Okay so imagine Tatooine but it’s not a copy because I have magic crystals


like the ones you put in lightsabers? *NEAT*


Excuse me, they're rayswords!


Lmao perfect


Legally distinct enough!


So more *Dune* vibes, then? Desert planet with a supernatural resource?


More like regular planet that takes place in the alien ruins of a desert-like crater


The Brimstone Crowns Late Napoleonic Era with interplanetary travel. A world full of volatile imperialistic powers where science, ritualistic magic and lovecraftian mysteries collide.


...Go on


Thank you! Since I was a child I used to always ask "if wizards can teleport to other regions why don't to other planets? What about the moon?" So as I began to make my world I wanted to implement this idea. There are ancient magical portals that can teleport people and objects to other planets. In the past (the medieval equivalent of my world) they were thought to be other realms or dimensions, but now people know that they are indeed other planets. Or celestial bodies as they call them. Although the existence of portals nullifies the need of space ships, some planets are not breathable, so Void Armours (space suits made with an extremely resistant metal and certain enchantments) are important. Colonies and small cities are starting to rise across space slowly, mostly because life hasn't stopped on the original planet. I mostly worldbuild for a book and there are scenes where a king travels to an alchemical laboratory on other planet in order to learn how to summon the ghosts that will teach him how to control a magical fire hammer made by a deceased dragon god. And a rival sniper is hiding nearby. All of this with the Napoleonic aesthetic.


Any idea when this book will be released? It sounds really interesting.


what does Neapolitan Ice cream have to do with space travel?


“He who controls the production of Neapolitan Ice cream, controls the universe!"


You've piqued my interest.


Thank you very very much!!! It's still a work in progress and with some creative problems that causing me headaches from time to time, but I enjoy it a lot.


**Darkbreed** Lovecraft and scp meets dredd/cyberpunk. Earth outside of cities is a series of abstract Lovecraftian hellscapes due to the influence of creatures called demons.


Interesting confluence of genres. Presumably the cities are defended from the Lovecraftian horrors using cyberpunk/Dredd-style technologies?


Only for the Darkbreed: Which are creatures, wildlife, items, and other things corrupted by the influence of demons. Most of the time they can be felled with conventional weaponry. And by conventional weaponry, I mean most cities have an artillery defense system that engages them miles before they come close to the city. There are also machine-gun nests, and outposts that exist specifically to exterminate any wandering monsters. Demons are more Lovecraftian. They come from a giant blob in space that hovers over the Darkside of earth. They will kill, mutate, deform, or otherwise harm anyone or anything that enters a dark area. They're immune to weaponry and can't even be seen by normal people. The only thing that can damage them (minus angels) is sunlight and it's only strong enough to agitate them(which is why they haven't consumed the planet.) The most you can do (because they cover every inch of the planet) is blind them with artificial light; If the room you're in is bright they won't notice you're there. So most cities are just bathed in light. Think of it like Minecraft light-level rules. Diffrent tiers of demons will recognize your presence at different levels of light. Stronger demons will remain aware of your presence even after you've left the room. An imp won't recognize you for minutes. Devils are essentially hounds of tindalos. If you enter a room and it happens to be within a few blocks of the area they're in it will not only make a b-line to your location but it will follow you until it has an opportunity to snatch you. Fun fact: Blankets can be used as a murder weapon. Edit: Fixed a typo. **(minus angels)** was moved between *them* and *is*


If blanket can kill someone (I assume due to the darkness beneath it, which attracts demons), why demon won't be able to see inside of a human? Like liver or kidneys? They are in the dark.


It's not the same thing. When you enter a dark room you enter a sort of in-between space that allows them to see you. This quote on quote "space" exists not as a natural product of darkness but due to their presence in the area and them bringing their quote on quote "world" into real space. Since demons do not exist inside of humans they naturally wouldn't be able to see inside of them. This also means if you entered a dark room with no demons in it at all nothing would happen. The issue is almost every 10 or so square feet on the planet has demons on it. And Greater demons can create spheres of influence that span miles With the exception of daytime and areas cleansed by angel magic, there is always a demon within a couple of steps from you. Or a greater demon ready to snipe you from a mile or two away. They cover the planet's surface like an invisible blanket waiting to consume and corrupt anything and anyone ignorant of their existence. To make things worse the "Black mass" the group of demons that hovers over the darkside of the planet and blocks out all stars in the sky is one of many. Think of it like a horrifying extra-dimensional colonial organism. I hope that made everything clear. Slight edit: When I said greater demons can create spheres of influence the blanket analogy is still relevant. I'll likely create a diagram to clarify what I meant.


Phantastique * High fantasy set in the late Renaissance with a more humorous tone. Majestique * Like Phantastique BUT IN SPACE. Sigils * The bizarre adventures of oddly-dressed superpowered criminals. Bombastique * Like Phantastique but set in the future as seen by people in the late 19th/early 20th century.


If you made a soap opera, would it be called Melodramatique?




>Phantastique > >* High fantasy set in the late Renaissance with a more humorous tone. Interesting. Set in our world's Renaissance with fantasy added or in a fantasy world that's going through its own Renaissance?


It's own Renaissance, I suppose. There are muskets aplenty but armor and archery are still relevant.


And where does the fantasy come in? Or is it more low fantasy?


