throwing trash in the trash cans instead of the ground next to it


Boy that grinds my gears. Piles of garbage left right next to the bin in the park that has plenty of room in it.


We have a new law in aus. If the bin is full it's illegal to put the rubbish on top or next to the bin. They have a number on the side to call now too


Pouring out your fucking drinks before chucking them in the trash


This. Having worked at a gas station and a few food service places, I'd rather clean the drink off the ground, since we have to pressure wash anyway, than wear the unholy mixture of tea, soda, coffee, rancid dairy, and spit juice that has wound up soaked into my clothes after trash bags leaked or burst.


Add cigarette butts *next to* a public ashtray.


Or throwing trash and recycling materials in their respective bins. My apartment complex has two big trash bins and one very clearly labeled blue recycling bin on each floor. I see trash in the recycle and vise versa, even when all the cans aren’t even halfway full. It drives me INSANE.


I assume it bounced off but idk people are weird


And why don’t they try again when it bounces off? Baffling.


Even worse are the people who throw garbage on the subway tracks when there are trash cans everywhere on the platform. The track fires / delays from that affect everyone who rides the train.


Throwing paper towels in the urinals because they are closer to the sink…


Use the blinker in your car. Some people act like they’re allergic to directional indicators.


Or, they're perfectly fine cutting me off last second without using the blinker, but when it comes to being in the "right turn only" lane, where the only legal option they have is to turn right, they'll finally use it.


Or they don't turn on their signal until they actually start turning.


Also, wipers on = headlights on


Also if the street lights are on you should turn the headlights on.


Was nearly t-boned last night because I pulled out in front of someone in a dark suv with 0 lights on. I didn't see them until I started turning and the streetlights hit the right angle to bounce off their damn car. I really need a dashcam...


I've lived, and driven all over the United States. The worst offenders, regarding not using blinkers, is Tucson, Arizona. No hand signals, or anything. Just hope for the best. It's as if the local culture expects everyone to mind read. And don't get me started on Tucsonans slamming their brakes, the split second a light turns yellow. God needs to be your co-pilot, in Tucson.


Nah can’t be Tucson. Have you even been to Phoenix? It’s terrible….




Having driven in both, can confirm.


I concur, with Phoenix. I guess it's an Arizona thing.


I hate it so much. Born and raised out here but still I wonder how people get a license and then suddenly forget how to drive.


I don't mean to offend anyone. The senior population are not among the most dangerous, of lunatics, on the road. But, there should be a requirement, to retest, after 65. If you combine the senior drivers, with the big trucks that don't haul anything, the lowriders, and the elitely dressed bicyclists, there's little hope that you'll have a stress-free travel experience, here.


Or anyone who drives a Dodge Challenger or charger, or anyone born after the year 2000….


Jackie Daytona would be in shambles right now




If you put your turn signal on, the car behind you that's in the lane you want to turn into will just speed up to block you.


I ran into this big-time one summer I spent in San Diego about 20 years ago. It was like that blinker was this sign of weakness, and everyone was eager to take advantage. The only way to actually change lanes was to commit first, then flash the blinker after it was already too late for someone to block you in response.


"Like giving away information to the enemy"


Some people think that pedestrians just don't need to know where you're driving


in mobile, alabama at least 3/4 of the city doesn't use turn signals and drives over the speed limit. nearly every car has some sort of fender bender because the people don't know how to drive.


It wasn't too bad in Vancouver, BC a couple years back but as of late, it's been so bad. Even in higher traffic areas, people won't signal and it drives me mad.


Ha you beat me to it.. cheers mate


Sometimes it seems like people are embarrassed to use their turn signals or they're afraid to give away what their intentions are.


Thanks for this. Seriously.


I had a buddy whining that "lane assist" was a pain as it vibrated the steering every time "someone" wanted to change lanes. I told him it's a moron shaker, and he should try indicating his lane changes once in a while.


Flush the toilet after you use it, not matter if it’s a public or private toilet


Can't flush sidewalks!




Did he stutter


Currently in a struggle to reteach my 15 year old how to use the toilet. I just don't understand...


At 15 years old my guess would be he's not pissing after he jerks off. So when he does he has the dreaded "tri spray" and has the aim of a shot gun.


And washing your hands after going!


