How did people figure out how to do magic in your world?

How did people figure out how to do magic in your world?


It all started when researchers tried to develop a FTL-drive but accidentally ripped a hole into the fabric of reality. That hole lead to a bunch of other dimensions, like heaven, hell, nightmare dimension ... etc... From heaven came the gods who realized the potential of humanity and noticed that if people prayed to them they became stronger. So the gods gifted their most loyal followers magic and thought them how to use... basically to bribe more people into praying to them... Thanks the fabric of reality being broken magic began leaking into the world and after a while natural born magic users began to pop up all over the place.


For most of my magic systems, it's mainly a process of experimentation - trying new combinations of runes (rune magic), attempting new applications of existing techniques (imperial magic), or merging unusual combinations of different plants and creatures together (wyldemagick). It's dangerous work, but if you pull it off safely, your name could go down in the annals of history. Divine magic users don't need to learn how to do magic - their god handles all of that for them. Daemonic summoners usually get their knowledge of the necessary rituals from forbidden books and scrolls, and new information on altering said rituals can often be teased from the daemons they summon.


They tried mimicking, then were taught by, Greater Celestials, commonly referred to as Avatars. These beings made it into Terran mythology as angels, demons, titans, etc... Once the process got rolling, the scientific method kicked in. Trial and failure, experimentation, etc...


They drank blood


Would you like to elaborate?


The magic in this world comes from an essence found in all life, but has its highest concentration in blood, this essence mixed with certain things make "potions" one of these being the plant Fyrmint, Fyrmint mixed with this essence creates power / healt, the strength to kill or the power to overcome an illness or to dim the pain of injury. They once had to drink blood to survive (imminent dehydration) and resorted to drinking blood, they mixed in Fyrmint (which they had on them, mint often grows near water so this wouldn't have made snese otherwise) and they got the magic in them. They then did this for years after, eventually finding out the truth to why it was happing and then they got to experimenting.




So far magic is present "only" in 1 of my worlds. Long story short, the inhabited part of the world, called The Middle Lands in English, is under the influence of 2 x 2 antagonist forces called "Winds" (Good from the east and Evil from the west, Ice from the north and Fire from the south) and of the Light, which emanates from the center of the world and drastically weakens the Winds. Magic is done by magnifying / diverting / concentrating / shielding off those forces. The forces were discovered quite simply : if you walk away far enough from the Light, the power of the closest Winds will become dominant... Ages ago, smart people put 1 and 1 together and over time, Mages learned how to master the weak remaining power of the Winds and the neutralizing power of the Light, to their advantage. Many died as this art is extremely difficult and dangerous, but all in all they got better and better. There are no spells or enchantments whatsoever. The true nature of the Winds and of the Light can be considered magical in the common sense of the word, but the use of the magic is closer to optics and actual science. Mages use complex instrumentation, have assistants, etc. They are closer to the popular depiction of a Leonard Da Vinci than of Gandalf.


Same as any other talent people have. Someone did it by accident and some people started to research it. Probably a lot of trial and error after they discovered some basic laws.


Accidents and a lot of trial and error.


The world my setting is set in is comprised of two sides: the natural and the supernatural. These two aspects tend to bleed into each other with some natural processes being driven in part by supernatural means. Magic is one such instance of this. Somehow the souls of sentient creatures - humans, elves, goblins, huldra - are able to "connect" with the rest of the underlying supernatural world and in turn affect the natural world. Think of it as as one big loophole on reality. Magic first manifested in humans thousands of years ago, back in their stone age, as a sort of glorified sixth sense allowing some to develop foresight and read omens of the future. This was then refined to augment physical attributes such as eyesight, strength, and hearing. This, of course, is considered mere base magic compared to the arcane might wielded by modern magicians. Humans first became true magic welders with the rise of the first pyromancers in the early bronze age, which in time lead to the ability to manipulate the other elements. The First Feudal Age was when higher forms of magic as is known today was discovered through rigorous experimentation, along with the aid of the divine in no small part.


in my universe the best way to really learn magic is to go to The Academy. a place created by the desires of early magic users to have a safe place to study the art of the arcane the first magic users were peoples that, while experimenting with differents beliefs and superstitions, found a way to use mana trough differents ways, as the discovery of magic happened at different place. so some peoples discovered that certains sound they did with their mouth with the intent to create fire would burn a nearby object, while other dicovered that they could see the future if they focused their will into the surface of a cup filled with mercury. new way to practice magic are dicovered every days, and old techniques are passed down from previous wizard to their apprentices, or as a family secret.


