Why not buy a filter and a good water bottle? This is just infuriating to you, us and the environment


> a good water bottle? Or, like, a glass? This is in their home


What's next--reusable utensils? /s


many americans deadass seriously using paper plates amd plastic utensils is so crazy to me. Its so insane that I STILL almost dont believe it even though ive seen it with my own eyes. How could anyone be so stupid is beyond me


American here, had a roommate in college who used disposable plates/cups when we had perfectly good regular reusable options. The crazy part is he wanted to run his solo cups in the dishwasher! Like dude we have REGULAR CUPS


Growing up with in a frugal home, we had perfectly good reusable shit at home so there was absolutely no reason to be buying disposable. But my mom would occasionally bring unused disposal plates and utensils (she worked at an elementary school and these were leftover from birthdays etc) and we would use them on “special occasions” when we didn’t want to do dishes. Also sometimes picking up takeout food they include disposables. We saved those too! Maybe now that he’s finally alone, he’s giving into his most luxurious desires. Anyway, none of this is an excuse and the usage disposal goods should be reduced as much as possible


We called it "the fine china"


I'm amazed how casual and socially accepted it is to buy individually bottled water for home in a country where tap water is commonly used for drinking.


Man, it’s so stupid. My grandpa (lives with us) buys packages of bottled water all the time because my brothers both drink it. If they used them just for work, that’s fine, but the problem is *they grab the bottles to drink at home*! YOU ARE LITERALLY RIGHT THERE IN THE KITCHEN TO GRAB A BOTTLE, WHY NOT GRAB A CUP AND GET TAP WATER?? The kicker? We not only have multiple reusable water bottles sitting around that never get used, but I have a 4L jug in the fridge I refill all the time if they want cold water. Nope, always go for the most wasteful option. Bugs me so much.


Must be nice to have uncontaminated tap water. Ours has uranium, sulfur, raw sewage, and other chemicals. Growing up you could use a lighter to ignite our tap water because of all the oil drilling and fracking.


I live in an area that was deemed unsafe for tap water. The water company sent out Britas to every resident.. however it still tests bad after the filter.


Brita filters are for taste improvement and not for contaminants, ffs.


The one time we use disposable is usually large gatherings, we either don't have enough actual dishes to cover everyone or don't want to deal with washing that many dishes.


My husband’s family is like this with paper plates. Also, they use more paper towels than I’ve ever seen. Drives me crazy.


I have a coworker like that. She told me she needed to remember to buy paper plates after work and I asked if she was having a party or something and she was just like “no I just always use paper plates” like it was the most casual normal thing…


The way my husband uses paper towels without a care in the world. I typically only use them in situations where I'm not going to want to wash a rag, like cleaning up pet messes. He'll grab a dish out of the dishwasher that a little bit damp and casually grab a paper towel to dry it off. Bruh, we *have a dish towel*.


Double wall insulated stainless steel water bottle keeps my water icy cold all day, reduced chance of spilling too.


You don't have to keep on refilling it constantly and there is no risk of it spilling. I carry my 1 liter bottle around the house for ease all the time.




I carry my quick access metal water bottle around the house too! I can't have a regular glass cup because my cat is an asshole and will paw any open container with liquid inside. "whats that human, you where drinking this? NOT ANY MORE BITCH!"


I work from home, I keep a 700ml water bottle at my desk, lasts me half a day. I would need to keep getting up to refill a glass and it would inevitably spill.


I find it awful that in this day and age people still buy bottled water for the home


Unfortunately, a lot of people are brought up to believe hard water is undrinkable and they won't even use filtered tap water. I live in Florida and so many ppl think that here and we sell so much bottled water yearly. I drink filtered tap water and it's fine. Ppl just got stuck on misinformation.


It's been extra chlorinated here where we live. Shit is undrinkable in my opinion but the kids don't mind it from the fridge (which is filtered inline). We buy the big reusable bottles from Publix and have a watercooler. I can't stand the tap.


