What, haven't you ever seen a macho gay misogynistic homophobe before? /s


Do they know a same sex marriage is not mandatory


How to use very big words to say very little


But what about the water downed Bohemian queer spirit homicide? You can't forget about the water downed Bohemian queer spirit homicide!


Dafuq is medusan femininity?


When you wear a dress and makeup and turn men into stone by looking at them.


They're presenting opinion as fact, but I do broadly agree with them


W…What? Are we reading the same post? Gay marriage is nonsense because marriage only exists to trap men and women together?


I believe they're trying to say that marriage, including gay marriage is a social construct created to uphold existing hierarchies (Patriarchy, Capitalism, the nuclear family etc.) and that when gay/queer people engage in 'normative' behaviors, in this case marrying before the eyes of the state, they're, in-effect, selling out to the same system that has, and continues to, marginalize their queer allies. Indeed that there are many white, "liberal" queers in the public eye (Pete Buttigieg and Kyrsten Sinema to name a few, prominent examples) that are uninterested in continuing to fight for equal rights now that their pet issue, gay rights, has been (mostly) resolved.


It seems hard to argue that any of that is contained in What this person said. Neither of you like marriage as an institution and that seems to be where the similarities end. Frankly, it is strange to me to say that gay people are doing something wrong by enjoying marriage, both the legal and social benefits. And any particular person having a “fuck you got mine” attitude doesn’t change the increase in happiness equal access to marriage has allowed certain people. You almost come across as if we all must be martyrs or we’re spitting in the face of those that came before us and paved the way.


I replied in an attempt to clarify my *opinion* and why I believe there to be a kernel of sanity within some idiots brain-fart. *But,* if you want to come at me with this level of reductive hostility you can go get fucked.


I didn’t mean any hostility at all and I’m sorry it came off that way


Key and Peele already made this point and it was way funnier. https://youtu.be/Jitocz4kB3k


Is this insane? The wording is fancy and the sentiment is controversial, but I think reasonable persons can disagree on this.