If there's one thing a sports league needs, it's to hold hands with bookies. Definitely no way that could have negative repercussions.


Within ten years there will be a major scandal involving fixed results in major sports at a level similar to the Black Sox scandal over a century ago. The stigma, and barriers enacted to prevent such contamination of sporting event results have rapidly been torn down.


this is exactly what will happen...you'll get Godell calling into the replay booth during the superbowl 'listen boys we gotto overturn that TD, because it screws our over'


You realize that books are trying to have even action on both sides and make 5% off the losers right ? that’s the most ELI5 explanation… but it’s not far from the reality. The fact that people think the NFL or sports book want to “rig” games is utterly ridiculous. They just want volume.


I think the concern is that with their proximity and close-knit relationship to the game, it opens the doors for *individuals* or a group of individuals to meddle for their own personal gain, more so than sportsbooks as an industry rigging anything.


Like Jerry having -120 lines as a base and he gets 10 cents while the bookies get 10 cents. Let the juice flow! Then Snyder won't sell and every line will be 90 cents Snyder, 10 cents bookies.


That’s actually a valid point, more-so what the lines will be inside the stadium. Definitely won’t get nice lines But to think Jerry is going to fuck around on the product on the field is kinda tin-foil hat. It’s like picking up pennies on a steam roller… probably makes more money selling merchandise and hot dogs then what the in house books can make


Oh ya, I don't think owners would tin foil hat games. They'd want it to be as fair as possible. And transparent. Encourage bets. Good point


Actually, Dan Snyder is exactly who I’m worried will rig these games. Dudes committed every other crime.


It blows my mind that -105 used to be standard and now you see scam lines like that as a common place too.


Anyone that is actively trying to fix games doesn't need to have a sportsbook on the premises to place their bets. 99% of any sportsbook action at the stadium would be regular people just blowing their money. It'd be just another revenue stream for the league. Sportsbooks are very sophisticated in how they handle large bets, so it would be very difficult to make any serious money "fixing" games, by anyone. I doubt it will pass right away, but will probably happen in 5-10 years.


Yeah I dont think this encourages cheating, but I think its still disgusting. Why do we need to cram gambling into every facet of the sport at this point? If people want to bet they can on one of the several apps that keep being advertised on every NFL ad break, why do we need some big booth in every stadium?


Personally I love sports betting so it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I wouldn't say it's disgusting but the ads and promotional aspects of betting are reaching a point of oversaturation.


I personally have a positive relationship with betting, I like it here and there but I do feel for recovering addicts who just want to watch a game, especially hockey


Volume is great and trying to get equal action is obviously ideal, but you can look up stuff like this pretty easily and it’s surprisingly common to have the betting handle be hugely skewed towards one team. Right now looking at DraftKings the Blues and The Kings are playing tonight and a full 85% of the action is on LA.


Even in this thread you see a perfect microcosm of why it feels like America just goes in a circle constantly: we spend years and years and years trying to put systems in place to prevent abuse by money hungry people in power.. only for everyone to turn around and say “well why do we need these? the nfl and sportsbooks havent done anything bad to deserve this regulation” as of the regulation isnt entirely why the sportsbooks and leagues havent done something wrong


Ten years? WWE is trying to get with a bookie to have people bet on wrestling. That's like 2 years at best.


How would that even work in a scripted entertainment show? I guess it's like betting on game of thrones...


Ehhh, I think there are quite a few differences between what gambling was back then and what it is now. There's government regulation and shit, the mob was running the gambling world up until the last few years. Vegas and the apps make so much fucking money on either result they don't have to cook the books as hard as the mob was back in the day. It's not going to be these big books that will fix shit. If it does happen, it's completely independent from the actual books. It'd be like Mattress Mack paying somebody and I just don't see it being worth the risk for them.


Totally agree. Why would they risk killing the golden goose? They are making billions -- just keep expanding legal gambling and the profits follow.


