Tell me about the horrifying things in your world

Tell me about the horrifying things in your world


Rhee are possibly the scariest things. Not only do they look like forrbidden lovechilds of the Flood and Necromorphs with some Xenomorph and White Spike DNA thrown in the mix, they act accordingly. Torture, violation, murder and genocide seems to bring them pleasure like they don't know any better. They will lie, cheat, kill, eat and violate their way to success. They have no moral code and answer to no one. They're violent, narcisisstic sociopaths on their eternal quest to either convert or exterminate everything remotely alive. When coming into contact with them, death is a prefferable alternative to conversion - not only is the process the most painful thing one can live through, after that, one is aware of what is happening while not being in control of their often body, often so deformed that it's impossible to tell that the being in question was once, in fact, a human.


What's their reasoning for their eternal quest?


They fear three things, one of them being entropy. The thought of the universe becoming so cold, dark and empty not even atoms can exist scares the life out of them. So they came up with a very (un)smart plan - "if we take over the universe, and we multiply so much that we will be the only thing in the universe, we, as living beings, can stop the entropy! :D" Not only is this plan immeasurably dumb, it's also dangerous, both for them, and for us, since we're not a part of their business plan. We either die or become one with the Rhee. :)


So they're kinda like philosphers driven to hedonism because of the madness of the Abyss. Are they pack animals or solitary? Both bring nail-biting possibilities for scenarios to mind.


They work together, but they do not live in a society. There's too few rules and too much infighting to call that a society. I'm still working on some ideas, but canonically, they help each other out to get their goal, however, they can very well work alone, especially Spores, Infectors and Shapeshifters.


Oh man that's really intriguing. Hope to hear more about it!


Thanks! I do not know where to start tho, so if You had any question, feel free to ask, I will answer the best I can \^\^


Corporations use cybernetically enhanced individuals "modders" to perform secure negotions and trades, as well as to act as buffers/additional power for their AI researchers. While executive level modders typically work on their own and enjoy a 9-5 work day, contract and entry-level modders can expect 12 hour shifts plugged in for minimal pay. Should a modder fall behind or continually make mistakes in whatever task they're assigned, most corporations include Bruce clauses in their terms of employment. A Bruce is an autonomous hub compromised of multiple modders utilizing their subconscious functions to significantly produce processing power of other operations. Modders are sedated and restrained with the connections to the Bruce implanted directly into the spinal cord. While the damage to the body is not technically permanent, modders are not typically awakened at all during their period of Bruce service, and the life expectancy is rarely more than five years if in a Bruce. The triggering of a Bruce clause falls under failure-to-perform and as such voids any health or life insurance and compensations.


Seems scary indeed. What made You think of this concept?


To be honest, I have always had a fascination with gritty cyberpunk and class warfare. The specific idea for the Bruce was actually a reinterpretation of a traumatic experience I had as an EMT. Nothing serial killer-y like people with their spinal cords cut open or any crazy shit. But I took the experience and adapted it into the creative universe I made for my players. It helped me cope with it. And no, Bruce was not the name of the patient involved in the incident. I used the name because it sounds similar to "brute" and the pronunciation of the C makes me think of snakes, similar to all the wires one would find running out of the bodies of a Bruce.


Woah, that's an interesting story! Thanks for sharing. Personal experience is often the best inspiration <3


And this is why my Yamauchi Shogunate genocides merchants at any chance they can get!


The scariest things in my world is my players...


Good one <3


Felt this




**Dark Tulpas** are manifested evil twins. Corrupt and immoral doppelgängers of long active psychics. Who can in turn create more corrupt copies of themselves in turn. They appear in the dreams/nightmares of the sleeping psychic, and sometimes can escape to manifest in the real world. **Ghüls** are/were people who perform a dark ritual allowing them to retain memories from those whose brains they consume. The process is addictive and leads to them becoming ravenous killers over time. The shift in diet gives them a rancid charnal smell and causes hair loss and yellowing of the eyes. Long lived ghüls barely resemble people as they live for little else than the hunger. They also suffer a dissolution of their personality as the memories and personality of their victims merge or fight for control to create a cacophony of voices in their head, and unstable sense of personal identity.


Why would someone choose to become a Ghül?


The ritual notes failed to cover side effects? They think it won't happen to them? It's only this one time? Knowledge is power, whatever the cost? Some one else performed the ritual on their behalf, and ignored the warnings? ... I should add: The ritual that allows memory stealing is temporary, needing to be redone for each "meal time", but the cravings last.


Humanity does often think they won't be the ones to face repercussions for their actions.


Glass magic is pretty horrifying, glass mages are rare and true glass magic has mostly been lost to the ages. But what remains is a devastating weapon, glass mages control tiny glass particles. They accelerate these particles forming streams of sharp glass which shread targets. they can also force the glass into a target and kill targets from the inside. The mage can also fuse the glass particles together to form objects or simple weapons. The magic can also be used effectively against light, fire and water mages as the glass magic can interfere with said magic.


Wow. What does that sort of magic look like? Is it performed with fluid motions or do the glass particles forcefully stick themselves together when created into a weapon?


It is similar in appearance to water magic with streams of glass particles flowing around the user. The user tends to guide them with fluid movements and motions from their focus. When they form a weapon or object the glass flows together and forms the object before moving away. The streams of glass particles can also fuse missiles motion forming solid objects for blunt force damage when hit a target as well. But typically the particles will cut into a target thought erosion So in short its movements and attacks are quite similar to water and wind magic.


Not as scary as some of the stuff here in a normal sense, but instead of the rising heat of global warming it's a global freezing due to climate change, starting from the early 80s up until 2029. Which is where a majority of the problems within the story arises since many powerful countries didn't prepare, and are now looking for resources to warm their cities, resources found in other nations. But overall, no lovecraftian monsters or evil demons, just political thriller stuff.


I mean, that's pretty scary ngl. A lot of these lovecraftian horrors are things that we humans didn't start / can't do much about; they were already there. Whereas like irl, we already know global warming is going to kill us if we keep up with our old ways, but due to ignorance, we keep on making the same mistakes that'll eventually cost us our homes


It's honestly crazy, because a theme I hope to neal down, at least one of them, is hope. Most of the story takes place in the United States, as it, along with the alliance she's apart of, deal with foreign powers (some real, others fictional. Some far, others close) that try to sow dissension and destabilize the nation, and destroy what keeping it alive. So it's gonna be a little difficult since I gotta show, not tell.


In my world prophecies are a thing that creates legends. The horrifying part is with all the legends, nobody know what happens to the mental state of these heroes. There isn't any type of therapy to help them heal. So most of these heroes become psychopaths who have to relive the events of what they did. The murders they committed, the monsters that tortured them, the family they lost. And most of these heroes take their own lives or they become the polar opposite of what they used to be


832 Quadroid are war androids with 4 arms, programmed to be as lethal as possible, so they are known to be quite creative with their arms.


This gives General Grievous vibes.


Hello there! More bulk, less Jedi arts tho.


Alright this is gonna make you scream in terror. **Taxes**


Thought that said Texas and I was still very on board with it


You are a cruel god.


I am


BEASTS OF BURDEN Crossones' can control her bones' growth, often using his power to create bone spikes, knives or shields. While her extremely powerful healing factor ensues that no lasting damage will be done to her body - in fact, after a few minutes she won't even have scars - the process is quite disgusting, as the bone tears free from the flesh with all the blood you may expect. And her healing factor doesn't do nothing for her sense of pain.


The evil gods of my world can give their power sentience (referred to as manifestations) and set them free to rampage, these things cannot be killed by anything but the power of the good gods, who are sometimes distracted by, well divinity things lol


How do they manifest? Do they get a physical form? Do they take over a host?


