2014 when OBJ took me there in his rookie year.


No reason for Ridley to come back


He needs to play one more game to have an "accrued" season for contract purposes IIRC. But yeah I highly doubt he comes back.


I believe that's optional - the team could choose to hold back his checks and not let his contract "tick" forward a year, but I'd imagine that would be a pretty terrible look considering it's only saving them 1.2m in salary next year. If he wants to be back next year, they'll pay him and progress his contract forward like normal, regardless of the games played.


It’d be a bad look, but it’s not just a small savings. It lets them keep him cheaply for an extra year before he gets the bag.


Calling it a bad look is an understatement. They would be reviled for it honestly. Not to mention alienating your star player who now wants nothing to do with the organization that fucked him over a single game appearance after he had a mental health crisis. They'll pay him. 1000%


Haha same boat, felt indecisive on whether I should play OBJ or Devante Parker as my WR2 till AJB returns and now I’ve decided to just play both and bench robinson.


I'm way more confident starting OBJ than AJB at this point. I dropped AJ. I couldn't take the duds anymore.


We have same roster. Hoping for AJB since I have the bye and now he surpasses Hollywood who may not have Lamar.


Your edit is my situation exactly


I have D. Adams, McLaurin, B. Cooks, OBJ and R. Gage. Fortunately have a first round bye, so have another week to which players to stick with for the rest of the season


Found OBJs dads account


The one and only OBS


Totally love these! Every post that isn’t shitting on OBJ and the top comment somehow is always “found OBJ’s dad’s account”! Hahahahahhahaha never gets old


I've got Gallup, OBJ, DJ Moore and Devante Parker as a bunch of solid but not great guys for my WR2 spot. Right now I'd probably put OBJ on top but it's still match up dependent. Gallup and Parker are the 2nd or 3rd target on their team while OBJ is becoming the clear No. 2. DJ Moore is the No. 1 but his QBs suck.


Gallup is definitely number 3, but he also has gotten 8 targets a game minimum since he’s returned from injury


Parker gets the lowly Jets next week


Kills me I didn’t have the room to grab him when he was dropped.


Thats the difference of beeing on a Passheavyer team and having a Qb that is willing to force the ball into small windows. Baker is way more risk adverse than Stafford. solid floor, some upside with the volume. He is a start untill further notice for me.


People writing OBJ off were just riding the meme wave or whatever. The dude is only 29 which isn't that old for a WR and has been productive in spurts between injuries the last few years. He was very obviously not motivated this year in Cleveland and playing with an average QB who is bad at throwing the routes that Odell excels at. All of the advanced stats and analysts were showing that he was getting separation and running good routes, the ball just wasn't finding him. He's still an incredibly gifted player whose book is still being written.


Since everyone is asking - OBJ or Osborn?


Por que no los dos


Must be a different OBJ than the one I had on my team earlier this year and then dropped. Can't be the same dude


Who would yall start week 15 as WR2 OBj Jeudy or D smith


Obj for sure


Do you still think that’s a safe pick vs Seahawks? I’m debating vs starting him, sterling Shephard, or Marvin Jones for round 1 of playoffs 😳


If Daniel jones plays I think sterling Shepard wouldn’t be bad (hopefully he would play the full game) but I wouldn’t even consider Marvin jones. Obj has had 3 good weeks now and is a top 10 wr since their bye week


OBJ got COVID ☹️ looks like I’m praying Jones starts or its Marvin Jones time


Yeah so unfortunate. Is there anybody on waivers that could possibly do something? You’ll just have to hope Trevor Lawrence does better against Houston. It could be worse, atleast Marvin jones has a little bit of upside if you look at the beginning of the year against Houston


So jeudy or d smith now for my WR2?


I would go jeudy for a floor play and smith for ceiling. Just depends on what you need for your matchup this week


I go OBJ and feel pretty good in that scenario


I might be rocking 4 rams players in the playoffs lmao


He got COVID


Browns looking real dumb for trading him right now I know that. Stafford like him so he’s a start every week.




Good call. I forgot. Makes it even worse lol.




I think it’s very obvious by that now baker was the issue there. Stafford is having no problem finding him open.




I personally have Baker closer to the back end of 15-20. OBJ looks legit now though. He's still only been there a few weeks too. Their chemistry will just continue to grow and OBJ will learn more and get more comfortable in the offense The question isn't weather he should start the rest of the year in fantasy (He should, unless you just have someone clearly better). The question is... if he keeps this up for the rest of the year, where does he get drafted next year?




Thats a fair question.. I still think Stafford just seems really determined to make OBJ a priority and get him involved, so I lean towards him.




I'm probably going to start him over marquis brown


I’m here for the TD celebrations


OBJ or Aiyuk next week in a full PPR?


I’m struggling if OBJ deserves a start with Hopkins, Lockett, and Cooper currently planned for playoffs week 1. The matchup is less favorable this week for OBJ but he continues to get it done. I guess we’ll wait on Hopkins health rest of week.


My WR1


OP and me traveling the same road. Already lost Thielen, Terry might be next. Thankfully, OBJ decided to heat up. Now have to find a decent WR2 for the playoffs.


Well, time to keep mclaurin in if he plays…


Fuck this guy, took a bye from me.


I drafted OBJ, stashed him all season, and he’s a perfect high upside WR3 for me. My team looks stacked heading into the playoffs. My only problem is having to stream an RB2 because we do an auction draft and I blew 75% of my money on three players Aaron Rodgers Jonathan Taylor Davante Adams Jamarr Chase OBJ TJ Hockenson/Pat Friermuth