What is something that young people love that you don’t understand?

Filming themselves crying.


Filming themselves crying.


Yeah I saw one the other day of a girl holding her pet snake that died and she's crying like she just discovered it. Like, she found her dead snake, set up a tripod with her camera/phone and then got the angle right, recorded herself crying with the dead snake, then edited it with captions about her dead snake and put sad music over it. It's kind of gross when you think about it. She's looking for sympathy and in reality if you're doing all that shit, the snake obviously is less important than your likes on social media.


Right! All the time and effort to filter, add media, edit, find the right lighting and angles all so people can see how good you think you look while crying? It’s so shallow and inauthentic.


What makes this so much more pathetic is the person had to set their phone up, put it down in the ideal position, then get into whatever posture makes them look suitably devastated. Such a shameless bid for attention. And you just know some of them took multiple takes if they didn’t like the first one.


One of my friends does this. When we were kind of drunk, I asked her to try to explain why. She films herself crying and either livestreams it or sends the video out. She said when she was growing up, whenever she was physically hurt from like falling or was upset from something someone said or did, her parents and siblings completely ignored her. She'd try to talk about it and they'd act like she didn't say anything or gaslight her into thinking she was over blowing her feelings. But if she cried loud enough, they'd at least try to stop her from crying. That's how she grew up. No matter what happened, no one in her life cared until she disturbed them with her crying. When she is very upset, she almost can't help the way she tries to communicate it. She doesn't always do this, but she regresses a lot. It's happened less often as we got older. Idk it was interesting to hear her explain. She's been a genuine person my whole life, so I couldnt understand why she's act like that. Some people are attention seeking whores, others are unsupported, traumatized people who are still growing.


Real talk, people like to just write of this behavior and make fun but there is a reason it's a thing. People are so alienated in this world, of course they do weird shit to look for some kind of connection or meaning.




All these shitty prank videos on people in public. The public tik tok dancing. I can't handle the second-hand embarrassment when someone is dancing in aisle 5.


Saw one today where a Yank is in Australia, and he grabbed a dude at an ATM in a bear hug from behind and pulled him to the ground yelling "give me all your money!". Several people ran in to help, and after they'd be wrestling for maybe 10 secs and the prankster still hadn't let go, a bloke threw a superb punch and clocked him in the nose. Only then did he start yelling "It's a prank! It's a prank!". He literally had a third nostril in the side of his nose - a slit you could see through. Half the comments (an Aussie subreddit) were people saying he should have done it back home so he got shot. That said, there as good public pranks. Ones that take effort and don't cause distress. Like a good ATM one is when I was in high school, we'd dress up like we're at the footy, gather around some stranger who's started using the ATM, and cheer them on loudly getting roudier and roudier until the money came out when we'd all go boonta, off our heads, and run around screaming like when someone scores a goal in soccer and then we'd dissapear.


Just found the video after reading your comment: https://www.reddit.com/r/therewasanattempt/comments/13uggto/to_do_an_atm_robbery_prank_its_a_prank_bro/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1


Dude fucked around, and consequently, found out.


Oh, good sir, you have made my day. Thank you for sharing this idiot's pain.


Lmao I literally just saw that before opening this thread


The main reason I don't like prank videos is because consent is removed from the person getting pranked, especially when the prank is harmful or mean to the victim. It's different when you have a friend group because they know, and you know, that the pranks are in good fun and both of you will have a laugh about it, but that's not the case in the majority of the "it's just a prank" videos out there. It's one the reasons I hate the show where these three(?) friends challenge each other to do embarrassing stuff in public.


The main reason I don't like prank videos is because consent is removed from the person getting pranked, especially when the prank is harmful or mean to the victim. it's bullying. Guess all that anti-bullying talk in schools didn't do much good. bah.


film random strangers without consent to make fun of them online all for internet 'clout'


When my mom (in her 60’s) was a substitute, she had two boys fighting in class. She went to them and yelled at them to stop. Since she was just a substitute teacher, she couldn’t put her hands on them to pull them apart, so she looked at the students to ask for some help…. almost all the students were filming with smirks on their face. The boys immediately stopped and started laughing. She was so mortified, she said she cried the rest of the class while they CONTINUED to film her. No one from administration came when she called the main office. She obviously retired early after that. It made my blood boil.






