People voting Cisco and Aruba over juniper are crazy. I get Cisco shares a ton with Arista so there's some bias but holy hell is Cisco so bad now. Fwiw I voted Arista but my campus switches are juniper with Arista DC.


In their defense I spent over a decade writing off Juniper as “*the one with the weird CLI*” being so different than the others. Recently I deployed my first Juniper Mist site and bloody hell am I near immediate convert. Regretting ordering Aruba switching for that site (*still waiting on almost a year later*).


Lol Netgear


Lol I had to throw it in for the lols




Oh my bad bro. You forgot about hubs.




Netgear now offer the best support of any product, and their products are now rated the best in class




I am voting for Cisco because of my favorite switch for probably 75% of my IT career, the 3750 series. They were rock solid. However, today I am stuck with Ubiquiti and GUI and miss the reliability of my old friend the 3750. If I were to get an opportunity to revamp my network, I would probably go with Juniper Mist.


I’m more curious about how many brands people have interacted with. Your vote isn’t worth much if you’ve only dealt with 1 product.


Right... let's see if I can remember... Cisco Hp Aruba Meraki Sonicwall Fortinet Juniper Dell Netgear Extreme networks Ubiquity Arista Trendnet What's the other one hp used? Alcatel? Brocade Ruckus Lmao almost forgot Adtran Several others I forgot Cuz they suck


I work at the result of a merger of ~50 orgs. The variety of old shit we have is astonishing. Bay stacks. Nortel. Avaya. You name it. Personally, I like Arista. We have some SRXs and I appreciate Junos, though I haven’t used their switches at all. And if we got them, I’d be the only one who could use them.


Cool technology. I've had a lot of issues with juniper switches, but the srx are solid.


Cisco Meraki for sure


Love these for our clients with enough $$$$


I recommend checking out the Meraki Go suite of products. Significantly cheaper hardware. Licensing and warranty is still a bit high but the cheaper hardware could sway some smaller companies their way. Being able to manage the switches, WAPs, firewalls right from the Meraki portal is a huge selling point and could save them money in the long run anyway