**Flame Phantom**: Order of the Dragon is one of the oldest that's still around. Formally known as "Alliance of the Dragon and Protectors of righteousness", it was formed by Countess Bárganaistz Alciyonne, a zmey and Commander-in-Chief of the military forces of the Kingdom of Hungollente in the 13th century. At that time, the Order was less of a typical knight order and more of a "protecting treaty" between Hungollente and its vassals. These vassals later united into the Principality of Valakia, and the Order changed into a joint military unit between two countries. Order of the Dragon is responsible for repelling various invation of the Djinnist Ostman Empire into Central Gaia, the continent they lived in. A joint force of tree spirits, dark elves, dragons and strigois, they fought against the djinns and their subordinants in bloody wars. One of the most well known officers of the Order was Prince Wladislaus III Basárab, a strigoi who married Alciyonne's daughter Erzsébet and known as The Impaler for his widely use of pike-and-crossbow formations, which stabbed the enemy with large arrows and pikes. Wladislaus is called "Draculesti" for his important roles in the Order, and the fact that he's the son-in-law of the founder. The Order exists now as a joint mechanised infantry division of 2 nations, and Alciyonne is its commander. That dragon is the defination of "too badass to die" as she has gone through situations that would normally have killed others.


Jinns have their own empire? Aren’t they servant spirits?


That's what the Valakians called, since they saw djinns as the main force in Ostman armies, they thought it's a djinns' country.


**Horror Shop** The Holy Orders of the Inquisition are the supernatural arm of the Catholic Church. One of the oldest groups of monster hunters in the world, the Inquisition has been influencing both mundane and supernatural governments for centuries now. The Inquisition sees itself as the chosen guardians of mankind, tasked by God and the Pope to stand against the hordes of monsters and magicians who would lead the souls of humanity into Hell. The Inquisition has a very black-and-white view of the world, and they are not ones to make deals and alliances with those whom they see as tainted or damned, putting them at odds with the Veil Treaty and the supernatural world as a whole. This conflict has sometimes erupted into open warfare and conflict due to the Inquisitions' lack of subtlety, leading to the death of numerous innocents. These incidents have led to an image of the Inquisition as being heartless, zealous monsters willing to go to any end to achieve their goals. Yet, their ranks contain some of the world's most talented exorcists, monster hunters, and occultists--men and women who have dedicated themselves to fighting against the darkness that plagues humanity, even if they mistake every shadow for the enemy. They are commanded by the Catholic Curia in the Vatican City, and much of their organization is centred in Rome.


Well there’s a [insert] Order, not an Order of [insert], but close enough. The Black Knight Order is the most enduring villain faction in Terra Picta - a group whose legacy is deeply intertwined with their heroic counterparts, the Dragonslayers. They have no actual political authority or legitimacy, they are basically an ancient, vast, intricate, and repeatedly successful terrorist group. Despite the efforts of essentially all modern governments and Dragonslayers throughout history, the Black Knights have survived and continue to be active, known threats in the present. The brief history is that the Black Knights had many precursors across ancient cultures: many different groups throughout history had the idea of harnessing the relatively rare and taboo power of black magic to challenge different institutions for totally different reasons, be they attempts at forcefully changing the status quo, acts of revenge, or simply grabs for power and influence. It wasn’t until modern history, a few decades before the present, that one such Black Knight formed a single, cohesive, hierarchal group under a unified doctrine, which has dramatically heightened their effectiveness. So what is the Black Knight Order fighting for? Well, to sum their ideology up, it’s a social Darwinism death cult taken to a cosmic and all-encompassing scale. They believe that the strong should cull the weak endlessly until there is a single, perfectly powerful being at the end of all life, what they call the Absolute Over Death. All murder is justified, because any being that is not strong enough to save itself was never worthy of existence in the first place. Might does not just make right - it decides the ultimate victor of the universe. Every Black Knight is fighting to be that victor, and their acts of terrorism are motivated singularly by killing as many people as possible to speed the process up and constantly progress their twisted idea of evolution.


The Twilight Vigil, alternately known as The Order of The Watchers. The origins of the Vigil are lost to history, even their records don't tell. The Vigil is dedicated to protecting the world from apocalyptic threats, particularly the threat of the High Dragons returning. The order is divided into two branches, the Sages and The Stalkers. The Sages serve as the lore keepers, researchers, and combat casters. The Stalkers are the principal combat forces of the order, mostly rangers but a few knights. Outside of these two branches are the auxiliaries, mostly support staff such as messengers and medics. The order is not organized as a traditional army, instead using small teams. Each team has at least one sage, three stalkers, and whatever auxiliaries are deemed necessary for the mission. In cases where a single team is insufficient to deal with a threat, several teams will work together or they will coordinate with local forces. The order operates in every realm, except for the Sabasid Dynasty who revere dragons, though their primary focus is the wildlands in between. Their headquarters is The Citadel of Fallen Stars, a massive fortress built in a crater on the edge of the Cratered Wastes.


