What ever anyone posts here could be a pretty strong indicator of who they disagree with


This should be top comment honestly. This whole thread also answers the question in and of itself.


This is one of those rare times I see the absolute perfect comment on a thread. 10/10


Ball sack hanging on the back of a pickup


"That truck didn't come with that ballsack. It's a trans truck. If you put ballsacks on trucks, you're supporting trans rights."


Wait till they find out what mechanism they've got between the engine and the wheels


To be fair the "transmission" has been called the "trany" as slang for a long time. (Not necessarily to be offensive, transmission is a long word and people are lazy so they truncate.)


Punisher logo with an overlay of the blue line flag


I always found that ironic. Since The Punisher canonically hates it when cops idolize him


> The Punisher canonically hates ~~it when~~ cops ~~idolize him~~.


my username shows my politics in this case!


I’d like to know how you discovered said allergy. No, wait, on second thought, I certainly do NOT want to know that.


I know both the most redneck republican you could meet and a gay socialist Marijuana farmer who have ball sacks on their pickup trucks... I will say, the rednecks are black and the gay man's is purple...


> I will say, the rednecks are black and the gay man's is purple... Sure, sure, but what about the ones on their trucks?




Pissing Calvin


“People don’t want to work anymore.”


I mean who the hell actually wants to work??


That's usually my response when I hear people say that. (I am a counselor...) Usually, I get a "fair enough" head shake. I know it doesn't change people's minds, but it usually gives them a bit more perspective.


Many of the people who cry about people not wanting to work are usually older, and if they are not, I find that they did not work as hard as they believe they did. Mommy and Daddy propped them up, helped them get their job or whatever. Basically never had experienced real struggle in life or work many of the jobs that honestly a lot of people feel are not worth the abuse for such low pay.


If my grandfather were still alive he would definitely be one of the people parroting this line. He had his own shop and "worked" 14 hours a day to accomplish what he probably could have done in five or less. It's all about the appearance, another reason I've noticed these same people dislike the idea of working from home.


> He had his own shop and "worked" 14 hours a day to accomplish what he probably could have done in five or less. That wasn't his job. That was his escape from having to spend time with his family.


Funny enough, my inlaws family had someone who, her and her husband, bought a local clothing store (sports wear for some of the schools and scrubs for medical/nursing requirements). Her mindset was "My own boss, my own schedule". Turns out it had her working long hours 6 days a week (Her biggest mistake was also hiring family who kind of took advantage of her)


Why I was always happy to just be a grunt. Pay me for my time and then I go home. You don't have to climb that ladder to build yourself a decent life, though it does help to enjoy and excel at the right professions.


Me, I like having projects with a defined beginning and end so that I feel accomplished at the end of the day. That's also exactly why I hated working in an office or in retail but enjoy working on cars.


Same.. scientifically speaking, people ARE happier when they set and achieve goals or accomplish something. It's not that we don't "like work" most of us just don't like our jobs


Yep, people that “like” their jobs just tend to have intrinsically motivating factors in their jobs. Like problem-solving, career growth, etc. it’s not like they “absolutely love manual data-entry”


I don't wanna work but bills blehh


I like having a purpose in life, but some days man I would rather be bored


"purpose in life" Spend some time in IT. Literally nobody there says "my purpose in life is to make sure lawyers get their email." I'm here for the paycheck - that's it. Purpose lies elsewhere. The day that Charles Schwab says "you have enough to retire..." well, that's the day I retire.


I'm in the industry and I genuinely love the mercenary attitude most everyone has. No one gives a fuck when I job hop or demand more money. We're all just here to take the companies money, so nothing is personal.


The greatest wool that was ever collectively pulled over our young eyes was the conflation of "purpose in life" with "job". Especially that the vast majority of jobs are "small component of an operation to make an entity/handful of people richer at the expense of people/the planet"


I had a friendly disagreement with a work friend once about this exact thing. I told her if I won the lottery I wouldn't work anymore. She said that people need work to feel purpose. I disagreed and think you can find purpose in anything if it fulfills you. I couldn't believe her thought process was so rigid that she felt that way. Edited to say that I should have been clearer. I felt you can find purpose in volunteering or pursuing your passions, etc. She felt you had to have a job. Like a 9-5 or whatever type of career but that's how strongly she felt about needing that. Earning her paycheck. I never said live a life of leisure or do absolutely no work whatsoever. Jeez.