Yeah exactly, just because something is news doesn’t mean it’s some significant plot point - just like casinos, they know they don’t have to rig anything to win


It already happened and the NBA covered it up.


Yep. With the way basketball and football are getting in bed with the bookies, just a matter of time really.


It is truly is amazing how leagues did a complete 360 on sports gambling. They went from being the major player in causing the 2018 Supreme Court case by suing New Jersey to what we have now. Absolutely crazy. Sports book made it out the best, sold the politicians their lies about revenues and got great tax breaks all while getting the leagues on board with it too. This thing is a house of cards and I know it’s all going to crash someday and somehow the general population will probably suffer the most from it in the end.


"did a complete 360" 🤦


Lol, math was never my strong suit. Obviously meant 180 lmao


Found the browns contract negotiator


That was savage


Well, at least we know you weren't a regular on 4chan in 2006.


I do a 360 and go the other way when I’m reminded 2006 was 17 years ago


I played 360 in 2006


It's do a 360 and moonwalk away.


"I used to be bad at math, but then I did a complete 360"


I mean, they went from accepting fuckloads of advertising dollars to suing the gameday betting sites to now being back in bed with them pushing for in stadium sports books. They kinda did pull a 360*. Yeah it was a malaprop but ironically kind of an apt one.


Malaprop and apt. Great choice of words.


Expect it from a man with such a tasteful username.


The Flesh Is Weak brother


"Why are you sad, Ferrus?" "Because my flesh is weak, and my body dysmorphia is strong :("


Our entire chapter canonically has “I Saw My Dad Get Beat Up By Your Dad” Syndrome so bad we literally repress our own humanity in a way that would make our dad sad if he wasn’t fukken dead. Warhammer lore is ridiculous and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


> Our entire chapter canonically has This is okay though, because now you guys bully other people to feel better


This takes me back. > You know why they called it XBox 360? Because it’s so bad you’ll do a 360 and walk away from it.


With that gif of 16-bit MJ doing a spin and moonwalking away


Best and worst console ever


i’m so old this takes me back to jason kidd


"Did a complete 360"= "Back on my bullshit"


Arguably more accurate for what really happened though lol As the wave of legalization happened, the league turned around, changed face, and turned back around pro-gambling.


> This thing is a house of cards and I know it’s all going to crash someday Wait… I’m sorry, why do you think sports gambling is a “house of cards” that will inevitably crash? Like, I agree sports gambling is bad for a lot of reasons… but I can’t see how it’s a “house of cards”? If anything it’s the literal opposite: all large scale gambling is basically a money printing operation that can’t fail.


It’s not a house of cards. The guy is acting like it’s bitcoin or something. Sports betting has been around forever in the U.S. just usually under the table.


How is it a house of cards the general public will suffer from its crash?


This comment shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how major American sportsbooks operate


Also of geometry.


They didn’t do a 360 they just want to monetize it first before rolling it out


What exactly were the lies about revenue? I don’t think the saturation of gambling ads is great for us but you sound like you’re just making things up about things you don’t like.


It’s a literal fact that the gambling companies made up inflated revenue numbers that states would make in order for them to agree to it. The revenue numbers have been no where near what was quoted in most states


NY generated nearly a billion dollars in taxes off sportsbooks in the year they've been available online here. There is plenty of revenue.


You keep calling it a fact then not pointing to any actual facts. Sounds a lot like making stuff up.


[Here is The NY Times article where they talk about it](https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/20/business/sports-betting-investigation.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share&referringSource=articleShare)


There is literally one instance cited in Kansas of low revenue and the rest is the times making vague claims. They also never provide the estimates Kansas was given.


I’m personally fine with the conflict of interest if the Vikings win a Superbowl.


Even if it results in an Astros type situation?


What, winning a championship by cheating, and then having almost no consequences because other more popular teams did it too? Every team in the US would take that option.


what is going to crash one day? gambling?


