In many populated regions of my world, wheat bread is rarely consumed due to the climatic features and lack of land suitable for growing wheat. In addition, the main producer of wheat in this world is an autocratic empire constantly expanding by conquering neighbors, which is why many countries have imposed an embargo on the import of wheat, not wanting to support the economy of the enemy. For average consumers standard McDonald's buns would seem strange and their price would be too high. They would have to use oat, corn or rice flour to compete with local restaurants and cafes.


This is interesting. Are there no other competitors to this autocratic empire that could feasibly farm and export wheat? Surely it would be very popular and be a great way to provide this resource to other nations while undermining the economic power of the empire?


Many other countries grow wheat, but in too small quantities to make it the main and generally available cereal, as in our world. It is simply not economically viable, the high price is not associated with delicacy or exclusivity, only with logistics and the lack of producers. This happens for several reasons: 1. Geographic - as I said, for many countries wheat is too hard to grow in comparison with alternatives and most of the territories in which wheat gives good yields belong to the Empire. Peasants and farmers in cold regions grow oats, as it is resistant to low temperature and the risk of losing crops due to early frosts is lower, and in the south-west regions it is impossible to grow wheat efficiently due to the relief and high humidity, due to which it rots, but rice in such conditions feels great and gives record yields. 2. Cultural - Wheat and its products (especially ale and some types of wheat pastries) are associated with the Imperials and their way of life, and the Imperials themselves largely formed their culture around it. For example, their calendar is based on the schedule of field work related to the cultivation of wheat. Therefore, patriotic people in neighboring countries defiantly refuse to grow and purchase wheat. Fear and hatred of the Empire extends to its symbols. 3. Political - an embargo on the main export goods of the Empire and the additional checks associated with it on producers and traders dealing with wheat, even legal one. Strict control scares off gray merchants and small farms that do not have money for lawyers and time to process the necessary documents in person. E: Mistakes


So I have 2 main worlds 1 being a medieval fantasy one and the other being post apocalypse America 1. For the medieval fantasy world there would probably be lots of beef, venison and fish 2. For the post apocalypse world the food would be whatever a hunting party could collect that day


It depends on the region of Hell, there's a lot of sinners with a lot of different tastebuds, but aside from having to adjust for not having any fresh ingredients (shouldn't be that hard, I love McNuggets but I don't know if they actually qualify entirely as food) they'd also have to get creative with human flesh. Unsurprising not a lot of farm animals go to Hell and most of the things already down there are Hell-born and not really all that easy to kill regularly enough to put into McRibs. It's really just more practical to take the freshest looking body outside, and really once you stop being all weird about it and get past the taboo there's a lot you can do!


The idea of McDonald's is that you always know what you'll get. A burger in a French establishment tastes the same as a burger in China, for example. However, there is one thing they might do: Add [Skvader](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skvader), [Jackalope](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackalope) or [Wolpertinger](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolpertinger) products to their menu, as all three are very common sources of meat, since at least one of them, or the common rabbit, lives somewhere. I did actually talk about them in another post, but basically, the first two make the last one. And yes, they do multiply like rabbits. If either Skvader or Jackalope are present in an area, people usually introduce the other one to promote cross-breeding, and then come back half a year later to collect the rewards.


Depends on where they set up. In Jamesia and Zarat, adding more types of meat would work. Rats, Camels, Horses, Crickets and scorpions would work well. Leafy greens and various berries and odd herbs also work. For the Astarts, since they live next to or near the sea, on an island or even in the sea. They'll have to go full aquatic or semi-aquatic with the food. Fish, manatees, lobsters, sharks, dolphins, nitro-acidic sea-snakes with the nitric acid removed. The Astart empire is quite diverse duce to its size, so it would have to vary from region to region. Olives , sea plants, flavored edible algae cubes would also work. The Gilgamorium Lake region would need to add fresh water foods like crayfish, eels and fresh water plants. Using locally sourced ingredients is essential due to the native life-forms using different biochemicals in different ways than earthlings. Although, the classic McDonalds' menu if marketed as "Exotic Food from another world" could also work since nobody on the Planet of Luka'oss'ia as seen a big mac and deep frying food is rare since most Luka'oss'ials usually bake, boil, fry or flame cook their food.


