Definitely not a click bait article


I fell for it for 2 seconds then I realised how rhetorical this title is. I feel stupid


I fucking hated shotguns fuck shotguns -_-


Germans in ww1 be like:


What an absolutely dumb article title. If you read the actual wording, they blamed it on their execution of the theme and their lack of innovation. To be clear, I’m not trying to defend Activision here. But that article title is just bad.


Im quite sure its easy to say like "our game sucks because ww2 is boring theme"


It's not a boring theme, it was just not the right time to go back to WW2. This isn't 2003 anymore. You can't make a WW2 game every year now.


The point is/was that if devs suck, u can always blame on something else.


OP is worse then the article. Who post this shit without reading the article.


Specifically, Activision said (per the article) “The game’s World War II setting didn’t resonate with some of our community and we didn’t deliver as much innovation in the premium game as we would have liked”. I didn't buy it for those two specific reasons. I love WWII games, but I like authenticity with my WWII. I loved COD: WWII, at least the campaign mode and some of the multiplayer, and I thought the WWII theme was really well executed. Vanguard didn't get that right, plus the multiplayer was more of the same from what I played of the beta, so I passed. I'll probably pick it up years from now for cheap to play the single player story missions, just because I always do that with CoD games and there's probably some fun to be had.


sadly, it isn't a bad title it does what it is supposed to do, it grabs your attention and makes you read the article ​ The main issue isn't that titles have gotten worse and worse, it is that people read articles less and less and think they know about a topic because they saw a few headlines


There's a difference between a good, eye catching headline and blatantly lying. One requires talented writing, the other does not.


We milked the cow dry and now there's no more milk! Stupid fucking cow!


More like they milked a dog and tried to sell it as cow milk. For clarification: I have never milked a dog or tried dog milk.


maybe you have but you don't want to tell us.


That definitely sounds like someone who tried and don't want to tell....


Drinking the milk of any animal that isn't human has always seemed baffling to me, but I won't drink my coffee without that shit.


You put human milk in your coffee? I didn't think we had human farms.


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhishhhhhhhhh They dont known and we dont talking about that.


On the other hand. Pretty sure different species of animal have different things in them and so can be used for stuff. Read the other day that they were looking into the immune enhancers in human milk.


Drinking human milk is even seen as gross by a lot of people.


Red rocket! Red rocket!




*"Suuure you didn't... You just played red rocket till they repeatedly blasted off. Gotcha'!"*


I have nipples. Can you milk me, Greg?


> More like they milked a dog and tried to sell it as cow milk. Or a goat with one teat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Anything with nipples, eh?


I have nipples focker, can you milk me?




I find it funny you felt the need to clarify this. Like drinking liquids squeezed out a cows nipple is totally fine but of a dog's nipple is weird.


I've got nipples, Activision. Can you milk me?


it's iight


But you did see the relevant South Park episode


Were they milking a she dog, or a he dog?


Now they want to milk the "modern warfare" cow again and then blame it next year for not meeting their expected sales.


Okay, then why not try different setting? Like Russo-Polish war, Russian Civil War, Cino-Soviet border conflict, Spanish Civil War, Finno-Soviet War/Winter War? Just asking


Not marketable. Your average gamer doesn't know of those events and certainly won't be interested in a game that focuses on them.


There's plenty of more material for awesome WWII COD games. They just screwed it up with Vanguard. Although I did enjoy some of the missions.


WWII 2/10, would not order again.


Wait spoiler alert?


5/10 for the Pacific Theater expansion. Great story and action, but too much water.


3/10 for the East. Great weapons and tons of vehicle choices, but disliked the snow and starvation.


All the german vehicles seem to be bugged


Nukes too OP.


I cant wait for the sequel! History class is gonna be lit!


Damn you Hitler


Always world war 2, but never Korea or Vietnam!


Black ops 1 is set mostly in vietnam though


I forgot about that, but 10 years of seriously nasty conflict should get more than one game!


