Tell me a simple fact about your world that has a insanely convoluted, bizarre and/or complex reason for being true

Tell me a simple fact about your world that has a insanely convoluted, bizarre and/or complex reason for being true


Might as well give a example using my urban fantasy world: fast food (mainly stuff with meat) is about 10% more expensive than in our world For a hint on how bizarre the reason is: blame jellyfish and the absence of the death penalty


>For a hint on how bizarre the reason is: blame jellyfish and the absence of the death penalty TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEE >!I'm assuming it has something to do with immortal jellyfish?!<


Gonna put a nsfw warning here just in case, not intended to shock or offend but it was the first solution i came up with to some issues i stumbled upon Yep, essentially after "the portal" opened prisons had to be made to accommodate the non-humans (basically other earth living beings that evolved in another world to be human-like), and some of them were immortal to old age, so they had to find a way to free up cells, which is: Voluntary slavery! Anyone in a life sentence or a torture sentence can put themselves to sale (or wait for an offer), then rights are fully on the prisoner, they can dictate how much they go for (usually in the 100s of thousands) and where the money goes, after they are sold they have 0 legal rights and can be used for whatever your want, the most common clients are the pharmaceutical and food industries. Regular cattle is prone to stubbornness and being hard to maintain, but prisoner cattle will work and bring cattle offspring (usually becomes infertile after a few generations due to the inbreeding) till their death. Wendy's is the one that goes most hardcore on it if you're wondering.


>Wendy's is the one that goes most hardcore on it if you're wondering. Of course it would be Wendy's lmao 😂


Is the meat industry not subsidised?






Pretty much


Soylent Green is peopleeeeee!


what about the jellyfish tho?


They're the reason this situation started


Humans on the continent of Parramium are genetically closer to dragons than they are to humans from the continent of Mistia. Basically, there's a species that mimicked multiple other species to resemble and behave like them. Some turned into humans, some into dragons, but all of them are from a completely different branch of life than the rest of the intelligent species. They are completely incompatible with humans from any other place in the world, but you could hatch a human-like creature from a dragon egg with some manipulations.


So in this universe I'm working on, gods are associated with arts, the first two being the god of storytelling and the god of critique, Creon and Ludex. Creon tells stories to Ludex who essentially destroys the stories they dont like, giving more room for other things to exist. Creon created the gods of earth/wealth/sculpting, painting/water/sea/sky, and wind/ music/sound and these essentials formed the planet. Then Ludex created Ignaritus, god of fire, change, cooking, and the avatar of destruction. Ignaritus is the only god unable to create things, only about to reform and destroy things to create room for new things. The god of wind then created Viltaia, goddess of life, nature and dance, who went about creating plants and animals and the like. With all these things for the god of wind to blow against, the world was filled with new music's that compelled Viltaia to dance and dance. Eventually, Ignaritus met Viltaia and began to dance with her, their incorporeal form swaying with her over and over until they overlapped as one. Though Ignaritus eventually danced away, called by Ludex to continue renewing the world, Ignaritus would never stop dancing, and they is why flames move the way they do. Also Viltaia for pregnant from Ignaritus moving through her and gave birth to the first born creature, Faun, the progenitor of what would become of the Hufan race. Tldr, Fire fell in love with the goddess of dance and accidentally created humanity and that's why flames move the way they do.


Most cities in Clores are built on steep cliff walls. Not on top of the cliffs but on the wall itself. Why did I add this? Not applicable, this was the mental image that the world began from, and all worldbuilding served to support this. Why are the cities vertical? The surface is inhospitable, covered with a very resilient and hostile Deathworld-like jungle. How did people appear here? They came from space. But now their FTL principle is not working anymore so they are stuck here trying to develop a workaround. How does space travel long ago fit into a fantasy-steampunk theme now? A magical FTL effect used by a medie... no, better, antique civilization which didn't really understand how it works but started colonizing space anyway, and after the separation they developed their tech into steampunk. TL;DR: cities are built vertically on cliffsides because fantasy Alexander the Great empire citizens couldn't adapt their magical spaceships to changing laws of nature with only bronze age tech.


Dwarves can use smartphones as portals.


Ok, i'm interested, what's the reason?


My world follows a sort of American Gods logic, where all mythologies are true. Each mythology exists on its own plane of existence. The Norse pantheon actually exists in nine realms, all touching Earth at various points. One of these planes is Svartalfheim, where the dwarves and dark elves reside. Dwarves have a thriving infrastructure and do business with all the other planes. There is also an interplanar compact that prohibits most manifestations, so opening portals between the planes is a highly regulated and serious business. For their business, however, dwarves need to be able to interact with the other planes. Rather than having full portals for people to pass through, they have found a way to turn smartphone screens into small portals to Svartalfheim. They can then accept payment and communicate with entities on other planes frequently.


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All monsters have a same father


That guy FUCKS


Is that father by any chance named Mara/Maara?


