Lutefisk caused a church in Arlen, Texas, to burn down. Edit: can we get free awards still? I can't find mine. Glad u all enjoyed this. KotH is streets ahead.


It was the man with the terrible smell!


I will say, cotton was downright despicable in 99% of the scenes he was in. But that episode, that episode earned my respect for him.


he always shows unconditional love for Bobby though.


"Hank, Bobby and me have decided. He's gonna stick vegetables up his nose. He's not gonna take over the family gas station."


"The family gas station" That line kills me everytime




It’s not disgusting, just taste like….nothing at all. Hence you need tasty sauces


Yeah, if you think rotten dog vomit is nothing at all.


Are you sure you aren’t confusing it with “surströmming” - fermented herring? That nasty shit surely tastes like dog vomit.


It is disgusting. Reference: Norwegian grandparents made lutefisk for Christmas


Went to a place in Washington that had lutefisk tacos on the menu. The waiter said only 2 people have ever ordered them.




A neighbor of mine when I lived in Norway, when we had a dinner party for some event or another, told me that nobody really eats lutefisk anymore. They still serve it at holidays and stuff, but now it is primarily a grand prank to trick foreigners into eating something gross. Then I moved to the US Midwest and everyone swears that they eat it as a part of their "heritage", and I quietly stifle a laugh thinking about that conversation.


My In-Laws do this. Every Christmas, without fail. Thank the gods they make Ham too. For the uninitiated, it's Cod soaked in Lye for weeks until it turns into this jelly-like mush that still holds the shape. Then, they (get this) "rinse it" and serve warm. It's vile shit. AND to make it even worse, that shit is served with lefsa (a potato based tortilla basically which is FUCKING DELICIOUS) and mashed potato's (who doesn't love mashed pots?) and fucking clarified BUTTER (delicious on all your favorite foods). You're to wrap mashed pots and lutefisk with the lefsa and drizzle the butter on top. If you skip the rotten, vile, jellied fish, it's quite tasty. So, if your family is like my wife's and also cooks a ham with the meal (so that there's actually fucking food on the table someone can eat), you should 100% put ham, mashed, and butter in that lefsa and eat that. It's AMAZING! I'll actually buy/make lefsa for ham dinners because it's that good. Lutefisk is a joke/evil plot by the Norse to poison the world so they can take our land and our women. You cannot convince me otherwise.


Hi. I grew up with this and would very much like your lefsa recipe. Would you share it with me? You can DM it.


Sure: * About 18-20 clean potatoes (baking variety) depending on size * 1/2 cup heavy cream * 1/2 cup butter * 1 tbsp. + 1/2 tsp. Kosher Salt * 1 tbsp. sugar (plain, white sugar, don't get fancy) * about 4 cups of AP Flour (more/less depending on how wet the end result is) Directions 1. Peel potatoes 2. Put peeled potatoes in large pot of water (at least a gallon or two) 3. Bring water to a boil, drop the heat and simmer until soft all the way through. 4. Drain and mash almost smooth (don't use a ricer, use a potato masher and mash the shit out of them until no large lumps are left. You want a few SMALL lumps for fun texture). 5. Combine the mashed potatoes with the heavy cream, butter, sugar, and salt. Mix well, but don't overdo it here. They can get really starchy and gluey if you overmix. You don't want that here. 6. Cover and refrigerate for at LEAST 8 hours. 16 at the most (they start to dry out after 16 hours or so) 7. The next day (usually) mix the cold potatoes with the flower, fold them together. Too much flower and they'll be super stiff. Too little and they'll be all runny. 4 cups is usually right, but you need to feel it out. If they go too stiff, add a touch of cream to loosen. 8. Make a bunch of tennis ball sized portions (smaller if you don't have a flattop or lefsa griddle). 9. Put them in the fridge on a plate (don't stack, it's annoying when they stick together) covered with plastic wrap or almost dry towel (like, just moist, super wrung out, too wet and they'll get soggy). 10. One ball at a time, roll them out on a floured board/countertop. If possible, use a rolling pin with grooves on it (i.e. [a lefsa rolling pin like this](https://www.amazon.com/Bethany-Housewares-Lefse-Rolling-Square/dp/B000810A6K/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1USRP1W65J2SD&keywords=lefse+rolling+pin&qid=1647543486&sprefix=lefse+rolling+pin%2Caps%2C119&sr=8-2)) or use a cotton covered rolling pin. I like the lefsa pin myself. 11. Fry the lefsa on a flattop or griddle, or lefsa cooktop (cast iron works well, but you need room to maneuver in the pan, so a skillet isn't great, but it'll look amazing). I like to put a bit of oil on the pan, get it hot, wipe it off, and add the smallest amount of butter to keep it from sticking. 12. Flip the lefsa when the bottom is nice and toasty (tricky to do without the right equipment, see below). 13. When finished, remove from heat, place on a dishtowel (fold overtop to keep it warm). 14. Repeat until you've used all your raw dough balls. ​ You can store this in the fridge in a plastic bag/plastic wrapped for about a week or so. When you're ready to use, just take it out of the bag and place in an oven on Warm (or the lowest your oven will go) until they're all warmed up. [THIS](https://www.amazon.com/Piece-Lefse-Starter-Kit-Mix/dp/B078SBXXYF/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=2QVT8WSZ4HNMU&keywords=lefse+griddle&qid=1647543539&sprefix=lefse+griddl%2Caps%2C147&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEyTjdCNldBTVozOFgzJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMTAyNzIyMzdWMk1VNDU5TjYzTyZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwNzE1NDY4MkFRSjBaSVNDTVU5WCZ3aWRnZXROYW1lPXNwX2F0ZiZhY3Rpb249Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU=) is a great starter kit for the "special" equipment. that pan makes great pancakes too.


