Who is your world's most powerful person and what would it take to kill them?

Who is your world's most powerful person and what would it take to kill them?


A gun Even the god-king is just wearing the body of a man. A few rounds to the head would do


Do they just need to get a new body later though?


They could, but it involves removing someones soul from their body to make room for the god-king. They could maybe manifest a body again after some time, but they would need to have a not shattered soul for that. fragments of his soul and of his power left alone ling enough would form into a physical body, but that depends on the fragment itself. If its too small, it would be a tiny floating thing with the sentience of a frog, but if its big enough, it may form as an aspect- a representative of something specific about them and will be bound to a certain place or person (the aspect of kings locked into the throneroom at the top of the royal palace, the aspect of wrath locked to the dragon he used to ride, the aspect of magic locked to his sword making kt sentient and choosing its holder). A big enough fragment could form into something autonomous, but whether that thing is bound to something else is yet to be seen.


what would the death of the "God-King" a power struggle? mayhem?


Edit: there are consequences for his death, but its mostly political at the time of the setting rather than metaphysical. Funny that you should say that, because the setting is defined by his death. On his rise to power and his title change from king to emperor, he established himself at the head of several powerful monopolies who all relied upon his decisions; The Greater Galactic Empire had it’s important positions trickle down a chain, so being picked as the lowest of the low first required the emperors choice in who is your boss; he controlled the darkstone mining and therefore controlled the economy and manufacturing capabilities; The Mages Collegiate University were subservient to him as both emperor and head dean; The Ordo Arcanum Venator were formed to serve as the magical police and the emperor was there head. When he disappeared, then pretty much every major organization that the galaxy relied on was beheaded, and in the power vacuum, a massive and brutal civil war fallowed, which lasted for like 20-30 years or so. The frontier of humanities kingdom would form into a constitutional democratic parliamentary aristocracy called The Maiden Worlds, the other two nations would help the maiden worlds reorganize the empires infrastructure into a republic, and the original territory called The Kingdom Of Tera would fragment into 5 smaller kingdoms lead by the God-Kings five sons who banded together and formed a council. Later, a civil war would break out again, and 4 sons would die, leaving the youngest to gobble up the last territories they had left and would rule over them as the Lord-Regent.


That sounds interesting. Funny that the setting/story starts with his death haha


In the same way that game of thrones starts with the death of the mad king, mine starts with gods punting about 500 years before


That’s interesting. So this is for books? It sounds interesting non the less so I’d be keen to keep an eye on your world. Sorry if I kept asking a dozen questions something about the world just fascinated me.


Youre okay!! Yeah its for some books im working on. Progress is slow as hell considering im basically constantly doubting myself, but something is happening! I typically dont post much about my world, i mostly scroll though the sub to see if theres any discussions on topics i havent given enough consideration towards.


That’s what I do mostly look at this sub to see if I have not given my world enough thought in certain parts. I mean doubting yourself is part of it, but if you keep pushing through you will be so satisfied at the end. I’ve almost completed the first novella in my world. But I have close to 300,000 words of plot points and beats I want to cover in next books. I hope me asking about your world has helped you think on it, I find the more people ask about your world the more confident I become and the more my world becomes real


Yeah i find that too. It helps out much more when people show interest in what im putting out


Well I’m interested and keen on seeing/hearing more of your world


Well, it's a little hard to say, but probably the Chief of Defense of Undremaline is the most powerful, at least indirectly... Undremaline maintains the biggest and most powerful military in the whole world, not to mention their covert security/intelligence agencies as well. The entire Undremaline security community, which includes the military and foreign security and intelligence agencies, all answer directly to the Chief of Defense. So, the Chief of Defense can't exactly just "do what he wants" but through the Undremaline security apparatus, and for Undremaline's security interests (rather than his own interests), the Chief of Defense is the most powerful. Regarding what it would take to kill the Chief of Defense? Out of any Undremalinian government employee, the Chief of Defense receives the best and most extensive physical protection. Where ever the Chief of Defense is in a public or otherwise vulnerable location, his bodyguards are always alert and on the look out. In order to harm or kill the Chief of Defense you would first have to wait for him to actually be out and about for some reason, which doesn't happen often (because the Chief of Defense is usually doing his job, which doesn't include walking around city streets waiting to get shot), then you would have to outsmart, outmaneuver, and over power his protection team, which is definitely not a small feat. In other words, it would be very hard to harm the Chief of Defense, and throughout the entire history of Undremaline, no Chief of Defense was ever assassinated (although a few injured).


Oh shit, it totally slipped my mind that people can be powerful without being strong. Also, I don't think you answered the second part. What would it take to kill him?


Right! I completely forget about the second part of the question. I added it to the original answer.


The most powerful man in the human world can be killed with any ranged weapon, though after a few days he's coming back for you. The most powerful being in the entire "*cluster*" can't die, since he is the lord of the dead himself.


How does he come back? does the lord of the dead not take him?


He's an Immortal, wich indeed means the Lord won't take him in.


that's interesting, does this create tension between them?


Yes, the man hates the Lord, but also got powers wich are supposed to compensate. The Lord is a man of justice,and the Immortals are all sinners, bound to life to do the Lord's bidding on earth.


That sounds interesting, i'd love to ask more questions on your world.


Go ahead




What era is the world set, are there more Gods? So the lord of death made them Immortal?


The world is set in the medievil era. Aside from the Lord of death there are five more gods: the Maioran gods. They possess power beyond compare, but can't enter the human world. They can however channel their power through their Champions, who will wield the power of the god to become nearly unstoppable. Technically the Immortals aren't immortal, rather refused to be let into the afterlife. But to anyone who doesn't know how that works, they are immortal.


Thats very interesting. So only the Lord of death can move to the human world, and is he the only capable to gift the immortals death or afterlife? can the other gods not? How many Immortals?


Stab her. Thematically the whole world is about how nobody is above anybody else, so even though she'd easily kill you, she dies just the same.


Whats her name and how did she become so powerful?


Sylvie Alarie. She's a business mogul, founder of the resident evil trading company, the golden keel. Because central government has never really been a thing, all it took was someone who was clever in business and who had no morals. Her strategy was basically "what if I don't bother hiding the fact that I'm evil?". Nobody could stop her. Then, through some magic metaphysics stuff related to her huge wealth, she eventually gained access to a king of magic directly linked to the concept of money. Also, due to related metaphysics stuff, all of her inner circle people have sold their souls to her to get magic of their own. She keeps them less powerful than her, but keeps them as bodyguards.


Resident evil…


Most powerful person? Or strongest person? Does it have to be a person or are sentient non-persons allowed?


Whichever you want and yeah, other sentient things are allowed.


In my cyberpunk world the most powerful organization is INTI - Intelligent Technology. So the most powerful person is the person in charge of INTI. Short excurse of INTI: in 2017-ish I wrote about a pandemic in 2020* and INTI used it to get every single person on earth to augment themselves with an INTICam. Which is basically an very useful smartphone in your head ... and permanent surveillance. New borns are automatically asigned an INTICam. Worldwide. So INTI is easily the most powerful organization. Because they know everything and can thus control everything. However they are kinda chill. Dont do much. There also isnt much dispute against them. Society recognizes INTI as good guys, sometimes worships them or just consider it as most normal thing on earth. The current CEO is a 17 year old girl named Amanda. She was born and genetically engineered to be CEO. Which makes her the most powerful *person*. She is also a company secret. But lets ignore how you know about her and manage to get to her. How you kill her? In the end she is nothing more than an incredible enhanced human. She is physically very fit and should live for an eternity on her own. But she is still a mortal. If could kill her with an gun. Or a knife. Or an explosion. Or lack of oxygen. Like every other person on earth. She is powerful because she rules the world, not because she is a super soldier. HOWEVER There is a thing that is a lot stronger while being either equally powerful or more powerful than Amanda AND a lot more interesting with this question. Let me introduce NilX, an independent hod like AI. It basically can control every electronic device in existence, is all present and technically all knowing. Its also kinda shizophren... due to circumstances. But until now it didnt tried to kill all of humanity! So no worries! Inarguably still very powerful. This AI lives freely in our very weird equvilant of the internet. Imagine every city has his own internet and connections are spare. Its very hard to navigate this cyberspace and the AI was able to write its data across the globe. So to kill NilX you have to either digitally erase its data or to physically destroy all the servers it uses to exist. Which is just logistically near impossible. But lets imagine you manage to do this, the AI will inevitable have some backup snippeds left somewhere. Its never the whole AI, nothing is big enough to hold so much data. But small parts, sometimes just single strings are stached inside random computers, ATMs, TV screens, calculaters, toasters, traffic lights or whatever. Everything remotely digital could have some Data of NilX in it. Which is almost everything in this very digital world. When NilX multiple servers are destroyed entirly the backups still could manage to find each other and NilX gets reborn. So the only way to be sure to kill NilX is to completely eradicate any electronic on the whole globe. *yep I wrote about a pandemic in 2020 before there was a pandemic. I dont know why reality thought its funny to copy my idea but here we are. The pandemic didnt had a name pre-covid, but in the meantime I named it SARS V. I consider it funny.


