What are some simple, mundane problems of the people in your Fantasy worlds?

What are some simple, mundane problems of the people in your Fantasy worlds?


In Arboreal, which is about a diverse species of all shapes and sizes, it's often regarding accessibility. A lot of minor issues come from the fact that many of the inhabitants are not biped; they walk on four paws. So even putting on clothes can be a hassle without the right tools. Some places take poor consideration of this, especially less funded areas; things like narrow steps on staircases, doors with only doorknobs, and so on. Bipedal critters still have issues of their own in cities with large quadruped populations, like doors that are too short, lack of bipedal seats (as places with both kinds of seats typically have more quadruped seats, meaning the biped ones can fill faster), and so on. Granted, in either case, there's usually a temporary solution, even if it's a little annoying. Quads can use a handkerchief and their teeth to open a doorknob, for example. In Nulaxia, which is about these burrowing alien creatures, probably getting dirt all in your food from people passing by above, or having tunnels cave in so that you have to rebuild them. They're a bit more primitive though, so they have plenty of bigger issues they'd consider mundane too, like starvations and predators eating them.


Not a fantasy world, more a retro futuristic sci-fi/cyberpunk kinda setting, the most mundane problem here is discrimination against "naturals", people who born without genetic design or refuse to get cybernetic implants, who are considered inferior and primitive beings by the majority of society who is cyber-genetically upgraded. This naturals can't get insurance, credits, jobs, etc. they live mostly in the streets or "cavemen shelters" as called by the bigoted "upgraded society".


The sad part is that could actually happen.


I think it will happen, just hope I'm not alive to witness it.


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As any sci-fi storyteller, my wish is only for my stories to serve as precautionary tales.


Mine, too! ...Although meeting aliens could be nice... :')


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The fact that any ghost that hangs around near your house can just float on through and spy on whatever shit you’re up to and you can’t stop them


Money running low, drunk brawls, demon attacks (depending on where you live), drama with parliamentary or Chancellery elections, and of course disease.


I believe that the size of houses and buildings in general is a problem, since there are some species with 1 meter tall (3 ft) and other with 3 meters (9 ft) so planning buildings in big cities where different species interact is incredibly complicated.


Trying to calculate what something costs is difficult when every city and every ruler uses a different currency. To buy an egg you might need a steel coin, a seashell, wooden token or in some cases the egg is the currency. Travelers risk everything to make it to a new city and often need to start from scratch


Many mundane things are handled by magic energy stored in crystals -- fire crystals to cook your food, light crystals to brighten your home, that sort of thing. What sucks is when you want to take a shower but your water crystal's magic is all used up, and all the merchants have already closed up shop for the night.


In most everyday scenarios, Wildings are thinking about repairing their clothing, making a new bowstring to replace the one that broke, and what they're going to hunt or forage for dinner tonight. That warehouse by the Elfoos-to-Octon trade route is starting to fill up with surplus quilts again, may the gods bless the poor people who make them to trade for food; should we sell a few? Are we going to have drought or too much rain during this upcoming growing season?


Loss of loved ones. The Bug Kingdom may have made strides in agriculture and architecture, but they still have little technology to deal with all the things that could kill an insect: Birds, bats, frogs, mice, floods, fires, even the occasional cannibal. Insects have such a high reproduction rate that it doesn't really make a dent in their population, and everyone's just kind of desensitized to it after a while. "Hey, I haven't seen Drulok in a few days. What's happened to him?" "Didn't you hear? Drulok tried exploring a cave and got eaten by a mole" "Really? Shucks, he owed me money"


Getting annoyed to the worst by a useless neighbour's ridiculous antics and not being able to hurt that neighbour as he is physically more powerful than you. Its even worse when you realise that neighbour is your brother


Goat farmers that live on a vast plane within a particular mountain range have problems with so called sword hawks. Those are relatively small predatory birds that hunt in packs. With their sharp beaks (not really like a sword, but longer than usual) they will kill a goat in no time. The farmers have dogs, but they can't always be quick enough to chase away the hawks. The hawks are like african wild dogs, devouring as much meat as possible in as little time as possible, because they always have to expect larger predators, in this case various species of eagles and vultures, to come and claim their prey. It's not easy to defend yourself against birds. Some have achieved mild success with trying to domesticate eagles, training them to attack the hawks. And the farmers have to be extremely careful when they let little children play outside or things can get very ugly.


**Alvelotyl - Problems with doors** ​ * **Doorways.** * In a kitchen sink fantasy world with many different races living in the same settlement, doorways of varying shapes and sizes can become a real issue. While 'standard' doorways for Humans work just fine, sometimes they're too small for bigger races like **Goliaths, Oni, or Minotaurs.** * The solution is to make all doors bigger. But then you've got the issue of children and smaller races like **Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings** being not able to reach the handles, so it's a bit of a balancing act. Some places have small stools or make it explicitly clear what type of people they're catering to just based on their doorways. * **In some establishments, they use 'Double Doors'.** * Double Doors are effectively large doors with smaller doors built into them, similar to dog flaps for shorter races. These doors are designed to cater for larger races while also being accessible to smaller races, and are more common in larger cities with a lot of racial diversity. Although this tends to be a good solution, it also makes it easy for a larger race to bang their leg off of a low hanging door handle.


There are magical creatures of all sizes, including insect scale and even demonic bacteria. While these are fairly rare, as you may know, bacteria can be anywhere at any time, and there really is no way for 'mundane people' to diagnose microscopic supernatural entities. When the skin of your arm suddenly turns into tiny maws that eat you, mundane people find they have little recourse.


**Land of Our Gods** If you live in the more rural areas in the island of Anthea, it's quite common for untended gardens/dilapidated shacks to become the nesting ground for a colony of Musslingers. Musslingers are tiny and intelligent forest spirits, normally no larger than the seed pod of a dandelion (although some "tribes" are actually as small as ants), which appear as fluffy pink "balls" with arms and legs. They tend to build their homes in dark and slightly damp places, such as under a fallen tree bark, or an unused barrel. Although mostly harmless, they are also quite mischievous, and they love stealing things around your house, and one can imagine how much random small stuff goes missing when an entire colony of them live near you. Getting rid of them is quite difficult as well, as you can't just shake out their "homes" and throw it out. This will make them angry, and they will send a more malevolent forest spirit after you or curse your family with misfortune for a year. To get rid of them properly, you first need to find the "tribe leader" of the colony that sprouted near your home (usually marked by a "headband"), and then find an interpreter to speak to them. The latter is not quite as hard, as hermits are a plenty in the countryside, and they normally can speak to most forest spirits. You will then need to ask the tribe leader nicely to leave your premises and set up shop elsewhere, they usually wouldn't agree to do that right away, but a shiny nickel or two will change their mind.


Natural disasters like fires, tsunamis, storms, earthquakes and stuff like that were a huge problem, but the issue all Talvarians faced would be dragons. Some are as big as a house and it takes several rounds of projectiles to do them any damage. Talvarians who live outside cities would have to reinforce the walls of their homes as well as keep anti-dragon weapons in their household.