What year is it in your universe?

What year is it in your universe?


It is the year 10,000, and the galaxy is cold and dark. The exacts behind the way this calendar works have been lost to time, no one really knows what signified the year 1.


What's the closest guess people have?


Some have postulated that it may have something to do with the founding of the Mettalicist Church, a religion that worships magi-tech, but that probably isn't true since they likely didn't create magi-tech until much later. Others believe, in a much more sinister theory, that the calendar began when the Arturians were the final remaining civilized species on the planet of Avalon Prime, as there is some evidence that previously there were multiple non-Arturian cultures from around this era, leading some scholars to believe that the ancient Arturians... *dealt with* them, if you know what I mean. Again, nobody really knows for sure, but that's probably the best guess they have.


It is the 41st Millennium. For over a hundred centuries...


***The Arm —*** **Folúp'** Are we talking right now? **Current date:** *Earth/Gregorian:* Thursday, 23^rd September AD 2021 (23/09/2021) *Folúpu:* anùlásolì, 10^th pos'kaniç 6250 pPM (10/06/6250) ------ As for the Folúpu calendar itself, it is 258 days long, split into 11 months: Month no. No. of days Season Month name Month translation ——————————————————————————————————————————— AUTUMN 01 Xiçadis 23 (Exodus) AUTUMN 02 Miniw’ritçánis 24 (Month of remembrance) AUT/WIN 03 Çaxànis 23 (Before frost) WINTER 04 Xununiç 24 (First frost) WINTER 05 Tinìbilun 23 (Dark month) SPRING 06 Pos’kaniç 24 (After frost) SPRING 07 Rínofiminì 23 (Month of Renewal, Rebirth) SPRING 08 Pilùfwman 24 (Morning rain) SUMMER 09 Kalìfaçì 23 (Warming) SUMMER 10 Mijis’tasi 24 (Middle of summer) SUMMER 11 Xilumin 23 (Eleventh month) SUM/AUT 00 Soli w’Çili Xanása* 1 (Day of the dozen years) *occurs when the year is divisible by 12 (but not by 288) As well as incorporating a six-day week: Day No. Day name Day Translation —————————————————————————————————————————— 01 Saçosolì Day of sowing [seeds] 02 Anùlásolì Day of the Rings 03 Trùsolì Third day 04 W’S’piransolì S’pirani’s day 05 Mísisolì Harvest day 06 Riliç’solì Day of rest Years in the Folúpu calendar are counted from before and after The Great Migration, using **yPM** and **pPM** respectively: yPM stands for **yuçáma [[pófki mañu]]**, which translates to "before Great Migration", while pPM stands for **pos'káma [[pófki mañu]]**, or "after Great Migration". I needed a particular event in my world to serve as a "year zero" for its calendar, and I figured The Great Migration was definitely significant enough, since it undoubtedly changed the planet's inhabitant's way of life. Up until that moment in history, the entire planet's population was just a number of tribes located on one small corner on the Eastern side of the supercontinent on Folúp'. Then, seemingly for no reason at all, they all simply left their homes to colonise the rest of the supercontinent, vowing never to return. Even to the present day, more than 6,000 years later, only recently have archeological digs been allowed (albeit very restrictive, those digging around have a close eye kept on them; the land there is still technically "sacred ground"). Records show that there didn't appear to be any need for the tribes to leave; their lives at that point were peaceful, fruitful.. no reason for them leaving was given. Of course, there is one major reason; but considering it's a major plot-point to a story I haven't published yet (I'm waiting until I finish the other albums in the series first), I'm keeping it to myself for the time being. You'll have to wait a few years to get the real reason.


What's the most significant archaeological find uncovered thus far?


Main story starts in 999 and goes on untill 1030


Why'd you choose 999?


The world has come a long way from the year 0, this is the climax of this time period, after this, the world modernises more than before, the year 999 would be equal to about 1900 in our time line*, i've specifically chose this time period as it would have the industrial and population capacity to fight the large scale wars i put in my books. *note; they never invented gunpower and steam engines


The current year is somewhere around 1600, and the “year 0” event was the apocalypse that took place in 2018 by our timeline. It was the reset of humanity.


Why 2018 in particular? Is that when you started writing it?