"Work" and "Job" aren't synonymous. You can be independently wealthy, have no need for a job, but still work hard at things that matter to you. If we define "Work" as the expenditure of effort toward achieving some goal, then I'd say "Purpose" goes hand in hand with work. A "purpose" that does not require you to expend effort in some way isn't really a purpose. It's just something that's happening around you.


I don't find or need purpose in work. I work but would love to retire and I'm not close to normal retirement age


I do. It’s a sort of love hate, I love days off but too many in a row makes me anxious and I feel like a sad purposeless sack.


I met a guy last year at a banquet my husband and I were attending. We started talking about our business, and that immediately came out of his mouth. I told him that it's really not a problem for us because we believe in paying our employees a living wage, and as a result our job openings get filled pretty quickly. He changed the topic pretty quickly after that.


Which is funny because I'd bet money that guy thinks he supports the free market, which your anecdote is an example of. He actually supports oppression of workers though. As soon as he heard the phrase "living wage," associated with a positive he shut down, because it was causing him to look at what he really believed


What's hilarious is that it's actually the opposite . Unemployment is so low, that you have to post a damn good job or a damn good wage to get any traction. You will be ignored if you're trying to get away with exploitation wages.


Exactly. “No one wants to work anymore” = “No one wants to let me exploit them for poverty wages”


I case manage for elder and disabled veterans. That answer of "Nobody wants to work, they are all living on (insert program/person barely tied to)" drives me up a wall sometimes. I too attempt to explain the whole exploitative wages thing where people are running themselves ragged for nothing and they just refuse to believe it. Cause back in their day, you just got a job and BOOM.... you've made it.


Professor Robert Altemeyer did a whole huge study on this, and found out that there were no non-political opinions that reliably predicted whether someone self-identified as extremely liberal, liberal, centrist, or conservative, but that if someone answered "strongly agree" to *all three* of the following three statements, he could predict with 99% confidence that they self-identified as extremely conservative: * Old things are always better than new things. * It makes me physically ill to see two things touching that shouldn't be. * It is very important that everybody knows who they have to obey and who has to obey them. Exaggerated nostalgia. Exaggerated disgust reflex. Social dominance orientation.


Yeah I read this too. The disgust reflex was the most interesting, because it was quite visceral. Hardcore conservatives were really, honestly grossed out by, like, foods they normally enjoyed prepared sightly differently, or if food touched other food on their plate.


Does this mean my 5 year old might secretly be a conservative?!?


This is interesting news to me...I am very liberal but for most of my life I did not want any of my foods touching. Even these days I'm pretty picky about it. I know it said all three statements and the other two don't apply to me, but it's still interesting.


Makes sense. “Things should never change or be different” is conservatism.


Hierarchy is also huge for conservative psychology, they get great comfort knowing people are obeying who they should. They want to conserve the established order.


"you can't say anything anymore"


One of my favorite thing's I've witnessed is watching someone join one of those "Free Speech" facebook groups, ask if anyone would get banned if he said racist things, was told "Nope, we follow the first Amendment here", so then he started saying racist things towards non-black groups He was banned quickly lol


Funny how my brother got a chunk of our family really pissed off at him for wearing a t shirt to a family bbq that said “White People Suck”. We’re Dutch/Irish, my brother is the whitest at of us all, but have a good number of non-white folks married into the family. 2/3 of us were like “very true. Now whatcha drinking?” The others were offended we would say such things. Then go on to talk about how the “black neighborhoods are ruining Chicago” or use the word “Niglet” and don’t understand when we all roll our eyes and tell them to be quiet.


Reminds me of when someone once wore [this shirt ](https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/711dPbBOkyL._UL1500_.jpg)on TV which prompted an angry response from viewers who were apparently unable to grasp the irony.


Oh, come on, that is hilarious.


My dad's partner's dad was talking with my husband and mentioned his landscapers being Mexicans and said something like "they should realize they hopped the border just to be the new slaves. Not that we can't say rhat anymore." My husband is Mexican.