Repetitive and loud. The point is to be annoying and have be people be annoyed.




Kind of like those reaction videos where people completely overact. Why do I care how some internet rando completely overdoes reactions to some video.


The reaction thing has never clicked with me. A younger friend a few years ago recommended me some channel that they said they absolutely adored, I checked it out and it was some friendly woman watching anime and bawling her eyes out every single video. I just don't get it.


I am 40. I like reaction videos by people with expertise in something. For example, if a reaction channel with a dance teacher analyzes a kpop group or a street dance, yes that’s interesting. The reactions where someone loudly describes what they are seeing in a YouTube short “wow! What is that for? Okay okay uh huh. I would try that! I mean…” and they seemingly don’t take a breath? Those can disappear forever please.


I also really enjoy the genre of Real Thing Reacts to Fake Thing. "CIA agent reacts to spy movies." "Therapist reacts to rom-coms." "Surgeon reacts to TV medical drama." etc.


>"Surgeon reacts to TV medical drama." My wife is a nurse, so that’s just my real life.


Any time I see a YouTube video with "reacts" in the title, I block the channel.


I’ve noticed this later in life but a ton of people, maybe the majority think loud equals funny. Love John Oliver but goddamn are his yelling punchlines annoying. Leslie Jones is the same thing, her comedy is amazing but I just hate the yelling stuff. I’ve noticed that a ton of YouTube personalities also rely on this. It comes across as desperate attempt to get a laugh to me.


The only time a comedian was obnoxiously loud and I was laughing incredibly hard at it was when I watched Bill Burr's Philly incident video. 10 minutes of him degrading an entire city because of their reaction to the guy who went on before Burr did


Bill isn't loud, he's just from Boston.


I really hate the TikTok voice






Don't forget the "watch till the end" label because the video has no substance. Automatic skip for me if I see it.


The spongebob one or the girl one?


Either. I'm watching a video. Either narrate it yourself, put captions, or let the video speak for itself. That same damn robot voice over and over drives me nuts.


The TikTok "accent" drives me nuts. It's kind of like you are talking to a child, but not really. Usually I hear it in videos that are along the line of "did you know?" Edit: kind of like Michelle in American Pie


The SpongeBob one annoyed me a lot. It seems to have died down, but it was annoying having to hear longer conversations in that voice


I read this in my head in the female TikTok voice


The unending need to share everything on social media including their meals, their children, their partners everything.


You forgot their crimes. I still can't believe people film and post themselves committing crimes!


I work in the courts and a guy who was on felony probation for guns, actively fighting a new gun case, posted on fb a video of himself with all his guns, minutes after posting about selling pills. Like bro you aren’t even trying to hide it…


Sharing everything really doesn’t seem to be a generational thing. I see people of all ages obsessed with over sharing.


The amount of online content so many people create. It's fucking work! How do they have time for this?


It’s just hobbies, I mean kids aren’t building model cars or wooden birdhouse in their spare time. Digital art is a way of expression, whether it’s making YouTube videos, making digital art, or just getting deep into a certain fandom. People all have their own comfort zone.


Not exactly a model car but if you count tank models I am here


Filming every little thing. Like why are they filming them doing basic stuff like grocery shopping?


From an archeological/anthropological perspective it's amazing. Could you imagine what we could learn if we had thorough records of the day to day life of average citizens from the Roman Empire? Or even the Mayans, Mesopotamians, any of these ancient civilizations?


I can completely agree. Imagine the Pompeii citizens on that fateful day. "Totes getting cray round here with that earth doing that vibe check. It lookin hella sus up there."


Yo what up, it's ya boy Herodotus. Subscribe to my weekly parchment for all the latest.