The year is technically 2324, almost 400 years after the rediscovery of magic and the first magic engines were created.


What's the most advanced form of a magic engine in that year?


The story starts in early Taen of the year 1011 From the Last Mistake of The Human Kind or just 2989 AD


2017-2022 for the current time but will soon advance to 2038 once I get to the next gen


In the first book, it's year 2332 of the 4th age. They do naturally have the same lenght of year as we, but it's also a multi-universe 'standard year' lenght (it just happend that when it was decided, the main world was one of the most popular worlds to visit).


I have several stories going for my world, but generally I’ve been using 870-900 as a starting point


Why those years in particular?


Well, basically up until a couple of decades before that point the major continent of my world was dominated entirely by one Empire for centuries, which only just shattered in 867. In addition to a rapidly shifting political dynamic, this shattering helping to trigger a Scientific Revolution, followed shortly thereafter by an Industrial one (that might seem counterintuitive, but there’s a reason for it). And I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with exploring that period


Somewhere in the 3000s


No specific date where the story is set? Do they know?


**Horror Shop**: c. 2022 A.D., slightly in the future from our own present day. See: [Next Sunday, A.D](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NextSundayAD).


The current year is 1200ish years after the very start of civilization, with the timeline ongoing


I have two main calendars, the first being the one used by a majority of humans in the west and is at year 1224 and it's year 1 (similar to the Georgian calendar there is no year 0) is when the first humans were banished to the continent of Ishu. The other calender is the one used by the Seven Cities and it is currently at year 318, and similarly their year 0 is when the Dovu (their species as whole) were banished to the continent of Ishu.


Eh, I reckon 900ish? Although it's technically an alternate Earth so using our years instead of theirs, it's like, lots.


Depends, but the standard for me is the year 1306 of the Cycle of the Fire, which is the year when the events of my third story The City of Ashes take place.


By Terran reckoning, it is 3500CE, or 990PE (Post-Exodus) or, if you want to go really traditional, 3501AD.


This differ by the nation/culture, but the most used calendar, the martinian calendar, is currently marking the year 350 of the Darfian/People era, for the west and central nurian nations, halhai and the east nurian nations are on the 10.570 of the post (or low) Kala'ani era. The "Darfian era" started with darfian victory over the lisian nations of the west, and the "post kala'ani era" started with the conquest of Fraddeskall by the Gazel army, the city was known as the "last bastion of the gani lisians".


832 happens in year 2241 of our time, in-universe, it's year 152.


The current years is 2033, but it's the second time its been 2033. The first time around the calendar is the same as it is in real life, then after Kaya becomes a god in 2033 she creates a new universe where humanity has no access to magic and can't ruin Earth a second time. Year zero is where she chose to place Humanity and gift them enough knowledge to progress to about the same pace technologically in this new reality.


So the new reality is identical to the old, aside from Kaya being the creator and gatekeeping magic from humans? Are there any other differences?


That's correct. Kaya fabricated a creation myth to obscure what happened on the previous iteration of Earth. Aside from history up until 2033 being different and there being no magic it's very much like the first Earth.


The year is 1400IE or Imperial Era, the imperial Calendar is based around the coronation of the first Emperor Augustus I.


The main part of my story starts in ~2085


Depends on who you ask, but according to the calendar most widely used the year is 1345 of the fifth cycle.


Depends on who you ask. Some say its the year 34 (years since the founding of the Graviyaki Empire). Some say its 12632 (years since the supposed founding of the universe) while others just use important events in their history to mark the year.


Currently, it is 397 IA, in the month of Arala. IA stands for _Imila Ali,_ which means "after departure." It counts from the time that the Nakо̄nan (meaning "Fire Tribe") abandoned the oppressive homeland of their ancestors and came over into the Nakiti islands, where they have lived ever since. I chose this time because it's the year and month that King Tākuila passed away. In fact, it happened on the New Year. The previous year was the eleventh Jubilee Year, and a Jubilee Feast was held only a week earlier. A Jubilee year happens once every 36 years.


737, in the 5th Eon of the Everking (737 5EE).


My world's calendar is fixated around an event known as the Witching War. The current setting takes place in 1557 years after the Witching War, as well as covering 20 years before that date.