Nope his name is Xamolguruguruguru


Does he live in Llanfairpwll-gwyngyllgogerychwyrndrob-wllllantysiliogogogoch?


He live in under the Half-World Ice, First Saintess sealed him and now they have happy marriage


So she first sealed him in confinement and then forcefully married him? And then she forced him to have children with her? A rapey don't you think?


Thats neat part they don't have children together. When she sealed him his childrens already biggest danger in the world. Seal can't fully stop him but cut his connection of the world and binding his almost immortal body. They can't touch each other but after the thousands years they only can see each other, only talk each other ,they started love each other and finally married. Their married just pure love and that make reducing monsters population dramatically. Seal for protecting world and marriage for protecting their love


The Pale Elfs aren't dead and Izimma is lying about being the last of his kind .


No settlement has more then 108 residents.




The humanoid reproduction rate is so high that some powerful non-humanoids (dragons, devils, beholders etc) have worked together to eliminate major cities and cull all settlements that get too big. Nature in my world is struggling, it is a very productive world that can sustain lots of farming but that lead to a huge population boom that lead to massive exploitation of natural resources and conflict. The limit on settlement size Is to deal with pollution and prevent a repeat of the previous problems. The number of 108 is both a nod to a TV show and the result of beholders not being able to count above that number and they helped enforce the initial decree. Enough time has passed since that point that the settlements now enforce the limit themselves through various rituals and superstitions. TLDR good soil and beholder mathematical ability


Oh, It is kinda cool i guess.


Getting your fingers cut off is worse than the death penalty.




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XD not the intended punishment. It’s symbolic for a severe exile. The reason for this is Oath Rings. Oath Rings are given to those you value most in life at a special ceremony once a year. Most Kelthar have 3-7 Oath Rings. To receive the punishment where your fingers are cut off means you are disowned by everyone you love. You are also sometimes magically enchanted so that nobody you know will be friendly to you, if not then your crime was so atrocious that nobody would be friendly to you anyways. Most Kelthar who receive this punishment go insane, that is if they don’t kill themselves first. TLDR: Outcasts don’t have rings


BEASTS OF BURDEN There are certain extranormal individuals with powers oriented towards building stuff, often amazing pieces of technology, and they often do so with mundane components, yet the general level of technological advancement of the world isn't much greater than IRL. Why? There are a number of reasons. The first one is that people that build this stuff more often than not don't have a clue on how they work - they just have this instinctual knowledge about the building process, but good luck trying to explain it. Some extras try to take classes to get a better understanding on how they work, but many find that it actually hinders their creative process. The second one is that even outsiders with knowledge in that scientific field do not understand why those pieces of tech work. They are too complex to reverse engeener, understand or attempt to replicate most of the time. Even trying to repair them is tough. Some actually believe that extranormal technology does not work through science alone, but that there are extranormal powers at work. The third one? Especially in the Western block, capitalism. Even if you could sell unbreakable phones and clothes that change color and pattern and solar-powered cars for affordable prices, you probably would not. People wouldn't buy new phones, new clothes or gas. TL;DR: you can't mass produce ray guns because those who can build them don't know how to do it, they just do it


A 14 year old kid who robbed a museum is more important to the wellbeing of the mortal plane than the gods are.


Percy Jackson


Simple fact: Escatolian people in the same tribe are all genetically identical. Convoluted reason: All animal-like life on their planet were extincted in the middle of what on Earth would have been the Devonian period. With all marine life extinct, plant- and fungi like organisms were left to colonise dry land alone. Given the lack of *animal* pollinators and seed distributors, plants have evolved more locomotive morphologies. Worm-like seed pods that crawled, flowers that flew off like butterflies, etc. In one particular species of tree, flowers did more than simply try to find a mate — they also tended the ground surrounding the mother tree to protect it from predatory vines and similar dangers. This behaviour was quite successful, and eventually the flowers had evolved a sophisticated physiology with multiple senses and reasoning ability. So you see the connection. TL;DR: A "tribe" of Escatolians are actually the immature genitalia of a single genetic individual.


A guy smuggled his brother into the Pantheon with him so they both became gods


Four words!! ROCK-EGG CLONE-BABIES!! Unironically one of the things I like most about my world so far lmao! The world has minor magic, and it's mainly concentrated in the largest mountain range. The material that make up the rock in this mountain range is magical. I dunno how tf the folk of the mountains figured this out... but they discovered that if they take a decent-sized rock, as big as their natural eggs, and do weird stuff with it, it's an easy way to have a child. The ritual in question? Chip off a tiny amount of the selected rock, grind it up, put some of your own blood in it to make a weird mineral-based blood "ink", and smear it all over the rock. Grinding up part of the rock is necessary to break up the magic in it, and the blood has been found to be the most effective DNA you can put in the "ink", as it's already liquid. And obviously smearing it on the rock will allow the "ink" to be absorbed into it, as these rocks are usually fairly soft and porous. You know it worked eventually if the rock gets warmer, signifying that there's life in there now. After a healthy gestation period, the rock-egg will hatch on it's own. Revealing an offspring that is a DNA copy of their parent. The folk of the mountains have tried testing this with two folk's blood, to have an easy way to have children that is related to both parents, if they chose. Alas, it didn't work... It only works with one folk. But it's still a mainstream way to have children without doing anything. It's especially great for asexual folk! (Weird TL;DR: Mountain folk can easily clone themselves by smearing their blood on a freaking rock. Downside; you gotta raise said clone as your child.)


