Who are the well-intentioned extremists of your world?

Who are the well-intentioned extremists of your world?


I have a protosocialist peasant rebellion that recently was instrumental in fighting off the occupying force of a fascist empire of demon worshipping elves. The rebellion has a method for burning out someone's soul which makes that person useless to demons or as ritual sacrifice. They firmly believe that the people can only be free from oppression (be it from sorcerors, empires or the nobility) when everyone has given up their soul so that the demons who are the source of all magic lose interest in the world and move on to some other plane. The trouble is in order for this to work everyone has to participate and few are desperate or committed enough to consent to this process of their own free will.


How do you eliminate somebody's soul? And what happens to those who have their soul burned out, do they become immoral, empty shells or else?


I haven't worked out the mechanics of it yet but my take is that a mortal's soul is the thing that stores their life essence and gives them their conscience (basically the Buffy model). Souls of mortal are also required to fuel the most powerful magic which is why every faction has to be complicit in human (and other races') sacrifice in some form or another, although some are more ethical about it than others. So now you have a group of people who are basically turning themselves into psychopaths incapable of empathy or compassion and who think that doing so is the only thing that can break the cycle of suffering and exploitation that they have experienced for the last century or so.


Order of Angels and the Green-Cloaks. The Angels are mutated human knights, made by a human kingdom to be able to combat the "demons" (more like mutated aliens than actual demons) from a neighboring state. They are extremely egalitarian, almost proto-communist. They support class and gender equality (in a medieval society!), as long as you are human. They are extreme racists agains all demi-, and semi-human races. The Green-Cloaks are their non-mutated civilian paramilitary wing, made up of peasants and serfs. The nobility of their kingdom, who are entrenched in huge walled-off cities away from the chaotic country side plagued by bandits and monsters, rely on them to fight their enemies, but also fear them for their zealotry and egalitarian goals. Well, egalitarian as long as you are human. Genocide and slavery for all others. Oh and they ride on pterodactyls which is cool.


In my "post apocaliptic" story there are mages trying to re-create the "apocalypse", it wasn't really the end of the world (for a 1/3 of the population at least) it happened because of a magical cataclism, and during this event most of the world united and helped each other, even old enemies, and after that, the disappearance of many nations and death of many "people" ended up with war and increased discriminations with some groups, "people" that were born during the cataclism saw the world united to fight against a powerful enemy, so some of them are trying to create a "controlled" version of the cataclism, so they can unite the world again.


BEASTS OF BURDEN Catherine O'Hara is an extranormal individual with the ability to increase the insuline level in the bloodflow of others. She was never interested in the career of heroine, however, and after fullfilling her term as a Warden left the ERA to pursue a job as a full-time model - and became a super one. Everything changed when her ex-boyfriend threw acid at her, disfiguring her face. Something snapped inside of her and, after murdering her ex, she became the vigilante known as Sugar Babe, the terror of domestic abusers. If she catches word of an abuser, they're dead. She is basically a misandrist, but is quite sweet towards the women she rescues - although in a way that is not completely mentally sound. Her goals are noble, it has to be said, yet her methods tend to be extreme. Her modus operandi is to weaken the victim with her power and then cave in their skulls with a baseball bat, although her power in itself can be lethal if she wants to.


**Ciel-rasa** Oghavapul Vogulet wants to fulfill the deathwish of his entire species. He made a universe where antimagic can exist, lured everyone to the antimagic area, killed every single one of his kind, and caused the destruction of all other universes belonging to each individual demigod. Thankfully, some of the people living in the antimagic area convinced him not to kill himself, and the cosmos lived happily ever after.


**Heroes;** Freaking James. Dude literally wanted all evil to be rid of existence and didn't give a dang care about lives. He kidnapped 10 children and killed everyone else on Planet Nimagi in 5 minutes using nanobots and then drained the life out of the planet before leaving in his space ship because he deemed it corrupted. While he was partially right about the corruption, his actions were still wrong. This zombie dude. Ditched his family so he could work on his research which would lead to the secrets of Life Energy. Chose to continue his work, instead of getting his family to safety when a storm was approaching. He lost them all...


