What film released within the last decade can be considered a masterpiece?

This thread has made me realize I don't have the same taste as Reddit in 96% of movies.


This thread has made me realize I don't have the same taste as Reddit in 96% of movies.


I agree. I scroll down a long way and know absolutely none of the movies mentioned


I searched for one of my favorite movies. 1 comment, -1 karma


I wanted to half-jokingly say megamind, but then I realized that it was released in 2010.


Not even half-jokingly, Megamind’s amazing


Parasite by Bong Joon-ho.


This movie was a wild ride


It really does find a way to pack in all the main genres of film in one movie. At times it almost feels like horror, others a comedy, then thriller, then social commentary. It's got a little something for everybody


It was another Bong hit!


I felt concussed after leaving the cinema. Like I couldn’t talk about how it made me feel, and how in awe I was of what he’d created.


Yea I remember the audience kind of shuffling out in silence. Great fuvking movie.




May i suggest ‘Llamageddon’


What about "Zombeavers"


I recommend Zombeavers to every movie fan I meet. It's incredible.


[VFX - car on fire] Fucking love this movie. Edit: thanks to this post I just re-watched this masterpiece. It’s free on Tubi


Yes. This is perfect. The special effects in this are gold. The acting is mint. Seeing a dinosaur using ninja moves brought me to tears. 10 out of 10!


Shit was cracked


The Big Short


First I read the book and was astounded that it held, nay commanded, my interest. Then they made the movie and I thought “No way they can make this into a good movie.” Wrong again. Great film that does justice to the book.


If you liked it, I suggest watching Margin Call. It's acting and story are superb.


Superb movie. Steve Carrell deserved an Oscar. Any script that can essentially make you root for those carrion hounds is very manipulatively written. I hated myself for caring that they were right.


Arrival, imo


I really wasn't ready for this movie. Never saw it in theaters or read much about it, my wife and I were just looking for something to stream one night and picked it, thinking it would be standard brainless alien invasion fare. Holy shit, I don't usually get emotional during movies but this one made me tear up. For some context, my wife had miscarried within the past few months back when we watched it. She was a wreck. At the end we wiped our tears and were like "Damn, that was good."


I'm in a similar boat here 2 years before we met, my fiance carried a baby full term even though from an early stage of the pregnancy, her obstetrician had explained to her that in all likelihood, the boy would pass shortly after being born since his kidneys were not working. Unfortunately, he was right. When I asked her why she would carry for the full term knowing the outcome, she said that in the even if there was only a 0.01% chance of survival, her son deserved to be given a chance to survive and that she'd love him all the same even if she only got a chance to hold him for a bit. I understood what she meant, but the gravity of it all didn't sink in for me up until we had our daughter a few years ago. Understanding the love I feel for my little one makes so that I have an idea of the pain I'd feel if I were ever to lose her. Understanding all of this makes me look at her choice in a different light. I don't know if I'm strong enough to handle pain like that, let alone sign up for it if given a choice to opt out, but I do know Arrival made me understand how much I respect my fiance for having the courage and the capacity for love to endure that type of pain for the sake of her baby boy. Edit : wording and grammar


Honestly, it was phenomenal. That end sequence has me bawling every time. Although the amazement was dampened slightly by having to explain the ending to my mum afterwards lol (she still can’t grasp it and insists the movie must just be bad, which is a shame!)


My wife has stage 4 breast cancer and was diagnosed while pregnant with our first and only child. The question that the entire movie is based around is a question I've asked myself many times. "Despite knowing the journey, and where it leads I embrace it. And I welcome every moment." This is unbelievably powerful and reaches so many people. It's profoundly powerful. More than any other film I've ever seen.


I wish you and your family strength.


Arrival and Annihilation are my 2 favorite “alien” movies of the last decade for sure


Annihilation goes EXTREMELY hard.


One of the few movies that genuinely fucked me up thinking about it. Such a different idea of horror


This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s phenomenal. The ambiance and tension in the first half was super well done. And the message of the movie makes me cry every time.


I recently read the Ted Chiang short story that it’s based on! I’m not super into sci-fi usually but it’s really good and well-written. While I understood very little of the physics parts, the linguistics were really interesting. The movie is somewhat different so it’s definitely worth a read!