There are wacky wizards and monsters afoot and a primordial creator deity asleep deep beneath the surface.


Sometime in the 23rd century it was decided that all lift buttons must ping at 440Hz. Thus, my world's elevator pitch is the A above middle C.


Haha nice one take my poor man's award🏅


Mid-high fantasy world where the "Gods" are just powerful beings and walk freely among mortals. Also Orc Monks


Are mortals aware the gods are walking among them? Do they still worship them or merely treat them as you would a non-god powerful being?


The mortals are definitely aware. Being a god is not common, but it's definitely easy enough to seek them out. Minor ones can be found in certain King's Courts and Cities or leading Guilds or mercenary companies. Major ones basically do all this, but actually fulfill the role of Gods like the God of Fate and God of Death (weaving fate and taking care of souls, respectively). Some are worshipped, depending on what they do. The God of Peace is worshipped by many, and he actively helps as many as he can, and the God of Fire is worshipped by a religious order of Paladins.


I'd love to see one of your players declare their character an atheist.


Imagine a world where Space Travel is thousands of years ahead, with FTL drives and galactic empires, but most aspects of human society (Culture, Politics, slang, and most technology) are stuck in the modern day 21st century. Set phasers to yeet.


Robots who believe in God, and a protagonist who is sad that she can't die like the animals do.


Ooooooo, I like the sound of this.


So a robotic protagonist? Interesting.


They're all robots! By the time the story begins, the time of humanity is so long past that it's just one of many forgotten ages. Despite this, there are recognizably 'human' aspects to their culture - though it's still shaped by their unique physiology and life cycle. They're effectively the inheritors of earth, and are both "like us" and "not like us", in equally important ways.


I like it! Not a lot of worlds are willing to completely forego humans as we know them today. Brings up some interesting philosophical questions too. It's actually an idea I'm considering exploring with a rework of one of my old worlds - how far can you go from human before you're no longer human?


Traditional high fantasy DnD but... - There is a barrier preventing mortals from traveling outside the Inner Planes. - Anyone who is resurrected loses all memories of the afterlife so the afterlife is very much a mystery - Gods, angels, demons, etc. cannot pass the barrier into the mortal world unless summoned by mortal magic; HOWEVER; once summoned, they are stuck here until killed. - Mortal faith can and does create Deities from nothing but true deities do not require Belief to sustain them. Without followers, these created deities lose their godly powers. IRL Im very religious and I've always had a love for mythologies, both existing and extinct, so my world is heavy with deity lore.


Love this, will you also be exploring those being resurrected remembering their previous life before death, if so could is there possible conflict between being born as a human the first life and then resurrecting as another being outside the Inner Planes or the reverse?


Thus far, ive only had one player explore that aspect of my world. He died as a human, made a deal, and rose as a tiefling, sans all memories. Mortal memories from your first life can come back but no necessary guarantee on that. I use this as a soft lock on constant resurrections. Death still has teeth in my world lol


In 1956 people started getting super powers, magic is a real thing again, and every mythology and religious sect throughout time is the result of different civilizations fighting off the invasion of extra-dimensional beings and then forgetting it happened. Also the Illuminati.


Cassettepunk sci-fi future Cold War with fantasy elements. Complete with Soviet/American proxy wars and ideological strife, now with alien civilizations added to the mix!


The misadventures of 2 ex-gods who are avoiding all the problems created by their "retirement".


I'd read a 5 to 10 book series on this subject lol


It's set in a universe where every divine beings knows why they exist or at least has a full understanding of what the nature of their divinity is. Among the ranks of these divine beings we have Arc an Astrae, 2 who were seemingly born without a purpose. Tired of the disrespect that Astrae has been getting, Arc cons her into abandoning their divinity and go to a a different universe (our universe) that he overhead his prisoners talking about. After they left, the gods immediately discovered a problem, Arc and Astrae were actually responsible for balance 😂. By the time the 2 runaways return, their universe has drastically changed and they're no longer gods. Now they're up against religious zealots/fanatics, angry escapee prisoners, demons who've been conned andddd a league of genius nutjobs trying to restart the Chaos Era. Arc's the Grenade and Astrae is the safety pin.


So would this be a divine comedy? (I'll show myself out)


Badum psst. *Roll credits*


The USA is the underdog among the 5 superpowers.


I'm sure they're thrilled about that. How did they end up in that situation? Did they de-nuke themselves or did the other powers just get stronger by comparison?


The others are just stronger. Like how it used to be the underdog in the early 20th century.


And the 5 superpowers are?


Ranking via their total military power. 1. The United Empire. 2. Empire of Albion. 3. Great Novgoroussiyan Empire. 4. Empire of Valholl. 5. United States of Columbia. The UE can, theoretically, solo the rest. ***Theoretically***, because if it actually fights, its economy will collapse harder than the USSR. You don't solo the world, that's the first rule.


Nice and interesting


> Tarran The fantasy setting with everything including the kitchen sink. (Note to self: don't ever try making an elevator pitch when the defining feature of your world is the sheer diversity between countries). > Parallels The urban fantasy world where spirits take a long journey to give their human the superpower they've always presumably wanted. > Art if Flowing Earth The steampunk/ high fantasy setting with motorcycle cavalry, tar trebuchets, and a handstand magic system.


