Low level insanity from the backroads of FB

Low level insanity from the backroads of FB


Ingredients in air filters? Well that’s a new one


OP should ask them for a picture of that label. I really wanna see what other "ingredients" they'd make up. Lol. Aborted fetuses, luciferase, coumadin, ligma, asbestos, red dye #5.


What's ligma?


Ligma balls. :I


Got ‘eeeem


What's asbestos?


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asbestos This one would actually made sense in an air filter. If it weren't for that whole lung cancer thing. It was used for filters in the past. They also used it as fake snow in The Wizard of Oz (1939).


I was fully expecting an "asbestos deez nuts" or something reply, but thanks for linking to the article that people who don't know about asbestos will be able to use lol


Mesothelioma balls! Wait no


Cut em some slack, they did asbestos they could


I used to work in an old building where our break room had ceiling and floor tiles made of asbestos. We were informed that it was perfectly safe as long as nobody ever broke them. Riiiiight. :/


If it's fiber cement (e.g. Eternit), the asbestos won't get anywhere if it isn't damaged. It's reasonably safe, but I also really don't like being around that crap.


Asbestos is really safe. It's so safe you can eat it. Just don't be breathing anywhere near it.....


Instructions unclear. No longer hungry but suffocating. Send help.


Absolute gold!


I’ve heard that their production also involves dihydrogen monoxide


it also was made by the mind goblin


Gotta know what's in it before I chow down! The left center ridge area is the best part. Not too fond of the 3M crust though, I prefer the crust on the Con-Air filters


The age old argument about the crunchy edge or the chewy center


Technically anything that’s a blend, whether a metal alloy, a plastic mix, or food, has ingredients. I’m 90% sure there’s nothing dangerous in her air filters unless it was a recalled batch, but I didn’t think it was all that weird to say ingredients.


You say that, but did you know that what comes out of the filter is oxygen, which if you combine with carbon creates a toxic gas?!?!


It's also a crazy effective fire accelerant, it's best for everyone's safety to keep it out of your homes.


Not to mention oxygen can even be poisonous and cause *hyperoxia*, or oxygen toxicity! ^(dID yOu kNow oXyGeN cAn bE pOisOnoUs?!)


*Bacteria all nodding*


Not to mention that nitrogen also comes out of it. Nitrogen is a narcotic that in high concentrations can cause hallucinations.


The fact that in high doses nitrogen is a hallucinogenic, and is also the most common element in Earth's atmosphere ... explains a lot, actually. (/s - I'm well aware nitrogen narcosis occurs primarily in divers)


It would be very weird for an air filter to list ingredients


Wait… I just realized she says that it stated it has ingredients, not that something on their site mentioned it. You’re right, that is weird.


There are actually nanite chips that are distributed when the system is on. So, the vax will get you. Resistance is futile.


Nearly passed out from the "brevity" of the situation?


Because of his "shortness" of breath, obviously


Obviously if the had to take a break and sit on an arm chair while installing an air filter they probably aren't in the best of heath.


It is the soul of wit


I like how 947 people is considered "booming"


And if everybody is leaving, why are they turning the buildings into apartments? I spent 10 years living in a population 700 tiny town. The buildings aren't turned into apartments. They sit empty and decay.


Right? I was like what on earth. They rot, then collapse and look like a mess!


