We're right smack in the information age


I agree, the world is now an open book test where every question that has an answer can be found. Finding the correct one is tough though.


>Finding the correct one is tough though. Yep. We are also right smack in the Mis-information age.


And identifying which one is the correct one. On an unrelated note I remember an assignment in school, the teacher told us not to use Wikipedia but gave us a list of a few other sites, the only practical one said that greeces capital is gothenburg and it has a population of I don't remember how much but many times the earths population.


The funniest part about this is Wikipedia is not that bad at all. I very rarely see information on Wikipedia that is outright wrong. It definitely does happen, but it’s not as common as some would believe. The issue should not be using Wikipedia, but using it as a primary source. ESPECIALLY when Wikipedia is generally pretty good at listing good sources at the bottom.


I have actually went around the no Wikipedia rule by making sure the Wikipedia page actually used the information from the sources, used Wikipedia during the assignment, and then listing Wikipedias sources as my sources.


Same here. Wikipedia was like my trusty guide to finding relevant sources, which pointed to more sources and so on. It’s how I got through high school and college. In an era long before GPS chat


I think it’s generally a good idea not to use secondary sources if you can help it. It’s no difference with Wikipedia. Citing citations is bound to lose information. But they are still great for learning a thing or two


Ah yes, you’re right. To be clear, you should absolutely read the primary source and cite it directly. Wikipedia can just be a fantastic starting point to find the sources. In my experience though, I wasn’t specifically told never to cite Wikipedia, I was told never to use it (because it could be wrong). I ignored this advice and I’m yet to be bitten by it, although admittedly this is all anecdotal.


Mhm. Hating on Wikipedia is so stupid really. It’s a one of a kind website that educated the world so much it’s crazy. I hope it’s story never ends.


I believe some studies have shown Wikipedia's error-per-page average was lower than Encylopedia Britannica's. The main thing with Wikipedia is that the more obscure knowledge can be laden with misinformation or just no information. A lot of pages about ant species, for instance, are wrong, incomplete, or missing.


For real. I can pick almost any topic conceivable and learn to my hearts content. Articles, books, videos, etc. all at the tips of my fingers. Sure, the internet is full of a lot of trash but there’s so much information that’s good out there.


Definitely for real. As an older person who went from a card catalog to Google, the speed at which we can now learn is amazing. I hope we use it wisely.


yet simultaneously in the attention economy - where billions of dollars are spent by media companies to ensure we waste our brain power on waste instead of actual knowledge 😭


Wikipedia is the closest thing we have to the library of Alexandria


It was the other way around honestly


You mean the Library of Alexandria was the farthest thing they had to Wikipedia??




Almost everyone is going with a negative answer, so I will try to mention a positive one: board games. If you are a board game geek like me, there has never been a better time in terms of the number of interesting games available and the number of people who are interested in playing them. Compared to games like Risk and Monopoly and Stratego that I grew up with, it's like we've gone from the Model T to a Corvette.


What are some you'd recommend from a few different categories?


Most of this comes from my personal collection **Universal Classics** - expect to see these old favourites in many collections - Settlers of Catan - 7 Wonders - Ticket to Ride **Smaller Experiences** - shorter games with simpler rule sets - Azul - Machi Koro - Love Letter - Kill Doctor Lucky **Balanced Gaming Experience** - strong games with 1-2 hour play times - Wingspan - Abyss - Flamecraft - Lords of Waterdeep - Stone Age - Parks - Here to Slay **Strong Social Element** - mechanical emphasis on deception and social deduction - Sheriff of Nottingham - BANG - Secret Hitler - Coup **Unique Mechanics** - slightly weirder rules, but still a good 1-2 hours - Photosynthesis - Five Tribes - Dominion - Mystic Vale **Longer Games** - 3+ hour playtimes - Terraforming Mars **Complex, Calculated, and Competitive** - recommended for more experienced gamers wanting a more demanding experience - Terra Mystica - A Game of Thrones: the board game - Agricola - Scythe - Eclipse - Brass (Birhingham is rather more relaxed than Lancashire) **The Deep End** - marathon games requiring you to set aside much of the day for them - Star Wars Rebellion - Twilight Imperium - Arkham Horror


