Hell yeah! They are terrible people!


...T-R-B-L, terBLE....... waiting for him to call them knuckleheads!!!


“Any fool can politic. Rebounding takes brains.”


No, knuckleheads are harmless (except to themselves, maybe). Politicians…eh, not so much…


Turrble just Turrble 😂


Charlie Baker vs Charles Barkley


What he’s not allowed to say is the NCAA is headed by awful people. There are well documented complaints of athletes going hungry, athletes that earned universities and the NCAA bundles of cash. And don’t tell me ‘the scholarship/degree is worth it’, if that was the case we wouldn’t have a student debt crisis.


He's not wrong.


Saving the vidya cuz I can’t hear shit here


Thanks for letting us know.




It got cut off in the video, but Chuck’s last word is “crooks”.


✌️😉✌️ "Not a crook" - Richard Nixon




Some good ole fashion Quarker Thuggery #Bender


***Ah ah arooooooo!***


Hunter Thompson claimed Nixon was so crooked his aides had to screw him into his pants each morning.


Biggest one of them all, won his election through treason lol


Barkley is a national treasure


I was talking to my wife about him tonight. 2 decades ago he was spouting off about not being a role model and getting arrested (repeatedly) in bar fights. I'd go so far as to say he was considered a "confrontational black man" by much of the mainstream. Now he is the model for the "normal guy", not even close to fringe. He gets paid millions a year to give his opinion. To be clear, I love his redemption story. I love his position that both parties are shit. It's just interesting how public perception of people changes.


This is how I feel about Ice T of "Copkiller" fame selling Honey Nut Cheerios.


100%. That's the same in my opinion. He's terrific too.


Throw in Ice Cube while you’re at it lol. Dude also did a 180


My family lived in PHX when he was playing for the Suns. We’ve always loved him. More recently it was fun watching MJ get a twisted talking about him in Last Dance.


TBH, if you pick a fight with Charles Barkley in his prime, then get thrown through a window, that’s on you. I think the key here is Chuck always looks in control, he has only made better choices on his settings. His actions in the bar are just as justified as his actions on the golf course, but one setting allows his level of control to make him endearing.


I suppose people grow and we see them for who they are now, as opposed to blaming them for who they’ve been.


He grew older and grew up. Imagine were he’d Be if it wasn’t for all the big women in San Antonio distracting him all the time.


Not just public perception a couple of decades and lifestyle changes too. Hopefully we all aren't the same person/child we were in our 20's.


His golf swing is a national treasure. I’ve heard him say some weird stuff before but this was spot on and he is an expert in the field.


His swing is back btw. He's killing it now


I love him more the older he gets. Keep preachin' Sir Charles


He's quite lovely


I’m in my 40s. I just recently opened a box with quite a few Charles Barkley cards from the 90s I stored. I kind of forgot how much I liked him. Well like, I still do.


I used to like him. I still do, but I used too as well.


Want a frozen banana?


He's a real one, honest and off-the-cuff, that's why we love him.


I love Chuck


That's right Chuckster, Democrats and Republicans both suck.


"My side is righteous and your side is evil" -both parties to one another. This weird 'us vs you' mentality is killing this country .


Well let’s be perfectly clear there is one side taking away liberties, books, women’s rights, tax breaks to the wealthy, forcing religion and trying to overthrow our government.


They both suck, but one really sucks.


Bro literally proved the point of the people he was responding to


Yeah, this argument was pretty valid when they were running McCain (sans Palin lol) and Romney. Shits waaaaaaaaay different since 2016.


And here it is. Every time it is mentioned how both parties don't represent the population, there's always that redditor who shows up to point out how much worse the Republicans are. Dude, we know already how much those idiotic theocratic lunatics are. We are fully aware of how they suck more than the Dems. But the neoliberal left (who really is just center right at this point) still suck at the end of the day and are killing the planet, economy, and democracy for their own greed. We are dealing with TWO bad parties, each with their own reasons of being terrible.


Republicans are like a giant cataclysmic meteor approaching the planet. Democrats are the ones who bribe and pull strings to become CEO of the Meteor Defense Organization and then purposely sabotage the organization to keep themselves in power and continue collecting that sweet sweet cash while doing nothing to stop the meteor. But Dems don't care, they can easily adapt to the world-ending meteor strike because they've already built their underground cities with a plan to seize power and stay rich and powerful in the underground post-apocalyptic society too. They're like an embodiment of the worst aspects of cockroaches and parasites. So of the two, which side is worse in this scenario? My view is that you can't reason with a meteor, it's just a natural disaster. Focus too long on the meteor, and you can't see the knife that they use to stab you in the back.