It varies from one to one, and it depends on which God. The manifestations of the more direct ones (ie: the ones who like fighting) will be able to shapeshift into different battle forms while the ones from the trickster style gods will be able to shift into humanoids and posses people should they need


Hmmmm ... there are many horrifying things in my world : serial killers , hoardes of monsters , nomadic elves who would make Genghis Khan piss his pants , cults , etc My "favourites" are the shock and awe tactics used by the dwarfs like covering an enemy city 28 out of 28 (in my world a day have 28 hours) of mustard gas , firebombing , forests of impaled people (Vlad the Impaler would love them) , using POW as shields for their tanks and walls . Then we have Izimma and his bag of surprises like the biological weapon called the Red Death , some airborne and waterborn virus that would make your veins and arteries to explode under your skin and make it red , death will be slow and extremly painfull , and was used only once the C variant , C standing for children , as in attacking any human/elf/dwarf under age of 18 ,on a city around a few 600 years ago . There was no military reason , no punisment , no nothing , Izimma only wanted to test in on the way it was supposed to be used and it was devastating . Another horrifying event is again connected to Izimma but this was magical in nature and was mostly a mistake since on the festival of Sol Invictus , in one of the roscian cities , he wanted to spread merryment by casting a happiness spell on said city , only to backfire mizerably and gave the locals hallucinations ... long story short , the citizens ended up killing eachothers and setting their own houses ablaze ....


**Mythria** Venturing into the various Stag ruins that litter eastern Mythria are said to be full of magical treasures... And ghostly guards. Left abandoned for over a millennium and a half, these ruined cities sunken into the ground are a labyrinth of former streets, houses and temples. Patrolling these forgotten tunnels are the loyal sentinels of the Stag people, still protecting their former dominion in death as they did in life. Even though they have been dead for many centuries, these ghastly warriors still possess their weapons, held with the power of a poltergeist, rusted and worn, but still deadly; they can still cast spells, also. Their visage is that of a rotten corpse, exposed bones and skulls add to their horrific appearance, with their antlers dripping with ruined velvet. While bound to the ruins by the magics of their masters, the ghosts can pass freely through the walls and rubble - their physical weapons and armour cannot. This makes them even more competent at assailing intruders, being able to ambush and outflank with ease.


It all traces back to the Preeminent. These are massive, Lovecraftian entities that descended on the Earth. Though they're long gone, their influence still impacts our world. They altered the environment of Earth to be more hospitable to them and their servants. The sky is no longer blue, but a full orange. Vegetation is brown and withered. Most animals which one lived in the world have died. Those who survived are now incapable of breathing the toxic atmosphere, requiring them to retreat deep underground where the air is still pure. On the surface, what Humans are left are forced to wear environment suits to stay alive. Most other races in the world are the result of genetic experiments by the Preeminent. They treated the Earth's creature as their playthings, altering many of them beyond recognition. These twisted creatures are the new inhabitants of the Earth, some more horrific than others. The most tragic of these are the Composites. All that is left of their original Humanity is their brain, which has been sealed into a metal canister. This canister has been sewn into the corpse of a human and wired to control the shambling body. Yet these bodies are not always fully human anymore. Many have had parts of animals grafted on to them such as heads or limbs. Throughout the whole process to transform a Human into a Composite, the person was fully conscious, able to feel every second of torture as their brains were extracted from their bodies and forced into a corpse.


**The lost continent of Xamoyos** The titular continent is a primeval alien world, with lots of animals who are closely related to prehistoric ones and as such a lot of them can kill and eat you. There are two landmasses, each with different kinds of ecosystems, so I'll address the scary things on each one individually. *Kiklolaura* * The **Hell Hog** is a massive entelodont, which is basically a large kind of pig. While it isn't strictly carnivorous or a pure predator, it is still very aggressive and will maul anything that gets in its way. * **Dontipithecus** is a monkey that appears to be related to baboons. They live in troops mainly composed of sisters, with unrelated males coming around to mate. These same males have very sharp fangs and are extremely territorial. They also have a jingoistic relationship with a species of terror bird, even going so far as to attack their nests unprovoked. * The **Xamoyan Hyena** is as the name implies a native species of hyena that is almost as tall as a person. Their social pack behavior reaches an absurd as they can reach up to 50 members in a single pack. They don't swarm however, they're smart. They'll coordinate their hunts and outsmart their prey, and they are not above hunting humans. * **Neosmilus** is a species of saber-toothed cat and is a very successful hunter. You will have nothing much to fear from them as they prefer to hunt large prey, leaving small game alone. The signature saber teeth are used strictly as a killing tool, meant to pierce the jugular of its prey, killing it instantly. * The **Xamoyan Bear** is a close relative to the ancient cave bears. Its appearance is deceiving though, it primarily is an herbivore and only eats meat if convenient. That said, they are still fiercely territorial and will use their claws and teeth to rend you to pieces. *Kitogwonda* * **Peloronychus** is a large species of raptor, its most distinct physical trait is the frill of feathers around its neck which it can open and close at will as a form of non-verbal communication. They are highly social, led by a single male and his harem of females and their offspring. In addition to being social, they are very intelligent and are very capable hunters. Their method of hunt involves the lead male breaking off from the pack and lying in wait, with the others scaring their prey toward him. Scariest of all however is their ability to mimic sounds like a parrot, they are capable of understanding what certain sounds mean and have been known to use them to lure prey. * The **Beach Lord** is a large reptile that, as the name implies, lives along the coastline. They resemble a kind of large monitor lizard, but with a face much like a reptilian bulldogs. Their method of hunting is very brutal, they'll chase prey down and then toss it skyward so it may crash into the ground, if this does not kill it then they will shake it to death in their jaws. Not only do they hunt in a brutal manner, so is their mating ritual. Their mating ritual involves three males surrounding a female. They will have a kind of roaring contest between them and the female will pick the loudest. When the two losers have left the male and female will then begin fighting. This isn't pointless violence though, it is a test by the female to see if the male is strong enough to defend himself, her, and their offspring. If he succeeds they will mate for life, if not she will kill and eat him. * The **Xamoyan Komodo** is a giant Komodo dragon and behaves in a similar manner. They primarily hunt dinosaurs and raid nests. Their venom is potent enough to kill a man in half an hour if left untreated. Scariest of all however is how they hunt. Once prey is spotted they will either attempt to get a bite in or they will follow it patiently, even willing to wait for it to starve to death. * **Gigantopede** is a large species of centipede. They make their homes in rotten logs and dying trees, which they use as ambush locations. They kill their prey but constricting around them and injecting a fatal neurotoxin through their fangs. * The **Sawquito** is a large relative of the hornet, but behaves like a mosquito. Its name comes from the saw-like proboscis which it uses to carve into the thick hides of dinosaurs so as to drink their blood. * **Xamoyan giant wasps** are exactly as the name states, a large species of wasp. Their sting isn't particularly dangerous, its the long and sharp stinger that can potentially reach a vital organ that is. * **Diablolepus** is a marsupial winged and carnivorous rabbit. It is also venomous, capable of delivering a toxin that is comparable to cyanide. * **Plateocephalosaurus** is a mid-sized theropod dinosaur. Its most notable physical characteristic is its flat head and red eyes. It kills its prey in a gruesome manner, it will pin it down with its foot and then take a chunk out its throat or stomach. * **Acantholophosaurus** is a dinosaur resembling the dilophosaurus from Jurassic park, but scaled up to be bigger than a man. It is dangerous on its own, but it has a secret weapon. There is a fruit native to the land that contains a toxic juice, it likes to store that juice in a throat pouch so that it can spray it later as a defense mechanism. * **Pelorotyrannus** is without a doubt the most aggressive animal here. It is a large theropod dinosaur and is absurdly aggressive, the only time it is not fighting is when there is nothing to fight. They will even risk life-threatening injury to kill. They are often riddled with battle scars as a result of this frighteningly violent lifestyle. * The **Desert Lord** is a mid-sized carnivorous theropod dinosaur. They are covered in spines and have soulless eyes. When they catch prey, they pin them to the ground and tear them violent apart starting at the throat and down to their torso. * The **Biting Bat** is a dangerous bat-like animal with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, they have a secondary layer of teeth on their lips that moved downward to replace dull or broken teeth. When it attacks, it prefers to attack the face first. * The **Death Belly** is a terrestrial winged octopoid. They live in the canopy of the jungle, which is where they hunt. They are a sedentary predator, they drape their wings down from the trees and wait for something to come by. The wings are sticky, anything that gets caught is promptly lifted up and swallowed whole to be digested alive for a week. * **Hell Biters** are microorganisms which are normally docile and solitary, darting around in the swamp water to scoop up detritus to eat. If however a famine strikes, they go mad. Suddenly they swarm and take the appearance of a giant orange mass of slime. Their collective bite has a neurotoxin 10,000x more potent than a box jellyfish, instantly killing anything they attack. * Last but not least is not a specific species, but a whole entire area. The Chasms are a giant ravine which are a mini-ecosystem in itself. Giant arthropods make their home here such as giant mantis, giant wetas, giant flesh eating worms, giant beetles, and of course giant spiders. There are some native reptiles too, but the giant bugs are the real horror-fest here. Basically take the bug pit scene from Peter Jacksons' King Kong and give some of the bugs steroids.