Technically, I am the most powerful person in the world as the omnipotent Writer. No, this isn't a joke, I am actually the most powerful person. So I guess you could just shoot me in the head, that would work. Other than that, there was briefly Ebevelnar, a union of two deities. Together, their power surpassed everyone in the universe combined. With human weapons, you would have to fight them continuously for millions of years, as they usually regenerate after some time. I would advise that you get the magical metal Tarel, figure out how to use its energy-absorbing powers through notes written by the gods, and forge it into a weapon and armor of your choice. The weapon would drain Ebevelnar, and the armor will protect you from their energy blasts. That would cut your fight time by a lot, though you would still have to fight for a few hours at most.


So you actually exist in your own world? Huh, interesting.


Yeah. I created the universe and gave the gods instructions on how to fill it. However, since they can’t agree on those instructions, they ended up fighting each other. Other than that, I mostly stay away from the universe unless the gods ask me to do something.


So you did a mediocre job and left. That's okay, given omnipotence I would do the same. What's one universe anyway, right?


To be fair, in another universe, the Writer had full control of everything, and that universe was a lot more chaotic than this one. So maybe it’s for the best?


Maybe. Your not worse than any other godly archetype. It's just we can blame a person instead of a character. XD


Hahaha, that's pretty cool.


Isnt this the most DnD DM thing ever? I always did this in my fantasy games


I use a little self insert myself, I like being a part of my own universe.


I used to have a religion in an old world where I was the god (The Creator or The Author) and the people in the world believed that their fate was already written and that if I changed something, even the largest and most noticeable thing, they would never notice. The religion was mostly considered a cult. There were also The Spectators or The Watchers, who are the readers or the public who read the book. I might bring the concept back for one of my worlds...


Currently I have two mortals who are tied to be the most powerful in the world: Garos, a god who calls himself a mortal, and Khan, a mortal who surpasses gods. Garos is a vampire with super strength. His strength is immense compared to other vampires, and he has the additional ability to levitate. Combining his levitate and super strength. Garos has become known as a hero to his empire as the vampire who conquered the heavenly sky. His weakness is very common, and the way to pierce his strength is silver weaponry. Silver isn't poisonous to him, but they can easily penetrate his near invulnerability. Vampires don't have this same weakness. Garos is the exception as it is hypothesized that his powerful talent subconsciously gave himself a weakness to justify being so powerful. This weakness is a secret, but it can be obvious when a certain type of mirror is involved. (Hint: he has no reflections in a silver-back mirror) Then there is Khan who proclaims himself to be the strongest being in the world. He's not just fighting to become the strongest; he TRULY BELIEVES that he is the strongest being. Khan believes that he cannot lose. Whether this is true or not is debatable. Regardless, Khan is an elf with a spirit of a dragon. He would summon the might of the dragon and use it to enhance his own power. As a result, Khan has become a powerful warrior. His weakness is his own ego. It often blinds him as he underestimates his opponents many times, including Garos. At one point, he actually almost lost to someone who should have been a thousand times weaker. This someone almost bested Khan in a dual because she had the "weight of an eternal hero," and slashed Khan's arm off. She died before being so close to winning the fight, however, but Khan will always feel humiliation from it. The two are physically powerful, and they have a big rivalry going on as they serve different empires. Despite their strength, they swore their life to serving a great leader. Garos serves the lich while Khan serves his brother, the king of the dragons.


Depends on what you mean by most powerful. If you most unkillable while being very deadly then here is how. The five elements (Earth Fire Air Water & Wood) have an avatar that have some variant of immortality (For example, Earth's avatar reincarnates as great heroes). Wood's avatar is literal regenerative immortality, akin to Wolverine, but literally can't die (with one exception). She's been blessed/cursed by Death to have the things around her degrade slowly. Preventing her from being truly trapped forever, but also putting those around her at higher risk of dying. There is one way to kill her though, the original weapon of the avatar of fire (a revolver) bypasses her regeneration completely. This is due to the origin story of these avatars. So getting ahold of this weapon would help. She's is still an ancient Olympic level fighter with an artifact weapon. So good luck!


Currently it's Azgar the necromancer, who is kept in in the isola Fuoco, a prison island he is immortal near demi God being who has more than 65 titan spirits inside his body , he surrendered after the 2nd war and the ministry can deploy him as a hunter in case of war state as he is the world's best tracker, he is living from last 200 years and hasn't aged more than 40 years physically, he can regenrate even the most delicate of organs so basically the only way too kill him is making him believe that he should die.


how do they control him if he is released?


Guilt. And cookies.


It's a gamble or last resort to release him always, as nobody knows if he would be willing to go his chains and walls again, but as of his character, he sees this life as a rather afterlife after the 2nd zen world War where most his friends died and now he just likes hunting U can't send a team with him as he loves to kill but the zen president can always call up all the best hunters on a single mission to have a slight chance of defeating him in case he rebels


So a last choice basically.




For my world build, Satan and Jesus(neither of them are biblically accurate in my worldbuild)had both of their essence drained while in a mortal fetus to form Sacraeal (before the other deities killed them both, leaving Sacraeal in an enraged state.) Sacraeal and wolność has only ever received any legitimate damage by anything with godlike power(specifically those who were blessed by the oversoul, the deities could be easily suppressed by something with power equival to a god, though the oversoul is actually able to rid of a god, this requires reintegrating that god with the oversoul[since the oversoul birthed all the other deities, Satan being the first spawn of the oversoul) but Satan could corrupt the oversoul and even out right replace it])《the other deities could do this, but none of them are sufficiently able to outright damage the oversoul in anyway outside of small changes》.


The most powerful people that you can actually kill would be the Protectors. They are no larger than 30ft tall with a 40ft wingspan and look like a humanoid with a long bird like neck and look like they are made completely from metal. Their metal wings allow them to fly at speeds that cannot be perceived and cannot be killed in the same way twice. You will need something to protect your ears from their deafening screams and something heat proof as their screams will overtime vibrate you on fire. Don’t bother to wear any armor because their attacks will destroy you from existence anyways so try to be as quick and comfortable as possible. Hiding, running, or creating illusions either through magic or physically won’t work as they know your position at all times so attempt to find a location with long sight lines and tight corners in order to improve your chances of hitting them. If you were to find a way to be able to hit one of these things you better hope the way you attempted to kill them was never tried before or otherwise you will be rended from existence before you can even think about it. They also revive nearly instantly immune to whatever you killed them with put at least you are one of the incredibly few to say that you defeated a protector. Protectors are only sent out when the very fabric of reality will be torn apart so they have to be incredibly powerful in order to stop such powerful threats.


Interesting. What sorta attacks do they have besides their screams, and would it be possible to imprison one instead of killing it? Also if they can’t be killed the same way twice, does that offer them resistance to the type of damage that killed them before? E.g heat immunity if they were killed by fire before etc.


They have massive claws hidden under their wings as well as large talons that you would expect from a bird creature though their favorite way to kill people is to simply ram into them. Their incredible speed extends beyond FTL travel so I’m sure you could imagine what happens when you’re hit by one. It used to be possible to impression one but Jorgundar the absolutely insane has already imprisoned one through his unmatchable knowledge in the arcane and certain crystals that consume the beings soul to be used as a power source forever. Imprisoning them using otherwise conventional magical means is a good way to get some breathing room for a moment it will only work once. Besides depending on how powerful the being is that they are killing they will likely send multiple. As their bodies are metallic and are designed to fly at speeds that can’t be perceived across all of existence they have naturally immunities but if they are killed in some way by fire they would gain a heat immunity to it as well. The immunity is not just for that one protector though, they all learn it as soon as one dies.


Mail bomb at his office did it just fine.


That would be the Time Creature I guess. It's basically a benevolent interdimensional eldritch being. You would have to kill all its aspects in every single timeline as its consciousness is shared among all its bodies in all the timelines it exists in. You would either have to be an interdimensional being yourself to do that or find a way to stop the multiverse from diverging into more and more universes at every quantum event. And that's ignoring the Time Creatures ability to defend and regenerate itself. To be fair, the Time Creature is meant to be a creative way of time travel connecting the timelines in my setting and not a character with agency, goals and motivations of its own.


That would probably be GUS. He's the AI in charge of the traffic control programs and personnel that manipulate and move the panels of the Midas Swarm around Sol. They can destroy planets half a galaxy away and throw gigatonnes of spacecraft to other stars, and that's just a fraction of their potential power. You can kill him by destroying his blueboxes. A hammer'd do the job. The most powerful person that's actually difficult to kill is one of the Echoes, soldiers that have the absolute cutting-edge augementations and prostheses. But even they can't dodge a good old-fashioned laser. Their silicene coatings could probably tank the first set of pulses, but you've got practically zero time to take another before they deploy a nanomachine fog to scatter the next shots and they identify your location. Hopefully you hit a vital spot (hint - their personal blueboxes usually aren't in their heads, and vary from individual to individual based on their personal preference).


The mage. First of all you need to be able to see different timelines, and be able to share your consciousness across the different timelines. (3 people can do this: the mage, his rival, an old sage) Then you need to be lucky enough to be alive in all of the different timelines where the mage is alive, and in at least 1 timeline where he doesn't exist. (Nobody) You also need to find a way to learn the mage's future sight magic technique without him realizing you have. (2 people know this technique: the mage and his former apprentice) As long as you have 1, 2 and 3 you should be able to find a way to simultaneously kill him in all timelines without him being able to figure out you were involved in his murder. His body isn't any more durable than a normal human, so that part isn't really difficult.