Nicely done, you get it.


Let’s be perfectly clear. Democratic politicians don’t give a single fuck about you. They kowtow to business, pharma, and oil just like their counterparts. They play their base like a fiddle just like their counterparts. They take away jobs, bomb brown people, and get rich on insider trading just like their counterparts. That’s what Chuck is saying. And Chuck is correct. Get with the picture…


Women’s rights? Like being able to change without men watching them? Or losing in sports against men? Taking away liberties? Like take the shot or get fired? Every state has banned books. Even liberal havens, Washington, Oregon and California. It’s just the current talking point you’re being fed. They ARE the same. For every bad you point against one. The is an equal and opposite for the other.


It’s Reddit after all so you get people like this responding. My side is better than the other proving the point that the person was trying ti make. They don’t care about you at all, they don’t care if you exist or that you breath.


Let’s see, one side is trying to overthrow fair elections, ban books, and ban abortion. The other, legalize weed, provide more access to healthcare, increase access to voting Yeah, totally the same… /s


this is rightwinger fascists trying to depress the left vote with "both sides the same" they cant defend republican fascist policy so this is how they astroturf


Charles Barkley says it and he’s cool. I say it and I’m a closet right wing racist parading as an enlightened centrist (per reddit).


Nah Charles Barkley is wrong too


Barkley was a republican. People could say the same about his "both sides" stuff


No worries, Reddit is doing its thing now. Critical thinking has once again been suppressed. Everything is in balance again.


Both sides are the living embodiment of the Spiderman pointing meme, and neither realize how similar they are.


I posted basically the same exact comment on r/news last week and was perma banned for it


I wish Charles would just tell us what’s on his mind…


Why’s he gotta beat around the bush so much?


>Why’s he gotta beat around the bush so much? Hello! He's a politician!!


"Chuck, you're shaking your head?" has got to be one of the best interview questions of all time.


Can someone explain what this is about to someone who doesn’t know what’s going on? What are they asking the government to do?


I believe it’s regarding NIL - Name, Image, Likeness. Currently players can receive benefits to go to a specific school under the guise of NIL. However, the intention of NIL was to go to a school and then get a deal with a local store or whatever and make money for doing an Instagram ad, for example. That’s not what is happening, for the most part. A lot of players are just getting paid to go to schools, and then they do some ads and whatnot (if they do anything). When Chuck was playing, this stuff was illegal but it still took place. Chuck doesn’t want NIL to go away but he thinks a group of like-minded folks (like himself and whoever else he mentioned) will solve the NIL issue but why the other guy mentioned the government is because unless there are laws put in place, the NCAA will not police it as they could because of the blurred lines regarding NIL, and he would prefer the government to set the guidelines.


So what's the issue that needs to be addressed? If student athletes are being paid for their work then I'm all for it unless there's something else going on like students getting exploited?


I think they don’t want to go down the route of shady business guy giving out briefcases full of cash to more or less “buy” players. That’s pay to play, and not the intention of NIL (even though that’s basically what NIL is). Basically, everyone would be happy (except maybe the players themselves) if players got paid for their NIL if they did something after going to that college, not prior to even stepping foot on campus.


From what I’ve heard they are being exploited. These are teenagers and people are making deals with them without them having agents or any info about what they are signing up for since it’s new. So some of them are getting screwed out of deals and signing things they shouldn’t because the school doesn’t have a mechanism to advise them. The kids don’t know who to trust.