One of my former coworkers is a super fair blonde, and she was our receptionist so she ended up talking to everyone that came in. She was friendly and chatty so a lot of people would strike up a conversation with her. A couple times I got to witness an older man say something lightly racist to her, and then watch her look him dead in the eye and say “you know my last name is Martinez, right?” The look of “oh, shit” on their faces was GOLD. She said it happened far too regularly, unfortunately.


As a blonde blue-eyed Jew who works in a client market, I see and hear this a lot. People are very casual about their antisemitism until I make a point to adjust my Magen David.


I’m not convinced my mom ever remembers my very pale wife’s Hispanic maiden name.


It happens A LOT. White people will say shit to me and then I point at my husband and go, "My husband is Mexican." They look terrified because he is 6ft 7in and like 350lbs 🤣🤣


My mom did the same thing. We (my mom, foreign wife, and I) stopped to buy a newspaper. Mom got into an argument over the 1 cent sales tax on the paper. She came back to the car hissing and spitting, saying, “damned foreigners! They should all go back where they came from!” My wife and I just blinked at each other. (What my mom really meant was “brown people” - my wife was Danish.)


“So go ahead and say it.” “I don’t get it- can you explain why that is funny.” Kills them nearly every time.


Super anti-left customer asked me yesterday “What’s the difference in St Patrick’s Day & MLK day?” “Everyone wants to be Irish” When I didn’t laugh he said to his wife “she don’t get it” she said “no, she’s ignoring you.”


He’s not wrong though. Basically just acknowledging the fact that black people have been treated as lesser historically.


Their disposition towards poor people typically says quite a bit.


My grandpa thinks all homeless people should be in a camp outside of town and if they come back to town they should be shot. Family gatherings are super fun.


One of the mayoral candidates in my city last election ran on a platform of concentrating all the homeless into a single camp in the name of efficiency...


Concentrating, you say... 🙄




You're going to hell and I love you for it.


They are going to have so much room for living.


In a… camp? Sounds like a novel concept, what’s the worst that can happen?


I dunno. It seems like a pretty good final solution.


Solution to houseless populations: "Why don't we just take all the homeless people... ...AND PUT THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE??" Sad thing is, a lot of cities actually do this in favor of tourism--in their eyes, it makes their city look "more appealing" to visitors if they just sweep homelessness under the rug and pretend it doesn't exist by pushing said populations into areas where tourists are less likely to frequent... Solves nothing, and does nothing except displace people who are already down on their luck.


And then that city eventually wants to start gentrifying the place they pushed the homeless people to, displacing those people yet again and solving nothing yet again. We should be approaching the issue of homelessness the same way we *should* be approaching crime. Reach way down to the root of the problem and address it properly through systematic and tangible, goal-oriented changes meant to improve, rehabilitate and de-stigmatize the lives of the desperate. Society can only be improved from the bottom up, and when we finally get our shit together, we'll realize that lifting the people on the bottom will lift up the rest too. Some people need more help than others, and unfortunately we act like that's a bad thing that should be punished further. Kicking somebody in the head when they're already down doesn't actually do anything to make society better, but I guess for some people it feels good, makes them feel special and superior.


I find most people who lean left feign empathy for the poor until they have to deal with them, then their opinion shifts rapidly..not a hot take at all but something I find holds water.


Totally agree. I care about homeless people, but I know my bias would show if I had to work with them. So I donate to organizations that do help.


I live somewhere with a large homeless population. It's really easy to have a bleeding heart about something that doesn't affect you. I am super left, but pretending it's not a health and safety hazard does nobody any good. I'm not without empathy but I'm tired. I believe it's not something you can truly understand until you live with it.


"People just need to stop complaining"


It's got real "I voted for the boot on my neck" energy.


"Wait, I voted for the boot on your neck, why is it on mine? Damn boot must be communist, we need an even more conservative boot."


You might like r/leopardsatemyface


"When I was young, I was given pennies to the dollar, and I enjoyed every minute of it!"


In the United States, the vast majority of opinions that are considered "political" have absolutely nothing to do with politics.


I literally just watched a dude on Fox News saying the downfall of Silicon Valley Bank was due to wokeness lol. I had no idea gay people were trying to withdrawal $42 billion dollars.


My god I wish.