Okay okay, so you know Adventure Time and Hollow Knight? That, but add in a shit ton of Schizo Tech and maybe a couple of furries, boyo.


Magic was split from the planet by dueling gods and became the moon, this caused a giant mana beam to shoot from the moon and force the magic back into the planet creating abominations from pure magic.


Did the Mana Beam happen once or is it a recurring thing? If so, how long between bursts?


It’s a constant beam, imagine the moon as a sort of magical generator. The moon is in a geostationary orbit so the beam is only in one spot but magic flows through the earth to different parts of the world


Earth is gone everyone panic we remake the Roman Empire in space and there’s dog boys and girls.


Ok, curiosity piqued - I have to know a little more about what space, Romans, and anthro dogs looks like.


Well it’s… space (real creative me) humanity branched out and has touched the stars even settling on other planets. We even found alien life! But none it sentient. Anyway Earth was the heart of humanity until it disappeared one day and took with it every human in the solar system. It led to a breakdown of law and order and to make 200 years short humanity reformed into the Human Empire to control their vast territory. There’s a senate a legion and auxiliary system and a very much pro Mars and Moon over everyone else motif. Rebellions are also fairly common on the outer regions too. Only difference is they do have a solid enemy that Rome never really had a rival empire the 13 colony alliance. The dog people are a result of the pseudo alien craze the idea being if we can’t find intelligent life we’ll make it our selves! And then some people decided to weaponize them the dog people called Wolkarians were probably apart of this craze and designed to be shock troops or cannon fodder since they literally can’t feel fear breed quickly and aren’t the smartest but not dumb either complex problem solving is just difficult and they tend to hyper focus on stuff they like.


Fabulous supermen fight epic fantasy battles on clockpunk starships inside a living dyson sphere


Magical girls but they’re robots, protecting a cyberpunk-ish city from dastardly humans. Non-human organics also exist, but they can’t magic because they don’t have souls.


Are the magical girls created by humans to defeat this dastardly faction of humans, then? Or are they a product of something else entirely and the only humans are the ones attacking the city? And what form(s) do the organics take?


I’ll answer what I can before I go to bed, lol. And I’m super early in development for all this stuff, so I hope it’s at least somewhat coherent. Humans are mortal vessels for souls, something that is at best the relic of a bygone era, and at worst a fundamentally dangerous existence for them and those around them. One that bears a soul (henceforth called a vessel) can potentially manipulate/be manipulated by a force called the Shatter (ie. magic). The trouble with humans relates to a drastic increase in Shatter activity that began near the end of their era (not a coincidence). Humans who shattered lost their minds when granted the power to alter reality, and became a menace to everyone around them. The most powerful of the shattered humans were Shapers, and when two of these awoke and cooperated, they took measures to prevent their godlike powers from ever being seriously challenged. Cut to 1000 years after the shapers selflessly tried to make the world perfect and wonderful (in their words), humans have not let themselves be completely extinguished. In most of the world, however, the shapers’ whims are law. Souls are removed from intruders upon the World Domain, leaving them conveniently without memory of their old lives and unable to resist the shapers in any way. These souls are relocated into automata that were the designs of the shapers, and who will not turn on their masters. See afore-mentioned magical girls. That leaves the husks, those with their souls removed (as well as their descendants). They have been modified to their gods’ liking, and carry a great many forms today. The most prevalent of these are the shades, living shadows with white voids for faces. The shapers gradually sprinkled in variety in the form of demons, dryads, elementals, and whatever else I…er, I mean the shapers, decide to add. So that leaves the setting of focus, a megalopolis that is (for now) called New Xanadu. Humans stray from their own territory at times, and yet this city has seen a disproportionate rise in these intruders in particular. Usually prolonged exposure to the latent magics of the World Domain leads these lost souls to shatter relatively quickly, leaving it up to our heroes to keep the peace. I probably left you with a lot more questions but I’ve gotta get to bed. Thanks for asking about my setting, I definitely need to describe it to more people if I ever want to make sense of it myself. Edit: this was way longer than I thought it would be, whoops


Hamlet, in space, with giant robots. Throw in some Macbeth for flavor.


I have a couple but the one I have most developed goes like : A society living inside their computer network within a nomadic Dyson swarm is on the run through the universe from a genocidal civilization


A very novel idea indeed! So it's almost like a benevolent version of the Matrix, but hosted on a spaceborne swarm? That's actually really cool as a concept, i love it.


Yeah it's basically good space matrix, but the digital world is mostly backdrop(people tend to live relatively normal lives with normal problems), the cool stuff happens irl with EVA mechsuits fighting off the enemy's scouts and the brief exploration of the hosting star sistem while gathering resources for the next leg of their endless pilgrimage


Ooh I really like the sound of that, awesome idea man!


human go space find no alien


Imagine the DC Universe, but with the scifi of Warhammer and the monsters of Lovecraft.


So, imagine a video game isekai, but instead of a gritty mmorpg, it's a cartoonish Mario Kart double dash based racer.


Dieselpunk on floating islands with sky trains.


The Chronicles of Gaea A Post-Apocalyptic, Interwar Era world with no magic but is filled with fantastical elements from fairies and dragons to Lovecraftian horrors. *My friends description: If Frostpunk, Dieselpunk, and D&D had a baby.*


Space Balls....IN SPAAAAACE!!!1!