They drilled through continental crust and discovered bacteria in the planetary mantle. While fascinating fact by itself, they started experimenting and found out that hose bacteria have... unnatural abilities... to manipulate time and space around them and are also very "curious" to external electromagnetic signals and eagerly cooperate with other bacteria creating efficient natural neural networks.


Well Crocodisapien use magic by focusing their energy, similar to flexing a muscle. The first ones that used magic were just roaring, and realised the water bended to their will when they did. The more their magic became incorporated into theit genes, the more control they had over that metaphysical muscle


In Arboreal (since Nulaxia doesn't have a magic system): The "magic" in Arboreal is based around this four-element system in which everything has a sort of "DNA" structure of these four elements. Altering this pattern causes changes around them. They discovered this through experimentation; it's a bit like a science. The doctors and scientists of the world study and practice it most. The easiest method of studying this magic is by doing something that causes the "DNA" to change and observing what changed and what effects it had. This can range anywhere from setting up specific controlled environments to test things out, to just hitting it with a hammer and seeing what happens. That, and some can kinda sense these "DNA" structures and directly observe them, though this can be unreliable; observing them can change them!


In my world, all magic is derived from a lost language, Dragonic. Uttering phrases in the language while using Mana reshapes reality. Each magical species was taught a small number of phrases (two or four) and they passed it down from generation to generation. This "natural order" will get upset when someone arrives in the world who happens to understand Dragonic naturally.


It was a bit more simple at first. Uncontrolled, but simple. Many many untold thousands of years ago, people across the galaxy were like “Oh hey I can shoot fire from my hands!” However they had no idea what they were doing, resulting in many brutal accidents; leading to revulsion and hatred amongst their people. Over time though, it became more and more controlled. The feats of magic became more and more intricate and powerful as they learned and experimented. Soon, magic became an art, a science, and a fundamental aspect of societies across the galaxy.


**Horror Shop** Magic wasn't discovered once. It was discovered a hundred separate times, in distinct locations, arising from various cultures and time-periods. While all magic fundamentally originates from the manipulation of anima, the energy of life suffuses the Earth, and societies up and down history have developed their own way to manipulate this occult force. And because every culture has their own particular worldviews and sets of symbols, it has lead to an incredibly diverse range of magical traditions, from sha'ir singing the ancient songs of fire and wind, to wu jin bending the forces of the five elements, to shamans communing with spirits, to modern technomancers programming numerological equations into their smartphones. All these traditions are working from the same base, but coming about the final project in their own unique ways. Shamanism and pact magic is perhaps the oldest form of magic, having originated back in the Stone Age. But there's no singular tradition of shamanism, and the shamanism found today is the product of millennia of cultural evolution, research, discovery, exploration, adaptation, and interaction with other forms of magic. While shamanism might be seen as a "traditional" form of magic, shamans in the 21st century have incorporated elements and understandings from other forms of magic, and the rituals of today don't resemble those of the 1600s, to say nothing of the Neolithic Era. Given shamanism's evolving nature, there is debate over whether it can be considered the oldest form of magic, or even if it could be considered a singular tradition instead of a catch-all for dozens of similar forms of magic that lean on spirits and pacts for power. Enochian magic, also known as Truespeech, disputes shamanism's claim as the oldest form of magic, as the Enochian tradition has remained largely intact since the exile of Lilith from Eden. It uses Enochian, the language of angels, to precisely name something, as Enochian does not allow for lies or deceit to be spoken. Instead, it is an exactingly precise tongue, where everything has a proper name, term and sigil. It was spread by Lilith to her disciples, and from there on to the rest of the world, and has been practiced now through at least four ages--the Age Before, the Age of Myths, the Age of Magic, and the Age of Man. Practitioners of the Hermetic branch of magic refute both shamanism and Enochian magic as being folk traditions, not truly studied with any academic rigour until the Renaissance. The true claimant to the title of the oldest form of magic, at least in their eyes, is Hermetic magic, also known as Atlantean magic, after the isle of its purported origin. It is said the foundations of Hermetic magic were taught to the early settlers of Atlantis by the dragons who dwelt upon the Island Continent. These became the first mages, who built academies and schools to research the occult arts. Atlantis was a mageocracy, with the most powerful arcanists and mage-priests among them ruling over an empire absolutely suffused with magic. And so, when the Flood came, and magic warped, Atlantis was destroyed, lost beneath the waves in a grand cataclysm. But the Atlantean empire was vast, and a handful of colonies survived, especially in North Africa. It was there, in the second century BC, that a mage named Hermes, called Trismegistus by his disciples, wrote the Hermetic Corpus, a series of grimoires and scrolls that would share the knowledge of the Atlantean magics around the world, and, ultimately, lend his name to the form of magic that would come to dominate Europe in the Middle Ages, and, through colonialism, the rest of the world. Of course, as mentioned, these are just three claimants for the title of "oldest magic in the world." And there are hundreds of other traditions that don't claim to be the definitive oldest, but have traditions stretching back millennia. Magic is as diverse as humanity, and so, to question the origin of magic is like questioning the origin of writing--the truth is it has emerged in numerous places, at numerous times, and every time it does, it creates a tradition that is new and unique to the people who invented it.