Agreed. I once mentioned my (male) friend's husband in an anecdote and the shriveled scrotum of a man at my table said, "hey, no need to bring those politics here." I initially laughed because I genuinely thought he was joking. It's genuinely mesmerising how far the conceptual-freedom has come that basic humanitarianism is considered political in the US.


I don't think you understand, literally everything is political. Some people think you should squat on the toilet and others think that you should sit. And it is a divide between those people


They casually comment about moving to Portugal.


What am I missing here? It’s a beautiful place.


"Reddit is a good website"


Human-caused climate change is a serious problem. In the US this separates Republicans from Democrats more than any other issue, even guns, abortion, etc. Source: Pew Research Center, 2019


No, guns are more divisive. Source: Pew Pew Research Center, 2023


Another one where I seem to be an outlier. I saw a joke online somewhere that when you go far enough left you get your guns back. That would be me.


If you go far enough right you get back to nature too. The far right are very anti-city, return to monke types.


Lol we are so fucked


The oil companies won


If you say "I would never go to this or that city" you're a right winger. If you say "I would never go to this or that state" you're on the left


I am not a right winger, I am also never setting foot in Gary Indiana.


This is just common sense and self-preservation.


It’s not my politics. If there are a dozen or so cop shows that have said city in the title name, I am not touching it with a 39.5 foot pole.


Reno isn't *that* bad


I've seen Gary, Indiana come up multiple times in the last few days in here. Can someone explain to a Canadian what the heck is with this city in particular?


The city is peak rustbelt collapse, 65% of its economy was a single steel mill, and another large share was services for the workers of said steel mill. The steel mill closed and the entire city's economy died, so its super impoverished and crime is rampant as a result. (Cops will literally tell you to leave and run stop signs because the city is that dangerous to outsiders) The city government wants to fix things but its broke because the entire economy basically up and left. (The town was originally created to house the workers of the steel mill, so it had almost nothing else to justify its existence.) For further information the YouTube channel "City Beautiful" has a video covering the town.


Just to clarify, US Steel Gary Works is still operating. It has a fraction of the employees it once had, due to automation and competition from overseas.


Also… you can smell Gary, Indiana. Everytime I’m around that area, I usually stop to eat. I always open my window first and if it smells like shit, I keep going until it doesn’t lol.


My dad is from Hammond (city right outside it) and everyone worked in the steel mills including his dad but it's all overseas now. Every time I drive on the expressway past it, I can't get over how cool the steel mills are. Entire skylines. Some Amtrak trains go straight thru them. I wish I could have seen it in its heyday when they poured the steel in the sky would light up orange. The entire city went from 99% white to 99% black in like 30 years. It used to be such a beautiful city, and I know it has so much potential. It's geographically in a phenomenal spot, they've got all the infrastructure, the most railroads you've seen in your life, freeways, public transit, etc. I'm pulling for them I really am. There's a lot of gangs but I know there's a lot of black excellence there. The people are amazing, the food is wonderful, it's just so poor. It doesn't help that it's in the most conservative state in the region. Someone else commented, and I agree, certain neighborhoods in Chicago are scarier. But Chicago has nice areas and unfortunately Gary doesn't as much.


As a former resident of NWI right next to Gary, it has so so much opportunity. Not only the railways and major interstates, but ports, an airport, and the major internet lines that connect the country if you wanted a datacenter. And it's great because they all sit on exactly the same spot with cheap land. There are so many opportunities. Unfortunately, the local government more than anything holds them back. At least two family friends tried to set up businesses in Gary and make use of this opportunity while helping a struggling area, but both were basically asked to give like thousands of dollars to the local leaders to get the necessary approvals. Not in fees etc., straight-up overt demands for bribes in exchange for access. I know businessfolks aren't popular on reddit, but most small business owners are not actually willing to outright wire an illegal bribe to set up shop. And so Gary continues much as it has since I got away from that place years ago.


That’s kind of a divide amongst the left. I have always lived in the Midwest or south and many of the leftists here get pretty aggravated by coastal liberals stereotyping rural areas. It’s easy to write off entire states as bad, it’s hard work to understand why those states are the way they are and try to bring about change.


I'm not sure about that. I hear a lot of righties talk derisively about California.


