americans’ understanding of other countries


Pay teachers better and treat them better.


Swap religious education for philosophy


Teachers. They shouldn't exist.


Abolish "no child left behind" as it's an objective failure that just pushes kids that are struggling through the system without actually getting them any help and the struggling child will probably hold back the entire class when their struggles are addressed. I'm not an expert so I'm not the one to come up with a better system, I'm just aware that not leaving kids behind when they need more time to understand the material just means they never learn it.


Enforcement of separation from politics.


I wish there were more “hands on” learning rather than just sitting there reading a book or listening to the teacher talk. I was a huge fan of shop and home economic classes. If the education system could somehow incorporate actual physical activity into normal class subjects, I think you’d get a lot more interest and participation.


Including lessons on personal finance, taxation etc. There's a strong need for financial literacy among younger generations


Have classes you'll actually need to make life easier as an adult. Financial literacy classes should be mandatory. Most people don't need the math you have to learn, for the basics everyone has a calculator in their pockets at all time.


Split the current educational pipeline into different tracts with teaching methods that account for the fact that not all children learn the same way. There are many brilliant kids who struggle with feeling stupid because they don't perform well under the current teaching/testing methods.