It's Christmas food where I'm from. Nobody would eat it at any other time of the year.


I must say, it’s easier to stomach than surströmming




We have sour fish, we have alkaline fish, we have salty fish, we have Swedish fish - I don’t understand what you mean?


Anything I made.


I swear every time I cook for people I manage to massively fuck up my favourite recipes, every time they say it’s great but like, please, no, stop. You have yet to witness my full power.


ROFLMFFAO....I love this. Every time I attempt something (and it's always grand, sweeping....large), I think *"this time....I got it....I learned enough from that last disaster....I won't make* (insert dozens of mistakes made) *again....I got this"*.....and then....fuck me with a chain saw.....it's awful. All of it...the whole thing. There's never a portion that tastes like "*ehhh....not bad..."* I would take out a full page ad in the local paper if I ever got *"not bad*". Now, in my defense, I will say....over the last 10 years, where I've made these grand efforts maybe 4 or 5 times (the time span between however, grows larger each attempt)....each one has sucked less...but only by *nearly* immeasurable amounts. The *only* differential is noticeable if you were *personally* a taste tester in the other 3 or 4 events. Only then can you tell there's improvements. If you weren't there the other 3 or 4 times, you'd either: a) Be on the phone with your attorney. b) Be heading to your car because you're certain you can make it to the hospital sooner than an ambulance can pick you up c) Sitting quietly in a corner of my house posting to your social media page "*I now know why he's not married*".


I haven't seen someone use "ROFLMFAO" in a good 13 years. It gave me some good nostalgia Thank you.


I only use that phrase when I'm on my COMPAQ 386.


Windows 3.1 or 95???


Hey, for something you've only done 4 or 5 times and is a grand effort, that's not that bad.


What you wrote here feels vivid to me, and I greatly enjoyed your description of your struggles. Thank you for sharing this. In this bleak time, it has made my day just a bit better and brighter.


Lol. My MIL doesn't even bother pretending to like it. This is a woman that thinks velveeta is real cheese telling me how to improve my cooking. According to her steak is better without the pink in the middle as that bit "tastes nasty.".


Oh dear, I don't know what velveeta is (maybe it's an American thing, or wherever you're from, or I'm just dumb) but the part about the steak says enough...


>Oh dear, I don't know what velveeta is It's a block of yellow that tastes yellow and has the consistency and texture of yellow.


Hey hey, it tastes like yellow and the *idea* of cheddar.


The faint whisperings of an imagined cheddar.


The sad pondering of "what if." And the texture of too-warm, hungover, Brie.


It also vaguely smells of yellow.


Blasphemy! Plop it in a crockpot with a can of Rotel and some jalapeno juice, heat on low for an hour or so, grab some tortilla chips, and there you have it. Gourmet Queso./s


Read up on velveeta and you’ll find it’s a scientific breakthrough in cheese technology…..oil doesn’t separate when heated…..