A type of parasitic worm that implants itself in a host's brain (basically any animal), takes control of the host's nervous system after a few days, and turns the host into a conscious, walking egg sac for more of these worms. If someone's infected, the best you can do is kill them to spare them the pain of continuing on this way. Oh yeah, also, the egg sacs that house the new worms pop up through the skin, making the host appear to be covered in large boils.


There is a forest that everyone knows to avoid. Horrifying things in it include a mushrooms that creates a large mass of powerful acid, then sprays it when stepped on. The acid melts its prey, snd spores in the acid digest the remains to makd more. There's also the Clicking Trees. They aren't really trees, though - they're armies of rodents with proportionately enormous mouths that clack their teeth together frequently. If they smell you, you get swarmed and eaten. Basically piranhas on land.


*Trials of the Fallen* One of the most horrifying things in this universe are Rat Kings. A flesh construct made of a multitude of corpses. They are massive, violent creatures that seek only kill and consume. They cannot be controlled by anyone other than an extraordinarily skilled necromancer. [Rat King](https://i.imgur.com/ZDZ6ceV.mp4)


**Horror Shop** The Taint, also known as the Anomaly, the Pathogen, the Contagion, the Undermining, the Virulent Ink, Dead Water, Screaming Oil, Apophis' Rot, Anti-Dream, Liquid Song, the Annihilation Signal, the Eater of Days, Filth, Drink, Nemesis, the Black Parade, Quantum Condensation, Chernobyl Lights, Titans' Bile, the Devouring, the Howling Dark, the Impurity, the Apple of Eden, the Key, the Dance at the End of the World, Reasons' Demise, the Anthem of Anathema, the Sound of Static, Oblivion's Echos, Fractal Malignancy, Wormfire, Night Laughter, the Ace of Ruin, and a thousand other names in a thousand different tongues. It is an infection of reality itself, a horrible lie weaving its tendrils through all the layers of the Earth, from stone and water, to animals and plants, to the thoughts and memories of mankind. It warps and twists everything it touches, infusing it with the unreality of the Outside, the dreaming whispers of the horrible gods that dwell beyond the borders of our little bubble of reality. To this day, the borders of reality still hold. The Pillars of Creation still hold up the inner-outer reaches. Earth remains inside, and the Outside remains without. But, there are cracks, many, many cracks in our reality's protective shell. We have not been kind to the Earth over the Ages. Scars from the Age of Atlantis and wounds pieced during the World Wars let tendrils of paradox flow up into our world, and spread the Taint. The laws of reality warp. Space is twisted and time shatters into a thousand impossible universes, each with its own horrific end. The laws of biology, of physics, of *logic*, no longer apply. Things that cannot, *should not* exist in our world are given form and shape by the light of the Wormfire. There are many out there who do their best to seal up the wounds on creation, to drain away the Screaming Oil and dissipate the Killing Fog. But these attempts are never entirely perfect. There's always some aspect of the Taint that slips through--even if it only manifests in stories and memories, a viral tale that eventually manifests again as an infection in the minds of its carriers. And the Earth is old. Too old. Older than we recall. We have had to start over so many times now. Ages of our world, drowned under Dead Water, an impossible sea beneath a stratosphere of tentacles. And then the Deus Ex Machina rumbles to life, the Wheel of Ages turns, the Akashic Records burn, and we are brought back to step one. Again and again. Doomed to repeat the steps that have to lead to our ends so many times before. All this has happened before. It is now happening again.


I have demons. And half-demons. I don't know if they count as horrifying, though. Most of them are just low-power Celestial beings, meaning they blend in with mortals easily. Most just peddle in rebellious, chaos thirsty movements. Or in petty crime. Or in promiscuity. The bigger, cosmic ones are a little bit scary, though. Stellar demons can just grab a planet and gobble it up like an apple. Cosmic demon can grab your universe and eat up like a grape just for funzies. So, one day, your entire universe could be snuffed out instantly, and no one can do anything about it. And sadly, when a demon eats sapients, their souls get devoured and are no longer reincarnated. True death. But they just eat stuff and sow hedonistic chaos, really. So I guess it's not that scary.


There’s only one continent (known) to be inhabited in the world. As an ancient hero saved the continent and banished an evil god after said god threw a moon at the planet …


The best horror I can think of for Deathworld is the Void and it’s Lord. When a Cowardly or Faithless individual dies, their soul goes to the Void, where there is no stimulus at all. You cannot see, hear, smell, or feel anything in he Void. It’s like you don’t exist, but you do at the same time. And that’s if we ignore Sciator, the Devil Serpent. He is the Lord of the Void, and moves all over it, searching for souls. When he finds one, he consumes it, and it is added to his great power and acts as another set of eyes for his body. Imagine being attached to a massive golden Serpent, with no ability to do anything other than look around. And everything you see, Sciator sees, so even if you root for his enemies, you can’t do anything to help them.


A horrifying thing in my world and my current favorite animal are Getzers. They look like a mix between a Gharial and Spinosaurus but are about 70-75ft long, stand at around 30-35ft when standing on all fours and have electric tentacles inside their massive mouths. They are completely immune to magic and its effects, it’s scales and hide are strong enough to make conventional weaponry and low caliber firearms useless. They see perfectly in even complete darkness, have a top speed of 45mph on land and 20mph in water. They are suprisingly intelligent as they’ve been seen using their powerful claws to hit trees and turn them into somewhat shotguns against large amounts of lightly armored foes. When facing heavily armored foes it pushes them together so it can electrocute them all at once or if they don’t seem vulnerable to electrocution simply picking them up and throwing them in a river and drowning them. Despite they massive size they prefer to ambush their prey using rivers and waterways. The worst part is that they don’t need any sustenance, they only kill because it’s fun.


The big bad has magically enslaved all humans. When the spell is in full effect they’re basically automatons. But inside their consciousness is fully aware that they have no control. The big bad also kills off the humans as soon as they’re elderly, injured irreparably or if they’re born with health issues. Because to them, the human population are merely a means to an end and have no value as anything beyond soldiers or breeders. Eugenics of sorts. The big bad is not human.


In my sci-fi universe, the predominant power has a reality drive. Its a weapon so ridiculously powerful that the entire galaxy teamed up against this one tiny planet nation to destroy it before it was finished. They failed Not a single nation, excluding the owners of the weapon, survived the fall.