Just watched this last night! It’s the most life affirming movie I’ve ever seen


"Nebraska" (2013) Outstanding acting, a thought-provoking script, and near-perfect cinematography. I think this is also the most recent black and white movie I've seen, and that choice works well with the material.


I grew up in the midwest and I cringed the whole way through this movie because of how spot-on the performances and the dialog is. It's equal parts frustrating and hilarious. The "how long did it take ya to get here?" and "you still drive that Chevy?" scenes killed me.


Masterpieces come and go, but I firmly believe Paddington 2 will still be watched by kids in 100 years


Didn't that movie get a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes?


Yep, and it deserves it. Watch it if you haven't, then watch the Nicholas cage film the unbearable weight of massive talent, then watch Paddington 2 again.


Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is a hilarious movie.


Its on every bloody week in the uk!










I think that's exactly why I didn't like it. I was so stressed...like >!stop making bets, man!!< You're ruining everything!


I was in band in highschool, an incredibly competitive one, and JK Simmons had me in flashbacks to our director, who was a tyrant that ran us like Marine Corp boot all year long. It wasn't just marching band that was competitive, either, it was *everything.* I was good and wound up in all county, then all state, but that man was insufferable. He refused me my inhaler one day when he was forcing me to run laps endlessly in "the gauntlet" because I'd messed up at set, and I passed out. My mother ripped him a new one and went all the way up to the superintendent. The director retired at the end of that year. Our new director was my old middle school director, so we remained competitive, but not insane, and kept winning grand championships without the mental trauma. Anyways, I could only watch that movie once, too. It was spot on Mr. H the *whole way through.*


Holy shit 2014. I thought it was older.


It wasn’t all that popular, but The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was a gorgeous film. I think most people were expecting a typical Ben Stiller farce, but this movie was absolutely wonderful.


Absolutely in my top 10. God, and the cinematography. Whole thing manages to meet somewhere between a theatrical masterpiece and a indie/acoustic music video.


Walter Mitty cemented my belief that i really need to head out and start exploring the world lol. Certainly is there at the top of my list. Can't recommend it enough to friends and relatives!


I watched it in theaters when I was sort of at a low point trying to figure out what the hell the point of anything I was doing in life was. I ended up going to Iceland on a solo trip after a (nearly) decade long journey of self-discovery because of that movie.


I just watched it for the first time recently and hundred percent agree. It was Ben Stiller’s Garden State with a bigger budget


Fury Road. So shiny, so chrome.


Witness me


"Mediocre !" Yeah Fury Road is an absolute event of a film. I had low expectations and came away in absolute love.


Guitar man flame thrower on top of a monster truck just really works


The **Doof Warrior** is his name


Man, I was hoping no one had commented this so I could. Absolutely incredible movie, endlessly quotable for a movie with such little dialogue, easily in my top 3 (Empire Strikes Back and Forrest Gump are 1 and 2 if anyone’s wondering).




The cinematography was better than any other movie I've ever seen. Was blown away.


The scene in the burning town was truly haunting


Deakin’s cinematography alongside Newman’s soundtrack and Mendes’ direction is near perfect, they create magic when they work together (I also love revolutionary road, and road to perdition.) I rewatch some scenes of 1917 repeatedly, in particular the flare scene and the scenes with him running onto the battlefield towards the end.


That one single take at the end where he's running to deliver the message... Incredible


I've been waiting a long time for a WWI movie that matches the feeling of some of the books I've read. 1917 was just awesome, more than I could have ever asked for. The proximity of beauty to horror, the rush of going over the top, the impersonal machinated war alongside brutal hand-to-hand combat, the old and new eras of war comingling. Awesome.


Hell or high water


Shut down the rest of the thread. Wind River is also fantastic.


I have a love/hate relationship with Wind River. It is so, so good. It is also incredibly difficult to watch


Jojo rabbit hit me hard


the scene where >!klenzendorf saves jojo by calling him a jew!< is utterly shattering. This man knows he's dead and his last act is to save this boy the only way he can. Idk that hits me hard.