So imagine the plot as that part of Re:zero with the witches cult but bigger in scale but also focused on a small group of people.


Think of Fallout in space with the politics of ASOIAF


Tafon: Imagine konosuba but sillier and hornier Vrone: Imagine persona 5 but hornier and everyone is some degree of horrible Uran: it's an urban fantasy but everyone is crazy op, super weird, kinda horrible and some level of horrifying


A planet populated by mythical creatures, and an ancient astronaut aims to..."renovate" it


Imagine every cliché fantasy world ever, medieval vibe and all that, but insert: stones that seal people away forever, a deceased god, his angry pet that's screwing the planet over, and a decreasing interest in magic due to that very pet. There you have it: Istenek Földje in a nutshell.


During the second era of humanity's expansion into space, lovecraftian horrors start to take notice. Also, easy to use FTL doesn't exist, and technological progress is starting to stagnate.


Ah, potentially like a very early Warhammer 40K universe, then?


FTL technology does exist, and is used, but it's not too good. The engine and systems required to even achieve above 1c require ships the size of a city. Even then, the ships can only achieve something like 1.1c - 1.3c (110% - 130% speed of light), so that means it still takes years to travel to the nearest star. Additionally, cryo-freezing technology to just freeze people during the trip doesn't exist, so entire societies form on these massive ships that travel between stars, and there aren't a lot of these ships in existence. Also, humanity doesn't have any way to transmit information faster than light. So every star system is effectively isolated from each other, except for these said ships, or waiting years for signals. Lastly, humanity has colonies in a small handful of nearby star systems and they are, for the moment, vassals of corporations or governments from Earth. The lovecraftian horrors aren't really the demon variety like in 40K, but more like things that exist and operate by different rules than we do. Also, not all are hostile, some are indifferent but still cause us issues just by proximity. Additionally, humanity hasn't encountered any other alien species/empire, at least not in a way that we can recognize and interact with properly. I have more details that I can go on about, but I'll stop here. My goal with this was to create an "early ages" in the sci-fi space genre since a lot of settings either have humans be confined to Earth, or be a galaxy spanning empire. I also wanted to incorporate the real world limitations and effects of the speed of light and to see how this would affect the world building.


World War One but with undead German city states vs the French Empire ruled by a sun god


Generic fantasy world but with cowboy orcs


Near future world with barren rock planes that contain magic rocks Also genetic modification & space


The Dawn Series LOTR level fantasy taking place a few thousand years after a sci-fi society collapsed. Gods literally tore the world apart, stitched it back together and then left, leaving humanoids and spirits to sort themselves out


God reading all these wonderful ideas makes me insecure about mine but I guess, what the hell (remember it’s elevator pitch so I tried to keep it short and vague); World post-god (high ren tech level-ish) where humans and a couple of their anthro (dog people mostly) cohabitors have imprisoned an earth goddess in a pit of tartarus-ish thing and banished the others to isolated areas of the world. Magic is rare but extremely powerful to those who can wield it without dying or being turned into monsters. Rogue gods create demon monsters which stalk the land. Dog people and humans in constant states of horrible brutal war with humans slowly pushing dog people into a corner where it becomes assimilate or die. All the while a cult conspires to bring back the earth goddess to start ragnarok and purify the world of sapient life. Trying to be careful to not go on a tangent lol


Sometimes if I think I'm going on a tangent but like the idea, I make it a mini story in my overall story. Either it's a legend, or a story a main character is reading, or a narrative that one of the main groups is trying to push


**After Exodus:** High fantasy, post-apocalyptical world, where the apocalypse was magically enhanced climate change.


An interstellar empire has fallen to fledgling independence movements which now maintain a network of slipstream gateways to foster commerce. Each gateway is administrated by a council of three nations. What role will you play for nation? Explorer, Privateer, Space Force, Merchant, Colonists?


Kaiju Tamers: A beautiful world where mankind has learned to coexist with all manner of great and terrible elemental monsters, after once nearly wiping each other out in a millenia-old war. It's your job to help keep that peace.


Take the concept of steampunk, picture airships, floating islands and gorgeous sunsets, infuse it with 1900s vibes, sprinkle in some governmental corruption, add a dash of postapocalyptic worlds and you pretty much have *Skywards South* in a nutshell.


What if we took the planets you imagined wile playing in the woods when you where 10, and made them GOOD.


**Horror Shop** Remember all those stories you heard growing up? You know, the ones you told around campfires, or breathlessly whispered to your friends at recess. The ones you were convinced were true for all of 15 minutes before the next big thing caught your attention. Those stories about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Or about the Bermuda Triangle and alien abductions. Of the weird old lady who has magical powers, and the strange lights in the woods. Of that haunted house just outside of town, that one place with the dark history no adult ever wanted to talk about. Of the things lurking outside your window, in your closet, or under your bed. What if I told you it was all true? And you know it too. Or at least you did until you convinced yourself that it wasn't real. That those lights that you saw in the woods were just swamp gas. That the ghost in the window was just a trick of your imagination. That the creaking out in the hallway is just the sound of the house settling. It's not just your imagination. Everything that you thought you knew is wrong. Every myth, every ghost story, every folk tale, urban legend, and conspiracy theory that you grew up with. It's all horribly, wonderfully true. This is a story of the world that lies in the shadows. It's a story of the magic, myths and monsters who live alongside us, unseen by our sleeping eyes. This is a story of the real world.