**Permanence** To us, it would be the year 22,504 AD. However, for most official purposes throughout the galaxy, it's the year 20,000 GE, or Galactic Era. * Zero in the GE calendar is marked by the departure of the first human interstellar ships from the Solar System. * The ten thousand years before 0 GE is typically defined as the Pre-Galactic Era or Terran Era, which covers human history from the foundation of the first agrarian societies through the rise of industrial western civilization and interplanetary colonization of the Solar System. * Everything before *that* \- all the way to the birth of the universe \~14bya ago - is considered to be Galactic Antiquity, the temporal range of the Antecessors and countless other presapien races. * The GE dating system is popular for multiplanetary and purely spacebound dealings since its timescales are based on multiplications of seconds rather than the arbitrary orbital properties of a single planet. The BC/AD *year* system is also still popular throughout the galaxy, since Christianity is one of the few institutions that has survived the past twenty millennia of churning civilizational turnover. For smaller divisions of time, most open-air inhabited worlds use a custom system tailored to their own planet's orbit and spin.


By a quirk of how physics (and magic) in my universe works, Universal civilizations have set "Year 0" (0M) at about the same time our Gregorian calendar began - to be exact, the year 2139. That might not seem like "about the same time" to most people, but that's simply an accuracy error because they based the calendar off of what are called "record bursts" - strange pulses felt all throughout Afterspace that perfectly mimic the time system that us Humans used at the moment we all went extinct at that year. The present date is 4850M. In my world's calendar system, the letter "M" is used to refer to what is called an "Aeon", or one million years. So, translated into our Gregorian calendar, my world's present takes place in around 4,850,000,000 (4.85 billion) years AD.


Current year is Yuganil 124, which is about year 988 on the calender.


Depends on which story, but in a general view, it's on the future, ranging from 50 to 5000 years.


It is generally agreed that the year is 2132. Whether the date is AD or CE depends on where exactly one is, but just as was in the early 21st century humanity bases the date upon the approximate birthday of a certain man from Galilee. A number of other traditional calendars, such as the Hijri calendar, remain in use, but like today they are marginal on the international scale. Even in recent days, it was not always such. During the period of the Occupation, the Year Zero was reckoned from 'First Contact' - that is, March 23rd 2015, when the fleet of the alien Ascended appeared above earth and commenced their conquest of humanity. However, said dating system was overthrown, with the Ascended themselves, in the Liberation War - today, anyone adhering to it would find themselves at best in a mental hospital, more likely before a firing line.


It’s the year 56. But for us it would be like the year 3200 AD. The calendar reset after a total Solar Eclispe that left the world dark for a whole day.


It starts billions of years from now and goes on for another 12 000 years or so Reason: The humans are now dead and many other species are corrupted thus demanding for a savior


Currently in the Kingdom of New Amsterdam, it is the year 83 C.A., which is roughly equivalent to 2112 A.D.


My fantasy story has a 400 day calendar with 8 months, each being 50 days. A full day is 22 hours. It’s currently the year 216 of the 5th Era. The 5th Era began with the founding of the Elron Kingdom. My sci fi story takes place 85,000 years in the future but Humans in 2030 sent 10k people cryogenically frozen to another planet after Earth fell into a nuclear apocalypse. They arrived around 83,000 years so Humans have lived on this new planet for around 2,000 years. One of the planets in my sci fi world which is home to a prominent alien species has 180 day years with each day being around 27 hours. They are the main galactic species so their calendar is the main one.


Ir dependa, ending XXI century to XXII or more.


Probably about 11,000 (or 7,000 earth years, as years are 3/4 time as long) post creation, and the creation was maybe a 1000


In Argon, it’s always the current year, so AD 2021. In Celeenia, it’s the year 1547 AR (after Regnat), counting the years since the fall of the Phoedecian Empire.


Depends on which story High life trilogy and extend -1880-2100 And oddity takes place all through time mainly 2000s


5000-something; I haven't pinned it down that well yet. In-universe, scholars read through as many old chronicles as they could, worked their way back, and decided that was when Creation was. They're wrong, of course, but by how much is pretty much irrelevant. The Sixth Millennium was arbitrary for my part, but it felt right.


