Anon hates Kant

Anon hates Kant


This was probably the hardest drug he dared to take and he still became dependent on it Good thing he didn't try meth.


Good thing it was basically the only drug around at the time besides alcohol. Meth wouldn't be discovered for another 90 years after his death.


Opium 🌈 Cocaine 🎉


Don’t forget the ol bottle of laudanum.


Gud shout


It's the only way to explore ruins for people scared of the dark


*excited claps* I understood that reference!!!


Opium yes, cocaine not really. Maybe coca leafs, that's it.


Cocaine was pretty common in 1800s as far as I'm aware. Used as medicine and so on but didn't make it non addictive. (Yeah, it's use as medicine in humans started in the 1880s) Before it was still a drug though, in the same sense tobacco and weed are, coca leaf can still be a potent enough drug


The leaves of the coca-plant, but cocaine itself was extracted first in the 1900s.


No the original use was in 1n 1860s on animals, it was studied and formulated into a medicine for human consumption by1886. While it may nut be the white powder we all know and love by then it would have been a tincture or other medium useful for use in painkillers.by the 1890s it was at least applied as an injection in dental anesthesia.


Yeah, my bad, I used 1900s a 19th century.


Little known fact. Good cocaine is actually a dark yellow colour and a little chunky. If it's white it's cut with at best buff/baby laxative or at worst speed/meth/fentanyl/rat poison.


Isn't it a different drug at that point, freebase right? Very common to be cut with benzo or novacaine here for the numbing effect


Cocaine wouldn't exist for many another 50 iirc.


Cocaine as a drug existed in the last 1/4 of the 1800s


And Kant died in 1804


Ah, I thought someone said it was mid 1800s earlier, which by that point the leaf was being used as a drug just hadn't been processed down to a modern equivalent. 1880s was about the time when the drug had been made into a medicine used by pharmacists, in liquid form at least, couldn't tell you on the exact times other various forms came about though.


Hashish and opium were popular at that time


I snorted and smoked meth with my ex gf and her dad on Christmas one time. She gave me a blowie when I tried to go to sleep the next morning and my semen hit the headboard


Disney Christmas classic


I learned a lot about family that year. Also the guy who sold it to us, we stayed at his house for awhile and drank 7 and 7s. And his maid had stolen his dead wife’s costume jewelry and he handed me a sawed off 12 gauge and asked me to kill her but I told him no and played billiards in his basement 🎱


Sorry, what?


Well, for Christmas that year, we celebrated with my ex’s family. And her dad wanted to see his friend Bill who he worked in the coal mines with for a long time. So we drove over there. Her mom and grandma went with us too. I’d never tried meth, but I figured everyone else was doing it except grammy. Snorting it was kind of fun and felt good, but smoking it gave me a really bad headache and it tasted bad. And one thing I noticed when I went to the bathroom is I’ve usually got an absolute hammer of a cock, but it was really shriveled up and small when I was high on that stuff. While we were there, her dad’s friend Bill was constantly beating on a drum set but couldn’t play them at all. He invited us up to his room and brought out another small bag of meth and I snorted it off his dresser while he dug around in his closet and brought out a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun with a pistol grip and the barrel mostly sawed off. He told me about his wife that died and that she had goth jewelry that meant a lot to her, and he noticed it was missing from her jewelry box. The only person that had been to his house besides him in months was his maid who lived down the road, and he wanted me to go with him to beat her up and shoot her presumably. I told him no and we did more meth. After that we went down to his basement, and we played pool for a few hours, the whole family and Bill. I was really getting those long shots, but my ex’s dad was better than I was at it. Then we went to the liquor store at about 2 AM and I ran into one of my old coworkers and her husband and it really sobered me up and made me feel ashamed. Then we went to Bill’s gym and we lifted weights for about an hour or two. After that, I drove my ex gf back to my place, and we played the Spyro remaster on PS4 for like 5 hours and smoked cigarettes. And I finally started getting tired and I told her I was going to bed if she wanted to too. So we went to the bedroom and got naked, and she gave me the best blow job I think anyone had ever gotten. I mean, she was working it and twisting it and sucking it all at the same time. Playing with my balls and throating me all she could and really gagging on it. But she didn’t like swallowing my cum where I was a heavy smoker, so she’d push it up against my stomach and jack me off when I told her I was about to cum, and that time, it whizzed straight past my head and hit the headboard. We laughed and laughed at it. Then we slept for like 12 hours. I left her that Fall cause I had given her 60 dollars to buy cheerleading shoes for her daughter, and she spent it on scratch off lottery tickets.