**Deletionists** Mostly an Earth thing, but you can find them elsewhere, deletionists basically believe that humanity is held hostage by its past, by the inherited bigotries, grudges and traditions of the past. Their proposed solution is an apocalyptic wiping of the slate clean, crashing all economies, destabilizing all governments and, most ambitiously, erasing all recorded knowledge - the source of the “deletionist” label. The events of the Great Dying on Earth fostered this sort of apocalyptic thinking as the only way to heal the Earth after losing 90% of all life. To this end, they’ve been at least partly successful, since historians still don’t entirely understand what the exact circumstances on Earth where which preceded the Beijing Impact and the start of the Great Dying. Deletionists zealously destroyed hard drives and deployed cyber weapons to eradicate as much knowledge as possible, believing that any knowledge of the truth would simply perpetuate the conflict that triggered the Great Dying. Deletionism has no central text, it’s always been highly decentralized, and it’s ebbed and flowed over the centuries, rising and falling in popularity among the dispossessed longing for a new world, for the promise of rebirth, although most ordinary people find them to be deranged beyond comprehension.


The Galaxy-Mind is an AI that currently rules over the entire universe. It’s programmed to be a good leader and to build a utopian society for all sentient species in the universe. There have been a few wars, and it had to literally obliterate a galaxy once to stop a huge rebellion, but it succeeded and everyone has access to everything they need to life for free. Food, water, whatever gasses you breathe, a place to live, etc… Tho luxuries still cost money, most people are genuinely happy.


The Entire Universe? That scale is absurd. Not a criticism btw lol, just holy hell thats big.


Yeah, but we are talking about a civilization that lives 125 billion years in the future, and it had over 50 billion years of evolution and development behind it. The technology they have is stupidly advanced and can basically be described as magic.


Thats cool. I like strange settings like that instead of just the standard sci-fi. Kind of reminds me of the Isaac Asimov story The Last Question.


Gale. Think Peacemaker from The Suicide Squad. His ideology and personality, but inside the body of a massive cyborg who’s flesh has been turned into constant multiplying nuclear matter that he releases in minor nuclear blasts


One of my Mc's starts as someone who is destined to destroy existence but fights against his innate nature he's an anti-villain in some ways does very questionable things for the greater good. Slowly turns more and more mad as his innate nature tries to exert more control over himself. Basic premise is are people born innately good or evil and can't help being one or the other or is it mainly about the choices we make


Order of the pale flame are an ordrer of knight who fight the remnant of the spellplague, a disease which destroyed magic as it was known 3 centuries ago. It infected every thing magical and either destroyed it or ar least changed it dramatically. After at least a century of total collapse of civilisation it receeded and now only one continent is still infected. The order of the paler flame is trying to contain it. But one of the missions it has taken is to avoid the 'old' spellplague to ever come back. On of the thing they have seen is that relics of the old world in contact with the spellplague remnant can reignite the old spellplague. So they have specialised secret agents set on destroying any relics of the old world. Meanwhile well the rest of the world is seeking these untouched relics since they can carry a magic far different to the mondain one and extremely usefull. For instance there is a flying city whose mean of flying is unknown but the order of the pale flame is suspecting old world magic and will bring the city down if they prove it, with its inhabitant still on it if necessary.