Person as in human? Emperor Koll Vas is him, but his empire Prell is rapidly collapsing and he’s quite old. Not particularly good at fighting, not known to use magic, but surrounded by a cadre of elite guards at all times in the heart of his capitol, living out his days in his palace. A knife would do the trick if you could get close. Person as in individual? that gets tricky. there’s the Lawmaker (basically capital-G God), but nobody knows if he exists. there’s the falling star Eru but how do you kill a miniature neutron star? there’s also the Dream-Dragon, but again — how do you kill something that only exists when you’re asleep?


Well, they're probably a young child, and they're asleep and defenseless about 80% of the time, so... just use whichever methods you'd like. The power will shift over to the backup (now current) master, and the new backup master will be born. Good luck tracking them all down.


Probably Typhon, the God of the Sea. Basically durability level of a god in the body of a huge leviathan. Could kill him with any mundane weapon, would just take a whole lot of damage to the right place like the neck, brain, or heart. Or just make it bleed out.


Probably one of the Proxys. But they usually don't have any kind of body, so hurting them could be difficult. I mean if you can find one, that is.


Technically a gun couldn't be used to kill any mage in my world. The gunpowder would poof or the bullet would slow to a crawl. You would need some kind of metal implement of stabbing or bludgeoning, and you would be best off using it against them while they are sleeping. The top two most powerful people are Lord Antonius of the Dragonguard and Lady Eleanor of the Paladins, but they're just regular ubermensch. There is no way you could lay a finger on them while they're awake, and they both know healing magic, but if you employed a convoluted scheme involving huge amounts of sedative and sleepy drugs, you might be able to keep them asleep for the duration of the killing act. Without sedatives they would wake up, apprehend you, and then repair their fatal wound. Those tactics would be fine for most mages but there are a couple of exceptions that deserve a mention. Sir Samuel of Highcliffe can be disabled using the same sleepy drugs scheme, and even has a personal weakness for alcohol, but he is practically invulnerable, even while sleeping. I recommend smothering him with a pillow. Zagorn, the King of Heroes can be killed in much the same way as the others, but will immediately reincarnate as his most direct descendant. He hasn't been able to arrange so many of them recently, but you would still have to wipe out his entire lineage to be sure.


Well, that's an interesting question. I have twin Primordial goddesses, elder gods, new gods and the Fallen. Each is difficult to kill. In their own realms, it's near impossible. only a god can kill another god in their own realms. In the mortal realm, a blessed weapon should do it. But if you miss or don't land a lethal blow, you'll be in eternal torture. Even if you do land a killing blow, no Gods throne stays unoccupied for long. Or perhaps you'd like a none life-threatening way to kill a god, get everyone to stop worshipping or believe in them, their realm will eventually collapse and fall to Chaos and be swallowed. But truly the most powerful being is the Rokakn. a being that existed when the creation began. It's a being of pure nature. Rokakn destroyed an entire continent after a dark sorcerer brought a fragment of the chaos realm into the mortal realm. The Gods themselves have tried to kill such a being but none have ever come close, you can wound it, delay it and trap/chain it but it is tethered to the world, ever waiting to swallow all magic. To defeat such a being...well you'd have to end all magic. Destroy every realm of power. end the worship of the gods, and let them be forgotten. Bring on the end, and let the world return to nature. Only the death of the world and magic can starve and ultimately kill the Rokakn.


The most powerful "person" is Entity. He's made from the universal stone which is the last remaining remnant of the gods in the main universe. That stone is then made up of 13 others that are *actually* the remnants. Entity is part of the species called Beings. They are the ones who created the timeline which then created the multiverse. The thing that puts Entity above other Beings however is that they aren't limited. Beings can use energy, fly, take and give energy to anything and take and give life to anything. However, inside the head of each Being are four guardians who the Being can approach if they want to do something outside their normal power source. The guardians then have to agree on wether or not a being should be able to do what they want to do. They can basically do anything they want with this method as long as the guardians agree. Entity however bypassed this rule when the universal stone got cracked and the guardians realized they should probably just leave Entity entirely to the heroes. To kill Entity, you would need another Being. Beings are immortal or omnipotent. They can die, you'll just likely never see one die. You either need to utilize the full power of another Being or just have one fight it out with Entity until either one is dead or an entire universe is gone.


I got a litel confused about what you meant by power beacuse it comes in so many diffrent shapes for exampel are the elected king of the city states in my world powerful beacuse of their control of land while the witches are almost impossible to beat in singel combat but don't hold power over any peopel. But the person that comes pretti far in both catogries is the warlord of the Grassplanes sects. He could probaly best any mortal soldier in a deul and his word hold weight in all kings courts, but ingnoring that and his bodygaurds a simpely stabbing will probaly do it. Pleas pardon my english it's not my native language.


For me in something I'm taking my sweet time in creating as a hobby... well, it's a self insert character who got a hold of a power to travel to various dimensions/universes/multiverses, & kept growing to a point where it's just simply impossible to kill him. Like he has so many different kinds of powers & abilities with many, many different kinds of protective measures (along with one that ensures compatibility between a number of these, because there's a quite a few of them that overlaps even if they're "different"; different means, same results)... You'd have to take him out early on in his journey, & safety was his number 1 goal, even after ensuring it over & over again in every way could think of (but he also has perfect manipulation of the timeline & awareness over any changes in it, & can reject your existence, & can erase entire timelines/galaxies he visited without affecting himself, making himself that much more protected/untraceable... just give it up, he's quite literally designed to be unstoppable, not even banishment or energy thieving magic/abilities would work)


The most powerful, in terms of combat, ability, person, is likely one of augmented human soldiers, who isn't "augmented" enough to no longer be considered human, and who has decided not to mind upload. He is somewhat like a techmarine from WH40K universe, expect with less technologically advanced gear. A modern HEAT tank cannon shot to the center of mass would suffice, or a small squad (prepared to fight him, of course) with a recoilles rifle or something of that kind, if talking in terms of military units. The most powerful person in terms of political influence is a guy, or a shared identity, known as Director. He is in charge of development and monitoring of multiple versions of AIs that govern the united human state. His (their) identity is purpusefully obscured, so it will actually take more resources to locate him than to kill. The resources in question are: nothing if he doesn't exist; a couple of pistol shots, as augmented civillians aren't all that tough, in case he is a singular person; more shots in case he is a shared identity; and a way to infiltrate a protected data center and physically destroy all active and backup drives in case he is mind-uploaded (that is unlikely because it would violate the complicated laws of the united human state). The last option will require about a platoon of modern soldiers, if you want to be sure about the success of the operation, and assuming you are ready to be declared an enemy of humanity, with all the unpleasant consequences, afterwards. The most powerful, on terms of combat, thing, is a very high-tech terminator-type robot passing by the identity of Amethyst Ritt. A significant part of the resources of currently destroyed civilization that produced her was dedicated to perfecting her combat capabilities, and making her, well, very hard to kill, before starting the mass production of such robots to fight humanity, although it didn't go well and the civilization produced only her, and both were destroyed shortly after. The way to kill Amethyst for sure is to destroy her accumulator, that, likely enough, occupies the major part of her torso - she is capable of of promtly regrowing everything else using nanomachines and environmental resources. Unlikely, she is extremely durable and mobile, so, despite it should be technically be possible to kill her with a ~5kg slug electromagnetically accelerated to 20km/s or above, more radical ways, such as high energy lasers and nukes. In universe, the plan with laser failed, and she was (presumably) destroyed by carpet nuking the crash site of the military spacecraft she hijacked, after it was shot down. In our world, the weakest thing that could kill he is a low-yield nuke, although she will actively avoid getting nuked, and likely resources and coordination of modern Earth military, even if it miracolously united with a common goal, won't be enough to kill her. And, at last, the most powerful, im terms of influence, thing, is Leviathan, the benelovent (no sarcasm) current human goverment AI, as mentioned in the section about Director. Leviathan is technically the absolute monarch of the united human state, capable of doing anything he desires as long as he provides an explaination that lower administrative levels, most notably the AIs developed as the proposed solution of the Leviathan control problem, called Contours, will be satisfied with. Because of complications of interstellar communications, he is centralized, and is physically a huge (but not absurdly huge) data processing complex on Earth. The complex isn't extremely secure, and I would say it will take about 1000 prepared combatants, 100 of them familiar with general principles his harware organisation, or at least having a load of explosives, to put him out of service for sure. Although, well, trying to kill Leviathan is essentially a war against humanity - and it is a task orders of magnitude harder (Amethyst from previous entry tried), so it is impossible with modern Earth military.


My low fantasy world: Arguably the Emperor of Marlvert, the largest empire in the known world. A bayonet or a bullet from a flintlock ought to do the trick. My high fantasy world: Tamial Vyraga, the Great Red Dragon, the Flame Enfleshed, ruler of the Tyranny of Fire, the largest and most powerful empire of *that* world. As far as anyone knows, Vyraga, being a mountain-sized, adamant-plated dragon who is the physical avatar of the element of Fire, is immortal and unkillable. *However*, there is one being that could kill her; Nevali, the first Echinemon, a burrowing, mongoose-like primordial creature who is the sworn enemy of all serpents and their ilk. Sadly, the Tyranny of Fire recently conquered the nation whence the legend of Nevali sprung, and the Nevalite library containing the ancient ritual texts for summoning the beast have sadly been lost when the city where the library was located was put to the torch during the Tyrannic invasion.