The Tsakki don't use fossil fuels. This is because their planet was made by one of their deities, Tetriche, literally stole pieces of land from other, distant planets to make up the world. In turn, Issak made life itself on the planet, and didn't bother going through "natural" evolution progression, just making shit as fast as he could. While there would be things an anthropologist would study, there isn't anything for archaeology, and the time period from early Tsakki to modern Tsakki isn't great enough for the oil and coal creation process to happen. As well as that, the pantheon of the Six Gods were human teenagers who wanted to create a better world than the one they came from, so they somewhat implanted the ideas of using solar, wind, and hydro power into the Tsakki, ever since the beginning. TL;DR: Fossil fuels aren't there because of literal creationism and people wanting to make a better world than their own home planet.


Mold calimari and psychedelic mushrooms are relatives but aren't if you look at the genetics


An immortal 2 million year old being and A.I rule an interplanetary democratic monarchy and all citizens are ok with it. Also the 2 million year old being has a human son that is also immortal, grown in a vat since he was a 1 week old fetus and his mother was turned into atoms because the 2 million year old tried to turn her immortal.


Fish is expensive, despite being a commonly eaten food. This is because the coasts of the island nation are compromised and cannot be reached. The only fish caught are ones grown in captivity or from the rivers.


TL;DR: In my world, set in an extreme far-future after humanity learned how to open portals through the Void into other parts of the Multiverse, humans are regarded as Gods. Explanation: Humanity managed to survive the turmoil and upheavals that plague history and future-history, to the point that entropy and universal heat-death is a pressing issue. Humanity knows that time is limited, but "recent" breakthroughs in understanding entropy allow them to travel through the Void into other universes of the Multiverse. One human in particular, now only known as Daedalus, creates a collection of bio-synthetic "humans" to serve as the immortal caretakers of Humanity's knowledge and accomplishments. A group of thirteen of these caretakers find and settle a new world and guide the evolution of its fledgling life until a new branch of Humanity arises. These new humans see the caretakers as gods, and call them the Ancients. The Ancients explain that they themselves were created, and New Humanity transfers their worship to Old Humanity, placing Daedalus as the All-Father of the new religion.


My former homebrew d&d world had a city in a specially-warped desert called Hollywood that was centred around a half-buried mausoleum, run by an undead Stag called Staglich (pronounced Stanley), and that makes all its money by putting on illusion-heavy (read: CGI) performances. Their first ever show (also their most famous) was Point Break. Reason: my players suck/rule


Projectiles travel slightly farther when fired in westerly directions than easterly ones. They also tend to drift west when fired directly north or south. This is because the world is inscribed on the interior of an absolutely massive cylinder, which is rotating to provide centripetal gravity. The rotation of the cylinder itself is what causes this phenomenon.


[Edit] Cool ! A cylindrical coriolis effect ! ;) [Do not take into accourt what stupidity may follow] You should add that your world physics works differently than ours. In the real world, relative speed doesn't work that way. Everything resting on the rotating interior of the cylinder already moves at the same speed, it is immobile from the cylinder's point of view. The movement of the cylinder would of course affects the bullet's "absolute" movement but from the shooter's perspective (who's also immobile in the cylinder's referential) the projectile would travel exactly the same way west/east and north/south. [Yes, I know, I was wrong]


The most challenging special forces entry exam in my world considers calculus ability as more important than marksmanship.


While really far from each other and mostly without contact, all human nations have some sort of arranged marriages, if you reach a determined age without a partner the government will find one fit. 3 years ago the Deva Engine and many similar systems were active simultaneously, this caused small rifts between the world of matter and the world of mind, the first generation of creatures coming from the rifts had no body, so they took over animals and stayed aimless, the second generation also lacked bodies, but they started taking over inanimate objects, one of them was able to take over an Deva Engine and greatly increased it's output, which led to other 2nd generations taking over more and more complex systems, some of them got in missile systems around the world and started firing at random, the initial damage was immense, but confusion, wrong blame and fear escalated the situation, by the third year humanity was reduced to around 2 billion, the north hemisphere is under unnatural winter, the supernatural creatures mysteriously reached the south hemisphere, human numbers are huge concern, while marriages are necessary, fidelity isn't obligatory, one can still keep other relationships, as long as they have children.