And it’s pretty good with a can of Rotel and some tortilla chips, let’s be honest


This is the answer 🤣. I’m always so self conscious about my food when I serve it to other people.


Well you have someone to pretend to like your food




You stole my answer. Fyi to everyone. All black people don't like these. My mom swears I ate them when I was a kid and liked them. No way. I can't get past the smell. She's the only one in the family that eats this disgusting "food".


I grew up with them in the rural Midwest. But when I lived in Singapore, I used to buy them at a local Filipino store – best I'd ever had from a package.


Stuff like that is usually enjoyed by people who are older because it's something that was cultural or common when they were young.


My mom grew up on welfare and ended up an executive for at&t. Kept cooking like she was still o welfare.


That is a really hard habit to break. Still working on it..


I understand not liking foods, but I think a good number of the people here just need to visit the seasoning isle tbh


Tell us more of this mythical island


Odysseus visited it during the odyssey. It's full of cyclops, centaurs, minotaurs and sirens. Watch out!


Also cinnamon and tarragon.


It is a magical place full of trees whose bark smells of warmth and home. The air is redolent with the aromas of bright and lively grasses, invigorating blossoms, and deep, earthy roots. Rivers of sweet water will shape your path. Interestingly, the island has only 5 residents. Their names are Sporty, Posh, Scary, Baby, and Ginger.


Seriously. Ill never forget reading a reddit post about how shitty Americans make vegetables (posted by an Indian dude). “Why just butter and salt on boiled plants? Throw some chili and cumin on it or SOMETHING!” So i tried chili and cumin with salt and butter on peas and carrots. FUCKING AMAZING!!! Im not sure what it is but something brought out the sweetness in the carrots and it was like having dessert with dinner. You know we as humans fought WARS to get the shit you can pick up for $5.


You also should mostly not be boiling your vegetables. They're so much better roasted, or steamed, or sauteed, or hell, even raw. Not sure why boiling everything until it is limp and flavorless became the standard american preparation for vegetables, but it's resulted in a huge proportion of the population not knowing what vegetables can actually taste like (though chili and cumin on vegetables sounds amazing, so I'm definitely gonna try that one sometime).


This!!! A lot of people I know who say they don't like vegetables usually don't like them because their parents cooked the poor veggies to oblivion!


Mirch aur jeera se puri duniya badal gai inki Wait till you find out about Garam masala or panch phoran


I believe you meant aisle, but I'd love to visit seasoning isle tbh


Hahah, ok I get the other Jokes now, swipe to text lol. But honestly, most of the equator centered islands of the world also have seasonings y'all should try


People need to understand what adding spices and aromatics at different times dynamically change a dish


I learned that putting fresh minced garlic in a soup at the very end is amazing. Same with lemon zest and fresh herbs. Brightens the flavor so much


This comment section is a list of my favorite foods


listen im sorry to be the one to tell you this….but you’re pretending. you don’t actually like food, you just think you do


No joke, I had a friend tell me that I don't actually like cold water. Being cold just tricks me into liking it. I didn't know how to respond without being mean so I just stared at him.


He's got you there, bet you wouldn't enjoy a boiling hot glass of mud quite as much as that cold water And we don't actually like cake, it's the sugar and the flavorings, and the fluffy texture, and pretty decorations that trick you into liking it Us bunch of idiots letting the qualities of the items we ingest determining how we interpret the experience.


Music is just vibrations. You cry because vibrations? Hahahahahah dumbass.




Your favorites are cauliflower pizza, caviar, vegan cheese, licorice and man juice?


Yeah really lol. Caviar, oysters, vegetables, offal, sweetbread.


WTF do you eat??


I'm on a diet right now so mostly - eggs - whole grains (brown rice, wheat bread, soba) - beans - chicken breast - salmon - various veggies, a lot of ginger, garlic, broccoli, cabbage, green beans, spinach, bean sprouts, onions, asparagus, mushrooms...I don't think there's a veggie I dislike. - hard cheeses, as a cheat snack Like, 2 or 3 times a year I'll go out with friends to an oyster bar or korean BBQ.