For Stars are Silent: Ever wanted to see rats in space, and humans aren't human anymore? For the Elias Love Mythos: I'm taking Lovecraft's concepts, making them better, not racist, and all of the main characters are bisexual.


I'm interested in the "humans aren't human" aspect of the first one; it's an idea I'm considering regearing my old sci-fi world to explore. Mind telling me a bit more about that?


They've been genetically fucked with so much some folks might not consider em human. Animal features, some have bioluminescence, hell, some don't even reproduce with sex. One clade (Copies) are born by cloning exclusively, and Echoes are born through artificial insemination. Both clades are restricted to be AMAB and AFAB respectively, due to the fact their companies didn't want unauthorized children being born.


Is there a reason they're produced with such features? Is it a novelty thing commissioned by full humans, or something like that?


Mainly novelty, something to lure in potential business partners and the like.


Stuff that’s not supposed to exist started leaking into the universe, and now everything is super fucking weird.


The Vitrusian Multiverse High Medieval Fantasy with a splash of Steampunk.


Ah, fairly close to my own current project then. Are there any particularly original/unique aspects to it or is it played as fairly straight steampunk fantasy?


Well it isn't full steampunk. There are steam powered vehicles, most notable are the Airships of the dwarven trade empire. Magic is still heavily prominent while steam powered machines are scarce. Neue Erde(temp name) It is also in the early stages of its Renaissance in the year 6000. It is the main setting of the story. Trade is controlled by the Dwarves, who were the species that discovered steam power. The main enemy is probably the totalitarian state of Nolisenaa. This place is to the far north, secluded, and surrounded by the land of Evernull. A dangerous full of forest demons, frost giants, and ice dragons. There is so much more to be said but it may bore you. Arinor Late Renaissance. Home of the God of Good Creation. Basically Heaven. Everyone was united under the Kingdom of Arinor but it split from internal crisis(the king, who was basically immortal, was assassinated). So war consumed the world for hundreds of year until the Battle of Arinor happened. Roredus Hell. Straight up Hell.


**Pilgrim of Smoke** *breathes in* Okay so like there are elves and people and some elves have a secret power that lets them change how gravity affects them (not float but like, swing their swords in different ways) and they can also poof into smoke (both powers are related trust me its about different realms just trust me) when main character poofs into smoke she sees monsters damn turns out those monsters are the old elven gods from their home realms but the humans took their sun from them so they could have more power (long story) so they were left to corrupt in the darkness. Main character opens a door to the realm and they go through, damn they convinced her they were good nah they just wanna fuck the humans up in revenge. But thats the planned second book in the first book they fight an elder god who is in love with the sun (its his mother) so he conquered an entire continent to build magnificent structures in her name and eventually wants to build a giant tower to her. But the humans defeated him woops sike he's alive and has been slowly corrupting the human nations and growing in power so now main character has to fight him *breathes in again* Trust me it sounds crazy but I'm making it work


near future tech has to keep few remaining city states from being destroyed by irradiated zombie like creatures that eat everything in sight and grow to massive sizes


19th Century European politics and history with all of its messes and chaos, but with magic.




**The Silver Isles** Standard fantasy fare in a magically fucked up world meets space elves and animesque urban magitech, with plenty of meta-humor.


A poor abused boy goes to become a soldier of the royal guard. He is unique however, and is taken in by the sorceress Anita, he is trained by her to become part of the guards of the morning, created by the father of the dawn.


The major difference is that there are two “Fey moons” one for the summer court and one for the winter court. The power and influence of each court on the material plane waxes and wanes along with their respective moon. So as Summer rises nature sees exponential growth which has held back civilization as we would define it as few examples of mortal infrastructure last long. Whereas when the Winter moon, which is a Blackmoon visible during the day, is full the natural cycle sees periods of death or dormancy. So essentially the seasonal cycle is monthly, mortal societies are sparse and largely nomadic, aside from one mageocracy which specializes in Wards and can therefore sustain a city and drives a booming magical component trade with the nomadic tribes in exchange for warding their sanctuaries.


The Sun is in pieces, the Moon is under the sea, and any magic based on celestial objects is freaking out.


High-Fantasy Steampunk but set in 1920s America


A shifter priest, and two demons walk into a bar, fall in love, and work to end there countries civil war.


Countries, not country


**The Stars Beyond** Alright so pretty much just take a playthrough of Stellaris and change some things to make it it’s own separate world. That’s literally what I did. You have: - no humans, but another species called the *Undaks* that basically take their place as the “main” race. - ancient precursor race that died out when a cataclysmic event struck their homeworld. The shear amount of death sent an echo through their neural network that caused most to go insane or literally die of grief. - space travel that makes sense. A trip across the galaxy could take around a month. - interesting aliens, not just humans with other bits slapped on. - other stuff probably


It's got a magic system that's a mix of Black Clover and One Punch Man. Also, there are many gods, and two separate options for an afterlife. Neither afterlife is good or bad, and you basically just have to listen to the god of one to get in. Actually, the afterlife is one of my favorite things. They are basically just second, immortal lives you life. The infernal realm is basically like a capitalist society free of corporatism and corruption. Homelessness isn't a problem in this case because the gods control the housing options. The Holy Realm is a communist society that is able to function perfectly because the human flaws that prevent it's success in the real world have removed. Each person is assigned a role, and goods and services are distributed by the gods in control there. Just about every god is very fair Sorry, got a bit excited about explaining my afterlife lmao


So humanity is on this planet. They are constantly stuck in an arms race against the wildlife. Aka dinosaurs and dragon like creatures as well as various others. Basically the whole planet is Australia. Because of this the human race is stuck in between the medieval age and renaissance age in terms of technology.