Oh god, the Oracles are influencers.


Next week I'll spill the tea on some wild Egyptian temple traditions you'll NEVER believe.


I’m sorry, but nobody says totes or cray anymore. The council has decided you are cringe. Get all of your affairs in order, you shall be cancelled tomorrow.




Some of the most fascinating artifacts are uniform tablets. Since dry clay survives much longer than papyrus, there's things like inventories and paperwork that give a little more insight. If modern human civilisation ended overnight, most of what we have written down will be destroyed in like a century or two. Digital media is cool, but can you imagine early 20th century archeologists looking at a disk and think it was a memory device? How would they ever read it or decode the bits? All the metal and shinies would be long scavenged anyway. The things that would last the longest are simply stone engraved monuments: tomb stones, statues and the like


That's the plotline for the video game Horizon: Zero Dawn. Humanity as it remains doesn't understand the world of machines their ancestors created before them.


It's fun how they use words that sound the same but are spelled slighlty different or are spelled the same but pronounced different because of this. Even the lead character's name is Aloy is meant to be alloy but it's spelled and pronounced slightly differently.


I don’t know I just forgot this or if I am realizing this for the first time, but I didn’t realize that at all and I love it! So Rost is like Rust too. Dang, I love that game so much


Obligatory F%$k Ted Faro.


The third book in The Three Body Problem (Death's End) takes on the task of preserving information for several million years. *Cave paintings in Europe were from about forty thousand years ago. If you count the markings made on stones back when our ancestors, the hominids, made the first tools as information, then the earliest instance occurred during the Pliocene, two point five million years ago. And we did indeed find information left one hundred million years ago, though it wasn't left by humans: dinosaur footprints.* So yeah, even the more advanced humans in the book go back to carving special tablets in stone, and storing them in a cave.


This might be of interest if you like that sort of thing https://arcticworldarchive.org There's also a big archive of GitHub in similar storage, so we could potentially bootstrap where we are in a lot of software development, either if civilization lost it somehow, or from the perspective of someone recreating history a thousand years from now.


Would any digital media live through thousands of years? Even if society and technology didn't sustain a collapse, preserving the natural decay of hard drives, discs, or uncorrupted files seems impossible for that long. I think even now only a hundred or so years later only a fraction of films made at the turn of the last century are preserved that were ever made.


Less than a hundred years. It would be a matter of decades when information is wiped. It only takes one company going out of business or deciding to delete old information to delete large chunks of the internet. See Geocities, Myspace, Tumblr, Photobucket, and Imgur as examples of companies who have deleted vast amounts of information, much of which is gone forever without any backups.


>much of which is gone forever without any **publicly available** backups. the CIA/NSA don't have gigantic warehouses full of hardware for nothing


CIA reading my Geocities website from 2000. I hope they like my cat gifs.


What’s worse is when they film random strangers without consent to make fun of them online. Weirdos.




I contend that the worst is when they film while they’re “driving”. I see idiots with their phones FaceTiming/filming all of the time.


I forget most of the happy things that happened in my life, I tend to get a photo or video if I feel happy for the day. After a year I mostly go back to those photos and videos to remind me that not all days are bad.


A lot of my memories are on VHS Tapes. I keep thinking I should get those transferred to digital media.


Better digitalise them before it's too late.


33 here. I struggle with both wanting to film every little moment and also wanting to just live in and experience the moment. Mostly rooted in having the literal memory of a goldfish. If I do pull out my phone and take a quick pic of vid I will pretty much remember the whole day or event - it's like my memory anchor, because my brain sucks at making those on its own.


My aunt has lupus and this helps her also


The posting about an event online has become more important than the event itself... :(


I have friends who film entire concerts and then post it one minute at a time on instagram and Snapchat. It’s so depressing. They’re not living in the moment and no one else cares.


I literally traveled the world as a videographer '95-'15. Seen it all through the job and a lens. Doesn't feel real. I just don't carry a camera anymore when on my own. Learned the hard way.