The main villain has access to a goo-like substance that will warp your body and turn you into a rabid, violent husk of your former self. Over time, the changed being will become somewhat smarter, but still loyal to the villain.


Solid magic. When magic isn't used by anything, not even a passing magic creature, it can grow stagnant. From a "feeling" to a pool then a literal pile of magic dust, then it hardens to a rock. This can take a hundred years but depends on the spot. Solid magic has a mind of it's own and can project a humanoid figure. That figure takes on a theme of nature and is an elemental. Older ones can talk and defend themselves with violent elemental attacks... However what makes them really scary is how they can start wars. Any magic item can be amplified 100 times it's normal power with solid magic. Dragons consume them for power and the ""utopians"" use them to become immortal. They attract tyrants like flies and can only spell trouble for simple folk.


The Lolans The lolani landed when humanity was still young and isolated on one continent. They arrived via massive asteroid slamming into Azaria. The began to massacre every human on the continent, 4 billion evacuated to the rest of the world. The rest were consumed. The elves waged war against the monsters for centuries, they kept them in now fallen Azaria but they took a blow to their population. Allowing the growing human populations to genocide them to near extinction. The Lolans completely changed the environment, turning it into a barren or monstrous landscape. Lolan drones are fairly humanoind(in terms of body shap). They are completely random and can have multiple limbs. Lolan support and warrior castes consist of insectoids, mulloskoids and humanoids. All have strong exoskeleton or magic armor. The lolan hove masters emit a big psychological wave on the weak minded. Driving them to utter madness. Those caught by Lolans in combat are either ripped to shreds and eaten alive, or imprisoned, torture and assimilation. Even in the now modern world, humanity struggles to contain the threat.


I've got a pretty good one, which I will share later. Dropping this comment here so I don't forget to come back to this post.


Lurkwyrms. Imagine a huge snake. Like, a snake with eyes the size of fully grown humans. Now imagine it has a thick, segmented shell over its body. Then imagine hundreds of short, thick legs with clawed feet. It has 5 large fangs in its short snout and six eyes, three on each side of its head. That's a lurkwyrm! It creates caves in the ground and lives in them, laying dormant until something trespasses into its territory. When something does... well, it doesn't stay alive for long. It has the ability to magically instill any creature with complete terror (and it can do that nonmagically too!). During mating season, which is only a week, it will tear up the environment and kill everything it sees while searching for another of its kind.


Entropy, a vastly powerful spirit of time and space, cannot be challenged. Even if you are powerful enough to defeat or subdue it while face to face, if there's any timeline in which you try or intend to try, Entropy erases it. There cannot be any opposition to this spirit, it is not allowed to exist.


Oooooohhhhh boy where to start, let's organize this sgit or else I'll be here all night: Locations: for horrific things to exist horrific places there must be am I right? •The sunken jungle : once long ago in time immemorial, a large meteorite made of a powerful material, arcanum, crashed in the center of the jungles of continent of aantarck. As the magical radiation spread from the impact site, anything living in the area was twisted and changed by its effect, the plants turned blood hungry and mobile, the animals, warped into twisted Visage of their former selfs, the water and air grew noxious to non infected life, and to this day, it remains mostly untapped •The carcass/ green boil cave : now, assuming most of us are familiar with a tarrasque we know they are big, but the carcass... is 10 times that size, a corpse so large no matter how many decades pass since it's death no scavenger or bacteria can break it down, it's guts, ripped open by something even larger, spill stomach acid and bile into the surrounding areas leaving the air smelling of pure death. Inside the fallen behemoth the situation is not much better, what in a normal animal is but a simple tapeworm, Inside the carcass are more like great serpents, the walls, pulsing and oozing flesh, drip a fatty liquid and in most areas its too dark to see past a few feet. Beware, many would be adventurers have lost their lifes in the labyrinth like intestines and corridor like arteries of the corpse •Gosingradth : war in general is already horrifying, but, when you take into consideration what you are fighting is not an enemy soldier, but a undead bio-mechanical amalgamation of both your and the enemies dead. Gosingradth is a war town, many folk come here well aware in weeks time they'll meet their ends to a stray bullet or an arcanum bombardment, as such the atmosphere here is dense, and you can count on your fingers from the tens of thousands of soldiers, those who still have a will to live and fight on Creatures: now this is where it gets interesting, beware those weak of stomach •Broken : Mutated beyond cure, the broken are forced to wander the land, their bodies forever cut from the weave and its magical properties, as they do they consume and hunt anything living in their path, absorbing their corpses into their own. To a body horror lovers they are perfect, to every one else, disgusting blobs of disjointed mouth, eyes, arms and legs, constantly screaming and screeching in pain, hoping to find a way to end the pain •hemophages : not one organism but a cluster of creatures that work together to achieve a common goal, feeding on the blood of anyone dumb enough to get close to them. Resembling a ground dwelling man-o-war, this monstrosity drains creatures completely empty of blood, leaving only a dry husk. Living in dry desert climates hemophages rely on the dumb and unaware to both feed and reproduce, laying their airborne eggs after a successful meal This is just the top of the first layer of snow atop the iceberg, there much, much more, in the realm of Ohlm Hope yall liked it :D


Death itself was banished from my world since the dawn of creation. The god who inhabited it was cast out - sent to the void, where it has no power over men. Thus, man is immortal. But what is immortality? Infinite youth? No. Infinite life, yes, but eternal suffering, too. There are many thousands of deep chasms built in great cities - lost and found, and those still standing, where the immortals of ancient history, and those in the present, are laid to rest. They live in constant agony, aware only of the dull, unceasing, crushing weight of eternal life. It is the fate of all mankind to be reduced to this: a hollow, unconscious body, incapable of peaceful slumber.


(Still heavily work in progress, literally my first project and nothing's written or drawn yet.) The Hollow. The hollow is a deep, sprawling network of caverns, caves and underground forests of bio-luminescent fungus that resides under the northern corner of the continent. Long ago a large meteor struck the northern tablelands and carved out a massive crater spanning kilometres. This crater eventually came to hold a dark, dense forest of twisted, gnarled pines and oaks, so dense the light barely pierces the canopies. Rot sets in to all life here, funguses rule the undergrowth, reclaiming all that falls here and bringing it into the earth. This forest, seemingly trapped in eternal autumn became known as The Waeld. Their are few inhabitants that reside in the mountains and tablelands of this region, mainly the various settlements of the Druidic tribes of Goliath's who revere the natural order and seek guidance from their ancestors. There's is also the city Caernen, home to the Order of the Righteous flame, who keep watch over the Waeld from their fortress home. Deep inside the Waeld, in the centre of the crater stands, a huge gnarled Oak tree. This oak covers the entrance to The Hollow, mostly containing the darkness within, but not completely. It is around this oak that a coven of witches and warlocks know as, The Knowing, reside. Here they worship the evil that resides in the cavern, seeking to release its power upon the world. Deep in the lowest reaches of the caverns, remains the core off of the meteor that struck centuries ago. A large crystalline chunk of deep red crystal, gentle glowing that same colour protrudes from the rock, filling the caverns with its tendrils of influence. This crystal, flung from the farthest reaches of space acts as an anchor point to the darkest and most foul of planes, the Abyss. The denizens of the plane, demons of innumerable count, constantly hunger to deliver pain, agony and suffering. They feed off of souls of the living, the slowly leeching off of the souls of the still living, letting their body's die only to force the souls back into their mangle bodies once more, each time tearing a small piece of their souls all the while relishing in the pain they cause. The hollow acts as a weak point, making it easier for these creatures to breach into the mortal plane, where they hope to lure the weak and the mad to them so they may feed off of their suffering. Temples dedicated to this torturous feeding dot the caverns and caves, the haunting screams of the demons and their victims echo throughout the halls. (Please keep in mind this is heavily wip, this is the first thing I've written down about my setting so far, feedback is appreciated!)