This is such a well thought out reply! You seem to have a really interesting world you've crafted.




It was given to them by the gods with no instruction other than "Name yourself, Name the eagles flying above, Name the monsters lurking below" Then they discovered Naming as a type of magic, which lead to the discovery of sympathetic magic. We even see the MC discovering sympathetic magic when many thought it was impossible to control something inanimate.


It's all a deal of mental visualization. To create an summoning trought Arth, you have to visualize extremely well the effect by picturing it in your mind while generating a tremedous amount of willpower wich can be helped to be generated by violent and directed movements of arm/leg/anything and also by yelling a word which has a significance that has a high enough correlation with the visualized invocation to create a better path for you mind to solidificate it's imagination (those violent movements or screams excite the user wich achieves a better hook and intense feeling on the action). So imagining new summonings is a thing that everyone can do, but actually generating it requires talent. The more complex/powerful the result of the idea of the invocation is, the more mastery it requires in the Arth, the mastering of the mind trought your body.


How was it discovered?


Kind of like musculation, at some point in very early ages, some people that decided, out of boredom, to work their mental willpower. They started seing small scale result, so it was accidental but it had to happen. Out of curiosity they tried to do it again and again and better and so it goes on. Then, the technique was shared, experimented people started teaching it and it became something that everyone know pf, like an additional sense that is hidden but it's not so hard to come out


There are two types of magic, will magic and rune magic. Will magic is extremely rare and usually requires angelic ancestry. Those who can use it can simply will things to happen, though this takes years of training and meditation to master. Anyone with great willpower can learn rune magic, but unless they want to blow themselves up it takes a long time to be able to do anything useful. Runes are not based on some ancient language or wizards power. They are the shape certain types of magic take when they bubble through from the energy realms into the mortal one. Observation of natural magical phenomena led to people attempting to replicate this. They learned that creating the shape of the rune sort of primes the pump for the magic to come through. Someone with a deep enough connection to nature and will power can use their mind to pull th e magic through and shape it into what they want it to do.


How was will magic discovered?


Some people just realized they could make stuff do what they wanted with their minds. They practiced at it and got better. Also some of them knew they were descended from half angels and the families shad always just known they could.


By watching the horror movie called The VVitch basically, it was a New England folklore story and I really like the magic( witchcraft), more like supernatural stuff in the movie. After watching it I read some comments and decided to research the Christian beliefs in witchcraft but like 16th and 17th centuries. And like after that I decided to do more religious and historical views on witches, witchcraft and basically combined those views. So my magic is akin to supernatural things that are in religions. In a way like magic can be done to harm or heal but it's not by using your own hands but the help from the supernatural. So no casting magic fireballs, or controlling water or something like that but more like supernatural things. Based on religious perspective.


That's a pretty cool way of going about things, but I think there's been a misunderstanding. How did people *in your world* figure out they could do magic?


Oh, well they didn't they were taught to do magic by supernatural forces.


Unknown, the lore comes from ancient, primitive times, when magicians would become protectors of lore or shamans of tribes. After millennia and generations, as civilizations developed, it slowly transformed into scientific/philosophical (in medieval terms) discipline.