Great list! Have played most of those (friday night is game night) and i'll add some older ones & some lighter ones that may be more for kids. Time Stories Tokaido King of Tokyo Sabatuer Horrified (Classic & American) Camel Up Survive King Domino 5 Minute Marvel Potion Explosion Red7 Deep Sea Adventure Jamaica One Night Werewolf Sushi Go Cash N Guns


I always thought it was Camel Cup from the way the [box](https://cf.geekdo-images.com/1ph2jVOD1MudR1fK1nkwwA__itemrep/img/x5pEGB463NY3DOzCUC7wfU0itrI=/fit-in/246x300/filters:strip_icc()/pic2031446.png) looks. And considering it is a game about racing camels.


TIL that there's a game called secret hitler. I would also expand the list with Dune and if someone is into DND Tyrants of the Underdark.


It's closest in mechanics to Avalon. You have a liberal majority who get no info, a fascist minority who know each other's identities, and Hitler, who is a facist but usually doesn't know who the others are, and wants to be going fully under the radar anyway. Liberals are trying to coordinate to get good policies into play, while fascists want to get bad policies into play and then get Hitler elected. It's tense and messy and the deck composition and policy process means that you don't have perfect information, meaning it's not a solved game like Avalon is.


I haven't played Avalon, but Secret Hitler, and a lot of other games like it, are variations on the game 'Mafia' that are created with the goal of solving some of the problems that Mafia had. The biggest one of these problems was that in Mafia you could be killed right at the beginning of the game and then you are nothing more than a spectator until the game finishes, which is not fun.


Awesome list! Just taught my family Coup and Secret Hitler on Christmas!




Just beat Gloomhaven after 3 years of weekly game night, took about 150 hours with a party of 4.


Gloomhaven? I just saw that on the Steam store. Is that based off the board game?




A single game Took this long?


It's a Tabletop RPG disguised as a board game. You choose a character archetype and grow that character until they reach a certain goal and move on to another character archetype.


Gloomhaven has 95 scenarios, each one taking \~2-3 hours. We did about 60 scenarios due to choices throughout the game blocking others out.


He pretty much speedran that thing. 150 hours in Gloomhaven is quick.


Time to start Kingdom Death Monster!


What are you into? How many players? Party games or strategy games?


Honestly I'm pretty diverse in my interests, but I'd say party games might be the best topic to focus on.


It's kind of simple, but I like Bang. It's a Mafia style game, but it's set up as a western with deputies/ sheriffs instead of a boss/henchmen. Pretty simple set up, but it can be a lot of fun. I do second Betrayal at House on the Hill. It may not be a traditional party game, but my friends always love playing it, and the replay value is worth it alone.


Wavelength, Coup, Werewolf (or One Night Ultimate Werewolf), Codenames, Secret Hitler, Don’t Get Got!


codenames is The party game


Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Betrayal at House on the Hill, & Wingspan are a few that easy to learn and a lot of fun! Just good core board games to have in the collection!


Pandemic is a great one! When we first got it as a family it was basically permanently set up on our dining room table. My sister would even play solitaire with it, with multiple roles and just her doing all the thinking. The funny thing is, I asked for Pandemic for Christmas of 2019. We all know what happened next...


It was you!




Betrayal is literally my favorite board game! I think I've annoyed my fiancée with how much I bring it up 😂


Betrayal is awesome and can totally be a drinking game!


Not exactly party games - i just realized that part of the comment! Still good games though!


Tokaido is a 2-5 player game that is fantastic




I’d add that tabletop simulator let’s you plan board games, virtually, with friends, for free (the board games/mods are free once you purchase the the simulator). It’s awesome!!!!


Currently working for a company that produces tabletop games. I also worked for a similar company in the 90s. there were a ton of awesome games coming out in the 90s. Ton more coming out now, though. And, actually producing games is an entirely different beast now - vastly easier to do it, assuming you can locate the required creatives. Which, again, is way easier than before.


i know it's dumb but i played Catan for the first time a month ago. instantly forgot about anything in the world for 4 hours. boardgames are awesome!


