What medium do you want your world's story to be told in?

What medium do you want your world's story to be told in?


carved as an epic poem in the stone of a grand lunar obelisk.


Now that is an idea!


Yeah no disrespect to any other world builders out there trying to make comics about elves or digitally published hard SF novels … but all of these will fade from the world as time marches onward and our current civilization crumbles into dust… all while this world story I have made stands undaunted and preserved for eons of time on the edifice of a grand stone obelisk on the moon ;)


*honestly though if I had to pick any world building story to inscribe in stone on a lunar obelisk, I’d pick N.K Jemisin’s Broken Earth Trilogy.


Haven’t read that yet. It’s on my list now!


Video game. The story is so closely tied to the medium that it won't work any other way


DnD Campaign Setting


Comics, though I've started entertaining the idea of a series of animatics


Seems like a weird question since I just figured people were putting their setting into their preferred medium. Anyways, making a game.


A book series, with additional smaller book series, and short stories collections. I would love some of it to be adapted into animated movies, or animated tv series.


I had gone through a couple before finally settling on one. At first I tried for a board game, then a visual novel, and now I’m creating a concept album and happy with that choice. It took a lot of thought, time, and problem solving to get there. The storytelling is coming much easier to me now and that’s how I know the medium feels right.


Comic for me. There is some information that would be better portrayed visually. Comic pages give someone time to study something they are interested in compared to animation that is always moving. For example if we should a blue print/layout of a vehicle. In a comic you can take your time and look at all it's part in animation you only have a few seconds to look at it.


Animation. Either computer or hand drawn, I’m okay with either one as long as it looks good.


It's not up to me to say! After all, there's no story. Let me specify. Sion provides you with the lore, race lists, a lot of finite details. Like a large world-bible. You, the player, decides what you want. Adapt the setting to your favorite tabletop. Use it for text RP. Draw a picture or make a song! Make a game in the theme of the world. I've given you the list, feel free to pluck out what you like and use it!


Comic for me, graphic novel style. I'm more of an artist than a writer so I think I'll be able to convey my story better. Though I don't know the best place to post graphic novel type comics online that lend well to long story format.


Animation and I've recently found "Blender".


Anime miniseries


Well, mine is more of an action drama type story that relies pretty strongly on setting, lots of moving things and such, so my preferred medium would honestly be an animated show, probably more like an anime than the traditional western cartoon. I would go for game of thrones style live action but really? That would need a goddam unlimited budget lmao between all the naval action, mechanical detail, crazy sets and the supernatural elements on top of that, so animation would be my go to, but comic it is cause im just one dude who’s trying to learn how to draw I could do the whole mixed media thing where parts are written, parts are comic, and some action is animated


Anime given that’s how I visualize all of my stories, plus the action involved requires that style of animation


It would be cool to create 3-4 comic books on my own (learning how to draw) than have different teams & artists make characters that fit my finite universe. A modern point and click adventure game would be pretty cool too, but I would need a story that'll fit that game style. That being said I'm pretty bad when it comes to actual stories vs just world building for the fun of it.


Either comic book or animation. I'm very torn between the two, I'd like to see my characters actually move and I have voice actors in mind for them, but I feel like with a comic I'd have more freedom to do what I want. Especially if it's indie, I don't mind making some changes but I still want it how I envisioned.


For me it’s either a comic (traditional or webtoon) If it has any semblance of success I would love to reinvest in it, have a 5 minute animated trailer made and pitch it be animated. With the backing of an already established fan base I believe it’ll be well worth going for.


Yeah that sounds like a smart move. One issue I have though is how much control would I have to give up for a company willing to animate it, what kinda changes would I have to make? Some things like characters I'm set in stone on and don't want to change for the sake of following trends o something like that.


Written texts as that lets your imagination run free, but besides that i like 2d art in general and i'd also love to see comics and 3d animations of sorts, be it cgi or hand drawn. Alas i am not very artistically inclined imho, so simple images (besides the odd dedicated commission here and there) and written text is what it shall be. Once there is enough material to work with a game (be it open world exploration or an FPS) would be neat, though that's a pipedream at best.


I'd love live action, but the cgi budget would have to be through the roof.


ALL of them if possible. Not even being vague here, I've got specific ideas for a whole bunch of different media.


Comics, but since I can’t draw it’ll be books first, I’d eventually like it to be a video game too


For comics you can do up a page by page layout and hand it to a proper artist to draw for you. I think there's a term for this but I can't remember.


Yeah there is, it’s called expensive.




Good luck!


Manga preferably because I like how they convey a lot with just different shades of black but I have scenes where some characters break into song and dance and so I’d have to provide sheet music or something if I wanted to properly convey that aspect


I'm in the process of making a world that is both a novel setting and a D&D campaign setting. I'd like to publish origin stories on some of the NPCs too, perhaps comics but I'm not sure that I'd want anything animated. Not until I write a novel, at least.


Either literature, as live action television, or as an anime.


I'm currently telling the stories through concept albums, a-là *Coheed & Cambria* / *Ayreon*. I've done three so far, and am currently working on the fourth.


Spoken orally to friends while they roll dodecahedrons and talk about how a fictional character does a cool fictional thing.


Well, I’m writing them as books but…yeah like most authors (I assume) I’d like to see it adapted to FB or film. I even have some actors picked out! But I’m sure that’s most authors’ dream.


A show, still conflicted wether Animation or Live Action.