It drives me bonkers when I see someone's Snapchat or Instagram story that's 30 slides long of them at a concert. I skip after the first 3-4.


For me I can answer this at least. I have private accounts and stuff so it’s a bit different, but a few years ago one of my best friends passed away. I had almost no pictures and videos of us. I wish I had a video of his voice, the funny things he said, pictures of him and I together. Also I like having videos of cool stuff I’ve done.


From [NOFX - I'm so sorry Tony](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0gLmkLOsaU) : > All the endless nights we had > > The 20 years of laughs > > I’ve looked but I can’t find > > Any photographs of us > > Because it’s weird to take photos > > With your best friends > > Cuz you don’t think that you’ll > > Never see them again


Prime - the drink. Simply don’t understand the hype. Snapchat and streaks.


I'm a teacher, just for context. One of my students (14 years old) absolutely lost his shit when I threw away the Prime bottle he had left in my class *the day before*. You'd have thought I threw out his iPhone the way he reacted. For fuck's sake, kid. It was a half-empty Gatorade knockoff. It isn't that big of a deal.


I dont understand certain genres of tiktok/YouTube videos. Who is entertained by those videos where it's a robot voice reading out reddit comments while subway surfer is being played on screen? Who is the audience for those videos where some dude with an awful haircut asks people risqué questions either on a college campus or at the beach?


For me it’s the ones where half the screen is a video, and the other half is just some dude smiling or nodding his head. I guess if you’re gonna steal content, putting your face on it fools the algorithm?


They call it “reaction content” which basically means I don’t have original content


I absolutely hate these the most. For lack of better word, I find them cringeworthy.


Yeah these ticktocks with AI voice reading out what it either says on screen or instead of the authors voice.


Can’t wait to see this exact comment on a TikTok video with Minecraft and subway surfer


This is going back like five years, but I was first introduced to the “robot reading Reddit comments” genre by I think a seventh grader. It seemed like they had this image built up in their head of Reddit being this forbidden dark area of the internet like 4Chan or something. I think for a lot of younger audiences Reddit is kind of intimidating or they don’t quite get how it works. Seems almost like it was right on the edge of when younger people were mainly using pcs vs now where there’s a lot of young people who primarily interact with the internet through their phones/tablets. Not sure how related those concepts are but it feels similar.


I mean lets be real, the only real difference between reddit and 4chan is the moderation. I know we all love to hate mods, but much as redditors love to try and take the high road over 4chan, if the site wasn't moderated shit like the Boston Bomber Incident would have been merely the tip of the iceberg. Hell when the site wasn't actively removing them we had subs like jailbait, creepshots, and a straight up unironic incels sub...


Sticking with YouTube but a different genre. Minecraft YouTubers are so obnoxious I want the annoying toddler songs back. The way they yell into the mic and it’s like they are trying to win a who can be the most annoying competition.


SSundee and Aphmau are two of the most annoying YouTubers I’ve had the misfortune of overhearing.


Doesn't matter, they'll be pretending to hate the things they used to love in a couple years anyway just like we did.


Then loop back around to loving it again in 5 years that seems to be the vibe


This was me with professional wrestling. * 8 year old me: this is the greatest thing in the world! * 16 year old me: fake fighting is lame, MMA is what real men watch. * 24 year old me: this is the greatest thing in the world!


Well, I watch some old-school Smosh every now and then


I am a high school teacher. I can understand the TikToks and the vaping and stuff even if I think they’re dumb, but there’s one thing that I just done get. I have more than one student that will just. Moan. Very sexually. Out loud. In the classroom. And everyone thinks it’s hilarious and joins in. I can’t even explain it to the principal without getting embarrassed.