*The Decameron* meets Jim Henson’s *Labyrinth* in a dystopian fantasy land, featuring too many goblins and one particularly deadly elevator.


"Its kinda like 1920s peaky blinders but its norse-gael scotland"


A depressed thief and an Axolotl try and stop vampires from committing genocide. Also a bunch of angry celts and a bunch of angry capitalists almost go to war.


Alright so its like a layered cake that keeps getting layers added on


There are infinite universes to explore! Just be careful not to get arrested by the ORM for unregistered multiverse travel… and make sure you don’t destroy the fabric of reality… and try not to die in a dangerous universe…


Dieselpunk and Solarpunk are stepsiblings who hate each other but are forced to play nice. So now they begrudgingly ~~steal~~ share with each other when their parents are watching.


Don't see a lot of dieselpunk/solarpunk aesthetic these days. How exactly do either look in your world?


Post apocalyptic America but with 1600s tech


**Patient Zero** It's March 25th, 2024. A Biological weapon with devastating potential is released, threatening beyond Earth if not contained.


What's the nature of the bioweapon?




Ok so long before the universe was born, six all-powerful gods were created by an unknown force. These gods create multiverse after multiverse as that is their assigned job. Each multiverse, at the end of it’s life, has a champion, which is the most powerful mortal being. Each champion becomes either an angel or a demon. In a world that resembles our world except superbeings exist and it’s the year 2050, a number of demons are released from hell by the god Hellflame. His twin, Hellfire, now has to battle these demons and take them back to hell. Due to him becoming popular even though he’s a massive fire monster, the crocodisapien tribes become jealous, and revolt. Their revolution causes a number of companies to push their employes to work faster. Working faster leads to most of my first protagonists gaining their abilities. Eventually the god Hellflame breaks out of hell, and it’s revealed that the other five gods sorta intentionally created superhumans so that incase Hellflame broke out, they could fight him


Mortals wield the blood of the gods (Mana) as it flows like magma over the land, which has been warped by their infighting over the recent murder of the first ascendant. This War of Hubris has raged for time unknown, with the return of Yearkeeping occuring a mere 39 years prior to present day.


Cowboys but they're wizards and the world has a secret moon that screws everything up once every 10 years.


Ok so, imagine that one day, humanity discover a planet. But not orbiting the sun! The planet is travelling in darkness of space, so it's an icy planet. But under the ice, there's aliens! Kinda like giant pale Mollusk, pretty friendly. But now they are in a pickle: their planet is gonna get catched by the sun, and their ice is gonna melt!! Humanity has to help their new buddies!!!


Okay, so you have worlds with no gods, some gods, present or not present. What if instead you had a world where any creature can theoretically ascend to godhood? And also this happens more or less each 50-100 years? And each new god can change the world in some ways when it ascends? And then not interact with it directly again? What happens in a world that has a lot of gods? Think Sanderson's Well of Ascension meets Dragon Ball, but as a rpg (DnD 5e) setting.


WW1 style era, with gnostic inspired lore (demiurge archons etc...) and a tulpa inspired magic system.


A cosmic game of chess set in a space western where the protagonists are chess pieces that are aware of the game and aim to exploit the players for personal gain.


Gods absolutely everywhere, but you dont ever actually get to see many


There is no United States, as the English were kicked out of Britannia during the Viking Age. Instead, there is the Vinland Commonwealth. And scientific magic, near-human races, and gladiatorial battles where death-sentenced criminals fight jötunn gladiators for people's entertainment.


I feel like the world is only as good as the story that it serves. I can’t really “pitch” a world without the events that I’m planning to unfold in it.


That's fair enough.


Imagine if a Tolkien fan in 1920s Florida had a fever dream after being left for dead by gangsters in a swamp.


Ok, I just started a new one as a side thing so I've got two to offer. First my main project: There was an ancient civilisation of humans that lived in this system long ago and they created microorganisms that give you psychic powers, but then they suffered a system-wide Apocalypse and now it's 5000 years into the future, check out the civilisations that built upon their remains. And the second is: Imagine like a fictional setting similar to Persia and central Asia, let's say fantasy Kazakhstan, in the early to mid 20th century but there are dragon warlords that can grant people magic powers, huge airships and nuclear weapons. (It's also an anti-capitalist allegory, I feel like that's a big enough part of the setting to mention but feel free to keep hard politics out of any discussion that may arise)


Colonialism on an alien world, but 95% of the planet is covered in water, causing leading imperialist powers to merely outsource labor and capital to the far reaches of their own continent (their planet’s sole continental land mass). This has numerous ramifications for the long-term stability of “global” capital and for capitalism as a whole, leading to entirely new political movements quite foreign to our own world


Due to an anomaly occurring over geological timescales, traditional animal-like organisms are not given the chance to evolve and migrate onto land. Instead, slime mold-like protist analogs come to hold dominion over the land, gradually becoming more and more animal-like due to selective pressures


Imagine your typical fantasy with elves, forests and magic, but elves are inspired by Japanese culture and mythology and there are a fuckton of languages. Oh and the world is ending




An early feudal period world where the election of a new High Emperor in one of the largest nations coincides with a schism of the continentally spread faith, a famine and the sudden and mysterious silence of a set of trading republics managing imports from a further unknown land. However, due to the existence of mystics capable of foresight and prophecy, most nations know of what can or may happen (at least vaguely). The contingencies and plots in place may even be the reason for the coincidence of all these calamities, or even their cause....