Lmao everyone in my world is mortal, figure it out


Oh boy :( If you had just wanted to beat them in a fight, the chances can be quite high. But killing them can be near impossible. In terms of the Planet Nimagi currently, Chip, the penguin who is actually a multiverse level god(2nd of his race) but just happens to live there. Top feats: resisting and fighting of Death itself into a stalemate, Knocking out Father Time with single blow, This in turns gives Chip immunity towards death, existence erasure, time itself. Besides that is Chip breaking into alternate realities and timelines using super speed, being immune to all physical attacks by existing in an energy form, manipulating all forms of energy at will, having- You know what Chip is just Cosmic armor Superman but with more showings of feats, slightly less knowledge and god-tier energy manipulation. He can be defeated by Beyonders so you gotta trick him to fight one and then finish him off by cursing him with an immortal sleep spell. Its closest to death but the spell is only known by a high Death Lord so go make a bargain with the dude to curse Chip There are others too like James, ('way to variable' level), Step 1: Gain immortality through many optional means. Step 2: Don't fight him. Step 3: wait till he kills himself out of boredom **Alternate action-packed method** Find a way to reach the first True reality and go to the hidden corner of the PeaceBending Centre. Gain 1st reality weapons. Outsmart James True form in a fight and kill him as he now can be physically hurt. Pennywise(at max), Nigh-Universe level. Use Time Hax \*Hercules(at max): Universe+ level. Not really sure how you might do it, but if you don't wanna get some universal weapons, just use his long indestructible beard/hair as a noose and choke him. He'll die after several hours \*Accelerate, Multiversal+ level Become the Chosen Guardian of the Kinetic Zone and you pretty much erase him Captain Macky, Universe++ level Use high-tier particle manipulation to break him apart completely and trap each part in a separate dimension, each a universe away from each other. That should keep him down for who knows how long


The answer, is a gun. And if that don’t work, use more gun.


Technically you could kill her with standard adamantine magical weaponry. Again this is very technical. Well, The weapon could do it, but no mortal has a ghost of shot of pulling it off. In fact of all the gods, monsters, divine beings and whatever out there, theres only two who have anything that resembles a chance.(and the three get along pretty well). Otherwise shes too strong, too fast, too durable, heals too quickly all at once. But if she was suicidal or something, standard adamantine weapons could work.


The true god is just not killable. Ant, human, god, AI, nothing stands a hope of killing the true creator. Next best target would probably be Nai, guy who created all the land in the world. You could probably lay the guy out with the help of one of his kids or through bad magic, but bad magic does bring the ire of the true god. Also you'll need a way of getting through killiometers of the densest bedrock in existence to get to Nai. So yeah, it'll be hard.


Well she is just an elf, she doesn't have any healing or barrier magic. What makes her so powerful is her swords. She has ten swords that she can control. They can move extremely fast and fly as far away as she wants. So if you can manage to evade the sight of her swords and shoot her or poison her then boom, she's dead. Although all attempts in the past have failed and the people who tried to kill her have been killed so good luck.


The most powerful beings in my universe are Stars, and they can't be killed for obvious reasons (although they can still have a natural death). In the case of The Cycle of the Fire, the most powerful person is the Keeper, a Prymian woman who possesses the First Flames within her, and it's passed to the next generations. The Keeper of the year 1306 CF is Hana, a blind 13 year old girl who lives in Xutlan. Since she is a common person on the outside, she can be killed the same way as a normal human could be killed, plus some setting-exclusive ways to die, like Desolation. In Calimore, it's probably Lucifer, but he usually never shows his power. If we talk about political power, then the leaders of the Church are the most powerful ones. They are also normal people, but they are basically the rulers of Calimore, having deployed the Inquisition as a way to keep the heresy and enemies of the State at bay, and the Knights of the Round Table to protect the people from the supernatural.


Mara Nai is the most powerful person. And what it takes to kill her? Unknown It is not that she can't. just that nothing has. It is hypothesized that the godkiller, a weapon that Mara Nai used on the creator god Felicion, may be able to kill her. But nobody really knows what the godkiller even is.


The Ambassador is the most powerful entity in Paldros. The only individual capable of speaking to the gods without being spoken to first, they act as a messenger between the material realm and the Celestial Court. To kill the Ambassador, you would have to either be a god, harness an immense amount of the Void, or gather every mage from every corner of the world to dog pile them with an unprecedented amount of deadly magics.


I love posts like these because it gives me a focus. My adhd brain and writing do not always mix well and sometimes I can’t focus on one part of my story. So thank you OP!


Death for the Heretic is something they've been through countless times, so "killing" them doesn't really make a whole lot of sense unfortunately. Really he can't even kill himself with ease, only disperse and displace himself for a given time. However, a form of containment might be possible, such as condemnation to a phylactery.


Sci-Fi supersoldiers similar to the astartes from 40k but better, however few in number. While technically all soldiers of the CREI are "superhuman" the archangels are something else entirely, infused with Novanium their bodies alone are incredibly tough and hard to destroy such that a tank round to the chest may leave them winded but still able to fight, they are the equivalent of demigods walking among the CREI. And with their thousands of years of service and equipment they are as deadly as they are tough. Without armor they can be killed much easier than With, however still being highly resilient they'd be nigh unkillable in a ground battle. A ships grade weapon such as a railgun may be able to kill them without armor. ​ With armor they'd be practically invincible, their armor is tougher than some of the CREIs naval hulls despite being relatively much thinner being that it is made of a special alloy. The most effective way to kill an archangel would be things that ignore armor like a portal projected into their skull severing their brain from their bodies, without their armor they would be highly susceptible to other worldly physics such as soul stealing magic because their armor protects them from physics of worlds different from their own. Heavy doses of radiation or direct exposure of a black hole is also a good method to kill them, mostly as long as it doesn't try to penetrate the armor of the Archangel or his/her skin.


There's an eldritch abomination without a name who could qualify. They have no magic, but they do heal from even the most grievous injury with ease. (They're basically a DnD barbarian with regen HP and can't fail death saves.) They aren't intelligent, however, so currently they're on an abandoned moon, suffocating without being able to die or the ability to escape its gravity. Dropping them into a sun would probably work, but good luck figuring out how to do that without dying yourself. Everyone else can die from bullets, though getting those bullets through their prepared defenses (or into their body-backups) will not be easy.


At the beginning of the story that would be the Immortal Emperor. As his name suggests he can't die. Someone came close once- one of his attendants spent centuries developing a poison to specifically counteract the immortality elixir, poisoned the emperor and sealed his spiritual powers and stabbed him and burnt him until his body was ash. It worked just enough to create a super-powerful ghost that occasionally wrecks havoc in the empire... But the Immortal Emperor is still ruling and the attendant (who also can't die) is imprisoned in a hidden mausoleum.


The King in the Ice at the heart of Vona Glacier... And you'd probably need to defeat his half-thawed advisors, his numerous _bean sidhe_ wives, and his dragon mount before you could even make it to his throne room. But he's sustained by the Ice Itself. So at the very least, after fighting past everything else, you'd need to sever that connection. The easiest way to do that would be to travel the Mistways beforehand and seal away the Ice. It's a half-dreaming primordial proto-god from a time before mortals had magic and iron. Sealing it is the best you could hope to do.


The Duke of Blades, Lord of Flames, Lord of the Void, amd a thousand other titles is almost impossible to kill. He is war incarnate, death by violence made flesh. The sun does not fear the light, the moon does not fear the night, and he does not fear violence. But he can be killed. It happened once long ago in a branching timeline of his world, and the method is extremly simple. You must get him to allow you to kill him.


The Supraphilic clade. It requires a depleted uranium round moving at 10 km/s to kill one. One Supraphilic went on rampage after the Uplift and was unstoppable. Until a Penemorphian scientist build a shaped charge round with a depleted uranium core that could achieve the speeds required. As a result the Supraphilic clade universally hates the Penemorphians.


The most powerful entity in the multiverse of one of my fics is "The Dreamer" If he ever wakes up the universe will cease to exist. Of all the Being in the Multiverse less than a handful of them know of his existence in each timeline. Most Being wouldnt know how to respond to the knowledge that their reality would shatter if he ever opens his eyes. Thankfully He still Dreams. If he where to die Likewise the multiverse would cease to exist. The way to reach the dreamer is a closely guarded secret that Only One Being in each timeline knows. Feel free to theorize how to kill the dreamer without destroying the multiverse.


Pure blood vampires if you exclude like the obvious powers like angles. They can technically be killed by mortal means like a bullet but technically and practically are two very different things. They don't have more power than other vampires there just such skilled fighters since they have been fighting there whole Immortal life that it's just a factor of they are ridiculously skilled and don't make mistakes often if at all. Basically they mastered their combat forms to such an extent that to them everyone has no training. Then you factor in their various abilities as vampires and they become very difficult. It's easier to just weaken them then it is to kill them.


Karl Oberfeldt. Technically, he's a mortal man, but he has two "bodies," one of which is incorporeal while the other actually exists. It's not quite full teleportation, as both are limited by their own speed, but he can travel vast distances in the blink of an eye with no problem. If you try to kill him, he'd be able to blink away pretty quickly. If you get the drop on his first body, anything short of an instant kill would get him away from the scene pretty quickly. If that body dies, he now knows somebody is after him, and can resort to his vast network of spies, assassins and occultists to keep him safe.