The current year is 3183 on our calendar (the exact day is October 30). 1,071 years after the Ascension which started in 2012 and lasted for a hundred years. They still used the same calendar but they don't keep track of the year the same way.


The year my story starts is 997 M:IX, aka 997 Ninth Millennium. It is believed that the world began 9000 years ago, hence the use of the millennium system.


Right now it's 971 on the Mára calendar or 2021 on the Gregorian calendar. The Mára calendar starts on September 1, 1096, the founding of Cobena, which is Congaval's second-largest city and former capital.


I was thinking 2070


*Agent ORION/Ryth'mic Verses* \- Everything here takes place on an alien world, but I still haven't really thought about. *Rainbow City Siren* \- 2067. I don't know why, but this just felt the most comfy for this setting. *Prism Academy* \- Mid 26th century. I needed a way to explain why certain things exist, so setting this, er... setting in the far future gives me *a lot* of wiggle room. Scientific breakthroughs (and atrocities!), discovery of magic, *several* major wars, the works. *Black Hearts* \- Trying to decide between near-future (10-20 years forward) and modern day. Once I figure out more details of the setting, I should have it.


It's currently 12018 GHE, specifically in the first month of the year, March. Confused? The idea is that the Gaian Holocene Equivalent is designed to synchronize with the Holocene calendar of contemporary society, allowing someone who died in March of 2018 to be resurrected in March of 12018 GHE, and someone who died in December of 9999 BCE to be resurrected in March of 1 GHE. As for the months being messed up... The year starts in March and ends in February. If someone died in January or February of 2000, they would be resurrected on the same month and the only difference is that the year would be counted as 11999 GHE until that March. This allows a bit of a compromise between the various cultures from across human history to not feel like some other culture got to define things like dates and times. As for the actual names and order of the months... March April May June Quintilis Sextilis September October November December January February Which means that the months named after numbers are arranged in the numerically correct order instead of two months late, and New Years feels right for both Western and Asian cultures. As for the rest of the world, it's not that First Nations or Africans or Aboriginals don't have a claim to having a calendar aspect come from their society, but that most native cultures didn't have names for months or any specific way of counting the days and hours. Clocks themselves are a mostly western invention, and calendars were started by the Chinese, Egyptian and Aztec cultures and adopted by most nearby cultures. Historically, other cultures didn't have much of a reason to track the seasons unless they were an agricultural civilization. That being said, aboriginal song lines recorded on analog or digital media are considered some of the most complete and detailed maps you can ever find.


In chapter 1 it is year 220 of the Republic 3365 years since the destruction of the Library, and roughly analogous to the year 1901 CE in real world time. The world is kind of a Weird West deal, but more Ambrose Bierce than Will Smith in tone. Low magic, and no super science, but a place thoroughly demon-haunted and conspiracy-ridden.


Mine is set in Earth year 2029


Late 24th/early 25th century. Haven't come up with exact dates yet. Timeline is as following: * Late 21st - first contact with alien ships, but no actual contact is established as ships belonging to another aliens appear above Earth, blast the firstmentioned ships, obliterate the wreckage (but don't bombard wreckage that fell near populated places) and leave. * For following one and a half century humans research the wreckage, reverse-engineer it and begin space exploration and expansion. Fearing for another violent aliens, massive resources are put in creation of orbital defenses and armed warships. Earth Union is formed. * Mid 23rd - humans stumble upon underdeveloped aliens, the *straga*, who are at local early 20th century stage. Despite trying to avoid intervention, the explorator vessel is noticed by straga astronomers and contact is established. Straga become human protectorate. * Mid 24th - another contact is made with Zarog Dominance, but they answer in violence - the explorator group is destroyed and, following escaping ships, zarog vessels attack closest planet, but get obliterated by orbital cannons. War has begun. * Two years later another contact is made with Ahron Empire, also warring with the zarog since their first contact as well. Humans and ahron ally and push the zarog back. * Half a decade later zarog capitulate and contact is made with the Galactic Union - a conglomerate of species. Apparently, zarog were warring with the GU for decades at this point and took ahron and humans for another members of the GU. * Earth League and Ahron Empire join the Galactic Union. However, none of the GU members have any knowledge for alien ships that warred above Earth in late 21st century. Hence, late 24th century.