>good water bottle I would recommend a container like Hydro Flask (doesn't have to be that particularly but something similar) instead of plastic water bottles like arrowheads at least Hydro Flasks are reuseable, I would also use filtered water for it.


I got a super cheap knock-off hydroflask from tj maxx that I love so much and came with different styles of tops (straw, fliptop, etc). The brand was hydra peak, highly recommend!


Got a 2 pack of thermoflask from Costco for $17 last week. Stopped buying bottled water immediately. Out fridge has filtered water so it’s great and we’re saving money an using less plastic.


My favorite bottle is also from tj Maxx. Stainless vacuum bottle for $7. Target now sells the same ones for $30+ and I've had this sucker for years.


I've got a hydroflow from tj Maxx and I love that thing so damned much. It's 34oz and steel and keeps water cold forever


You will have to pry my hydro flask out of my cold dead hands. Now that I know the luxury of water that stays cold I can never go back to basic plastic bottles, even the reusable ones. I had some from when I was younger and they’re just collecting dust in the cabinet while I rotate through my hydro flasks.


Get a Britta and reusable containers, man! Recycling is a scam; that crap just gets shipped to Asia and dumped in the ocean! Edit: Wow, this got a lot more traction than I anticipated! I agree that a reverse osmosis filtration system is the best option, I only mentioned the Britta due to ease of access, use, and affordability.


Not to mention you’re drinking tap water out of those “natural spring” water bottles. Get double wall insulated stainless steel water bottle man. Edit: I meant “purified” not “natural spring”.


I worked for a bottling company for years. If it says natural spring it has to come from a fresh water source. This is PDW, which is basically re-filtered tap water.


In a plastic shell slowly off gassing volatile organic compounds from the plasticizers. I guarantee one day they will highly link plastic food containers to cancer.


Not to mention, as a former truck driver, hauling bottled water was heavy as fuck. I’d usually go in with half fuel tanks because they would max me out on weight.


Hate water loads. 43k+ every. time.


Not water, but picking up a load of cardboard tubes. Load says 1,386 on the confirmation.After booking , new confirmation comes in and says "Must be able to scale 44.5k - do not ask for additional money if weights don't match" ​ Fuck these people ​ edit: what /u/HentaiTentacleDemon said, we "legally accept the load"(confirmation) since we book the load, "we accept the weight." no matter what. They sneak this on us all the time. We book a load, don't get the full info until after we book it, and then "if we don't like it you can't complain." As a solo-operator this is extremely infuriating.


Can you tell me what this means so I may join you in your anger?


Must be able to scale 44.5k means you must be able to legally accept a load weighing 44.5k pounds without any of your tire axles going over the legal limit which will often require you going with half or less of a tank of fuel or other bullshit and leapfrogging between multiple fuel stops only ever getting partial fills so you dont go over. If they do go over and they get pulled into a weigh station the ticket they get is paid by them, not the fuckups who purposely overloaded the truck.


Hey thank you for explaining. I usually fire and forget my posts so I never check to reply/clarify anything. Straight facts what this user posted. People, Trucking is a hard job. These people get you everything you need


Thank you, now we can join in the anger. *FUCK EM'!*




Or, "only" 30k load of shrimp, (packed in another 30k of ice).


I always loved loading for a professional. I never had to worry about a forklift wheel going through the floor or worrying that a 2.3 placard was on all 4 sides.


The real shit thing is, you’re responsible for the load being secure. So it’s not like you can say, oops you guys didn’t properly secure your shit. Half the load gone. Because that would still come back on you and your insurance and be your ticket. And to make it even better, most companies won’t allow you to load or unload your own truck.


What a monumentally stupid waste of resources all around.


My favorite water company recently for this kind of bullshit is Liquid Death. Yeah yeah, save the planet by putting water in cans, good idea, until you read the can and see it's imported from Austria... So yeah, throw some water from Austria (that's really no different than water pretty much available everywhere) onto a boat that polutes more in a year than you could even imagine polluting yourself in your lifetime, and ship it across the ocean to sell to people who think they're doing a good thing by drinking water from a can instead of a bottle. Great work on "saving" the environment.