***TreS_Botan:*** Imagine the USA, Spain, China and other countries... but with plants and fungi instead of people and a modern "Cold War" type of conflict between the two. ***Terris Magis:*** Magic is real! And Heaven! And Hell too! And there's also a genderfluid chameleon god (born from the cutted genitals of an octopus deity) who is going to die and reborn every 13.7 billion years exploding the universe in the process! Wait, what the... ***The Mathgic Kingdoms:*** Magic is conjured using math. Yes, really. ***Neo-Earth:*** ~~furries~~ animal-human and vegetal-human hybrids with genetic superpowers vs. A mad scientist who destroyed humanity by accident! ***Anul:*** **LĄ~~M~~*P*** (moth people), also feat. giant carnivorous bees and fire breathing chickens! ***Sunev:*** Like Anul (same universe) but with butterfly people and giant squirrels instead ***The Arthropod Era*** Like Neo-Earth, but only with insects and arachnids and there's a more complex system of magic.


Every 24 years a dwarf-planet on an odd orbital path pulls the drained magic from the home world and renews it. This causes magical storms where thick green fog, known as haze, rolls across the land and is pulled toward the auroras in spires - these storms bring out all the nasty creatures that normally hide within cave systems and other niche spots, transmute/evolve the local flora and fauna, and generally bring about technological revolutions, wars, and disasters. Anything worth happening, happens during this time known as the Coruscation.


World where nightmares and night terrors are reachouts of real being from other dimensions. Cleaners wash them away from people and Collectors catch the most horrifying and strongest ones to examine and enhance cleaning processes with new knowledge. Dreamcatchers have real use.


Literally doctor who with star wars also edited a lot


Its like a pizza with too many topings. Like yeah I love Dark Souls, and Star Wars, and World of Darkness, how could you tell, dude? Pizza with too many topings, Cosmopolitan and varied, with something for everyone. A little bit of Grimdark, with a pint of Tolkien-esque clásic fantasy, and a scent of Science fiction all around.


As close to the traditional fantasy world, but no magic and everything works within our current understanding of physics.


World with an 1920s aesthetic is slowly sinking.


a sci fi cyberpunk like world where magic exists in few people. those people use magic now to interact with electronics. they're the best hackers, a lot of them are geniuses because they can basically download information just by interacting with a computer that has access to the internet. a purge happens tho to kill all magic wielders because it gives them an unfair advantage to literally everyone else. (most magic wielders arw trillionaires, head of private military companies, and many other interesting and some quite dumb things.


Brist: A land which has been literally shattered by an extinction level cataclysm that left behind a perpetual dimensional storm/rift in the center of the continent. Civilization is magi-tech/steampunk.


An allegory for racism in the final stages of a world being taken over by environmental disaster.


The Moon was blown apart by mysterious forces, and magical debris fell to the earth. The setting is a mundane qworld without magic during the early renaissance, mixed with a splash of steam punk. Suddenly people are using this debris, and bright shining gemstones called "fallen stars" to harness magic.


It's a bunch of intelligent bugs à la *A Bug's Life* running their own civilization, trying to make use of available resources without stealing stuff from humans.


- The Fabric Space opera in the solar system five thousand years in the future with vast machine-intelligence civilizations, talking animals, intelligent self-aware robots, pure-software intelligences, and thriving colonies on every world and in many orbits throughout the solar system the Kuiper belt, and the Oort Cloud. Most of the focus is on the crew of _Kestrel_, an intelligent torch ship, and her captain and crew. - Ymra High fantasy on a flat planar world created by the imaginations of a host of beings who emerged from primordial chaos, dreamed the world into existence, and then, exhausted from the effort, fell into their new world and shattered into myriad intelligent, autonomous, magical fragments that became gods, demons, and fairies. Those same fragments gave the spark of life to the world, thus creating the earliest living things, the ancestors of all living things in the world. There are several mortal races, many courts of faerie, and many kinds of magic in this mostly-medieval world with bits of steampunk here and there. - The Crossroads Worlds The multiverse is chaotic, but sentient beings who are stubborn enough for long enough can create pockets of order by teaching the chaos to behave according to their preferred rules. Some people can learn how to create portals between these parallel realities. Some of those can break the local rules, enabling them to do what looks like magic. Doing that is dangerous, though, because it erodes the stability of the local sets of rules, so there are reality cops in many of these parallel worlds who strongly discourage anything that looks like magic. It's got a bunch of different kinds of magic, gods and monsters, the Inquisition and other ancient conspiracies, superheroes and supervillains, and a lot of satire. - Unnamed far-future space fantasy It's two billion years from now. Earth is uninhabitable. More than a billion years ago the ancients terraformed several worlds, and their fearsome engines still keep those worlds livable today. The ancients and all the living things of their era are long extinct, but their machines survive, and the habitable worlds of the solar system have been populated by an explosion of species descended from more ancient life. The dominant sentients of Mars are bidepal creatures descended from ctenophores. They've just about reached the age of steam when they figure out how to talk to some of the ancients' machines. What the machines tell them upsets their religious scholars and natural philosophers very much.