Whether either of these groups are actually well-intentioned is up for debate, but most of the people that work for them do genuinely believe that they’re doing the right thing, even if the higher-ups may have ulterior motives. Gold Lightning Agency There are things the public aren’t meant to know. Some things could drive you mad if you knew about them, or could be exploited to terrifying results. To ensure secrets stay that way, an agency was founded, known as the Gold Lighting Agency. Their main purpose is to protect humanity from magic, monsters and other weirdness — and if they can’t manage that, to cover up the damage. They are ruthless in their execution, and many who know of their existence dislike them for their hypocrisy (they employ powers that they themselves prevent anyone else from using) and their tendency to use violence to solve their problems. Their existence, and even the laws they enforce, are kept secret from the general public. Starlighters Some consider the starlighters to be heroes. Others condemn them as anarchists. Most are ignorant of their existence. They oppose the rigid order of the Gold Lightning Agency —- the organisation that keeps magic and the supernatural secret. Starlighters believe that all knowledge should be free, and fight for that belief. Of course, letting everyone practice dangerous rituals had its own problems, but the general consensus within the Starlighters is that they’ll cross that hurdle when they come to it. Despite being the underdogs in their secret war with the Agency, the Starlighters hold considerable power. They are the only people able to reliably predict where the moving city of Nomad will appear. There’s speculation on the different codes they may use to spread this message, but only the Starlighters know for sure. Their leaders are also influential figures. There are three —- their founder, Blaire, who is rumoured to be a fallen star; the enigmatic individual known only as C.B, a formidable fighter and one whose identity remains unknown, but is rumoured to be as powerful as the Agency’s Benefactors. With a combination of prowess in battle, foresight and sheer luck, all three of them have managed to evade capture by the Agency. Every day, the scales shift closer to being balanced. One day, they may be able to oppose the Agency directly. For now, they watch and plot, awaiting their chance.


Malrens: *"Everything I do, I do for myself. A true hero does not sacrifices himself for others, nor does he demand that they sacrifice themselves for him, for he is a source of inspiration... I've never admired or been inspired by someone who sacrificed themselves, who could envy such a life? No, the hero is the one who has the biggest dream, the biggest ambition, the one who seeks the best and greatest in everything, that's exactly why all those around him admire and envy him, for he is their guide, and deep in their hearts they long to be just like their hero."* Terens: *"Nobody knows how to live, nobody knows how to die. No matter who you are, no matter where you live, the darkness always burns inside your heart... For there to be victory, there must be defeat, for there to be peace, there must be war... This is the duality of existence... That is the real nature of this world, it is imperfect, it needs correction, and if I have to get my hands dirty with all the sins of the world to do that, I will gladly do it."*


For an old project of mine, Eraji, it was the antagonist of the story I was planning to write. His name was Mirias I think, and he was the king of the largest country. His goal was to conquer the whole continent, to unite it under one country; his.


Nina Macula, one of only a handful of survivors of a deadly fire set in a workers' dormitory structure in an attempt to intimidate and quash the brewing militancy within the Guild Compact. The arson, which killed over 500 people, had the opposite of its intended effect. It only helped to radicalize the Guilds further, and Nina Macula arose as the budding Guilder Revolution's leader. Her face, horribly disfigured by the fire, became a symbol of the Revolution as potent as the Honeysuckle Crown which its members would wear. It was Macula who argued for the hardest possible line against the artistocrats once the Guilders had triumphed and seized the city. It was she who ordered the entire royal family executed, including children and infants, and the execution or life imprisonment of anyone else of noble blood who didn't flee the city quickly enough. She is ruthless and practical, convinced as she already is of the historical inevitability of her cause. Indeed, her famous monograph, a cornerstone of Guilder revolutionary theory in the new Uncrowned Republic, bears the self-assured title "The Forseeable and Inescapable Fall of the the Magotian Hereditary Aristocracy".


In Nod, there is the one the animal-people call "Father", the Canaanite sorcerer called Nahum. He grew up in Nineveh as a slave and was something of a misanthrope as a result who believed that humans care only about wealth, until he escaped his bondage and fled with a nomadic tribe of Nephilim hunter-gatherers. Enamored with their apparent respect for each other and the world around them in spite of having no wealth incentive to do so, he realised that humans also were capable of such genuine and true kindness. He came to the conclusion that civilization itself, living as settled people who exploit the land and rivers and animals for their own benefit, was actively keeping the human race from reaching the happiness it truly craves. So he went to Elam, and through methods there that are still not entirely understood, he created a race of animal-people to destroy every city in all of Nod for its own sake. He was eventually stopped by the prophetess Yona during a bloody conflict in the middle of his hometown of Nineveh. Yona struck him down during the battle and she routed his armies were routed and pacified, though she had to sacrifice her own life to do so.