Not dumb, my friends and I have a catan league and we play weekly.


It's all about the cones.


It's refreshing to see a positive answer here. Thanks hero 👍


There's also a lot of people getting into chess, so that's been fun.


Can you recommend something that 2 can play; something that is focused on building? Like Last Train to Nuremberg or Settlers of Catan? It’s for a gift for my SO - we have an off grid cabin and are alone a lot.


[Carcassonne](https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/822/carcassonne) could be a good fit for you guys. [Sovereign Skies](https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/249689/sovereign-skies) has some building components, but on a smaller scale— building and activating bases on planets. Also [Wingspan](https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/266192/wingspan) (not exactly building anything, but I still think it might be a good fit too). In the realm of development, [Dinosaur Island](https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/221194/dinosaur-island) is a beefy game that allows you to develop your own dinosaur theme park. [Welcome To…](https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/233867/welcome) is a cool “flip and write” game where you’re developing 50s style neighborhoods, trying to have nice parks and pools to get the most points. If you want to deviate away from building games, but want a cooperative game experience that works well for two people, I can’t recommend Gloomhaven enough. Ideally, start off with [Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion](https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/291457/gloomhaven-jaws-lion)- it teaches the game well, is a touch simpler than the big version of the game, and is much less expensive. It’ll give you an idea if “big [Gloomhaven](https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/174430/gloomhaven)” would be worth your investment.


Ah! Also [Ticket to Ride](https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/9209/ticket-ride) OF COURSE! And my husband and I usually play [Ticket to Ride: New York](https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/253284/ticket-ride-new-york) because the map is tiny and feels like the right size as a two player game. In all fairness we haven’t ever played regular Ticket to Ride with just the two of us, so it might be great too!


Oh bitter irony, that I have no friends. Curse you fates, and fie upon your cruel designs!


Have you tried Board Game Arena site ? You can play with strangers, sure not as much fun vs play with friends but not like you have anyone to begin with so win-win right...


You don't even need friends anymore! You can get that boardgame fix with solo games like Mage Knight or Spirit Island.


Nice! This was also my first thought but I didn't expect to see it so high up. Just had some friends over last night to play Dune Imperium. There are so many amazing board games to play these days.


I like your answer! You are completely right, there is a very huge amount of interesting board games. I am planning to buy an official Civilization 6 game – the map itself is really huge and the package comes with extras for a good price! 😊 My second pick would be Fallout board game with exclusive content both from Fallout 4 and 76. Cannot wait to get started with them.


It seems like everything that gains traction on r/AskReddit now is either sex-related or negative. This seemed like an exception but most of the comments are still edgy and negative. Sucks.


I didn’t even know I could like a board game that much until I went to a college buddy’s place and he started busting them out left and right. Even the simple and fast ones now I think are well designed. Coup is really easy to teach people and super fun once you get rolling




On this, the connection between focus and energy is astonishing. For those of us with cluttered thoughts, drop it in a journal like a total brain dump. Go without music or checking your phone for a bit throughout the day. Allow yourself to be bored. Allow your thoughts to process. On top, those of us with trouble sleeping because of racing thoughts, did we spend all day without a moment to sit in silence to ourselves? Brain dump before bed, not in it. I know this is more difficult for some with extra responsibilities or conditions. But I'd say 30 min less sleep because you brain dumped in a journal before bed is better than not letting those thoughts out.


So many companies and apps that are all designed to get you to spend a lot of time there or get you addicted. I struggle to concentrate when I'm near the internet or my mobile phone.


Beer! There are so many different types of beers and so many different craft breweries all over the world, my experience in the U.S.A. is that almost anywhere you go you can find some unique brewery with a special beer. We are truly in the golden age of beer.


And only 99.99% are IPAs! But seriously growing up in the East coast of the US, my dad told me stories about Coors being a big deal here. It’s a good time to be a beer drinker. Unless you’re Belgian. They never had this issue.