As a teacher, I get enormously annoyed by the idea that it seems cool to be stupid for a significant amount of teens. Like being actually proud of lacking or pretending to lack basic knowledge or primary skills. Over the last 2 weeks I had a 14 y old pretending not to know who the figure of Christ was, a kid claiming not to know how to use a ruler and one who claimed to never have used scissors… Update: 5 min ago a 14y old asked me wether pigs have ears…


Pride in being dumb isn't a new thing, whole groups of people have taken pride in it for decades


We have plenty of adults who take pride in their willful ignorance too.


Honest to god. I have so many coworkers who simply refuse to try and learn. "I don't know how to do that stuff" even when someone is more than happy to sit down with them and take the time to help teach them. They wear it like a badge of pride. Like it doesn't make you special, that you can't do it. You DO have more capabilities than you think. Its worth a try.


Yes. My students love to brag that they've never read a full book...like it's something to be proud of at 16-18 years old.


Serve them potatoes, and watch the sparks fly.


Remember the guy who pretended not to know what a potato was while having dinner with his girlfriend’s family?


“Prank” videos


the only one i liked is a guy using fake weights at the gym and didn’t interrupt other people working out. it was nice to see people look at someone who looks like they’re 12 beach press “450” pounds


I saw a similar gym prank where a powerlifter pretending to be part of the janitorial staff, dressed in a jumpsuit to hide his physique, went up to guys lifting crazy heavy weights and casually moved them to mop underneath. The look of confusion and surprise was pretty funny.


ANATOLY!! He’s a ukrainian legend dude is cut like marble under that jumpsuit


Talking loudly with your phone on speaker while in public. Older people do it, too. WTF is *that* all about?


I blame it on reality TV, especially the K gang. They all talk like that on the phone so the audience can hear. It drives me crazy!


Recording videos of themselves dancing in the middle of a Home Depot.


I don’t know if it’s the misanthrope speaking or the aging millennial or what but I can’t fucking STAND the “look at how good of a person I am” type shit. It’s not so much the videos. It’s people writing these lengthy ass stories including things that were “said” quotes and everything about how they helped a woman at a gas station because three OTHER dudes were harassing her (that’s just the most recent one I saw earlier today). And it’s like…cool man, none of that probably happened…BUT if it actually did, why do you feel the need to write a lengthy post and then admonish people not doing the same? Personally, if I saw a woman going through something like that, I’d probably silently try to make sure she’s okay if that doesn’t work, then I’d step in. I’d probably get my ass beat if it were actually a dangerous situation. And also, I’d be afraid the woman would think I’m just joining in with the other dudes and freak her the fuck out even more. But regardless, I sure as fuck wouldn’t feel the need to announce it. HEY LOOK HOW GREAT I AM! DID YOU READ MY STORY ABOUT HOW IM A BETTER PERSON THAN YOU!?


Then everyone claps.


One time a saw a guy push his girlfriend, then slap her. I asked if she was ok and if she needed help, she told me to mind my fucking business and that they should beat my ass for sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong… I didn’t make a post about it.


Wow, an incredibly similar thing happened to me many years ago. Late night walking he from work a Large gorilla like fella punches his GF... I ran up and yelled "hey", grabed him and he spun around, and we both tripped, he hit his head on a window enough to put himself out for a few seconds (he was much bigger than me so I had no real chance) his GF proceeds to all out attack me, still with a bloodied nose from being clocked by him, she was screaming I hurt him. I got up and walked away with people around me shaking their head at me, someone even yelled "loser" at me as I left the scene. I felt as small as a blade of grass even after building up the courage to step in.


Declaring everything is a result of a mental illness. Sometimes people are just assholes.


Or using a psych diagnosis as an excuse for their behavior. It's not an excuse. A diagnosis explains the behavior and should be used as a tool to effect change.


Yeah I made a joke on here the other day about killing a Skyrim character because he's notoriously an asshole. Somebody tried to reprimand me for saying that because the character's "mentally ill". He's legit just a rich douche


Good job killing Nazeem


They also refer to anybody they don't like as narcissistic. And every form of lying or even just disagreement is gaslighting.


