brooooooooo, I literally know what you’re taking about. First time on Reddit that I’ve read about somewhere I’ve been. Should of just pooped on the hill going to the dorms


Dude, reminds me of a time I shit in a Burger King urinal while on a date with an ex (SORRY BURGKER KING GUY I HAD NO CHOICE!) We just ate indian food. The hotel was a 10 minute drive and I could feel a slight shit coming on but I was confident I had plenty of time. As soon as we left the parking lot I knew I fucked up but it was too late. We pull onto the highway and I tell her to take the next exit at that Burger King. "I just have to go pee" I said casually". Really I was very close to shitpantsing myself. She pulls up to BK and I try to be casual about going in but as soon as I go around a corner she couldn't see me, I'm running. I get into thr bathroom and there is ONE STALL WHICH IS OCCUPPIED. I figured well, there's no way. I'm fucked. Then I looked over at the urinal and it dawned on me. Pulled my pants down and shat all up in that urinal. So now I'm standing there pants down and ass a mess, and all I can do is wait for the guy to come out. Will another person come in and see me? Fuck fuck fuck. Well, the guy flushes the stall and comes out. It was the fucking Burger King employee! He stops and looks at me in the eye, I look at him and I'm like "Dude, I'm really sorry. I had no choice. I'm really sorry man". Without saying anything he turns to the door and walks out. Well, I went in the stall and got myself cleaned up the best I could. The walk of shame back to the car was unreal. My ex asked me if I was okay. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine lol,". I was not fine. I never told her what happened lol. Burger King guy if you're reading this I'm sorry!


Stubhub— the way they handled the pandemic with changing their policies in peak pandemic so people could only recover credit or resell their tickets instead of receiving cash for cancelled events was ridiculous. I was forced to hold my Coachella ticket for 2 years, then they decided to refund everyone this year when they realized they would make more money since the ticket prices will surge when the event is back in 2023. Fuck stubhub.


Oh stubhub is so bad. I had the app, so I put a 2 ticket package in my cart but when I went to check out it had changed to one ticket. It was the same price. So they charged me $80 for one ticket when it was the same price for 2 tickets. Why did the number of tickets change once I added them to the cart? BS So I called and complained and of course “there’s nothing they can do about it, they can’t cancel the transaction” so I filed a fraud claim at my bank and got it back. Eff stub hub


Shaw Academy. Sleezy little fucks. Their lies in advertising, and nearly impossible to cancel a subscription with them. Tried doing a course that was "a free 4 week course". The course was free for the first 4 weeks but the way they sold it was that the course itself was 4 weeks and free. They say you can finish a course as fast or long as you want, but I think it caps out at 3 lessons a week making you stay in the program for a few months, paying monthly. Trying to cancel is a nightmare. Sifting through pages and pages of "are you sure you want to cancel", "here's a 5% discount", "fill this form out, now this one, and now this one". All to get to a phone number that is only valid to call for a couple hours a day. When you finally get to call.. it's an automated message. 10 minutes of a robot telling me it cares about me and wants me to stay. Only to FINALLY press 2 to cancel my subscription. Fuck. Shaw Academy. Edit: spelling


Yes! And the one click purchases, I accidentally clicked to find more information and ended up spending $80 on a “tool kit” I didn’t want. And then when you finally finish the course you have to pay another $90 if you actually want the diploma!


Shaw is just a giant scummy scammer. Same thing happened to me too. The page wasn’t fully loaded yet on my browser and I clicked randomly on the page, and it happened to land on a 1-click tool-kit purchase. I never opened the kit and emailed them about the mistake (several times!!), but even though I used the same email address I had previously received responses from them from, they never sent anything back about this particular problem. I eventually disputed the charge through my credit card company giving them all the details. I actually forgot about it for a few months and looked back to see whatever happened with it - the CC company sent me Shaw’s defense and then gave me the opportunity to rebut, but it was already past the deadline. The CC obviously saw their scam anyway and refunded my money even though I didn’t send any clarifying information. Credit cards can have some great benefits!


Absolute robbing cunts


EBay. Escaped an abusive relationship, and was changing all my passwords to random combinations. Set it to log out all devices and force the password to be re-entered. It wasn't actually doing that. (I tried from multiple devices so it wasn't a keylogger or anything my abusive ex was doing. I also confirmed if I logged in on other devices, reset password and clicked to log out all devices it was not logging other devices out). Abusive ex was bidding/winning auctions. I called ebay to report the issue. They said it isn't that my account has been hacked/fraud because I know who is doing it. They would do NOTHING. Said I would just have to take the bad feedback and be blacklisted and that I should pick better partners. Didn't matter that they had a major security flaw. All I could do was remove the payment methods from my account so he couldn't pay for his auctions. I will never use them again.


I had a non-delivery happen on my last order. I contacted the seller who said it wasn’t their fault. I contacted eBay and they wouldn’t help me either. I kept contacting and finally called UPS. They said I just needed to give eBay some code from them that showed they screwed up the delivery. When I contacted ebay about it the last time they were like “oh yeah, that works, here’s your refund.” Why couldn’t they have told me that at the beginning?!?


> Why couldn’t they have told me that at the beginning?!? Because then they'd have to give you a refund.


Expedia and all the sites they own/control. Which is a LOT of them. Expedia screwed me over in a bad way, and then their Customer Service people insulted me when I tried to call attention to the serious issues. Ultimately, they offered me a gift card as a Take It or Leave It solution to the entire issue. I left it, and went on a crusade to slam them on Twitter. I did it for a long time but got bored. The Issue - their website let someone use my email address to buy plane tickets. The person didn't need my PW, and I believe they just made a typo that resulted in them using my email address in a Required Field. When I got an email confirmation about "my" airline tickets, I called to say it was wrong. Expedia canceled the tickets (?!?) and called it settled. When the actual customer arrived at the airport and their tickets were canceled, they called Expedia. The rep from Expedia told them I canceled their ticket, and then gave this angry person **my full name** and **my cell phone #** so that he and I could sort it out between the two of us. The guy was pissed and made vague threats, so I contacted Expedia Customer Service to get this addressed. When I refused their offer of a $50 Expedia gift card, they told me I could suck a soft dick or a throbbing hard cock, my choice. I declined to do either, and we parted ways forever. The End.


What the fuck?! Surely it's an illegal breach of privacy for them to give out your number like that?


It must have been, but I wasn't going to hire a lawyer and sue over it. Even if I won, it would be a pain in the dick for minimal cash and the lawyers would get most of it. I settled for petty online revenge, but my time is valuable and that got old after a few years.


You should have found a shark lawyer. They're grifters but they're the type you can say "you can have 60% of the award if you do this for just a deposit" I know a lot of ambulance chasers like that


I used to use Expedia for every trip. Two years ago, a storm caused all flights leaving my city to be cancelled for the entire day and night. We ended up driving. I called Expedia to find out how the refund process worked and they told me that I cancelled the flight. ME…RANDOM CITIZEN…Cancelled an American Airlines flight. I tried to clarify saying that if you look at the airline’s site, the flight is listed as cancelled, I didn’t cancel it. They said they’re system shows I did so no refund. AA worked with me and gave me the refund so now I just go straight through them. Edit: autocorrect


Honestly, I'm boycotting booking through any third-party booking sites, period. My bad experience was with a different company (although thanks to acquisitions, they are now part of Expedia), but the #1 thing it taught me was that booking through anyone but the hotel/airline means a customer service nightmare in the event that something goes wrong.