The Templar Order is a extreme religious and political organization that is active in the city of Calimore. Initially founded by Lucifer as monster hunters, they betrayed him and decided to take over the Holy Inquisition and start ruling from the shadows. Their true goal is to fulfill the Plan of God and start the New Apocalypse. The Order of the Bleeding Moon is a religious organization that exists in the world of Kaya. They are peacekeepers and protectors of the world, training special warriors known as Watchers to slay monsters. Other ranks include Masters and Priests. Their main ideology revolves around the idea of life and death, locked in an eternal cycle in which none of them prevails.


The Prominance, just Elven Voivods essentially


The order of the Southern Realms The order of Heagarhald


Enlight Order Extinguisher, A.K.A. bucket knight. The names are both ridiculously stupid, but they actually are magic police+witch hunter.


The Order of Druids, pretty self explanatory. It's composed of all magic users (druids). They don't have especific ranks among them, apart from Master and Apprentice, except when they celebrate council, in which they vote one of them to precede the meeting, who then takes the role of Ruler of Runes.


The "Order of the Eternal Silence" is an exonym for a very peculiar race/culture/nation. Although it has the word "order" in its name, it is not a cult, religion or even a political entity. It is merely a name given to a race whose "society" operates on alien principles. The "Divine Aresian Order" is the name adapted by the Realm of Ares after an ultranationalist coup. Just as before, although it includes the world "order", its meaning literally meant order of the authorative and oppressive sort, as exemplified by them descending towards insane dystopia. However, they do incorporate religion (Darenism), but mostly just as a tool to corrupt and twist their followers to blindly obey authority. The only true "order" in the conventional sense is the Holy Knights of Leo, which ironically doesn't include the word order. First a short history lesson: Emperor Leo of the Hostrian Empire died under mysterious circumstances. His son was too young to ascend, and so a regent took over, who promptly handed power to liberals. These liberals proved themselves incompetent and corrupt, leaving Hostria dysfunctional and fragile. Many years later, during unprecedented social and economic upheaval, Hostrian military couped the government and restored Leo's son, Alexander, to the throne. However, like Aresia, Hostria soon descended into dystopia. After some time, famous ex-members of Emperor Leo's personal bodyguards formed an order - the Holy Knights of Leo - to resist the dystopia and rescue the emperor from the clutches of insanity. They and numerous monarchist sympathizers openly revolted against their once-beloved monarchy, pledging their undying loyalty to the ways of old; decency, humanity, honor.


**Infinite World Cycle** **Order of Okom:** They are like Paladins in the Lands of Aram. Though they are far more Sub-Saharan in their ethnic groups. The Order practices Light Magic, it draws on the positive in the soul. It can destroy demons and undead quite easily. It can also be used to capture humans without harm. Members of the Order generally wear blue and white robes composed of blessed materials. **Background:** The Order of Okom used to be enforcers and protectors in various smaller powers but got kicked out when warlords and tyrants rose to power. As such the organization started to dwindle as they had difficulty recruiting. This ultimately changes when undead armies and death cults start appearing in the Lands of Aram. **Offshoots:** * **Grey Watch:** Founded by a Okomite who got trapped on a continent in a Hell dimension. This more European themed continent was eventually fused into a new world along with the Lands of Aram. * **White Dragon Clan:** Founded by a exiled and disgraced warrior who trained in the Grey Watch. The Lands of the East are more along the lines of a feudal era Japan. They also got fused into the new world.


