People must clock in when they wake up. Getting ready for work is not free time.

People must clock in when they wake up. Getting ready for work is not free time.


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So people who live farther paid more?


You are being toxic. Cancelled.


I can't work if I don't sleep at all. Id also like to be paid for every hour I sleep, that's not free time.


People living further don't get hired.




More like people who eat breakfasts out.


They don't seem to understand, they would just be getting paid $9.09 instead of $12.5 per hour if they made $100 a day for example. In other words, you having a long commute does not magically make the work you do more valuable. 8 hours of work is worth 8 hours of work.


Exactly. If you work for a company working on network bug fixes for instance, driving to and from work during your commute doesn’t fix anything, therefore you aren’t working, therefore you aren’t payed


This is because they don't even know anything about value or the use of resources. No one teached them those basic concepts. They cannot see how wrong they are. Only if we didn't have state educational system...


I just wonder why they think they are paid based on absence of free time rather than work time. Should we also be paid for cooking, doing laundry, housecleaning, and going to the grocery store since that’s not free time either?


And they need sleep to to be productive at work as well... so that's not free time either. Nor is time spent cooking. Or making and raising the future generation of tax slaves.


Wait, what if paid people an annual amount for their work? Like, some kind of salary?


Maybe if they could also voluntarily choose where they live/work then maybe this would be fair. But as far as I know, everyone is assigned a house and job by the government. It’s totally not their fault that they live an hour away from work. Also, since I pay for gas and gas companies make money, gas companies should pay me to drive since by driving I’m making them rich. Share the wealth right? What are some totally other awesome ideas that would work?


>What are some totally other awesome ideas that would work? Free money 🤑 and no work 🚫🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️ /s in case it wasn't obvious enough.


In India there is a communist state called Kerala where Commies follow a strange practice called "Nokku Kooli"(gawking charges), where you have to pay them for Looking at you while you do your work. Commies will never seize to amaze us.


What the fuck kind of law is that?


It's not a law, unions (gangs) just roam the streets extorting people and it's tolerated by corrupt/communist politicians.


Showering is for flithy capitalists


Hygiene is a social construct, developed by J&J to push capitalist products on the bourgeoisie.


I know it’s a joke but communists actually have horrible hygiene….


People must clock in when they are born. Living is not free time. Also.. did this idiot never hear of work-travel comprnsation?


Aw, the suburbanite is angry.


So you should get paid for the hours when you contribute nothing of value to the company? Why exactly? Man that sub is reaching new lows every day


Commuting an hour and a half each way is not normal or average


And thats why i fight to death for home office. Im glad im winning


The commute isn't free time, but you have a job, so get over it.


We should be getting paid more for doing the bare minimum of showing up to work.


Showing up to work should be seen as exemplar of working ethics, obviously not so easily attainable to the simple mortals, nor a hard requirement.


I actually don't think paying employees for their commute is such a bad idea..... As long as the employees who don't opt out of it understand that their distance may not make them a priority over other candidates who live closer.


Pretty sure a lot of companies already compensate your commute if it’s really long


Man, r/antiwork has way better memes than r/memes




Employees aren’t being paid for their time, they are being paid for their productivity. If you live further from work it doesn’t make you more productive. It would be your choice to have a longer commute if you decide that you want to spend your free hours driving.


Why? Apart from the obvious explotation of this rule by the class antiwork so despises, it will literally decimate the job oportunities for people choossing not to live stuffed in a tunacan in a metropolian city. 9 out of 10 of these, lets be fair, entitled opinions are really very selfish and have very little disregard for tbe bigger picture, or their own forseeable future even.


Thank you, u/n-word_lover


Do they not realise that this would completely lock people who live far from businesses out of work since businesses would just hire people who live close and this would overwhelmingly affect people living in poor neighbourhoods and areas, this would not help anyone


I should be able to clock in when I go to bed. Getting a full night's rest so I can perform at my best is not free time.


Why does this motherfucker live 3 hours away from his job


People should get paid for jack’n it at 11pm before going to sleep. It’s not free time and prepares him for the work day


Let's be honest. You need some free time for mental health. And yoy need it to be productive at work. So your free time that you spend resting after work is not really free time either. You should only clock out for long vacations like two weeks or more.