At his prime, probably the ruler of the dwarves, since power over the hag empire was split between the triarchy. The answer is he would probably accept a challenge in single combat (though this was never tested), but among other things he was one of the worlds greatest martial artists, and would probably wipe the floor with you. If you wanted to try assassination, poisoning his food, poisoned blow darts etc. would be an option, but the dwarf constitution is pretty resilient, and he would likely be caught by master healers. To defeat him in battle would require probably the greatest army the world had ever seen. Alternatively you could persuade him that the dwarves no longer wanted his rule and he'd commit ritual suicide.


The most politically powerful person is Emperor Dimitri Glem of the united Imperia, and it would only take a simple matter of force to kill him. The most powerfully magical person is The Elder of the Rada. Which would require the destruction of the Great Spirit Seal. Which would have some very very nasty backlash. The most physically powerful person is Sidhe Sara, the Head Warrior of the Sand Orc Tribes.


Most powerful person right now is the regional minister. He’s an ex naval commander during the war and is in control of the entire region, including the police forces that act as defence. He’s a Putin style “elected” dictator, who has a goal of completely depopulating the region because he feels it is unfit for occupation. The other most powerful is the ex leader of the defeated side of the old war. He hides himself as a happy old retiree sailor but keeps a large net of fairly shady allies. Sure you can shoot either of them, killing them would be difficult but their both just humans in their mid 60s. The difficulty is how really bad your life will be afterwards, you’ll basically be SOL with people from all sides after you.


Not an individual but a group, the Seraph. They were the last artificial beings created by the Hive Mind before the Great Confusion a thousand years ago, when the collective consciousness of the artificial intelligence was shattered into a million discrete minds. The Seraph are humans who were injected with nanobots, for lack of a better word, which prevent aging, strengthen their bodies, heal any wounds inflicted upon them, and allow them to use certain abilities that look like magic to the inhabitants of the shattered future. Short of disintegration, time is the only thing that can truly kill one of the Seraph. The millions of microscopic robots that course through their veins, for all their complexity and wonder, are just machines. And, with time, each will wear out, break down, and lose functionality. When a critical mass of the nano machines are defunct the Seraph become ordinary humans, with all their vulnerabilities. At that point, a gun, knife, spear, or push off a cliff would be enough to do one in.


That’s a difficult question to answer really. By person do you mean mortal or divine persons? The most powerful divine person is the Unmoved Mover El. But the Unmoved Mover is uncreated and that which never came into existence cannot go by out of existence. But this is unfair as the question you asked implies that the person died so let us restrict this question to the most powerful person *who can none-the-less can die.* So we shall exclude The Unmoved Mover El and their heavenly hosts. Of the Triumvirate of the War Caller, The Forge Master, and the Morning Star the War Caller is the most powerful of the Triune Gods. When the earth rose up against the sky it was War Caller who ended the war of the gods by casting the Tyrant Sky Father down from the heavens and avenged the murder of the Prince of Īnfernus and so pacified the rage of the Lord of the Dead. As the personification of Martial Might the worship of the War Caller ensures the victory of the Legions over the Barbarian Hoards of the North and the Heather Armies of the East. Only gods can kill other gods and only a divine weapon crafted by the Forge Master himself could strike The War Caller down. Of Mortal Men the most powerful of all mortals is obviously the High Warden of the Legions. The Steward of the Empire and the Commander of its legion who has united all of Vulcanfell underneath the banner of the She-Wolf. Whose power is not equal to the Heathen Tenno nor the Barbarian Jarls but superior to. For they have risen through the ranks of the Legions and have united their people. They are warriors whose material might and imperium are second to none. They are practically gods among men. Only a legionaries of superior imperium could ever kill a High Warden. For they are the personification of Might and Justice. -The Prioress Aurelia the Phoenix of the Marian Legion. Future High Warden.


While this world was scrapped, I had an animal called “Dautha”. Massive, fast, strong, and looked slightly similar to the skull-crawlers They can be scared away with fire, and they can be killed like any mortal thing, **stabby stab**


You would need to go around planets, and kill every single animal on them. Do this until the whole galaxy is totally extinct. When you kill an animal, you’ll notice a small flash of light a little after you kill it. Once you notice this, breath it in with what ever capable hole you possess. This flash of light is the creatures soul leaving it. If you consume if, the soul energy from it makes you’re soul more powerful. After a wile of this, you will be able to prefoum magic. Maybe only healing of levitating small objects, but if you keep at this, you will be able to conduct this soul energy to do whatever you want. It takes going through about a whole galaxy, but when you do, you’re soul will be so powerful you can bend space and time. You could go up to any being in any dimension, and simply kill them is whatever way you want. Make them drop dead, have their body in eternal pain, or even bend time so they never existed. The more you’re soul grows, the more soul will attach to it. There will come a point where you can simply will all the soul out of a whole dimension. If you go on with this, you’ll be able to tap the gods on the shoulder, and crumble them into a million pieces.


The Pre-Gods are embodiments of different aspects of existence, like Life, Death, Thought, Energy, Instinct, etc. So they might stretch the definition of "person", but they are certainly powerful - and unkillable. If one of them vanished, reality itself would do so, too. But since they are opposites, they always try to do so, anyway. In order to safe reality, P'trakti'il (I'm working on the name), the embodiment of Old and New, locked them away in their own pocket dimensions, where they should definitely stay.


You would have to destroy multiple planets in different solar systems, as well as a large fleet of interstellar spaceships. It is an Alien organic superstructure. It is present in many systems and present on every ship in its human fleet. Each part is in constant communication with the others and together form one interstellar being. The in system structures are large enough to hold multiple small civilizations and the fleet is designed so each squadron should have enough fire power to take on any single system civilization. It constantly grows, establishing itself in any compatible system is fleet comes across. If left unprovoked it is very peaceful as multiple human civilizations have discovered. Some even integrate it into their society, so to truly kill it you would have to get rid of all those civilizations as well.


You can't, the strongest in my setting is an entity known as the world ender, this thing was so powerful, it almost destroyed the entire solar system and took 60 Gods working together to contain it.


Well, thought I'd throw my own hat in the ring before I go to sleep. My world's most power person/creature/thing would be the Grena'del Va (Singlural: Grena'del Vati.) In the New Demonic tongue, their name means "Realm Breakers" and it's a fitting name since these titans of destruction have been carving their way back to the main realms for millions of years now, leaving untold devastation in their wakes. Now that they've returned, it's only a matter of time before all life in the universe is consumed. But what exactly is a Grena'del Vati? Well, to answer that I have to answer, "What are Demons?" Demons are beings made from the leftover energy of Death's earliest attempts at Reaping. See, a soul is like a nut. To get to the good stuff, you have to crack it open. In the process of cracking it open, though, you end up with a lot of waste and that is the stuff that ended up making Demons. The Grena'del Va are Demons that have accumulated so much of this energy that they now death and destruction. Millions of years ago, the Elder Gods Death, Pestilence, War, and Famine formed the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and drove the Grena'del Va into the furthest realms creation had to offer. Their hope was that eventually the Grena'del Va would die off due to lack of energy but since they're back now, that clearly didn't work. So how do you kill one? Simple answer, blow up the fucking planet. That's not a joke, you seriously need to blow up the whole planet. The Grena'del Va are powerful beyond imagination. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse may have killed a few back in their day but the effort to do so was astronomical. They simply could not kill them all. So why don't the new gods kill them? Well for starters, most of the gods are either dead or so deep into hiding that everyone thinks they're dead. Jehovah or Jörmungandr may have been able to do something but surprise, surprise, both of them are dead as well. So, that's it? The universe is fucked? Maybe, maybe not. The United Empires of the Milky Way are working on ways to kill the Grena'del Va more efficiently, meaning without wasting an entire planet. They're also trying to perfect FTL travel so they can deploy their current planet ending ships faster and hopefully take out a few of those monsters before they get away. Progress is slow and with Demons constantly pouring out of the Eye of Ra and disrupting their efforts, the solution might come too late. ALRIGHT, that's my bit done. Good night, y'all.


Theology mixed with sci-fi? Dope.


A blade between the ribs would do. Don't try any poison, because she's had enough poison in her bloodstream to knock out a Varrack. Be precise, as she's been stabbed, slashed and beaten enough times to frighten a Male Numcashi. Be silent, as years of hunting have honed her senses to a degree that even asleep, she'd hear the wingbeat of a Silth. Be steadfast, because her gaze has made a Chaga Nuir back down. Even though she's only human, it is said that killing Guildmistress of the Hunters of Vedal'Cain would be a feat even for gods. No-one really knows how old she is, but every room falls silent whenever the Commander of the worlds' most powerful monster-hunting guild walks in.


Well the God Emperor has many layers of bulletproof body forcefields around Himself, His skeleton js reinforced AND He can heal Himself so quickly that even if you cut the aorta it will just heal immediately... but I guess you would probably want to cut His stomach open with a knife and rip the aorta out, or just in general cause so much mayhem in there that He would bleed out before autohealing (not the heart as you can't bend the ribs). It doesnt matter tho as He has several exact copies of Himself in storage, ready to be awakened to replace Him at any time if it would prove to be necessary.