1563 of the current era. My only indicator in the entire project was a discussion about wine (17 years aged), so my flailing through my notes to find that number was kinda funny.


Haha, hopefully it spurred some more consolidation! Why that year in particular?


The characters were talking about the year some particular wine was bottled (because it was a *very* good year for wine) and I threw a number against the wall. That number was 1546, and from there the dates of all other actions are known. Until then, the story took place in "the summer" but without a specific year.


It’s 126 ND, modern society collapsed in the 2040s, and between 500 and 1000 years after that a continental government formed and decided cause every nation has a different date to just start from scratch. Called it “new dawn” and 126 years later the story takes place




A different 2021, or our 2021?


Our 2021! The universe has shattered and a different world is beginning to leak through into ours, but it's still our 2021!


Uh, I'm not too sure. Probably somewhere from 2500-3000 AE (after Effusion). The Effusion was a cataclysmic event that completely changed the world by infusing it with magical energy; it is also the start of recorded history which is why people base their calendar on it. In fact, the Effusion didn't take place until a few million years after the world's creation, but people do not know this because no records survived the Effusion.


Time travel


What year was time travel made accessible?


Information not available. Records indicate it was a gift.


The calendar is built with the arrival of the Gods as year 1. The current year is around 400 With the Gods (WtG). I did this because it gives me plenty of time to establish the Gods as a part of the world. A few centuries of religion and culture built with and by the Gods ensure a strong identity to the overall setting and allows people to have a natural understanding of the world that they live in and gives the Gods a good understanding of the mortals that they are overseeing. A downside with this is that it is difficult for me to build medium strength magically infused beasts. Either I have super powerful, near immortal great beasts or I have normal animals with some magical/mystical abilities. There really isn't a middle ground.


The Year is the 1442 Fourth Age, dated to the founding of the Ogminium Empire, which collapsed in the 8th century. Each Age was begun by the arrival of a new Empire on the continent.


The fall of the (human section) worldwide empire is what people date the world to.


It is currently the year 5191. The Imperial Calendar is based on when the modern Empire was established--when the First Emperor united the Five Kingdoms into a unified government. The world is far, far older than this, though, but those records have been lost to time.


927 since Daganawidah, the great peacemaker, Arowsan, and Freydis the Seidewoman and mother of nations forged the peace between Norse of Kanataland and the people of the shores of the Storelva (Our timeline St Lawerence River), founding the Althing of Kanataland. This is the most powerful nation in Midgaard. Their closest trading partners, from another timeline, refer to this year as 2847 from the founding of Carthage. It should be noted that the Empire of the Romans, which was historically important but which is now confined to the City of Miklagard (Constantinople) and a few islands in the Aegean and the only place in the world where the historically important religion of Christianity is still practiced refers to the year as 2041. So do the primitive natives of the Alternate timeline the Kanatalanders are colonizing. My main character was born there on September 26th, 2015 in Rome, Georgia, United States of America (a state that has since ceased to function) but grew up in Kanataland since her abduction on December 30th, 2024.


In the Silent Abyss, the current Year is different on what year 1 is defined as. It is: February 16th, 2783 AD/CE (Anno Domini/Common Era) or February 16th, 12,783 HE (Human Era) or February 16th, 205 PC (Post-Collapse) or February 16th, 827 PE (Post-Exodus)


Main Story: Year 2315 on the planet of Adara of the Gamma System. Two decades after the Great Disarray, where dozens of contries collapsed. Though it's cause was unknown for years. Which lead a group an opportunity to reshape the world into it's own image. A kabal in the depths of a chaos ridden continent. With it's remaining resources, and will they managed to bring order. By lifting three vaste governments, the Republic of Sai, the Guibu Federation, and the Pendragon Empire to see which one would take it all. These three countries actually engaged in a small disbuet. Called the Battle of the Falcara Sea. Where Sai and Guibu were going to battle for Falcara, an island nation in the southern hemisphere to capture it. Fortunately, the Pendragon Navy was able to halt Sai's invasion and pressured Guibu into their waters ports. Pendragon shocked the world as emerging superpower on the worldstage. During this the emerging empire, tens thousands exiled themselves into the planet Anos, from the other side of the orbit of Adara. Many have gone by and the Nova Coalition was created. Now another player will enter, this time for the control of the Gamma System, and maybe in the future the Hamanic Galaxy.