##The Cycle of the Fire **Ancient Artifacts** are containers of a powerful magic that can almost bend laws of physics. They were created by the Ancients, who knew they had magical abilities since birth and thanks to Spirits. The Artifacts were later rediscovered by modern prymians throughout history. **Spirit Link** allows users to talk to Spirits and obtain mystic abilities. Priests and priestesses who meditated and endured the hard process of achieving the link discovered the possibilities. **Signology** is a more recent one. Halfbreeds were aware that they could do stuff, but they didn't know at what extent, and how. It wouldn't be until the War of Thorns when an Aquilarian Halfbreed scientist developed a theory and study of Signology. ##Calimore Fey folk are the users of magic, and since birth they know they have magic. At the beginning they didn't know how to use it, but enough study and practice made them realize their potential, and they started to train the next generations of Fey.


Dungeons. Places that followed metaphysical laws more strictly than physical ones held the secrets to using magic, and over time, enough people had stumbled into these places (and managed to escape) that they were able to piece together rudimentary esoteric knowledge. After that point, they were able to experiment and further the knowledge themselves. The whole process (our equivalent of the late stone to early Iron Age) took around 35,000 years, and is still responsible for some of the epigenetic effects on the Wothunian Natives.


In ancient times, magic was something as common as moving an arm, the spells were usually simple like grabbing a prey or pushing a predator away, but this primal instinct was lost with the growing of societies and rationality, so for many years magic was unobtainable for any sentient species, but throught meditation the warvican people discovered that they could achieve a trance where this old instinct could be used for some seconds, time enough for creating a simple spell, like creating fire. sorry for any errors :)


Well no one in my world has a unique knack for magic, just evolved traits that are a product of the environment. However magic can be used, but only by harnessing a unique metal called Chorucite. Early Erris were the first to discover that the metal could imbue unique effects based on the material it was combined with in the smelting process. For example, when combined with steel, its makes the blades sharp enough cut through any material like a hot knife through butter. Or combining it with gold makes the metal 1000x more conductive, which is why gold is used in energy grids. Adding it to tungsten it makes the metal lighter, but more durable, which lead to the Regalians using Tungsten as their main airship material, and led to their leviathan class which is the largest ship built to date. Even 2000 years after its initial discovery, people still don't know how it has these properties.


It is largely instinctual, with the intricacies being discovered through trial and error. There aren't any enchantments so magic tends to be of the format of "make thing happen in area / to target". The most basic spell being throwing a small fireball. There's no verbal component, it's body motion based so people instinctually know what motion corresponds to to what element /type of spell and what motion sends it in what direction but stuff like shape and strength and specific differences between say shooting fire and shooting lightning is figured out with experience


Around the time of the start of the Bronze age equivalent, early historians realized that the great feats of heroes, like lifting boulders the side of an ox, or running for days without rest, were in fact Magic. Under duress, a person's will to overcome their body and do the impossible. From this early concept they experimented with willing other things, fire from nothing, levitation, ect. Eventually there was a split between the scholars and the warlords on the ideal expression of this natural phenomenon. The warlords sought this knowledge to train their troops, and create heroes out of their men. The scholars sought to push their own willpower to the limit, to create (for lack of a better word) spells. And thus the distinction between body and mind magic.


While its usually this guy learned from this other guy before him, the actual beginning started eons ago with the ancient humans who had difficulty in resting due to their brains being constantly on the move. After experimenting several times for the best relaxation method, one of them yielded something else where the human felt a sudden presence of energy that was just lying dormant within them. Thanks to their curious nature and determination, they eventually cracked some of the secrets of Life Energy and discovered how to manipulate a bit of that energy within them thus creating Magic. They saw it as spiritual energy manipulation but to the early races, it was magic.


My magic is based on the idea that all things have a soul or spirit. And thus you can convince an item to do something for you “See that rock it can float if you convince it to do so” It came as a natural then that people would find relatively quickly that an object they held might do funky stuff if they asked it hard enough And so on they found various methods of convincing objects and things to do what they needed ranging from basic persistence, rituals, and such But later on they discovered that there are things and beings other than man who also seem to convey a will or wish onto object and so they learned to utilize those too.


