What are some pieces of worldbuilding you have purely for the lols?

What are some pieces of worldbuilding you have purely for the lols?


"but somehow worked" I have something like that , but it didn't worked , it ended up in a desaster : A few thousands years ago , Izimma was at a banquet held by the Emperor in Lyria and after a night of heavy drinking and "playing" with the ladies in the emperor harem , those 2 idiots took the chepeast sword they could find and scribbled some bogus prophecy about whomever have this sword will rule de world , and hid it in the fresh tomb of the court mage , who recently died of old age . Fast forward 4000 years and they found the sword , they believe is real and 2 continent spawning empires go full on war for it , costing milions of lives .


Two bros literally went "hey man how funny would it be to screw with future ppl amirite" 💀


Yes but not quite , Izimma being of divine nature , he know that in the future , if the tomb will be raided or excavated someone stupid enough might try it , + the hole point of it was mostly a jab at the court wizard , since the old fart was that type of party pooper , stricts as a general father figure for the emperor , but even his divine powers wouldn't guess that an entire continent will be burned for a rusty sword .


[This entire Dwarven reproductive cycle](https://crayshack.com/2021/07/05/there-are-no-women-dwarves/) was created as a joke during a DnD game. It was made entirely on the spot to fuck with one of my players and could have just been a throwaway gag if the whole group didn’t find it so funny.


This is one of the most cursed yet glorious pieces of writing I've ever laid eyes on


If you’d like, there’s also [this story](https://crayshack.com/2021/06/23/the-paladin-of-virtue/) from a different DnD game. I wasn’t the DM and there was less improv here, but it’s a similar kind of “we made a joke just to mess with one player” kind of thing.


Oh the poor, poor Dwarf 😂 Even the gods were in on this one


The painting is now a running gag. It shows up in the background in a lot of our stuff.


this is actually pretty cool


There's a lake, slightly south of the city of Thamun, capitol of Monkhet. Ages ago, Monkhet was beseiged by a "savage" tribe that brought a then unknown weapon to the siege; a trebuchet. Before the siege properly started, the city's defenders rushed out and overwhelmed the attacking forces, managing to capture the trebuchet. They also captured some of the crew that was to operate the thing. Figuring they were dead men anyway, when asked about how the weapon worked, the men offered a demonstration. They turned the trebuchet around and aimed it at the lake - 250 meters south of them - and climbed in the trebuchet's sling. From there, they gave the Monkhetians instructions on how to operate it...and moments later they flew through the air, landed in the water and somehow survived, swimming to the other end. The Monkhettian king was so amused by their escape attempt, he got his men to recapture the two, and offered them a full amnesty and citizenship and now every year, at a celebration in honor of the ruling king or queen, people join a competition to see who can get flung into the lake and swing back the fastest.


250 meters is 273.4 yards


This is amazing.


Sometimes in my world a white donkey is born. White donkeys dont die of old age. Most people dont know it, but there are tales in random tows of a donkey owned by a family that has outlived 10 generations and stuff like that.


Do you happen to have an Immortal White Donkey cult?


Kind of. A little amount of people, some wizards and some noble families, know of the white donkeys. So, when they find one white donkey is out there, they go out of their way to get it, fighting one another and paying ridiculous amounts of money thinking is worth it because some magical capabilities they attribute to the white donkeys. They are normal donkeys tough, inmortal, but normal in any other way.


I have a wagon builder /rental shop. The owner's name is Volk.


Oh you clever clever bastard


The Tom the Bartenders' Guild. Bartenders register with the guild, legally change their name to Tom, and the Guild guarantees that the beer comes from hops and barley, not cats. This explains why all the bartenders are named Tom.


This reminds me of a writing prompt that's been stuck in the corner of my brain: by day, bartenders are bartenders. By night, they are bart-enders, mercenaries with the sole purpose to kill everyone named Bart. They won't rest until every Bart is exterminated


Sounds like they need to stop having a cow, man.


there is a colony of halflings living in the badlands that think they're orcs. they are not.