Ok, so the people of Sylarbora worship the sun and the three moons as their gods; Trigion, god of the sun, is considered the protector of mortals, who protects the world from Atraion, the all-devouring god of darkness. His three sisters, Igaeda, Ziëso and Egefe, are said to have created the world (Trigion actually translates to "brother of three" in the language of Old Yunar, and "Gion" is still a common name for a youngest child, akin to "Benjamin" in our world). The thing is, this is somewhat true; the sun of the Trigion-system is in fact a sentient, benevolent eldritch being, and the same goes for the moons. These beings are too old and too vast to comprehend individual mortal life, but Trigion is aware that it is orbited by a planet which is "living" and has a drive to protect it. The moons didn't directly create life, but they do nurture, protect and to a degree influence it. They are responsible for the world's magic system. Atraion is actually the one who seeded life on the planet. In reality, Atraion is a matrioshka brain around a black hole, which seeds life all throughout his galaxy. After a few billion years, it then returns to harvest said life for its intellect. Trigion intends to fight Atraion when he returns, wanting to protect his world, and the three moons have influenced mortal life in hopes of giving it ways to defend itself from Atraion. The reason people worship Trigion and his sisters and are even aware of their interplay with Atraion to any degree, is because of the Niobids. They are a group of eleven immortal beings who are allies of the gods and wander the world and attempt to guide mortals in the right direction. They are hesitant to give mortals information they couldn't figure out for themselves, though, believing knowledge to be a potentially dangerous tool. They've gotten quite good at being annoyingly mysterious over the millennia, but Trigionism is pretty much pieced together from things they said before adding "I've already said too much." TL;DR, human religion on Sylarbora is a cargo cult that worships the celestial bodies and has a supercomputer as its satan figure, but I've already said too much...


A subset of people have weaker jaws than people in the real world and thus cannot comfortably eat many meats.


While many people work as guides and escorts into the wild, they are separated into two groups - forest guides and mountain guides, because once you set your foot in the forest you just forfeited your chances at survival in mountains. TL;DR: If you enter forest, you can no longer survive in mountains.


Homogenorousens are 8 feet tall and have silver hair and purple eyes.


Well, time to put my autism on full display. This is from one of my worlds that is mostly abandoned, but it really fits the bill of convoluted. What is it? Shaving body is very common amongst a couple regions of the world. Now, onto the convolution: 1. The Elves originally started body hair shaving due to a lot of trees in the area contain a lot of sap, so body hair would quickly get stuck and be a nuisance when climbing trees. 2. After the First War, the Elves were enslaved, but kept up the practice as at that point, it was just a custom of their culture. At that point, it moved from practical shaving of the lower legs and arms, to mostly full body, as many Elves do not remember why that became a part of their culture in the first place. 3. Many Elves would flee through the DMZ to attempt to make it to Human settlements, where they would technically not be slaves. 4. Despite being free, they were still considered second class citizens, and would often fill up the ghettos. 5. Around the same time, life started to stabilize and more artistic professions started to develop, such as painters. 6. Many painters would higher the cheapest models they could find, which due to the second class status of Elves, meant that they were often the subject of many paintings. A lot of nude paintings, since sex sells. 7. Since painting was still kinda a rich person thing, Rich nobles were the primary consumer of these paintings, and after several generations, you wind up having an entire class of people who consider the paintings the pinnacle of beauty. Therefore, the Rich Nobles started the practice of body hair shaving. 8. That practice then cascaded down the classes, as everyone attempted to emulate the wealthy. 9. After several more generations, virtually everyone shaves body hair (men and women, actually) but nobody knows why or how that even got started. TL;DR: Everyone shaves their legs cause trees have sap.


Pseudo-Earth. Movie-musicals are the dominant form of film in modern Western Cinema, with action movies being somewhat of a rare novelty. This is because an alien god died in north America 12,000 years ago, and traces of it's power remained underground, seeping into certain mineral veins over the years. Some of this power was released through a certain silver mine, and one particularly energy-rich chunk was unknowingly made into a piece of jewelry bought by one Judy Garland, who's exposure to the power rendered her immune to age and disease. She was initially unaware of this, but over the years, the now alarmingly unaging musical star accumulated more and more financial and social clout, until her name alone would guarantee a movie's success. As she, in both our timeline and this, was most known for, and most fond of musicals, without even trying to, she single-handedly kept the genre alive decades after it's expiration date. There have been rumors now and then that she will retire soon. Given her nature as, essentially, the face of Hollywood, this has caused much hand-wringing. TLDR: Dead elder god accidently makes musicals more popular.


Sunfruit is a tasty staple of traditional Sefen food, but is outrageously expensive elsewhere in the galaxy and strict laws prohibit it's availability from food replicators. The legal distance between sunfruit trees for farming is 50 feet.