You’re right. But it is a weird mindset. Yes, California is a blue state, but trump got more votes in California than any other state in the country. It’s just like any other state…blue cities and red everywhere else.


Did you mean percentage or actual number of votes? Over 10% of the US population is concentrated in California. More people live in Los Angeles than in all of Utah, for example.


[So many people](https://assets.weforum.org/editor/AQQc7Ut8Z_coHTCDyidScn6GqJTy6DsKvZL5Ms37mQk.png) in LA...


In absolute numbers, not percentage, there were more Californians who voted for Trump in 2020 than there were Texans. 5.9 million Texans voted for Trump, while 6.0 million Californians did.


Curious. What's the logic with this?


Rural/urban class divide is one of the main lines between parties in the U.S. Cities inherently lean more liberal, and even in bright red conservative states, big cities stand out as bright blue. Conservative talking points often try to make out homelessness, violence, or other societal ills as being endemic to cities. You'll hear people talk about people shitting in the streets of San Francisco as evidence that the city is a horrible hellhole, and even though there's validity in pointing out the problem, it's rarely often framed as "a systemic issues that laws can fix", and more, "the people there are morally degenerate welfare bums with no hygiene". Meanwhile, liberals tend to deride certain mostly rural states for either assumed hatred or lack of essential services. A lot of people from cities are more queer, POC, or other historically disadvantaged groups, and they anticipate discrimination coming from insular small-town communities. However, potentially the bigger critique is that rural areas are often underserved by state governments, missing things like medical access, fewer job opportunities, less transit, and most liberals/citygoers think there's basically *nothing to live for* in certain states. These are also pretty valid problems and the vague perception of being "left behind" by the government is one thing right wing populism in the US preys on (as well as racism, obv). I'm curious about similar patterns in other countries.


Hi, netherlands inhabitant here, The Randstad/Rural divide is rather similar to this.


Thanks for this analysis.


Case in point: the NAACP advised minority Americans to avoid the *entire state of Missouri* as recently as 2017 and is still in effect as far as I'm aware.


Large cities themselves are almost always left-leaning. Almost without exception. So if someone says "I refuse to go to X-city" it implies they don't want to go somewhere left-leaning. But entire states can overall be red. Austin, TX is a good example of this. So a right winger would say "There's no way in hell I'd ever go to Austin" but it implies he'd be open to going somewhere else in Texas. But a left-winger would say "There's no way in hell I'd go to Texas" because the whole state is red overall.


“My body my choice” leans both ways these days, just depends what their referring to


“People just gotta pull themselves up by the bootstraps, like when I was young.”


I hate how rightwing people use that phrase unironically. The whole point of the phrase is that pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is physically impossible.


They also love using "a few bad apples" without the second half of that saying. Particularly about a specific occupation.


People refusing to try any food different from the food of their own country/culture


Vegans are almost entirely left-wing


Carnivore diet is the political inverse of veganism lol


Corporal punishment for kids Edit: The world is more than just Dems versus Republicans. Child protection laws are still in flux around the globe.


Not political but more of a generational and cultural difference. It’s more common in low income families both right and left. I grew up in the “hood” and it happened a lot and everybody was left leaning Californians. Im guilt of the whole I turned alright bit but I wouldn’t do it to my kids yet I don’t feel strongly on it either way.


The thing about the "I turned out alright" bit, you can turn out alright *in spite of* it, but sometimes people think they turned out alright *because of* it, and that's what I think most people would disagree with.


Agree. Honestly beating kids was just the norm until like 20 years ago. I grew up in Eastern Kentucky in a white and very conservative family. I got my ass beat a lot. To be fair, 99% of them were ass beatings I deserved. It's just how kids were disciplined. My wife grew up in Toledo in a black and very liberal family. She got her ass beat a lot as a kid too. Hell it's still how the older folks in that family discipline kids. The people our age and younger (we are millennials) don't physically discipline kids. But the older folks still do. And those kids know when they go visit the grandparents and such that if they fuck around they will find out with an ass whooping.


"My dad beat me whenever I did something wrong and I turned out okay!" No, no you did not.


Usually said by some drunk with anger issues.