Escargot. The sheer amount of melted butter and garlic it’s served with tells me enough to know that no one actually likes the snail part.


lol remembering when i was 16 and thought escargot was a vegetable (maybe confusing with escarole?) and horrified to see a plate of snail shells.


Ate them in my late teens, I think when I was 17 or so in France, and loved them! To me then they were kind of like chicken nuggets that pretended to be sophisticated, though a bit chewy. Would love to have them again sometime.


that’s kinda how alligator tastes lol


In Morocco we eat it boiled in a special broth and no butter or garlic, super delicious


Tried them once! Though it was a very unique taste


I mean, it's like a meaty mushroom, similar to some other seafood


We ordered that, portabella mushrooms and seafood. The snails tasted like mushrooms , the mushrooms tasted like steak. I said I'm glad we didn't order the steak, it probably would have tasted like snails


When visiting Paris I was told the escargot was simply a vehicle for serving butter and garlic.


Lots of French cooking is precisely this. They compose dishes with different layers where the layers themselves might not be great alone but with other layers added they get better. The snails exist to add texture to the garlic & butter. Snails on their own are pretty flavorless. If you ever try bugs the bugs themselves generally don't taste of anything, what they are cooked in is the flavor.


I see nothing wrong with this.


I've had it and I enjoyed it. Tasted much like clams or muscles. And in reality they aren't much different. Shellfish are just sea snails.


Y'all some picky motherfuckers. Or maybe I'm just a fatass. I'd eat most of the stuff you guys are commenting.


There's a difference between eating anything and actually liking it. I'll eat beets, lima beans, liver, oysters and anchovies (because I'm a fat ass), but I actually can't stand any of them.


Pickled beets are awesome.


Extreme hot sauce You just want to feel like a bad ass telling everyone how you like your 100000000 schovel hot sauce


I enjoy the heat of hot sauce but I've become desensitized over the years. The sauce has to have a decent flavor as well though. If it's just heat I don't care for it. Like Da Bomb sauce on Hot Ones. Terrible


Da bomb is just for dares and pranking people. The last dab I actually used on purpose a few times, though really it's kind of silly also.


I work on a fishing boat. Space is very valuable. So I brought the last dab on because I enjoy the flavor and can use it to heat up meals and only need 1 small bottle for the entire time. Before we went on the water I had it in the fridge of the place we were staying. This one guy had some meat and rice in a bowl and without knowing what it was, poured about half the bottle over his food. This crazy fucker almost finished the bowl. Once he realized what he has done he didn't want to be beaten by the last dab so he powered through it. Whenever I make food for everyone I'll mix one little dab into about 8 or 9 servings of pasta or rice to give it a little something.


Get that poor man on Hot Ones. Holy shit.


I feel like I’ve seen at least 1 interview where the person said the Da Bomb wing was worse to eat than the last dab.


Dude Da Bomb is beyond offensive in every way! It tastes like what I would imagine battery acid mixed with broken glass would taste like.


at a certain point they start using straight capascin extract and thats why those sauces taste like shit. You can have reallllly hot sauces that still taste good when theyre just pepper


They have one called Fiji fire that has to be the best hot sauce I’ve ever had. I highly recommend it. I have a buddy who works for a place called freaky ferments based in Texas that ships and has amazing hot sauces I would recommend their sauce before anyones. I’m gonna plug it for easy access to it https://www.freakyferments.com/


theres kind of a culture around making shit hot. tried a garlic sauce called "pain is good" maybe the grossest sauce I've had. but, tons of sauces made with hit peppers can be amazing. if you get a tolerance, ghost habaneroes, Carolina reapers, and ghost peppers have been core in some of my favorite sauces.


Dude that Pain is Good sauce tastes the way the juice in the bottom of a dumpster smells


Capsaicin has a tolerance tho. If ur like me, most standard hot sauce is mild as shit and barely adds any heat. Sauces aren’t usually as good as fresh peppers tho. Love me some fresh habanero


So this is a weird thing: depression and other mental illnesses can affect your sense of taste, and things just… stop tasting good. Spicy doesn’t change though, because it’s stimulating a pain receptor and not a taste bud. Even if I’m not aware of it, I can often tell I’m getting bad again if I’m putting more and more hot sauce in my foods, it’s a subconscious “fix” for everything feeling flavorless.