I see "Gaslighting" all the time now, and it comes off to me as people who took a first-year college course showing something they kind-of learned. Same as how people bust out descriptions of fallacies that they're clearly regurgitating from a critical thinking class.


Yeah referring to something you disagree with as a strawman argument is a very quick and easy way to make you more smarter.


putting random cooking or “satisfying” videos next to the main video on tiktok. i don’t know if it started as a trick to keep people’s attention, but as someone with diagnosed and lifelong ADD, they’re only distracting and take away from what the main video is. it drives me up the wall and no matter how many times i press “not interested” i still get videos like that on my fyp. i hope this trend dies out sometime soon


It’s a tactic to get people to watch the video. It’s a different person showing their “satisfying” video but it’s too boring without the accompanying video so they’re essentially using someone else’s video to be auditory entertainment to listen to (usually it’s a story time, comedian’s set, someone reading an AITA post in my experience) so they still get the views and likes and comment engagement on a video on their account even if usually people are liking it for the other video It’s just people being sneaky and trying to easily profit without doing much work


Filming everything they do and putting it online. I prefer to be mostly anonymous


Privacy is bliss


Cosmetic stuff in video games, some of it is kind of cool but I don’t understand the amount of value people put on it. Edit: Just a clarification I’m not for or against cosmetics earned or paid for. I was just surprised when I learned how serious it is to some people.


Agreed. Jedi survivor just came out and there is a deluxe edition for $20 extra bucks. All it is are 2 outfits and 2 weapon skins. Completely cosmetic.


Back in my day that 20$ extra would have come with a physical game book and some doodads


If it isn’t free I don’t get them. If I can get it by participating in a free to enter event I do otherwise nope.


Remember when cosmetics meant you achieved something? “Yes, I got this helmet for completing the limited event in record time!”




For some reason it makes me extremely angry.


Facetiming people instead of calling them. Unless you have to show me something, I prefer not to show my face on screen


Sometimes people call me for random stuff that they could’ve just told me about with a text message. I don’t need a phone call for you to tell me that you are out of town.


Social media celebrities


Celebrity worship is one of the dumbest things in society. It's baffling how anyone thinks being popular or having some sort of talent makes you an infallible God to worship. Most of them are just as flawed and stupid as the rest of society... They just happen to be famous.


The drink Prime. I think it’s disgusting, I’ll take a Gatorade over any flavor of that stuff. My son and his friends love it though.


I guess I'm old or something because I'm 31 and I have no idea what prime is but it's popped up three times in this thread


The Irish Times newspaper brought in a wine critic and one of their writers to critique Prime (it's being sold for ridiculous prices here and had created a big stir)... Their best take was that it tasted like blended My Little Ponies...


Try liquid iV.


My lil brother is obsessed. The flavor is so overwhelming, it almost tastes like syrup to me. And for $3 a bottle? I’ll pass, but to each their own lol


It costs about double that in my country, and we're out


I bought my daughter a bottle last night. We were taste testing it, looking at memes about it, then I was reading the label. Turns out it's 'not suitable for children under 15 years of age.' I told her that's the last one she gets 😬 oh, and that was just the hydration drink.






Lmao I never made the broccoli connection, but yes I couldn’t agree more.


... it is what it is... remember 15 yrs ago when emo/MySpace boys would literally headband and flat-iron their hair? I give them a lot of slack since kids can only be young and dress how they want for a very short period in their lives.


i mean trends always come and go, lol. hairstyles, fashion choices, etc. you get older and you don't care as much or you aren't the people creating the "new thing" anymore. but you could say this for almost any trend since the beginning of time.


I don't understand the search for friendships, validation and approval via sharing themselves online. There's something so paper thin about it. I understand the irony of replying with this on a social networking site like Reddit.


people say that about reddit, but it’s a different experience for me. i realize i’m projecting my own experience, but i come here mainly for information. if you don’t have twitter/fb/insta, this is where news breaks first. also, access to specialized communities with occasional experts (of whom, i can scan comment-history to partially gauge authenticity). i’ll admit there’s a social component but it’s attractive to me explicitly because of how semi-anonymous it is. most people don’t post their face, and any of the people i reply to, we will likely never speak again.