I have completely stopped drinking and buying IPAs. I don’t hate IPAs at all. In fact, I quite like them. But I’m trying to vote with my wallet. I’m sick of going to the bodega and it being stacked 95% with IPAs and 5% with everything else.


IPAs give me a headache so I avoid them. It's really frustrating to walk into a craft beer pub and it's all IPAs and Lagers. No Stouts or Porters.


Every time I find an interesting IPA, I buy it, try it and go, “Hm, tastes like all the rest.”


If you’re not into IPAs/ don’t have them often I can totally see how they would all taste the same to you! It’s hard to get past the initial super strong hoppy taste. Personally I’m a huge fan of most citrusy hazy IPAs. They tend to be more balanced imo


Or Voodoo Ranger orange IPA. Reminds me of a redneck mimosa (beer with orange juice*). If you hate it, don't worry you won't notice the taste after the first one. They're like 9% abv


The golden age of beers has passed. We’re in the golden age of hard kombuchas and non-alcoholic beers.


Yes! I’ve been sober about a year now and the availability of NA beers had really helped me feel like an “adult” in public and I really miss the taste of beer sometimes. (Some people are really against NA beers, mocktails, etc., as triggering, but for me it’s the opposite, it just scratches that itch.) Do you have any your rec? I’ve really liked Athletic Brewing, Guinness’ NA one, and Heineken zero, but always looking out for more


Have a buddy that helped found Boisson. It’s worth checking out.


And seltzers!


ever went to germany? every little village has it‘s own type of beer xD


Germany had microbreweries in every town 500 years before it was cool.


It's true, but they usually don't do experimental stuff. It's all lager, dunkel, weissen and another slightly different weissen. Sometimes they do IPA because how can you not, really, but usually that's it. And don't get me wrong, they are great, but tend to get a bit same-y






Yeah too much information has become an issue. So easy to spread nonsense and so many people just looking to blame anyone else for their own shit lifes.


Google anything. Literally anything. Then google the exact opposite. Holy shit man, you'll find strong "evidence" for both arguments and the further it is from your knowledge and the less capable of critical analysis you are, the harder it is to know what's what.


I wouldn't call this the golden age of information; we're making all of these technological, scientific, and social advancements, but it's pretty clear that most of society isn't equipped to adapt or keep up.


I think it’s just a lack of critical thinking skills. Anyone with half decent critical thinking skills is pretty good at “filtering” good information and bad information.”


Information, but also echo chambers. So even tho there's lots of information available, people still choose to believe what they want because they will always be able to find someone else who agrees with them.


Seems as though we are slowly exiting the age of information. There was a peak just before governments and corporations came to understand the importance of the internet.


Spicy chicken sandwiches and literally nothing else


Everywhere has their copy of either Popeyes or Chick Fil A


Someone really needs to make a burg fil o


Only open on Sundays


I'm ok with it. I love a nice crispy piece of chicken covered in a good Louisiana style hot sauce. Garlic mayo. Pickles and shredded lettuce with a good brioche bun. So good


Burger King 's ch'king was also good up until it got discontinued




Hence why we are all on drugs.


Yep, the majority of the depressed population is medicated, and yet the suicide rate is the same as it was 100 years ago.


That's depressing


Pre-Prohibition alcohol consumptions rates really were goddamn absurd though.


Better living through chemistry.


This post brought to you by Monsanto!


Speak for me.


Smoke enough pot and you too could ride the rings of saturn with dolphins at your side! Lol, sorry, I liked your username.


Accurate. I would also say anxiety, since they often go hand in hand.


I literally said this in my head right before I clicked the comments


Browser ad block still being effective. Eventually, they’ll figure out a way to force ads on us.


Soon, google will be intentionally breaking adblockers, so switch to firefox


I'm honestly shocked they ever allowed them.


I'm shocked everyone hasn't switched back to Firefox already.


I'm shocked anyone switched to Google from Firefox in the first place


I remember a time where web sites were not riddled with adds and pop-ups in the first place. _That_ was the golden age


Wow, even pepperidge farm doesn’t remember that. Are you Tim Berners-Lee, by chance?


