How do you feel about cosmetic plastic surgery?

How do you feel about cosmetic plastic surgery?


Iranians are probably still asleep since there is no positive votes yet


Personally, it freaks me out. Plus i think it sets unrealistic beauty standards in society. The only people who should get it are those who's faces are actually scarred from injuries, burns, defects etc


Negative unless it is necessary


Some people genuinely need it. Like breast reduction. Some women have back problems and stuff, that surgery improves your quality of life. The issue is a lot these common procedures have risk and complications and I get the feeling people aren’t always fully aware of. A lot of the times the results don’t warrant the risk associated with surgery. A lot of the time the results are worse than before if you go to a bad doctor and there are A LOT of bad doctors that people go to to save money. NEVER try to be thrifty with plastic surgery. There’s also the body image issues that are associated with plastic surgeries. But I mostly blame the the media for establishing unattainable beauty standards with photoshopped models and then marketing that to teenage girls. Instagram is probably the worse source.


I wouldn't include a breast reduction in the definition of plastic surgery. And social media is bad but Instagram is pure cancer. I never used it so my only frame of reference of how women look is the women I see IRL. Whenever I see pictures posted from there, it looks sooooo obvious it's photoshopped and fake. But people here are like, noooooo, that is natural beauty...


I know it’s so bad! The problem is they start going on Instagram young and they get so used to seeing all this shit. 90% of the people on there either have plastic surgery or photoshop or both. And so many of the Instagram Beauty tends don’t even make you look better. They literally just look good on camera and in person these people look really weird. Like I have never seen good lip fillers in person but all these people who look so stupid in person take amazing pictures. It’s so toxic.


5 positive votes from iranian women


I think it’s sad when people erase their ethnic features in order to fit a trend because trends don’t last very long. Also sometimes when you have major plastic surgery you have to keep getting it done to maintain the results and some procedures can be dangerous (ex: BBLs). I would like to know the opinion of a person who lives in a country with a lot of plastic surgeries as well. Is it looked down on to get work done?


If the man or women wants to do it they are free to do it i will not restrict them, they are not harming anyone but I personally only think cosmetic surgery is warranted when you are in dire need of enhancements and are down astronomically.


I agree I think people should be allowed to do what they want and I wouldn’t restrict anyone. Wdym by “in dire need of enhancements”?


Listen im trying to be polite about it, i mean if people look you in the face and their eye's start bleeding or they get turned into stone i guess its justified then


Haha thanks for the honesty




Neutral, i don't have strong opinions on it. As for whether or not i like the way it looks, well, it depends, if a woman looks straight up plastic then i am probably not gonna like that, she can still do it ofc, it's just that i am not gonna like it personally, that being said i don't think having got any plastic surgery at all makes someone look bad, i have seen women who have had visible plastic surgery and still looked pretty damn hot IMHO


Who cares your body not mine


Neutral idc what you do to your body


if its something small like a nose job or a boob job who cares but if its something that alters the persons look a lot then it would put me off


Depends how extensive and how good is the surgeon, if it's a small surgery then ok, but if it's a highly extensive surgery then it's bad imo.


Neutral leaning positive


Lebanese people love it


I want nose job unironically