I can’t imagine anyone looking at the history of gambling and thinking “yeahhh this house money really is just a bubble”


Gambling gets more viewers, plain and simple. Fantasy football drives up viewership like crazy too, especially in the early slot of games. There’s an argument to be made that the more mainstream gambling is, the more unlikely a fix would happen (I assume that’s your biggest issue with mainstream gambling). If there is anything Vegas hates it’s a possible fix. They want more than anything for lines to be right and the games to be square. They are often the ones who catch on and blow the whistle when shadiness is going on.


Found the Bellagio astroturfer


Nope. I have an old school book I occasionally use over the years. Might make 5 plays a year just for kicks. Was much bigger in it before I had kids and shit


Much like every American institution. All it takes is a ton a money and a few well placed bribes. And we have a wonderful house of cards


Calvin Ridley is confused. He’s hurt himself in his confusion.


To be fair, the Suns have a sportsbook in their arena that's open on gameday, and it's caused no issues so far


The past 3 years has been wild for Sports betting. I personally don’t bet, and I don’t mind the ads for it, but can we please chill it out a little bit? It’s infested every media stream.


Yeah the most irritating thing is how even sports talk isn't about who wins anymore It's about the spread, which like The fuck?


It used to be like a 5 minute segment just running down lines and who the person likes. Now it's constant. I want some actual analysis of the game not parlays.


100%, I can't even watch preshows or anything like that now because it's become: "hey here's some dog shit parlay we came up with. uh, Brady throws 1+ pass TDs, Mike Evans 50+ yards and, uh, oh yeah, Cameron fuckin' Brate gets a Rush TD for no reason. Anyway this is +800 making it a worthless bet but our "experts" said it was possible, so here you go. Anyway, if you're a huge fuckin' bitch who sucks at gambling and you're sad about losing all of your money, here's a hotline you can call where some unpaid college intern will pretend to give a shit about your problem."


I'm in my 40s and don't gamble. It's not a vice that I need, but I was talking with a college kid on my hockey team. He said that a ton of college kids are going to get into trouble with it because of how easy it was. Seems believable. I think it should be legal, but it needs to be scaled back a lot.


Sports commentary circa 2023: \--Circle jerk conversations about who the GOAT (insert name of whatever position group we're discussing today). \--How to parlay your way to fame and fortune every night on (insert name of betting app here).


I care about wins and losses, not the -10.5 favorite


It's kind of odd, gambling is a legitimate addiction, and we're just serving it up for people


Think about how many alcohol commercials you see during a broadcast


Good point honestly.


Glad crypto commercials are gone now. Mostly.


Fortune favors the brave.


"isn't it 'the bold '?" Me every time


Fortune favors anyone who has read _Lying For Money_ or any other history of 20th-century finance and banking scams, and has enough sense to think, "You know what? This has the stink of familiarity about it."


Great DS9 episode




Some of us learned we have a gambling addiction THANKS to crypto. "I'm not gambling, I'm investing!"


Investing *can* be gambling, if you do it right/wrong.


Yeah they’re both addictive/bad. But at different lifecycles. alcohol is advertising to gain market share over competitors. People who don’t drink aren’t their target audience . No one has seen a alcohol commercial and said, wow I’ve never had a beer but this one Miller commercial did it. Sports betting places are offering “risk free” trades/ credits in the hundreds etc to get people who have never bet before to join. Right now I think their ads are more predatory. If it continues at this rate sports gambling will be similar to alcohol where it’ll be common place in people’s lives. But at least with alcohol, you get a product. Sports gambling just takes your money


I’d disagree. Beer is a big part of the culture because of advertising. Getting rid of alcohol advertisements absolutely would help reduce consimption


While I fundamentally agree with you, at the same time alcohol consumption in the US is low, historically speaking. People consumed absurd quantities of it well before substantive marketing for alcohol. So a lot of the cultural power isn’t necessarily tied to marketing.