Yes exactly! I think the anonymity of it is also nice. Here, I can talk about my areas of expertise, and also about my sexual kinks and failed relationships etc, and it's all part of a discussion and good and interesting (at least, I hope so. Maybe not when I jump into the baking advice subreddit with my sexual kinks). You can't do that on Facebook. When you're involving random coworkers and family members in the conversation, you really have to filter.


Yes, the relative anonymity of reddit, takes the emphasis off of the identity, and puts it on the ideas. I honestly couldn't remember a single other reddit user's name/ID. And to me, that is significant.


>and any of the people i reply to, we will likely never speak again. That's what I like about reddit. I don't like conventional message boards because there's always some gross cliquey hierarchy that is formed. People with the highest post counts are usually the "most respected" members. If you have a low post count or are new, people don't listen to you as much. None of that shit matters on reddit. It's just you, your anonymity, and the words that you choose to use in the moment.


You only have 6 post karma, therefore everything you just said is invalid


Tbh I see Reddit more like a forum rather than a social network


Same. Don't get me wrong, I still view reddit as a social media, But... when I think of reddit I think more .. "oh time to go read posts from people that I'm never going to hear from again, and even if I did ... probably didn't read their user in the first place" and "time to state my unimportant opinion on this to people who do not really care" It's for having fun (if you're doing it right) entertain convos I never expect to make *friends* or even *acquaintances* on Reddit. Whereas on other sites like twitter or tumblr, there's more of an... expectation of familiarity? Like you follow people so you see that person a lot so there's more of a chance of .. making a friend/connection with someone (hell I met one of my best friends, consider him a brother, on Tumblr) Oh! There's the easier way to say it. On Reddit you follow topics. On other sites you follow people.


I don't think I could name 5 usernames on Reddit, and would even have to scroll up to see your. I'm interacting more with the comments than the commentators.


If I didn't have friends online then I wouldn't have any friends. And I'm not young.


Yep. I'm in my 30s and not able to get out much for a number of reasons, which makes making IRL friends tough. I have a number of online friendships that are very fulfilling though, some of which I've had for over a decade now. I've gone on to meet a number of those friends in person as well. I think online you have to be more careful in some ways, because it can harder to tell if someone is genuine. But at the end of the day (most) everyone wants friendship, and the internet is just a different way of doing it these days. Not for everyone I know, but still a very real thing that can absolutely work.


> I don't understand the search for friendships, validation and approval via sharing themselves online. But haven't people, especially teens and young people, always sought friendship, validation, and approval? The internet is just the medium they have access to these days.


The videos where they say it's a "life hack" when it's just common sense. Aka "try out this crazy life hack for perfectly cut bagles, EVERYTIME!" Proceeds to use a bagel cutter. Like, seriously??? You need someone to tell you that?


Listening to the music on mobile speaker while walking around the street or travelling via public transportation


That's not just young people. I know guys in their 30s that do that. A coworker does this while walking to work. You can hear him coming from blocks away


I came here to say exactly this. I don't get why people do that or think that it is okay. And the sound quality is so much better with headphones too. It's like their thinking is "I want to listen now to crappy stuff in bad quality and make sure that everyone around me gets notified about how crappy my taste is" My old middle aged sour and bitter self just finds it incomprehensible


People did that in the 80s with giant boomboxes it's not new


Main character syndrome




Vaping helped me quit smoking. I just never quit vaping.


You should try smoking, it'll knock that vaping habit right out.


The broccoli top hairstyle.




Selfies. Extreme Pranking people. What they do these days is very dangerous to them and others while not being funny. If you have to tell people it’s a prank to try to not get your ass beat or shot, you’ve gone too far.