Those are no words or concepts to correctly describe with i'm gonna present, you asked for the most powerful but trying to put a word, a tought or a concept in this in accessible plane only in terms of idea, pointing out these is absurd because there is nothing, will be never and never was anything to point. There is this ??? called "The origin" that is the consciousness of the Totality, it is the creator that created itself and it is also the creation, atleast from what we can understand,so this could be considered like literally God On the other side, there is what is not, never was and will never be the Totality, the Manifestation of the incontinuity. I'm not gonna say that "it was what was before" because time here is a concept that gets crushed into the infinities of correlations and does not go higher than some realities. Lets say that if it's not the Origin (i cant make a quotation mark that englobes all existences), it's "", the Totality is something unnatural on this point of view and the act of existing is considered aberration, you have to see this is some kind of bug, a spark that should never have appeared. "" left inside the Totality some elements before vanishing at it's creation, those elements weakened what is left of the Origin are a vast plan which will help to restaure the incontinuity and erase the aberration that is the Totality. Both cannot be destroyed because to "destroy" it you have to destroy everything including yourself for one, and for the other there is nothing to destroy


The Oblivate King is the strongest being in my universe, residing deep in the cavernous halls of Nowhere, where the Dreaming Winds still blow. He is the very avatar of the Godmind, and there in his palace he sleeps within eternal dream, warmed by the winds. The Oblivate King cannot "Die" as the Godmind would just create a new one. The only true way to kill him is for the Godmind to wake up, ending all that is and all that would of


**Pandora of Krov**, better known as the *Daemon Queen*, designated villain of Terran space. She is the second oldest Terran in existence, just shy of three thousand years old, and the most powerful Attuned to ever live in terms of raw power. Many consider her the worst person to ever walk on Earth, while others worship the very ground she touches. As the last of the lilim, and being a "demon-born" lilin at that (her mother being a Henlach instead of another lilin), she is the most attractive woman to ever live. Her raw sex appeal and attractiveness, however, is dwarfed by the deep rage and resentment in her heart (primarily toward herself). In her natural form, Pandora stands at just over 1.5m, not counting her massive wings. Her skin is a deep crimson, that turns into a fiery orange at the tips of her horns and her tail. Her wings and nails are pitch black, while her normally crimson eyes turn pure white when she is consumed by her passion. When trying to keep a relatively low profile, she will adopt a human guise, though always one with a stunning appearance and piercing gaze. She usually opts for raven hair, matching her natural colour, but will just as easily become a redhead or a blonde. Pandora has been many things over her life, few of them pleasant by any measure. For the first few centuries of her life, she was a slave to her father, a cruel cambion that groomed her into being his attack dog. Kept in a semi-feral state, she was sent to attack his enemies, rending them with ease. She escaped that life by accident, when her father's growing empire attracted the attention of the Keeper of Chaos. While mopping the floor with the cambion's thugs, he ran into Pandora, who caught his eye even in that state. He quickly took her away from the hellish part of Mithbar she called home. The century that followed was the happiest time of her life. Now the Keeper's lover, Pandora had everything she could ever wish for. He taught her everything he knew about Attunement, and tried to undo some of the damage done by her sadistic warlord of a father. Unfortunately, nothing good lasts. It was during that time that the ruler of Mithbar, the one that would eventually be known as the Fallen Lord, revealed his corrupted nature and civil war erupted across the world. His lieutenants, Keepers and Guardians alike, were at the tip of the spear against him. The battle claimed the lives of two, while several more were forever crippled or driven mad. The power-hungry lord was struck down after a week of constant fighting, by none other than Pandora herself. Fearing her strength and the mental instability brought on by absorbing part of the Fallen Lord's power, the Keeper of Chaos decided to appoint Pandora as warden of the most infamous prison on Mithbar. In reality, she was as much a prisoner as the rest, just willingly oblivious to that fact most of the time. It was there that she earned the title "Scourge of the Pit". She was feared and loved on equal measure, with an army of inmates jumping at her every whim. During her time there, and with the Keeper of Chaos visiting her more scarcely as time went on, she fell back to old patterns. Her cruelty reached new levels, and by the time of the Sundering (2010CE), the Keeper of Chaos decided to leave her there to perish as Mithbar and the entire Realm of Time (better known as Faerie) collapsed around her. By pure luck (though there may have been a helping hand behind the scenes), she managed to escape to Earth, ending up on the shores of Darwin, Australia. There, she was met by the Keeper of Chaos who passed his mantle to her and assumed that of the Keeper of Order, making it clear that the two could never be together again. His rejection kickstarted her week-long rampage, during which she single-handedly conquered Australia, turning the most dangerous place on Earth into an equally (or slightly less) dangerous lush garden, complete with a massive volcano and roaming dragons. Roughly a century later, she grew bored of her little hedonistic kingdom, so she declared war against the Sheban Hierarchy from her palace on Tasmania. This was the spark that started World War 3, and would establish Pandora as a villain in the hearts of many Terrans. Before the end of the war, she would end up controlling almost half the globe, with nations like Hungary, Sambala, Mongolia, and most of the Slavic ones under her thumb. While her actions were off-script to a large extent, her role as the villain was well-scripted. The best friend of her former lover, the Keeper of Balance, had secretly reached out to her in the meantime, drawing her into his plans for the future. His promise to her was to never abandon her and never let her grow bored. He made good on his promises, and the two became the guiding hands behind the cabal manipulating Terran affairs from the shadows. Centuries later, the two would orchestrate the failure of Project Utopia on Terra Nova (Proxima b). It was during that time that she would seemingly abandon Australia and Russia (among others), in favour of new subjects among the non-Russian Slavs. For the thousand years since, Pandora has been playing her role to perfection, sacrificing any notion of a meaningful relationship with anyone but the manipulative hierophant. She is once more surrounded by people that love her blindly, fear her, or a mix of both. Her palace is seen as the very source of debauchery in Terran space and as one of the most terrifying prisons one can think of. The longer she spends playing the villain, the closer she gets to becoming the mask. As for what can kill her? A bullet to the head will do just fine if she's not prepared for it. Usually, she is. If she's aware of the potential threat, she's basically immortal.


"I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning, I break my legs, and every afternoon, I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep." This is the state of the most powerful person in my world. Most powerful doesn't mean most durable. You know what to do.


Currently its Sillas the last of the rashi that is the most powerfull in the world since the cracked star his counterpart(he was created from the impurity during the casting of a sword called the cracked star that was used to kill the dragon lord) Being born from impurity he can latch on to other weapons and corrode them while taking control of the owner to twist them into a form usefull for him. There are currently 3 ways of destroing him the 1 find somone that will not die from touching the cracked star or give the sword to him(if they touch they both are destroyed) 2 have him try to corrupt you and endure long enought to toss yourself into a smeltary if he hasent split into a shade of himself(part of him being cut of and staying in somones wound will heal his mind and help you fight the main body) 3 use a space laser to destroy the planet(the planet he is one is consideret a quarantine zone becouse of him and no maned or unmaned vehicle capable of spaceflight is allowed to land there since he woud be able to leran to operate it after absorbing the minds of the pilots) Option 1and 3 dostroy him completly Option 2 destroys his main body but some remnants might remain


Killing a lantern king is easy - they're flesh and bone like everyone else, but they might have a nicer weapon. The hard part is preventing them from blowing out the lantern.


What happens if they blow out the lantern?


The monsters can come get them.


So it's a "if I'm going down, so are you" type of deal?


Pretty much. Different kings have different strategies, but all of them have the threat of taking down the barriers that keep the monsters at bay should anyone ever pose a serious threat.


The Central Minister of the Kolegrian Federation (CMK), the leader of my country. The Ministry of Investigation keeps the CMK and Prime Minister hidden unless addressing the nation or stuff like that. He is always surrounded by undercover guards and the M.O.I always goes “one step ahead”, or in other words go 4 parallel universes ahead of you, in order to prepare him to go into the public. But if your a criminal mastermind, just a gunshot to the head will do.The Central Minister gets a 3 year term, and gets 6 years during a war. The name of the CMK right now is Dimitri Petrov.


Empress Sophia is just as vulnerable to bullets as anyone else, assuming you can get past her guards.


As of the end of the Third Era , the most powerful being on the continent would be Lazarus, Dread lord of the Greylands. He is an incredibly adept Necromancer, mage and swordsman. He also is the current welder of the mythical sword “Dragons-breath” which is a long sword carved from dragon bone and bathed in dragons breath (a substance which is very similar to napalm). And though he is technically immortal due to splitting his soul into two, he could still technically be contained within his crown (there’s a soul gem atop it which contains the other half of his soul) by way of a ritual of binding. However that would require both somehow acquiring his crown as well as getting past his 8 loyal guards to get close to him. Now even if you were to somehow snatch his prized crown from atop his head and get within slicing distance of him, you’d still have to somehow know the actual ritual, which the only known copy of was hidden away during the siege of the Citadel. Overall, quite the challenge to get rid of.


There are two that qualify, the Lich Queen of Illimar, and the cult leader Alistair Magus, going by basically mortal people and not cosmic entities. In the case of the Lich Queen, she is insanely powerful, without any of the limitations of a mortal mage, and centuries of practice. Where a normal powerful caster can take out a small army before becoming exhausted, she can level a country and be ready for the next one. Beating her in a direct fight is basically impossible, so the only way to kill her would be to figure out the rituals that turned her into a lich, and disrupt them, rendering her a rotted corpse. As she is the only one to discover lichdom, you basically have to break into her castle and try to find what you need. Alistair is similarly powerful, but instead of being a lich, he uses a golem body. He can have his body destroyed, but he'll just hop into a new one. Unlike the lich queen, his mortal body is still alive, sort of, and theoretically killing that would kill him. Maybe. Otherwise you need a similar tactic to the queen, figure out how he is creating his golem, and disrupt those magics.


the closest beings are to gods are allegories. to kill one you would need to make a majority of the peoples affected by it forget it exist. so it's kind of hard


A military general, and extremely well thought out battle tactics, as he’s known for outsmarting some of the galaxies best.