THIS. My dad recently moved in with me due to health issues and I had to start using my half bathroom because despite me telling him multiple times to flush EVERY time, I'd go into the bathroom and it would stink like urine because he doesn't flush, misses the toilet and pisses all over the seat/floor and doesn't clean it up. No wonder my mom divorced him.


I didn't know I had a brother!


Hitting the bowl at all, for some gents.


Ladies too, doing the hover.


Spelling a name that is in the email you are replying to correctly! Just copy+paste in the worst case scenario! (I don't mind people spelling my name wrong, it's not 100% intuitive, but some of the spellings I've received - again, in response to *signed emails* \- are ridiculous)


I have a coworker who misspells my name in our group chat while my room is literally right above the text box she's typing into. She'd pretty much have to be trying to misspell it at this point.


Oh hi Jak!


Lol not the name I use for work but now I kind of want to get a furry friend named Daxter and go on adventures.


I work with someone who misspells my last name constantly. Like, to the point he's sent emails to a non-existent address. I got really frustrated and specifically (calmly) talked to him about how we've worked together every day for over a year now and at a certain point it feels a bit like disrespect that he won't proofread, like it doesn't matter what my name is or whether or not I actually receive communications that I need in order to be effective at my job. Still does it. It is a 4 letter last name. It's spelled completely phonetically. It is not difficult.


I can relate. I have a coworker that for the last five years has called me by a totally different name. I don’t even respond to the other name and will turn around and say “are you taking to me?” and once again mention my actual name but does zero good. Now they accuse me of ignoring them to management, but even the accusation is using this other name!! Lol. What a circus.


My name isn't unusual but there are two common spellings for it. My full name is in my email address, in my signature and I sign off my email with my name. 3 opportunities to get it right yet people don't. If the same person consistently gets it wrong I start to reply to them by purposefully misspelling their name.


Yes! My surname is quite unusual but it’s in my email AND signature, yet it’s still mostly spelt wrong. I make a conscious effort to get names right, though I have mis spelt on a few occasions on purpose when they have.


I once replied to an email from a guy with a name that was very similar to a well known UK serial killer, obvs I got it wrong. Bad me. I always copy and paste after that if there's any doubt.


Pick up your dog's shit. Don't throw the bad of dog shit on someone's yard. Don't put the bag of shit on top of the garbage can. Don't drop the bag of shit next to the disposal bin. Put it inside the trash can. How can people NOT know, and do, this simple act.


I have no respect for anyone that leaves their dog crap on the grass anymore. Especially at a big apartment complex I live. Can’t even take a walk without sighting that disgusting mound. Literally, go suck stank booty who’s reading this and you do that selfish-bitch move constantly. If you can’t pick up after your dog’s crap, then you can’t wipe your own ass, let alone you are NOT fit to be a parent. Your neglect is real, to yourself and your dog; and if I ever become a landowner with tenants owning canines, you’d be in a heap of trouble / crudely fined.


I don’t know what happened to dog owners in like the last 10 years but I went from having overwhelmingly positive interactions with dogs and dog owners to it now being what feels like 50% of all dog owners being self-centred irresponsible assholes who don’t know how to properly care for a dog and always want to make their poorly trained dog everyone else’s problem


Question, let’s say you’re walking your dog and you’re a responsible human being so you bring a bag and pick it up; it’s trash day so everyone’s cans are out by the curb, they may or may not have been emptied yet, is it ok to drop your dog shit into someone else’s trash can or is that still taboo?


i'm gonna say if the trash can is obviously still full of trash and it's clear that it will soon be picked up by the truck, its probably cool to drop it in. If it's obviously empty, its a bit of a dick move to make someone smell your dogs shit every time they bring trash to the can for the next week.


If their bin doesn’t have a liner, and isn’t just about to be picked up, don’t do it. If someone throws something in the bin on top of the poop bag, or the bag is already broken, you’re cursing that person with a sh**ty bin. Especially bad if they normally store said bin in their garage.


