What do robots look like in 2050? What are their capabilities? Anyway they'd likely go up to a city, as for shelter and food from the rather harsh monster infested world of death, and be let in. Lots of cultural exchange and now everyone has robots


Chaos. Also a good deal of murder and a high chance of rendering half the planet uninhabitable.


my world is in the 2070s so they would probably be confused


"My god we've gone back in time to the future!"


Proceeds to get eaten alive by werewolves, wraiths, and demons


Haha "arrrg the future sucks!!" Last words


Our 2050s.


That depends - whether it’s *our* 2050s or my world’s, since years were first recorded much earlier. From our 2050s, engineers would jump at the chance to study tech that’s over 150 years ahead of what they have. In the meantime, my world’s 2050 is equivalent to 450 BC


Depends where they land , if they land in the middle of the large jungle like forest , because dozens of poisonous plants and animals , they might suffer , a lot If they land in the middle of a city , while inflicting heavy damage on the population , they will eventually be dealt with , since they can't go against a city with 3 milion people , even if they only have muskets . Dwarves have better weapons and would have lower casualties . Also the 3rd and the most awful for that group of people who might also get combined with the first 2 scenarios , whould be one of the Gods or Elemental Spirits to join in since they would feel instalty their arriving ... and no amount of tech would save them from Izimma .


The goddesses of my world keep things in check so if humans show up on the planet they'd know and teleport them back instantly.


Lets say they land in the starting location of my story- a moor on the outskirts of the tiny Hervellian village of Quiet-Contemplation-In-The-Face-Of-A-Proud-and-Bitter-Anger (Hervellians- can't be brief to save a life) The shocked goatherders of the village gather round the newcomers, gazing in wonder at their alien clothes and living machines. After much debate, it becomes apparent that they must be taken to the Capital city of Shining-Mirror-Casting-Dancing-Rainbows-Across-The-Rich-Lands-Of-The-Blessed-Kingdom. The trek across the dusty Scratchlands is tiresome, especially as the newcomers are confused as to why a group of triangle-pendanted farmers are dragging them over seemingly endless miles of drab sand and parched grass. They try and turn back occasionally, but the villagers are insistent. After many days' horse ride, they come to the gates of Shining-Mirror. The guards, usually so bored at their posts, are just as shocked to see the strange visitors. Without another word, they are taken through the city streets to the Claritory, a vast glass structure that is part telescope, part museum and part government building. The newcomers gaze in wonder at the rainbows flitting over every surface, while the guards and villagers bow down in the presence of the tall, white haired man who has been brought before them. His eyes are rimmed with tiny iridescent feathers, and his robes are the colour of summer sky. This is Olsecrus Marni, Baomkissed Ruler of the Clear Jewel of the Plane. Or, King Marni. King Marni surveys the newcomers with great interest- he is as much a scholar as he is a king. After much thought, he sighs deeply and commands his men to lock up the new people. He ensures that they are comfortable and is very apologetic, but there are forces moving in the world that even the scholar-kings of Shining-Mirror cannot comprehend, and you can never be too careful


Like another comment or said, my world has a different timeline to ours, so; Our 2050s - The LoVC would likely fawn over the robots and gps’ in the vehicles, computer technology is still very much in its infancy, but the rest of it would likely be torn apart and recycled into something useful. Oh, and the people, obviously having no financial history to excuse their freedom, would be immediately indentured. If they lands in The Kingdom of Cataria, then literally every thing they brought with them would be studied to death, and after a long interview with the people then, assuming they’re as intelligent as their technology suggests, they would immediately be given high ranking government positions. Anything to try to keep up with the Valendians… In The Empire of Kalkara, assuming the people and their load aren’t consumed by the swamp and lost forever, then they would probably be condemned as heathens by the Kalkaran Emperor and given a showy execution to display his ‘wealth’, and everything they brought with them would be destroyed. There’s a decent chance this would also lead to the Duchy of Upper Palanta finally breaking away in protest of an act so obviously contradictory to state interests, and without its last economically ‘functional’ region, the sick man’s heart will finally stop. Their 2050s - Well, my world is currently around the year 1100. Basing this off the LoVC, take transportation technology identical to ours, an environmentally friendly industrial output many orders of magnitude higher than the UK’s at the empire’s peak, and computer technology about equivalent to Germany’s enigma machines in WW2. Then fast forward a millennia, considering that these people value efficiency and industrialism as the most important qualities a human can have. Yeah, this party getting teleported here is going to conquer the planet over the course of a few days at most, and then probably build an interstellar empire once they’ve established the machinery to build the necessary transportation Huh… I kind of want to actually write this world in the 2050s now…


