TRT for 2 months, test only at 450, more details in post.

TRT for 2 months, test only at 450, more details in post.


Yes, more frequent dosage will stabilize levels and prevent peaks and valleys. Every 3.5 days would be ideal. Wednesday night, Sunday monring. 50 mgs a pin. Test again right before your next shot.. (Tuesday afternoon). That will give you your lowest level. If your doc doesnt agree he or she is an idiot with little experience in this field.


thank you!


450 isn’t bad considering that means for 13 days your level was always above 450. When someone who doesn’t take testosterone test at 450 it means during the day their low is probably 225-300. After your shot you were probably over 1,500 for the first 4-5 days. It’s really important to understand that when on testosterone you’re measuring your level at the inverse to someone who’s natural. 200 mg once every 2 weeks is garbage though. You’ll probably be around 700 at your low on 100 mg/week.


I don't know what T you started at, but after 2 weeks you'd be down to 25% of the initial dose. With 100mg 1x/week you'll have a much higher trough level.


You'll likely need a bit more than 100mg total but you should see a much higher value for sure