I lost it when they showed >!Jojo’s mother hanged!< … but during the moment you mention, holy shit, it was so unexpected, I couldn’t stop my tears from falling.


Just the shoes


That's not the first time he saved him in the movie either. Ask yourself why he >!shows up during the "heil hitler" scene, out of breath, with Jojo's mom's bike. !<


We were just heil hitlering the boy, and then heil hitlering yourself, and then of course heil hitlering Freddy Finkle.




I agree with this one with the caveat that a person should watch it without any prior knowledge on it. Watched it randomly without knowing anything when it was in theaters. Holy shit.


Watch it in a double bill with the Black Mirror episode "Be Right Back"


Likewise. Went in blind and I was blown away.


Grand Budapest hotel.


It's so good!


It is probably the only movie that to me completely captures the feeling of reading a book. In many ways thar movie is a love letter to not only eastern europe and its beauty but to story teilling and the axt of writing itself


I loved it because I was a former waiter/server and I absolutely loved the sense of 'class of service' and manners. I watch it repeatedly for the pace of the service and the nature of it all.


I remember reading a comment on here a few months back saying that this movie feels like eating a pot brownie and waking up in a hallmark greeting card. Cracks me up every time I think about it.


Probably my favourite of Anderson's.


I watch this movie like once a month. It’s become one of my all time favorites


Fantastic characters and depiction.


A fantastic journey indeed


Wind River.


Great movie. It's odd how violence against indigenous women is a huge issue in North America, but there's hardly any movies about it.


Are you flanking me???


Powerful film. The relationship with the two fathers gets me every time.


Maybe not a masterpiece but I think Edge of Tomorrow was a seriously good movie.


This is the movie that I'll rewatch over and over again.


I see what you did there


On your feet maggot.


I finally watched this movie a week ago and was fucking blown away by the pace and intensity of it all. I'm shocked it's not on more lists of best action movies. It also reaffirmed to me that Tom cruise still got it and should do more roles outside of mission impossible.


Same, love this movie. Emily Blunt makes a surprisingly good action hero, and Tom Cruise definitely still got it. My husband described his character as: “It was like watching Tom Cruise gradually becoming Tom Cruise” lol


The whole industry should take note on how to actually make an innate badass female character


Yes. She was one of the only ones who felt believable and not relying on very accommodating stunt men.


>“It was like watching Tom Cruise gradually becoming Tom Cruise” lol Your husband just gave me quite the laugh


Battle is the Great Redeemer. It is the fiery crucible in which true heroes are forged!


"It's alright to be scared. Without fear there can be no courage". RIP Bill Paxton. Ive used a similar line for the kids on my boxing team 🥊


Sergeant Farrel you’re an American? No sir, I’m from Kentucky.


Tip of the spear... edge of the knife... ~~pain in~~ crack of my ass


I don’t care to watch Tom Cruise, but for me this is his best movie as far as character development goes. SPOILER warning because I don’t know how to do the blackout thing: The fact he starts as a complete coward and is forced to face his greatest fear again and again is wondrous. For those that dislike TC this is great movie for the repeat dying. ALSO Emily Blunt is the fucking tits and I hope she does more action movies going forward.


Little tip: for spoilers put a > and a ! in front of the text, then ! and < at the end \> ! Something spoiler-ish ! < Without spaces of course.


Testing in a safe space: >!Thank you for teaching me!!!<


I too love Mass Effect GroundHog Day


Lol "Mass Effect Groundhog Day" Gonna use that.


The Martian is the first movie that felt like it was made specifically for me. So, I don't know about the rest of you, but it's a masterpiece to me.


I also loved it and thought they did a good representation of the book. However, if you haven’t read the book I encourage you to do so. The buildup to the ending was so much more intense and makes their long-shot even more poignant. Plus I like looking at the equations even tho I have no idea how to solve them. 🙂


The funniest difference between the book and the movie, at least for me, is in the rescue scene. In the book, he shortly considers cutting off the tips of his gloves to use the escaping air for propulsion and steering. Then quickly dismisses the idea because "stuff like that only works in movies, not in real life". In the movie, he does exactly that. Cuts off the tips of the gloves and steers towards the ship. Almost felt like a bit of a meta-joke in the movie.