**Alvelotyl - Fun Facts** ​ * **There's a race of pigfolk that use giant cutlery as weapons.** Orcs are big into their food, and work to shape their magic and abilities to reflect that. While the cutlery is just the tip of the iceberg for them, swinging around a huge spoon, fork or knife helps to develop food or hunt relevant abilities. * **Similarly, wearing clothes with racing stripes on them can make you move faster through the same logic.** * **Magic corner stores can randomly manifest underground or in dungeons.** These stores, known as ['Nonny's',](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldbuilding/comments/kspj6a/whowhat_are_your_recurring_background/gijah9r/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) have been the subject of a lot of in-universe debate, and nobody really knows where they come from. * **Corpse puppeteering bug creatures make for excellent doctors and surgeons.** Malacanths are a race of eight legged sapient insects that have the ability to enter corpses, seal them up and pilot them around. Although the decision to allow Malacanths to act as \[Doctors\] for living people is seen as controversial, their skill is undeniable. * **There are a race of sapient objects known as '**[**Abberants**](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldbuilding/comments/j8amcd/whats_something_that_makes_no_sense_in_your/g8byqhf/?context=3)**' that occur when excess Aera, or magic energy, congeals around an object that Casters or many people interact with on a regular basis.** This is a phenomenon with a higher chance of happening if the individuals interacting are in the midst of 'flow' or using magic. This allows me to make things like legendary weapons with wills of their own, talking buckets, or to use a specific example, a sentient rock pretending to be a storm controlling Half Elven criminal. * **The** [**Demon Empress**](https://www.reddit.com/r/FantasyWorldbuilding/comments/j77m3e/tell_me_three_or_five_things_about_the/g83bw8x/?context=3) **appeared on a radio show once as a sort of prank using an alias.** One of the most dangerous and feared people in the world ended up appearing on a radio show after the organisers at Shamala News contacted one 'Dariera Emoness', an inventor creating a new type of magic item taking the markets by storm. When that person turned out to be the Night Queen, everyone at that station got a serious shock. Of course, the radio interview still went forward as normal. Gotta be professional about things, after all. * **A** [**pirate's**](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldbuilding/comments/jmb3t3/pirates_sea_air_or_space_any_type_of_pirate/gb1ms4a/?context=3) **buried treasure was mistaken as a peace offering that ended up in treaties with sea people.** * **Changelings are completely unable to digest eggs.** Just a random tidbit I wove into the lore after doing research on Changelings in folklore. * **There's a** [**magic archipelago with candy trees**](https://www.reddit.com/r/goodworldbuilding/comments/j9l7ld/what_is_something_that_exists_in_your_world/g8ltm3w/?context=3)**,** sugar deserts and rivers of gravy populated by monsters like Gummy Bears, Chocodiles and Watermelophants. * **There's a Dragon with a blog dedicated to collecting antique toys.** Most people with a [Vox](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldbuilding/comments/jp5yfq/what_is_the_latest_technological_development_your/gbcp08r/?context=3), or who visit their town's Vox Parlors, know of the name 'Toy Collector', even if nobody knows the person behind it is a Dragon. * **A mutant monster later became an idol sensation in their home country.** Again, a lot of controversy and backlash in some circles, but to others of their kind, they're seen as a hero and the face of [Chimera](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldbuilding/comments/j89y2t/is_there_a_chimera_equivalent_creature_lurking/g8bwncz/?context=3) awareness, helping to push rights for their kind forward.


Centaurs are an incredibly dangerous enemy for low level players, so I made centaurs love the taste of chicken. Now my players always carry a live chicken everywhere they go.


My entire world is set after a global flood. The myth told about why this flood happened involves a deity-like figured known as The Crying Lady. It is believed that she was so grieved, that her tears turned to streams running into the ocean, which swelled up and consumed the entire world. What I'm trying to say is, this is a story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world.


Dragons, no matter how angry, how wise, or how old, can be calmed into a reasonable state by boops. This is because dragon hatchlings get their parents' attention via booping them, and elder dragons calm their young via booping. Therefore, booping has a physiological effect on them that calms them down significantly.


lol boop.