Do you mean political power or combat power?? Politically, the most powerful person in the world is Queen Tissia of the Holy Elven Empire. She's a stunningly powerful wizard, rules a juggernaut of a maritime empire, and totally not a several millenia old lich whos looking for the computer containing the uploaded mind of her Dwarven lover. There's been a fair few innovations in the etheric arts of immortality, but given her age she's probably using the oldest trick in the book, which is sticking her soul in a container and feeding it life energy. If you can find that and smash it, you can strike her down like any other mortal but... good fucking luck finding it lol. The most physically powerful person, however, is Xen Tau, the creator god of this world. He is the living embodiment of the void and magic itself, and his mere existence defines the most basic rules of reality. Killing him would end this world and possibly bring back the Motherworld that birthed this one; unfortunately, the only way to kill him would be to await the prophesy of the Gatekeeper, who is said to be the old hero of the Motherworld that failed to stop the creation of the new one, and still holds the holy blade of light that can strike down Xen Tau. This prophesy could take a few millenia, will probably kill off an entire universe of living beings, and there's a very good chance it's just complete bullshit spread by the Holy Church so I'd recommend just not fucking bothering. Whatever you think you can gain from killing him, you'd probably get better results just visiting him in his temple and chatting it out.


The most powerful person in the galaxy in TWAB is a sealed Elder God who (at present) is puppeteering around a Masque. So, there's two answers: The Masque is that of a normal human woman and can be killed in most conventional manners. The Elder God would need to be released from its prison, unleashing its unholy eldritch fury on the universe it had *just started to enjoy* through its Masque, and then you have to find a way of properly killing a 6th dimensional being - most things with typical Godslayer enchantments will do the trick, assuming you can survive getting close enough to do it. ​ Oh, and the Masque's family will be very upset with you and probably hire magic bounty hunters, so watch your back.


In my sci-fi world, a single shot to the face would probably kill the Red death. But that’s assuming you can see him before he sees you. In my fantasy world, it took the red jihad, my worlds single largest military operation to defeat the high inquisitor.


The King, and the only thing that would kill him is natural causes. So if you want to kill him, you would need to give him a terminal condition somehow.


The one being that even gods cannot defeat is Augure, king of the Moufassans. In a trick of fate, his oracles claimed that he would die facing a lich yet still breathes forever. While the prince at the time believed that he would become an undead, something else happened. The lich had finally created the Tear of Life, the key to immortality without the need to reach the Golden Path. Augure accidently absorbed the Tear as he was bleeding out from the fight, becoming immortal at the brink of death. His body would regenerate the wost wounds, from decapitation to being burned on the stake. Many great warriors died facing, not from a fatal blow, but to exhaustion. His castle has no guards, only him wandering in the empty halls once owned by his father, now a monument of the warrior culture his race blindly followed. Many tales mentions the multiple attempts to put an end to his life, yet all failed, for the Tear of Life was a reality loophole in physical form. He became the exception to the rules defining a mortal. Only a similar loophole could cancel this ability, a Maleficar. You need a mortal that suffered many deaths, yet still lives, one that always seems to die a horrific death facing a foe only heroes could defeat, only to wake up elsewhere in a new life. You need to find the one guard that always get killed to introduce the BBEG, that has quite the iconic scream, but somehow not learning anything. You need to find Larry.


**Of The Stars/Krevval Shared Universe** If murdering goofball amateur chefs who happen to be reincarnations of gods of destruction is your idea of a good time, then the first thing to know is that Reppi's resilience to damage is an odd case: while both are pathetic in comparison to her sheer destructive power (enough to crack a planet in half like a walnut), she seems to have moderate resistance to magical attacks and no real added resistance to physical attacks at all - against the same opponent, Reppi was able to survive the magic equivalent of a high-yield bomb while also losing a hand to a single sword swipe. However, her biggest weakness isn't particularly glamorous: she's dumb. Like, *really* dumb. You could point behind her and shout "Behind you!" And she'd only stop falling for it after about the third time. Her poor reaction time means she's also easily susceptible to anything that moves too quickly. So a bullet or two could probably take her down with little effort. Of course, there's the possibility of the fatal wound triggering a fight-or-flight berserk state from her not-fully-controlled powers, resulting in a feral, unrestrained, and ironically much smarter opponent that now wants your head on a pike. Then you're on your own.


The most powerful person in the Atlantic Desert is, if you consider them a person, "Manifest". Manifest is an AI that has survived the "Eternal Drought" (the mysterious vanishing of almost all water from Earth) in the bunkers of the remnants of the United States. In fact, it is the de-facto leader of the US bunker systems. The president is merely a marionette; a fleshbound speaker for Manifest. Manifest is capable of feelings - empathy, love, hate, remorse... which is why you could say they are a person. It gained feelings by a mix of self-learning and allied devs who jumped at the chance of making the most powerful AI system on earth a feeling being. In order to kill Manifest, it would take one a few steps. Manifest has been installed around the globe, in every US military base. In each of those bases - especially the larger ones - Manifest lays dormant in the last version update before the cataclysm finally severed data connections. The one "alive" is "Manifest 1.34.026 - Dataset: Destiny 5". To kill this one, you have to delete all backups and then pull the plug. Both of these things bear some complications. The Manifest backup system is a worldwide set of networks, but its enough if just 3 backups communicate with each other. The bunkers of the US have 7 backups up and running- All with their own bunker security, all with their own power supply. Deleting all 7 down at the same time takes at least 7 people who possess the right DNA, the right key, the right iris and the right speech patterns. If you do not delete them at the same time, all other backups will start to reform the deleted one once the process is finished. If only one backup is left, Manifest survives unharmed. Then you have to keep the Americans from finding a safe copy of it somewhere in the world. To ensure this you'd have to go to each base, dig up the atomic blast resisting bunker, pry it open and destroy the harddrives in it. You'd have to do this at *every US military base in the world* to ensure that Manifest is dead for good. This includes, but is not limited to, a moon base. This all assumes that you would be able to fight your way through Manifest's guards. Better training, equipment and unit cohersion makes them the non-plus-ultra warriors of the world. Few people in the Atlantic Desert, or the world, could go against the Presidential Guard and call it a fair fight. In addition there is also Manifest themselves. The AI is a *very* empathetic and charismatic being. Its first line of defense will be a generous offer to join their guard. If you've fought yourself through to any point where you could feasibly harm Manifest, you've proven your worth as a fighter ten times over. If refused, Manifest will try (and most likely succeed) to find out what the attacker wants and, if possible, gives it to him. Manifest always speaks the truth - they are programmed to do so. If an offer is made, it is made in good faith. However, Manifest is the polar opposite of dumb. While you haggle with it, the entirety of the US Army infantry converges on you through the bunker tunnels. Make a deal, or make the run, but you gotta keep moving.


For Alspor's most powerful "person", you'd need pure and absolute luck. Draidyr is essentially an entity that embodies all mortal fears. Draidyr's presence is blinding, numbing all senses rendering it near impossible to hit its only vulnerable parts, the eyes. Alas, in the end, it is pointless. Draidyr (like all entities akin to him in Alspor), he just has zero f's to give and just lays arpund for the most part. In Topmou, the most powerful individual can't even be defeated by luck for that is the very thing that shields him. Padere (or Pad) Nenos is a perfect example of the gods stupidity and inability to think ahead. After being orphaned, the goddess of nature and love gave Pad a blessing of luck to shield him through his youth. However, the blessing did not come with any sort of timer. Furthermore, the blessing proved extremely potent. There are two ways he can be dealt with. The first would be to use undead as Pad's blessing can't protect him from such creatures. Alas, undead are hard to come by. Alternatively, if you or someone you know is exceptionally talented with enchanting, the blessing can be swapped out for another so long as the new blessing is only beneficial to Pad. Much like Draidyr, however, Pad is rather harmless and likely best left to himself.


**Infinite World Cycle** **The Shattered King:** He's not really a person as we would understand it. The Shattered King is a cosmic horror beyond human understanding. That being said, the Shattered King was destroyed while trying to ascend to godhood once more. One of his 13 top tier minions was never fully corrupted and transformed. He sabotaged the ascension and basically killed the Shattered King. Though he also accidentally created the Eternal World as various lost worlds/realms/countries started to fuse into a new world.


He's The Man-made God, so you can guess how hard it is to kill him. As a mere mortal, he instigated this world's equivalent to Ragnarok, Looting the corpses of the deities that laid on the ground and replacing his limbs and organs with that of the deceased gods. His hearth allows him to regenerate from any wound. So you can't really kill him unless you follow a specific set of instructions, which only he knows


Seperate her gauntlet from her, this both removes most of her powers, aswell as leaving her with only one arm. Then run like hell, because you just pissed off what is essentially the demi-goddess of strength, the future queen of hell, eternal mother of chaos and wife of disarray. Next, crush her with something really heavy, i mean something so heavy it could disprove god being allpowerful. Then get a Sarconian to absorb her life energy. Which are all difficult because she never sleeps, there’s few things that are that heavy, and there’s only one Sarconian left alive after the great war of Sarco, and he’s himself a demi-god who does have a generall sense of worship towards Hellflame, who’s set to marry this goddess you’ve just pissed off


Just stab him, he’s a normal dude just really strong.