We use the third party sites as a one stop, shop all airlines or hotels. When we find the fare/rate we like, we book that fare/rate directly with the airline or hotel.


Nestle. I may inadvertently grab one of it's products, but when I see the name, i always put it back.


I keep a list of their brands on my phone because most of their stuff doesn't say Nestle. The ones that apply most to me are Gerber and Purina, but I also have to periodically remind myself that they own stuff like Hot Pockets and most bottled water brands too. I only buy bottled water on road trips, but I always check the Nestle list before I do. Same goes for Frito-Lay now too. No more fritos, cheetos, doritos, tostitos, lays, or ruffles.


Check out Buycott. It's an app that reads barcodes and tells you where the product really comes from.


Anything that even has a hint of MLM. Stop exploiting your personal relationships out of greed. Edit: MLM stands for Multi-level Marketing / pyramid schemes


Moms Losing Money Edit: Thank you, Reddit. It's been a long while since I've had a 1000+ comment. I don't want to sound ungrateful but it's kind of odd. I post a well-thought out comment lending some real insight or information to the discussion aaaaand nada. Not a single upvote. I post s silly response aaaand it blows up.


I hate mlms. Not just because people send you predatory mail, but because they prey on vulnerable people. People struggling to find work, parents trying to return to work after parental leave, people who are in real need of income and willing to do anything. Then they tow them along with this idea that as long as they recruit others, they’ll be ok. I know it’s easy to be mad at the people sending emails or trying to get their friends to sign up, but tbh i just feel sorry for them and a desire to remove them from that situation. It’s predatory as hell and encourages people to get in so deep they can’t see a way out


Susan G. Koman Foundation - they employ alphabet soup & lawyer speak to defraud millions. NOTE: THEY DO NOT FUND RESEARCH NOR DO THEY HELP PATIENTS! THEY ARE AN ADVERTISING COMPANY. THEY ADVERTISE CANCER AWARENESS (because someone may be unaware of cancer \s) MADD - same as Koman, they promote anti-drunk driving awareness.


This is why I tell people to donate to research companies rather than awareness scams.


MADD is particularly annoying where I live because they're really just prohibitionist and don't want people to drink at all. They lobbied the government to let them offer an anti-drunk driving course if people get caught doing it. These courses are shown to not be affective because people already know drunk driving is wrong, they either don't care or are alcoholics. So it's basically just a huge waste of money. Edit: Just editing to say I am personally VERY against drunk driving and wish no one would do it. I just think MADD also sucks.


Harvey Norman. They have terrible customer service and they took a whole lot of Australian government money that they didn’t deserve and are refusing to give it back.


Once upon a time when internet shopping was new and novel, a lot of people didn’t trust it because they were afraid of providing their credit card details to the World Wide Web. It was a time when you were told don’t tell anyone online your name and where you live. However, slowly people started to adopt to buying things online as they saw the convenience of being able to make purchases and get those items delivered. More websites began getting into the online shopping space and internet shopping started to gain momentum. People realised they could buy things online and even with the currency conversion and shipping fees, it still worked out cheaper than buying in a traditional brick and mortar store. That’s how much we were getting ripped off in Australia. The main drawback was back then there were long shipping times. Gerry Harvey, the multi billionaire, started to whinge and complain that online shopping was hurting his business. He had it good for decades ripping off the Aussie consumer, and with the advent of internet shopping, he could see his profits start to decline. He said it’s bullshit consumers have a choice to purchase online and that there could be warranty issues or fake products or whatever crap that spewed out of his mouth. Every Christmas period he would go on television and complain if sales had decreased from the previous holiday season or if there was only a slight increase in sales. If sales were good that year, he would be happy and say spending is up. At the time goods and services tax was exempt for online purchases from oversee as if the total was below 1k. One day Gerry Harvey the rat bastard decides to lobby the Australian government to reduce that threshold to $300 and says Australian businesses can’t compete with overseas retailers. Somehow buying an item online, paying currency conversion fees and international shipping still ends up cheaper, yet Australian consumers aren’t being ripped off. There’s much public backlash to the fuckwit Gerry Harvey’s proposal. Politicians scrap the idea. Gerry complains and whinges and whines. Years later he lobbies the government again. However, this time not to reduce the threshold to $300, but he wants all purchases from overseas to be liable for the gst. Somehow, this passes. Not sure how many bribes he had to make in order to have that happen, but there you go. This is the same dickhead that told everyone to spend their $900 gfc stimulus money on plasma screens in his stores. Every time that you make a purchase online from overseas and it’s more expensive by 10%, you can thank your multi billionaire friend, Gerry Harvey. How much more money does the greedy piece if shit want? I will never buy anything from a Harvey Norman store ever again. I know people that pay more for an item to avoid buying from there. I probably wouldn’t piss on Gerry Harvey if he was on fire.


Recently there has been a graphics card shortage globally. Around October Australian stores started selling the new Nvidia products that quickly sold out due to limited stock, so preorders then were taken and a months long wait occurred( i ordered early November and received mid May). During this time units went up in price, the unit i ordered increased to around $2300 aud from $1750ish. While most retailers honored the preorder price, Harvey mass canceled preorders the week stores received surplus stock, and then sold them for the new RRP.


That sounds dodgy as all hell. Surely the ACCC can do something about this.


I had no idea and I'm now totally with you on this mate. Just from the jobkeeper debacle alone, but now I know it's years of sleazy shit I'm never setting foot in one of those stores again. (Last time being like maybe 2008).


I’m Aussie and had no idea Harvey Norman was this bad, their salesmen were always salty if you didn’t buy anything so I just never went back. xD


You should see why they were in trouble with NZ law. The broke pretty much every employment law we have


We bought a laptop there once (sale!) and honestly got in to it with the assistant helping us. He was so fucking rude and continued harping on about the extended warranty and that we were essentially morons for not purchasing it. My husband ended up telling him if we wanted the warranty, we would have agreed to it by now and to hurry up or we’d be leaving.


What an absolute cunt. I will no longer but from this piece of shit either. Thanks for your eloquently put fable, it has enlightened me as to the scumminess of this guy.




Wish I had the option to use anyone else Edit: people I know starlink is a thing. Paying twice as much per month with a huge setup fee for internet that has even more frequent outages is not exactly a good decision. Not to mention it's not even an option since I live in a huge apartment building


Feel ya there. Wish this dipshit country would actually do something about all these monopolies they claim are illegal but just flagrantly support.