My story is set to start 1134 of the second Era. No one knows what happened in the first era, since the annals got destroyed and no one knows how long it went. But I can tell you that the second era will probably not hit the 1200 years. Also by my calendar each year has only 255 days. Each year has 9 months (average length of 28.3 days iirc) and is determined by one of the two moons (with every full moon)


I generally consider the present to be around the year 1,000 The calendar is zeroed at the year the many worlds merged together in a nearly apocalyptic multiversal event. I chose this from some rough estimations of various things like population growth, estimated magitech development. And deemed that about a thousand years would be long enough for society to settle into the new normal, and the world before to not be forgotten, but relegated more to legend. That and also for the elves with their 500 year lifespan would not have anyone alive that had a firsthand account told to them from one who experienced the merger.


The year is 495 after the sealing of the Primordials by the gods and their chosen people, the mortal races. The reason I set it at that point is that I want the people in the setting to just have it on the edge of their collective memory. Long enough that some have forgotten it and assume it to be myth, but close enough that it hasn't been forgotten completely.


Fantasy World: it is currently the year 375 of the Fifth Arc. Time is divided into Arcs which each last around 1000-2000ish years. Arcs end after a period of great change, societal, cosmological or physical. For example the Fifth Arc started after the dragon Nurador swallowed the Moon of Ias and cause chaos to the mortals below Sci-Fi world: Time here is a bit difficult. Due to the way time operates in space keeping track of years is difficult. Among humans time is almost universal. Whenever the earth makes a full rotation around the sun, most human systems are notified and a new yeqr begins. Using this system it is currently the year 2489. However communication in space is difficult so some systems disregard this system and instead base the years of off that star systems orbit. For example in the Styx System approx 30Ly from Earth, they measure the years based on the capital planet of said system rotation around its star. And the calendar starts from when humans first came to the Styx system. So it's the year 199, and this is different from star to star.


Years take slightly longer as they are based on the Cycle regenerating it’s area rather than the sun. This means they are 400 days. It is currently about 3024. Year 0 is when the Cycle was allegedly created. There is no special significance of 3024 and if you think there is, the Union would be happy to persuade you otherwise. Please come to 047AA3D by 37-10-56521.


The year 673, the fourth era, counting the years since the third Cataclysm, or what is believed to be the third. Precisely how long it has been since the first is unknown, and so much knowledge has been lost over time. Each Cataclysm comes as a hard reset: the landscape shifts and tears, huge surges of energy, monsters and madness. Each era, a decimated population has to pick up the pieces, rebuild and calm the havoc that follows a global event that literally tears the ground itself. In 673 there are signs that indicate the next Cataclysm might be impending.


Around 1254ABU (After Battle of Uchronos)


**Project: Nightfall** The events of the main story, revolving around the Nightfall Crisis, happen about 853 After Return.


2028, but still somewhat similar to 2021 - don't expert to be seeing flying cars anywhere!


Roughly 200A.C. (After Corruption/Collapse, aka P.E. meaning 'Post Exodus'), total "modern" history ranges to somewhere 4000 years, rest is "ancient history", so the year in some communities is around 4200 while others may have even older calendars or switched to the modern restart (or both) depending on local cultural aspects. Ps, The years and days in this setting are longer then a standard earth day and year, with a day lasting 20 hours x 100 minutes x 50 seconds (instead of 24x60x60, a difference of about +3,78 earth hours) and a modern calendar year roughly 447 days (instead of 365, a difference of 82 days). Pps, Technology and society also haven't progressed the same as in our timeline, on average the populations are around the 1940s-1950's, in some aspects they are much more modern a 1960s-1970s yet in others a lot less developed and somwhere mid to early 19th century.