I'm really not sure how I even feel about the NIL deals but these are the following arguments and points I hear on sports radio when I'm with my dad. You have players coming to school requesting they get paid X amount of money. Most of these NIL deals also have zero transparency and are no different to those shady deals with money in a brown paper bag. You're going to have players that haven't snapped the ball once making million dollar NIL deals. It's just turning into the NFL. In college you're supposed to be there for the team and the opportunity at development if you happen to be skilled enough to get to the next level. Imo the players should get paid for their NIL but maybe it should be evenly spread across all players. Or at least starters. I don't know, it's so crazy and new right now and I'm not sure what's the most fair. Edit: This deserves a little more research so I apologize but I know there's a thousand problems with NILs, players being taken advantage of being the least of them


As someone who played college sports these athletes were absolutely being exploited before hand. You have no idea the amount of time that goes into being a college athlete. It’s a full time job or more. And colleges are making millions of of them, look at the NCAA tournament right now. You know how much coaches make? Millions while their players earned literally a scholarship for school that they basically aren’t even attending and many don’t graduate. Video games would use their images and not pay them, they had no ownership of themselves. What if I didn’t want to be in a video game? Too bad I don’t own my own image. And we had to pay for a lot our own healthcare related to injuries. If you have a lifelong injury from the sport, tough luck for you, you probably lose your scholarship and will have to pay to deal with the repercussions of that injury the rest of your life. And you know what - every year college athletes die or are paralyzed doing their sport. 99% of college athletes will make no money from the NIL deals. Benchwarmers aren’t making money. Most of the sports no one cares about them and no one is famous enough. The ones that do have the opportunity to make significant money will probably sign contracts where that money is actually going to someone else who “manages” them because they have no legal understanding or experience. These are essentially children with no one guiding them or looking out for their interests. The school doesn’t care if they make money, in fact they’d rather they didn’t so that they can be the ones to profit off of them exclusively as they had before.


This guy reads.


My buddy got paid $200 for every bag of ice he loaded. This was a college basketball player at liquor store being “paid” to work by the community because they couldn’t sponsor or pay college athletes. The workaround was to have the sponsor give him thousands via “working”.


In the past, the NCAA required its student athletes to be unpaid amateurs. In 2021 the Supreme Court ruled that students can profit from their name, image, and likeness (NIL). The NCAA now has NIL rules limiting how players can make money, but it's afraid that enforcing those rules will draw antitrust lawsuits. After all, college sports is now clearly a lucrative business and the NCAA has an effective monopoly on US college sports. To get the NCAA out of this pickle, there have been some proposals for Congress to establish NIL laws. Then the NCAA could say it is simply following federal laws, rather than using its monopoly power to restrict the behavior and income of student athletes. The NCAA likes this approach. Sir Charles thinks the NCAA needs to address the issue of money directly with the people involved, not punt responsibility to the government.


A lot of these boosters are using it with non-profit labels & most likely a federal law will be used to address taxes for something like collectives, which both sides can agree on(the piggy bank/their wallets). The ncaa is fighting for its life tho & I doubt they’ll get what they’re hoping for cuz it is a bit of legal mess & mostly all schools are happy with boosters footing the bill to win vs collective bargaining. There’s also quite a bit of other potential bombs that could blowback on politicians. NIL has legalized buying players instead of illegally buying em with “bag men”, which has gone on since the 60s, maybe earlier. I know for a fact that if ur in the P5, everyone has probably participated in buying players to some degree.


The guy is no dummy.


Chuck stay based.


Chuck must be protected at all costs!!!


Didnt have an opinion on charles barkley before this, but now he has my respect


Oh damn. Barkley has been like this all his life. He doesn't F around


Anyone who isn't familiar with Charles should read about his "I am not a role model" ad from 1993: [https://fadeawayworld.net/nba-media/charles-barkley-on-his-i-am-not-a-role-model-commercial-im-the-only-person-in-the-world-ever-that-got-in-trouble-for-telling-kids-to-listen-to-their-parents](https://fadeawayworld.net/nba-media/charles-barkley-on-his-i-am-not-a-role-model-commercial-im-the-only-person-in-the-world-ever-that-got-in-trouble-for-telling-kids-to-listen-to-their-parents)


Replace Charlie Baker with Charles Barkley asap.


Charlie Baker is a politician!


This was a funny speech to watch as a baystater


All the people agreeing with him don't even realize he's just using their hate/fear to divide them. He is, in fact, the worst kind of politician and adds nothing to the actual discussion.


Chuck ain’t wrong.


Chuck for president. Hey.. crazier things have happened.


Yeah celeb presidents work out really well


Chuck will always rule! Love watching him talk more than the games a lot of the time. That man is gold!




tf is he talking about? We don't need the federal government to deal with NIL???? So its not like any other business then? So confused what his point even is, this is so much bigger than basketball. Also, you can also easily make the same blanket statement about celebrity athletes/personalities, they're rich and successful in one field and so they think they know everything better than anyone else, this video is a great example.