FedEx - as much as I can help it. I obviously can't boycott them if it's the only delivery option on an e-commerce website, or if someone/company happens to ship me something via FedEx. But I have literally chosen to pay more on an e-commerce website, to specifically not use FedEx as a shipping service. Reason: When I bought my Pixel 3, the first day it was supposed to arrive, I worked from home that day to sign for my package. They never arrived, and on the tracking, wrote that I wasn't home to receive the package. I was furious, so I spent the next two days working from home, and even did my work in the kitchen, so that I could physically see if any delivery driver actually walks up to my door. 3 straight fucking days in a row, not a single person comes up. Ring doorbell even doesn't show them walking up, but they have THE MOTHER FUCKING AUDACITY to claim I wasn't home 3 straight days in a row. I ended up having to pick it up at their facility. Just because they LIED 3 times in a row, even after a phone call each day the first two days, the customer service person even told me I probably missed them when I went to the restroom or something -\_- Can't even own up to the fucking fact that everybody in their company are a bunch of fucking liars. So for that reason alone, I pay more for shipping as long as it's not FedEx. I've specifically driven a further distance to get something printed at Staples or Office Depot just so I don't step foot into a FedEx store. Boycotting FedEx until the day I die.


This is too late for you but maybe it can help someone else. FedEx did the exact same thing to me but I was able to get my package within a few hours. I work from home and I was expecting my new iPhone, which was rush shipped for early morning delivery. I put a note for the driver on my door that said I was home and to knock. I kept refreshing the tracking info until finally it said a delivery was attempted but I was not home. I called their customer service line and sat on hold for about 45 minutes before reaching a series of people who kept passing me off to someone else. Finally, I ended up with a very nice woman who was honest as fuck with me. Told me she was looking at his location and he scanned the package miles and miles away from my house. She called someone at the local dispatch who was able to get in touch with the driver and have him drive across the city to get my package to me. I left the note on my door just to fuck with him and yes, he was pissed.


How dare you hold him accountable and make him do his job.


the sheer audacity


I had a replacement fridge door coming to my house (uninteresting story) and the FedEx delivery guy decided to drop it off in the middle of my lawn instead of LITERALLY ANYWHERE ELSE. Ten steps to the right and you have my driveway. Three steps forward from there and you have the side of my garage, but nope, middle of the lawn. Note: it had rained recently. Soggy cardboard is not fun.


I was boycotting Blockbuster for charging me late fees because they lost the tape I returned in their evening return slot. Fuck those guys they ain’t getting my business!


You showed them! They only have one store left!


So the job’s not done yet!


Eh, the last one is privately owned. From what Ive seen and heard, they’re actually good people.


They are, it's not far from where I live. They do, or did, fun stuff pre-COVID but being the last standing they're a novelty. Nice people though fur sure.


OMFG, Blockbuster near my apartment closed. No big deal. A couple years later I was sent to collections for not returning movies I’ve never seen to a Blockbuster I had never visited. Blockbuster said I reactivated my account at this never visited location. I asked for proof. They said I agreed that they didn’t need to keep proof on the form I supposedly signed to reactivate my account. I vowed to never pay them. My wife admitted to me later that she paid it behind my back when it was going to interfere with buying our house.


> They said I agreed that they didn’t need to keep proof on the form I supposedly signed to reactivate my account. Fucking lol. Ok so I want proof that I agreed that no proof was needed. Debt collectors are all lying scumbags.


I used to live in an apartment next door to a pizza place. Pizza was decent so I went there at least once a week. There was a woman who worked there who usually wasn't the most friendly, but I never really had any issue. I wasn't the chatty type, but I was a regular so I'm pretty sure all the employees recognized me. One time though I walk in and it's her and another employee working there. The woman is in back so I order my usual two slices with the other employee who puts them in the oven, and stand by the counter watching TV to wait. A minute later the woman comes in on the phone and asks me "did you order?" and I said "yeah I just got the two slices". For some reason she assumed the other employee hadn't done anything so she puts two more slices in the oven. I wasn't really paying attention so I didn't think anything of it. A minute later the other employee walks back in, takes the two slices she put in for me and boxes them up. That's when the woman realizes what happened (I still didn't realize) and completely loses her shit at _me_. She starts screaming "Why didn't you say your slices were already in?!? Now I just wasted these!" and dramatically dumps them in the trash, "what's wrong with you?!?". The whole place just goes dead silent and everyone is staring at me. I'm just standing there bewildered and trying to make sense of what just happened, so I just blurt out "sorry" and walk out. As the shock wore off and I replayed the events in my head, realizing I didn't really do anything wrong or at worst was just an honest misunderstanding, I got pretty upset that I got yelled at like a child, especially after being a regular for years. At that moment I decided I'm never stepping foot in that pizza place again...and I didn't. I lived next to it for another 3 years and not once went in or even ordered from it.


Lol she was embarrassed she fucked up so she screamed at the customer! Any normal place she’s gone, customer goes home with pizza coupons


I had this happen at a fast food place I go to for breakfast. She missed two of the biscuits I ordered in the drive thru and when I went in she was being snarky saying "I KNOW what I put in your bag, I know you got that other biscuit in your car. I can see it on your face." It was too early in the morning for that bullshit and I did something I've never done to a service employee ever. I yelled, "It's first thing in the morning and you're calling me a liar? I've been coming here for YEARS and NOW'S the time I decided to try to steal a biscuit and the DAY I decide to do it, you catch me? Are we being for real right now?" The whole time she was like grinning with her two meth teeth like an asshole and saying "yup" and "you know it". All the old timers gathered for senior coffee were watching it go down. Some lady manager came out of the back and screamed at that employee, told her to take a break and they'd talk and profusely apologized to me. Gave me a gift card for 30 bucks and said it would be handled. I felt like shit for a while after, I didn't like getting that angry with someone.


It’s not your fault like she kinda deserved it calling the customer a liar for no reason


Yep you never call a customer a liar. You always leave them a way out, because it could be an honest mistake on both parts. In this case especially, why would you try to get a free biscut and even if you would want a free biscuit it is not her loss, and the customer is happy. Edit: Yeah someone pointed this out aswell, if you are a customer you always should leave them a way out aswell, never accuse them of maliciously fucking up your order or something like that, beeing nice goes a long way.


This. I worked in a coffee shop for years and we had some of the most shitty, entitled people come through but at the end of the day, it wasn’t my job to argue with them or set them straight. It saved my sanity to just be like “yep, totally, have a great day!” And let them be on their pissy way. The easiest conflicts are the ones you avoid.


Your story is almost exactly opposite of mine. I have a pizza place about 2 blocks away. Few years ago I would eat there nearly every day. My diet was bad. The employees recognize me even to this day. One time I forgot my wallet. I told the employee I was just gonna run back and grab it. He said not to and that he would pay for it. That action there guaranteed my business for the next 5+ years. Still eating there to this day.