Its 2742 AS after a multi dimensional event where 2 worlds were merged together. A large part of the 2 vanished into another realm. The event was caused by mages who wanted to make portals to another realm. The number was a deliberate choice as it involves the zipcode where the game system is worked on xD


right now it's 2021 on earth, I miss 2012 tho


The Atlantic Desert is split between a few cultures, who're all working with different calendars. The Bunker systems of the United States still work with the pre-calamity calendar. According to their measurement the year is 2185. Similarily the Mars colony still works with earthbound calendars for reference. The year on the international Yongqì Mars colony is 4883 - according to the chinese calendar. However, the practical calendar on Mars is the Valoric calendar, in the year 48 AP (After Planetfall). The city of Volturno works with a calendar based on the gregorian calendar. Their version is called the "calendarium satanica". Volturno's religion, based on christianity, believes that the world has been made to be hell - a mirror world of the real Earth to which you can ascend. Their calendar measures as 119 years v.S. (vo sufferih [of suffering]). The Lyfmen are the other culture that created a calendar. The Lyfmen calendar is a mooncycle based calendar, with one year being tied to the most important measure of the community: the maturity of their crops. The maturity of "Sedum Biscay" is reached after around 700 days. 4 seasons being First Growth, First Sleep, Aftergrowth, Ripening. Of course they grow their crops in several maturity phases. The plants the community bases its year on is the "Aldhuet" set of planters, standing in the oldest "greenhouse" (A large hole in the ground with plexiglas over it) of the community. Their year is 42.


Time is actually difficult because it can vary between worlds and even between people. It is actually possible for powerful sorcerers to time travel by stepping out of a universe and stepping back in at an earlier point (this of course causes some minor-ish problems but I'll spare you all the details about timeline breeding). It is also possible to leave one world, live for several years in another, then return to the original world an instant after you originally left without needing powerful magic. The elves have the most robust calendar because they have synced most of the known multiverse via the Obervatory. Elven years are slightly out of sync with earth years, but 2021 would be about equal to 11479 OSY (Observatory Standard Year, beginning at the activation of the Observatory). This is only if you reckon by Observatory time, personal timelines don't sync well and it is possible to be born well after 1 PFA and yet be older than the Observatory itself if you double back on your own timeline from the Observatory's perspective.


9th Year of High Minister Poleon's reign.


It’s year 662 After Burn (660 AB). It’s common knowledge that the World Tree was planted at year 0 but it’s not as widely known that the former was used as a bonfire. I chose the number because it seemed like a reasonable amount of time for a civilisation to forget its history and be in the early stages if the industrial revolution (equivalent to around the late 1800s). I also wanted some fun things to happen in the year 666 because I thought it would be cool and edgy, and there’s a backstory that takes place in the year 640, and 4 is my favourite number.


1911 LE is approaching a WWI, and Year zero is when Archangel Michael incarnated as a Jesus like figure.


The post-apocalyptic future of 2005


It might sound bizzare,but in my universe, time does not exist. It is a combination of the middle ages, ancient times and pure folklore. People there don't know what year it is, and some just don't care. Besides, it is not important to my story.


The Arch-augures of my Piremon's Empire have set a date in the future that is prophesized to be the Great Recapitulation, from which they count back. When they first did this, the year was 'T-minus 617'. Today, it's 'T-minus 12', and people are getting nervous. The reason for the number 617 is known only to the Augures.


I'm very tempted to say a different number every time it comes up, just to piss off any fan I have.


It is currently Interstellar Standard Year (ISY) 2,0361 (the Docha language groups digits by 4). ISY starts counting from the Docha's first physical contact with another intelligent race, the Kuclan (the 'cl' is a click); the rate at which it counts up is based on the length of a year on the Docha homeworld, Mokanuun. inhabited planets have their own calendar, usually counting from the colony's founding.


By our standards, it's roughly 2040, give or take a few decades. In-world, it's A20AB, or "About 20 years After the Breaking." From most of the world's perspective, time was fucky for about 5 years following the Breaking, with some areas, such as the mutant-inhabited areas around the Shining Sea, having seemingly enough time to generate a culture of their own. Even to the mutants, though, it felt like those 5 years were only 5 years. Time got back on-track after those 5 years, so to minimize confusion people adopted the "AXAB" system.