Yeah, that's my rule of thumb. I usually hold onto the poo bag until I get to one of the ones provided by the city on the trail, as I tend to walk a path that takes me past a few. But occasionally on longer walks or runs with my dog, I'll use someone's trash can if it clearly hasn't been emptied yet. Putting poo in someone's trash to sit for a week is gross. I will say that I have rarely set down the poo bag in the grass next to the sidewalk when I'm jogging with my dog and know I'm a long way from a trash can. I always make sure to come back the same way and grab it on the way back. It's just supremely unpleasant to run with a bag of poop bouncing around in your hand for multiple miles.


I live in a big city, I’ll throw my bag into one of those giant apartment trash bins when it is out by the curb but never in a private residence’s bin. There are usually enough dog waste bins around the area that it’s not an issue waiting a block to get to one.


Only if the can is FULL. There is nothing worse than having to clean another dogs shite out of your can when it explodes/gets rained on after trash pickup.


Washing their hands after going to the bathroom


I knew that *some* people were bad about it but COVID showed me that problem was way worse when people were complaining about simple hand washing being more enforced.


People made so much fuss it was disturbing, they talk about prevention like they can't take it for granted more-exposure == more-bad, they need it proved to them beyond anything else they take for granted, or they personally need to be hospitalized. Worse is when they get an infection (knowing how they conduct themselves) and expect you to feel sorry for them, and they don't want to wear a mask at work because they "can't breath" or make any efforts to limit whatever has them feeling rough whilst refusing to call in sick. Had a couple of grown men whining because they had to make their own hot-drinks in the middle of a pandemic, guys licking their hands after handling food, leaving their dirty cutlery on work-surfaces, and worse.


I work in IT, and the number of dudes that would shit in the stall and then just walk out of the bathroom was astoundingly high. So thankful for WFH


Returning the shopping cart.


That's why in most of Europe you have to pay for the cart. Then, when you return it, you get your money back.


Aldi’s tried that in America and has only slightly more success than normal grocery stores, just some people are willing to clean up after others to make a few bucks Our biggest coin is only worth like 1/6 of a vending machine can of soda, so who cares. Well at least in common circulation


I'm a religious Aldi shopper and find that here in the Midwest absolutely everybody returns the cart. It's not about the quarter, it's about the realization that it should be returned.


Im in the Midwest and Aldi's carts are always returned. Even Kroger gets their carts returned. It's only Walmart where I find people leaving carts in parking spots or in the middle of nowhere.


In the Northeast, some people abandon their cart/quarter, but there is usually a heroin addict asking for spare change nearby that will return it for the quarter.


Sounds like leaving your cart can become a charitable donation


Pennsylvania here and Aldi's is our most frequented grocery store. I've found that a lot of people tend to abandon their buggies and leave the quarter, but it's right by the entrance. More of a "here have a free buggy" gesture than one born out of laziness.


Yeah at Aldi near me everyone either returns their cart or gives their quarter to someone who is about to return their cart!


This makes sense. Here, it's more like it would be $1 for you guys.


I have never once seen a stray Aldi cart at my local Aldi and have been shopping there for years. Meanwhile at the Walmart down the road....


We have this in Australia as well. The majority of people use something like this: https://www.fosko.com.au/trolley-keys It's not that I don't want to return the trolley (I always return it) but more that it is a pain in the ass to always have a 1 or 2 dollar coin in my wallet just so that I can carry my weekly shop. I also take pleasure in unlocking 3-5 trolleys for the next few customers when I unlock my own.




You could put it on your key ring and have it for use whenever. More convenient possibly? Gift for a friend? The perfect stocking stuffer. I rarely handle coins these days personally. I don't own one of these keys either. I don't usually need a trolley at all actually. I'm just here with options.


As an old guy with siblings, this one always confuses me. When I was a kid, we would argue over who got to return the cart. Slamming the cart into a line of carts and everything nesting together was like magic. I still enjoy it.


The shopping cart is the ultimate litmus test for whether a person is capable of self-governing. To return the shopping cart is an easy, convenient task and one which we all recognize as the correct, appropriate thing to do. The return of the shopping cart is objectively right. There are no situations other than dire emergencies in which a person is not able to return their cart. Simultaneously, it is not illegal to abandon your shopping cart. Therefore the shopping cart presents itself as the apex example of whether a person will do what is right without being forced to do it. No one will punish you for not returning the shopping cart, no one will fine you or kill you for not returning the shopping cart, you gain nothing by returning the shopping cart. You must return the shopping cart out of the goodness of your heart. You must return the shopping cart because it is the right thing to do; because it is correct. A person who is unable to do this is no better than an animal, an absolute savage who can only be made to do what is right by threatening them with a law and the force that stands behind it. The shopping cart is what determines whether a person is a good or bad member of society.