They've done WWII so much that hitler is directly responsible for at least a quarter of their sales Maybe do WWI for a change of pace


Battlefield I was the last good Battlefield too in my opinion - all sorts of places to play *how you want*, whether it be commanding vehicles, sniping, holding a particular chokepoint, laying mines and breaching buildings - in the most brutal (in an in-your-face trench sense) war we've recorded to date It's stale because the format itself is stale - they revolutionized FPS but haven't brought anything really new to the table in years, Warzone filled a natural niche that we carved out for them. Call of Duty is too frenetic for me to even reliably follow, all the maps make me almost claustrophobic, and the perks, microtransactions and flair make it more *gamified*, sure, but I miss the historical realisms too that immerse me and suspend my disbelief.


BF3 is my favorite. The Bad Company games before that were superb as well.


I used to be huge on battlefield. Come play Squad it's got what us plants crave


No fast air make me sad :( Give warthog.




To me, BF1 felt really bland and the weapons felt really really meh, but it was so much better than what CoD tried. I'm a fan of historical weapons of that era and it was cool seeing a Lewis Gun or a Chauchat, but they all kinda felt of garbage to me. CoD when it comes to historical guns: "red dots in WWII? sure." "Stens? Yeah we totally know how those work"


Yeah. It felt a bit off to me, but i cant describe it. I honestly prefer modern weapons, and it actually really annoyed me because all the games around when i decided that i liked them were all ww1/2. Now theyre back to modern/futuristic but godawful


hell no, battlefield V was great but the politically correct agenda and the twisted reality of that game practically killed it making the real last good battlefield "battlefield 4"


What are you talking about PC agenda!!?!? There were millions of black queens in the SS




Lol you clearly can’t read sarcasm


what's wrong with bf5? well besides the prelaunch internet outcry bullshit


Now? Nothing. But on release and for quite a while it had it's fair share of issues. It's problem now is just when they got it good EA killed it and moved the resources to 2042.


the embarrassing virtual signalling and forced diversity in a fucking WW2 game were the biggest issues for me. People are a lot kinder to BF5 now than they otherwise would be had 2042 actually been good, but I can never forget just how awful the marketing was, as well as the months leading up to release, the post-release support for the game (or lack thereof) and the multitude of bugs that took the devs months to patch.


Invasion of Cuba with Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders. People don't even recall that war happened. Some novelty for a change. Good content does not require the scale of a world war.


exactly, cold war times with f14, f5 planes and still decent weapons could make a great title, there's already COD Cold war out there but we all know that it fuckin sucks


Do the barbary wars, now *that* could be fun.


Trench warfare for a video game? "Oh look! I've got trenchfoot again." "What do you mean I need to dig another 200 yds?"


Trench digging simulator 2022


Or just make a better game.


There are plenty modern world events to base a shooter on. Or you can do alternative history, which would be even cooler We really don't need to go further in past


I wonder what the date was when more people died in virtual WW2 than in real WW2. Specifically online multiplayer WW2 games.


Doubt it took more than a week


Man, I never really thought of it that way! I don’t know if that’s funny or depressing…


Or desert storm? Korea? Ukraine 2022?


Maybe doing Ukraine is too soon, at least wait til the fighting dies out y'know


I mean we have Warzone's Verdansk (aka Donetsk)


At least something like 5-10 years after the fighting, I think it would still be very insensitive to do it right after an armistice or agreement is found.


Korea is the choice these clowns should have made years ago. Most of the guns are still WW2 but improved modernized models. The vehicles however were begining to get freaky and give us a taste of the cold war to come. M-41 Walker Bulldog tanks, Chafees, F-86 Sabres F-84 Thunder Jets. The F-86 Sabre vs the Mig 15 would be perfect in a BF game because those two fighters probably have the closest performance rivalry from any wars.


Chosin Reservoir as a Rush/Operations map would be incredible.


Every General killed is a DLC release.


don't give any ideas to EA, because it's said that Russia has a lot of generals down


no please, that shit fuckin sucks! not again with all the sword and shooting with all these 1 minute reload rifles


WW1 is not nearly as interesting.


