**Removed:** Off topic..."anarcho"-capitalism has absolutely nothing at all to do with anarchism.


No anarchist considers it a form of anarchism.


Yes but in some ways it is worse than historical feudalism because medieval peasants actually got a lot of days off to attend pilgrimages and other religious events. "Anarcho"-capitalism would be more like Gilded Age company towns or a colonial era plantation economy. tl;dr it's really bad.


This. The ridiculously long workday didn't actually start for workers until the 19th century or so when everything really industrialized. Unions collectivized and fought back to score us the 8 hour day and weekends off (which isn't much of a thing anymore, but hey, neither are unions). In an "an-cap" society, you'd basically be back in those 19th century workhouse conditions again. People would work under slavery conditions until they died, and then they'd be replaced with the next worker in line. Unionizing would be viciously crushed immediately and violently. So yeah, feudalism but much worse.


An "an"-cap society would also have more technologically advanced means of controlling people's lives.


Not to mention no state means no nation wide currency so capitalists will pay workers with starbucks-bucks or McDonald's coin and we'll all be singing🎵[I owe my soul..... to the company store](https://youtu.be/RRh0QiXyZSk)🎵 that is until the pinkertons get called


Certainly. It's not anarchism.