The most basic applications of magic in your world.

The most basic applications of magic in your world.


There are twenty four different “Magic systems”, in my story. They’re all fairly simple and straightforward, and introduced six at a time as the story progresses. One of the twenty four “Magic Systems” is an actual Magic System employed by Mages and the main character of my story. Should I post just an example for the Mages Magic or an example for the baseline abilities for all twenty four “Magic Systems”?


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These are some of the most basic spells. All people, at least those that go to public school, will learn these. They may not master them or even be that good at them, but generally everyone can do it to some effect. In order from simplest to not quite as simple. 1. Air Puff: Generates a small gust of air. Generally useless, except that it is pretty good at cleaning dust off of things. Taught more as a harmless spell with which to teach the basics more than its own practicality. 2. Shove: Just applies force to the object. Is limited in maximum force, amount varies but is generally less than the amount one can push physically. And is also generally imprecise in direction. 3. Spark: Generates sparks like a flint and steel. A good basic wilderness survival spell. 4. Basic Heal: Accelerates the healing process in a small area, good for simple cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Can be used to cover over deeper wounds but it only goes around skin deep.


In my world it varies by race, such as elves having innate telekinesis abilities or cat-folk having innate movement capabilities. For non-innate magics, or for races without them rather, telekinesis is often the simplest magic to learn. Mastery however, not so much.


The simplest use of magic is Kinetic movement. It is the act of getting magic to interact with an object and move it. Three other spells that are fairly simple to learn are spell field, a ability that allows the mage to sense their surroundings. Spell barrier, a defensive field that intercepts incoming energy spells. The Third spell is Kinetic field, a defensive spell meant to block incoming physical attacks and abilities. Each magic pact also has a most basic spell that a mage will learn once joining the pact. Lightning mages, learn lightning bolt. A simple offensive spell that has great destructive power and range. Fire mages learn gout of flame, a mid to close range spell that has great destructive power if focused on a target. Metal mages learn command metal, a spell that allows them to manipulate metal that they infuse with their spell rads. There are many other basic spells that other mages learn from their pacts.


Since the magic of my novel is concentrated in enchantments, it's usually used as a craft and specifically used in garment making, so some of the most simple spells would include: Enchantments that allow for the clothing to change color Enchantments that make it softer or stronger And enchantments that grant supernatural insulation Real simple, utility kinda stuff.


The king of Angelia has a water mage in his service. She serves him soup.


In my world there is a city which became so massive that to be fed people have been force to make the equivalent of GMOs. Basically the city is home to 2-4 million people (nobody knows for sure). And is ruled by magical guilds. To buy the social peace they feed almost for free the whole city, but as the city grew they needed to find mroe and more sources of food. Then one of the guilds invented the first magetables which allowed to make more harvests and which were more caloric and the city basically got hooked. That has allowed this guild to grow rapidly in power and all the lands around the city are only growing its products nowadays. But it has come to the point where only this product can grow around it with specialised equipment or else it will decay and the magic has seeped in the land making other havrest very likely to mutates. To be able to treat them, a lot oh the peasants learned basic use of magic like scrolls and druidic simple spells. So this guild now have a perfet monopoly on the food growing around the city. And the other guilds are very jeallous of it. Which only brews trouble in the end.


The most basic application? Perception. Someone with an affinity for Energy, for example, could spot nearby heat sources, or electric charge, etc... Matter would work to find specific materials, and so on...


Most of my players learn early to charge batteries. Its done by creation of a continues flow of energy, most of the time between two fingers. The same construct allows also to start a fire (small spark), or create a bit of light (arc) and shock someone. Its very easy and very useful.


How to move freaking rocks!! Serious answer: Telepathic projection spells are usually the easiest to do but hardest of master


Magic in my world breaks off into 4 sections; cronomancy, the manipulation of time; graviturgy, the manipulation of gravity; necromancy, the manipulation of recreation; eugenics, the manipulation of destruction. Each of these 4 require vastly different mental states to even use, like to have extreme consuming rage to cast fire storms, or to feel overwhelming and intoxicating love to heal someone. You can not master two of these because of the extreme mental requirements to even begin to use them. However, every mage can do something called binding. Binding is the ability to use any of those mental state to channel magic into physical attributes like strength, speed, dexterity, and resilience. All mages can do it per the base mechanics of the magic system being emotion into intention into will, and you can specialize into binding, but it is the fundamental core of the system and the first form of casting a mage would use to learn how to cast, considering its the “easiest” to learn.


