What's the most powerful race of beings in your world?

What's the most powerful race of beings in your world?


If you mean race as in groups then obviously the gods and elder evils in my world. If you mean race as in actual race then probably the Aboleth Emperium. They control the majority of the material plane as well as it’s Far Realm. A massive crystal tower creates an exclusion zone on the material plane that keeps them out.


**Tsamgotuei** Although a common thread in many universes, Slipdream and the hidden archives of the Tsamgotuei have the highest count of them. Dreamons. Or that's what they're called now, before they had a less derivative name, but that's lost. Daemon Gods all split into Daemons and Gods, 10 of each for each Daemon God, equally distributing their power, but dispersing half of it to perform said action. This happens in most universes, if not all, at some point. It's simply the best form of organizing the universe's authority. However in the situation that one is a little pathetic scared baby and bails last-minute, all the power dispersed, seeking a source, enters their body. This creates a Dreamon, an extremely powerful being with the capability (if enough power was absorbed) to throw multiverses into chaos. The most notable of these (although there have been many) was Xonos, who destroyed, mutilated, or enslaved 23 and a half universes before being killed. **Scare!/Tsamgotuei (they show up in both)** A burning king is a close second, but they really aren't that common, due to the rarity of the object their existence centers around being created. It's a dimension over from slipdream, 2 multiverses displaced, and a 22.3% chance Horus gets mad enough to make it in any given universe where he is the 13th god of death, or even exists. Lots of variables. But they can be scary, the power to use your victims as fuel for your army is a big boost and often leads to very long and brutal reigns. Well, that and Monarchs, like Tyrants but they aren't ticking time bombs they're bombs that went off already and they're terrifying. I'd rather not go into detail as that would make this much longer explaining a lot of things, but thing Cthulu but instead of pretentious 'humans aren't the most important thing in the universe! OH NO!' it's more unknowable pain and sadness in living form that has no knowledge of the universe but still thinks mortal beings aren't worth its time.


Them. They are the ones who bring tye end in every possible world. They are the ones who feed on the souls of crowds tormented by the apocalypses. They are the ones who exist in any possible world. They are.


How do you kill them?


It is Impossible, they are necessary things.


Do they have culture? What would happen if they just... stopped?


Not exactly, They do not think or act like us, They are on a different plane of existence. It is difficult for Them to just stop, their very presence cause wars and catastrophes.


Do they ever have wars or conflicts among themselves?


No, They are like some kind of collective conscious. It is said that They exist in a number that is impossible to comprehend. I wanted Them to be the most eldrich as possible.


What is the mechanism behind them causing chaos wherever they go?


Indirect influence. They can slowly influence the minds of peoples and lead them to their will, and generally They do have some agents that work to make their will true.


Are they "evil?" What would things be like if they didn't do their thing?


Easily the Celestials. Lesser celestials come in two flavours, jann and nymphs. The former are the native denizens of the Inner Realms, while the latter are the offspring of greater celestials and mortals. Greater celestials, on the other hand, **are** the Inner Realms, or at least their embodiment. These are beings that made it into Terran mythology as angels, demons, gods, etc... Both types hold considerable power, with lesser celestials being on par with a master or grandmaster, and greater celestials being entirely off the scale. While they can be defeated, it takes a lot of effort and manpower, so most people opt for a "let's ignore that Avatar for now... hopefully, it won't destroy our city by accident." A notable exception to all the above are the Voidborn. Voidspawn are *technically* nymphs, though they are a far cry for beautiful women. They are also considerably weaker. In contrast, Void Beasts and Void Titans are roughly on par with the Avatars, with the former sacrificing guile for brute force, and the latter sacrificing brute force for insidious abilities. Currently, Earth is under occupation by the Voidborn and has been twisted into a nightmarish landscape nobody sane would like living in. Terrans return every now and then for a safari of sorts, hunting down Voidborn to use them as engines/fuel for their FTL blink drives.


