Wild guess your mesh is using 2.4band channel. Mesh bandwith is roughly half of the used channel bandwith.


Sorry but why would it default to 2.4 as I set it to prefer 5Ghz. Is there another setting that will enable a 5Ghz mesh? Bear in mind I'm not that experienced in IT infrastructure deployment. I just got like 6 IAPs that were out of use.


I cannot remember if there was a feature that even if one of the APs did not get good enough reception (from it's point of view) everything in the mesh defaulted to 2.4. You can easily test this by disabling 2.4 on the SSID. What are your network configs regarding channel (for example channel width).


On a dual radio AP, Aruba uses 5g radio for the backhaul and 2.4g radio for client traffic.You can configure only one radio for mesh. You can tinker more in the mesh cluster profile, mesh radio profile, RF management profile, ARM, etc. It's better to refer to the technical document. Don't get your expectations too high as mesh is the last resort. Run wire if possible.


Check both radios are enabled on the APs.


50mbps for mesh is not bad. Can you tell us more about your setup ? Is it used as a point to point bridge or do the AP's serve clients as well ? Knowing the distance between the two APs would also help.


Show ap mesh link to see the quality of the links between the APs. That will show the max theoretical link speed between APs. Since the AP shares the 5ghz radio for uplink and downlink, you will get at best half that from a client side.