**Gray Area** (superhero world) This is very close to our world, so the Mickey D’s would sell mostly what we’d recognize… but there are regional favorites associated with certain popular heroes. For example, in Orange County, California the professional baseball and hockey teams sell a frozen dessert named after the cold-based heroine Just Ice. Some local Mickey D’s would be involved with these regional food items. The main character, an unsanctioned “gray area” super named Mal Suerte, at one point blurted out to Just Ice, “I don’t need some ice cream flavor named after me to know people support what I’m doing!” One of the other supers who was present looked physically ill… “Blech! What would that even taste like?!” Any serious point Mal Suerte intended to make was immediately lost.


**Unnamed dieselpunk world:** They don't need to modify much at all, actually. This is an industrialized setting that's always on the go, so cheap and filling short-order food is a pretty lucrative market in urban areas. The concept of fast food, and especially the drive-thru, could cause a paradigm shift in casual dining in this world much like it did in real life, but this new kind of restaurant would be directly competing against street food vendors and popinae that are commonplace in every city.


They would have to compete with all the in-universe fast food restaurants. Also would have to add portion sizes to be accessible for massive and tiny customers like trolls, ogres and fairies.


They already exist in some places, and depending on what subdream you're in they may or may not be an eldritch megacorp catering to extradimensional patrons.


Depending on where they opened it they would either change nothing or have to entirely change. In blackwall they wouldn't need to change anything because it a human country. In fact it might even be the most profitable establishment ever because humans don't usually get to eat anything tastier than mutated pig on holidays. In Candria they would have to change most of their items to something more vegetable oriented. They wouldn't need to get rid of all meats but the Candrians have an almost 100% plant based diet with the occasional meat dish here and there. Burger would have to have more veggies and the chicken nuggets would probably not even be there In Barbanum they would have to do the opposite. The Barbanans are a heavy and densely muscular race with four arms and the average height of one is 6'9". Their bodies chew through protein and fatty acids like crazy so they eat mostly meat. Burgers would need need more meat and less vegan the chicken nuggets would be incredibly popular because of how cheap and how good a snack they are.


Litterally anything that isn't: Wheat based, plain water, pig meat, tea, or any combination of the above. That about all the islanders ever eat, if they even eat at all.


In Sensendo insect meat is much more common, while beef and chicken are usually common the most prosperous places. This happens due to most of the globe being the zone of a risky farming. Each Rauha the world is thoroughly vacuum-cleaned by the storms, which bring pretty much damage to the regular civilised farming. Even though the meat industry is slowly adapting by building wind-protected farms and underground solarium hydroponical farms.


On Earth and most artificial habitats on space colonies, real meat and dairy are rare apart from insects and maybe seafood due to Earth being a mostly polluted industrial wasteland covered in cities and industrial zones with a few 100,000 factory farms, so putting "100% Pure Meat & Nothing Else!" on the menu would attract more customers than they can handle in a single day.


Their menu for Silicon-based, mineral-eating stone-people would be different, to say the least. When "cooking" are a loan word in your native language and food culture are practically nonexistent outside of socialising with biologicals , Macdonalds would probably just not bother trying at all. Instead just have cheap, burger-shaped rock formations, or more likely, fries, onion rings, things suited to snack on, so you can play on the social aspect. Everyone are welcome to bring their friends, even their rock people friends, for a social meeting while their inefficient bodies ingest processed nutrients!


I think they might try to appeal to an race of alien refugees who’ve integrated themselves into society, thinking of something like District 9.


McDonalds do not stand a chance on my world tbh. Their food quality is so bad, Thurnans would rather hunt down their food at that point. Remove pretty much everything, including salads. Which are replaced with greens from the local planet which are tsura, most likely. Meats and patties will be replaced with urgval and Keefa meat. No patties, They know them, but prefer meat on bones. Like ribs. As for flurries. Keefa milk would be used with sweet branch syrup for flavour. Fries come from local tubers which are a deep blue. But these don't compare to the artisan thick spicy fries you can get elsewhere. It's like going to the McDonalds for fries in Belgium, what are ya, stupid? Throw those twigs out!


They would need to add bugs, beer, and cigars to the menu, and add a ton of spice to all the meat.


Well that depends on the region, if it’s arador than dragon or other reptilian meat is needed, if it’s New Polaria than some Tomato fish sandwich’s must be due.