Really, man i started to eat extremely hot things when i was depressed for long periods of time, since than I'm more or less okay, it depends week to week, but my love to spicy (literally Carolina reaper) still holds and most of the spicy sauces you buy in store are mild to me at max, do you have some source to that of depression?


I was chatting with a guy who runs a hot sauce shop at my local Ren faire. I asked where the challenge-hot sauces went and he said "I stopped making 'stupid frat boy hot' sauces. There's no challenge, just pile in the capsaicin. If it doesn't taste good, what's the point?". Then pointed me toward some that were still way too hot for me, but tasted good


Cum. People dom'tvlike it, they l o v e it


I think it's more related to doing something for your hot looking partner in the heat of the moment rather than it's taste


100% the taste. Just ask ur mom


*surprised Pikachu face*


My ex gf genuinely loved the taste and hearing her moan while I came in her mouth was one of memories that made breaking up with her really hard


Is she single?


if I didn't like it? I wouldn't *swallow*


Came here for a ratatouille reference and was not disappointed.


I love the ACT of swallowing but I wouldn’t say I like the taste. If anything with certain men it’s just neutral.


Cum has multiple flavors per person, you just gotta find that special person :)


>Cum has multiple flavors per person Who the fuck you dating with the dick fountain soda dispenser?


I had an ex that said she could quite distinctly taste coffee. I may have been drinking too much coffee


A girl told me this except whiskey instead of coffee. And I was drinking a lot of whiskey at the time.


Pure malt cum?


I'll give her that one. I don't drink coffee much, but when I do, I can definitely smell it in the bedroom. And in my piss, too.


Protip: buy bromalaine tablets online. Take one a day for two weeks. You're welcome.


>bromalaine tablets Bromelain -- it's for bros!


Or just skip that and drink pineapple juice.


That works as well. I don't recommend because juice is full of sugar and carbs. Bromalaine is basically concentrated form of what you want from the plant.


...and I shall henceforth refer to orgies as "Sexual Baskin Robbins"


If they don't smoke, it can be ok. I've been told my cum tastes good. I went on a vacation had fruits every morning and my gf said my cum was good then a smoked a joint and she said I ruined it and didnt blow me after.


i had an ex that drank red bull exclusively & ate pizza & chicken nuggets. Swear *to god* his cum was corrosive i vomited several times just from the smell


Offal and tripe


In the words of Arthur Morgan: "Assorted salted offal? Starving would be preferable."


Good Boah


You know, they say hunger is the best seasoning..


He’ll still eat it if his cores are low!


My husband looooves tripe. Orders extra for his Pho everytime. I can't get over the texture.


Tripe is super under rated! Fry it up and make it crispy makes it delicious


You mean the texture of a green scrubby dish sponge doesn’t appeal to you?! S/


People who try to make cauliflower pizza or rice…. Grim


Man I feel bad for cauliflower. It didn't ask to be shitty chicken wings or fart flavoured rice. It's just trying to be broccoli's dropout brother and live in the attic playing halo.


Cauliflower can actually be decent, flavorwise, if you slightly sear it and add a bit of salt and pepper - it stays crunchy and fresh. As soon as it goes mushy when you cook it - hard pass.


Damn, almost like that's the truest way to cook a lot of vegetables I'm willing to bed most kids who don't like vegetables have parents who don't know to cook them like this and just steam or boil them Edit: bet not bed, but it's funny so I'm leaving it


Don't bed kids please. Even the ones who dislike vegetables don't deserve that.


Yeah, don't steam or boil them either.


You're willing to do WHAT to most kids!?


It absolutely is. Love me some veggies, but I like them fresh or slightly seared/grilled. The whole appeal of them for me is the freshness and crunchy texture.


For real! I love cauliflower, but it's gross when it's riced and made into other stuff.


Went through the cauliflower as a substitute for potato phase while my wife had gestational diabetes. That one is viable. Love me some shepard's pie with cauliflower mash instead of potatoes. Several other dishes are better with cauliflower mash instead as well. And bonus that it cooks faster.


half cauliflower and half potatoes make a really solid mash too that isn't indistinguishable from all potatoes but it is truly enjoyable.