Guns exist but most people wear armor and use swords. Reason: said guns are modern weapons. Sub machine guns, grenade launchers, flamethrowers. Such things are really weak next to enchanted armor whose purposes can vary, some can only deflect heat and not impact round but almost all enchanments allow knights to get pummeled through wooden walls and sustain no damage whatsoever. Martial arts can enhance the body to dodge and even catch bullets while Runecraft can cause guns to jam in a users presence due to too much internal heat. So if someone pulls out a machine gun, it doesn't feel out of place.


Organized religion in massive churches always end up with prophets, Saint's , and other holy figures showing up. When magic suddenly and dangerously became available everywhere it didn't take long for people to figure out summoning circles. The most common type would summon monsters only. When a person tried to summon another human it would create a mimic. These slime like creatures have a small amount of mind reading and perfect visual transformations. Magic has since been controlled but the mimics never went extinct as it's difficult to kill something that can turn to liquid and slip away. Mimics enjoy worship and due to the mind reading they bask in prayers so even if it's unlikely to work they try to be the center of attention at religious fictions.


So the reason this administrator lady at a local charity was found ripped to pieces in her office is that she actually wasn't a normal human being, but instead a composite creature comprised of several severely devolved, deformed humans, essentially reduced to little more than fleshy worms through violent selective breeding, lashed and sewn together underneath her clothes, each terminating in a seemingly-normal-looking "limb", ruled by a kind of hive mind. So anyway, it turns out, she wasn't actually murdered, she committed suicide and ripped herself apart, because she couldn't bear the monstrosity of her unnatural anatomy any longer. Of course, she was the way she was because the charity she works for is actually a secret eugenics sect that's been breeding humans for millennia to satisfy their insane philosophy, and she was to have been the culmination of their experiments. However, the idea of creating a "metanthrope", a human made out of several smaller humans, only came to the eugenics charity because their leader, when the organization was newly arrived on the new continent where this happened, had a run-in with the continent's native, a giant hive mind of eusocial butterflies. Now these butterflies have acquired such advanced powers of calculation, which they carry out using members of their swarms as tiny living computers, that they almost (but not quite) can predict the future. So the reason why the charity's leader stumbled upon what looked like a swarm of butterflies shaped into a human body, when she and her org first came to the continent, is because the butterflies had actually predicted the eventual arrival of human colonizers in their lands, had in fact known about it for thousands of years, and had in fact had a sort of social collapse into mass hysteria, cultism and internecine warfare over it. They had planted a kind of hypnotic symbol in the form of their human-shaped form, that infected the org leader's brain like a memetic virus, and carried on to cause her to start the project that would eventually create the dead charity administrator. Why the butterfly people wanted to do this has yet to be resolved, but since their prognostications and plans span thousands of years at a time, suffice it to say there is surely a larger design at play here. ​ Long story short: Office lady commits suicide because psychic butterflies already knew she would 10,000 years ago.


Centurions (robots) can use healing "magic" even though they aren't biological beings. Tl:dr if you can get "souls" and bond them to the parts of a robot you could heal the metal and make it change shape full metal alchemist style. It's a lot more complicated than that but that's the bare bones of it.


The drow are anarcho-capitalists that nobody trusts but everyone can't help but be tempted to trade with.


In my world Yellowstone erupted causing nuclear wars to erupt in the nuclear famine forcing much of humanity to leave for other worlds in the Solar System. Desperate to have a world where they could breathe and not be in an enclosed space humanity began terraforming the Inner Solar System not caring if the result would be a world barely habitable. For example Mercury was terraformed however it is basically a very dry desert mountain world that requires constant maintenance to make sure the world’s atmosphere doesn’t get torn to shreds by the sun, Venus is a planet where the sun is out for 250 days and the acid levels are high with strong winds mixed in, and Mars is a dry world with frigid poles thin air and high radiation levels. TLDR: humanity would rather live on a shithole planet with breathable to barely breathable air then live on Earth because Earth is that bad


Significantly less than 1% of the Thieves guild consists of Master Thieves/Apostates


In 100 years, google-like translation technology will be used as an international resource similar to passports and citizenship through the use of a nanotechnology-based pill. When someone wishes to visit a country, a pill is granted at the consulate with temporary effects, where the person can think and understand its original language while understanding and speaking the foreign one; meanwhile, people that decide to permanently stay on a country, are given a pill with long term effects, where your verbal, written and listening skills are just as effective as communicating with a native citizen without noticeable difference. A side effect of this one is that, after a long time, the effect ceases to work, but your mind is so used to it that the technology has basically replaced the previous language. Despite such resource being heavily guarded, mafia networks provide significant fund to its development, having access to the pills and using them to communicate with clients through the often negligent use of both short and long term pills. The incident isn’t the most common among citizens, but the frequent mix of various languages of both terms “crashes” the nanotechnology agent, resulting in a micro-security protocol activation that grants the user polyglot capabilities, probably for the rest of its life, but at the expense of developing an accent based on the first synthetic language used, which gives away the aggressive consumption, like a drug. TL;DR: Language pills will exist in a century for foreign strangers. Short term for visitors and tourists, long term for migration and citizenship. Abuse will make you speak all languages you’ve consumed, but you develop an accent.