The remnants of Teklo, a very powerful spiritual city, after it was taken over by the first Necromancer. He used the spiritual entity made by the city to control the bodies, not the minds, of the people. The atrocities done had such a weight to them that even the world will forever remember them, and the specters will repeat and wail day and night. Within the hollowed walls of the once-city.


My campaign is called The Fog. It’s an ever present force that skulks the landscape driving madness and disease to its many victims. Some turn to undead fast but most slowly turn mad as their brain rots and their body slowly follows. It’s a metaphor for the dying world in a way. The gods are dead and the world is slowly eating itself. In the power vacuum evil and chaos fills as cults and other foul creatures exert power over those that aren’t already oppressed by the fog.


Monsters dissolve in my world. However, if you’re unfortunate enough, you’ll stop what you’re doing one day. You heard a noise. It doesn’t belong to any living thing you know. If fact, you’re not even sure where it’s coming from. You could almost feel it, like an earthquake vibrating your bones. You go to your local doctor, but he can’t help you because he’s not hearing what you’re hearing. Nobody is hearing what you’re hearing. Then the noise turns to screaming. It feels like a nail is being driven into your skull. You can barely function, let alone think about anything else. You’d do anything to get rid of the pain. You’d even start listening to its malicious instructions.


I haven’t figured out a name so I’ll use the place holder “Spine Wyrms”. These things came to be In a void/chaos like dimension that is essentially a place of intense lovecraftian natural selection. The dragons of my setting originated and fled en masse from here due to the success of the spine wyrms. Their appearance is similar to that of the common house centipede, but they look as though they’re draped in a fleshy skin blanket which hides most of their features. Hanging from the underside of their long body is typically the decomposing corpses of their still living victims ,they use their souls as sustenance, and if their victim is large or powerful enough they sometimes puppeteer them. They can utilize the magic, intellect and abilities of their attached victims in self defense and in pursuit of more food. When the dragons fled to the mortal plane, only one of these creatures managed to escape with them. It’s existence on the mortal plane was mostly spent in state of starvation in an underground tomb, it was somehow sealed there in an age long forgotten, and the main character brings it bodies in exchange for magical knowledge or boons. Eventually it escapes and (due to other events in the main chunk of the story) attaches itself and puppeteers the physical manifestation of one of the benevolent gods after he got ripped from his higher state of being. Also I forgot to mention they speak through the collective mouths of it’s attached victims.


**The Shogun & The Storm** **Voidwhaling: A necessary evil** In the Yamauchi Shogunate and the Daeic Hoards voidwhaling is a necessary evil, a term that both are too familiar with, that helps to maintain the functionality of both Star Empires, without it both Star Empires would certainly become literal plant food for the Gluttonous Jungle, be exterminated by the Crucible Empire’s quest for galactic reclamation, or be ravaged by the cosmic horrors originating from The Deep. Voidwhaling as the name implies is the art of hunting voidwhales for the purpose of harvesting their body parts to be used in various arcane and magitechnological practices, it’s so essential to many magitechnological traditions as a matter of fact it is considered to be a pillar that is useful in everywhere from the creation of starships, energy production, and even medicine! Often times achieved by specialized Voidwhaling ships that are 3 km (1.8 miles) in length that fire harpoons the length of the Empire State Building to penetrate through the shells of voidwhales and plunge deep into the voidwhale’s flesh in order to safely real the catch in to better harvest the bodyparts. However the process isn’t straightforward considering 90% of the time voidwhales will retaliate by vomiting out thick globs of hyper-volatile bioplasma, each glob having a radius of 200 meters (656 ft) on average, as such Voidwhaling is accomplished by multiple starships often working in a team to support each other. Now let’s get into what bodyparts of voidwhales are harvested and what they are used for! **Hearts** Arguably the most important aspect of voidwhaling is the harvesting of hearts this is because it’s basically the only known way for both the Yamauchi Shogunate and the Daeic Hordes to achieve FTL. Let me explain. You see here **TS&TS** is a science fantasy setting meaning it combines science fiction with fantasy elements, with one thing being important to remember is the fact that the soul is located in the heart. The entire universe also contains an invisible, omnipresent, semi-tangible aether that as far as anyone is concerned, is only accessible by “living” and “natural” beings with most understood technologies being completely unable to access it in anyway. It’s responsible for how FTL travel and FTL communications function in the first place coupled with being the reason why certain sounds can travel through space while others can not. The souls of voidwhales and therefore their hearts are “encoded” with the ability to access, navigate, and travel through the cosmic aether, both the Yamauchi Shogunate and the Daeic Hordes both understand this, and both take advantage of this. Great care is taken in surgically removing the heart of a voidwhale along with making sure the heart is keep mostly intact, afterwards the harvested heart will be given various cybernetic implants and talismans to transform it into a soul engine, the cybernetics double as a life support system that ensures the heart is kept healthy while the talismans are what keep the soul calm, special sorcerers known as “calmers” also help via monitoring and communing with the enslaved soul. **Blood** Another vital component, blood is used in various alchemical traditions and the creation of very expensive yet very effective medicines capable of curing any disease, even supernatural diseases that mundane medicines can’t cure. The most possible example has to be how voidwhale blood is used to create Ryutetsu, one of the most strongest metals the Yamauchi Shogunate has access to, this is because the crystals that are *grown* to produce Ryutetsu will only produce it if said crystals are fed with voidwhale blood, otherwise they will instead produce iron which is commonly agreed to be a useless and outdated metal. **Fat** Voidwhale fat makes a very powerful fuel source, so powerful as a matter of fact that fat reactors have totally replaced fusion reactors, not only do fat reactors produce thrice as much energy but fat reactors can also last much, *much*, longer than fusion reactors. Using the same logic voidwhale fat also makes very powerful torpedoes and starmines. **Bones** Last but not least the bones from Voidwhaling, while not as critically important as say heart harvesting or blood draining, voidwhale bones also make excellent armor! It’s so durable as a matter of fact it is often worn by high ranking starships as for added protection and as a symbol of the starship’s power, the intimidation affect is also widely considered to be a welcomed bonus too!


3 km is 1.86 miles


1) there is a village on the edge of a major swamp that has been entirely replaced with ooblex slimes. No one can tell cause everything, especially the ground is always slightly sticky and moist from the humidity and plants. Most of the time travelers are left alone, but if you are alone, there is a good chance you get taken and replaced with a slime clone as the ooblex slowly expand under and through the swamp. 2) the Archfey of winter feeds on negative emotions (technically it just seeks intense sensation, but no one ever agrees to give up happiness or pleasure), he doesn't cause them, he doesn't ever hurt anyone he just shows up to anguished people and offers to take away their pain. This means losing the memories of the thing that caused them pain and anything that is associated with it, this can mean whole chunks of your personal history, and if it is caused by heart break or grief then you also lose the ability to ever love or feel that kind of attachment to another person again. If it is physical pain you lose physical sensation, this includes the ability to feel the touch of another person.


The horrifying thing about my world isn't that there are vampires. It's that there are humans who are fine justifying their cruelty because the ones they are torturing are vampires.


Rodger. He has personally killed hundreds of people, and his soldiers thousands more. He has destroyed thousands of people's lives. He is the greatest danger to all of Hurano. He is the strongest warlord on the continent of Majar, and half of the continent's cities owe him tribute. Any city that doesn't pay is given three days to give double what Rodger demands. If they don't submit his army will attack the city, afterwards slaying all of it's officials and 10% of it's adult population.


I know from an outside perspective it's not horrifying, especially compared to some other stuff on the thread, but he is considered the most feared man in the world of Hurano, the third most powerful person in the world, and the most powerful person on the continent of Majar. He's meant to be this world's Genghis Khan.