Hard disagree It’s much more complex politically, was the first industrial scale war, was the first use of tanks, was the first use of warplanes, was catastrophic in terms of the wastage of human life, trench warfare was horrific, first use of mass chemical warfare, huge variety of terrain and battlefields. Both world wars are extremely interesting, WW1 is just largely forgotten outside of the Somme.


Fucking Hitler man.


I hate that guy. Fucking weirdo loser.


Fuck this stupid title. I have no love for Activision, but they clearly blamed their lack of innovation and execution within the theme of WW2. Fuck *off* with the title.


It's because they did WWII *WRONG* Listening to people that find the setting of the largest war ever boring is idiocy. They had so much material they could work with to make it exciting and *plausible*. The story missions of CoD WW2 were some of the best in the franchise, but they couldn't figure out the multiplayer component well enough to stick. The devs lacked vision with Vanguard.


Yeah I’m so tired of these alternate reality WW2 games. Just give me a COD 1 & 2 style campaign with modern graphics. Then give me WAW style multiplayer and I’m sure more people would eat it up, I don’t need Michael Bays WW2 in video game form.


Honestly for me I was really hoping for something like world at war. I love the gritty feeling it had. I want my WWII FPS to be gory, I want bodies to pile up, I want blood, I want severed limbs. I want to feel like my character is going through hell right alongside his squad. I like the split second decisions you had to make in MW19. I really miss the multiple perspective thing old COD did. I wish they'd revisited north Africa. I haven't seen a game cover that part of the war in over a decade outside of sniper elite. Pearl harbor has been done to death as has Normandy but I've only seen one game cover the fall of the Philippines. No one ever covers Burma or China. Show the world the atrocities the IJA committed. Show the valor of the Sikh regiment and Gurkhas. CoD:WWII had so much potential and they squandered it.


>The story missions of CoD WW2 were some of the best in the franchise, They should've done a new front each game. That'd give them Eastern, Mediterranean/North Africa, Island hopping and mainland Asia at a minimum to work with.


WW2 was GOAT. The War mode is one of the best modes in call of duty history.


Even look at Battlefield V. It was a fresh, original take on the WW2 campaign! Norway, Turkey, even playing AS NAZIS.


Wich of those is the enemy team and my team ? /s


They actually handled it really well. The Nazi campaign makes you just fight Allied soldiers, and as you progress the characters question if what they’re fighting for is ethical and see how fucked fascism can be


Is that campaing called "The last Tiger" or is this only one mission ? I heard a lot about this one but never watched a playthrough


Yeah it’s pretty fun. Lots of tank action


I still remember all the people asking for a Nazi campaign immediately turned on the last tiger when it came out. The hate was inescapable.


Because they were neo Nazis wanting a pro-Nazi campaign? And what they got was an honest look at the horrors of war and how evil the Nazi empire was?


I don’t think they were all neonazis. There’s this disturbing trend where people think they’re smart because they say “um actually if you think the Nazis were evil that just means you can’t see nuance”.


Eh, sympathizing with Nazis is really dangerous thinking. I'd rather look up to people like [Germany Olympian Luz Long](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luz_Long#:~:text=Carl%20Ludwig%20%22Luz%22%20Long%20(,medal%20for%20the%20long%20jump.) who refused to give in to Nazi hatred rather than go-with-the-flow. It ended up getting him drafted and put on the front lines in the war, where he was killed quickly, but I'd rather go out resisting than joining fascists. Dr. Jens Foell tweeted "As we say in Germany, if there’s a Nazi at the table and 10 other people sitting there talking to him, you got a table with 11 Nazis." It's along the same lines of ACAB. Even though not all of them are directly contributing to the "evil" itself, they're turning a blind eye because its easier than resisting. Although I think I'm more or less preaching to the choir here. Anonymous folk on the internet can be so fucking pedantic.


Totally agree. I had to be careful with my words since generally gamo spaces are full of those people.