Most things, as compared to any time in history


Overall, I think you're right. We have huge problems, but I'd rather live in 2023 than almost any other time in history.


I will argue that so far the 2010s have been better than the 2020s, but that's as far back as I'd want to go.


I'd join you in the 2010s. I'd even say 2000-2005 might be just right. A time when most kids didn't have phones yet. Anything you do these days, you have to realize that 20 stinking little kids will be pointing their stupid phones at you ready to twickity tweet tock a video of you to the world.


2018-19 were really great years - pre-covid, pre-Russia's insane war on Ukraine, and most of the great stuff technology/convenience-wise that we have today. I'd love to go back to then


Right!? If we weren’t all these people whining in this thread about influencers and complacency would probably be too busy or poor to be on the app.




yeah i’d say for sure we’re in the golden age of everything except for things that went out of style, like old music, fashion, etc. with the internet and technology there isn’t a reason we wouldn’t be in golden ages we’re always coming out with new things


Yeah these people act like these are the worst years in all of history like wtf? Great depression? Black death? Slave trade? Holocaust? Dark ages? Bronze age collapse? Year 536? WW1? WW2? Taiping rebellion? Jim Crow?Like wtf most people in these ages never had the luxury we have now, most of these people never even get to taste most of our food, beverages, entertainment, comfort, & information.


They really need to study up on what life was like just 100 years ago for the average human even in America. Working and home conditions were WILDLY less comfortable I'm so grateful to be an American citizen in this time (maybe 30-40 years ago still would have been ok) compared to any other time in history.


Finally a reasonable answer


Boardgames. This is arguable; some will say we are past it but this is my opinion.


A few companies have acquired one another and it’s definitely gotten more commercial. BUT, things are still pretty good.


Entertainment! We always have new things coming in and you can find a form of entertainment everywhere. And there’s always something that someone will like.


We are the first generation to have access to 100 years of recorded motion picture and audio entertainment.


Vegan and vegetarian food. My Fiancé is vegetarian, and the options today are amazing. Impossible, beyond, and all their new products that are available. Most of our favorite restaurants also have meat substitutes.


Also I highly recommend everyone check out the sheer range of vegetarian food that exists in Indian food. It's the most vegetarian country in the world and there's hundreds of really cool stuff that's more accessible worldwide than ever


I think it will probably grow, I guarantee you here in France if you're not in a big city you can struggle to find something that tastes good. I think it will change for the better


France is notorious for not having vegan food. Many vegans have complained to me about either visiting France and hating it, or wishing they could visit France but not being able to because they wouldn’t be able to eat anything. I’m not even vegan so if any actual vegans read this please confirm.


The progress even in the last 10 years has been wild. Used to be that the veggie option at most restaurants was an empty hot dog bun full of bunly goodness, now lots of fast food chains and most grocery chains are consistently carrying veg alternatives that don’t taste like cardboard.


Incredible high performance factory cars. Modern cars are faster, more luxurious, more efficient, and more powerful than ever thanks to modern engineering.


and way to damn expensive we need to start releasing shit box options


ALDIs needs to start making cars. I don’t need name brand


My answer was going to be straight up horsepower. Even a basic grocery getter seems to have around 300 hp these days...


The golden age of Distraction


We are approaching the beginning of the end of the golden age of social media, as we know it.




The golden age of stupidity and misinformation


i was gonna say information. we live in an age where literally every single piece of knowledge ever compiled in history is at our fingertips. and we use that power to…. argue on an obscure website instead.


We can handle only a limited amount of info before we go on overload and shut down. Then we just do not go into detail anymore and take shortcuts, ignoring all the info available. We never learned to be selective and discard all the nonsense available.


Lmao honestly I get the sentiment of comments like these, but people should be cognizant of common thought and discourse thoughout history before making these statements. I think it's pretty sensationalist and cheap to say we live in the stupidest and most misinformed era of humanity


I was gonna say “bullshit” but this is a bit more eloquent ☺️


Really the Middle Ages wasn’t the golden age when everything was word of mouth? It was like one bad game of telephone back then. Not even close to now.