Someone was all "it was done out of love and I love them for it" blech


You know what love is? My dad crying directly after the only time he spanked me. He decided work punishment was better after that and that what he was taught wasn't okay.


No, most black people I’ve worked with say they got their ass whooped or kids need to be spanked more and they are mostly not conservative. I thinks it more location and culture than politics.


“My pronouns are…” If they are actual pronouns, liberal. If they are joke words, conservative. Edit: (clarification) by “joke”, I meant people who outright mock the concept. They are expressing socially conservative views regarding gender politics. I didn’t mean to exclude all the wonderful people expressing themselves ironically by making a pronoun joke.


I also think it’s an age thing. I know some hippie liberals types in their 50s and think pronouns are silly. Especially when you aren’t non binary or trans.


This is relatable. Though I find those types, having themselves lived through social progress, behave more accommodating to peoples preferences rather than mocking them outright.


Their opinion on homeless people, former inmates and addicts


“You don’t have to wear that you know!” or “you know they don’t actually do anything” said weirdly aggressively to anyone wearing a mask


They were all about personal choice until states started lifting mandates and some people kept making the personal choice to wear a mask


i got to yell 'it's my right!!' twice at meddlesome Karens who needed to tell me to take my mask off. ugh.


Before local mandates had fully lifted, but it was becoming more acceptable to not wear a mask in certain places, I had a weird interaction with two women while on line at a grocery store. I was wearing a mask, they weren't. They were chatting behind me, when suddenly they tapped me on the shoulder and wanted to talk to me. They made some small talk comments about how slow moving the line was, then told me I was really beautiful. I thanked them and went to turn around, but then they asked me to remove my mask so they could see how beautiful my face was. I blinked at them for a few seconds, trying to process it, then said "no thank you," and then turned around again. They then loudly complained to each other about how unreasonable I was being.


What the actual fuck, that is so creepy.


Brightly colored hair. Displaying the American flag outside one’s house. Displaying the Ukrainian flag outside one’s house when you aren’t Ukrainian. Someone’s thoughts on Chik FIL A. Driving a Tesla. Someone’s timeline of what they thought/think of Twitter. Wether someone fills out the pronouns slot on their Insta profile.


> Driving a Tesla. Two years ago, sure. But now?


I guess some people are switching to other makes of EVs because they hate Elon now. Idk, I just drive my Honda.


>Someone’s thoughts on Chik FIL A I think Hobby Lobby is a better indicator these days.


Weirdly enough? Almost any opinion related to disgust. [This](https://chartsme.com/) quiz asks non political questions and determines if your brain is more right wing or left wing. The theory behind this is that people who identify as conservative tend to have a stronger reaction to disgust. Like, for example, a question might be whether or not you would go to a park where you see a rat. Okay, so one person might go "It's outdoors. That's where animals live. Yes, I'd still go." While another person might think "Gross! No! If it's infested with filth and vermin then I am not going to go in their and catch some disease!" That second reaction would be one that is associated with someone who is more conservative. Draw your own conclusions but it's a weird notion.


One anecdote but I just took it and it was inaccurate for me. I think this quiz neglects to recognize factors such as OCD, anxiety, or germaphobia lol


I took a test like this before the pandemic and just now and even though my score changed, my politics haven't.


Yeah the one about drinking from an acquaintance's beverage has new connotations lol


Yes! It said I was 65% Conservative but instead I just have high levels of anxiety and moderate germaphobia. I swear! Lol. Sad in a way that I’d rather claim a mental ailment than being republican. But still. I’m anxious not an asshole! I swear!


Literally. I have some huge sensory issues and I don’t think the quiz takes that into account


Exactly. It said I’m 74% conservative and I can say with absolute certainty that I am a leftist. I have sensory issues, ARFID, and OCD, so a lot of things make me feel, for lack of a better term, disgusted.


Is it a friendly rat and will it let me scratch its widdle chin?


That quiz is definitely a failed experiment. I can be grossed out by all those things and still lean heavily liberal, whereas it seems to think I should be republican because I don't want to touch a dead person.


Don’t want to touch a corpse? So much for the tolerant left smh my head


“I would rather eat fruit than paper.” No shit. Anyone who says they would rather eat paper is undermining the integrity of the test. If the point of that question is to throw out anyone who disagrees with it then that’s cool, but I think this theory is pretty hogwash. Full disclosure: I’m pretty liberal and I get disgusted extremely easy. Seeing rust on cars makes me feel weak at my knees.