If they show up in Evernull they would die in at least a week. If they show up in Nolisenaa then they would be damage but the necromancers and the Möratär would eliminate them swiftly. The dwarven capital would kill them using magic projectiles while flying in their Airships. The Lizardfolk village of the Eidese swamp would be totally eradicated in 3 days or less. The Kingdom of Steel, House Invictum, Ferrearcis would call upon the gods and the people would meet a swift end. A few humans may be captured by the god Xarenik because he believes on honor and would want to know why they killed so mercilessly.


Congratulations, you've landed yourself in the cold war between the United Earth Coalition and the Europa Commonwealth Republic, in 2527! While I'd like to welcome you, you've kinda come at a bad time, and depending on your peoples' dialect, they'll either be shot by ECRDF units (if you had the misfortune of landing on Europa) for being from the UEC (if you have military types, that is),or you'll (probably) blend right in with one of the numerous PMCs contracted by the UEC to fight the proxy resource wars in the Belt, in which case, you're fucked, because that's a conflict against the ECR Robots, by friend, are war machines. If you can interface with them via cybernetics, even better, you've secured yourself the rank of 1st Sergeant in the Coalition Army


Many will not care as long as they don't interfere. And many will be curious. Engineers and scientists will be fascinated by the old world style technology. The robots may not last excessively long, When Magic entered the world the physical properties of matter changed. One of the things that a new version has not been found for is the silicon of a transistor. Old transistors will still work, but new ones can no longer be made from raw materials. so once this group runs out of computer parts for their robots and vehicles that is about it. As for their language, my worlds common language started as a blend of English and Elvin, and then over time picked up some words from a variety of other races languages. So communication may at first be a bit difficult but there should be enough overlap to at least get communication started.


**Flame Phantom**: They are either seized so that FP can learn about digital computers (they only have magic-based early digital ones, like those in the late 1960s, along with analog and mechanical computers), or being destroyed. Earth's advance speed is not on the same level of FP, which went from a perfectly standard cog-and-gear early steampunk society in the 1840s to borderling sci-fi cold fusion and energy shields in the span of 80 years. FP has magitek AIs on the same level of clone troopers, capable of learning new things in seconds, and the industrial capacity to mass produce millions of them. That's just one single country. Add with the others and 2050s robots are nothing to be surprised. The only impactful thing is that it proves the theory of parallel worlds travelling, and FP will launch an invasion on Earth since their planet is slowly freezing to death. At that point, no heroes or American/Japanese/Chinese can save the day, not when the opening move is to saturate the Earth with nukes. One must really scratch his head why in the world would a civilisation that can "fix" heavily radiated lands and clean nuclear dust in the atmosphere can't do a thing to stop the incoming Ice Age.


My world is in 2050 too. So most people’d just think it’s more robot shit


Assuming to invade, Enlight: A bit of fight, but probably win Adamae: Ancient Adamae should win as they use Clarke tech, but not modern pre-contact one. Heliopolis: hope they appear on unpopulated area otherwise will be curb stomp quickly as the population is like over Decillion and Clarke tech level technology. Even a random kid are like trans-human million times folded over.


My setting is the 23rd century. So depends on what robots are like. And humans would be aliens on my planet.


If it's my 2050s UM military would decimate it because we invented time travel in 1300s


their mind and technologies copied to database,then minions executing humans