Every god of the Storm's Pantheon has an order. Generally, they're tasked with protecting their god's temples and other religious sites, as well as their priests and the other leadership of the faith. Some have a large enough following and dedicated enough members, that they can fulfill a role outside of that, assisting the empire in wars it is fighting, or dealing with internal problems of banditry, etc. Orders are generally commanded by a grandmaster, who then have masters serving below them. The bulk of the order is made up of paladins. All orders also have a right to knight their own members (namely the masters have that right), granting them the title of Knight-Paladin. Some orders have further ranks than this. ---------------------- **The Order of Brinn** Brinn is the main god of the Storm's Pantheon and thus has the largest following. In terms of the order, they're the second biggest one of the pantheon. Brinn is the god of honour, so the order doesn't necessarily support the empire in war, choosing to focus more on internal conflicts between lords of the empire, or between lords and the common people. Generally speaking, the order doesn't directly come out against a war waged by the empire, if they consider it unjust, but them not supporting the cause is seen a somewhat of an indictment, by this very important organization within the empire. The one time the order did come out against a war, when the emperor had ordered the execution of a rebel lord's wife and children, it resulted in a full blown rebellion that ended up deposing said emperor. The order was also vital in conquering and securing the north for the empire, at the end of the 3rd and during the 4th Era. It was them who originally set up and trained the Northguard, that now serve as the region's main military force. Of all the orders in the empire, they are the most respected. -------------- **Order of Mordon** The order of Mordon is the empire's second biggest holy order, following the god of bravery. The order is heavily focused on assisting the empire is war, usually joining them in those conflicts. Due to this warmongering, the order heavily recruits at all times and enjoys more support from the imperial crown than others, in this. And due to their more military-like function, they have additional ranks to create a more effective command structure. Below the knight-paladins, the Order of Mordon further differentiates between captains, lieutenants and sergeants. These ranks are all officially also reocgnized as paladins. The bulk of what makes up the order's troops are recruits, who aren't recognized as paladins. This is different from all other orders in the empire. Stories of the order's accomplishments are spread for every war they fought in. A lot of them are believed to be exaggerated. Generally, the order is less well respected than the others in the empire. Especially the members that are simple recruits. ------------------- The other orders are all far less notable than those two, with the Order of Karr, the god of strength, being the third largest. The smallest two orders even lack a grandmaster, being commanded by just their singular master.


**Karyllia** [This is a Order of Knights I worldbuilt for one of my players in a DnD campaign] Mystical in their organisation, the **Knights of the Old Ore** are chosen warriors of Kturu, beholden to all the cyclic pantheon. Legends, myth and rumors are woven around the stories of these chosen knights, some telling of heroic deeds, some of terrifying cruelty. Just as the god that chose them, the knights see some destruction as necessary to let the new grow and prosper and will commit this destruction themselves if necessary. First believed to be protectors of druids and old elven temples, the people soon found out that the knights are not beholden to any one nation, culture or tradition. They are seemingly chosen at random, and always in the same way. What immediately signifies a Knight of the Old Ore is what gives them their name. Each of them carries with them a medallion made of a metal not known by mortal blacksmiths, just called "Ore of the Old Ones" or Old Ore, for short. This order of knights does not find its recruits in barracks or on the street. It does not search for a specific type of person, or set of skills. Just as soldiers and guardsmen may be chosen, so are artists and scholars. There isn't even a shared set of ideals between them. Merely their worship of the cyclic pantheon connects them. But worship alone does not a knight make. Knights of the Old Ore are chosen in one way, and one way only. One day they find a medallion along their way through a forest, field, river or other natural place. Their choice of taking or leaving it is the ultimate answer to the question of lifelong servitude. Those who take the medallion soon notice that their prayers, their sword and shield, their music and play hold power - might they may harness to do the will of Kturu. Each medallion carries a different image. Sometimes these images are clear. Shield mean protection, swords mean aggression, for example. But for some the symbols are more cryptic, to utterly nonsensical. Those are, most often, the ones who will make the world shiver in fear and awe of their deeds.


There's an \[insert\] order, wich is close enough. The Divine Order is a group of people, entirely women, who possess a certain type of magic, called Divine magic. This magic allows for accelerated healing of wounds, healing infections and other diseases as well as healing broken bones. These users are often called Healers. They are protectors of the people, in an order that isn't confined to any one nation, but rather its own international entity. But healing isn't the only thing they can do. Through a difficult to briefly explain process, they can also summon weapons like swords and shields right into their hands. This is obviously very useful. There are those of the Order that specifically train in combat, to fight demons and the Corrupted. These memebers of the Order are called Cleansers.