Out natural instinct to pat and boop things have come in handy I see


I have a desert kingdom that I don’t think we’ll ever get to visit properly called the Nimmavoh - it’s a German pun, courtesy of a funny Swiss lady I know. Out of sight, out of mind - it’s in the Nimmer-wo.


Mimics can sneeze. They are panmorphic entities of intelligent matter, but I thought having them get rid of caught debris by making the most terryfying appearance as well as the cutest noise in the universe would be somewhat funny :> Wicked indeed, my sense of humour, is. :)


On my world of Kelandria (a 2nd Edition AD&D Homebrew World) it is VERY bad luck to back up while on a bridge. Thusly, a bridge is either short and classically built or long with a wide midpoint to turn around in. Even the monstrous people (goblins, orcs ETC) have the same superstition. No-one knows when, where or why it started. It just is.


The full title of the Noxian emperor is "Prophet of the Creator's Greatness, Voice of God, Messenger of the Maker, Ruler of the Creator's Realm, Agent of God's Will, the Divine Emperor". Many of those titles were actually added so that it's clear that the emperor isn't a god, but acts in the name of a god, so they could explain why emperors die


Hmm, you've given me a couple of ideas. First idea,the Red Sands are a group of fanatics who believe the body is tainted. Therefore, they conduct genetic research into making super humans. Why? Cause they all inherited one bad gene. A gene that causes constipation one day and loose motion the next.


I created an entire martial art, with a dense history and regional variants, because a character is good with knives. They could have been good for any other reason, of course.


In my DnD homebrew the most feared warrior/creature by far in setting is Rogast, a sentient fey rabbit. When I say feared think like John Wick levels of dread and "oh shit." Nobody knows how exactly but he's slain eveything from dragons, frost giants, and vampire lords all the way to singlehandedly decimating entire armies. Basically i combined Squirrl Girl from Marvel comics and the Monty Python rabbit. To create this hopping engine of destruction that even hardened killers have nightmares about.


Oracles can glimpse into the future at any time, but whenever they do so, the future changes. So they're not very useful


The Illin started out as kind of a joke creature in my world. My idea was that they'd be mini-dragons that'd sort of have the personality of raccoons, always getting into dumpsters and stuff, and they'd earn the nickname of "trash dragons."


Trash dragon! :D Ngl sounds adorable


Citrus is hard drugs for goblins. They get three days worth of murderous energy from an orange.


The ruler goddess (well, was the ruler) is, essentially, a troll. But in the "we do a little trolling" way. Basically, a lot of the things that exist in the world "by nature" and impact a lot on the world were done by her just for the shits and giggles. Examples: Ya know the continental drift and tectonic plates? The drift was caused by said goddess, one day, randomly, deciding that she didn't like the way continents were set and just moved them in the fastest way possible. That caused the biggest earthquakes ever registered and caused millions of deaths. Another example is when, at the start of civilization, the goddess realized that her creations (only humans by that time) were really into, ahem, zoophilia. So she just thought "It would be funny if I made humans and animals capable of interbreeding for 4 days only and not tell any human about that". In that span of four days, thousands of human-animal species were conceived, including spider people (don't ask me how that happened). Only few of them managed to make it into the present day, like aarakockras.


There's a city named "Ponta Grandev", which is Endos for big lake. It's named like that because it was built at a big lake.


I mean... that seems pretty reasonable


Somewhere, a river splits in 2 (not in a delta). It's a famous spot for the magical aura that reigns there, and people come to visit it.


In a German-based area, two of the protagonists as children got lost in the forest looking for that gingerbread house. The joke gets brought up three times, with the third time someone remarks that they successfully found that gingerbread house.


In my RetroMech 198X! world (think a mix of Battletech, Cthulutech and 80's action movies) the entire history and backstory is a mix of The Protomen's take on the Megaman franchise and Pulp anti-Nazi adventures. My players actually seem to love it and have embraced the world and background and have become a neo-Evangelion teenaged mercenary team in 1987 Chad (during the Toyota War).