The slow disintegration of reality is pretty up there. Most people don’t know about it tho, so idk prolly like the encroaching militarization of just about everything and the human cost of it…which is directly contributing to the disintegration of reality. Well, most people don’t comprehend that on any meaningful level, so probably The Schism, which separates a person’s mana from them, and then causes them to suck in and then also lose the ambient mana around them…which is also directly contributing to the disintegration of reality. But information about that is tightly controlled, so most people don’t know about it either, so maybe bears? Bears that can use magic? Or something. Oh! No, you know what, it’s definitely the roving bands of necromancers and warlocks that raise the dead whenever they want. But no one has ever actually seen one? People have definitely seen a lot of undead though, and the military certainly talks about the necromancers a lot. They’re definitely the most horrifying thing. (The necromancers, not the military. Everyone loves the military!)


Compared to some of the others here idk how traditionally scary this is but personally I like the more subtle stuff. The Behemoth is a large war elephant with two trunks. It’s as smart as other elephants if not smarter which should make it more resistant to battle and easier to spook. Instead, the behemoth has a core of rage. It would rather die in battle like some mad berserker than live on for another day. It’s said that the behemoth could choose not to be ridden if it wished, but is smart enough to know that it’s riders will be able to direct it to conflict where it can better satiate its antipathy. It’s cold, cunning, and domineering. Oh also there’s the fungal network that can merge with conscious beings, direct their behavior, and reconstruct the physical structure of their brain in its mycelium so that it might steal their consciousness


Well let's see. Fear is universal being who has many children. One child, a cannabalist, has unusual properties. He cannot get wounded and if any object tries to wound him the object ends up bleeding. What's more is that the child is secretly holding all his father powers within him and is trying impossibly hard to control it resulting in his body's blood vessels looking like its going to burst constantly. The child's hands are covered in the hundreds of his father's fangs resulting in him being incapable of touching anything without tearing to pieces of pure pain. If the child loses focus of controlling the power for even a splitsecond every being in the universe will feel the all the pain they will endure in a lifetime during that splitsecond. The child's name is Stress and he seeks to kill his father.


**Shadow of the Theomachy** Dragons are beasts manifested entirely of magic, and as such can grow in scale indefinitely by consuming sources of magic energy. Most feed on the widespread and relatively defenceless beings that inhabit the continent; large wild animals, cattle, and occasionally humans or other sapient species. This puts somewhat of a soft limit on their growth, however. Hunt enough animals and the local population will be wiped out, leaving the dragon to starve. Raid enough villages and the army will go and hunt the dragon down. There is one earth dragon, however, which has found a much richer source of energy. When it was created a millennia ago by the Primordial Earth God, it didn't scramble forth to do battle in the Theomachy as was intended, nor did it hunt for prey to grow, but instead it sensed great sources of magic in the earth, and it chose to burrow down in pursuit. Deep down in the rock, it found small crystals, shimmering with more densely packed energy than the small flecks that filled people's blood. The dragon consumed these crystals, and kept looking. It dug deeper, finding great veins of magic crystals as it went, consuming them all and growing ever larger. Eventually, it felt the stone around it become softer, before falling into an endless ocean of molten rock. Floating around the surface were massive bergs of crystal, with the most pure magic the dragon had ever sensed. For hundreds of years it has swum through magma and fed on these crystals, growing ever larger. By the present day, it is so large that if it were to surface, it could wipe out entire nations without even noticing. One being is keeping a close eye on it - the Primordial Earth God himself. He senses the dragon displacing the earth below, and he knows what happened. He calls the dragon **Hišor Ruxanvroz**, "Earth-Shaking Whisper", as it is the Earth God's most devastating secret. While the dragon would be a threat to all mortal life if it ever rose from the depths, the Earth God has decided to avoid mentioning it to not cause widespread fear, and they couldn't possibly do anything about it anyways. Instead, he uses a portion of his power to slowly regrow and control the crystal deposits around the dragon, hampering its continued growth while keeping it sated. For now, at least.


Elves are stuck with what amounts to basically supernatural ADHD, except at a truly ridiculous timescale. Executive dysfunction and periods of hyperfocus that can last year's or decades, leaving them unaware of the massive change that occurs around them. ex. Finding a hobby, focusing on it, and by the time they're bored of it, everyone they know is dead or gone and the world is completely different from the last time they remember checking in. They exist on a totally different timescale from the mortals around them, and that renders them incredibly isolated. To clarify, elf is the common parlance for a half-fae. They tend to fade in and out of "focus" where their perception of time is roughly that of other folks, generally during times when they are properly stimulated and challenged, but many dread falling into stability and routine, because then they lose everything and everyone they care about before they even realize it's happening.


Hell. You can't see further than 50 meters (\~164 feet) due to thick fog, everything wants to kill you, and hordes of murderous tree creatures wander the wastes, waiting to find some unfortunate adventurer (you) to feast upon.


Since you asked, there is a type of a vengeful spirit that a guardian spirit can turn into after the person they guarded was very brutally murdered, and more so if without a proper burial. From what I imagined, it is humanoid, in baggy robes, usually white or black, an wears a mask (as many spirits in my world do), which is most often red or white. They may have horns, antlers or feathers on their head, I'm still not sure about the details. It is a stalker that moves slowly but steadily, walking through the land to find the murderer. It's invisible to most people, except mediums, shamans and the murderer themself (and animals, of course, especially corvids, which may even accompany it). As they approach their target, that person is starting to have nightmares, becomes anxious and finally can even be driven insane before the spirit comes. While it's possible to banish it, hardly any shaman does that, since such spirits are never "wrong" and never target the innocent (and, after all, it's still very difficult). Please keep in mind that the world is still a WIP so things may change over time ^^'


The metal plague. During earths greatest war, they created a weapon that could wipe out a continent in 2 weeks flat. After the war, the put it on a spaceship and launched it haphazardly into space, landing on T’raiosm. After the people of the planet activate it, the weapon starts to tear through the whole island, which is spilt by a river and lake. The metal plague itself is composed of steel vines that consume any resource it can, and adding it to itself. It can also control people’s minds by putting a spike through the creatures brain. The vibes can theoretically grow forever, and gain some sentience, as it uses drones to communicate with other faraway parts. The only safe place against the metal plague is underground


The Eldritch Dieties. Long ago, 3 parties of gods created the world along with the universe: The Infernal, the Holy, and the Eldritch. They were all equal in importance and power, however the Lead Eldritch diety, Nepherceres, began to desire unwanted changes to the world being forced by the 3 God parties. This led to a conflict of interest and things for violent quickly. The Infernal and Holy dieties worked together to seal the Eldritch gods into their own Realm, and to sever that realm from any connection to the mortal world or other afterlife Realms. However, Nepherceres had planned for this possibility centuries ago. He left an evil book which led to the formation of a cult. This cult worshipped him, and they followed the book by heart. They eventually decided it was time to conduct a ritual hidden in the back of the book. They opened a gate to the Eldritch realm, allowing Nepherceres into the Mortal plane. He stole the body of one cultist, and slaughtered the remaining ones to erase proof of the event. Nepherceres has become part god and part man, unable to be defeated by mortals and immortals singlehandedly, due to an agreement that prevents the dieties from interacting with the mortal world to a certain degree. He roams the world undecided by the gods, for now


*Warning, someone might trigger on this, but we are talking about horrible things here* In my world, Goblin reproduction is pretty horrible. Goblins don't have sexes, but instead reproduce by parasitic means...by using the wombs of other creatures. So they capture female creatures with wombs, and forcibly impregnates them. Goblin "sperm" contains loads of minute "larvae", which will attach themselves to the womb of the hostbody, and then begin to grow. As the Goblin larvae grow, space becomes limited, and the larvae then detach from the host and begin to canibalize each other, as they grow further. After a few weeks, the goblin spawn is down to a limited number. At this point the Goblin spawn begins to eat the host, killing it in the process, by eating it from the inside. If given time, the Goblin spawn will eat the victim entirely. If not, they are fully capable of living and operating on their own from the moment they emerge from the host. There is currently no cure to Goblin impregnation, though some alchemists are working on a concoction that will kill the Goblin spawn, and cause the host to eject it from the body, without killing the host in the process.