I mean he correctly determined that he IS in a movoe and therefore the idea is applicable


The other thing about the book is that every chapter consists of a new problem and how to problem solve. Like when he fries the computer in the MAV and can’t communicate with earth anymore. Or when he takes a laptop outside and the LCD screen freezes. Or when the MAV flips on his way to the ARES 4 site. I might be misremembering some of those details but it was a book full of too many problems to fit into a movie. I really enjoyed both


If you enjoyed The Martian then you should also check out Project Hail Mary by the same author. I finished it a few weeks ago and it is brilliant


It’s a good book. Question?


Amaze, amaze, amaze!


*jazz hands*


Also an excellent listen on Audible. Narrator smashes it.


The Grand Budapest Hotel. Great plot, good cast, amazing cinematography, well written script. It checks all the boxes for me


>She was dynamite in the sack, by the way. >... She was 84, Monsieur Gustave. >Mmm, I've had older. When you're young, it's all filet steak, but as the years go by, you have to move on to the cheap cuts. Which is fine with me, because I like those. More flavorful, or so they say.




Interstellar and Arrival are a great one-two of sci-fi hope instead of the dystopia we’re used to.


Yeah. I kinda wish there were more films like them but then if there were it they wouldn't be as special.


Go for... Main Engine Start. T-10... Daaaaad! 9... Dad! Daaaaad! 8... 7... Daaad! 6... 5... Main Engine Start. 4... 3... 2... 1... Booster Ignition and... All engines look good beginning roll program.


Interstellar has one of the greatest, most recognizable scores of all time as well IMO.


Portrait of a Lady on Fire


Every single still from this movie stands alone as a work of art. Incredible attention to composition in cinematography.


Into the spiderverse


If nothing else, ITSV will forever remain iconic because it leaned so hard into a visually stunning and incredible art style while surrounded by animated films obsessed with trying not to look like animation. Incredibles 2 was pretty solid, don't get me wrong, but all everyone was talking about prior to its release was how precisely animated the fibres on Mr. Incredible's shirt were, or the hair, etc. because it looked lifelike. ITSV's goal with the animation wasn't to look like real life, they really played with animation as an art medium and it just makes it so much more fun to watch. The movie truly felt like you were watching a comic book come to life and that's just one of the things that made it so good


I like to think rather than a super hero film or an animated film, it is a comic book film


My absolute favorite movie. So much character development in such a Short time.


Your Name


Just watched it and it made me feel things I didn't know could be felt


Blade Runner 2049, or any movie directed by Dennis Villeneuve really


It's an absolutely amazing science fiction movie that captures all the good of the first and enhances it. Plus we get tiny-glasses-Bautista


"You newer models are happy scraping the shit...because you've never seen a miracle."


One of the best line deliveries I’ve ever witnessed. Denis truly trusted Dave to deliver the thesis statement of the film.


Professor Bautista Honeydew


This is probably one of the only movies I watch primarily for its set pieces. The massive, gritty, hyper-dense mega-city is so cool to just exist in for a few hours.




Jojo Rabbit. The range of emotions felt was something I was not expecting going into it and the ending was absolutely beautiful. Flawless


"Tasteful Holocaust Comedy" is quite an achievement


It should not be possible for that film to be as smart, funny and moving as it is. 10/10.


I had a hard time taking Scarlet Johansson seriously as an actor until that movie. Something about her never clicked with me, and I’m not personally a Marvel fan, so there wasn’t a lot I felt about her performances. But my god, she was fantastic in it. It made me want to see more from her.


100%. Jojo Rabbit took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. I cried so hard.


The absolute masterpiece of The Raid 2


Inside out


The thing about Inside Out is that the stakes feel realer than in just about any other kids' movie. It's intense and personal, and it speaks to the depression and isolation that many pre-teens face, often unaided. I like to think of this compassion and insight as Pixar's hallmark.