Depends what you class as a race. If we're talking in terms of what things like D&D class as races, then it's probably humans because I absolutely hate worldbuilding that makes some "playable" races just strictly better than others, especially when they're "humans but better". Humans being at the top prevents the humans but better part of this problem, because it's very hard for humans to be a race of Mary Sues when their whole thing is how diverse they are. If we're talking any category of organic creature, it tends to be dragons at the top cos dragons are cool.


The thing is that their is a big difference between something being better at an individual level vs social level. It doesn’t matter if giants are individually superior to humans if they take 10 times the calories for only 5 times the capabilities. Uz (trolls) from Glorantha are a great example because though in most ways they are just better than humans (physically not mentally) they have great difficulty replacing their numbers and have been driven back because of it. Then again all the major non human races in Glorantha are so alien that the humans but better thing is not a problem.


Well yeah, but giants generally fall into the monster category. If they do have societies, they're ones that barely influence the world. A race that operates on the human level, ie a "playable" race (the kinds of things that you would be allowed to play as if you were to make an RPG or TTRPG out of your world) being strictly better is just boring. Also, strictly better on the individual level is actually the bigger problem here. It's fine to have some societies be way stronger than others - that's how actual history has worked after all - but when your elves are just plain better humans why would anyone ever pick human for their character?


If you’re using a points buy system such as GURPS the species powers come out of the same points pool as everything else. So maybe playing that species is the only way to get certain abilities but it doesn’t make you stronger than anyone else because you are playing a less exceptional specimen than the people playing less powerful species. (Ie you have less points to spend on skills and advantages)


That makes them *not* strictly better though. If one race costs 20 more points than another then that race isn't 20 points stronger than the other, because it's 20 points worse at learning non-racial abilities. I would expect a world that operated like that to offer some lore explanation for this.


No it is just that your individual is restricted to being a less powerful individual because of the points you spent on your species. It has no impact on npcs. It is to persevere game balance within the party not to reflect the broader world.


When ludonarrative dissonance occurs, the ludo always takes precedent over the narrative, because the ludo is what *is* true, and the narrative is just an explanation for why it's true. The lack of a narrative explanation doesn't make it not true, it just makes it unexplained. The truth of high point value races in GURPS is that if you pick one, you're worse at other things. Your DM may or may not offer a narrative explanation for it. If they don't, you're going to have to come up with an explanation for yourself and the most likely one you'll come up with is that members of this race are worse at learning other stuff.


In terms of mortals: The Fahsebekaru are a product of accelerated evolution, forced to the sea floor by factors beyond their control, over several millennia going deeper and deeper. Generation by generation, only the strongest hatchlings were even able to be born without being immediately crushed by the gargantuan water pressure. As a result, they became a tribe with supernatural physical strength, settled at the bekesta equivalent of the Mariana Trench, with a population of about 150-400 at any given time (depending on the availability of food). In the past, they were unstoppable juggernauts who shrugged off the weapons of the best warriors. One of them conquered an entire continent almost singlehandedly around 1800 years ago. Unfortunately for them, they're vulnerable to the exact same weakness that all bekesta are cursed with: flammability. They've also become simpler to defeat in direct combat as technology advanced over the centuries. But they're still not to be trifled with. For one thing, they're still the only race of bekesta physically capable of effectively using the metal known as Korukest — a metal which is so dense that a piece smaller than your thumb weighs more than a large bowling ball — as a weapon. And on top of that, they have a monopoly on the Korukest trade, since it can only be found at extreme depths. (They were actually one of the first things about bekesta that I ever came up with, way back in 2012.)


A singular group of entities exists outside of my world, they have no leaders, culture, morality all they know is hunger and have developed the most effective ways to kill their prey. The most powerful beings of the world, the dragons, the phoenixes, the faerie courts and arch wizards have delayed their arrival for eons. But the phoenixes have been extinguished, the last dragon is sick and bitter, the faerie courts are destroying each other and the last city of witches and wizards is surviving through sheer luck and determination. If they are to breach the meager defenses left protecting the normal realm nothing could be done to stop them. I feel like I’m ripping something off but I’m new here so please go easy on me.