Reminds me of the pizza place I haven't gone in since an employee treated me terribly. I was a regular as I worked across the street, literally bought a sub and fries on a daily basis. This place was cash only. One day I walk in, order, then realize I had no cash. I apologize and say give me a minute I'll run to the ATM across the street and grab some cash. The guy at the counter says no worries, you're here everyday, we'll get it tomorrow. I say cool, thx. Few minutes later my food is ready and someone else hands me my food. I thank him and turn around to leave. The guy just immediately rips into me for trying to walk out without paying. The other employee explains the situation which you would think would resolve the issue but the second guy starts mocking me and giving me a hard time for not thanking them profusely enough for the loan/leniency. I looked at them both, put my food on the counter and just simply said "you know what, I guess I don't want this anymore". Walked out and have never been back.


I went to a pizza place near my house when I was in grad school and realized as I walked in that I forgot my wallet. I told them I would run home and grab it as I only lived five minutes away and the manager said “no worries, here’s the receipt, just bring the money when it’s convenient. Have a nice evening!” Came back the next day and left a 50% tip. Also went to a Red Robin near Disneyland, waited 30 minutes and sat down and realized I’d left my wallet in the hotel. I had my credit card number memorized and asked if I could just give it to them that way, and the hostess grabbed a manager who said “you know, this happens sometimes. You guys look like you’ve had a tiring day at the parks. Order what you’d like, it’s on us tonight.” Maybe I should forget my wallet more frequently???


One time this dude forgot his wallet at my old job, just ordered a shake. Like maybe 5$. I told him “you know, just take it, I’ll just end up throwing it” and he said “are you sure? I’ll feel bad” and I was like “yeah man, I don’t mind. I’ll ring it up later. Have a good one!” Like two or three days later he came back and asked for me at the window and handed me an envelope with 100$. He said that I was super nice. Still the coolest thing to happen to me at work. I love strawberry shake man.


I have to say I’m not one for verbal confrontations I would have left the food as well. I worked retail for 10 years I hate people shouting at me now but I do write reviews instead. You’d be surprised how many owners especially small businesses read Yelp and Tripadvisor. You could put something on there so at least the owners know their employee was so rude. Otherwise the business dies and the owner has no clue why because you can guarantee the employee doesn’t do it when the owner is in and the customers don’t give feedback they just leave. This is why we used to get mystery shoppers.


This is a situation where speaking with the manager might have actually changed something. I guarantee you weren't the only one who got that treatment.


There's also another valuable lesson to be learned from OC'w and your comment: a client that comes to you and complain about something in your business is actually doing you a huge favor. Be scared of the clients like OP, who will simply not complain, but also never come back (or recommend your place to anyone).


A lot of times the rude employee at a small business is the owner.


Or the manager


Bank of America. Fucked me over for $10 back in 1993 on a mistake they made. Never getting my motherfucking business again. ETA: What a nice surprise to commiserate with you all on our shared vitriol for BofA and their ilk. It was maddening to read some of your stories, and a few were just heartbreaking. I am uplifted by the stubborn streak running through this thread and appreciate the hilarious instances of malicious compliance. Many thanks for the awards—such a nice treat. Happy Friday to you all. Except you BofA, you can eat a bag of syphilitic dicks.


When I was really young, like 12 or 13, the very first bank account I ever had was at a local bank. I saved for ages and had maybe $50 averaging in the account. Local bank gets bought by a larger bank. Still no issue with my balance fluctuating on the low end. Finally we end with Bank of America acquiring the bank. I basically lost all my account to fees. My father was incensed and we went in and argued our case for a while. The account was brought over from two banks ago, none had fees and they hadn’t told us, etc. No go.. so I haven’t touched them since.


that's heartbreaking - I would have been crushed. When I was little I had a passbook saving account, where I made deposits weekly. My dad tells this story about how when I was 6 or 7 I demanded he take me to the bank so I could "save," and when I got there I deposited 6 cents. BTW my go to bank to boycott is Chase, being difficult to deal with after my parents died - they can choke on my 6 cent deposits all day long.


I am sorry they emotionally fucked with you as a kid. I literally just laughed so hard at, "they can choke on my 6 cent deposits all day long", that my neighbor next door look outside to see wtf was going on. Hahaha


Yep. They fraudulently charged me $35 for being "overdrawn" by $0.65 for less than a day. I was not overdrawn, they sorted payments above deposits and forced it. I called, bitched until they refunded me then closed the account. They further pissed me off some years later with fees when my workplace was using them - charging $5 to our employees to cash paychecks, when we were already paying them to issue those same checks. Which in some cases was higher fee than usurious check cashing places. I hate them and will never voluntarily do business with them.


Same, they changed my free checking account to one where I have to pay if I fall below some amount even for a moment. They lied about that provision saying it was the average at the end of the month. When we sold an investment property overseas all the money went into that checking account. It was so satisfying closing that account a week later. I told them to give me the penalty charge back times two for the inconvenience but they refused so oh well.


Pretty much anything in one of those unskippable YouTube ads.


State Farm. Thanks to some whistleblowers, they got busted committing fraud against their customers and the federal government after Hurricane Katrina. They told their claims adjusters to classify damage as flood damage, rather than wind damage, so that they could reject the claim and tell customers to file a federal flood insurance claim.


Katrina survivor here. Had a 250k policy. Had to sue them due to non payment to only end up with 20k. I hate the insurance industry with a passion


Insurance adjuster here. I hate the insurance industry with a passion, too. I'm a third-party adjuster and like finding ways to get things covered... actually my pay check depends on it. When a company gives me an extra hard time about paying claims, I usually drop them off my list of clientele.


Yeah, the flood insurance thing was just the tip of the iceberg. I'm with you on the insurance hate. State Farm just gets an extra level of hate.


Fuck State Farm. First, when I was much younger, I used to have them for car insurance. I had full coverage, uninsured, you name it. Well, one day I was hit head on by a daughter who lived with her mother who was driving her mother’s car. But the mother had lied to her insurance company stating that she had no one living with her who drove her car, which was obviously false. So her insurance company dropped her. State Farm was a fucking nightmare on all accounts. For YEARS, I’m talking at least 3 years after this accident that I was not at fault for, I called SF twice a week asking about status of my claim, when was an adjuster going to come out, when would my car be fixed, etc. I was being nice, yelling and screaming, going to my agents office, calling every 800 number, contacting the state insurance regulator, everything you could think of to get this bullshit over with and my car back to normal, and I could not get them to give me a solid answer - about an accident that was not my fault. Finally, after years of this maddening bullshit, without any notice whatsoever, an adjuster who seriously could not give a fuck shows up at my JOB, looks at my busted car for 5 minutes, and writes me a piddly check, MINUS my deductible, and rolls out. YEARS later, I get a $500 check in the mail for my deductible (they apparently sued the other driver/her mother) to get the money back. I mean, nice, but they could have given that to me and then sued to collect the loss. Absolutely worse experience dealing with a company, and I’ve had to deal with some doozies. Second, my now ex worked at SF. Asshole. So fuck State Farm.


My grandparents had State Farm for 30 years without filing a claim. They had a tree hit their roof, so they filed a claim. State Farm threatened to drop them after they filed the claim.


Multi-level-marketing schemes. They’re shit companies that attract shitty, and sometimes desperate people, and train them on how to profit off of their friends and families. They destroy lives and I refuse to support them. Edit: btw Reddit is the reason I found out how predatory mlms are. The anti-mlm community, especially here on Reddit, has done a great job informing people who might otherwise be vulnerable to these schemes on what they really are.