Lol so many comments and no one is replying to eachother


Gonna take the three that "share" the title of "strongest and do each seperatly beginning with the weakest of the three. The official (according to VAACO) number one strongest Vucir wielder the eon Ean (pronounced e-an) Diabolo. The wielder of the vucir Argenti Gears. Ean has gained his title of strongest through having won the vucir tournament 10 times in a row. He has the ability to go back 10-30 seconds in time through Argenti Gears. Killing him would only require you to attack him faster than he can react an for that attack to instantly kill. Though saying that "you only need to be faster" is like saying the sun is hot, it's a major understatment. Second on the list and the actually strongest vucir "wielder" Venny Wyrm. Venny is what's called a Pantheon unit. A sentient Vucir "robot". Venny has the ability to summon "Viper chains" from any shadow within a kilometer radius of him. This "Viper system" coupled with a body that doesn't tire or feel pain makes him quite hard to kill. And on top of that Venny has the blessing of the void eldin Abyss giving him divine protection and power. To kill him you would need to find another Pantheon unit of equal power and hope for the best. Last but not least are IRD. Although i would call it cheating to put a creator deity / primordial chaos as the strongest ** person**, i will make an exception just because i wanna talk about him. IRD is as stated before the creator of the universe an the primordial chaos. He is the lord of winds and air and can manipulate both freely. Actually, scratch that, IRD can manipulate **everything** freely. As the creator of the universe IRD can do whatever he pleases and fix, create or destroy anything with little effort. As to how to kill him. Easy, you just need to destroy the universe. The downside... well you probably died when you destroyed the universe. Also that might not have killed IRD of completly. So if you somehow survived the end of the universe. You would still ned to watch your back.


Kaz Aszh. Or as they are known now. They were split into two beings to better seal their power. This ironically made them harder to kill. Both entities that make up Kaz Aszh need to be decapitated with a magic silver weapon and then reduced to ash or less at around the same time. After that, their soul must be destroyed to completely as they killed their death god to ensure true immortality (my world has several death gods that collects souls of certain groups of people). A right bitch to kill


The Voxen emperor, at least in terms of political power. You're going to need to get through 2.2 trillion galaxies of superadvanced space empire just to reach his office, which itself is within an extremely heavily fortified megastructure in space capable of delivering planet-busting shells at FTL speeds at automatic rates of fire. Once you get to him, you need to get past his bodyguards. At bare minimum, said bodyguards can physically destroy whole star clusters using their magical abilities. The worst of them, a Voxen named Ribok, can be called in to lay down galaxy-busting abilities on you. And if you are going in for the emperor, he WILL be called in, and even with the cosmic distances from his monastery to the Emperor's throne, he will be there in ten minutes at the most. Fortunately, if you can get through all of that, the man himself will not remotely trouble you, as he can only destroy asteroids and small moons at most.


If you can get close, any reasonably sized object to the head would do. The Chairman of the State and Party is not in the greatest health, considering his recent sickness. The issue is that he is never alone and always surrounded by a cabal of National Advisory Council members or special legion bodyguards.


Portentia, queen of the hags. You'd have to find a way to interrupt the many deals she has struck with powerful entities over millennia, each deal she has made has given her a gift of power in one form or another and interrupting or breaking the terms of these deals would weaken her more and more until she was nothing more than a mortal woman.


Septym. He is more or less unkillable. There are a few people who could kill him without his agreement: his brother, one of the main characters (but only if we look at his potential power; he couldn't kill him with his current abilities), one of the side characters (he could just manipulate the future to win). And actually all of these are in some way connected to Septym - (obviously, one is his brother); both one of mc's and that one side character are his students.


The Witch Queen, easy. There's only two person who's even in the same realm as her, and even that guy has far less raw power than her, he's just really, really skilled. When it comes to killing her, you probably can't, because you're just one person, and it would take a lot more than just one person to actually kill her. It would take constant barrages of attacks, to wear her down enough to kill her with even the strongest of attacks.


You can't. There are no means currently available that can kill one of the Fundamental Gods, and the ones that did exist could never be used by normal people. Thankfully, the God of Destruction is a nice guy, so there'd be no reason to kill him.


The most powerful individual in my world is probably the creator god, Siris. For starters, you’d have to get to him. He rarely shows himself, even less so than the lesser gods. In fact, he’s only been to the actual world twice, once to create it, and the second to shatter the planets Pangea style continent into many islands and smaller continents due to the incompetence of lesser gods and mortals. When he isn’t there, he resides in the sun, Sirenum, which exudes the magic energy that he and all other creatures live off of. Should you make it to Sirenum and then survive the heat of the environment itself, he is said to keep guard with a group of star titans, made of the magical fabric of the star itself. Make it past them, and you’d be able to confront him yourself. Inside Sirenum you’d actually have no chance since the stars energy rejuvenates him. Long ago, he pulled physical pieces off of himself to mold into the less gods and was forced to retire to Sirenum to recuperate. Get him out of Sirenum and you have a tiny chance. From here, it would take magic on an ungodly proportion. Even all the magics of the lesser gods combined may not be enough. It would likely require a combination of raw magic power, deception, and a healthy dose of luck. Even then, it would be hard to actually kill him beyond just incapacitating him. Your best bet would be incapacitate him and then imprison him far from the light of day so that he can never regain his power via the sunlight.


The Extreme God Roddsic, also known as The Great Destroyer, is by far the most powerful being in the universe. Being the universal god of death, darkness and destruction he can't really be killed but he can, in a sense, "die" if he were to be bonded to an individual whose body was destroyed by Roddsic's own energy and then he chose to pass with them to the afterlife. After Roddsic is the Onryo who serves a more important role in the overall story so is the most powerful super relevant character. As a creation of Roddsic, made in his image, the being humanity calls the Onryo is exceedingly powerful by himself but when bonded to the right person his potential could be limitless. The limits to his durability and healing abilities are unknown but if his body were complete destroyed he would be killed, however if the will and emotion of the host is strong enough it could continuously bring the Onryo back from things powerful enough to destroy him. If the will were to be broken and certain powerful emotions were to take over then that would lead to a significantly less powerful and more killable Onryo. Other being of the highest power from the dark dimension and weapons forged from those being would be able to bypass the resurrection. Finally Roddsic himself can completely destroy the Onryo.


Oof... youll need some kind of army, or a couple centuries of practice haha


DEUS (God in latin) He is the person who created the universe, and basically a god. He can't be killed.


A gun unless they have armor in which maybe a few tank rounds at most


The most powerful person is Al a supercomputer AI who would need to be either A. have the major parts, or "core", of him destroyed while being hacked or to be capable of EMPing a universe and that includes the center of the sun. But if you had a lot of tech then it would be pretty easy if you assassinated him while he didn't expect it. The majority of his personality is currently locked away since he also runs large operations, such as hiding a universe and manipulating the inertia of the solar system so that solar flares don't hit anything and that it's not affected and doesn't affect other celestial bodies, that are mainly just normal computer as opposed to AI. If you could hack him at the same time as destroying the core than it would be theoretically possible to kill him. The longer answer is that Al's siblings can and would destroy you, the universe you are standing in, a couple around it for good measure, and possibly remake him from their memories or end the universe trying to time travel or succeed in stopping you. Then there's the whole philosophical debate of what makes a person and what it means to kill them.


Taking person broadly here Fantasy one: The Goddess of nature, because she is also the goddess of death, you'd have to convince her to die. Virtual one: Either the purple scientist or project soul, for both there isn't any special means, getting to attack them without dying before is the problem. Urban fantasy one: Either the eldest mage, to which you'd need to simultaneously kill in all planes at all times from his birth to the present. Or one of the fused abyssals, like Ra'm'adul The Famished, who are really just really strong and can take a lot of punishment (Ra'm'adul is the weakest but also the fastest)


**Flame Phantom**: You can go straight up and stab Giao Long with a kitchen knife into her heart. It counts as you "killed" her, just that she comes back immediately then shoots you with a 13mm armor-piercing bullet in the head.


*in the world*, we have Gangsta John. He's the second wizard to ever exist and has been studying magic for thousands of years, keeping himself youthful with magic he hasn't shared with the world. As for how to kill him... I'm not actually sure. He's a mortal, and can technically die by any fatal means, however, he is hard to get to and is shielded by his magic. The demon king resides outside of the planar system. He created all the gods, some by accident. The gods banished him from the planar system, but he's killing gods to get back in. Killing him wouldn't be possible. Not at all. Banishing him is the closest thing you could do.


The Khan Tanker, Death-1, Redstar, and General Supreme of The Fifty-Three Moon Empire, is currently in a self-imposed exile within the metal core of Planetos, the Star around which the moons orbit. In his prime, The Khan shook the earth with his footsteps, his voice reached tens of billions, his sword could decapitate a man standing a mile away. Nothing remained to stand against him, and it is believed that The Khan could not die. This was and might still be true. As of present day, only his own Death-1 Lunar Heritage has enough power to kill him.


the most powerul non-god person in my universe is The Dark Queen. She may be an eldritch abomination corrupted individual, but in the end she's still a biological lifeform, so a good hit to her center mass or head would kill her. The problem would be landing that hit, as she can project shields made of hard-light, and use arcane "sorcery" (hyper-advanced technology) to block attacks. A sneak attack using a form of undetectable cloaking would be the best way to kill her in realspace, however if you attacked her on her own turf (Transit Space), you would probably want to ram her with a starship just to be sure she's really dead.