What an hilarious and awesome Christmas, you'll definitely remember that. Thanks for sharing your story.


Was it the type of woman that looks slightly hot from a distance but when up close you notice all the features an addict has?


She had kind of stringy red hair and not the prettiest face. She was sort of pear shaped but not overweight. Honestly, she had a giant, round ass. It looked great. Her pussy was awful, though. Didn’t do kegels and you could almost reach her cervix with your fingers. It was really weird how shallow but wide it was. Best blowjobs I ever got in my life, though.


Last part is a huge win




He would have wrote a better moral thesis if he was on meth. I know meth didn't exist at the time


Didn't virtually everyone back then in higher standing sniff coke?


I Kant stand that guy


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Why Kant he get off his ass and get his own coffee?


Because he's a Kunt


Kant was a really weird dude.


Didn't he have his maids tie home down so he wouldn't jerk off? Lmao


I understand separating the art from the artist to some degree, but I’m not sure I want to follow the teachings of a guy like that


Lots of scientists are weird, I suggest you stop using technology


Good thing being a scientist and a philosopher are two totally different things.


Science is just natural philosophy Edit: google natural philosophy and the definition is literally “natural science, especially physical science” lol take that dumb redditors


To a certain degree, yes, but you can’t not believe in science if the person who discovered it is a jackass, unlike philosophy


Anyone who says “believe in science” doesn’t understand what science is at a fundamental level. Science isn’t something to be believed or not believed. Science is a methodology that churns out data. You can believe scientists. You can evaluate the data drawn from the scientific method and draw conclusions. But saying “believe science” displays a misunderstanding of the fundamental nature of science.


what people mean by "I believe science" is that they believe science is the best way to understand how nature works, whereas things like religion or philosophy don't help


what they mean is they believe whatever science communicators tell them without understanding the science themselves Also philosophy and religion aren’t good for understanding physical phenomena, but they are definitely useful for understanding historical and social phenomena


Science is **literally** something you believe in.


Lol is this a joke? Because if so it’s funny


Honestly, a lot of his teachings weren't even that good. He taught that it's literally more important to tell the truth than it is to protect the lives of innocent people. His reasoning? "Lying is just wrong, there's never an excuse no matter the circumstances" Seriously, look up Kant's Axe (it'll take like 30 seconds of reading to see my point). The man had some ***very*** hot takes on morality


Big armchair internet browser reads a categorical imperative bullet point list. A true man of knowledge. I am thankful for your opinion on this subject.


He was. He was also an absolute genious in many fields.


I think the more we think about stuff the weirder things we start thinking about those things, which in turn makes us weird, as after a while it starts to make sense to us. Therefor philosophers and the likes are weird ass people.


> moral theory > Still a massive racist Checkmate liberals


Does it even count when literally everyone was a massive racist at the time?


objective morality REEEE


kant was a massive racist even for his time.


And? We've been brainwashed from birth into thinking that HURR DURR diversity n sheit. People at the time were just unbiased enough to see the truth. We calling them stupid and saying "nooo racism BAD" because we have pocket computers is the most arrogant thing ever. They knew what they were saying and doing, and they'd probably laugh at us for being so fucking cucked.


You're saying people in the 18th century were more unbiased than us because they were racist? lmfao Guess you'll just have to accept the "diversity n sheit" because its not going anywhere, unlike racist dipshits like you.


The whole post-2012 SJW """revolution""" has been losing pieces and credibility all over the place. The more the (((establishment))) tries to force it, the more intense is the reject. You can talk about what you want. Reality won't change, and the good ol' 13/50 rule is getting worse and worse. Saying "racism bad" is just denial, and everyone knows it. Like other kinds of denial, it won't get you far.


I hope you get better, man. My best advice would be to meet with some people of different races and just talk to them, get to know them as people. If you can trust one thing I say, it's this: life is much kinder to you when you are kind to others.


I was unlucky enough to live in a neighbourhood that got "diversified". Rape went up like 800% and when happened to one woman I knew, it was it for me. Like I said: we live in a very advanced technical society, but it's not like people in the past were idiots, quite the contrary. They thought what they thought for a reason. They knew their stuff. Saying we're better just because it's completely unjustified, and the future will show us why.


If you are from a superior race in your own opinion, why did you live in a poor neighbourhood?