Travelling between planets is easier than making bread, because of zombies.


The Roman Empire continued into the 22nd Century 80,000 light years away. No, this isnt alt-history; no, they were not given spaceships.


In The Kolegrian Federation, you have a better chance of earning the Forced Labor penalty by being racist/sexist/homophobic than by murdering someone. Forced Labor involves being sent to brutal camps in rural areas and providing food ration for the Seleki War Front.


**Ennor** There are no visible stars or planets. Ennor is unique among worlds for a very special reason, it has magic. It does exist within the same universe as we do, but despite this, has developed extremely differently to us. The rules that apply to us do not apply to them. This is because Ennor is inside the singularity of a black hole. An infinitely small point where the entirety of a black hole’s mass is condensed into. Every concept of our reality breaks down there, and it doesn’t even really exist as a definable point. This is where Ennor is. Because no light escapes a black hole, they cannot see the stars or any other planets. As far as they’re aware, there are none.


The incredibly powerful magocratic Soroft Ciim oppress everyone in the provinces except the comparably uncivilized Naidenak. TL;DR: How to win a fight against a nazi-wizard? Cut your own skin off!


The Soroft Ciim are a communist dictatorship seated in the Pretorian Isles to the far northeast of the Pretorian Territories. They maintain a stranglehold on the much larger and more populous Senivir and Kato provinces to the southeast, each of which is an entire continent in its own right and utterly dwarfs the landmass and population of the Isles. The Soroft Ciim does this by preventing any government larger than a city state from gaining power via a network of spies spread throughout the provinces and legions of undead which they can teleport anywhere in the territories they want with very little notice. The other major factor the Soroft Ciim use to maintain political dominance with no real rivals is the complete control of magic. A network of long-range magical sensors is set up on the various islands surrounding the provinces which allows the Soroft Ciim to detect when and where magic is being used. Obviously there’s a lot of magic in nature and whatnot so they’ve had to tune the sensors quite a bit in order for them to be effective, but if anyone uses magic that is too strong or not nature-based in the provinces, the Soroft Ciim knows, teleports in, and likely kills them or abducts them.


Cue the Naidenak, a mortifying death cult. A few hundred years ago, an incredibly powerful magician named Merlin Anglar formed the Soroft Ciim and swept across the territories, destroying whatever was there before and committing cultural and literal genocide so effective and thorough that very little is remembered by anyone about what came before the Soroft Ciim and who exactly the denizens of the Pretorian Territories are. Except the Niadenak don’t believe that. The Naidenak worship an ancient eldritch god of corruption and flesh called Naia (inspired by Yaldaboth from the SCP universe), and they say she created the first forms of life in her image as screaming, twisted creatures of malice and agony. To them, this is a divine state of being, and if it wasn’t clear already, a body horror trigger warning is definitely in order. The Naidenak believe that the other gods and divine entities altered Naia’s original children into the plants, animals, and people of the modern world, and they say that this perversion of her work offended her, and that she had begun to destroy the world so she could build another in her image before Merlin Anglar and the Soroft Ciim stopped her and imprisoned her. So the Naidenak mutilate themselves and their victims since they view it as a form of apotheosis, and they have a continued fanatical interest in weakening or even destroying the Soroft Ciim. Thus, the very system the Soroft Ciim use to oppress the provinces is used against them by the Naidenak. Sure the Soroft Ciim have the power to annihilate the centers of Naidenak worship, but most Naidenak tribes are nomadic and Kato province - where they live - is a comically dangerous place to traverse, so getting rid of every single Naidenak would be a campaign years in the making, and would cost countless Soroft Ciim lives and resources. But they can’t just let them be either, because then the Naidenak might actually get good enough at magic to pose a legitimate threat, and they can’t reason with them or intimidate them because the Naidenak already do worse things to themselves than the Soroft Ciim could ever do, and the Naidenak don’t care how many lives they have to throw away, if they kill ONE MAEGE, it’s worth it to them. So yeah. It’s a stalemate. The Soroft Ciim sometimes don’t respond to magical triggers at all in Kato province, and sometimes they respond with overwhelming force and violence, seemingly at random.


Certain land masses are conscious and aware of the life on it. There's a particular lake that disguises itself as a river and has a nasty habit of following travelers, confusing them with its sudden appearance. It does this to incite thirst. However the thirsty is not the one who does the drinking. This is because of the dimensional collision thousands of years ago. It changed things on a level that rewrote the rules and physics of life.