I think the fact it’s illegal until a certain age and then it’s legal is probably why most people try alcohol. It’s seems like a milestone to being an adult. Granted a lot of people try it earlier but the switch to becoming legal at a point is what gets people curious. I also think word of mouth is how people get into it. Like a parent letting you try a beer at a family event or a friend at a party. Advertising helps specific brands get more sales but the market is probably going to be there no matter what. I could see advertising helping to promote the idea that it’s not bad though because why is it legal and they are allowed to show it if it’s harmful eh? I think it would keep a few people from drinking in general but it is cultural with or without advertising


Beer has been a big part of culture for quite literally millennia before advertising lol


Two wrongs don’t make a right. Imagine how much easier it would be for recovering alcoholics if they didn’t see beer commercials every 2 seconds. And imagine how difficult it must be for gambling addicts to see BetMGM commercials plastered everywhere, even analysts talking about the odds pregame as if it’s some legitimate part of the sport.


My original comment was not supposed to be pro-alcohol commercials for what it’s worth


They're not only selling it, they're actively trying to get people to adopt the WORST habits. All kinds of commercials encouraging people not just to bet, but to constantly bet during games on every little thing. It feels like Purdue Pharma ran commercials telling people to start taking oxy for everyday aches and pains.


Those Jamie Foxx ads feel like this.


“You can put live bets on every single breath taken during the course of the game!”


Alcohol has been doing that for literal decades now.


No better way to squeeze even more wealth out of the working class


Gambling is the only disease where you can win money - norm macdonald , paraphrasing here


It's because they're trying to preempt regulation - it's only been recently that they've been allowed to operate to this degree, and the bigger that the sports betting industry can get before regulation happens, the harder it'll be to rein them in. And they know it, too - so it's full speed ahead.


The real reason is the sports books are on a mad rush to acquire customers.


Honestly I'm so sick of the betting ads on every podcast I listen to because it's 30 seconds of ad and then a full minute of listing every gambling addiction helpline in the country.


The BetMGM one is the worst. 25 seconds of ad and then literally 90 seconds of disclaimers and help lines. I know when it comes on I can skip forward 30 seconds 4 times and not miss anything.


It’s crazy when I press the skip 30 seconds button 3 times and it’s STILL going


And the 30 minutes of “best bets”


The ads aren't great, but I hate that every sports talk show and even the in game commentary and tickers all involve betting now. I hate how thoroughly it embedded itself in the fabric of the discussion, and that sports betting is now just an ever present part of the game even if I want nothing to do with it.


It’s so ingrained now


Yeah I don't give a shit about watching a 3-minute highlight about the end of some blowout college basketball game just because it ended up being a "bad beat."


Even fantasy podcasts are primarily focused on draft kings Type advice. Everything is ruined by gambling.


Okay but now hang on just a damn minute, because Fantasy Football _is_ gambling. Fantasy Football has almost nothing to do with team success on the field. It's a multi-leg parlay, on hard-to-forecast individual stats, and for at least the last 5 years the formats have evolved specifically to make them gambling-friendly. The brackets, leagues, and so on are set up to get enthusiasts asking "Will Derek Carr throw `OVER or UNDER` 300 yards this week?" Now, I can understand a lot of folks feeling bamboozled, like boiled frogs, unaware that's what Fantasy was conditioning fans to enjoy about the game... and it may not have started out that way. But for the last 5 years? That's all Fantasy has been - a stalking horse to get fans comfortable with gambling on games.


It's absolutely disgusting. If anything were to ever turn me off of sports, it's all of the gambling advertisements being shoved down my throat.


And just casual fan talk as well. You can't talk baseball anymore because everyone's throwing around inscrutable stats with abbreviations like Elon Musk's kid's name


Ok but that's not gambling related (unless it's people talking about putting prop bets), that's just increased understanding of baseball


I hate how they preempt the actual game action to have talking heads give you tips on prop bets during the game. So stupid


It feels like one of those things that humanity will look back on in a hundred years and be like “I can’t believe they let them do that.”


Why wait a hundred years, when we can literally say it now?


