From Rodanthe, if you have a 4x4, you have many more options for less crowded beaches. Make sure your rental contract has a back out for weather related cancelations. Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo all flood more easily, and stay flooded for longer, than the north end.


The beaches are not crowded anywhere on the Outer Banks in April. Also, the water is cold and the weather is unpredictable. It can be an awesome experience, I just want to make sure you know how seasonal the area can be.


Yeah OP you should know you’re not going to be swimming in the ocean in April at OBX… it gon’ be COLD.


Less crowded and better fishing.


Anything south of Nags Head is going to be much less crowded than Corolla. In spring it’s definitely not bad at all.


I’ve never been to Corolla, but I’m assuming it’s less crowded. However, Rodanthe beaches still aren’t crowded in the general sense. You want have a problem finding a spot on the beach and nobody will be within atleast 30 ft of you. I’d imagine in April it will be even less crowded than that. You’ll be fine. Also don’t need a 4x4 by any means like the above comment mentions, in my opinion.


Can’t speak for April but my family goes down in May for the week of Mother’s Day. Stayed all over OBX and it’s pretty dead. The weather is also not the hottest but we get a house with a heated pool and the kids are in it day and night. I’ve grown to love it more than the summer months.


In April? There’ll be like maybe 5 other people on the beach and they’re probably fishing.


We go in the fall so I would assume it would be somewhat similar because both times are off season. For us, the northern beaches are all still pretty crowded but the southern beaches are nearly empty. Last September we drove for 2 miles before running into another person down on Hatteras.


Fall weather is much better than spring weather. The season doesn’t really end until Thanksgiving these days, but the numbers don’t really pick up again until May.


In the spring it’s not crowded. Been doing spring break down there for years. It’s not crowded.


Great choice. The ocean is warmer there and way less crowded.


Corolla is cool. It’s just too nice for me. The development company (now I'm sure worth many millions) runs their investments there like each house is their own child. It's a case study for Harvard. They are beyond the beyond. It's just too good for this New Yorker. Everything works! Have an issue? They'll be there with full crew in 60 seconds or less. Or close too. At least that was my experience. Every blade of grass is manicured. For parents with kids, I'm sure it's a +10x100. I love crazy encounters with those hardcore surfers. Just back from Sumatra, his world class surfer girlfriend by his side. With dreadlocks baby in tow, and that “whatever dude, we just surf. Get stoned. And trade crypto. Peru next month, then North Shore.” When the waves get insane, and the red flags come out, DANGER NO SWIMMING! they just appear, boards and sails in hand, and off they fly. While us on the beach say "WTF, are they insane? they're crazy! they're going to die out there! That guy just flew up higher than a skyscraper and just crashed in the ocean, buried, and he's doing it again!" When the wind and waves die down, they just disappear. Gone. No trace. Until the next storm rolls in. And appear again they do. It's kind of magical. Corolla is awesome. But for the some of us, suggestion: head South. :-)




i dont know where the hell this dude is rambling on about, but its sure as hell not corolla. maybe he hung out at the golf course? that doesnt explain the 'world class' surfers, though. lmao.


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