literally just had this argument with someone, I didn't even get into the worker stuff before they started victim blaming me for livimg in capitalist society and "complaining" about it


I don't see an anarchist society making anything like our modern technology. It's the product of forced labor. We've come to take it for granted in the last couple decades, as if this is essential to our existence, when earlier anarchists generally aimed for harmony with nature and all that good stuff.


I have an uncle who despise capitalism and the"system" but without it how would he drive 97k truck? The hypocrisy.


The actual argument is that the existence of the profit motive and a free market economy created the necessary conditions for all these separate actors to come together and design/create/produce/distribute the iPhone. True or not, only an obtuse dipshit (or someone who deliberately refuses to understand opposing views because they have the emotional maturity of an adolescent) would construe the phrase as implying that some nebulously defined group of capitalists created the iPhone.


It's easy to defeat an argument you made up, after all.