You would think water would be on the list first since you would die in less than a week without it. So really why should we enslave medical workers? The cost? The same costs driven through the roof by the government regulations? So we give them money and power, then through either corruption or sheer incompetence they create a larger problem. Then we have this guy’s 10000 IQ idea to just give them more money, power and control over our lives so that they solve the problem they created. But yeah for realzies this time, promise. Get the fuck outta here with that garbage.


In the US we have a system built to maximize profits for corporations. Despite receiving middling care, maybe 11th best in the world, we spend many times what most countries spend. $8508 per person. The UK has the best healthcare system in the world and they spend $3405 per person. So a government run healthcare system which is the best in the world spends $2k less per person? How can that be? You said it would be the exact opposite. It's almost like you haven't looked into this subject at all