It doesn't take much effort to leave things a little better than when you got there


Break up instead of cheating.


Most people who do this are afraid of losing a stable relationship, which usually comes with things like comfort, financial security, etc. So until they move far enough in their affair, they will keep cheating. Not an excuse for them though.




This one


Bar is so low it didn't occur to me that people might still be going under it but the more I talk to other people the more I realize 'talking to your spouse'




A hundred million? That's goddamn insane.


I think it says a lot about the fact that the kickstarter for a device in the bedroom that's effectively a button to ask your partner if they're up to smash.....rather than *talking to them*. The couple that came up with this was asked why couldn't they just ask their partner instead of using this? They proceeded to look at the interviewer as if they spontaneously grew three heads.


This is the most depressing thing I've ever heard


I thought my wife and I had good communication in our marriage. We probably did, but is was mostly talk *at* each other rather than talk *to* each other. Our marriage got really rocky—like, next step get lawyers on board—before marriage counseling helped us open up, truthfully, deeply to each other. The last year or so of our marriage is a completely different animal. We actually discuss big, scary things that would have caused hurt feelings or arguments in the past, but now openly and with a goal of solving problems, not shutting them out. It’s so clear and easy to understand now, but we were so far off the mark in the past.


Admitting you’re wrong/made a mistake. As someone who worked in the service-industry, the amount of times you get someone who fundamentally misunderstood something but refuses to admit to it because of embarrassment is so disheartening.


This one aggravates me to no end. If I'm wrong, then "Oops. My bad. I apologize." Then I adjust my mental assumptions matrix to include the correction, and continue my life as an evolving person. Being wrong isn't the end of the world, but I think that a lot of people buy into the sunk cost fallacy as far as beliefs and acions, and can't bear to part with their investment.


Being kind to other people, even if they think/act/look/dress different than you. Just be kind, it's not fucking hard.


This is the comment I was scrolling for. I agree Just be nice. That’s all.


Not parking in spaces for people with disabilities when there are plenty of other spaces available. There's a dude who's a wheelchair user in my apartment building, and people are constantly parking right up next to his car in the space with the lines on it that are meant for car wheelchair ramps, and it drives me fucking bananas. What's he supposed to do when he gets home?!? Fling himself onto the pavement?! Assholes...


Where I live parking in the disabled spots or in the unloading lines is a pretty hefty fine, you can even get your car towed for that and you can't get it back until you've paid the fine. I like to think people around here are enlightened, and a lot are, but that certainly plays into it.


Walking away from something you didn't like. Especially with "franchises" people will insist on sticking around to hate a thing they didn't like instead of moving onto things they do.


That’s like going to a mechanic and then saying “I don’t see why you’re complaining about the engine that doesn’t work, just admire the heated seats.”


Disclaimer: people can like what they like, I'm not judging people for enjoying things I think are bad. We do not choose what patterns make our brains release happy chemicals. Many people probably think the things I like are boring or bad and they are allowed to. That said, I stopped watching modern entertainment. 99% of it is hot garbage in my opinion. Unless it is something that is recommended to me by a few sources whose opinions I trust and respect, I'm not watching it. *Hey, did you check out ?* No. *Have you seen .* Nope, can't be fucked. Most of it is uninspired knockoffs or reboots, shameless cashgrabs, audience pandering for online clout or just a sequence of boring tropes, plotholes and lazy writing. So I've decided I am no longer the target audience of modern entertainment and I've gone back to reading books. I have to say I'm quite glad with my decision and I've also picked up the pace a little bit.


The writing itself has gotten significantly worse as well. Take Star Wars the rise of Skywalker as an example, just the opening crawl: "Somehow, Palpatine returned!" $416 Million and *that's* what you came up with?


Washing your hands after using the restroom. Wash. Your. Damn. Hands!


Entitlement. Many forget that the world does not, in fact, revolve around them. It's okay to wait your turn, stay in your lane, pay your fair share, etc. We all are part of the same society. The rules apply to all of us. You are not special, or at least any more special than anyone else. Nobody really cares about how many followers you have or who your father is.