The iconoclasts, a group of rebels fighting against the kingdom of Portos have their main base of operations on an island called “nipple rock”. Why? Because it looks like one.


Can't argue with them there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


In the capital city my players use as a home base, every tavern has a name that is a euphemism for male genitalia. They have so far visited Six to Midnight, Honeyrod Tavern (with a focus on mead), and One-Eyed Willy's (located near the docks and run by a Halfling with an eyepatch).


With the help of an insider to provide passcodes and forged clearance, Qṣaale Hokha of Sanbaved assassinated the tyrant Pi Káras by crawling through the vents of the Grand Citadel, infilitrating his bedroom, and stabbing him with a *yayak* knife (an ornate but strong bone knife made and carried by a Naładäk religious group). On the way to Káras's bedroom, he decided it would be necessary to broadcast the fact that the tyrant was dead *himself* rather than let his bureaucracy decide what to do with it. He dragged the body through the vents and to the presidential office, where he used Káras's fingers to activate the emergency broadcast system, announced the tyrant's death and exhorted the Naładäk people to restore their democracy, and was later killed trying to escape back to his ship. The reason he changed his plans? Despite living three thousand light years from Earth and being born nearly five thousand years after it was produced, he has canonically seen Weekend at Bernie's. The Naładäk left Earth in the late 23rd century, using their early warp drives to travel around three thousand light years. Many of their records of this journey and their existence before it are quite degraded, but a bunch of films from the 80s and 90s were quite well-preserved and had been either dubbed or subtitled in Hŕładäk, the first language of the Naładäk (and a conlang in universe too, I don't have space to explain that here). Because all their languages derive from it, the Naładäk Grand Republic has resurrected Hŕładäk and uses it as a lingua franca; it seemed like the best way to avoid controversy over it. Hokha watched many of the ancient Earth films in his teens and twenties, including Weekend at Bernie's with Hŕładäk subtitles. Weekend at Bernie's was mostly understood by Naładäk audiences as a documentary on the horrors of profit-driven economies, but Hokha saw a potential problem with his plot that recalling the film's plot brought to his attention. He suspected that Káras's associates might fake him still being alive while they quietly determined who would assume power next.


So i have humans who live in cities inside mountains and one day it hit me. So in real live there were alchemists who tried to make gold and thus in my world in these mountains there are alchemists who try to turn stone into food (underground food oroduction isnt possible). Needles to say they have a lack of teeth remaining.


"Hey Gerald come taste this food I made" "Uhh.. very crunchy very crunchy' *teeth falls out* "I swear to God Bob-"


In my setting, the rich live in essentially post-scarcity sci fi utopias (that they prevent the poor from accessing, of course) so they totally could afford to have all their housework automated. But they don't. Instead, it has become the fashion to have human butlers, maids, cooks, etc to live with you, just as a marker of status, to show you can afford this pointless luxury. The reason I chose this is because I'm using the setting for murder mysteries and I thought that what would really complete a space murder mystery is a space butler to not do it. People floating in the clouds of Venus with Victorian-style maids and butlers just because they can.


Yo this sounds really cool, a murder mystery map :O


We'll be here all day... I can't think of a single aspect of my setting that doesn't include a pun, inside joke, pop culture reference, or any combination of the above.


It just grew naturally from some details in a DnD campaign set in my world but...... Goblins practice mass ritual circumcision on a seasonal basis. When humans discovered this, they tried to capitalize by selling the goblins circumcision tools. One took off and was widely adopted. The other suffered marketing failures, even when the creator changed his name to promote the product. That family was disgraced by his failure and strove for greatness, eventually becoming one of the most prominent families in their native kingdom. To this day, the Goblincock's are high ranking paladins in the kingdom of Pheldhis.


>Goblins practice mass ritual circumcision on a seasonal basis. For some reason this prompted me to imagine that the goblins' foreskins regenerate over the course of a few months, so that each male goblin is getting circumcised *again* during the ritual. Took me a moment to realize you probably intended it more as a simple coming-of-age ceremony. Somehow I still like the first idea better though...