Depends on which type of magic. There is a type of magic that was first taught by otherworldly beings, after which some people experimented with this knowledge. This is magic anyone can learn, but it has a lot of rules and it's very complicated. Another type of magic is not "done" by people but happens to them. Kind of like when you stay in the sun for too long, and you get burned. This is magic tied to places. It's can't be moved and no one really understands it. Some of it doesn't even affect people. There is also a type of magic that was created a long time ago by otherworldly beings and left in this world. This is mostly in the form of enchanted items. We can use those, but we can't recreate it. And then of course there is the use of drugs. There are some wild types of magic discovered through drugs. Some of it can only be done while under the influence, while others are only discovered but can be used at any appropriate time.


UMUF Magic has been around for literal ages. When people developed the ability to imagine things, they slowly, over time, realized that they could use their imagination to change reality. Most used for enchanting objects in the early days of magic, it developed through experimentation and the occasional happy accident into what magic has become today, a multi-purpose tool kit that can be used in many different ways. However, since I world build at a glacier-like pace, I am fairly certain this will most likely change somewhat. I also still have to do a lot of culture and social building to do stemming from the fact that magic has been around for as long as humans have, so I hazard a guess that I might have to rebuild everything once I get actually on with it. XD


It was actually a couple centuries of dedicated scientific research and far less than ethical experiments and surgeries. It started with figuring out what other peoples brain waves looked like on fMRIs and other people guessing their thoughts from a list they previously practiced. This developed to non visual cues, like stimulating their brain the same as the target (thanks mirror neurons). Eventually, as long as the mind reader was hooked up to the apparatus, they could read simple words from other peoples minds. This turned into trying to turn the machine that allowed this power into something you could wear,or implant in your body, most often around the spine and upper neck. The most popular method was implantation, but it had some serious side effects if it went wrong. In the midst of a worldwide heated debate about cloning humans, one researcher decided to try to make the implantation genetic. The clones needed a modified diet to fully develop the machine themselves,but at this point it close enough to a pseudo organic structure that it had been theoretically possible for quite some time,but never attempted. It was decades later when this experiment was brought to life, but by then the clones had grown up, many had had kids, and so the genetic basis of magic was laid (ha ha). From there it was a series of mutations,some intentional some not, to progress to what people call magic. Its still incredibly difficult to use effectively, but those who can are often very powerful


In Farrgaia before humans had to search for a new country to inhabit due to population growth the gods created and sent down Nephilim to give humans the ability to hold mana and to teach them sorcery and monsterology that they will need in the new country, There are Three Tracks of Sorcery. Hunter track: the track that teaches sorcerers to hunt monsters and other aggressive otherworldly beasts for the survival of the civilization and to harvest parts of creatures or collect plants with magical properties from the other worlds. Forging track: the track that teaches sorcerers about forging enchanted items like magical guns, blades, and other objects for hunter sorcerers and other people to use, to make enchanted weapons and objects usually requires substances or parts of monsters to give the object its spark. Alchemy track: the track the teaches sorcerers how to make potions and other magical substances and medicines, usually out of herbs and parts of magical creatures and even to transform substances like lead into gold but this takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge. There are two types of magic, natural and derived. Natural magic is a manifestation of magic all monsters have because monsters have their own magical chi. Derived magic is what humans use for sorcery by gaining it from the nephilim.


Magic is so old that nobody remembers the first magic user or how he/she figured out how to do it.


But surely you, the creator of this world, know?


Honestly not necessarily. The people of my magic world have many theories of where magic originally came from, and many religions with different gods. I have not decided who is anyone is right because it's not relevant yet


And that's fine. But why say that it isn't something you care to craft yet in a prompt post?


Yeah that’s kinda how I go, people may have theories but none of them know so it’s not relevant


One day someone sneezed their sneeze flash banged an entire room.


Some humans can focus the power of cool glowing space rocks through a wand to do cool stuff.


They were taught by the older gods, as originally the arcane (order) and divine were one in the same until the rise of El'Or and the Archangels, who redeemed the jerkish older gods.


Ah, history of magic. At the beginning I thought, that you're asking about how people learn magic, but as you ask about history, well.. It's all started, because Travelers from other worlds decided to live in the main world, and started having families. They bring there a lot of different magic types, and at some point their magical genes started to become active in next generations. In the middle of the third era almost everyone had magic.