**Alvelotyl - Beginner Abilities** ​ * **When it comes to** [**magic**](https://www.reddit.com/r/goodworldbuilding/comments/kqols1/how_does_your_world_categorise_your_power_systems/gi50exx/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) **in Alvelotyl, everyone is capable of using it. The problem is, what a person can do is based on their 'identity', a vague, nebulous idea that can differ from person to person. Because of this, people will first attempt to learn 'the basics', which tend to include** [**Luster Arts**](https://www.reddit.com/r/goodworldbuilding/comments/m59pg2/what_kind_of_supernatural_abilities_exist_outside/gqyvw5g/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) **and abilities within the 1st and 2nd Tier.** * First off, Luster Arts. These abilities aren't strictly 'magic' by the in-universe definition. As such, they don't require an individual to 'transform' their Aera, or magic energy, and can be used raw. Because of this, everyone is capable of using Luster Arts, regardless of their identity. * **Luster Arts have many advanced techniques, but boil down to three basic abilities;** * **\[Mantle\]** \- Using one's Aera to strengthen their body, usually a defensive technique. * **\[Insight\]** \- Enhances a person's sense(s) to allow them to detect raw Aera or otherwise 'invisible' magic. * **\[Release\]** \- The use of Aera to create a small shockwave, either to enhance a throw or to project a blade swing or punch. * **The Arcane Tier System, or ATS, is an in-universe system to measure the 'strength' of a given Spell or Skill.** With abilities as diverse as they are in Alvelotyl, an ability's 'strength' is pretty hard to quantify, with factors like complexity, power, flexibility, and other things all being taken into account, with different regions 'favouring' different factors based on their own needs. * **Most nations however tend to agree on the ranking of 1st and 2nd Tier abilities,** which are oftentimes utility focused, with 3rd Tier and above broadly being considered more specialised (Harder to perform) and generally combat ready. * **Some 1st and 2nd Tier abilities include;** * **\[Ignite\]** \- Creating a small flame between one's fingers or in their palm. Can be used to start campfires or generate weak heat, but doesn't last long. * **\[Light\]** \- Creates a small ball of light, the colour and texture of which depends on the properties of the user's Aera. \[Flash\] is a variant of this that acts as a single burst of light. * **\[Water Sphere\]** \- Creates a small floating ball of water. Useful to wet something, but can't be drank due to one of magic's rules. * **\[Brace\]** \- Lets a person enhance their defensive ability for a brief moment, akin to tensing up. * **\[Delicate Movement\]** \- Lets a person enhance their dexterity temporarily for purposes like art or performance. * **\[Light Step\]** \- Makes a person quieter as they walk. Used by amateur \[Thieves\] and an ability that children often attempt to learn to sneak around their houses. * **\[Far Voice\]** \- Allows a person to project their words farther. * **\[Arcane Tongue\]** \- Allows for a very basic form of 'translation' to interpret the general meaning of a person's words. Only works on a very basic level, and is prone to miscommunication. * **\[Mental Ping\]** \- Can create a 'ping' in the head of a person close by. Can be used to get their attention, or used multiple times in quick succession as a form of code. * **\[Faint Presence\]** \- Makes a person harder to actively perceive, and makes others more likely to overlook them. * **\[Clear Focus\]** \- Allows a Caster to temporarily sharpen their mind and senses. * **\[Friendly Face\]** \- Makes a person appear more trustworthy and likable. Used in business and to appease crowds. * **\[Glamour\]** \- Basic bodily illusion Spell to alter one's appearance. often used by monsters and 'monstrous' creatures to blend in or hide their worst features. * **\[Cold Touch\]/\[Hot Touch\]** \- Alters a person's temperature in their hands. Can be used to chill/warm up a drink or piece of food.


Heat. Not fire, because fire is nearly impossible to conjure. Just heat. If you can produce enough heat to boil a small pot of water or dry soaked clothes you're pretty much guaranteed to be able to earn a living, for how ever much living you've got left. Light. Just a dim glow is enough. Barely brighter than moonlight, but at least you don't need to carry around any fire. There are other small feats (generating a light breeze, encouraging expedited healing, etc.), but they're not as useful so most magic users don't bother.


Peltchanging: the easiest magic skill in my system to learn, it allows users to take the forms of certain animals.


Magic is a form of energy that can be mentally manipulated. The simplest thing to do with it is convert it into mundane kinds of energy: heat and light. Without further control, this produces a "**Flash-Bang**", a small, instantaneous burst of light and heat, and as a byproduct a loud Crack! or Bang! It is the first bit of magic the vast majority of casters can produce.


The first spell in all three disciplines that magic users typically learn is the simple light spell. They usually expand into other utilitarian spells after that. This is because the simple light spell is among the safest ones to cast. More involved spells, such as enchantments, tend to require channeling a great deal more power, and require proper preparation to handle safely. Light, among other similar utility spells, is low-power, to the point that it can be safely cast without a staff or wand as a focus, and is fast and requires little more than basic concentration.