Nope, you were right. Goblin physiology means their foreskin regrows over the course of 3-6 months.


The Adventurer Falls, a massive waterfall area where new adventurers spawn from the sky. It's the issekai drop zone essentially lol


**Kord** Dwarven males and females are indistinguishable to non-dwarves, and the age of adult elves is indistinguishable to non-elves. Because social awkwardness is funny. Some dwarves keep pet rocks. They also tend to be the ones who go for conspiracy theories.


Well, there’s a small town in Andora called “Ara Ara”, known for it’s enormously tall women.


I named an authoritarian dictator who attempts to conquer the entire solar system with an army of killer robots after someone who I found mildly annoying in real life.


The second emperor created official army regulation erotica to help prevent sexual assaults during the expansion and to reduce the desire for camp follower prostitutes who were at risk of being enslaved by the enemy in a disastrous retreat. It didn't really get very far. It was in the early stages of testing whether it worked when the emperor rather rapidly stopped his expansion so few were ever issued and fewer exist now.


I've postponing a deep dive into culinary-building just for the sake of making more stuff for the "main antagonist" to eat, because I like that fk pun a little too much


FREAKING MER- CREATURES. These ridiculous creatures were the result of an old magical circus where the ringmaster brought out people who were cursed to have a partially morphed body. As the half-fish-half-human body was so hilarious to see(especially when it suffocates), the circus often hired many mer-people. Unfortunately, the older or disabled mer-people are often ill-treated and thrown away by the ringmaster to other places, like Earth as its the best place for illegal creature body dumping.


My town near the woods. It’s called Woodward


I think that the people of my world wouldn't find this that funny, because it's inspired by several real-world myths that were once taken seriously, but the players will, when I finally tell them... The dwarves in my world have a myth to explain their origin. In their mythology, all the fantasy races (only dwarves, elves, humans and orcs) were the children of the titans Thurmgar and Eleu. The orcs were the youngest, born when Thurmgar got drunk one day after Eleu would not have sex with him and he fucked a wild pig. Eleu, being jealous and not wanting Thurmgar to have any more bastard children, caught the pig and sucked the sperm from it's womb (or, if the dwarf telling the tale is not fond of orcs, the pig's ass) with a wineskin, and then squirted it into her own womb. This is why the orcs are so strong and wild. The humans were the next youngest: they were born out of Eleu's duty to provide another heir to Thurmgar. It was a matter of honor and pragmatism. This is why humans are so invested in their systems and laws. The elves were the second oldest. Thurmgar and Eleu we're still young, and were deeply in love, and their conception was a union of passion. This is why the elves are so emotional and introspective. The dwarves were the oldest. They were conceived before Eleu married Thurmgar, when Thurmgar came upon her, sleeping nude in a grove. Overcome by passion at her incredible beauty, he woke her and seduced her with his harp and his beautiful voice. They made love right there in the grove, but after the fact, Eleu came to her senses and realized her father would disown her if she gave birth too soon after marrying. So she sucked in a mighty breath and expelled it from her womb, taking Thurmgar's seed with it. It splattered on a rock, and she left it there to die. But unknown to her, Thurmgar's seed had already found her ovum and fertilized it. Left alone on the stone, it grew hearty and strong. This is why the dwarves are so tough and independent. tl;dr: Ancient Titans gave birth to the four main fantasy races. This involved everything from passionate lovemaking to dutiful consummation to a seriously traumatized pig and an epically messy queef. Also, the players won't find out for some time, because the players are my kids, and they're too young for that shit.


>It splattered on a rock, and she left it there to die I don't know why I find this so funny 😭 it literally went *splat* >Also, the players won't find out for some time, because the players are my kids, and they're too young for that shit. Biggest plot twist of the century. One day when they ask "how are babies made", you gotta tell them this


[A traditional Dwarven ballad about their origins](https://youtu.be/mVh0Iq_85aw).