18 A.S (After Sundering), still fresh from the Sundering Wars of Rocaster Falls.


the year is 1090 since the great cataclysm and the sinking of Old Nummenniroth, 740 years since the arrival of the great fleet in what is nowadays Pentaron and 110 years since the founding of the Serene Republic which one should I go from?


2054, the afterlife has been comfirmed to exist, and everyone is collectively freaking out




1000, but the world is set in the medievil era. The count started at the Invasion, when humans first landed on the First continent.


ALULIM 252339.


It depends on who you ask. By the reckoning of the Catholic Church, most of the events of my story take place between the 16th and 17th centuries AD, although exact dates may differ, since many still use the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian one. In fact, many Protestant nations have refused to adopt the Gregorian calendar specifically because of its ties to the Catholic Church. To Muslims, it is around the 8th and 9th centuries since the Hegira. Devils have their own way of counting the days, while fairies and sea-folk generally use lunar calendars (like Muslims) rather than solar ones (like Western Christians).


Well it's almost 1861 AR (After Reformation). In earth years it's like 198139 AD. The world is industrialising rapidly and many countries are caught in a web of international tension that if navigated incorrectly could send the world into a great war.


The main era of the story takes place in the 1980’s, but goes up to current day 2021. Their 2021 is drastically different than ours however. Mainly due to the difference in how things work in the universe, and the concept of Retrofuturism.


The current year is something like 546, when the Narrator recounts the story. But most of the action takes place between 511 and 524. You can think of the era as being similar to the early 19th Century, like the days of Napoleon.


It is year 501 of the colonization era


1.012.300 A.C (After Creation) There has been a whole time period of a million years where the only sapients left (humans) lived in neolithic conditions, in small farming villages that were frequently attacked by immortal, twisted monsters that emerged in a time before time.


The main plot starts in 2050, on the 100 year anniversary of the gods arriving on earth, which pisses off the crocodisapien population, and it becomes a whole thing


The year is 1397, many sentient races believe it to be closer to 499. In the first few centuries the beings that could shape the universe had a great war killing many races and forcing others to restart. They currently use a 10 month calendar as the seasons don't change, each month has 30 days. The oldest mortal alive is just over 200 years old. The calendar was created by an old warforged who's been around for over a thousand years, he was created by the Primordial beings to protect sentient life during the great war. The year was a combination of rolling a D20, D12, and D10.


My world is pure chaos and half the time people use calendars that are based off their own planet and don't bother translating numbers and the other half they just use the magic date calculator, referred to as galactic standard, which is 365 days and every four years No Day occurs. There is no year calculator though but most people just pick random events and use those except for those who have attended the Thieves School who use the last two digits of the Standard Clock which is currently at 98,786,458 AD which a minor religious sect, that doesn't believe in communicating with others as part of their nun/monk vows, keeps and shares. Whatever those numbers mean is usually pretty useful for accurately dating things.


**Cockaigne, kinda pronounced the way you're thinking** 2144 AD


Compared with human dates it would be the year 1995 and from then on 50 years in peace after the pollonexian trade wars. In the vulcanoid calender, the most popular in Khosoteos, its the year 108 in the 7th world era.


2006 AD i just like the aesthetic of the 2000s lol


It's currently the year 887 AC. The ear is figured before and after the Great Collapse, when the Northern half of Kystolni collapsed into the sea


**Flame Phantom**: 1923 AD, but in a different world. Just pick that number randomly.


2612 AD, it takes place within our universe but centuries in the future.


Even when ignoring the inconsistency between the ‘Present Day’ of each timeline, nobody can agree on the date, so the current year depends on your intergalactic timezone. That might sound strange and confusing, and in all honesty, it often is.


The year is 2122.


for earth it's the 2070s For the alien planet it's the 1970s, this calendar is based on the start of the "new world" basically it was a thing where countries opened up international trade, lots of monarchies fell, new governments risen and overall the old world order changed


39 665 growths. as seasons didn't exist on Taran, people counted time in how much time it took between planting and harvesting a Mukho, a type of potato-like vegetable rich in carbohydrates, which was (and still is) the most common food source. the length of this time period was standardised to 110 in world-days (one in world-day 30 earth hours) after technology that made space travel possible was invented


My main world is currently in 2005, I chose this randomly at some point and built my major things backwards from this time for simplicity sake on me.