My grandma has been a part of an MLM for my dad's entire life. Once her grandkids were adults she started pushing it on us to buy or even sell. Its her religion. Every problem in the world, from cancer to mosquitos in your yard, can apparently be solved by a product her company sells. I have tried multiple times to have a decent relationship with her as an adult but she always seems to fuck it up by bringing in her MLM. I have to block her from seeing/commenting on some social media posts because she somehow finds a way to bring that shit up. It's so sad. I know she loves me, and she believes in this garbage company so much that she thinks she is helping me, but instead it's turned her into a person I can hardly stand.


Lifetime Fitness. It really pains me to write this, because I really love their gyms. I had a membership at Lifetime on and off through college. I went to a very large university with great amenities, so I didn’t need the membership during the school year. I tried to cancel at the end of one summer. I was at the gym one day and I asked about cancellation. I was told to come back at a certain time frame the following Wednesday to cancel. I complied. When I showed up the “person doing the cancellations wasn’t there.” I was told to return the following Wednesday. Surprise, surprise, the person wasn’t there again. I told them I was going to stop the payment through the credit card company. They responded by telling me that they’d take me to collections then. I ended up escalating through their corporate offices to get the membership cancelled. They managed to get 2 extra months of fees out of me. After that year of college, I shifted over to LA Fitness, and maintained that membership for about 10 years. When I moved away from LA Fitness, I joined the YMCA, where I’ve been for the last 5-6 years. I will always have a gym membership, but I am committed to not joining a Lifetime Fitness again until am reimbursed. It’s really a loss for both of us. Edit: Thanks for the awards everybody! I can’t believe the attention this has received. It seems that many of you have found yourselves in similar situations. I encourage you to check out your local YMCA. YMCAs are unique in that their membership cost structure is designed to subsidize memberships for individuals and families that otherwise could not afford one. They also tend to be active in the community, hosting events like the Special Olympics. Thanks for all the comments, I’ll read through them this evening!


New York Sports Club said they would pause all accounts, then proceeded to charge me during the pandemic despite locations being MANDATED closed by the governor. They didn’t reply to any of my calls or emails (they’re facing a lawsuit over this now). Had to dispute the charge with my bank which refunded me the amount charged in full thank goodness. But I vow that NYSC won’t see a DIME from me again!!


I told a bunch of colleagues, pre-pandemic, that I would NEVER trust NYSC with my credit card. Even less than other gyms. They thought I was weirdly paranoid since they were getting a good deal on memberships. Then the pandemic thing went down and I was vindicated.


I tried to cancel my Golds Gym or LA Fitness membership years ago, because for some reason I had two memberships (no clue why). I was talking to the gym manager, and he said he couldn't do it, that I would have to print out a form and mail it into their billing offices to get it cancelled. I told him fine, that if he couldn't help, I would just cancel both of my memberships and find another gym. Five minutes later, one of my memberships was closed. These gyms are absolutely the WORST about cancelling.


> These gyms are absolutely the WORST about cancelling. This is basically all gyms, because they make 50% of their money collecting fees from people who never show up to use the equipment. Its a borderline scam... if I gave you my billing information in this office/location there is zero reason why they can't also process a cancelation in this office/location. They bank on the fact that if they make the cancelation process hard enough people will just forget about it or keep putting off the fight.


Planet fitness has these issues too…I’ve been burned by them 3 times. Smh


I was lucky enough to cancel planet fitness during the initial covid quarantine. Told them I had to move due to the pandemic and they cancelled it right away no questions asked


24 hour fitness was the best at cancelling. They can freeze your account or close it over the phone lol. I’m signing back up when I can afford 40 bucks a month for a gym membership


My mom died and they literally asked for her death certificate to cancel her membership. I just cancelled the card instead.


Well to be fair they can’t collect from someone that isn’t alive. So you did the right thing. I’m sorry for your loss.


I don't understand this at all. Every streaming service I've ever used makes it really, really easy to pause or cancel your sub. I think the idea is that people will often re-sub, and be more willing to do so, if they know they can come and go. Meanwhile gyms, satellite radio, etc. make it nearly impossible to leave, which only guarantees that the customer will never, ever re-join the service. It seems like a very poor business decision.


I love xm radio but it's so expensive so I always do all I can to cancel and I usually get it for the whole year for like 20 to 30 bucks they would rather keep you then let you go but you need to really hold your ground. I know they wanted me to pay 60 bucks a month and I was like no fucking way and just said nope not doing that. They have a sliding scale there is no set price on anything there.


Gyms seem to be the worst about canceling. I tried pausing mine for a month or two while I was recovering from a pretty bad case of mono and they refused — even tried getting a doctors note that I wasn’t supposed to do anything too strenuous while recovering. Ended up getting taken to collections for like $40. Doesn’t break the bank but it was just the concept!


Their models are run on people paying but not going.


I had an issue with a gym charging me through the pandemic with a bill that totaled around $200. I told them I wasn't paying it and they sent it to collections. I told collections I wasn't paying it and referred them to my attorney. They settled for $40. I don't know if it was worth the $300 I'm legal fees but it felt worth it.


It was worth it.


The bullshit with gyms and other companies doing that really needs legislation. It should be as easy to quit as sign up, every time always.


100% If we can sign up online it should be mandatory to allow online cancellations. If you must do it in person then you shouldn't be able to sign up on a website. Good luck getting people to join if they have to come in.


I’ve heard that is the case in California. If you can sign up online legally you’re required to be able to cancel online. Or so I read in a reddit comment a month ago.


[Companies must let customers cancel subscriptions online, California law says](https://www.cnet.com/tech/services-and-software/companies-must-let-customers-cancel-subscriptions-online-california-law-says/)


I had a ton of trouble with golds. I got a new CC and called them to update it, well they couldn't do that over the phone or at the location I needed to call customer service. I was on hold for about 5 hours total. I'd be on hold for 1.5 hours or so and the call would just hang up (not on my end). By the time I finally got a person I canceled. A month later my mom got charged a "yearly fee", we'd both only had memberships for 3 months, of $400. I dodged a bullet and her CC company got her money back.


I have been boycotting Carnival cruise line ever since I found out they are dumping plastic into the Bahamas. They even admitted to it and received a 20 million dollar fine.


Wtf? That is insane


it's easier for them to pay a fine than make progressive change. Cargo shipping companies do the exact same things but it's blackwater and not plastic. They'll just dump their sludge, pay a fine, and move on. fucking sucks


If only there was a way that companies pay the any cleanup cost for whatever thing they did, the savings they got for taking the "easy way out" and then on top of that, the fine. All this shit should reduce.


You don’t even wanna know what the US military is dumping in the ocean. Full-size office copiers, bags and bags of paperwork, basically anytime we needed to clean it went into a storage space to be dumped over the side of the ship in the middle of the night and every single division on every boat that I was ever on did this.