I absolutely hate watching a sports pregame show and then the analysts start discussing the odds, with BetMGM logo plastered everywhere. It’s disgusting really. Let me watch my damn sports without having gambling shoved down my throat. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for people with current or past gambling addictions these days. Society is really moving backwards on this issue.


They have to replace the cigarettes with something man. I don’t have it on hand right now but with every passing day I swear to god there’s a new hilarious study by big tobacco that just says “the kids called us losers again, we can’t sell to them”


100% it’s wild. I’m Australia we have laws preventing gambling ads during the game but it’s absolutely rammed down your throat in the pre game shows and the after game shows for the next lot of games and then during the entire weekends, all the pre shows during the week too


It’s weird to me as an Aussie this is a foreign concept to you guys which makes the betting epidemic here even more depressing Here it’s been like this for years, you see people at the pokies or sports bets for hours betting on the horses or random sports games.As a kid just outta school especially cause all my mates are getting addicted and don’t even know it


I mind them and I'm shocked that anyone who isn't addicted to gambling doesn't mind them. We don't advertise tobacco because it's dangerous and addictive for children. As though gambling isn't. The ads are also HILARIOUSLY ironic in the context of the D.A.R.E program that most youngish adults grew up with that warned of how "the first hit is always free!" and now we have an endless slew of gambling advertisements offering what? Your first hit free!


The NFL is just begging for a giant gambling scandal at this point.


It’ll happen after one of the older teams wins their first Super Bowl. Lions, cardinals, bills, Vikings, bengals, etc. Anyways, that was a nightmare I had a few years back. The Vikings win, and by morning we find out it was fixed. So we don’t even get 24 hours to celebrate, while everyone else has had decades.


I mean games are becoming more and more questionably reffed, with calls so bizarre that the only logical explanation being the refs/nfl want a certain team to win at a certain time. Couple that with the MASSIVE sports betting increase over the last 5 years and we might already be in the middle of it.


Just slap up a couple more of those "Hey guys please be cautious with your gambling!" ads during broadcasts and it'll be fine.


Make it as small as possible though and flash for only .05 seconds so you can *say* you told them to be responsible


BET BET BET! $350 IN FREE BETS! YOU CANT LOSE! OMG BET AT FUCKYOMONEYBIGBETS.COM! ...gamblingproblemcallanumbergofuckyourselfloser.


While continuing to invest as much money as possible into figuring out and then exploiting human psychology in as many ways as possible. EDIT: Just read a bit further down and realized that I basically copied part of /u/TheMrSomeGuy's comment word for word without meaning to. I promise that wasn't intentional on my part.


Lol it's definitely not an original thought on my part. It's plainly obvious to anyone who's willing to see it. Everyone knows that every inch of a casino is optimized to keep gamblers in the casino and spending money for as long as possible. Now, they've put the casino's in our phones, thrown endless ads and "free money" at us to get us to take our first step in, and once you're in, the advertising/stimulation blitz only increases to get you more and more hooked. Anything to make a buck, though, right?


The fact that it has been stated twice at least eases my concern a bit about all of this with there being like minded people. It’s predatory. I’m too young to know of any similar practices in the past that occurred and the outcomes that followed but I really think this one is gonna be bad bad


I live in MA and they just started allowing those sports book apps. Holy shit are those things dangerous, I downloaded them for the 200 dollars in “welcome bets” a few of them were doing, then bet on both teams so I was guaranteed to win and cashed out and deleted the apps. They have these things called “flash bets” where you bet on who’s gonna score the next basket and all kinds of stuff. Completely predatory


They're just finding every way they can to exploit human psychology and get as many people addicted as possible. The real secondary winners from all of this will be gambling rehab centers, because it's going to be an epidemic.


My eyebrows rose into the stratosphere when I found out WWE is in talks with various regulators to legalize betting on pre-scripted fucking wrestling.