World War 1 but with magic, copious amounts of sarcasm, fantasy politics, and of course femboy jokes


Imagine an extremely accessible sci-fi with two narratives: one in second person, and another laden with well-put together "artifacts".


Industrial Revolution, magic, and a whole lot of political conflicts that even a small group of mortals can solve, even among the pantheons of deities. Like, even the deities have their own Internal Investigations Service which prevents them from going way overboard with their LITERAL GODLY POWER and breaks up fights or shit that might bring in more mortal people into their conflicts. Those would just result in a global to universal-scale tragedy, especially since there are thousands of deities across hundreds of worlds in the universe, all governed by the Originals and further up, Atayn. Aaaaand they’re slamming the open doors button, ok.


Beaver Bay is like an over the top violent 80s action movie complete with a garnish of cheesiness


Modern, near future world. No magic, no fancy stuff. Just good-ol’ human politics + techno-military thriller. 5-way world war.


A world in transition from low fantasy to high fantasy due to magic being introduced into the world because people keep making bargains with demons for more power.


Space rome with magic and shit.


Astrarius. Discopunk science fantasy set in an alternate future Solar system, taking influences from Outer Worlds, the Expanse, and Bebop. My favorite part are the blasters: they shoot rainbow-gas bolts that leave iridescent tracers in the air. Battlefields are just *super* gay and it's amazing lol Broken Oaths: Talamh Campaign setting for morally gray, low-magic, high-fantasy roleplaying. The Otherworld is a place of fae stranger than fiction, and the continent is a deeply divided, historically violent, politically hellbent place of far-flung frontiers and class warfare.


Lizaedfolk in desert oasis cities who worship 5 divines (based on 5 of the D&D attributes) . Magic is in the form of artifacts that can do various things like shoot fire, encase in rock, blast people away/into the air. Travel is by Sandboat or Kes (giant horse-sized lizard) Bandits and sandwurms (more asian dragon than Dune) roam the desert. TLDR: Lizard Dune meets Stalker: Shadow of Chenobyl.


Science-Fantasy Norse mythology.


Like, the world, but scaled down? And the territories’ climate depends on who owns them.


Wait what does that mean I'm interested


Basically it's a summary of your world to get someone interested. The name "elevator pitch" comes from the idea that you'd have the length of time you'd be in an elevator with someone to interest them in the thing.


Space Hitler hates people with powers so he attempts to kill everyone


"Dinosaurs survived in the Americas" and "Hollow Earth dragons" respectively


Mythology hoping extravaganza. Everything you know, love and want from all cultures through out the world. Imagine the age of mythology campaigns


Ok, so think of ww2, with early cold war technology, airships/landships, knights, and magic.


So take a violent and cyclical dystopia, sprinkle in some superheroes but with none of that Superman bullshit, more like X-men powers, and voila you have my world


Take one of those classic stories of "heroes fight evil tyrant" Now throw a bunch of politics, philosophy and demons in the mix, then add a bunch of details and things based on other stuff Now mix it all while listening to indie Vocaloid songs Then, just for the heck of it, imagine a prologue after the end of the story and start all over again expanding the timeline into the future stories


A galactic empire ruled by super intelligent psychopathic gophers that have Peter Griffin's laugh.


It's about a war between humans and aliens set on a scifi world with esecialy worms and spiders for wild life. It is a fast paced, hard sci fi with a heavy emphasis on realism. The setting is just a way for me to strip away my readers biases before I use the narrative to talk about life in the military, the terms of service, war as a political tool and its effects on the human lives. There's some departures from this where I talk about humanity, life, death and the self and how that is influenced by everything around you with the tie-in of how the human element of war is ever-present and ever-changing and easily the hardest to nail down but the simplist to understand. The aliens only exist for me to talk about a human enemy without talking about a human enemy. The alien planet is just me talking about another country and prople while.... actually, it's just another country and people. It's more for me, as a veteran, than it is for you, read it. If you lile it, great, if not oh well.


All the OP d&d characters of old fuck up the world by killing all the evil gods and their followers. Technology skyrockets as the world remains in peace. To return the world to chaos, the Overgod resurrects one evil God, Alogon. The world of Light is unaware of their few loyal followers awakening...


In the near future, humanity starts interplanetary colonization and discovers that gods are real, feral, and starved of worship. We should have let the angels keep them caged.


"We play once a week"


We are alone and we must fight forever. Read more: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldbuilding/comments/qvvqar/imaxinacion/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


**Land of Our Gods** An early Rennaisance era world that is on the brink of a huge and violent upheaval, due to growing imperialistic ambitions, collapse of old powers, and the unearthing of the extensive network of lies that are the old gods of the world.


A satirical take on our modern world and california in particular, with elements baked into the language itself.


Yknow when you used to play in a sandbox as a kid? God did that and got bored with the last patch, your turn