I don't like the quiz, especially how the answers change from agree disagree to no disgust extreme disgust. I think I answered a few wrong because I didn't notice. But I have heard about using disgust as a stronger moving force then even anger. I think it's what Hitler mainly used, calling jews rats and such. I think it is how we react to disgust that makes it so dangerous when turned on people. With anger, you can get violent, might want to punch or hurt someone. With disgust, you want to wipe the source off the fact of the earth. Mold, bleech it. Roaches, chemical bomb the house. People... genocide.


i thought it would be the other way around since liberals tend to emphasize empathy while conservatives tend to emphasize personal responsibility. it does make sense to me that in a lot of situations conservatives would react with disgust whereas a liberal would react with understanding (ex: drug addiction) since conservatives tend to be more punitive with their policies, but as other commenters said, the test itself seems pretty bogus for many reasons.


That’s what I think too. Rats in a park wouldn’t bother me. It’s outside, that’s their home. Urine in a tunnel is gross, but it’s not surprising if there are no bathrooms nearby. A dead cat wouldn’t disgust me, I’d just be sad.


Huh. It said im a republican and im just barely right of communism.


It doesn't take into account a lot of factors, like OCD, anxiety, germophobia, etc. I'm incredibly squeamish, and also extremely leftist, and it said I was 55% Republican. I just don't like gross stuff, that doesn't make me suddenly worship supply side Jesus.


Yeah, I'm left of center for sure. This quiz says I'm conservative as hell, like 80%. I'm sorry, Maggots and roaches are disgusting. And it is really weird to eat an apple with a knife and fork and ice cream with ketchup.


The words: "I am a good Christian ... " Or any variation thereof. EDIT: Well color me surprised. I didn´t expect that attention.


I am a terrible satanist


I'm Jew-ish


Idk why but this reminded me of: “No, I’m not a practicing Jew….. I’ve perfected it”


Technically rabbis are professional Jews


So I was inspired by MTG to read the Bible. Cause I knew she had to have it wrong. (I'm a Buddhist of Jewish ancestry, I'm not Christian, just curious.) Here is a quick cheat sheet of passages to "remind" "Christians" of when they start preaching the opposite. These are all direct quotes of Jesus according to the Bible, and you can quote Him on it: Matt 7:1 "Judge not and you will not be judged." Matt 6:1 “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven." (This is great when people want to do the holier-than-thou cause it says that behavior is frowned on by god.) ​ Give to the homeless and to thieves, absolute pacifism, the Golden Rule: Luke 6:27: “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, (28) bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. (29) If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. (30) Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. (31) Do to others as you would have them do to you. Love your enemies, like specifically your enemies: Luke 6:32 “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. (33) And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that. (34) And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be repaid in full. (35) But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. (36) Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. ​ These are some good one's to remind Christians of. Those whole areas of the bible are full of some legitimately good advice that many Christians don't take. Let's not let them get away with murder, they're god literally says they need to turn the other cheek and never be violent.


I attend church regularly and it frustrates me to no end that my fellow christians seems to ignore these passages. They should absolutely be reminded.


When Christians act Christian then everybody wins. Christianity gets a lot of shit but it really is a lot of shitheads calling themselves Christians. I'm not a Christian but I read the Bible and I can absolutely say that it objectively is full of a lot of wisdom that everyone can learn from. When bad Christians gets called out it makes non-Christians feel a lot safer and shows that Christianity isn't the enemy, just the bad actors are. Christianity has a lot of real world power and could make life very uncomfortable for a lot of us and we're scared and a lot of people turn that into dislike and distrust and anger to hide their fear. Jesus needs a rebrand as the "feed and heal everyone" liberal he was.


I am a Christian that regularly attends church. Even I hate how modern day Christians act as though all Jesus talked about was being against abortion, gay rights, and trans people. Jesus mentioned those things a total of zero times, which makes me think somehow Tucker Carlson is more important in their lives than the Messiah.


In my experience, the way they talk about homeless or poor people.