• A popular drink in Bekesta bars is "jenetahnak". [There's an 85% chance of that being the case, after all](https://hitchhikersguidequotes.tumblr.com/post/17319713714/it-is-a-curious-fact-and-one-to-which-no-one). • Quoth Jolemev Bahtomi, the first explorer to return alive from Pekesetek's South Pole: *"Pah! Ah-ka'ika'i-ahl rak wod-ha-ka'i-rak-ha-kaht-uus rak* ***tek-kokan*** *fuuni!" ("Augh! I hope nobody will ever want to go to that shitty place again!")* When a permanent settlement was later established there, it officially adopted the name of **"Kokanetek"** (Shittyland) directly from this quote, as a mockery of people scorning them, their home, and their way of life. (When asked about it many years later, Jolemev—who was, ironically enough, living in Kokanetek at that time since it's one of the only countries on Pekesetek where the elderly aren't discriminated against—said he still stood by what he said.) >!Another accurate translation of the country name would be "Inferno", because the literal meaning of "Kokan" is "the flames of spontaneous combustion at the end of a bekesta's life due to a malfunctioning electrical organ", but the intent is still the same.!< • The bekestas' creator deity, a sentient hypermassive black hole by the name of [TTU](https://reddit.com/r/worldbuilding/comments/os44az/the_creator_god_of_the_bekestas_pantheon_is_a/), has abandonment issues and really, really likes to be cuddled. They don't understand why people usually get so scared when they want a hug. >!You won't be pulled in, because TTU can manipulate their gravity—they may not be very bright, but they're not THAT stupid. It just feels like hugging a force field. But you're still literally hugging a black hole, and mortals still usually react exactly like you'd expect them to at that prospect.!< • The (now-deceased) god of soil and metal, Vahneh, was known for leaving messages in the planet's surface. Sometimes they were serious thoughts or journals. Sometimes they were poetry he wrote. And sometimes they were his grocery list, which he only meant as a note to himself and forgot to erase. The people who still worship him misinterpreted that last one as instructions for a traditional banquet in his honor. • The reason female Bekesta have breasts despite being amphibious avians (besides me being an incorrigible furry)? TTU was looking through a wormhole at Earth life as a reference when directing the bekestas' evolution, and some of the other bekesta gods and goddesses made the suggestion because they're perverts. TTU was very confused, but the others seemed to really want it, so they threw it in. When a female bekesta, Jahrivi, later ascended to godhood and learned about this, the next time she met with her peers was a bit awkward...


I have a Russian republic in the СШР called Dyevstvennitsaya where several of the progressive leaders are from and a group of progressives there break away and form a Republic called Chadov, which is a real name. Dyevstvennitsaya is one of the places where I'm thinking about having the Shturmovik Revolution start. The other is the Commonwealth of Murmansk where the Bobrovgrad Massacre happened. There are a lot of other things that are jokes but they work themselves into the symbolism in a serious way.


The three main governing factions of one of my worlds, The Union of Planets, The Interstellar Confederacy, and the Astral Empire can be shortened to) 1. The Union, 2. The Confederacy, and 3. The Empire. They are named that way solely so I can make US Civil War jokes.


The entire world Starboud is built on is a shitpost I sent my friend at 2am. For starters: * Humans and Nekonians have strikingly similar body shapes, which is as confusing to scientists in world as it is to people trying to analyze the world for realism. * Nekonians go through heat in a cycle of roughly 2½ months. It lasts about a week, and is characterized by hot flashes, chills, and the presence of like any sex drive. By the same criteria this heat is defined under, humans are never _not_ in heat. * Dinan drives could also be called torch drives. They are called this because if the Dinan Orbital Propulsion Company, who developed the engines and popularized them. It's like calling tissues Kleenex. * Some cybernetic implants can be hacked into, stolen (ouch), or otherwise manipulated by outside factors.


I'm currently writing a sci-fi dystopia set in a future Detroit that's been bought out and redistricted by a conglomerate of corporations. In looking into a name for the pharmaceutical firm, I looked into the etymological roots of Johnson, of Johnson & Johnson, and found it came from the Hebrew Yohana, he who is loved by God, so the son of he who is loved by God. So, seeing as the world has I've been building is so fixated on one's worth to their respective company, I came up with Corson, he who is loved by corporate.