Most of the discrete races are pretty on par with each other in my fantasy world, except the Uncasting races, who are just, doomed to weakness. Some hybrids can wind up with powerful combinations of powers that give them an edge, like my protagonist who can store more magical energy than most humans, and can augment his natural production thanks to his Demon heritage, but that doesn't actually make him innately more powerful


The elementals. They represent each element: Earth, wind, water, fire, nature, light, darkness, and magic. Together, they created everything. They created the world, they created gods, they created things that then began creating more things. Not only do they have control over the element they represent, they *are* that element. They created everything and they can destroy it. They are powerful enough separately, but together they are unstoppable. Some of them are cruel, some kind, and some are indifferent. To defeat one would be to erase an element from the world; not only is it nearly impossible, but it would be catastrophic. Imagine what would happen if all water disappeared, or all life, or the entire planet. What would happen if there was no light? Nothing good, that's for sure lol


I’m still working out the details but less race and more like past civilizations that had a strong impact on the present world One particularly I’m working on is a Bronze Age civilization that had war automatons and experimented with magical genetic engineering to create mutants and hybrids for slaves and mercenaries. It perished in an unspecified disaster but the automatons are still around and have a tendency to go berserk and destroy cities and people and the mutants are hostile towards humans. Another civilization half a world away in the same setting also similarly used magic to alter fetuses (with the implication that the current locals are a result) and who’s achievements set the standard for civilization in the current city states of that region Common to both, it’s been millennia since their respective declines and current peoples have legends but few hard facts about what really happened, and don’t tend to recognize that their ancestors were objectively pretty fucked up.


Arguably there are two. The first are the "devils". These don't exist anymore, haven't for at least a thousand years, but in the short time they existed they essentially reshaped the world, at least the geopolitical aspects of it. Their mere presence warped reality, turning people into "demons". Even seeing them from afar could drive a person mad and turn them into a homicidal/cannibalistic maniac. There were only nine of them, and it took entire armies of "heroes" (people with special powers, a mandatory one being the ability to resist the devils' effects) and over a hundred years to defeat them (in part because of the "demons" and whatnot they created). Modern historians are stumped as to whether they were truly maleficent beings (**YES**), or if they were actually just entities beyond the understanding of people of the time (also yes) who didn't realize the effects they were having (that's a no). Worth noting some shady stuff went down in the background with the mortal populations during this time, including the belief in a form of eugenics. Morality became very... "grey" at this time. The second is an alien race that created "short range" teleportation devices that could teleport people between planets. To literally everyone else being able to teleport hundreds or even thousands of lightyears in an instant is by no means "short range," but it apparently is to them. Much like the "devils" however this race exists only in the background, and is likewise probably extinct. Their main function for the story is the "fleet" on its way to the galaxy, and by extension the "short range" teleportation devices that were seeded in advance. Not knowing why they're coming, the relative handful of people in the know are concerned about the intentions of this fleet (turns out it's both better and worse than they anticipated, at least there's no hostile intent). Honorable mention: The "alien centaur" race that serves as the primary antagonists. They're not really much more advanced in terms of technology, not to a significant degree at least, but they have at least one "slave race" under their belt. That allows them to have the absolute best equipment their civilization can create without any significant compromises, as they rely primarily on the numerical superiority of their servants. Still, their technology *is* better than what the average recon team has. They also have a better understanding of the portal system, allowing them to send larger numbers of troops more quickly. That becomes problematic with contested planets, as they can keep sending more and more and risk teams running out of ammo before they get reinforcements/resupplied (basically this serves as an examination of how choke points work when both sides have limits).