It's interesting that's a company!? around 2008 when I was at college I did a graphic design brief for the fire service and drink driving awareness. I did a satirical advert for a beer called liquid death, tagline was best serve chilled at 80mph


You’ve probably seen it, it comes in those big aluminum cans and it looks like a beer. There’s a neat skull logo and the can is black and bronze? Reminds me of Guinness. Doesn’t taste special though lol


I had assumed it was an energy drink.


Not to mention the weight of the dirty old piss jugs


I’d empty those in the truck stop parking lot before pickup. I was a true professional.


One day? There already tons of research coming out that bpa and bpa free release estrogen. BPA free plastic sometime releasing more than the normal BPA plastic. “In mammals, chemicals having EA (estrogenic activity) can produce many health-related problems, such as early puberty in females, reduced sperm counts, altered functions of reproductive organs, obesity, altered sex- specific behaviors, and increased rates of some breast, ovarian, testicular, and prostate cancers “ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3222987/ NEVER MICROWAVE PLASTIC. Even if it’s says microwave safe.


What about the weird taste it gets sitting in a reusable water bottle? Edit: legit question, not being a jerk


Never had that with a double walled aluminum bottle


I think they already have tbh. They know some plastics are endocrine disruptors.


California already has made that link.


Actually if it’s labeled spring water it has to be from a spring, what you’re talking about is purified water which is hyper filtered tap water with like no minerals. So if you’re gonna drink purified water out of bottles you may as well just drink filtered tap water for way cheaper and way less waste


There's a company called "Crystal Springs" that sells tap water from atlanta. To be fair, they call it "purified water", which it is, I just find it funny because all of their bottles were labeled "Crystal Springs" in huuuuuuuge font and "Purified water" in much, much, much smaller font.


Kroger water is reverse osmosis purified. I've tested it with a TDS meter and it's definitely not tap water.


Maybe but that shit micro-plastic is definitely in the water.


this guy reuses and reduces


All my homies reduce.


Sadly, isn’t it ~~in pretty much everything~~ by this point ~~? Not *everything* as in EVERYTHING, but *everything* as in it’s~~ practically unavoidable ~~.~~ Edit: ? Simplification.


Fun fact: regular plasma donations is the only effective way to rid your body of microplastics/forever chemicals. edit: Here's the study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8994130/ and results: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8994130/figure/zoi220196f3/?report=objectonly


wait what? does this help prevent cancer? should i go dónate plasma?


I dunno. I imagine that dialysis does a better job of it than plasma donations.


So I'm donating microplastics?


TDS can't measure much other than PPMs (particle density/impurities). You could just drink tap with a filter and have the same values. Not at all an indicator of source nor quality.


I’m pretty sure it actually reads electrical conductivity and outputs ppm (which actually means parts per million). It’s a rough estimate of Total Dissolved Solids. Has nothing to do with density. And 0ppm is not actually good for you either. There is an optimal TDS range, so it does actually tell you the relative quality. Also carbon filtered water will always have a higher TDS than RO purified water. The only thing it doesn’t do is tell you what the dissolved solids are. Nor where the water came from, obviously.


Low TDS isn't any better for your health is a better statement than 0 ppm TDS being bad for you. People buy those stupid zerowater filters and think 0 TDS is better for some reason.


And you can purify your own tap water


Yup! If you have access to safe drinking water, it’s dumb as hell to consistently drink bottled water.


This picture is a great visualization of why humanity and this planet are doomed. Potable water right out of the tap is a marvelous gift of modern society, yet people still feel the need to buy cases of plastic bottles of water. Obviously this is not the case if you live in a region without safe drinking water.


A long time ago I worked at a coffee shop. I still remember one time the guy grabbed a bottle of water and came up to pay for it. He mumbled, " I can't believe I'm paying money for water. " I told him I could just give him a cup of water for free, but he said no it's okay. I still think about that guy and that decision.