You're absolutely right. Towns just die, they don't turn into suburbs. That's ridiculous. This is actually happening, though, all over southern Missouri and Arkansas. (Not the stores being turned into apartments, that's bull) About twenty years ago, my town allowed the regular Wal-Mart to be turned into a supercenter because Walmart promised to add 800 new jobs. (They put in a second stoplight and everything, just for that store!) At the time, we had a standard WAlmart, two grocery stores, a thriving downtown with shoe stores and clothing stores, even a craft store and a bookstore and even two car dealerships out on the highway. Little by little, Walmart took the business away from those stores. Our last grocery store closed in 2019. Downtown is a ghost town, dozens of buildings and only three have businesses inside, a pawn shop, the shoe store, and the drugstore (which has not only downsized, but has also sold to Walgreens.) As for those 800 jobs, well, by 2019 they'd whittled it down to fewer than 200 employees. When Covid hit last year they stopped being a 24 hour store and now have 86 employees, only 9 of whom are full-time. And if you want to buy bananas or hamburger or green beans, and you don't want to buy them from Walmart, you have to drive forty minutes to the next town. I don't put all of the blame on Walmart. It's the people in the town who decided they couldn't be bothered to make two or three stops and started buying literally everything from Walmart, thereby driving the other stores out of business. Our own laziness and lack of loyalty did this. But, at the same time, the story of my town is just one of hundreds happening all over the midwest. And since Walmart has been slowly reducing the quality/selection, people have started saying screw it and just driving the forty miles to the next town or even the eighty miles to the bigger city to do their shopping. Consequently, Walmart is losing even more revenue and it won't be long before it closes entirely. Small towns all around here are slowly dying and those of us who can't get out are going to be in serious trouble, very soon. Sorry for the rant. I'll go away now.


This reads like one of those mini-essays some kid is going to read for an APUSH exam in 60ish years.


lol, I would be honored to aid in traumatizing students in another sixty years. (That's funnier when you know that I am currently a substitute teacher.)


\*sits here staring at the 60k or so 'town' he lives in that continues to grow\*


Ignoring the insanity, for some reason I just really want to grab a camera and travel through these abandoned spaces It’s always fascinated me


It's a good time! Just be aware of trespassing laws and *never* take anything, so if you do get stopped for trespassing you can say "Just taking photos see?"


I really doubt that there’d be a drug listed by brand name (or a drug at all) in “ingredients” in an air filter. There’s probably a word in a different language that looks like Coumadin.


Probably "cardboard".


As someone who lives in a slowly dying Arkansas town, they're dying because there are no jobs and no one can live without a job. Doesn't matter how much you love a place and how well it's run. Morons. And boy, that crazy just came out of nowhere!


Sad too. For me, I'd love to live in a town with a low population. It's probably where I can find peace and live my life in a slow pace but you're right. No job, no money, ded.


that's... a medication. why would it be on an air filter? i mean, if you're gonna make up shit to cause some weird panic at least make it PLAUSIBLE shit.


Because our evil lizard overlords are up to some nefarious shit again and want us all on blood thinners and vaccines so they can get their routine blood transfusions from our babies


*Has a very real talk about small towns dying, possibly from Walmarts.* You know what this place needs?! My fake vaccine story and conspiracy bullshit (but it's ok cause I ALSO mentioned Walmart while doing it)!


These are the same states that are refusing settlement of refugees and immigrants. Fine let their little podunks rot away.


I like the implication that Coumadin is used at all anymore. There are so many generic manufacturers and the "generic brand" Jantoven for warfarin now that are all significantly cheaper than Coumadin would ever be.


Why would a blood thinner CAUSE heart attacks


It’s yet another not-so-subtle anti vaccination thing. They’ll make up anything to try and get people to not get it.


Coumadin, I believe, isn’t even the generic name. It’s a brand name of Warfarin. So you’re telling me they’re springing for brand name blood thinners to put in your air filters? Wut.


I mean Fuck Walmart but for other reasons


Would a gat-damn air filter list ingredients as if it were a cake mix?


Rural american towns are a relic of colonialism and their waning relevance is the closest thing to justice were gonna get.


Holy shit what a ride!


Surely if people are building apartments and densifying the town, it's not exactly dying?


A blood thinner causing heart attacks...


*spits out air filter*


Aw, I hate it when boomtowns of less than 1000 people just dry up. Poor lil boom booms.




AK is alaska. If you're gonna accuse an entire state of being morons, you might want to at least know that.