Okay lets see; In terms of the Planet Nimagi currently, Chip, the penguin who is actually a multiverse level god(2nd of his race) but just happens to live there. Top feats: resisting and fighting of Death itself into a stalemate, Knocking out Father Time with single blow, This in turns gives Chip immunity towards death, existence erasure, time itself. Besides that is Chip breaking into alternate realities and timelines using super speed, being immune to all physical attacks by existing in an energy form, manipulating all forms of energy at will, having- You know what Chip is just Cosmic armor Superman but with more showings of feats, slightly less knowledge and god-tier energy manipulation. He can be defeated by Beyonders There are others too like James, ('way to variable' level) \*Jack(amped up), Solar System++ level \*Beauty(amped up), Planet++ level \*Cillia(amped up), Galaxy++ level Pennywise(at max), Nigh-Universe level \*Hercules(at max): Universe+ level Fear, Universe level \*Accelerate, Multiversal+ level Captain Macky, Universe++ level Miesterre, Outerverse level Beyonders, Beyond-level \*True God Host, True level+ \*True Mage, True level+ Ultimate God, True level+ 7 Sins, True level+ 8th Sin, True level+ \-Power levels of those with \* should not be taken too seriously as their knowledge was not accounted for and knowledge plays huge role. Seriously a Galaxy++ level being can defeat a Multiverse+ level being if knowledge is in their favour -


The Maioran gods. Even though they are techincally the most powerful, they cannot directly interact with the human world, and instead require Champions to wield their power.


Other than gods, there was an ancient spacefaring civilization called The Precursors who's technology was so advanced that they could modify entire star systems. They were originally created by The Father to help developing civilizations but they went rogue and decided to make their purpose conquering the whole universe which they succeeded at. They ruled the universe for eons until they were merked by god and the other dieties and pantheons a few millenia ago. The remaining Precursors fled into other dimensions, went into stasis or became energy beings. They left behind advanced technologies, artifacts, texts, superweapons, etc. Millenia later humanity found precursor tech on archeological sites across Earth, the Moon and Mars and used it to expand across the stars.


There are multiple extremely powerful entities in my world, so it’s a matter of position and perspective. So I guess I’ll go and list a few: Pride Serif Line: These Serifs look like attractive humans, and are separated into the standard male, female, and neuter phenotypes. Each has 4 wings that are “retractable” and can be used for flight, shields, and slicing things to bits (like usual for Serif wings). They also follow the Mandate of Indestructibility fairly closely. Thus, they have a “shield” ability that prevents damage until the “shield” is depleted. Besides their wing manifestation, their bodies are about as durable as a mortal’s, and they don’t have any hyper regeneration. They will heal from most non-lethal (and some lethal) injuries given enough time. To neutralize properly, it is recommended that you remove their Gate from their body and make it as inaccessible as possible. Unfortunately, they can still use their wings in this state, albeit less effectively since the only sense they have access to is the wings’ sense of touch. Even if the reduced Serif escapes, it will not be that big of a problem because they are not natural Reinstallers. These remnants are called Pride Vestiges. PDP Serums: This is a group of magic item lines (a clade) that grant personality dependent powers (PDP) upon consumption. These tend to only base powers off of specific aspects, such as mentally, memories, beliefs, etc. Some only respond to specific character traits, and are only compatible with those who have them (at least in reasonable qualities). Additionally, most are incompatible with most Serifs, with Sages being one of the few exceptions. Sages: They do not have a visible/detectable Gate like most Serifs. They reincarnate into a new body upon death. Age of the new body is not a restriction, and they can choose the body they wish to inhabit. Considered my most the weakest of the Serifs, mostly because their bodies, while having the standard agelessness and slow, inefficient regeneration, are without some of the more typical traits, meaning they can starve/dehydrate and have waste products. Though they are much harder to neutralize than most other Serifs, since you have to keep them alive.