Worker drones on a cold arless world work using the most expensive and fashion human clothes even if they were not humanoid, sentient or close to human cities


One of the gods is actually three of them and no one knows but the fates.


Okay, in my fantasy setting, there’s a small kingdom founded by escaped slaves. The founded a single massive city and eventually became the richest and largest city in the world. They decided to call forth a war against slavery and called upon allies to help them. To the far north there’s a kingdom with strict anti slavery laws because their religion is founded upon the principle that every man woman and child has a sacred soul meant as a gift from the goddess of life to the goddess of death and thusly slavery (owning another man’s soul) is one of the worst moral crimes you can commit. A well traveled lower ranking priestess uses her considerable charisma and rallies together 10-15k volunteers from lower nobility and the peasantry behind her and with funding from the king and March south. After 8 years of war the 5-6k remaining northerners set up shop on islands that were most famous for being a popular place to raid for slaves. After liberating the Isles from a pirate king with the help of a sea king (a totally different subject) they set up shop and actively intermarried with the local population along with repopulating large parts of the islands with settlers from the homelands. The Sea King and the Priestess got married and became the rulers of the 13th Jarldom of the Northern kingdom. TLDR the most southern islands are under the control of the most northern kingdom because a City-state declared a war on slavery and a female priestess did a religious thing.


The Mountain of Night and Day: This mountain ought to be a geological impossibility as it's a giant strato-volcano in the middle of an approximately circular region of geothermal activity with no other mountains near it. It gets its name because it is located on the Arctic circle; for substantial parts of the year the North face of the mountain is in constant daylight or constant night. Why: the previous planetary spirit developed mental-illness like issues that caused them to try to make the planet orderly. This wasn't completely possible, even planetary spirits have to acknowledge physics and such, but it had increasingly detrimental effects on the planet (and the lifeforms living on it) as the situation continued. So when a continental hot-spot formed under one of the continents, the planetary spirit tried to keep it from erupting. They managed to prevent a super-volcano style eruption and keep the hot-spot from moving relative to the continent, but did not manage to disperse the hot-spot or keep it from erupting entirely. Instead the hot-spot produced numerous smaller eruptions, quickly choked off by the planetary spirit, which eventually built up a massive volcanic cone (\~50 miles diameter at the base). The weight of the volcanic cone gradually caused the continental crust to sink in that area, effectively squishing the magma chamber and creating a false-caldera. However, some magma remained trapped in the crust, producing high levels of geothermal activity (Yellowstone style) within the false caldera. The location of the mountain on the Arctic Circle is coincidence. ​ TL;DR: Insane planetary spirit accidentally created a lone volcanic mountain in the middle of a continent.


The city-state quasi-secretly run by the cult of Asmodeus hates tieflings and treats them as the lowest of the low, rather than venerating them as touched by the hells. Its because Asmodeus hates them on a personal level.


Because I'm lazy with my imagination, I wanted all my races to be humanoid. So I decided the gods that created the universe had put forth a decree that all beings on a specific path of sentience will always evolve to be humanoid shaped. This also let's me introduce partially humanoid creatures that seem like they will be sentient one day.


* It's illegal to sell sugar without a license, but it's legal to sell people marijuana. * If you are in the city of aaṣṭoba for exactly five days and then go to the city of Koo, you will explode * It is possible to turn a cup into a nuclear bomb


An extremely horny rock is both the reason that humanity is saved as well as causing the nuclear extinction of all live in earth at the same time. (And no, no spaceship or the likes involved)


The Archangel Samael is banned from buying alcoholic products from any Nordic country. There's a reason why some people wish Ragnarok had actually happened.


Thorus, the carpentry god of thunder is just one example of how the gods have had to play different roles throughout mortal history to continue being powered by prayers, discussions and relevance.


Magic used to be called Magi and in recent years it's been called Magica.