Wildings consider magic to be a gift from the gods that was woven through the natural world at the time of creation. Their legends indicated that the gods first taught them how to use magic. For most humans, the source of magic is unknown and you're considered a nerd if you care at all about where magic came from. But some really old records seem to imply that the humans' "high," or artificial, magic somehow branched off from an even older form of magic.


It was a bloody mess! Some time in the mid 21st century a scientist discovered magic and found that it was being forced to spread evenly over the earth. In staid of having magic items, places or people the power of magic was fairly distributed to every thing, place, and person. This was probably done long ago for safety which made it coincidence or luck. For him it was like discovering all the water of the world was fog but it should be beautiful clouds and waterfalls. He decided to fix it and just about killed 4 billion people. Magic rushed back to it's places in floods. Every gas station "magic talisman" activated, every teenage sleepover coven became witches and warlocks, prayers summoned spirits, lay lines gathered power, and about 1% of the population became fire ball throwing wizards. Eventually the 5 wizards found a way to control magic again but for a while it was a blood bath.


90% of Human and Elven knowledge of Magic came from lessons their original ancestors learned from the Teldranin, as well as tomes of Magic left behind for them, and they've barely scratched the surface of the secrets the tomes have for them. The Teldranin in turn learned magic from all the various Gods of Magic they created specifically to learn the secrets of Magic.


Mere accidents, when words have gained more power than before, thus saying "Burn in hell" could accidentally set a guy on fire. Then, after the initial wow-phase, more serious experiments started. This resulted in many magical items appearing. Then, after a short while, the magic ended. Only the artifacts and golems lasted. Now, there is another wave of magic that can be potentially wide-spread, but for now the only magical thing is a giant magical explosion that has devoured a neutral territory. Now my fellow players may bring something into this world if they succeed.


The citizens of Hell have created their own martial arts type combat style called Helgeea (name is a wip), and over years when people have performed it they at random manipulated fire around them. Since then the Masters of Helgeea have looked into it. It apears that the hell magic allows any user who understands the fighting style to gather power from Hell and control the fire around them. Although it appears the same as the same power fire gods have, there are two diffirences- fire gods can create the fire out of thin air and are mostly immune to fire, while hell magic users can only use whats around them. Hell magic users have created a work around though, as now they carry staffs that create fire to create mass chaos and light everything around them, getting the upper hand against any enemy.


In my main settings Conflux and World Against the Scourge magic is more or less an amalgamation of innate biological magical abilities found among creatures and the development, collection and refinement of various techniques and methods to utilize that ability. In each setting there were multiple ways people pursued magic independently some which died away others which became incorporated into other methods. Even concepts such as schools of magic or elements of magic are such social constructs. Probably the only deviation from the above are contractual magics which are abilities gained from a patron spirit/devil/god these all require an intentional modification of the recipient's soul by a sapient spirit/devil/god (though an existing emissary and or agent in service to such a being can be given the capacity to bestow a more limited blessing upon souls indirectly) and thus are done in order to facilitate some benefit to said spirit/devil/god which are difficult to parse given their eldritch nature and mindset largely divorced from the mortal perception of time. Such modified soul constructs are exceedingly complex and often woven into hyper dimensional components ultimately making a modified servant which is capable of various select complex magical abilities by instinct alone. This last type is probably the most dangerous type of magic user as their patron spirits can change a considerable number of characteristics of their personality, motivations/desires and or beliefs such that the practitioner may no longer resemble their former self, in addition to being given precise soul memory for complex magical feats.


Magic was discovered by an extremely technologically advanced species who were studying subatomic physics on a very complex level millions of years ago. They were basically a cyborg people at that point with cybernetic brain implants linked to supercomputers so they could process massive amounts of information. One of them was trying to study subatomic interactions from the “ground up” so to speak. One of his experiments was moving a perfect cube of metallic hydrogen being moved across a flat, frictionless surface and how the force propagated through the material and caused it to move. He was sitting thinking about the patterns he had observed, an exact representation of what was happening on the most minute level throughout the material, interfaced with a powerful processor to be able to hold the entire thing in the forefront of his mind. Once he had the complete picture down to the most minuscule point, the cube moved on its own. And thus, the first spell was cast using the *Language of God*. One of the weird quirks is that it’s almost impossible for an AI to perform and much easier to perform by an organic mind which is why the advanced race had to put so much effort into doing the most simple thing possible. It’s a long story but they actually managed to through convoluted means involving genetically engineering humans with fully organic, intuitive brains, discover a whole lexicon of patterns in the language and the whole how and why is long lost to history. While it is a form of science, it has long since been considered a form of arcane as the truth faded into the eons.