My favorite are the people who will order a coffee and a bottle of water. You offer a complimentary cup of water and they go “no I don’t drink tap water.” Uh lady what do you think this coffee I just served you is made with


We get a notice in the mail every year in my town from the local water distillation plant saying something like “prolonged consumption may lead to cancer”. So i usually avoid tap if I can.


Make sure you're checking the bottled you get then. A lot of brands are still bottled from public sources aka tap water.


do you live in california?


That is really concerning. I was born and raised in a shitty 3rd class monkey land known as Brazil (I live in California now) and in most regions you would only see people spending their money on water bottles if there was not a single tap nearby, like going to the beach. Despite all downsides my homeland has, at least they know how important water is and spared no efforts trying to devise the means to keep it that way


[Took 10 minutes to install](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MFYQBTX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1) at the cost of a few cases of bottled water.


It’s not even shipped to asia anymore! They don’t want it. It’s just going into landfills here. Pretty much the only thing that gets recycled is aluminum cans.


All metal and glass can and is recycled. Recycling happens at such a high temp that impurities just burn off and the last charred remains of it can be skimmed.


Ugh, Britta's in this?


Britta's the worst!


🎶She's a G.D.B.!🎶


Get off her case! She lived in New York!


I fucking love it, so much. Everytime I see something that even remotely reminds me of the show, I extend the comments and am never disappointed. I hope it never ends.


I did this for a while. Our towns water is super hard, and has a bitter taste. Tried Brita filters, just made it worse. Tried one of those 7 layer filtration things, didn’t help. I got a water cooler for Christmas, and man it’s been great. I have two 3 gallon jugs I swap out, I’ll go through a jug every 2 days. No more plastic bottles everywhere, saving money at the store ($4 for a 12 pack of 20 Oz water that comes to 1.8 gallons, or 3 gallon refills for $1.25), and now I’m almost exclusively drinking water. I’ll have some coffee or unsweet tea, but 95% of what I drink is just water Haven’t had a soda in probably 3-4 years, lost a little weight, feel a little better. And the water refill place is a block from the house, my daughter and I drive over listening to music and refill the jugs


Well done, At our old place our water was revolting, but usually after you boiled it and let it cool it tasted ok. We eneded up getting water delivered. We literally had an office water cooler in our kitchen, they delivered a new bottle every week. It was great. Our new place has new pipes and a goof water filter. So its fine for us.


Yea some people don’t realize that many people live in places where the tap isn’t drinkable. Mine had too much sulfur in it and came from a well. We never drank it and did the same. Just had a water cooler all our lives. Definitely preferable to just endless water bottles. At least those water jugs are collected and reused.


Plus those jugs are actually reused / recycled as opposed to the individual bottles


Buy her some reusable ones. And use the leftovers to water your plants.


Water? From a toilet?


Brawndo. It's got what plants crave.


It’s got electrolytes


What a massive waste of money and terrible for the environment


Honestly, the least you could do is use large water bottles at home. Why would you buy these ones?


Yeah this guy is mildly infuriated while the rest of us are totally pissed off


Seriously, get that bitch a filtered water service or at least a Brita.


Oh, Britta's in this?


She’s a GDB


She's the worst


Knock, knock. Who's there? Cancer. Oh good, come in. I thought it was Britta


Mate. Unnecessary.


Pour leftovers into one. Twist cap tightly. Place back in pile. Edit: For those wondering, it’s for *her* to finish/drink.


This is the way. Condense and refrigerate.


How about. Consolidate and refrigerate?


No I want to make the water more dense or even turn it from gas to liquid.


How about. Amalgamate and refrigerate?


You really gonna make me google that?


I wasn't suspicious until the edit. Now I'm certain you sell backwash on eBay.


I just use them all to refill her Stanley cup. Throw some ice in it and I'm husband of the year. Lol None the wiser


Adapt. Improvise. OVERCOME.


She must drink a shit ton of water if you can fill the Stanley Cup




My wife has a mental alarm go off if she doesn’t feel the seal break.