This is pretty objectively untrue if we look at the last 1000 years or so


*crying in Brazilian*


Stand-up comedy. Easy access to specials and most comics have podcasts too.


I was thinking this today. It is always my go to on Netflix.


We're on the golden age of corporate art. Whether it's movies, video games, social media, etc. All these giant companies are more concerned with appealing to a trend or to a larger casual audience to make the most money possible for their shareholders. They hire artists who care, but control what they put out and suck the passion out of the creations. For example Activision, YouTube, EA Sports, Disney, etc. Some of the most financially successful companies in these genres are also some of the most lifeless and cliche/predictable around. This is coming from someone who loves Call of Duty and The MCU. It's just a shame that what they're doing is working because the quality is very obviously dipping, but their pocket books gets fatter.


Part of the problem, from what I've seen is that they DON'T hire people who care. They hire people who want to make it in The Industry, but often have active contempt for the stuff they're adapting, the audience, or both. Cavill didn't walk on Witcher because he was happy with the way they were treating it. There have been several comics adaptations where they've intentionally tried to be completely different than their alleged source material, for no reason. It seems every video game adaptation is changed, generally for the worse if not just pointlessly without gain.


Corporate art! Couldn’t have said it better myself




This is a good one. Physical presence offices are on the decline. Social gathering spaces like malls and movie theatres are dying. And we haven't figured out what sort of physical interaction, if any, will replace them. It felt like mid to end 2016, right around the release of Pokémon Go, was the last burst of social cohesion and collective mental health in many parts of the world, and both have been in a precipitous decline ever since.


I’ll give an actual answer, we are in the golden age of media. Now here me out before you start lambasting me. Yes, we have an over abundance of what would be considered the worst pieces of media ever produced. Stuff that costs $.30 to make and is meant to appeal to the absolute brainless and/or literal children. However, on the complete opposite side of the spectrum it feels like every month we have a movie, show, song and video game that become instant classics and are some of the best pieces of media ever produced. It just all keeps getting better and better. Even though there is so much garbage produced, we’re given just enough more amazing content that I’d consider us to be in the golden age of media, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.


This is absolutely true. I've gotten used to people saying, "you have to see/listen to/play/try X, it's incredible," and all I can think is, "man, they are probably right, but I just don't have time for that, I'm already tied up in Y and Z." Everyone gets to have their niche thing that is amazing, there's just not enough time to experience everything out there.




We probably don't know since we usually dub something "The Golden Age" after it happened.


Indie games. The AAA game industry is a fucking dumpster fire but indie games are thriving.


Technology and scientific discoveries.


We're in the golden age of r/askreddit posts asking this exact same question a few times a week


Horror movies. 2022 has had some of the best years in horror & the trend looks to be continuing to 2023. Scream 5 & 6 is out soon, Smile, Barbarian, Nope, X, Pearl, Hellraiser, Terrifier movies, Prey, Bodies Bodies Bodies, Fresh - all fantastic & popular movies.


I’m veeeeery interested in Skinamarink. Just looks so unnerving and otherworldly.


We are in the golden age of, "It's all about me and what I want and screw everyone else."


I have reported this comment, and several others. I really don't like the downer vibe you're giving off and don't want it on my feed. (/s. I agree with you)


Women who photoshop themselves to look like a rotisserie chicken.


that sounds delicious




Whining about problems while living 100x better than the past


It's entirely possible, and true, that just because some aspects of life are much better, there are still a lot of aspects of life that are shit. Sure some people's lives are great, a lot aren't.


Everyone being an influencer/content creator


We are in the golden age of Puss in Boots!


Hypocrisy and narcissism.


Antibiotics. We already have resistant strains of bacteria, and they are evolving. If you want a buttlift in 2123, you will probably die of sepsis.


Way to ruin my plans for 2123!


tv shows! (or streaming series? unsure what to call them actually lol). there’s so much good content out there that there’s actually not enough time to consume it. the golden age of your voice being heard. you could post a video now and it wouldn’t be uncommon to see it get 100,000 views or more- that kind of access is just crazy.




deez nuts


television shows One of the nice side effects of all these streaming companies trying to capture market share