Didn’t people hate on battlefield V for the same reason they hated on vanguard? Didn’t V make it even worse by having a woman fighting with a prosthetic arm?


Have they done on on WWIII?


Modern Warfare 3 was a WWIII game.




They're just waiting to see how that one ends next year.


Battlefield 1 is one of the ONLY good WW1 shooters… I can’t think of many good WW2 shooters


I mean yeah they definitely followed that rabbit a little too often


It wasn't warry enough


I also love reading only headlines, and don’t read direct quotes. That said, yes, they did partially blame the setting, but they admitted their execution was poor.


Remember when IW and Activision did WWII right?


Modern warfare was great dunno why they insist on going back in time


Why isn't there a big title Korean war game? I would play COD Korean war.


Only if all the medics look like Alan Alda.


And if they all came out with whacky one liners followed by a maudlin comment on the horrors of war. "Through early morning fog I see..."


ROFL this whole thread is wonky. Go home ATVI your drunk


WW2 expedited the invention of computers, and the Nazis have been classic video game baddies for decades. WW2 was responsible for many video game sales.


Maybe because valorant sucks? Like WW2 was one of the better cod games made, the multiplayer was a return to form the ol boots on the ground that everyone loved and the zombies was just *chef's kiss*


Well, when your “game” is really just a level up weapons for Warzone app it’s likely not gonna sell well.


Source? Headline feels off


Maybe, just maybe it's because Call of Duty: Vanguard was a very mediocre game in every way imaginable compared to all the CoD games before it...


There are so many untapped wars they could do instead of ww2 for the 15th time. Vietnam, Korea, Rowanda, Congo, Lebanon, even the war on terror could be touched on more.


Activision wouldn't know what to blame even if they actually blamed something.


I can't tell if this is the Babylon Bee or if it's real. I mean Activision is a garbage company (as most game publishers are these days), but were they actually dumb enough to say that?




I’m sorry but your first 2 CoD games took place in WW2 and they sold well🙃🙃🙃


Yeah Activision is stupid now a days let's hope Microsoft can fix this piece of shit


Breaking news, Call Of Duty Vangaurd developers tell reporters, *”Hitler did it!”*


*Damn you Germans! You didn't make the war interesting enough!*


I don't think they had PlayStations back then but could be wrong.


You have to the future you have gone to the past, where do we go from here ?


I'm gonna get angry, just not sure at whom, Activision or the gaming press. Knowing the two, there's about 50% chance the headline is true.


Underrated comment.


Activision blames disappointing Call of Duty sales on female employees that couldn't finish the game while being sexually assaulted in the meantime


No, it was Just that Cold war and Vanguard were garbage, bc Modern Warfare 2019 was brilliant in every aspect it put the rule too high




Eh, modern warfare 2019 is all right But the OG MW series is the best Not mw3 multiplayer tho


Billion dollar company shirks responsibility for latest failure. <- better headline


\*battlefield 2042 has left the chat\*


Yeah WWII didn’t happen exactly as in the game, bad WW


I thought WWII was the game everyone wanted? “The whole internet” was screaming as loud as they could they they wanted a boots on the ground game after years of increasingly more advanced warfare games. So COD made WWII and Battlefield made One. Now we’re saying it was crap?


nobody wanted anime, kingkong and godzilla in their ww2 game.


Yep exactly.


This is the part of the consequence of the current trend in gaming. Activision, needed to find a way to make those historical-based games enjoyable and profitable, after the tremendous success of Modern Warfare and Black Ops. The same happened with EA when DICE started to develop Battlefield V (remember that reveal trailer?). It’s much easier to promote and sell cosmetics on modern, futuristic, sci-fi themed shooters, than on accurate historical themes. By making Vanguard an alternative take on WWII, and BFV another take on WWII, they just made the excuse to put skins without guilty… the later backfired. In order words, AAA companies will unlikely invest on a accurately historical theme games, unless the aim is not towards mtx. Edit: don’t forget also that they have to pay a license for each real weapon in-game… this not happens on non-historical, futuristic shooters.