What's NIL, Sorry for my ignorance.


Name, Imagine and Likeness iirc. a deal allowing college athletes to use their name and image for profit while in school.


So I assume they don't want the athletes to get a slice of the pie?




I thought they are able to do that now?


Yes, but the NCAA now has rules limiting how and why athletes can be paid. For example, players can be paid to appear in ads endorsing a company's products, but they can't be paid based on performance in games.


OIC. Thanks!


Doesn’t really have anything to do with the video, but when I was in 8th grade I went to a summer basketball camp and Barkley showed up as a surprise guest. He commenced to beating the crap out of all the kids while playing knockout and talking smack the whole time. One of my favorite childhood memories is Barkley blocking the hell out of one of my shots and with a straight face yelled get that mess out of here. Got a lot of love for the round mound of rebound.


in the 90s he had a 3 on 3 game on the sega genesis called Barkleys Shut up and Jam. we used to call it shut up and foul cause that pretty much all you did for defense.




Spot on, the color of their ties don't matter. Politicians are cut from a strange cloth.


Chuck says what we all think. Thank God we have influential people like Chuck who raise concerns. Doesn't mean the behemoth conglomerate that is the NCAA won't get in the bed with the feds, but at least someone is calling out the bullshit!!


I guess I shouldn't be surprised that someone like Charles Barkley has a response as dumb as this. Way to paint with a broad fucking brush that doesn't help anyone. Fucking idiot.


That is AWESOME, huge fan now


I don’t care what race, gender, age or animal you are, y’all better protect this man with your life if given the chance.


You mean, the private market instead of the government? Wonder how many this will redpill.


Hit the nail on the head. Both sides are awful people.


The “both sides” argument was a major factor in getting Trump elected.


Apathy is a tragedy and boredom is a crime.


He’s not wrong


Push the powers that be in the states he is referring to, don’t go crying for help when you hold all of the power. Seriously shit don’t play we don’t care we will make a boat load of cash without you! Shit don’t go crying to Uncle Sam, boo hoo they don’t want to play with us anymore. Stop acting like you don’t control the cash flow!


I don’t think it’s fair to make a blanket statement like that. Although that’s true for some there are many that are among the best of us.


I know I'll get downvoted to oblivion... But: Calling *all* "politicians" horrible people and crooks is both illogical and counterproductive.


Also, this is CLEARLY something that needs input from the federal government. Like what the fuck are people in this thread talking about? Is everyone being obtuse to the actual deal here? We’re dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake and if the federal government isn’t involved, then all of that money goes to people who had no fucking part in basketball. The only reason we’re having this discussion at all is because of the federal government and the courts. Yeah I get that you don’t like politicians, what the fuck ever. You’re not going to fucking solve these problems with a committee of people who only think of his on the basketball level lol. Chucks point is horrible and super surface level here. We are talking about court decisions between employers and employees at this point. Basketball is entirely irrelevant to the conversation and including coaches is patently ridiculous


People seem to forget that higher education already operates with goverent oversight on multiple levels and that college athletics is part of higher education. Without government involvement in college sports, women's athletics would be still be a stuck in the 1960s and segregation would still be allowed.


Not all politicians are terrible people. We vote, don’t we? Or we don’t vote, so we? We get what we get, so don’t throw a fit. Junky voters/votes in, junky votes out!


So few exceptions. Widespread corruption. Campaign finance reform might be the most important first step.


Citizens and Bush v. Gore were the two worse SCOTUS rulings in the last 60 years. Shameful. I don’t see things getting better or Citizens overturned anytime soon.


Yep. Voters keep re electing bad politicians, then turn around and bitch about how shitty government is.


Baker played college basketball for Harvard, iirc. So, at least he has that perspective. Also, a republican governor in a very liberal state. One of the more balanced politicians out there.


Sorry, this is a bad take. If you think politicians are simply “bad people” you aren’t actually paying attention. No one is arguing they are perfect, and some of them are downright vile, but it takes no time at all to find the many who are good people doing good work in a system in desperate need of major overhaul. When people spout this thoughtless opinion, they only serve those who prosper when elected officials are demonized.