Lmfao legalized insider trading


I won a flash bet on a Broncos/Chargers game guessing an interception for Phillip Rivers in the end zone I made close to ten grand over a minuscule bet And I swear to god by the end of that NFL Sunday, I was somehow half a thousand in the hole from where I started


yo why didn't you just immediately cash out that 10 g


The dopamine rush that comes from a "jackpot" type win like that is what keeps you at the table.


yeah maybe I'm just wired differently. I put in x amount at the start of the NFL season, never put in any more, and after the SB where I had significantly more than my initial stake (thanks, Chiefs), I withdrew my original stake and am playing with literal house money. When it's gone, it's gone.


Well I've never been much of a sports better other than ponies That's the responsible way to do it though


They get you hooked in with bets you can't possibly lose When the books opened in Arizona, one bet was Cowboys (-73) over the Buccaneers, and another was over/under 0.5 in the Cardinals/Titans game


Glad the California voters rejected this crap


Years ago I dated this guy who had moved to the city we lived in from Reno. He would tell these stories about how he would spend days in casinos betting on games, etc. but because he had a relatively-high paying job and relatively no debt he wouldn’t ever be in any financial trouble. So it wasn’t a “gambling problem.” He would bet at least 5-10K a month and, frankly I thought that spending what amounted to more money that some people made a year on sports bets (and he didn’t even like sports) sounded like a problem to me.


I mean, shouldn't we at least kinda pretend the league aren't completely in bed with the books? A little?


Why, what does pretending accomplish?


We can't even get enough cameras in every stadium to get the angles needed for replays, but I'll be damned if we won't suck gambling dry first instead.


I'm worried that gambling is gonna suck the league dry, not the other way around


I have said this on other threads before. But we need 100% congressional oversight of any sporting event that allows bets on it. I'm talking a federal employee in the refs booth every game and transcripts of every ref conversation, on-field and with New York, during the game to be made public within 24 hours of game completion. There's too much money being placed on these games, and frankly the refs aren't paid amazing well to avoid some bookie making them an irresistible offer to throw some games.


I gambled a lot when I was younger. Married and older now and don’t, but the constant gambling being shoved in my face makes me want to even less. Hard to explain but there was something more fun about placing a bet when gambling was taboo.


Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest.


Feels way more rigged and untrustworthy when I see advertisements on TV


Makes sense. Kinda thought can go “man all these books BEGGING to give me $100 in free bets leads me to believe they know how hard they’ll fuck me in the long run”


Reminder of what Goodell thought of gambling. https://twitter.com/rapsheet/status/788807378829320192?s=46&t=vjMv2yL7Oikb0fYfWxVtsA


Goodell thinks what the owners tell him to think.


Of course the owners want more money like always, but moves like this do not bode well for the integrity of the sport long-term.


Short term profits at the expense of long term quality seems to be in vogue right now.


I think we've all voiced concerns about reffing over the past few seasons. If gambling and sportsbooks are allowed on site and in the stadiums, we could see wildly inconsistent referee calls and that's going to hurt the integrity of the league, not to mention its character


I would be for this if they did it old time style, with a chalk board and you just yell you bets


I was generally in favor of deregulating sports betting. No reason for it to be legal in two states and not the other 48. However, now that it is, it has absolutely ruined sports radio. People don't even talk sports anymore, they only talk betting lines.


I thought hearing about people's fantasy leagues was insufferable until gambling became universal. It's just awful.


At least with fantasy it’s still talking about sports performance. The betting talk always is just like “under betters must be worried right now!”


It's _notionally_ talking about sports performance. But Fantasy is a multi-leg parlay and the league formats -- especially, no surprise, the formats championed by FanDuel -- are designed specifically to get players thinking "Will Joe Flacco throw `OVER or UNDER` 1.5 TDs this week?"


Really proves how successfully I've unplugged from that side of sports discourse when it took me halfway through your comment being confused before remembering that daily/weekly fantasy exists


This 100%. And not just radio. All sports media.


I wish they were voting on what I misread first concerning the existence of spookybois inside NFL stadiums.