Where in my world? In Daeŋ Luo, they'll probably want yam or rice flour buns unless they want to import. More seasoning, particularly with ginger, galangal, turmeric, and lemongrass might give it a local flavor as well, some seafood options would not be bad, because of supply & local preference, though these last few changes aren't necessary resource wise. Oyster sauce is very very popular so if nothing I expect it to be added to their list of sauces. In the cities of the Golden Gates, they'll probably do fine. Some of the spices in their sauces will be seen as very exotic so they might end up being a high end place. Same goes for coffee. Being in a coastal area, they might want to expand their seafood options due to both local preference & abundant supply, but other meat is pretty common from the farms surrounding the cities, especially pork & chicken, which use less of the small city states' limited space. They could add Squab to their menu, pigeon meat, if they want to market to the poor. In Kharhakshana beef would probably be replaced with mutton, chevon, or game meats like venison for two reasons. 1) religion. Many people follow the God Havrakshet, who fights evil, embodied by a giant black bull. As a result his followers believe eating beef invites evil into your body. 2) local cattle were never domesticated. They put the aurochs to shame, being the size of African elephants, Kharhakshan Buffalo are also aggressive to boot. They also can smell domesticated cattle during mating season, so they tend to destroy the homes of these seminomadic herders trying to assert dominance over a bull or breed with a cow. It's only as their population dies down from ritual hunting & military initiation ceremonies that it's really becoming feasible to keep cattle in Kharhakshana. Other than that, wheat farming does happen, so most McD's foods are ok. ​ I**n my other world, a sci fi setting**, McDonald's would be seen as very strange but not because of the meals themselves, rather, their contents. Selling meat that was actually part of an animal? How barbaric, I have a pet pygmy cow, you know? Why not grow meat in a lab. Also the idea of sacrificing nutritional value for flavor is redundant, since genetic thanks to engineering & more advanced chemistry, you can easily have both. People might want some more engineered plants or alien plants as options as well, but by and large the actual meals are not too unusual.


I have a worldbuilding project crossed with an object show (with 3+ conlangs, too) so the 2 main races are Objects and Humans. The Koroniqai (human country) would probably not have any changes made to McDonalds, they have a very large economy. There are stricter laws on commercial food items, so it might be quite different taste-wise, but the main stuff stays. The Carállije (object country) is not as large of a country, but McDonalds still could exist. Vegetables and wheat would probably be found easier in Carállije than the Koroniqai, most of the Koroniqai's imports are from Carállije. The laws on nutrition are more lax in Carállije (objects can't get unhealthy very easily) so it would taste pretty much the same. The religious groups of both nations may have to recieve an accomodation by McDonalds to have a vegetarian option. For a 60-day period (starts in about June), all life must be viewed as sacred, and no meat is to be consumed, no avenging anyone, no squashing bugs, nothing. This, however, is more of a cultural tradition than a religious one, it is not necessary. But important nonetheless.


well first of all, theyd need alot more soup, decent meats (of course adorned with their signature breadding) oh and of course *S p i c e s*


Pickled-curried-pig's-feet big macs, sound pretty damn good honestly. As do locust-fries. Beer on tap would be a must. Traveler's Loaf buns for every sandwich of course. How about slug-nuggets in 6, 10, or 20 packs! And soft serve bear-milk ice cream for dessert. (McDonald's guarantees Tyrannic-free meats, all our raw ingredients are checked for gigantism and toxins by experts! Ba da ba ba bah you're loving it!)


If they were trying to appeal to the humans of my setting, they would replace all the beef with Aurochs meat, and probably throw in a lot more fish - Thorntail Stingray and Giant Salmon since they are cheaper and more readily available. Maybe a promotional event would include Giant Sturgeon which is a very rare and sought after meat. The oil used to cook everything in would likely be replaced with Kamimamu fat, which burns very hot and allows for things to be cooked in the freezing conditions in my setting. To appeal to Daemuns (and especially Daemunwitches) the potatoes used for fries might be swapped out for Bulgeroot, a sweet tuber that grows near bodies of freshwater. It has properties that are cancerous in humans, but stimulate rapid cell division and the replenishment of blood cells and plasma in Daemuns, which are vital to performing magic consistently.


Double super sizing and much more meat. And better meat too, in fact just up their quality because noone is going to go for that sloppy carb mess they call a meal


They'd have to change basically everything in the menu in order to actually make it better for the consumers.


What if my world already have a Mc donald? What would happen?