Exactly. You accept what you expect. When everybody expects politicians to be vile, corrupt pieces of trash, they're willing to accept that behavior from them. This kind of thinking is shallow and counterproductive. It enables the worst people and unfairly demonizes the best people.


Just fucking TELL them. If they want their team to participate, then they will follow the rules. If the team chooses not to obey the rules then the team doesn't participate. Simple as that. All this "we've got to pander to the states that think they're above the rules" shit is just a load of old shit. Change my mind.


What is nextfuckinglevel about thinking all politicians are bad ?




Comments in this thread: "Stupid take. Not all politicians are evil. It's only the ones I don't support." Lol.


I’m only here because I thought this was Gnarls Barkley. Many disappoints.


The fuck did he even say you “both sides” morons? What’s his position


Good catch. Demonizing government is an easy way to distract from the actual issue.


Without the government unemployment would probably hit 35% … Is there any part of this conversation that values these player’s education? Does hall of famer Charles Barkley have the best perspective on this? Wayyyyyyy more guys never turn pro than do. One visit to the Elite Eight is a lifetime highlight for the luckiest of the lucky ones. Guys that don’t get to dominate in the NBA and walk around like kings deserve a time to play as equals with the gods that do. College is the only place.


So he’s going to create a political governing body to make decisions for the whole? Hmmmmm


Haha, yep, and it will be completely insulated from public input because it will be in a private corporation rather than a public governing committee. Gotta love "gOVerNMent BaD!" shallow-minded morons...


Charles Barkley is an idiot. 1) Charley Baker/ the NCAA has to look at this for ALL NCAA sports not just basketball. 2) Baker was talking about enforcement and (without saying it) the NCAA has concerns about gambling. 3) The NCAA is putting together that framework, but they really need it to become law for there to be any bite, otherwise the player just leaves and goes pro without any repercussions. Likewise there are a TON of ways to get around current NCAA rules with NIL on all sides (schools, athletes and sponsors).


Spitting facts.


I love this man


Common Chuck W




I heard no lies from Chuck.


Respect for that man went through the roof


I love CB


I was taking to Kenny Smith in December, and he said he bought himself a brand new car when he started at UNC, and his coach told him to bring the car back because it would be assumed it was a gift from the college. Totally different world now.


Chuck speaking the truth. ALL politicians are crooked in this country.


What? Why is baker doing this? Gotta watch out for the government committees. They put all sorts of money into whatever program and just pay the committee with it. See Boston's mass and Cass. Or the mbta, or roads. Edit didn't realize it said he's the president.


I love chuck


Yeah but if they take on basketball they don't have to any real governance. ![img](emote|t5_m0bnr|4018)


Barkley always calls like it is,and that’s why he can say whatever he wants. Fucking refreshing.


What is Charlie Baker talking about specifically?


Did Chuck lost some weight? He looks good


They are awful but so are business executives.


All these people in this thread echoing Barkely, yet how many will vote Republican or Democrat come November?


Back when Barkley still played in Philly, I ran into him at a Phillies game. I was out in the mezzanine getting a beer with a friend. Only people in line or around. As we're waiting for them to get poured, I turn around and there's this walking billboard standing behind me. I instantly smile and Barkley puts his finger up to his lips as to say "keep it quiet". I mean you're 6'5" and 300 pounds so I'm pretty sure you're going to be spotted. But he proceeded to buy us both 2 beers each and for himself and signed an autograph. The only paper we could find was using the back of a Budweiser label my friend carried in his wallet for reasons unknown. As he walked away, the inning had ended and a swarm of people came into the mezzanine and instantly swamped him. He spotted us through the crowd and raised a beer to us with that huge Barkley smile. Seemed like a genuinely humble human being just enjoying the moments life brings him.


Welp, Charlie Baker is a politician so... not sure why anyone expected something different


I respect the hell out of Barkley. He’s always owned up to his actions when he’s done dumb shit, and he tells it like it is. He was arrested for DWI a while back in Phoenix and immediately came out and said he was guilty and would plead that way. He could have used his status and wealth and paid a high-profile attorney to get him off, but he came out and took responsibility immediately. He was also considering running for Governor of Alabama some years ago but decided against it cause politics is too much bullshit. Barkley is the type of politician we need, TBH.


Next get him to talk about San Antonio.




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