The same way they figured out music. Mana is an aspect of the environment. Different people have different levels of ability to sense it, which is a different skill from shaping it into a spell. Some areas have very little ambient mana, which makes spellcasting difficult; others are just drenched in mana, which makes casting nigh-involuntary and very difficult to control. So in certain areas, people figured out that they could fine-tune this borderline wish-granting effect. They came up with systems to measure mana quantity, they found patterns in mana expression, they observed and tested and experimented. Now you have mages who spend years and years learning the craft, creating their own spells in the moment like improv jazz, but you also have people who figure out a few spells as a hobby or party trick, or just to help around the house.


Magic was created. An entity basically made out of technology arrived near Earth and got stuck in a surprisingly dumb computer loop. In order to calculate its way out of the error it needed to borrow organic brains for processing power. Magic is what came about when the space machine got caught between its "restart evolution" and "uplift society" settings. The one human it managed to link with before the world ended wanted to put the world back approximately the way it was, and created magic to accomplish that, but this magic is really only a crude application of the type 5 civilization technology that created the space entity. To cut a long, long story short, magic developed to the point where wizards understood how to rewrite the whole system to make it work "better" for them. Millions of iterations and civilization destroying cataclysms later, the current system of magic is a broken system atop a wonky tower of broken systems and only vaguely makes sense. Typically, enough mages survive an apocalypse to teach magic to the next generation, so magic is never "new", but modern day magic operates on a cloud computing type system, so while it is possible to cast nearly any spell to accomplish nearly anything, it is only easy to cast spells that are used often by the population, and less popular spells require dilligent research to pull off.


They heavily studied demons and figured out how their magic work and how to use It


Magic in this world is a natural connection an individual has to a certain aspect of reality, that can be developed into a certain level of control of it. Most mages discovered their abilities during childhood, through small but distinct accidental events; they're then taken by other mages to study and develop their new abilities.


Humans figured it out by watching everyone else do it and asking them about it. Most non-humans were just born with it and asking them how they figured out how to do it is like asking a cat how it figured out how to move its tail More complex non-innate magic types were learned from speaking with gods and elementals


While there is a magic god. It never actually gave all races magic. No its theorized that the Elves had it first then the Humans learned it from stolen elven books and at some point the rest of Anisha learned it. But sadly the true origin of magic was lost with either time or the First Elves


The elemental magic works through the connection you create with the environment around you, some say it is the very land of that place giving you permission to shape it. However, you can also create this type of link with magical animals, so trainers and shepherds ended up gaining elemental magical abilities too. In addition, you can also summon spirits from the spirit world to temporarily beside you or they give you their characteristics, for example, a spirit bear giving you spectral claws, this kind of magic was spread by the mermaids, as they were created by the love of two nature spirits and a human, thus habing a better connectiong with the spiritual world. Another kind of magic is the Magic of the Being, it has three elements, Blood, Vital Energy and Spirit. Blood spells need to expend blood, vital energy expends vital energy, and spirit expends spirit energy. I don't need to explain how to get blood, to collect vital energy, the most sensitive people felt it within them and the people around them, some learned to withdraw it by physically connecting with them and then "pulling" that energy out, whereas spiritual energy is achieved when a ghost is trapped in a mirror and has its essence diluted in spiritual energy. So the elemental went naturally and over time, blood through cults that performed blood sacrifices and discovered that, vital energy was through sensitive people, the mermaids already knew about spirit animals and the spiritual energy was discovered by accident.


Awoken will always have an instinctual understanding of their Powers after their Harrowing. They can gain additional types and forms of spells through experimentation and research, but… their first Powers come from their souls (or that’s what they all think). The categories of magic, the types and forms, are known through changes the user undergoes. Their eyes and hair glow with colored aura, and the pupils of their eyes morph into one of the five suits denoting the type. The rest is just communication.


They learned as they evolved. Each clan has an organ that produces the element they can control. One example would be Fire clan members breathing fire. A more complex example would be Frost clan members being able to shed icicles that cover their scales like a thorny armor. The first clan chieftains were those who figured out that they could not only make but control their element. By the time the medieval ages roll around, anyone can do magic.