As she should, while operating on the assumption that these weren't touched after being brought home


I was going to say if you always finish her water bottles you won’t be thirsty


I kinda do this kind of trickery with my girlfriend. And not just with water. When she goes grocery shopping to restock, anything that's still in the fridge from before she will always skip over because "why would I use the old food when there's fresher food now?" I do whatever I can to sneak the old food into the new food containers. She wanted me to cook dinner the other night, and roast the new carrots she bought. I opened the new container, and used the old carrots and shoved the rest of the old carrots into the new carrot bag. She commented about how great the carrots were. Same shit with herbs (fresh and in the shakers). And she has the audacity to whine about how much money groceries cost while being so wasteful. And she's spending *both* of our money on groceries. But she's so worried about the least bit of age on food she'll throw shit out on a whim. To her, a banana that has no GREEN left on it is considered rotten and needs to be tossed. I'm serious.


Good lord that's wasteful. That would drive me up the wall to deal with. Especially the bananas. I can't eat them unless they've started to get their brown spots. They're tastier that way. Edit: spelling


I used to do that. Then she caught on. Now I just water the plants with it. I'm also tell her she reminds me of the aliens from Signs with her random water everywhere.


Just fill them all up with tap water and put them back.


Lol, I had the same thought solution.


It took me a minute to realize that you were talking about leftover *water* and not just "leftovers" from the fridge lol. I was seriously picturing you putting leftover lasagna and pasta and then pouring it into the water bottle and putting it back in the fridge lmao. It took me way longer than I would like to admit to realize what you actually meant


She’s probably just prepping for when the aliens arrive.


Swing away, Merrill. Swing away.


That used to be my favorite movie to fall asleep to


Fall asleep to?! You must have fallen asleep before the birthday party scene


I probably haven't seen the movie in 10 years and that scene still scares me.


Vamanos children, vamanos!


La garage la garage!!! It's inside!!!


Always cracks me up.


They're already here.


I always make the swing away Merrill jokes at my wife’s never finishing of the water bottles.


It’s contaminated!


I wonder if OP's wife also has asthma and a killer swinging arm?


“It has amoebas in it”


Was looking for this comment 😂


I don't get it.


A plot point of the movie Signs is that a little girl leaves unfinished glasses of water throughout the house which helps them defeat an alien.


They are already here. LOL. Today at the park, a 5yo was explaining to me about the day she became human.


I was worried that nobody would see that. But the internet, again, has not let me down. *single tear falls*. So thankful .


It's contaminated...


This is what I came here looking for. Thank you!


Is it possible to get a water jug to keep in the fridge? I love cold water, and I keep water flavorings around when the tap water gets warm enough while sitting out to develop a taste past “cold”.


How bout you guys find a way to drink water without consuming plastic bottles


Yummi Yummi plastic bottle


Please, buy a water filter.


I’ll never understand how people can drink bottled water AT HOME. Grab a fricken cup and either get a brita or get some from the fridge door.


and for people who say their tap water tastes bad...get an 18gal cooler-style jug then, that can be reused and/or refilled. none of this "i drink 12 different water bottles in a day" nonsense.


That's what I did when I've lived in areas with sketchy tap water! Bought the biggest container I could carry and refilled a smaller bottle to use daily. It's not hard.


Sometimes water from the faucet, even filtered through something like a brita, is still not good. My water was so rusty growing up it had to go through a filter before the faucet and still came out Metallicy tasting and smelling. But at least it looked clear because when it wasn’t filtered, it was brown. Even filtered, it stained our white clothes and our tub/toilet orange. And even through the brita after, it still was bad. If the ground water is bad where you live, you might be fucked. ETA: my family didn’t buy water bottles. We just suffered. I barely drank anything until we moved when I was 18.


"it's contaminated..."


Lol Signs 🤣


Thats just the water for the houseplants once you get enough of them


You drink bottle water at your house? Get a filter for your tap...