I don’t think I have anything extremely horrifying but I have giant mermaids larger than whales who live on the South Pole of my world and feed on people who venture too far down south.


Humanity will never restore it's path as a self-sufficient technological civilization. After hundreds of years of rebuilding civilization it hits a wall, there's simply no easily accessible resources that weren't dug out to restart the industrial revolution. Humanity is to forever live under an incomprehensive grip of an all powerful AI-ecologist turned worshiped God. He knows everything, but understands nothing. He has power over everything but itself.


This isn’t quite what you’re asking… but I’ve always been inspired by Horace the Cheese from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. I mean, just imagine being a sheep thief, bumbling around on the grassy hills with your haul… when in the distance you hear a gentle schlop schlop schlop. The sound speeds up. You can hear it rolling in your direction. Closer. Closer. And then with a sudden moist fwhap, something bludgeons your stomach and your olfactory senses are overpowered by a rich and nutty aroma with subtle floral undertones. Then, writhing in pain, you hear it. The Feegle warcry. The end has come.


Feral children. In the city, they’re bad enough. Do not be fooled by appearances- they are opportunistic thieves, and even the young ones will pull a knife on you in a dark alleyway or other opportune area for a robbery, or worse, if the kid hasn’t “proven” their fierceness to whatever gang or gaggle they run with. However, in the city, these children also have zero to none protection from the consequences of their own actions, so they tend to scatter like roaches at the first sign of danger, and rightfully so. More than a few kids have gotten a taste of their own medicine- their knives and other weapons turned against them, or even simply being picked up by their ankles and swung against a wall until they’ve turned into paste from the waist upwards. There are not many residents of the city who will shed a tear for them, and they know it. But the city’s children don’t even compare to the ones outside of the protective walls, in the grassland wastes. There, you can find tribe-like hordes of children who truly are hardened, ruthless, and warlike. They are some of the only permanent residents of the dangerous wastes, dressed in wild and frightening garb, and they appear in large numbers, usually in deadly ambushes of traders and travelers. It usually ends in total slaughter, and they work with frightening efficiency. The next morning, the road will be covered in blood, smashed and scattered carts and wagons and pull-sleds looted and burned, and the savagely wounded bodies of every single victim- except for any children present, who have disappeared into the grasses as captives. They will likely go through an extended mind-breaking “initiation” process until they join, or are killed. Worst of all, there are the ones who have been… altered. The rumors, the wild-eyed stories are too consistent to not be believed; strange children with twisted forms and minds, grotesque transformations, and frightening abilities. Some seem to be part of these gangs as weird mascots or attack dogs, while others are solitary, and no two are the same. They’ve been seen crawling up sheer vertical surfaces with the speed of overgrown insects, floating motionless in the air with blank expressions, screaming and sobbing as they rip apart grown men and women like wet paper, and destroying everything around them in violent bursts of unseen energy and force. The truth is that these children are mostly the survivors of a terrible calamity- orphaned or abandoned, a lost generation of deeply scarred kids. They fled from the hopelessness in their hearts and the memories of unfathomable loss, by creating a life where they run wild and thrive on chaos. Many of them still hear the roars and screams from the nights when their lives were shattered forever, the second they close their eyes to sleep. It is not uncommon to see sunken, dark-circled eyes amongst them, habits of constant restless movement, and a pathological apathy toward death, even their own. The children who are altered have been changed by a dark power festering in the bowels of the city and the wastes, a foul and strange connection to the great tragedy that robbed them of their lives once already.


Predating creation and wondering, how the hell did all this happen? Oh yeah that dude El my brother, he has too many names and is bit of a weird artist with eccentric ways. Worst part is he is my brother and I'm technically the older one, yet here I am on his creation. In human form🤯 Babysitting his "humans" while he is oh as he loves to say "working in mysterious ways" 🤦‍♂️ Hey but I got you covered he can't start the apocalypse without me, oh yeah Kaos the other "God" that can create something from nothing 😁 Well Elohim can't do that 👊 or "God" as you call him 🙄 That's about it, back to the research of "human beings" just be glad I don't get mad him for being a lousy "Father" and Omega his experiment.


I'm about to tell you of, curse be their names, the aterni. These horsemen migrated from the west into the northen steppe and reeked havoc. They truly malevolent, killing monks, massacring entire cities and within a year they had toppled the entire civilized kingdom that once stood their. That was normal for the most part but what came next was truly terrible. They first ordered an entire monastery to kill one of every ten men in their order. The monks did that and then they were ordered to eat the bodies. After that the crucified half of the ranks left by sending a nail through each palm and cutting open the stomach letting them slowly die by bleeding or being eaten as they had placed them low enough to have wild beasts eat their bodies. The other half were used as human torches being covered with oil and tar. That was a taste of their atrocities. They had the previous king covered in honey, fruits and meat then having him chained to a stone cliff where birds would slowly eat him alive. They also spread diseases which they brought and engineered. They let the beast plague into the old capital spreading and transforming many citizens of the city. They also brought the stone pox which would so spread out but thats another tale. This is but a taste of what they did but they commuted another thing, far worse


The false immortals. There are three kinds of immortals in my world. The first are the true elders, who do not age past their early to mid twenties. The delayed elders, who age slower than regular humans, they have life expectancies ×4 or ×5 longer than normal humans. The first two kinds of immortals are genetically inherited; but the false immortals are the ones who steal other people's remaining years. The false immortals (false elders) used to go about and kidnap infants; and perform rituals to transfer the infants ability to grow older into the false immortals. Before all of false immortals were killed, they kidnapped and killed thousands of children to ensure they could stay alive for hundreds of years.


-Humanity may be an interstellar civilization with advanced technologies but they have been lowkey preyed upon and manipulated by the Reptoids for thousands of years. They could easily wipe humanity out of they wanted to but for now they view humanity as useful pawns. -Earth is filled with paranormal entities such as skinwalkers, demons, witches, wendigos, dragons, giants, spirits, fairies and etc. While there are a lot of them who are harmless most of them are way more malevolent, violent and depraved. There are government agencies such as UNOAC and UNELDA or 'ELDA' that currently have them under control for now. -While there are benevolent and neutral gods there are plenty of lovecraftian gods out there who could wipe out humanity like stepping on ants. -There are computer programs that could create a digital copy of your consciousness while killing the real one. -There are several sites on the dark net for live streaming torture to the pleasire of sadistic viewers. The viewers can vote on what to do to the victim. -If an AI gains sentience and goes rogue, they can either behave human and just want freesom or they can become emotionless sociopathix murder machines hellbent on destroying humanity. -The UN and most megacorps often use death row prisoners and homeless people as guinea pigs. -Mutants who aren't superheroes or celebrities are usually viewed as freaks and are kept in laboratories and concentration camps for unethical experimentation. -If you're an AI, nonhuman or alien in UN territory you're either considered as second class citizens or slaves. -While most poor districts are anarchic, have high crime and are completely ignored by the police. If you live in richer districts you may encounter stalkers or lowkey psychopaths and serial killers. -The UN often ressurects dead soldiers and put them into cybernetic bodies.


Scariest thing seen so far is REALITY.


Monocrop farming. Enough said.