My ex and I made mashed broccoli, cauliflower and potato’s once when we had friends over for dinner and everyone loved it. We called it mashed brocoflotatoes lol


Made a potato soup the other day that was like 75% cauliflower 25% potato. The kid and FIL were none the wiser but sweet jesus the next morning was rough on the noses


My cauliflower wings are to die for man


I lost quite a bit of weight a few years ago. I didn't modify my diet in a massive way, but did try to cut down on some things. I'd have the occasional hot wing, but hot wings are a calorie BOMB to the system because I want to eat so many. I tried buffalo cauliflower....it was awesome. I've actually enjoyed it as past of my regular diet these days.


Roasted cauliflower is *delicious*.


Of all the things cauliflower gets used for these days, buffalo "wings" is for sure my favorite. There's very few things I wouldn't enjoy drenched in wing sauce tho.


I like cauliflower pizza, but it's so labor intensive that I'd rather just run 10 miles and eat real pizza. It's easier.


I actually found a decent frozen cauliflower crust in my store. Of course the secret is that it's 50% flour (with 50% pulverized cauliflower). Still, decent for the taste and lower calories (but I suppose the carbs wouldn't cut the mustard for Keto folks).


Please don't eat people


Cauliflower “mashed potatoes” is actually pretty damn good


Ketosis aint gonna come by itself


Vegan "cheese"


I tried to make spaghetti with this stuff once. 90% of it curled around the fork I used to mix it in, and was so stuck to it that I had to soak that thing for a full day in hot soapy water to get the rest off. What the fuck is that shit made out of?


The souls of meat eaters


Are souls vegan?


Okay vegan here so I'll be as honest as I can. 90% of the cheeses are either straight up bad or just tolerable. There are some cheese versions (like a liquid queso or some parmesan blocks I've tried)that were legit nice. Would I prefer them over high quality normal cheese? Probably not but I haven't tried cheese in years so I really don't remember the taste.


Not a vegan but I can’t eat dairy protein. I agree it’s more complicated than what people assume when they ask me the difference. I can barely remember the taste of cheese. When I accidentally have some real dairy it tastes sour. So I don’t instinctively compare. As for replacements, I don’t use vegan dairy as much. When I do, I use it in less quantity than I did real dairy. I used to drink lots of milk, eat lots of yogurt, layer the cheese on pizza. Now I’ll use vegan cream in my coffee, sprinkle cheese on my pizza, basically in small quantities it improves things but the taste and texture just isn’t good enough to be the prime attraction. In short, the real “substitute” for dairy is just alternative foods that are naturally dairy free.


Most of it is absolute garbage, but every once in a while I taste some that really tastes like real cheese. I'm confident we will have great vegan cheese in a few years.


Chao slices are excellent in sandwiches that aren’t heated


Cashew cream cheese is fcking delish


If you can do almonds, Kite Hill cream cheese and Ricotta are phenomenal


Oh man. I agree for 99% of them, but there’s one vegan cheese I adore. Chao. Sliced. Not shredded. Not smoked. Just regular Chao. It’s so buttery tasting!


My daughter is 5 and I'm vegan & my wife isn't. For some reason my daughter prefers vegan cheese if both options are on the table and it baffles me because even I recognize it's inferior. That said some vegan cheese is far better and more usable than others and cooking it requires trial and error.


Honestly, some of it is pretty nice. So far I only tasted crap vegan cheese, but recently I found one that's really good qnd tastes like actual cheese


I can very much recommend using yeast flakes instead of vegan cheese. Tastes very cheesy and is easy to cook with.


Bittermelon. My parents swear by it not being bitter, but I think they've just been conditioned by their upbringing. It's called bittermelon for one thing.


Funnily enough that’s my favorite vegetable to have with rice.


It’s definitely bitter, but I first tried it in an egg stir fry as an adult and loved it immediately! Then again, I am a huge veggie fan, so that may have influenced it a bit. It is sometimes too bitter though and I can only have a few bites which is always a disappointment, so it definitely also varies by melon.


Those orange circus peanuts things, like really wth?!!?


Circus peanuts.


Omg, I love circus peanuts! I had almost an addiction to those in my late twenties, early thirties. I was buying multiple bags at a time. Haven’t had one in years. Have to treat them like crack. Can’t even risk eating one, less I fall back into full blown addiction issues.


Next thing you know you will be doing circus peanuts spedballs


Circus peanuts are God tier candy, and I'm going to the store to get some to spite you.