I’ve been processing trauma for the past year, and I rewatched it yesterday and it was very obvious to me how hard the writers worked to also represent the experience of trauma occurring, from a neurological perspective. Before uncovering that I had experienced trauma and learning about how it works, I never recognized that in the movie, but it’s very plainly there on a mechanical level. During the movie, Riley herself is not experiencing trauma that will go on to disable her as an adult, but the mechanics of the brain as represented in the story absolutely parallel the way that the brain will fracture itself in order to protect itself from re exposure. I go really over the top with analyzing metaphors and symbols in movies so I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with my theories, but I’ll just leave you with this: the sadness that Riley experiences right before fear kicks in as she cries in front of her class — the body responded to that with “this can never happen again” and sadness literally gets sucked out of the control center, with fear, anger, and disgust left to call all the shots. If what Riley was going through was less manageable, it would take longer to recover sadness, if it could be done at all, and the whole time, when this happens irl, the other three are left to create the most rancid personalities you know.


That movie made me so sad, they really did a great job


Paddington 2


Paddington 1




I was hoping for this one. I saw this so many times in the theater. I forced so many of my friends to watch it. I cried, they cried, we crode


"Just be a rock"


halfway through the movie I already knew it would be my all time favorite


Absolutely. A masterclass in every aspect of filmmaking and a joy to watch at the same time.


It's wild how well it manages to blend so many genres. It pulls off the absurdist humor when it tries to be funny, has a nice tense horror like segment in the first part, extremely creative action sequences and an emotional core that made me feel so many things, which included the most romantic line I think I've seen in any piece of media. It beat all odds, what with it's early year release date, small budget and team, and of course the fact that the pandemic kinda happened mid production.


"In another life, I would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you"


There will never be a more romantic line in all of cinema. Never ever ever.


The Lighthouse, Hard to be a God


On my list! Gotta watch it, thanks!


The Death of Stalin The VVitch


One of my fav things is when a comedy suddenly flips on you and gets real dark real quick. The scene in the barn in Death of Stalin was one of the best.


"Fuck off back to Georgia, dead boy!"


(Hello to) Jason Isaacs steals every scene he’s in in Death of Stalin. Everyone’s great in it but he stands out.


The scene where he arrives and whips off his overcoat in slow motion, revealing that he is absolutely covered in medals, gets me everytime.


That, and ‘I’m smiling but I’m very fucking furious’


The VVitch is going to still be watched in 30 years for sure. It's timeless.


Death of Stalin is so underrated.


The VVitch is so freaking underrated!!


Get Out


“I am the TS mother fucking A”


Jordan Peele had absolutely no business going from a sketch creator to releasing an incredible movie just like that. What a talented guy.


Just this week a friend and I were discussing this film and how it still makes us feel physically ill when the camera shifts and we see the auction.


Totally. Peele’s other movies are great, too, but Get Out had such a powerful, direct message and such a confident tone. It’s like he’d been thinking about that film his whole life and he managed to pull it off on his first try.


Honestly I would say all of Jordan Peele's horror movies. I'm a massive horror movie fan and his approach to the genre is something I don't have words to articulate.




Parasite, Hereditary


Everything everywhere all at once


Peanutbutter Falcon. The dumb name kept me away, but when I gave it a chance, it was incredible.




Mad Max: Fury Road - I was completely blown away by it.




Love that movie.


Everything Everywhere All at Once




I’m disappointed I had to scroll down so far to find this one. There are movies I like better, but this is one of the few that deserve the label “masterpiece”


Revenant, especially the opening combat scene, aside from that the landscape blows me away. The film made me feel lonely just watching it. The Thing is still awesome as well.




Django Unchained


That’s over a decade old though I agree it’s a masterpiece


- All Quiet On The Western Front.


My husband put this on and I was just playing on my phone not really paying attention. Thirty minutes into it, my phone was down with my eyes glued to the screen and our 13 year old had come to sit down and was on the edge of his seat. He stayed up till almost midnight watching it with us, even though he could barely keep his eyes open.


This should be up there further. It blew me away.




My wife has seen Dune about a hundred times so far, and is beyond excited for the second chapter.


Inglorious basterds Edit: sorry I didn't realize it had been over a decade since that movie's release......fml I'm getting old


Inglorious is a movie about language and it's brilliant because it's hiding behind a war movie.