In a punk-ish dystopia, every day is a day for celebrating mindless consumerism! Plus, since it hasn't snowed in centuries and most of the Christians joined the Space Mormons a while back, Christmas slowly lost its identity and became just another part of the endless procession of present-gifting events. You don't give people presents in late December because it's a special time, or religiously significant, you do it because multi-trillion credit advertising campaigns told you to.


Space Mormons?


They don't call themselves the Space Mormons, but yeah when extraterrestrial colonisation became affordable enough for organisations smaller than governments and megacorps to do it, the Mormons took the opportunity to finally create the theocracy they had always wanted to, and founded New Deseret on Mars. They offered free passage to anyone who wanted to live in that city, so pretty much everyone who was still Christian and disgruntled with modern culture went to Mars. These days, their theocracy is more nominal than absolute, and they're the most populous and second most economically successful nation on Mars.


There's a festival (as yet unnamed) on the winter solstice, but that's just basically a big feast and a lot of drinking; there's no presents or anything involved (generally people in my world only regularly receive gifts for birthdays or weddings). A lot of people do make a point of returning home for it, so there's an element of Thanksgiving/Xmas in there in that regard. The festival is marked specifically by the hanging of green banners/ribbons around the home or worn on one's person - the idea being that green represents the plants that will herald the coming of spring, and that by displaying it you will encourage the greenery to return sooner and end winter.


Most societies in temperate climate have holidays around spring planting, mid summer, harvest and mid winter. My world being very pragmatic, just name them Spring Day, Mid Summer, Autumn Day and Mid Winter. Mid Winter is a week long and meant to increase social bonds. Day 1 is for appreciating coworkers and classmates with small gifts, Day 2 is for getting to know people you have seen but have not have a chance to talk to, Day 3 is for checking up on neighbors, Day 4 is for non-related friends, Day 5 is for relatives and family, Day 6 is for a special person in your life and Day 7 is for doing something nice for world.


In the angle islands (near my worlds North Pole), winter is incredibly harsh, with the sun often not rising for 30 days. That’s why the day before winter begins, they hold the Fayirkenna, a festival to pray for a moderate winter from Fayir, the god of fire, who is put in charge of keeping the earth warm until Sol is reincarnated in spring (every autumn the moon kills him). Early in the day, households write rhythmic prayers to entertain Fayir while he tries to keep the earth warm, and at night, families go to see each other for a large dinner (but no present giving). After that, winter has begun, and people hope Fayir has the energy to keep them warm.


We have one for a combo of Thanksgiving/harvest/winter. It's called "homecoming", and it's the time that every person who works away from home comes back to both celebrate harvest and make sure everyone is safe and accounted for during the winter. It takes place in halfway in November and lasts about a month. Given the advancements of the population it is really no longer necessary, but people still do it to get out of work. Given that some people have relatives that work in literally separate dimensions it can be quite helpful for finding an excuse to rotate home.


We have a Christmas for when that one otherworldly creature traveled to earth and changed the world. No one really celebrates it except for cults because it changed the world into a place for the worse, at least in public's opinion.


No, not specifically but… There are four main deities for humans, by far the largest population by race (approximately 65-70%), and each deity has there own “saturnalia” type annual festival/celebration…all four aren’t necessarily celebrated in every city but most cities celebrate at least two.


Winter Moon Celebrated by the elves, it marks the last day of their year, but other races have adopted it since then (partially due to the influence of the Elven Empire in the past). It is celebrated with a feast of winter foods, cake, and gifts. Elves pray to their deities for a prosperous new year. Some even believe the long-dead elven hero Sidril walks the lands to deliver blessings to those considered the greatest of elfkind over the past year.


This made me think about the terraria frost moon event.


This is a brand new thought I had, so there is not much. But as my world is a merger of many worlds, a similar thing could occur to the multiple winter holiday variants. With the traits of several merging together to make what is now celebrated in this world. One of which would be the human holiday of Christmas. And from another world within my multiverse, I decided that Santa is a cosmic Entity, and so is real, with variants in that world and many other worlds in my multiverse. So at least some other races in this amalgam world would also have a winter holiday mascot, that also is real. And as these worlds have merged these various Bringers of Holiday may join forces.


Vitruse Day or Tugend Day or the Day of New Year. This day is not a part of any month is therefore a special day. It is a day of merriment and cheer. It is considered either the first day of a new year or the last day of the year. Either way it is a day that celebrates the coming year. Gifts are given throughout the day and food is abundant for the gods bless the produce and give food to all.


Sort of! It's more like Yule/ a celebration of life and nature and prosperity during the winter. Lots of pretty lights, music, food, and voluntary gift exchanges. It's not widely celebrated in places without winter, but those places generally celebrate the arrival of the monsoon or rainy season instead.


The inhabitants of The Mathgic kingdom have "The PI day" where they make parties to honor the PI Beast, who is a benevolent monster that represents the π number, and protects this world from outsiders. In this date, people sing, cook pies (*badumtss)* and other special meals, pray to an altar and give gifts to their friends and families. They also have an annual contest in which the first person who finds a part of the Beast's tail (which is infinitely long and often appears randomly in some parts of the world) will recieve blessings and some important prizes.


Not yet, because the equivalent of the [Incarnation](https://infogalactic.com/info/Incarnation_(Christianity%29) has not yet happened. That event is some centuries off. However the equivalent of the Davidic kingship is going to happen by the end of the story.


Why would they be pyrophobic if it is so cold that their fur (is it the furred kind or the "human with cat ears" kind?) isn't enough? It would seem necessary not to be so, to just get over it or die.