While referees and replay officials continue to botch calls and reviews.




Let people lose their money freely


Recently went to Vegas with a group. The one guy who also came is likely one of my least favorite people of all time. I watched him lose thousands of dollars. I thought I knew what schadenfreude was before that moment, but I didn't. Seeing him blow through money he didn't have was pure bliss. I honestly think I got high from it. Once he was down almost 7k, he asked me for $500 and swore he'd pay me back. I honestly don't know if I ever laughed harder in my life.


GD why do people do this to themselves?


Because it’s an addiction…


In my case, the guy was a complete fucking moron. One of those macho, "alpha male" dickheads who's entire identity is wrapped up in making themselves feel superior to everyone else either by buying "things" or putting other people down. He isn't otherwise a huge gambler. But he told everyone on the way out that he was going to win big, he had a system, etc. And that we'd all get to wave at him while he was sitting in the VIP sections in the clubs.


I’m so glad I’ve never gambled before. It sounds awful


I love playing black jack. It can be fun, but only when done on rare occasion, and only bringing in cash you’ve already mentally lost. In that circumstance I view it at as the cost of the fun night out, if I end up winning, that’s just a plus. The biggest rule is to NEVER go to the ATM, that’s when things can start spiraling.


Not really. It’s pretty fun if you have some iota of will power and set limits. It’s like paying for an admission ticket to an event - best way to go into it imo. Sure, maybe you’ll win somr money, but just assume you wont


I judge every sports content creator that advertises gambling , and they should be judged way harder. This shit is bad for people


Don't worry they have gambling spots inside most soccer stadiums around the world and they (checks notes) have games get flagged as shady even in the biggest leagues in the world. Huh. Who would've thunk it?


Nods in Calciopoli.


There will 1000000% be a referee/payola/gambling scandal in the next few years. Straight up Donaghy style Officiating for profit


Ok, yea... That's a bit too much.


This is a delicious blend of sports mixed with late stage capitalism, mixed with an entitled and hedonistic society.


Legalize gambling in every state, but make it illegal to advertise like cigarettes. Not a fan of the government policing morality (when it’s not infringing on others) but the advertising is insanely annoying


Agreed, things that are easily addictive don't need advertising!!!!!


I’d just be fine with making it illegal for sports leagues, teams, and athletes to have any connection to any sportsbooks. I don’t mind people betting as long as what they’re betting on can be assured to be fair.


Get your QBs signed before the cap starts jumping 35+ million a year with new TV money + plus legal sports betting in every stadium.


Every section could have its own loan shark.


When (not if - greed will eventually exceed capacity for restraint) owner(s), coach(es), player(s), and/or referee(s) get caught in a point shaving / game fixing scandal, the best we can hope for is the perpetrators get banned from the game for life and the owner(s) are forced to sell and forced to repay their cities for all the government-provided stadium construction costs and tax breaks. But their winnings couldn’t possibly be used to influence decisions by the league or politicians.


Drunk and emotional people losing a lot of money in front of those that lost them the money. Nothing to worry about.


How long did these assholes suspend Calvin Ridley for?


Keep Calvin Ridley away


Alvin Stidley would like a word


I personally think sports betting should be legal but they ban all advertisement of it


Very obvious who in this thread has never been to England


"As long as no one's taking action on the field or on the sidelines (at least not in plain sight), what's the problem, right?" \--Some random NFL executive




I dont know, I try to be open minded about things and generally have the opinion of "you do you", but this just seems gross lol. I'm not interested in gambling and it's always been sort of held at arms distance from me by virtue of off street betting, having to go to a casino to place bets, having to go to the reservation to gamble, etc. Now? It's right there if I go to a game in person. Damn, gambling at games will be conspicuous and overt.


I'd be fine with this if the officiating was decent but its awful lol


Sports gambling personally has already ruined my life, was fine before it all became legal now I’m $150k in debt to it and a bunch of problems. I hate it


It appears as though these greedy bastards owe Calvin Ridley an apology.