But I am special! My mommy says so.. :p


Using blinkers


Leaving other people alone. Seriously, just let them live.


Knowing how to do basic household chores


Including a verb in a sentence 😜


Brushing their teeth for two minutes. That's literally less than 4 seconds per tooth and it saves you a lot more time and money in the long run.


I'm blown away but the number of times I see people post in advice threads saying "Take care of your teeth! Don't neglect them like I did!" Like are people not brushing even once a day??


Things like depression can make regular self-care/hygiene exceedingly difficult if not impossible at times. I neglected my teeth for a while because I saw no point. Thankfully got out of that, but it's a mindset that can trap you there.


Depressed guy here. I find it hard to move 4 fucking feet to my bathroom and brush my teeth for 120 seconds. But you have just reminded me I have to do that, and I will go do it now.


I'm glad, good job making the effort, I know how hard that is. If you want a suggestion that makes it easier to brush your teeth, find a toothbrush that's timed. I got myself a quip brush and it vibrates for 30 second intervals for two minutes, breaking up the whole mouth into four manageable quadrants. Once you start, it helps you commit to brushing the whole of your mouth, and you develop a healthier habit over time.


"Why floss or go to my yearly checkup if I don't plan on being around in a year" can be a difficult rut to escape from.


Yep. There are also people who shit and never wipe.


A little embarrassed to say this but I forget to brush my teeth unless I am reminded to i have no idea why


If you don't waste time brushing your teeth, you have more time for meth!




Your gums can also recede if you don’t brush enough! Human bodies are complicated to maintain.


You don't *have* to be a good person, but nor do you *have* to be a bad person. It costs nothing to not be a bad person. If there were less bad people, there'd be less people making bad decisions, becoming bad people themselves and perpetuating the cycle.


Picking up your dogs poop. Good lord🙄


Drinking enough water


Got a headache? My first question: how much water did you drink today!?


Going to couples' therapy instead of squeezing out a "fix-it" child. The latter never, ever, EVER improves the situation. Ever.


"Live and let live." I mean, how hard is it to mind your own business? As long as no one is being hurt, can you just leave everyone else alone to do their thing?


Put shopping cart back


Reading past headlines before drawing conclusions


Not being a jerk to other people. I mean come on


*points to the last 3 years of global pandemic and how some people acted*


Washing your hands after you go to the bathroom


Washing your butt


Washing your ass crack as a man


Using you turn signals. FFS, you only have to "lift a finger".


Graduate from high school/obtain GED.


Politics. You don’t even need to know the history of your country or state to get the job. Just hit some trigger points and you’re good to go.


In Chicago one evening I was walking down the street with my girlfriend, and a guy in front of us was eating a cheeseburger while he walked. When he finished, he crumpled up the wrapper, dropped it on the sidewalk, and just kept walking. There were plenty of garbage cans on the streets, but he couldn’t be bothered to carry the wrapper until he came to one.


Using your right to vote. Especially for elections other than the presidential one.


Not having children.. it's literally the easiest thing to NOT "accidentally" do.


Respecting that what works for you may not work for someone else.


Using turn signals.


Common human activity to maintain a somewhat healthy lifestyle. Obesity is ridiculous




The bar is low there 🤣


Graduate high school.


It was a temptation I wasn't faced with, but as a teacher it's pretty hard to understand the kid who dicks around on their phone from bell to bell. Like, my dude, I haven't got the resources to offer anything as enticing as toktok; you're gonna have to decide to engage. I promise I'm ready to help.


Speaking the truth.


I go to an Australian public school. You'd think atleast some people have human decency right? NO! The bar is set so low it's a tripping hazard in hell and here these that's are playing limbo with the devil. There has never been a day I haven't been told to kill myself or been called a slur. Not to mention the 7 different fights that happen every single day without fail. Then you have the kids that get expelled then come back for revenge with a knife and have to be taken away by police (happens atleast once a year) and then all the other wild shit that happens. One kid got the entire school banned from the Maccas down the road for a week because he bought all the sauce and wouldn't give it back. Last year 2 girls fought and one got expelled because she nearly killed the other girl. AND THE KIDS ON THE BUS. one time I was catching the bus and these 2 boys started arguing over homework answers and one got so angry he smashed the other kids head into a metal railing, pushed him on the ground and stomped on his head 15 times. That kid ended up needing surgery on his brain.