"Night ops" was its name on my ship. I'm opposed to throwing shit into the ocean, so I always made myself scarce when that time came around, but one night they got me and I was forced to throw over a giant bag of paint and primer.


Came here to say the same. Always on watch, late at night, I’d be told to look away and stfu. Nasty.


I came here to say the same... same


Just a heads up - If you're boycotting Carnival you might as well boycott Princess Cruises, AIDA, Costa, Cunard, Holland America, P&O, and Seabourn. They're all owned by the same parent company (Carnival Corp) and Princess has been also caught dumping in Alaska, if I'm correct.


Sirius XM radio. If you’ve ever dealt with the customer service when trying to cancel your subscription, you’ll understand why


They went from $12.99 a month to $1.99 a month for 6 months in a single phone call.


Ya this is my experience. I both love and hate it.


If they said flat out $25 a year they would probably double the amount of people subscribing. DirectTV used to do it too, where they'll let you pay the lower price - but you have to ask for it every ~6 months.


they will straight renew your subscription at 1000x the price and fight tooth and nail to not refund you. then they'll bombard you with email/mail/texts for the next 10 years. fuck them


It came with my new car and I was shocked at how much e-mail and physical mail they sent. I let it expire just to see what kind of a deal they would offer. I finally bit at the “free” three month plan (that had a $2 processing fee). I knew full well that this was just a way to get my credit card info so they could quietly renew in perpetuity, so I did one of those virtual cards that my bank offers that expires right away and limits the merchant to whatever dollar amount you set. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens two months from now. EDIT1: I should have mentioned that I **do** plan on cancelling the subscription at the end of the trial and not just walking away without notifying them. I have no desire for this to go to collections. I should have been clear on that fact. EDIT2: I use a MasterCard from Citi that goes 2% cash back and has this “virtual account number” feature as one of their card services.


If they make it impossible to cancel your subscription, document it and then have your bank issue a chargeback on your card. They’ll fix the problem real quick once they get a chargeback.


Well, there can’t be any new charges (in theory) since it is effectively a single use card. But yes, I plan on documenting the cancellation process for sure.


I'm under a contract for $6 a month. It's the only charge that ever goes on that CC. If they decide to try and charge me more, I plan on locking that card and going on my way. It's my back up to my back up card that usually stay locked unless I use them in the moment. Try to get blood out of that turnup XM!


I cancelled mine in maybe 2007/2008, and have moved 4 times. Haven't received any mail from them in the last 3 months since my last move, fingers crossed!


"We've been trying to reach you about your extended SiriusXM service,"


I remember all those mails and calls for my dad's truck. When I bought my first brand new car, I refused the free Sirius XM trial. I knew I was not going to renew it and did not want to deal with them.


Yes! Yes! Yes! It's like a horrible breakup where the person just won't accept that you don't want them anymore.


Its annoying to have to call to cancel. But you can save a bunch of money if you threaten to cancel and then they give you the deals. The way I look at it is most streaming services cost under $10. Why the F does Sirius think they are worth $20? So I reluctantly cancel every year so they offer me a year for $60. edit:one word


I had Sirius for years and then I called and I said I wanted to cancel and the woman just went "ok" and cancelled me. No argument whatsoever. It was the strangest thing. And also it was the one time I was calling just to try to negotiate. She said ok and I was like "I mean, if there's a better deal..." and she straight cancelled my sub.


I mean props to that lady for actually being good customer service?


Likely their last/had a shit day and couldn't care less


Yelp. They are horrible to small businesses and require them to pay a fortune for ads to bury any negative reviews. If the business doesn't spend on ads, they bury the positive reviews. Yelp also seems to attract the worst critics. Edit: Thank you for all the upvotes and awards! Now I know what it feels like to be a rockstar on Reddit! I noticed that someone is going through the whole thread and downvoting all the comments against Yelp. Must be a Yelp employee.


Same. I had a "disgruntled employee" post a review 4 months after I fired him and made it sound like a real review. This was actually really upsetting for me because the whole reason I fired him was because in one 15 minute instance he called a customer a bitch, threatened to break another coworker's arm, then tried to get into a fist fight, so I had to physically retrain him and literally dragged him by the collar outside the restaurant in the middle of service, locked the door, and then I called the cops. He harassed me for three days sending up to 400 texts a day insulting me, calling me names, threatening to tell his "high powered friends" and his "lawyer" about how he was "unjustly fired". I cried for weeks about it because I was legitimately scared. I was 25 and this guy was 43. AND THEN he posted on Yelp, and not only did my bosses not care about it (they just dismissed it as "don't let it get under your skin" like, sir, I was scared for my life but whatever), Yelp just refused to take it down. It's still up to this day, 5 years later. Fuck Yelp forever. Edited to add: Since this post is blowing up, I would love to say that the best thing you can do to counter balance these horrible reviews is to give 5 star reviews to all of your favorite places regularly. 4 star reviews actually hurt more than they help. So go take some time today to leave 5 star reviews (ideally on Google) on all of your favorite places, and tell your friends to do the same. It's free and it really helps local businesses!! Thank you!


If you ever (god forbid) find yourself in such a situation again, do know that is usually MORE than enough information to file for a protection order/no contact order/anti-harassment order in any US state I know of, and usually the minute they are served they will be getting a phone call or visit from an officer for so much as sending you a single letter over text, you just have to call the non-emergency line to report it.


Almost did. I just blocked him on my phone and social media. Luckily that's all I needed! Thank you!


Pet smart, my aunt works there and said she is surprised that every animal in there has not died yet.


Tbh, stores vary greatly. Some are great and some are terrible. It just depends on the place. There is a really nice Petsmart near me that used to be pretty good, and earlier this year, they started to get better products and a larger variety of items, as well as better care for their animals. There's also another Petsmart that's really small and half the store is covered in boxes and discarded items- nobody bothers to clean anything up and it's a pretty awful place.


Former manager of the Doggy DayCare/Hotel here. The store I worked at the GM literally did not give a shit if animals died if it saved him money. There are pages I could write about, but here are two specific examples. Reminder, these are CUSTOMER’s pets, these are YOUR pets, not just some pets we had up for adoption. This is your pet that you left at PetSmart to be taken care of while you were at work or on vacation. * The paint in one of the doggy play rooms was peeling and dogs were eating it. Manager’s solution was “put a toy on top of it so they just play with the toy instead”. Surprise, dogs can move toys to continue eating paint. It was never fixed no matter how many times I brought it up. * Nobody, not even the other employees, cared about the cats. If I wasnt working, the cats straight up didn’t get fed. My final straw for quitting was when the GM told me to clock out and go home before I could give the cats their meds because he wasn’t paying overtime. When I explained I still had to give the cats their meds, he said “just write that you gave it to them, they’ll he fine. I’m not paying overtime.” I told him “I’m not going to let someone’s cat literally die because you are too cheap to pay overtime. So here is what is gonna happen. I will give them their meds, and THEN I will sign it off. And THEN I will clock out. And if it is overtime, you WILL pay it.” He got pissed off at that response, so I took everything that happened (there was a lot more than all of this, and I had pictures and timestamps for everything), and filed a big report to PetSmart’s corporate whistleblower line. Corporate responded “we looked into this” and then that was it. So clearly they didn’t give a shit, so I quit the same day I got that response. I don’t boycott them though. I do worse. There is a toy my cats love to death, more than any other toy, but it is so poorly made that it breaks after a month. It is only sold at PetSmart. So every time it breaks, I take advantage of PetSmart’s no-receipt-return-policy and exchange it every time. So my cats get their toy, and petsmart doesn’t just “not get my money”, I’m actually costing them money.