The Andrew tate style of misogynistic alpha male bullshit that so many young men seem to buy into. I guess I kind of get how they're susceptible to that sort of stuff, but the ideology doesn't really make much sense. I think most of the rest of the stuff like tik tok, hairstyles, and clothing is just a "kids these days" kind of thing where people aren't open minded enough to realize the stuff they were into as kids was seem as being just as stupid by the older generation. Because really, it boils down to it just being different and new.


It's important to understand who Tate's audience actually is. It's not young men like you might think instead its even younger, boys around 5th/6th grade. Its boys around the age when they start hitting puberty and gain that desire to be "Manly", things like wanting to have armpit and pubic hair and to shave. And because these are literal children, when some piece of shit comes along and is like "I'm a manly man, here's how you become a manly man, by disrespecting women" they believe it because they literally don't know any better.


Unfortunately there effectively are a bunch of adult-ass men who unironically follow Tate as well


I don’t get why these boys can’t easily see that girls are overwhelmingly more into guys like Timothee Chalamet and Tom Holland and not whatever Tate is. Seems like getting hair care advice from Jeff Bezos.


Because they’re being indoctrinated into the idea that they’re owed what they want, and to resent women having and exercising the power to choose. They want to dominate.


They want to do it the easy way. It's hard to get to know a woman and be accepted by her and get into a relationship. It's easy to demand it all.


It's almost cosmic irony that young men adopt his mindset, singlehandedly removing themselves from the dating pool and making it much easier for real men to find a partner. It's shocking how stupid you have to be to not realize tate knows nothing about women and isn't even good with them. He's attractive (apparently) and was very minorly famous... So he can easily get some one night stands. But beyond that he'll never actually hold a relationship because he's utterly repulsive to a vast majority of women.


Acting like he does can definitely get you laid if you're good looking and not socially inept. But, by acting like that you're narrowing your dating pool to women who're receptive to you doing so. Then their beliefs of women being crazy get reaffirmed, since women that are receptive to that aren't likely to be very mentally well.


Tate is one ugly mofo.


Just because you *have* a Bluetooth speaker doesn't mean you should be blasting your shitty music. I don't want to hear fucking Fetty Wap at like 8 am when I'm getting a donut at 7-11. Like, am I the only person left on earth who appreciates silence once in a while?


Fucking squash mallows. I thought they at least did something. They're like $25 a piece! IT'S JUST A PILLOW. that being said i was a product of the beanie baby generation so what the fuck do i know


I’m a middle aged lady and I have a couple squishmallows, I couldn’t resist the *squish*. I do use them as pillows though.


I'm a 31 year old dude, and I always have to stop and check out the squishmallows when I pass them in the store. They're so soft! I may or may not have a small collection that I say is my kids, but we all know who they're really for...


The squish and the texture. They are extremely pleasant to touch. I don’t use them as a pillow, but touching them feels so damn good! Also, they look cute(well, some of them). I’m middle aged myself, and to me they are very comforting and kinda anti-stress thing.


Webkinz were really popular when I was a kid, $20 a pop. I look back at it and wonder how much my parents must have spent on worthless stuffed animals lol


But didn't webkinz at least come with the online game? You get an irl stuffed animal and a character in an online game.


Sure but in the grand scheme of things I don’t think that game was worth any money either


I don't have an explanation for myself other than I love cute soft things and they make me happy.


Hahaha I'm behind you on this, my kid loves them and I want to hate, but the beanie baby generation (us) really can't say shit about that one


Giant eyelashes


Im still young, but Mukbang videos. I like cooking shows, but watching someone pig out on camera is just gross.


Those prime drinks Overpriced piss water


I have never even heard of Prime drinks.


Lately? I see lots of them bragging about cheating on loving partners. It's something I won't ever understand. I'm 24 and I'm ashamed of part of my generation.




Shorts. I do not have any idea how TikTok or Facebook reels are so popular. All I know is they are almost always more annoying the shorter their length is.


Lol! At first I thought you meant shorts, like not pants, but shorts. I don’t know that term, so I guess I’m showing my age.