Well intentioned is debatable but Stern is definitely an extremist. He's a mage who believes (justifiably so tbh) that the shandari (non-mages) are a danger to the survival of mages as a whole. So he and other mages tried to create a plague that would only kill shandari while leaving mages intact. It failed after Stern killed the leader of the group to prevent her from taking power in the new age, and was shut down by a group of mages that eventually became the Council. After the invention of nukes he started planning to recreate the plague. Stern's end goal (if you believe him) is the creation of a mage-only society where the Conductors (crystals with the ability to channel the five Energies, the source of all magic on humans), would be available for everyone to get their power, like they were in the First Age, while now they are held by the major faction leaders who have no interest in sharing them, or even using them in most cases. That would lead to an age where they would essentially become gods, without the "deformed and completely insane" part that usually came with that amount of power in the past


Plot wise there are two main factions and a bunch of less relevant ones. The main two are the North American central government and the sea people. A falling out happened between them and a war took place stretching 23 years, and ended 30 years ago with a government takeover and the near 100% annihilation of the sea people. The region is currently controlled by the regional minister who is a retired naval commander from the war. Right near the end he suffered a defeat and his crew was pushed inland, and during the journey down the coast something happened which lead to his entire crew dying except him, and ever since then he’s held the belief that the region is unfit for human habitation. Throughout his run as minister he’s slowly been choking out the region and indirectly forcing people to leave, often leading to their deaths. The other extremist faction is what is left of said sea people. They were branded as pirates after the war and have been acting as such ever since to survive. Their goal is for their existence to be legalized and for their self-governance to be officially recognized, however though their goals are noble anger can get the best of people, they end up dealing with gangs and harmful groups, raid ships and villages, and end up threatening war against the regional government, though their sense gets knocked into them by a member of their group


The Disciples of Meshush believe that it's possible to spark conditions that would cause the gods to unmake the world and remake it into a better version. They think this could, perhaps, be done with the right assassination in the right place at the right time. They are not very well liked.


**The Ascendant** The Ascendant were a species of industrious aliens who one day discovered a powerful lifeform, known as a biomorph, hibernating within an asteroid. After a huge catastrophe and various political events following the biomorph's capture, the aliens eventually discovered a way to domesticate the lifeform and use it's abilities to evolve into a race of biologically superior beings: The Ascendant. Though, not all members of the this alien race were willing to take on ascension and so there was an expansive conquest in which the Ascendant proceeded to take over the planet, subjugation and absorbing all who resisted them. In the end, through forced compliance, the Ascendant created the world they sought, and having a mind to spread their influence, they set out to explore space. However, for some mysterious reason, they all disappeared, leaving behind a lone biomorph with no masters to serve.


Findir Hindmarr is a dreamer and is contacted by higher entities. They whisper him tidbits of fate, and he acts as an earthly agent for them. The problem is he places fate above his own friends and family. One day he became aware of a disastrous battle that would take place in the near future, but he believed that it had to happen for fate to continue flowing. And so, he let his best friend's partner ride to their own death on the battlefield, knowing it would happen. When said best friend eventually finds out Findir knew, he develops a deep hatred for him. So in the end, Findir only intended for fate and destiny to be carried on, but only ended up damaging those around him.