In a former D&D world of mine, a human kingdom named Berkeley (no relation) had entered a war with the elves 30 years prior. So I decided the Berkeley calendar was in year 1231 merely so the phrase "in A.B. 1201, war was beginning" was true. I even had a version of the infamous Zero Wing dialogue in my head that described the event. Which I didn't share with anyone. Not that my players at the time would've gotten the meme anyway.


I built my world for dnd. I set a one shot far in the past of the current year.. they had a moment where they convinced a panicking guard to stab a diamond, he killed it while the party nearly died. That guard had a emotional moment with the party, they stared calling the unnamed Greg. I wrote a career history for him after that one shot, he is one of the most famed demon hunters of the Era.... Greg the unBreakable


Sentient Robots, they are just there to pay homage to FNAF games


Magic is deeply based in mathematics. I am one of the greatest sorcerers of all. But the field today is riven, filled with charlatans, grifters and clumsy fools. Really it comes down to mathematics. I say, there are three kinds of magicians: The ones who can count. And the ones who can't.


I remember reading somewhere that Drow would have Australian accents since they live in the Underdark (Land down under), this is why I designed a continent called Australia, which is where the Drow live. It has no other similarities to Australia other than the name.


Australians are drows confirmed


I worldbuild for my DND group so I tend to get quite a few "just for the lols" things in there. The one I can think of off the top of my head would be a person they met while adventuring. Redbridge Conny is a bugbear that's famous for trying, and failing, to start a workers revolution in the town of Redbridge. He's a reference to a well known user from a forum that's very popular in our country that constantly complains about "academics" and pretty much personify the "old school union worker" stereotype.


I think the best example I have is from my D&D setting, where a dumb one-off joke about a bottle of mystery liquid bought while one of the PCs was drunk at a festival turned out to be Gnoll made whiskey. Specifically, chile and cinnamon flavoured whiskey, in a bottle with a red paper lable with a picture of an imp carrying a ristra of chiles. Yeas it's basically a joke about Fireball and you're about equally well off using it as a firebomb as you are drinking it. It did lead to the creation of the town that the distillery that makes said alcohol so that's fun too.


King Avenaugh ruled Laasa for many years. In his twilight years he declared to his three sons thus: "The one whom the crown fits shall rule after me!" Then he had the crown resized to ridiculous measures, which the sons only found out after he died. It might sound like he didn't approve of any of his children, but they, the kingdom and every directly neighbouring kingdom had endured decades of dad jokes and trolling. To them it just sounded like love. (He also may have manouvered a minor scandal all for the sake of a "well if isn't this a *pickle?"* -joke.)


In my fantasy kitchen sink world, the common language has a specific word for (to them) advanced technology, which is translated to english as 'steampunk'. So in-universe they'll talk about how one kingdom has steampunk and another doesn't, to distinguish between societies at the typical medieval/Renaissance sort of level vs those possessing more advanced technology, and so on.


>fantasy kitchen sink world :O so you mean the little people I see skittering around my sink are real?!


[It's a trope.](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FantasyKitchenSink)


Fun, bizarro foods! Like the frequently mentioned, seldom actually enjoyed, Picked Curried Pigs Foot [see gross jar at end of bar]


>Picked Curried Pigs Foot Actually, that sounds pretty delicious ngl. (Irl) we have Vinegar Pig's Feet (doesn't taste as bad as it sounds) over here so a curried version sounds great


Kinda hard to go wrong with Pig's Feet!


There is a town 50 miles south of Burvilla in the Thanirene Empire home to roughly 40,000 people. This is it's full name in English: Clerical Parish and Sub-bishopric of the three churches of the Saints Karlo, Alfurto, and Marese respectively that surround the horseshoe meander of the River Niero in the shade of the Great Willow Tree and Green Mountain within the Marshland of the southern end of Duke's Valley. Four miles away from this town is a village called O.


50 miles is 80.47 km