Eh, it depends. I work with people who work with homeless people. They are all liberal but the burnout is real. When you try and try and try again. Provide housing. Provide assistance. And the majority of them just keep making dumbass decisions over and over again you get pretty disillusioned.


I think another indicator is acknowledging that there’s a difference between street homeless people and people who are couch surfing due to unstable housing. Both fall under the umbrella of homeless but they require *very* different approaches. Street homeless are much more likely to have serious mental illnesses and/or drug addiction. Tackling this problem isn’t easy and requires access to comprehensive drug treatment and mental healthcare and coaxing them into cooperating with the programs. Those who don’t have those two factors are akin to unstable housing homeless people, and could likely get back on their feet if we just give them inexpensive but adequate housing, as well as a social worker


This is such an important distinction, and it's why progressives/liberals always seem to be talking past each other when we debate this issue amongst ourselves (there's the one side that's just "build more housing!" and there's the other side that's more "housing alone can't fix this issue" — and I'm ignoring completely the "get a goddamn job" conservative crowd, because they're not helpful at all). It's one thing to make sure housing is affordable so folks stuck couch surfing can get themselves into permanent housing, and another thing entirely to deal with chronically homeless folks who, for whatever reason, just aren't going to make it on their own without intensive social support. Estimates are that between 10-30% of homeless folks are in this latter category, and they're usually the homeless folks people are talking about when they're complaining about the impact on the livability of the city for everyone else.


Ya I am about as liberal as it gets, but a couple years in Las Vegas and then a couple years in Miami.. there’s only so many times you can be face to face with somebody high on meth or in heroin withdrawal before you start to lose hope in the help you are giving. Definitely happened with me.


It's important to realize that if you're dealing with chronically homeless people you're dealing with the hardest cases. The US doesn't have a great social safety net, but at least there is one. So the people who are more likely to lift out of that kind of situation are more likely to have done so themselves.


Even then, I think the contempt someone who just hates homeless people for one reason or another has would be different from the wariness that a person with the burnout you described would have. The intrinsic desire to help is still there, even if you've lost hope in some ways.


I was just talking with a friend about the Good-Evil Chaotic-Lawful alignment axes in DnD and other similar tabletop games. We observed that our more right leaning friends tended to lean into and enjoy these mechanics, and use them to tell stories about vast battles between the forces of Good and Evil, while our more left leaning friends tend to ignore alignment altogether. It got me thinking about how this difference may be reflective of different metaphysical beliefs common among left and right wing people. Conservatives tend to put a lot of stock in existing social paradigms - gender, money, law, the constitution, etc, so it makes sense that a system where Good and Evil aren't just value judgements but measurable metaphysical forces, as real as gravity or light, would appeal to them On the other hand, leftists tend to view those categories as arbitrary, often coercive social constructs, so it makes sense that they'd be more skeptical of a game that asserts that good and evil aren't emergent properties of human social dynamics, but unchangably inscribed into the fabric of the universe.


"Barack HUSSEIN Obama"


Kamel-A Harris.


Using the words "snowflake" and/or "woke"


If you meet an American on holiday in Europe, they are almost always democrats.


I'd make it more specific. Americans I meet backpacking in Asia or South America are almost always Democrat. Too many rich republicans oafing around Europe. Though I'd wager it definitely does lean democrat.


Saying these phrases AFAB Cis Problematic


+ toxic + a lot to unpack here + oof + my guy/my bro + vibe + /s


"Only bad people watch/don't watch movie/show."


Anyone that says "person of colour", "BIPOC", "cishet white male" etc. first and foremost to identify someone. Dyed hair that is not a natural colour. Being into Wicca, astrology and other mysticism. Owning a flag with the weed symbol on it.


>"BIPOC" This term makes no sense to me. Isn't the BI already included by the POC?


Putting pro-nouns in email


"Why do they have to be so IN-YOUR-FACE with it?"


I disagree on this one. Try it with “gay”. Then try it with “religious “.


Good point


Apparently, whether you like to participate in threads like this one.


"the world doesn't owe you anything."


“I’m not political.” Often said by men on dating apps who are conservative but have figured out that doesn’t help get them laid. Edit - in America


Everyone I hate is a nazi/communist


Vaccines don't work, or some such nonsense.