The World Wanderers, or simply The Wanderers, they are like a god, travel from one world to another, but they're more like mystical or legendary, no one ever seen them. If what u mean is the race that really exist, I think they're equal, Orcs would be the strongest but they don't know how to magic, a powerful human mage could defeat an orc easily


Cotrons. They are a nomadic warrior culture living in a diaspora. Very little is actually known about them. They tower over humans, but have more willow proportions. They never remove their armours. They are masters of the art of stealth and are unstettlingly silent. When they do actually speak, it does not sound comforting, either. Their "voices" are heavy, robotic and otherworldly. The only thing that seems alive in their appearance are their visors, which display nebulae-like patterns, constantly changing shapes, sizes, opacity and brightness. They mostly don't mind other races aoart from the Rhee. With them, Cotrons have been in a fierce rivalry for longer than they can remember. At their full power, they can teleport themselves, create non-Euclidean labyrinths and move celestial bodies because nobody told them they can't. I'd strongly advise againt even trying to fight them, one Cotron is a one-man/one-woman army. You're more likely to end up with Your species off the census than winning. Fighting Cotrons is like fighting the truth itself - You can try, but it's foolish to do so, it's best to acknowledge them and respect them. If You don't bother them, they probably won't mind You at all. TL;DR: The most OP demigods of my worlds are Slenderman Quarians who overdosed on quantum mechanics.


While not exactly a race, the Kangzhan are a vast army comprised of some of the most powerful - and oldest - soldiers in the universe. Using the only known functional life-extending artefact, the Kangzhan massively extend their lifespans, sometimes into the billions of years, and spend almost every moment of them training or fighting to protect the vulnerable and alleviate suffering. The power of a single Kangzhan depends on their specific age: a 'tenner' - or someone whose service in the Kangzhan is numbered in double digits or less - is, on average, about as powerful and the best-trained veterans from other armies. Someone with a thousand years or so more training could easily take out dozens or even hundreds of soldiers single-handedly, and potentially thousands working in a large group. The older the soldier, the more powerful they become, until eventually you're looking at individual warriors capable of taking on entire armies. Members of Kangzhan High Command number in the thousand most powerful beings in the universe, easily capable of toppling entire civilisations. The High Lords of the Kangzhan vary fairly wildly in power, with the weakest being only a few times more powerful than other members of High Command, and the strongest becoming, eventually, the second most powerful being alive. The Grand Lord of the Kangzhan *is* the most powerful being alive - or at least joint first - and, if they didn't constantly keep their power in check, would splinter any world they stepped into in an instant. Killing them is not just impossible, but logically contradictory. The Kangzhan as a whole have only come close to destruction once, when almost every single one of their allies was turned against them by fearmongering, leading to the creation, for a few centuries, of a coalition spanning thousands of worlds.


The Gatekeepers are the most magically powerful ones. Merely coming near them would make all your five senses go awry and make you lose sense of reality. However, they are as fragile as children, and even a strong punch could knock them dead. They look like seraphs, but their six wings are rainbow-colored. They have pointy ears like elves and peacock feathers for eyelashes, and are around 2 meters tall. They have ivory claws, and their skin is white to turquoise-ish, although some are black to deep-blue-ish. Their hair is extremely long and feathery like a bird's plumes. They have white plumes growing from their lower legs and forearms. They have three lungs, two hearts and no digestive system. Despite being genderless, they have and female to androgynous-ish body with small breasts. Their voice is siren-like, like a loud whisper with loud overtones, and they speak multiple words at the same time using their three lungs and they bird-like syrinxes. Their magic, unlike normal human magic, is on the level of a natural disaster. They can create tornados and floods and set ablaze whole cities with a snap of their fingers. They aren't as destructive as dragons, which are on the level of a civilization-ending cataclysm, but they aren't to be trifled with. Currently, there are only seven known Gatekeepers, and they all live on the libraries of the largest empires in history, either existing ones or lost ones.