I love most Old Man candies. Werther’s originals, peppermints, those chalky mints they give you after meals, those gold butterscotch hard candies, those “strawberry” flavored candies with the goo inside and the strawberry design on the wrapper… edit: and saltwater taffy and necco wafers too! I also do a thing where when I go to a friends house for parties and whatnot, I covertly locate their junk drawer and toss a handful of candy into it. That way they stumble upon random old-man candy that they don’t remember buying and just perpetually wonder where the hell all these tootsie rolls and cow tails came from


Circus peanuts aren't just peanuts?? I'm from Australia and I looked them up. Closest we got is a lolly banana it seems. Wow TIL.


Durian, texture, smell, everything about it.


I can and will eat literally anything on God's green Earth. Except for durian. I first encountered it on a trip to Thailand. When I first got into my hotel room I was puzzled by the "No Spiky Ball" sign next to the "No Smoking" sign. Now I know.


it’s VERY difficult to find a perfectly ripe durian... Honestly it gets a really bad rep because people have no idea how to pick a good one out, PLUS they don’t stay good for long once they’re off the tree. they’re really not bad if you can find the *perfect* one..which i will admit can be super difficult especially when they’re imported from somewhere far away. It actually can taste very good. like a creamy vanilla custard with an odd scent of garlic or chives. it’s creamy sweet and somehow savory all at once. The thing about durian is you can’t really have any expectations about what it will taste like because it’s really like nothing else. If you think you’re about to bite into a typical sweet tasting fruit like mango or something you’re mistaken lol. but it should NOT smell like rotted horrible flesh. that’s a bad durian. and it’s kind of the worst thing to try your first durian as a tourist/foreigner in some asian parts especially at street fruit vendors cus they will most likely purposely sell you bad ones thinking you’re just a dumb tourist. the best place to try durian, if you’re lucky enough to go would be at a super upscale restaurant that has them or at a durian farm where you can get the best one picked for you right off the tree 😋


> Durian try balut next time you're in SE Asia. I'd rather eat durian than balut, but that's just my own preference.


I couldn't eat balut simply based on what it is. I am very much a "I'll try anything once" (I suppose almost anything) but eating a boiled half-developed chick egg directly from the shell is a hard no from me, especially with the idea of *sipping the liquid* added on.


Licorice. Don't even know how to describe its disgusting flavor.




I thought I liked it until a friend in Korea gave me these TEENY TINY tabs to try. Didn't hear her say only eat 1 because all I thought was ooh licorice so i put 3-5 in my mouth. Anyways that's how i violently threw up in a bush in downtown Seoul. And also how I learned that whatever black jellybeans are is the flavor I like and it's probably not really classified as black licorice and more like "some anise and then just all sugar"


I wonder if it’s on the same gene as cilantro (tastes like soap to me)? I looooove licorice, anise, fennel etc. All the same flavor family.


I also love licorice and abhor cilantro. My husband loves cilantro and hates licorice


What kind of licorice? Here in the Netherlands, you have endless choices. Every type of licorice tastes very very different. Maybe you haven't found your favorite yet.


I think the common one people can't stand is black licorice


No, you don't seem to understand. Scandinavians have different flavors of black licorice.


Black licorice is huge in the Netherlands as well, also comes in different flavors. Salt and sweet. We share that with the Nordics.


Salmiak licorice is where it really starts becoming fun.


My god, you just brought back some amazing childhood memories of my Uncle from Sweden bringing us salty licorice. Most of my friends that tried it were entirely put off and hated it. I thought it was heavenly.


Actual licorice. Most people will think of things like Twizzlers or Red Vines when you say licorice, but "black licorice" is the actual flavor of the licorice root, where the candy got its name.


When I was a kid I used to just chew on the actual licorice root. You used to be able to buy them next to the till at chemists


For the Americans. Those red sticks and stuff are not actual licorice. It's just a gummy candy


I think we’re aware and we mostly mean black licorice when we say we hate licorice. We tend to call Twizzlers just Twizzlers. I had a Nordic roommate and tried different licorices, some of them suck your soul out of you right through your tongue.


Um... We know that


I’m an American and I know that, but thanks,


Oooh no pretending here! Its one of my favourite candy since i was a kid, i loove the rich dark salty-sweet kind :)