Ugh I worked at their doggy daycare. If you board with them know that if you don’t do the daycare your dog will sit in their cage for 23 1/2 hours a day. They will never see sunlight during their stay. They will be taken about ten feet on a “walk” to a concrete pad to do their business and then they will be out back into their kennel. If your dog is a “bully breed” (staffy, pit bull, whatever breed the target dog is…ect) they are not allowed to ever be in daycare. Also we had a training session once where they showed a video. In the video a grooming person goes to their manager and says “hey I think this dog is stressed” and their manager takes a look and goes “nah it’s alright keep grooming”. The dog then has some stress related illness. My store manager paused the video and said “who is at fault here—the manager or the groomer?”. I thought the manager for dismissing and reassuring the groomer it was okay despite the groomers worries. Nope! According to my store manager it was the groomers fault. Yea no was not a fan of that job.


Yeah, depending on your managers it becomes a Hellscape in PetSmarts. My store less than what id call perfect, but the other managers take complete control in keeping the pets as the biggest concern. We constantly battle against corporate rules that don't make sense and take any precautions needed to keep the pets safe. In my case, dogs that get boarded for months with no playtime will be given extra long walks, and extra play times or put into day camp if they're suitable, so they arent going stir crazy and they'll actually enjoy their time there. If the dogs are old or super shy we'll control who is in camp with them so they enjoy it more, or give them frequent breaks to calm down and associate camp as a positive experience. And we won't charge for that, that wouldn't make any sense. I personally really enjoy my job and my store, it has it's faults but slowly my mangers are working on changing policies and making things more suitable for the pets, and when we bring up issues or concerns, it's usually listened to by our managers. We do what we can at my store.


The way the bettas are treated are horrible, half of them have clamped fins and/or are dying of fin rot. And the "premium" system? That's not the fault of the betta for not having gorgeous colors or patterns


Banfield employee here. It really depends on the store, if you have one with a good GM, who will do anything for their animals, it’s not terrible, but honestly 76% of stores are garbage


Caskets, headstones, and burial plots.


"When I'm dead, just throw me in the trash".


My kids have told me they are donating me to the Body Farm. I made them promise me that they will wait until I am dead.




Surprisingly enough, my husband and I were just talking about this today. I'd like to donate my body to a body farm after any possible organ donation that can take place does so. He thinks that that will invalidate me because you need to see how all the organs decompose but I can't see how that would be enough to invalidate an entire corpse. In your expert opinion, who is correct?


I don’t know about the body farm but you can still donate your body to science after you’ve donated organs, so that’s another alternative


It's a shame that our only options are burial, cremation, and donating the body to science. We should also be able to donate our bodies to art, social studies, geography, and advanced conversational French.


I’d like to donate my body to PE. Let life hit me in the face with a dodge ball one more time.


Look into green burial! You essentially just become mulch. Some places use trees as memorial markers. Edit: By the way, to anyone who is looking into this, I’m currently a funeral director student so you can dm me if you have any questions! Still pretty green (heh) to the whole thing but I might be able to help.


I definitely want a tree! I don't want to be another rock in a long line of other rocks, I'd love it if someone just put a bench under my tree and came to visit or read a book once and a while and enjoyed the shade.


Part of me loves the concept and the other part is shouting “do you want haunted forests? Cus that’s how you get haunted forests!” 😂


I see no issue with this, that's rad as all hell!


Facebook Edit: thanks for the love


Micro transactions in games that are only there to speed up a ridiculously slow progression model.


This is my husband's addiction and I literally can't do anything to stop it. He plays every single version of Candy Crush Saga there is. Bubble Witch, Soda Pop, something about adopting dogs, all of them. He's at an astronomical level in them and he feels that he can't stop now because then he'll "fall behind" in a game where they can literally add and reuse levels at the drop of a hat. He'll spend a few bucks "here or there" for extra lives or moves when he can't complete a level. He says that it's only a dollar or two and that it is cheaper than buying a normal game but he doesn't see that over the past years he's spent hundreds of not thousands on games that he doesn't really even enjoy that are made to literally do just this from him. And at the end of the day there's literally nothing to show for it; he doesn't own anything.


> Only a dollar or two Sounds eerily similar to my sister's scratch off addiction


It’s pretty wild, I used to be a liquor rep in Tennessee, and I had one account the was just north of the Alabama border. So one day, I decide to go south of the border and explore. They have these weird “casinos” where the only gambling is scratch offs. There’s tables everywhere, snacks and soda. And dude. People just sit there all day scratching tickets and drinking 44oz Fantas. Atlantic City and Vegas can be pretty sad, but this was just heartbreaking. 😔


I had worked my way through all of the angry birds levels that they had available back when it first came out, then they dropped new levels and had an option to pay extra for some destructive bird or something, so I just deleted the game. I didn’t want to get pulled in to be a completist if they were going to start that businesses.


Yeah they added Sam the Eagle eventually. I too, did not complete eagle levels. angry birds 2 is a fucking mess of microtransaction enabled bullshit.


And game mechanics dealing with real time. Like it makes absolutely no sense that “unlocking” something virtual takes 3 hours, and only money can speed it up.


Even worse is the “energy/lives” system, when they punish you for playing their game


All mobile games today seem to be obsessed with preventing you from having fun and actually playing them. Mobile games literally do not want to be played.


Do not want to be played *for free*


There is some mobile games that are literally made just for the sake of showing ads. I played a game that showed an ad after every level. I just turn off the wi fi and played without ads. Anyway I played 100 levels waiting for a harder and more interesting level but no... all of them is so easy that you finish it in less than 5 seconds. Its just soooooo boring. In another game the buildings would build by itself if you just wait or you could watch an ad to finish it faster. The game have no strategy just watch ads to complete that sh\*t.


It's even worse when it keeps exponentially increasing. You start off waiting 3 minutes or paying a euro and before you know it it's a week or 20€ and you've invested so much time and effort into your game that you babe no choice but feel utterly disappointed in yourself for falling for this shit.


EA SPORTS bc they ruined my favorite video games genre Edit: thank you all for the upvotes, glad im not the only one who stopped buying their games, i haven't given em a dime since 2017 and not planning on doing so any time soon


I miss the old FIFA. FIFA 10-17 was just something different and had greatness which hasn’t been touched since.