She’s your wife, man. No need to post this here lmao 😂 Just talk to her


I was thinking this. I dare him to explain that he posted this on Reddit and show her the comments about how awful her habit is. 🍿


Everyone here talking about the trash and water waste and ignoring the trash relationship


And we wonder why the ocean is full of plastic drinking a water bottle at home is incredibly selfish


It's also just so lazy. You can literally get a double walled stainless steel bottle which pays for itself after a few weeks if they're consuming this much bottled. That way you can also have ice cold water ready to go instead of the plastic bottle which will be lukewarm within 20-30 minutes out on the counter which I'm also guessing why OPs wife is not finishing them in the first place.


Just going to skip over the part where you guys consume multiple single use plastic water bottles daily. Oh honey you haven even finished yours!


What’s mildly infuriating is you guys buy individual water bottles. Unless you’re in flint or another place water is not safe…


It’s maddening to me that anyone would buy these SIZE bottles especially! I live somewhere where you can’t drink the tap water, and I’d never buy any bottles of this size. 1L bottle if I’m thirsty on the go, 5L bottles for the house if for whatever reason I can’t get the 5 gallon jug refilled.


Even if you live somewhere where the water isn't safe... Get a water cooler and large reusable plastic bottles like the ones used in offices. There's companies that will deliver new bottles and pick up the old ones.


Why are you guys wasting money on water bottles?


She should google microplastics


You can use them to water houseplants!


No fucking way you go through this many plastic water bottles a day. So much trash here.


I've seen this one before


She’s that girl from Signs.


My neices do the same thing and so do my co workers, What is that all about???


It is a very common sign of ADHD or they just forgot about the previous water


Stop drinking bottled water. It’s absolutely selfish and wasteful. Unless you’re somewhere water is not potable, cut it out.


What’s wrong with tap water and a cup??? She’s not even out and about. We live in weird times.


The first two r's are reduced and reuse people have to stop this!


do you make coffee at home? when I find those around the house they go right into the coffee maker. I don't normally use bottled water for coffee but it's better than dumping them.


Yeah, there’s a lot OP can do so the water won’t go to the dump.


Empty into pets water bowl


I do this too😅 I forget about them and get another or it’s cause I lost them.


Stop buying single use water bottles. Get a water dispenser that uses refillable five gallon bottles and buy her a nice cup. A small cup




I'd just stop buying them altogether and invest in a Brita pitcher and a nice reusable water bottle. I've got a 32oz Hydro Flask that I refill probably 3-4 times a day.


I just learned Redditors hate water bottles


I feel like out of literally everything, water is the one necessity that really shouldn’t produce this much wasteful byproduct. I’m not an environmentalist at all. I just have a nihilistic “we’re fucked” view. It’s just so utterly easy to have your own water filter rather than buying those huge 30 packs of spring water that are wrapped in plastic film. It’s just like… obnoxious man.


May want to get tested for adhd...


Scrolled all the way down to find this... unfortunately this happens to me due to executive dysfunction... I always forget I already have a can or cup in my room.


Came here to say this. I also have a weird thing where I just flat out can’t finish the last of a bottle of something if it’s sat out for an extended amount of time. Yes, I realize this is wasteful, but it’s a mental block I can’t get over. I do have stainless steel cups now though that I use instead of bottles so at least there’s that!


I do this too and I have adhd and I was wondering if it’s like a symptom. I just always make sure to finish whatever water I have.


My first thought. That’s my ADHD. I can never keep track of my drinks and usually have 4 open at any given time. I will eventually finish all of them, though. I usually just find half empty ones all over the house and finish them as I see them.


If I ever get it together to get tested, the fact that I have half empty water bottles scattered and forgotten all over my apartment is going to be the first thing I tell the doctor.


People just drink bottled water at home...? Why...?


You get used to it. 25 years on I have just learned that my wife's parents taught her that the last swig was "gross backwash" because apparently none of them ever learned how to properly drink from a container.


This isn’t mildly infuriating, it’s fucking disgusting! Get a brita and a reusable water bottle!


Why on earth are you using these at home? Your fking faucet is right there, use a glass. Disgustingly wasteful.


Swing Away...


I hunted for this comment. +1


Stop buying them and make her get water from the tap.