I'm sorry that happened to you, but I seriously doubt that rape went up 800% because your neighbourhood was "diversified". And about the past and future: we are 100% far more intelligent than the people in Kant's time. We know they were cruel, ignorant and apathetic for not giving women the right to vote and enslaving blacks, just as an example. They knew nothing, because they didn't have the hindsight we have now. The future is up to us, and I suggest you make a better contribution to it than posting racist comments on reddit.


>I'm sorry that happened to you, but I seriously doubt that rape went up 800% because your neighbourhood was "diversified". Hmm I wonder which ethnicity is responsible for 100% of the rapes. I'm starting to see a pattern here, but I may be racist if I do. >And about the past and future: we are 100% far more intelligent than the people in Kant's time. We know they were cruel, ignorant and apathetic for not giving women the right to vote and enslaving blacks, just as an example. They knew nothing, because they didn't have the hindsight we have now. Deny reality all you want, we have no hard proof about us being smarter than them on a general level. They knew what they were doing. Hindsight in what? Also every piece of hard evidence we have is confirming their ideas, not ours. Do you really think they were BaD just because? Reality is not a teen fantasy. They weren't comically evil. They knew. >The future is up to us, and I suggest you make a better contribution to it than posting racist comments on reddit. I know. I am making a contribution, just in a way that you have been brainwashed not to like. But things are changing, and I'm helping with that.


this sub is full of cucks, don't waste your time here r/4chan is much better regarding the comment section i enjoy seeing the same posts sometimes on both subs but a totally different development in the comment section in germany its pretty easy to observe the degradation through migration, since 2015 it has been going downwards really fucking fast, even though it was kinda fucked up before that sweden meanwhile has achieved rank number one in europe regarding crime nobody asky why but it's kinda obvious


Get off the internet with your nazi bullshit, and take your friends with you.


I live in Germany, that's why I know.


This isn’t even good bait. This is so satirical it pains me.


Unbiased people in the era when monarchy was the most common form of governing? Nice logic.


Unbiased towards racial issues? Sure.


You clearly have zero understanding of economics.


Sure. The higher the diversity, the richer the country, right? Oh wait. Oh no. OH NONONONONO


Name one country that is rich and has slaves? Slavery doesn't incentivize technological progress, which is the most important production factor in long term. US has also clearly benefitted from immigration, because it boosts innovation.


Kant said black babies were white and their blackness spread through their belly button.


🎶Emmanuel Kant was a real piss ant who was very rarely stable🎶


Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar Who could think(drink?) you under the table!


David Hume could out-consume Wilhelm Freidrich Hegel


and Wittgenstein was a beery swine who was just as sloshed as Schlegel!


This looked like it was fun and I'm sad that I'm far too stupid to have ever joined in. Next time do Monty Python references or something please.


That IS a Monty Python song!


I forgot the /s... Tee hee I'm a cheeky boy.


A møøse once topped my sister… no realli!


Was she on grindr?


Aren’t we all?


Grindr is in all of our hearts. And anuses.


Kant had servents, OP only has his mom. Kant would prob bully OP instead.




I bet his breath was ghastly even for the time


sounds like the nuggies kid


His name is Immanuel Kant and he was a genius.


I believe in categorical moral imperatives


Wot a Kant m8




Ifan2218: even less valuable


look at this dude put on the cape for a dead philosopher 😂😂😂👎🏼👎🏼


He also took a bath, every day, at the same time, at the same temperature , 38.5C°.


Kant was a genius


What's up with Americans having a hate boner for Kant?


At my university, in america, there was a group of philosophy students who really hated Kant. And actively spoke against a professor teaching a class on his work. Their main reasons for this are related to his thoughts on colonization. The students believed Kant was racist, and actively propagandized against him. It’s quite funny to me, watching these people get so angry over their amateurish and minimally researched opinions.


I bet he literally Kant even.


what a kant


Kantian ethics is quite dumb


I love kants metaphysics and epistemology, but his moral theory is absolutely trash


why? actually curious


It’s like he KANT get by without a cup Joe. Fuck you I won’t see myself out I’m staying.


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Annon shouldn't concern himself with the moral there are worse out there.


Kant is a kunt




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Holy shit what sort of creature are you?


Fuck Kant. Most worthless overrated G*rm of all. I wish I had a time machine so i could go back in time and rape him so he would not write anything. I regret every minute of reading his books. His books are the only books i have ripped apart and thrown out after reading because i thought that if i merely tossed them some poor soul might find them in tact and have their very souls polluted by his idiocy.


Man, I bet mom and dad are really glad they shelled out 50k for that philosophy degree so you could write angry Reddit comments.


No one who has a philosophy degree would write this shit lmao