As a man: cooking, cleaning, childcare, doing literally anything to contribute to the household that you haven't specifically been asked to do/doing it without expecting to be praised and for yourb partner to be grateful you got off your ass for five seconds unprompted. The bar is in hell.


Respecting someone’s privacy


Being a decent human being who treats people as they wish to be treated.


Calling or texting when you won't be coming to work.


People dont take advantage of their employer match in their 401k.


Washing your damn hands after taking a piss.


Putting away carts at Walmart


Trash go in trash can


Hygiene sadly. Especially u redditors


You must be browsing Reddit on your smellphone.


Exercise. It is free, and you can do it every day if you prioritize it. The amount it takes to prolong your life and give you health benefits isn't that much either. You just have to be consistent.


But it’s uncomfortable and doesn’t bring instant results


True, but it gives you "feel goods" after you're finished. Even if it's your first time in a long time. I HATE exercising, and it's the only thing that will reliably make me feel well. Even if I haven't done it in months, it will give me happy energetic feelings for the rest of the day after I do it.


Graduating from a public school.


Traditional schools aren't for everyone. My wife and I are both high school dropouts who got GED's instead. Also a lot of north American schools just aren't equipped to handle the true diversity of personalities and learning styles out there. Standardized institutions will always have people falling through the cracks.


Let people out of an enclosed space you want to use before forcing yourself in there. Elevator, bus, train, whatever.


I was impressed the first time I was asked for consent. Damn that bar was low af.


Graduate highschool. I know a lot of people's home circumstances make it difficult, but the system is designed to pass you just by putting in the absolute minimum effort.


Manners. Saying “please,” “thank you,” waiting for your turn and just being respectful to all


Eating with basic manners. If you're an adult uppity shouldn't need to be reminded to chew with you're mouth closed, stop farting at the dinner table, don't play with your food or wait for everyone else to shut down before you start eating. This should be common sense now.


look at the last 2 years stay home failing that, just wear a mask while out and about that was incredibly difficult for certain folks


Or just wearing the damn thing correctly. I saw so many chin straps and noses out constantly. Like damn it really isn't that hard to keep it on right. Oh and my favorite was the pull the mask down and lean in to talk as if I can't already hear you.


Showering once a day.


The value of a working confidence of basic mathematical arithmetic operations.


Being able to do basic math and calculate percentages is very useful. Even if you aren't good at doing it manually just knowing how to use a calculator is good enough to help out in situations where you really want to save money.


Lawyer here. I ended up having to fill out the child support worksheet because the other attorney couldn’t figure out calculating percentages. Here you have to get thru high school, then college, then law school. I can’t imagine how you didn’t get taught enough math to have percentages stick with you after going thru about 19 years of formal education. ETA I know that school is hard for some people and that not all school districts are equally equipped to teach students but man if you did well enough at school and were in school long enough to become a lawyer, I used to think that you’d have a well rounded base of general knowledge. But I was mistaken.


Not targeting/making fun of special needs people or even just anyone on the spectrum.


Or just anyone…


Driving. It's rlly not that complicated 98% of the time and people's lives are in your hands


I see having other people's lives in my hands as a very high bar to set for someone to drive.


Exactly, you're responsible for other people's lives while driving. And I'd argue more than a pedestrian/bike rider would be since a car is much bigger and is faster; if a car hits someone, it can easily kill them. I'm not saying a bike rider/pedestrian shouldn't be vigilant, but still, driving a car is much more responsibility.


Vote in the USA


Respect each other's views or respect each other in general and i mean genuinely


Not littering


not spewing racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic garbage.


It is so easy to not cheat on your partner. So INCREDIBLY easy.


Respect, decency, empathy and understanding of basic human rights


Being president of the United States anytime during the last 6+ years.


Push in your chair/barstool when you get up


Personal hygiene.




I'll trust you if you don't lie to me. I don't mind a little lie here or there, but some people will lie to you about literally everything.


Being a father who changes your child’s diaper


Walking 20 feet to return a cart so it doesn't hit another person's car.