So I started with four facts- * In the RPG 13th Age, there are three kinds of elf- Wood Elves, High Elves and Dark Elves. Also High Elves say that the "High" in "High Elf" translates as "high" or "bright" but not "sky". * The elves are said to have created the first Orc Lord * One of my players has something called the Harmony Stone embedded in his chest. It's a vague MacGuffin and he just wanted to see what I would do with it * The campaign I am running in 13th Age involves seeking out an object of ultimate destructive power, which I want to weave into the existing mythology of the game. Just over 1,000 years ago, there was only one kind of elf. They were as fast as today's Wood Elves, as wise as today's High Elves and as ruthless as today's Dark Elves. But then came the first Dragon Emperor, a human who wielded the Rune of Annihilation, with which he could slay armies, level cities, unmake spells and undo the very laws of nature themselves. Even abstract concepts could be shattered by the Rune, yet still he hungered for more. He had heard that the elves had an object called the Harmony Stone, which could be combined with the Rune to reveal any secret, heal any wound or create anything he could imagine. He met with the leader of the elves and threatened to destroy their entire race if they did not give him what he wanted. And the leader of the elves, who bore the Harmony Stone in his chest, agreed- the stone would be shattered, he would be unmade utterly and the Dragon Emperor would be granted the ultimate Truth. But when the Dragon Emperor cast his spell, the elven leader laughed at him with his last breath, saying "Your Ultimate Truth is revealed, and it is that you and your armies are nothing but ravening beasts and monsters." At this, the Emperor and his men began to twist, their skin turning green as they began to sprout tusks and claws. But with his last rational thought, the Dragon Emperor cast the Rune one last time, proclaiming that the elves would be shattered as surely as morning noon and night. And so the elves were shattered as surely as morning noon and night, each one splitting into three- the Wood Elves, the elves of the morning and of green growing things, the High Elves, the elves of the noon, with brightly glowing wits and the Dark Elves, the elves of the night and of the dark places beneath the earth. As for the Emperor, his children were spared and went on to rule the empire, while his descendants from after his transformation continue to wage endless war in the northwest corner of the empire to this very day. TL:DR: there are three different flavours of elves for the same reason orcs exist- someone blew up a magic rock


Dolphins along with a few other animals are nearly extinct. For these animals in particular it is because a being known as the Onryo looked into the souls of the creatures and saw them as smart enough to be inherently malicious so he purged the planet of the adults and left the young to prove themselves better. Other animals like the gorilla however are protected by the Onryo as he sees them as noble creatures


There's a tax on being bisexual. Sexuality can be reprogrammed pretty easily, so lots of people opt to be bisexual in order to expand their potential dating/hookup pool. Over the years this has led to a slight decrease in the birth rate, which is problematic for an off-world colony. So the government imposed a moderate tax on the procedure.


For Skzarri, wrestling counts as porn. They are a hermaphroditic alien species which engage in brutal mating fights in their mating season. During those fights, they try to stab their opponent's egg-sack with their sharp claspers while the opponent tries to do the same. The victor can go on to fight and spread their DNA some more while the defeated gets a child from a stronger opponent. This way the warlike Skzarri ensure that stronger individuals have more offspring. With close quarters fighting and mating being the same thing for them, Skzarri porn is basically staged wresting and choreographed dance fighting. TL;DR: It's because they are a species of rapists.


There's currently a species of extremely buff squirrels. No size, behavioral, life span or intellect difference, they're just ridiculously buff, as in about 10 of them could uproot a real world tree, but they don't realize this because all the flora around them is equally buff (still inanimate). Blame the Feywild.


TOONFORCE-LIKE ABILITES. Its true and very much possible due to the existence of Dumbness Energy, one of the fundamental True Energies. Dumbness E. can be generated by anything that makes the Reality Bending Energy entertained. But be warned for old RB has seen some serious stuff in his immortality and might even find gruesome things like death and gore to be funny...


The species of quantum mechanics nerds known as the Cotrons can "hear" electromagnetic fields. The reason for this is because they are so often in space that they don't need to hear anything because sound doesn't travel in space, a more useful information for them is electromagnetic field of a celstial body. Using this sense, they can locate not only huge sources of energy - and therefore food - but seek for safer places for them to rest and regenerate. Not only that, they can use this sense to locate living beings and electricity-based tools/machines, so they'd always know if You're on Your phone when You're supposed to be sleeping. This sense is so precise they can tell easily whether someone is dead or alive, in coma, asleep or unconcious. Still, they are able to perceive sound, albeit not as a human would do. The sensation is quite similar to hearing, it's just they perceive different sort of stimuli using this sense, so on a day-to-day basis, [this](https://youtu.be/vDoRIXQxAqA) is more or less what they would "hear". TL;DR: Cotrons are such nerds of quantum physics even their own senses are in constant superposition.


Emerald city is real there and it sucks. After the metal plague started, the city (which its real name I haven’t come up with yet, but it’s basically emerald city from the wizard of oz) is now run by goblin gangs, while the slums have been left deserted, as everyone left to hide in the city underground vaults. The city was founded as a port city for people entering the island, and gained its riches by being next to the river. However, most people were moved out of the emerald spires and into the slums, as living in the city proper was expensive as shit. It is one of the most advanced city-states on the island, only beaten by the water base


The giant flaming comet-like object seen in the sky each night is called "The Mad God's Chariot", "The Mad Chariot/Chariot of Madness", or "The Flaming Chariot". Little do the people of the realm know, it is actually a transport vessel, now doomed to crash into the Sun, and the true origin of The Unifiers, the great people that brought peace and Universality to the land.


People that want to go to a "force" academy are basically going to their own death without knowing it.


Billboards can be 3D. I’ll explain later, but the tl;dr is Nazis do portal experiments, Russians pick it up and discover the multiverse, ancient monstrous being that consumes universes notices and makes a beeline for Earth


Dwarves are literally small humans