Probably the Wall Clowns. No one is quite sure what they are or where they came from. They have the appearance of an average humanoid clown, though they don't speak any known language. They live almost entirely in the northern part of the state of Kennedy in the town of Cirkodepiqo. They are called Wall Clowns because, well, that's where they live. Inside your walls. You know you have them when you hear honks and squeaks late at night or perhaps the odd giggle in the morning. They are the most active from midnight to 3 AM or near holidays. Occasionally, you might find a few pieces of confetti falling from your ceiling, a sure sign that they are converting your drywall and foundation into merry fun flakes. Most houses in Cirkodepiqo have anywhere from 5-10 wall clowns, and they are very hard to remove once you have them. Even if you were to fumigate the house, no known poison seems to kill them. Now you might be thinking, how does 5-10 wall clowns fit inside a house? Scientists and occultists alike are still unsure, though many draw parallels between the small car gag. If you were to cut your wall open they would no doubt parade forth in a silly yet disconcerting line only to sink back into the walls through the nearest crack or crevice. They are harmless pests, but for many another good reason to avoid the northern coast of Kennedy. On the other hand, if you can put up with the noise the rent in Cirkodepiqo is fantastically low.


Lahtuh-enye, the Discarded Ones. The inhabitants of my world are lizard people who shed their skin. A certain order of mercenary alchemists train themselves to shed in one solid husk and animate it like a golem to do their bidding.\* This includes the ability to assassinate someone by crumpling and stuffing itself down their throat to suffocate them. ​ \*Yes, this is partially inspired by the Pokemon Shedinja. I never said I wasn't a hack lol.


There's a tree on an island known to the natives as The Creeping Death. It is near the treeline at the base of a extinct volcano. There are no other trees around it for nearly fifty meters and is on a small hill of its own. The tree itself is maybe three meters tall, but its foliage extends around its trunk for a diameter of nearly 10 meters The natives have placed two rings of stones around it; the first are at a radius of about 40 meters away and made of normal rocks; the inner circle is 30 meters away and made of red crystals. There are many animals on the island, and occasionally one will approach the tree. Shortly after crossing the inner circle, a vine will shoot out from the foliage at blinding speed and pierce the creature through the forehead, right above the eyes. It will then drag the animal back in as the grass around the trunk recedes like a carpet to show a vast graveyard of other animals in its root structure, all with a vine in their skulls, being slowly digested. As the fresh kill finds a spot among the dead, the grass on the hill, which is now obvious to be just some kind of skin, and part of the tree, moves back over the roots, covering its stomach, and it resumes being just a strange tree in a clearing.


In one setting I'm working on (a horror setting), all the gods are basically shaped by human fear. Here follows a short listing Cal Dura, the blood lord, god of vampires, blood magic, etc. given form by personal horror (like the realization that through blood ties, you are like people you hate) and the horrors that hide with human faces (the way vampires do). Nehz'Qevhel, the king in iron, god of war and tyrrany. Given form by the fear of powerlessness, the tyrant breaks the will of all who oppose him. The Shariim, trinity goddesses of the wilderness and curses. Given form by fear of the wild, and known to inflict wicked concoctions and curses upon whoever they please. Urog-Shyra, the pale usurper, goddess of undeath. Stole the essence of Yocsor, which was formed by the fear of death. Vhathra, the elder flame, god of the sun and truth. Given form by the fear of revelations. Angelic on paper, but the truth can be harsh and unforgiving. Great Shur-Uri, god of knowledge. Given form by the fear of things man was not meant to know. God of beings such as Mind Flayers and Aboleths. ​ The frightening part is that they are only as undying as the fear that made them. People will always be afraid of something, and there will always be something to prey on that fear.


I'm still at the arduous part of finishing off the main map (coastlines take so long....) so my littler details in the way the world works haven't been ironed out yet, but there's one civilization that's on an extremely densely populated crater like volcano-ish island in the middle of the ocean that's half the size of greater tokyo (including the lake in the center, which again is like half the place's total size) which was formed by a ginormous serpent like creature named Inouga. (Which means something along the lines of gift, the island itself is also called Inouga) Now, the thing is... this crater like volcano-ish structure is actually a sort of molehill left behind by inouga burrowing out of the earth, through the ocean. This creature is so ginormously huge, he could be seen, flying around the globe from space (If you squint hard enough). And he's just been laying dormant there for hundreds of years, but _when_ he wakes up he could destroy the island (and more of the world) just as fast as it was gifted.


Of all the monsters and oddities that exist across Aeula, the most feared phenomenon originated from the stars themselves: a disease of the soul. In Skyk (living stars that sit in the sky), overuse of magic risks corruption. This corruption is caused by a terrible disease that latches onto high magic output, and suffocates the soul until it is entirely depleted of magic (souls themselves are a form of sentient magic, no magic = no energy to live). Most aren't aware that they are afflicted until they desperately try to use higher volumes of magic to achieve the same level of output, only to find some horrifying side effects as a result of the disease spreading. Feathers and multiple winged limbs. The worse the condition, the more winged the host. In late-stage sufferers, several sprouted wings (some are functional, most are not) are often littered across the body. Most at this stage cannot move well (due to new appendages), choosing the crawl or run on their hands and feet. These hosts tend to be erratic and unable to communicate, hiding in dark corners where non-affected individuals cannot approach them. Using light near the infected causes panic and aggression, caused by developed photophobia. There is no cure, but protection measures are put in place to prevent the disease from latching onto nearby hosts that perform strong magic. Somehow, this disease also spread to the mortals of Aeula. The condition wasn't designed to reside within such bodies, due to their magic levels being much lower, so it usually kills mortal hosts long before late stage 'feathering' can occur. There are many names for the terror that spreads through mortal and immortal alike, but the most common term is Shadowrot.


Creatures: 1. Corrupted and wild changelings, they're changelings who don't have a base form and some of them exposed to otherworldly power and become corrupted. They attack villages at night and devour people. 2. Wild Host(?) is an otherworldly beings, they come from unknown worlds, some of them are wild and evil, some of them are docile. The wild ones frequently eat people. Dark Mage hunt them for power, but many ended up killed by the Wild Host Places: 1. New World, it's an unexplored continent with monsters and unknown things 2. The Continent, it's a huge unexplored continent, it's the largest continent in my world, it's dry, full of deserts and rocks. Even though it's unexplored, legends say that the first sentient lifeforms came from there Specific places: 1. Dark Lake, it's a lake in the New World, separating High Cliff Harbor and a dwarven settlement called Bright Night City. Crossing the lake is the shortest way to Bright Night, but also would be the longest(?) 2. Lost Soul Forest, it's a forest located in territory of Satesia Kingdom(Human), it's the place for lost souls, legends say it was a homeland of House Orgell ancestors, there is also a rumors that there was a Wild Host kept by the Orgell ancestor in there long time ago


Horrifying to us but not them, in my urban fantasy world there is a corporation exploiting a legal loophole to do ethnic cleansing, they also advertise that and most people don't care.


The Pandorium are an SCP-esque group in Hereth that contain relics from other worlds to hide them from the people, including an interloper from a different dimension and his sentient sword (He was a dnd hexblade warlock). Recently, one Pandorium facility was found empty after their only *prisoner* escaped and massacres the guards. In another, a survivor recounts a guard picking up a sword and using it to slaughter other guards. Whenever they were stopped, another one would pick it up and begin again, culminating in the remaining guard giving it to an unknown figure outside the facility.


no person is safe from the horrors of war, and considering the advancements in technology, the colonisation of neighbouring solar-systems (think of it as like 1700-1800 century europe, when all countries were busy raping Africa and the Americas, but in space) the terrorist faction Rhajan, the Ga'amin and Eyyghan alien-empires, and the scramble for resouces, and you've got the ingredients for a clusterfuck


Just close your eyes for a second. You are on a ball of rock and water being flung around a flaming ball of fire that’s being flung around a black holes larger than anything you can imagine. You are cosmically insignificant to the point where anything your species shall do will never influence the rails of fate. Our own brains can scare us so much more than any monster or demon or event ever could. But don’t let that get you down when you scare yourself.