The Order of the Black Sun: In a distant time, a brilliant scientist by the name of Joren Rau was devoted to studying a supermassive black hole (known as the Black Sun, hence the name) and the strange energy radiating from it. The black hole, it seemed, was a tear in the fabric of spacetime, and the energy turned out to be raw, untapped magic. Joren sought to understand this magic and harness it for the betterment of his people, thus he founded the Order of the Black Sun. The nations prospered, technology advanced rapidly, lifespans were drastically increased, the Black Sun became a symbol of hope and enlightenment, and Joren Rau was chosen to lead his people as their Servant-King. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end, and this golden age was no different. As hard as he tried, the Servant-King and the Order of the Black Sun could not put an end to death or suffering. When he tried to remove pain and stress, people turned against each other, as they had lost that which united them. When he tried to eradicate death, the people's supernaturally long lifespans inevitably led to them experiencing so much trauma that they went mad, with many going as far as taking their own lives. Joren Rau could only watch as his people were repeatedly revived, only things fall apart catastrophically again and again. He looked into other timelines, desperate for an answer, but he only found more of the same- a meaningless struggle to scrape by in a cold, unforgiving reality. It weighed on him heavily. No matter how skilled he became with magic, he had reached the limit of progress. Death and suffering were inextricably linked to life. The Order of the Black Sun became divided on how to proceed in light of that revelation. Joren Rau believed that, as the only ones with the power to do so, it was their duty to bring about a merciful end to things and erase the timelines. No death. No pain. Everything would simply be as if it never existed in the first place. The splinter faction of the Order rebelled against Joren, while he was in the midst of performing the erasing ritual. The results were nothing short of apocalyptic, as time and space collapsed on themselves. Timelines never meant to meet became intertwined. Entire realities split off of the new, labyrinthian Multiverse and flickered out of existence. At the epicenter, the very essence of the Servant-King was ripped apart and scattered across space and time. The resulting Multiverse is an unstable, often violent place, as countless factions vie for control, trying to find/establish their place in all of this. Such suffering is unacceptable. The shadowy husk of Joren Rau still remains. He seeks to rebuild the Order of the Black Sun, become whole again, and finally deliver all from this tragic existence. While most are still blissfully unaware of the Order of the Black Sun, there are plenty who fear them and their power to make or unmake reality. Still others support the Order (though a fair few aren't fully aware of the true extent of their leader's intentions), seeing it as a do-over, a peaceful way out, or a path to redeeming themselves by delivering a merciful fate to others.


The Order, or better, the House of Life and Death is a brotherhood of executioners whom run a public hospital. Since they have a despicable job, executioners aren't allowed to walk without a mask to hide their faces, and despite their large salaries, they cannot buy or sell anything since nobody wants to provide them anything. However, such knowledge of anatomic coming from training thousands of decapitations on animal models and criminals and tortures, and the knowledge of drugs coming from families of convicts paying them to give a merciful, painless death, came handy when they decide to save lives instead of take lives, to atone for their sins. Thus, the House was created, to provide medical service for free, for every single life an executioner takes, another he has to save. However, in this house, they don't just accept patients. Any refugee from society's pressures can join their ranks. For example, former prostitutes are welcome to become nurses and in the future, even surgeons if they choose to train the skill. The House doesn't discriminate anyone. However, anyone whom enters the brotherhood is considered dead, even in the official registers, since an executioner will sign their obituary for the new members. However, to even join the House, both to bring patients or to enter their ranks, you have to find an executioner, and be invited by them, and that implies being friendly to a known killer. The temple they call Home is the Temple of Saros, the God of Time, Rivers and Death, but it has no Door. It's "door" is an empty wall behind a big statue of Goddess Ros, the goddess of Dawn, Beauty, Love and Justice. It's with their permission that an earth magician, housed below the statue, sinks this wall, revealing the true temple. It's an open-air atrium, where a basalt statue of the Young god with the ever-flowing black drapes of water stands in opulence. Surrounding it, four gardens of medicinal herbs on each corner, bordered by calçadas of white limestone and black basalt. Cloistering all of it is the true House, with flutered marble columns on it's porch, surrounding the many rooms for patients, and the brotherhood members' quarters. This house plays a significant role in the story, when the Protagonist meets an executioner buying a powerful wine analgesic to give a "painless death". He, being an assassin, doesn't have any prejudice towards the man, and receives an invitation, which he uses when he needs to hide two prostitutes from the grasps of a perverted nobleman. He also uses their services when one of his friends receives a serious injury in the arm, risking losing her hand's movements due to tendon damage.


In Surakush, **The Order of the Star** is an order of warrior-monks bound by blood and faith to defend the secrets of The Forbidden Star with their lives. Surakush has a Kanitic religion, meaning they center their beliefs around the goddess Kanita and the sun, and believe The Forbidden Star to be a piece of the sun left behind on the earth as a gift from the goddess to Saryata the Wise, the first queen of Surakush whose name would become synonymous with the word. The Order was created by Saryata and only the most fervent of Kanita's priests were appointed to protect the Star and her mysteries. The Order resides in the House of Revealing, a temple-palace only accessible by the reigning Saryata (or queen) when she seeks guidance and information from the Star and her niece-heir when the time comes for her to perform the Rituals of Flame. The Rituals are supervised by the Order and a greatly guarded secret. They are rumored to be part-test and part-torture to see if the heir has truly been blessed by Kanita to rule Surakush.