I had 15-17 and didn't notice a big difference. Then I thought I should give it a shot after 3 years bought FIFA 20 and still didn't notice a big difference. Never gave a shit about online or FUT, so maybe that's where the innovation was at. FIFA 13 was the last awesome part imo, FIFA 14 was controversial because of the gameplay changes but I really enjoyed it (Xbox 360). But nothing touches the love for detail and sondtrack quality of the PS2-era FIFA games. I remember these little clips showing the highlights and league tables of the previous season.


Nestle, pure evil company.


On my screen, there is literally a Nespresso ad right below OP’s post before the comments. What the actual fuck


Late to the party so almost no one will see this but- CarShield. I once bought a used car sight unseen (rare model, whole other story) and had it shipped to my state. Since it was a pretty big investment on a used car known to have high maintenance costs, I called CarShield to see what they would charge for a warranty. I ended up being okay with the cost and coverage so I accepted and signed up on the phone, took about 30 minutes all in. The car showed up later that week and was a disaster. Clearly had been damaged since the pictures were taken, engine knock, etc. I had used a 3rd party site and was able to ship the cat back for a full refund. I thought that would be the hard part, but then I tried to cancel my CarShield policy.... I spent over 4 hours on the phone. First, I had multiple people argue with me and say that I should keep the policy because I had "introductory pricing" that I couldn't get again. Keep the policy, on a car I didn't even purchase. Then when that tactic failed, I would simply get hung up on and transferred to some other rep. I'd repeat my demand to cancel my policy, listen to them tell me to keep it, and get placed back on hold. Finally I found someone kind (?) Enough to actually let me cancel my policy. Never. Again.


K-Cups. I think the Kuerig is a good product, but the disposable k-cups are so wasteful. I have a Kuerig, but I use a reusable pod that you can put ground coffee into. edit: [This is the reusable pod I use](https://www.walmart.com/ip/Perfect-Pod-Single-Serve-Coffee-Filter-Cup-Reusable-Coffee-Pod-Compatible-with-Keurig-K-Cup-Coffee-Makers/846568726) There are probably better options out there, but I bought this one a few years ago from walmart and it's held up.


Walmart . I worked there and hate it with a passion


Ever since an ALDI opened up near by, me and my wife rarely *ever* have to go to Walmart now! *SO* much cheaper!


Lol, in the homeland of Aldi Walmart bombed hard because they wanted to go even cheaper to push out Aldi and its brethren and not follow the labour laws so the government gave Walmart a whack on the fingers and Walmart had to pull back out cause we dont condone this shit here.


>and not follow the labour laws How did the executives not see that as playing with fire? They expected their lawyers to just handle it?


I think they were expecting to have the same level of consequences they have in the US for that shit. None.


If the fines are cheaper than compliance then they will always do these things.


What's the old saying? If the fines are less than the profits, then the fines are just the cost of doing business?


I work for Walmart and will only shop there if I have to. The 10% discount I get from working at the DC doesn't even apply to half the stuff in the store. Yesterday me and some friends went to get groceries on our camping trip and got $6.11 off our $124 bill. Even if you take out the case of alcohol, $6.11 isn't 10% of $110


I never would've thought they would limit what employees are allowed to purchase with an employee discount. That's really shitty. Measly paycheck and they won't even let you buy everything in the store at a discount. What a joke!


I wish I could boycott / avoid those stupid Huel adverts with that grinning idiot in the hat "heeeww thenks hewwwll ive more eenreeeregyyy thewn mi twenttieees" - so whack!


Sasquach Soaps. Such annoying ads trying to testosterone-shame me into buying your "all-natural" BS, or show me a pretty girl in a swimsuit telling me how good it smells.


I bought a few bars of Sasquatch soaps to try it out. Do they smell good? Hell yeah they do. They smell great. But then the novelty of that ends, the bars last for about 10-12 showers (I shower once a day after the gym) and the bars leave me feeling….sticky? Not sure if that’s the right word, but it definitely dries my skin out….which is the exact *opposite* of what they claim it does. And after all that you’ve spent like $50 on 4 bars of soap. No thank you, I’ll take my DOVE charcoal soap for $5 per 3. Also, those “True Classic Tees”. Fuck those guys and their punchable faces **EDIT** I just want to point out that in the comments below, there's a *TON* of really helpful insight from dudes who tried out different soaps, making their own soap, and sharing their own experiences with Sasquatch and other products like that. Totally surprising to me after just writing about my own experiences with Sasquatch, but I'm really enjoying reading all the comments


The "dad bod" tees? Yeah screw that.




[POWERTHIRST!](https://youtube.com/watch?v=qRuNxHqwazs) Second time this week I've had to dig that up. Weird.


FLAVOURS LIKE FIZZBITCH!!!!!!!!! AND GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the award! I'm so glad a totally useless internet reference from college days got me a wee little something, lol


And manscaped adverts


Manscaped has some weird ads. They had that one not long ago that started with them saying it was a great gift for a friend or roommate who has gotten too comfortable over quarantine. I would be weirded out if my roommate got me a ball shaving kit as a gift like bro wth!?


Nestle. r/fucknestle


Facebook, EA Games and Nestle


Denny's. I got a side salad with my meal that had a huge sticker on a chunk of lettuce that I discovered when it was in my mouth. Spat it out and called the waitress over to show her and asked for the manager. The manager comes over to my table and says "What's your problem?" 'Uh, I found this sticker in my salad and it hurt when I bit down on it.' "That was in your mouth? Gross! What do you want me to do about it?" 'I don't think I should pay for it at a minimum.' She snatched the salad away from me and I never saw her again. The waitress brought my check and lo and behold there was a salad on it that I had only tried to eat one sticker cover bite. I protested and she said, "The manager thinks you put that sticker on it to get a free meal." FUCK YOU DENNY'S!!!


Big sip of coffee - roach in my mouth Same thing - manager came over and then proceeded to tell me that they don’t have roaches


Woah now that's something to boycott a restaurant over.


Thanks for the terrible mental image/sensation. I was a vegetarian for a few years in my early 20s, and I went to a restaurant that advertised vegan food. I ordered some vegan chili fries and was half way through eating them when I found a chicken bone in my fries. My meat eating boyfriend was sharing the fries with me and told me that he felt nauseated by it too. We told the waitress and she was pretty much like, that's weird, I'll check with the kitchen. When she came back, in the happiest voice she said yep, that's a chicken bone, the kitchen has no idea how it happened. Then she laughed and went to walk away. I spoke up and was like, my food was ruined, do I get any compensation? And the waitress was like, we'll cover the fries. Me and my boyfriend were not able to eat the other dishes we ordered because of the clear lack of concern from the kitchen, so we just got up and left without paying for anything. Nobody stopped us and we never went back.


When I was a kid, my mom and grandma took me to Denny's for breakfast and I shit you not, a roach crawled across my plate. Now I was a shy kid, so I just tugged on my mom's sleeve and pointed to the bug on my plate and we literally just left. My mom scribbled "bugs in food" on a napkin and left it on top of my plate, didn't even bother arguing with staff. We just got up and walked out.


oh my god I literally had this exact experience to the letter sat down, got food, bugs on plate and walked out AT A DENNYS hahahaa


It hurt?


I assumed they meant one of those thorny things that grow in weeds.