They just need to change up there game it's bin the same since the first one point shoot that's it just a copy and paste game kinda reminds me of another game company cough cough "EA Madden"


Honestly I liked them the way they are, but you gotta offer me more than 3.5 hours of single player to justify the 60 dollars spent. I thought the story and gameplay where great, there just wasn't enough of it. I'm personally not a huge fan of online and that's all they want to focus on.


At this point everyone knows CoD is about online and war zone. Single player campaign at this point is more of a side note. If you want more story focused games you’re better off just leaving CoD alone.


FPS is the new RTS. Nothing new, same shit over and over.


Why don't you make a more grounded game. MW2 is cancer.


They need to make a game called Cod: Biblical warfare or like medieval warfare or something. That would sell


I too, want a red dot and a suppressor on my claymore


I blame my empty bank account on WWI so I get it.


Everyone is fucking sick of WWII. We want real modern guns and equipment in a game that runs smooth, has fun game play, and has a good balance between realism and arcade. All they had to do is keep making new maps and single-player DLC for whatever they were calling the last modern one.


No MTX in WW2 I guess


To be fair they shot themselves in the foot releasing another WW2 game It’s obviously an over saturated piece of history, yes people love it but like there are so many other things that can be done. I’m bored of WWII


Vanguard top in my top 3 😬


I mean the deaths and genocide were bad and all but the real consequence of the Second World War was the decline in COD sales.


It’s World War III get it right


Or there god awful everything, but no that couldn't be it


WW2 wasnt as fun as promissed, as a jew they told us the train was a roller coster


I’m surprised they didn’t blame it on the black guy.


Fuckin' Nazi, they ruin everything.


Spoiler alert WW III games will be lit, for the remaining three humans living on the moon


The game or the actual war? Lot of issues with either though tbh


They are right. WW2 wasn't funny enough. That's what you get if you fight against an enemy without any sense of humor. Next time you start a world war consider if it makes a good story for a video game


I'm tired of Journalists click bait title...




Those damn nazis!


The article title is misleading but to be fair, I was already reluctant to play this one because of WW2 game fatigue. Then it turned out the game was bad on top of the tired setting.


yeah man ww2 was so lame what did they expect


ngl, WW2 was pretty inconvenient for a lot of people...


The theme being WW 2 did contribute to me not buying this game.


Confirmed: Activision is pro Putin to start WW3 for more content.


Activision blame several countries from earth for not having started a new massive war to do a new game on it.


WW2 was like 80 years ago, I doubt it played into the lack of sales of the equivalent of a yearly shitpost in game format.


I think ww2 was really good tbh


COD:Waterloo (Still has CAPT. Price and Soap obviously


This is an obvious low-effort clickbait title. Falling for things like that, you need to be careful you don't start to believe the earth is flat.


I mean, I personally am really tired of the whole WW2 setting. Battlefield One was a somewhat fresh take but still got old for me at some point or felt pretty samey because the weapons of that era just weren't that different after all. That's why I was so hopeful about Battlefield 2042 because it's finally a modern/somewhat future era with new weapon ideas and gadgets. But we all know how that went... That being said, as with most recent Call Of Dutys, it's not the setting on it's own that is the reason people feel disappointed. They just felt somewhat half assed


"I don't want to blame it all on WW2, but it certainly didn't help."


Maybe if they made WWII more inclusive.




I’ll state some facts. The advanced movement cods were more enjoyable than anything in the past few years


Maybe if the game was actually a gritty ww2 game and not this California corporate wishywashy selling skins garbage it would have done better. This game was not a ww2 it was a corporate fantasy of ww2 ensuring nobody was offended and everyone had a great time tm


Have you never heard of the Great Costume Battle of 1942?


That Screenshot alone tells me that this Game is fucking terrible.


I knew they were stupid, but are they really this stupid?


I've noticed my life hasn't been going good since 9/11 ...


Nah come on CoD WWII was underrated as heck