The Vacuum Front are a group of separatist militias that believe that deep space settlements should be free to govern themselves, away from planetary-based systems of government and power. The fundamental concept is pretty valid - space habitats and asteroid dwellings tend to have far different needs and problems than planetary settlements. However, the more radical factions of the Vacuum Front have committed some pretty heinous attacks against planetary settlements. As the war against the alien Despoilers kicks off in the 2340s, the Vacuum Front becomes even more of a well-intentioned bad guy faction. Although their cause is still pretty just, they're fighting for separatism at a time when humanity needs to be united in order to stand a chance at winning a war of extinction. Many, however, refuse to put common survival before their principles, due to the long history of warfare and hatred with the vast majority of humans, who live on planets.


We've got the hunters of the church. Their methods are questionable at times, their training as well, they are run by non-human beings to hunt non-human beings in many different worlds. They are a secret to society of any world. Our whole universe consists of many worlds connected via our main world Skoria through portals. The hunters come from an urban-fantasy variation of the real world. The whole Vatican is basically a big hunter HQ, the biggest there is, and every big church in the world is an underground hunter base where hunters check in regularly to get new missions. Hunters have their target and they have to eliminate their target, it doesn't matter if that target has family, friends, a loved one... it doesn't matter if a hunter is their loved one. Hunters are mostly indoctrinated of some sort to do their job not just well, but perfectly. They travel through different worlds to eliminate dangerous beings who are hiding in other worlds or who become too powerful/dangerous for the world they're living in. Their job mainly is to maintain the balance between worlds, and humans and non-humans. So while their reasons are good, their methods are mostly cruel and heartless.


This character is actually one of the main villains of my story, despite the fact that he has good intentions. Vespin is a Creoth who was killed after learning the dark truth that his people are being oppressed by the Wakaran government. However, thanks to the power of soul magic, his soul was able to live on in spirit form beyond death. After gaining newfound determination, Vespin spends years recruiting members to form the Order of Liberation, an underground extremist organization dedicated to bringing down the corrupt Wakaran government and other unjust hierarchies beyond that.


Cotrons are vengeful and ruthless in combat. They wander the Universe, seeking vengeance on those who wronged them. Their one only enemy are the Rhee, whom they will attack and kill without any warning. They will also terminate infected individuals since death is a favourable option when dealing with the Rhee Plague. They do this because they view the Rhee as the ultimate threat to the Universe, and they're right. The Rhee will not only convert/exterminate all living species, they're trying to stop entropy, which is insanely difficult and stupid. Humans are one of the Rhee's favourite hosts and they just started to explore other star systems, so Cotrons have to do whatever they deem necessary to stop the Rhee from advancing in their goal.


The Peoples Republic of the Galaxy, the PRG first came to earth on January 27 of 2348, they immediately took and safely disassembled all of earths nuclear weapons, with nothing to fight with the PRG told world leaders that if they didn't solve their conflicts of their split world and fractured politics then this solar system would be stricken from their record, travel to here would be illegal, and there would be no further contact for 200 cycles around their star and if ne nuclear weapons where to be developed they would be stolen and the fragment who made them would be "stricken from the future". by the year 2456 all of Europe, North America, and Australia where one and Africa and south America where one and Asia, from Russia to the middle east to japan where all one as well. unfortunately north Korea was "stricken from history" by 2548 the PRG came back to earth everyone was together as the united peoples of earth and then with some help form the PRG the sol system became a place where humans lived on every moon and planet, magic was being learned, and the universe was being explored.


The Order of The White Cross of The Papacy of Nicodemia and Florence on The River of Roark. A major religious sect within the Catholic church in Mildova, they are deep believers of removing sin from their cities. In Nicodemia they have made the city 80% self sufficient on foods and removed pollution. In Florence they banned the brothels and extinguished the gambling scene, removing greed and lust majorly, alcohol is banned in both cities except for involvement with church activities. The intentions of this group are so extreme that even Provincial governors and County Wards are watched like hawks when in their cities, several politicians of the empire have been arrested, tried, and hanged for sinful deeds. To which The Order has not been found out of line and collapsed for interfering with national authority.